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The Iron Fey #4.4

An Iron Fey Valentine

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AN IRON FEY VALENTINE is a story of pure, unfiltered fluff that Julie Kagawa wrote just for fun, but also a thank you to her readers and fans for all their support and encouragement over the years.

24 pages, ebook

First published February 14, 2012

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Julie Kagawa

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Profile Image for Saniya.
360 reviews816 followers
July 15, 2012
OMG. Ash.

You just killed every other boy, I began to like, in my mind.
You are like the hottest person ever. =(
Anyway, the story was so damn cute! <3 A MUST READ for Iron Fey series lovers.
Profile Image for Booknut 101.
849 reviews922 followers
March 5, 2012

It was like, after Iron Knight, I just wanted a fluffy, sentimental load of fangirl-dreaming that would cater for my every Ash/Meghan fantasy - and this (thank God for Julie Kagawa) was the answer to every tortured moment I spent after Iron Knight - THANK YOU!!!! For anyone who loves Ash, would love to go on a Valentine's date with him, see a movie and be treated like a queen...this is the story for you!!

I have re-read it several times, drooled over Ash, mourned the fact he's not real and celebrated that he and Meghan ARE married and it says so!!!! I'm content and am ready to be stolen by fey. Anytime soon will do.

Preferably by Ash.
Profile Image for Alaina.
6,316 reviews215 followers
November 17, 2017
Why are these novellas so fucking adorable and shit?
I can't handle my tears of happiness. I really enjoyed seeing Ash and Meghan just goofing around and being an actual couple and doing couple-like things. This was so cute and I loved every second of reading it! I can't wait for the next novella!
Profile Image for Rimsha Salam.
105 reviews54 followers
September 7, 2016
Check out my blogs for more reviews and book stuff: http://ramblingsofabookworm3.blogspot...

this book was so pretty,
cute as a kitty,
i'm feeling kinda witty,
but this is really getting silly,
It Rhymes, it rhymes!! (Muwah hahaha)

This book was perfect for a short story utterly perfect and so very beautiful isn't Ash the best!
I've been reading a lot thriller crime type stories and i was in a mood for something fluffy and cute and this did the job, throughout the story i could not stop smiling it was so adorable! Recommended for all Iron Fey fans.
Profile Image for Kathy.
2,741 reviews5,976 followers
February 16, 2012
Just 24 pages this is a short, sweet account of how Ash & Meagan spend their first Valentine's Day together. Perfect for Iron Fey fans who want more of Ash & Meagan together.

Read online Here:

Content: Clean
Profile Image for Heather.
235 reviews37 followers
March 15, 2012
I decided that since this whole series is written (and I may or may not have read the entire series, bonuses, and reread various key parts of the series in about 5 days…like in a row…yeah it was an Iron Fey-athon) that I would just write a review of the whole series. I don’t think at this point I could write a review of each book and really do it justice, nor do I want to try to split my thoughts on each book. It’s a cohesive whole in my brain and having finished the whole series, I am so glad that I did not have to wait for each installment to be written! I may have gone nuts from the agony! So here’s how it breaks down bookwise:

The Iron King

POV: Meghan Chase

I got this one as an Audiobook and oh my word, the gal who does it…Ah-mazing!

Winter Passage

POV: Meghan Chase

This is only available as an E-book and is worth it, but not ABSOLUTELY necessary. It’s fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it but the highlights are covered in the next book so you could potentially skip it if you had to.

The Iron Daughter

POV: Meghan Chase

The Iron Queen

POV: Meghan Chase

Summer Crossing

POV: Puck!!!!

Oh my goodness, this is only available as an e-book as well and you absolutely have to read it. Hands down, totally worth bending over backwards to get your hands on this! It will make the next book so much more enjoyable and give you huge insight into who Puck is. =)

The Iron Knight

POV: Ash

Ummm…yeah…umm wow, I’m speechless. That’s quite a feat…ask Dani!

