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All the Broken Pieces

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Liv comes out of a coma with no memory of her past and two distinct, warring voices inside her head. Nothing, not even her reflection, seems familiar. As she stumbles through her junior year, the voices get louder, insisting she please the popular group while simultaneously despising them. But when Liv starts hanging around with Spencer, whose own mysterious past also has him on the fringe, life feels complete for the first time in, well, as long as she can remember. Liv knows the details of the car accident that put her in the coma, but as the voices invade her dreams, and her dreams start feeling like memories, she and Spencer seek out answers. Yet the deeper they dig, the less things make sense. Can Liv rebuild the pieces of her broken past, when it means questioning not just who she is, but what she is? Contains mature themes.

Runtime: 9. 15 hours, 8 library CDs

304 pages, Paperback

First published December 11, 2012

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About the author

Cindi Madsen

53 books2,191 followers
Cindi Madsen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting, revising, and falling in love with her characters. She loves music and dancing and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children. She and her family also take their Marvel addiction very seriously, as their one-eyed cat, Agent Fury, and their kitty named Valkyrie can attest.

You can visit Cindi at: www.cindimadsen.com, where you can sign up for her newsletter to get all the up-to-date information on her books.

Follow her on Twitter @cindimadsen
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1,908 reviews853 followers
October 21, 2012
4.5 Stars

All the Broken Pieces just blew my mind in a good way, and I loved it! Cindi Madsen crafted a fascinating and mind bending mystery, and a swoony slow-building romance that left me in a puddle on the floor.

Olivia wakes up with no memories, tubes in her arm, staples in her head and a scar on her chest. She has only her parent’s version of what happened, a terrible car accident, and not many details. What’s more disturbing though, is that she can hear two distinct voices in her head and dreams that don’t make sense, and feel far too real. Are they really dreams, or could she be remembering events from her past? Whenever she asks her parents for details, they clam up and get upset and evasive. Plus, there’s the fact that as soon as she was well enough, they picked up and left Minnesota, and great jobs, and moved to a small town in Arizona. Now Olivia is faced with starting a new school, making friends, with no idea of who she is or what her past contained.

Right away she makes friends with Keira, a nice girl, but a follower of the popular crowd. Olivia would like to make friends, but the voices in her head have conflicting ideas about that. One side wants to fit in and the other does nothing but mock the in-crowd. Then there’s Spencer, the cute loner guy with shaggy brown hair and “geek-sheik” glasses who runs hot and cold with her. One minute he’s helping her and the next he’