Iron Fey Valentine

POV: Meghan Chase

This is a little short story of fluff available only at www.ironfey.com and if you like the outcome of the series, you’ll want to read it. Very fun but not necessary to the series or anything like that. =)

Now, let me clarify a couple things. I don’t usually read books where Faeries are the “good guys.” In general, I don’t like the Fair Folk because…well…they are deceitful little creatures who are always trying to rope people into bargains and favors that are oftentimes deadly. They don’t really have a lot of noble qualities typically. Faeries can’t lie, but they sure know their loopholes! These faeries and their world, which Kagawa builds by perfectly melding myth/legend with her own imagination, are no different…that is, until you add in the half-human daughter of the king of the Seelie Court. Then things get very interesting and some formerly conscience-less, selfish, manipulative, arrogant beings…well, you’ll see. =)

At first I wasn’t sure if I would like these books. Kagawa begins building her world around a 16 year old named Meghan Chase and her best friend Robbie. Soon, things get interesting and she finds out that she is only half human. She is the daughter of a human mother and the King of the Seelie Court, King Oberon…yeah the one from A Midsummer Night’s Dream . Part of the world Kagawa builds is that the Faery world, also known as the Nevernever, and all of it’s inhabitants are the creations of human’s dreams, beliefs, and imaginations. This was my second sort of “I don’t know about this…” moment. I felt a little bit like I needed to clap and say, “I do believe in faeries! I do! I do!” however, by the end of The Iron King I was sold and fully enveloped in this beautiful world. So, that’s why you’ll notice I gave the first book a 4.5/5 stars on Goodreads. Kagawa not only visually builds the Nevernever for you but also builds a vivid social/political structure as well. You really do escape to the reality of these books while you read, which is why I again may or may not have read them all in 5 days.

The plot development is absolutely perfect. The first book is slowed down a bit because it is setting up the world of Faery and all of the drama for the rest of the series, but it’s necessary and that’s why I was so captured by the series. The world was so complete. I would compare it to City of Bones in The Mortal Instruments series. It doesn’t REALLY get good until the second half, but then once it does, you are sucked in and you don’t want to resurface until it’s finished.

The romance builds gradually and beautifully and is paced well…no insta-love…no lusty, let’s hop into bed with each other stuff. There is the heart-wrenching love triangle, which though not quite a triangle as it is rather lopsided (sort of like The Mortal Instruments again), and many heartbreaking sacrifices. The series is full of unavoidable losses, epic quests, ah-mazing one-liners and loads of fun banter. There are even the philosophical questions of what it means to truly love, what it is to be “human,” the good of one/few versus the good of many. Everything about this series is carefully and systematically written to produce a gorgeous and fully satisfying series.

Kagawa’s characters are perhaps the most exquisite part of The Iron Fey. The hero of most of the series is Meghan Chase. She is beautiful, though quietly so, and she has a strength about her that at first is understated but grows throughout the books to something truly admirable. She is courageous and good. Meghan is loyal, sometimes to a fault, and will put another’s well-being first in nearly every situation. I could truly relate to Meghan and felt she was someone I could easily befriend. Honestly, I felt she could have used a good girl friend and perhaps that’s why I loved her so much because I felt we became friends through the course of the series. My heart broke for her, I cried for her, I laughed with her and since most of the series was from her perspective, I felt like I “got” her.

Puck, yes the Puck, was probably one of my favorite characters, especially after reading Summer Crossing. He is hilarious, loyal, and much deeper than he appears. He is every bit as much the reckless prankster you see in all his tales yet Kagawa makes him “human” and likeable and totally relateable.

Then there is Ash, youngest son of Mab the Unseelie Queen. The ice prince is just what he sounds like. He is aloof, cold, and incredibly swoon worthy. Ash is the type of guy I love in a story. Witty when he wants to be, takes a lot to get to know, has a level of mystery, but vulnerable–you know there is more to him than you see on the surface. You feel that there is something noble about him…more than the fact that his a prince. That he wants to be more than what he’s become. I love that we get to know him on a deeper level in The Iron Knight because it explains so much of who he is and why he does what he does.

The secondary characters are fantastic as well. Well-built and easy to accept as real and important. I adored Grimalkin probably more than anyone else in the story. He is an utterly hilarious fey cat who leads, guides, and directs the quest of the series. Grim is wise and at times manipulative but you get the feeling that there is more to him and his motives than he lets on. He pops in and out at the most hilarious and opportune moments. The funniest part of his character is just how cat-like he is. His answer for just about everything is, “I am a cat.” which made me laugh every single time.

As a note of warning, the series is heart-wrenching and at times almost infuriating. My husband came home one day in the middle of me reading and found me in my favorite reading spot practically sobbing over these books. Another time my six year old consoled me with a hug and “It’ll be ok, Mommy, I’m sure there’s a happy ending…it’s a book after all.”

Please, never read a tragedy kiddo! At times the series will make you cry, laugh, rage, and want to shake the characters. It is a highly emotional experience, but that’s the measure of a good series, right? When you feel what the characters feel. When you ache for them. I felt the usual sadness I always experience at the end of a truly well-done series. The sorrow that it’s over. However, I felt satisfied that the characters had lived out their stories. It was complete and fulfilling. =) I look forward to more by Kagawa in the future.

I wish I could give the series 6 stars!
Profile Image for Hot Mess Sommelière ~ Caro.
1,089 reviews99 followers
May 28, 2012
First of all: I know it's probably bad to just read one short story in order to decide wether to read a series or not and wether you like it or not, but I didn't have anything to do and so I decided to read this story.

I always liked the covers of the Iron Fey series, but I never added them on my to-read list because I really dislike faeries. There are exceptions, of course. Sometimes there are books with faeries that are great and imaginative and beautiful and then I love them. But most aren't. In most faerie books (that I read), the story of some teenage girl is told who finds out she's a faerie. Normal Faerie or even a princess or a queen, as is the case here.
That's pretty chlichéd but would be acceptible if the explanation isn't totally stupid. I can't judge the explanation in this series because I haven't read the series, but I can judge what I have read.

As is stated in the short summary, this is just a fluffy short story. And it is. It's short, cheesy, and stupid.
An Iron Fey Valentine is about Meghan, the protagonist, forcing her husband Ash to participate with her Valentine's Day ritual. They travel to the mortal world and go to a restaurant and to see a movie.

I probably wouldn't judge the story as harshly had I read the series and if I knew and liked the characters, but in this case, I just couldn't connect.

While the short scenes were probably supposed to be "sizzling" and "touching" and "romantic", they just weren't. The story bored me. The characters annoyed me.
This is the first time I considered dropping a 24-pages-long story - after 3 pages. That's just sad. Even short stories should be captivating or at least mildly interesting.

I didn't like it, but those who read the series probably see this differently. I don't want to antagonize or insult anyone.

EDIT: I read the first book int he series now: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/...

Profile Image for Sarah (saz101).
192 reviews151 followers
October 19, 2012

I think I'm kind of alone in this, but I wasn't entirely... satisfied with the ending of The Iron Knight. I liked the ending of The Iron Queen more, as there was hope, and room to imagine my own happy ending. TIKn's Happily Ever After worried me. Was Ash going to die? How mortal is he? And will everything be OK with Meghan?


Anyway. Seeing them together here was a sweet, sugary balm. Like swimming in a pool full of CUPCAKES.

Pure wish fulfillment, this made me HAPPY.
You can read it here, if you missed it.
Profile Image for Shaghayegh.
97 reviews24 followers
March 24, 2020
چیز زیادی برای گفتن نیست. یه ولنتاین دوتایی برای مگان و شوالیه و شاهزاده ی جذابش اَش که باز هم قراره دلتون رو با جنتلمن بودنش ببره :)
Profile Image for Rara.
315 reviews
April 11, 2012
AHHHHH...Ok, I am hyperventilating. THANK YOU JULIE KAGAWA! It's been about 3 hours since I finished The Iron Knight and I am still very depressed that the series is over. And to get a gem like this, well! I certainly feel MUCH better now. Ash is just amazing in this, the perfect guy. I would love to have a guy like Ash to call mine. I mean he went to the End of the World for Meghan and now this? Uhgg, he is perfect. Very cute story, I loved it. Now, if y'all don't mind, I'm out to write my own fanfiction, to help me while I am stuck in this hole of post-reading depression. If I'm satisfied (I never am, so don't hold your breath..lol), I might even share it on here!
Profile Image for MischaS_.
785 reviews1,344 followers
July 29, 2013
That was.... sweet. There is no other word how to describe it. And I think that it doesn't fit to the image of Ash we had all the time in front of us. I think that this was pretty week story. Just like a part of classic Harlequin. Wow, as I'm listening to myself I feel like I should lower the rating. Well, maybe I'll do it later on time. But for now I keep it.
Profile Image for Read with Sandee ・❥・.
645 reviews1,298 followers
December 29, 2014
I never expected my first 5 for the year would be this!!!! :D

I seriously love Ash and Meghan. I am so in love with this series!

I just hope there was more to their story.

Can't wait for the spinoff!!!!
Profile Image for Ronda.
857 reviews131 followers
August 10, 2012
I loved this, what a wonderful edition to the Iron Fey stories, I'm still smiling...
Profile Image for Mai is a Happy Bibliophile.
206 reviews73 followers
August 6, 2013

ARGH. So Romantic.

I really really love Prince Ash and Meghan's love story. It's not an epic one, it's not too much of a you-and-me-against-the-world but it is so sweet and in short, young love. (weelll, not really.) It makes me feel butterflies on my stomach and thoughts about the Ice Prince alone makes me shiver and think of more than just pretty flying things on my stomach. It feels more like dinosaurs rampaging.

Anyway, it's Valentine's Day! And they are newly married and running the Iron realm is stressful so Meghan decided to surprise her fey husband. She took him out on a date, all the while knowing that Ash has no idea about the essence of Valentine's day.

It's really cute. Going to fancy dinner, movies and strolling around.
What made my knees go weak and buckle is the fact that Prince Ash also surprised Meghan. With his own version of fairy lights, romantic part of Fey realm and some sparkling wine. Awww... <3

Profile Image for Alyssa.
86 reviews19 followers
January 5, 2013
ASH! How romantic and perfect and beautiful. I don't know how girls don't just fall at your feet every time you smile Ash. But the only problem is I have only read Iron King before this... so I did not know Meghan or Ash was married and Queen and King of this place which as not came up yet. but good thing is I don't mind spoilers so all is well! No, it's better because Meghan and Ash are married! *SQUEALING* I'm so looking forward to the book that this happens! Ash how much you have changed. At first I was curious about you, then I was suspicious, then I fell heads over heels. You're perfect Ash.
Profile Image for Becca.
56 reviews46 followers
March 24, 2012
A big sigh!

What a wonderful Valentine gift for us readers Mrs. Kagawa! This book story was so sweet and cute. A perfect valentine date. What made it even sweeter is that it was full of smart "inside jokes" as you may call them. Things that only a good reader and a fan of the series can understand. Like Starbucks. Yes, and the blizzard (the most hilarious of all ). Dunno what to add, but I was smiling from the beginning till the end.

A sweet, feather-light addition to my Iron Fey library. Most appreciated!
Profile Image for Sierra Abrams.
Author 2 books460 followers
May 9, 2012
Oh, I know, I'm so bad - I read this before reading The Iron Knight. I'd never ever ever ever do that with pretty much any other series...but....I did this time. Whoops! ;)
Profile Image for Angie.
864 reviews6 followers
June 5, 2023
Was this necessary? No, but this adorable novella was what I needed after all that nonsense with Puck and Ariella. Give me all the fluff!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Reading Relish.
372 reviews27 followers
March 31, 2022

DISCLAIMER: When writing a negative review, it is never my intention to sound like I don’t think ANYONE should read a book I rated one or two stars. If I discouraged you, I might be taking away your chance from discovering your newest favorite book. Therefore, please don’t let my review TOTALLY deter you from reading An Iron Fey Valentine. This is simply collection of my thoughts and opinions on the book. This is me saying, “I didn’t like An Iron Fey Valentine and here’s why.” I’m not saying, “I didn’t like An Iron Fey Valentine, and here’s why you shouldn’t like it/read it.”

*Trigger/content warning in this book for alcohol consumption*

I feel bad for rating this so low because I can tell Julie Kagawa had a lot of fun writing this. The thing is, I have nothing against sweet and sappy novellas of characters being happy after everything they endured in the main books. I’m only rating this two stars because:

1) I still don’t understand why Ash and Meghan are attracted to each other. Especially after the events Ash went through in The Iron Knight. And has he STILL not told Meghan everything that happened while he was trying to gain a soul???

2) I honestly wish this had been longer. Ash and Meghan didn’t linger on any of the scenes for very long until they were moving on to the next activity. I think it would’ve been better if there’d been more descriptions and more happening. What did they talk about at dinner? What was it like for Ash to eat popcorn for the first time? I may not ship Ash and Meghan, but at least give me the cute interactions!

I will say, though, the reason this is getting two stars instead of one is because there were a couple of lines that made me chuckle. And I did find some of the comments cute.

Anyways, while I didn’t LOVE this, I do think anyone who DOES like The Iron Fey series (and especially if you’re Team Ash) will adore this.
Profile Image for Raquel (Rocki).
620 reviews41 followers
January 15, 2020
I liked that we got more than one page like the love letter this again was super sweet and cute and of course they knew what valentines is! I loved how he surprised her even though she planned almost everything.
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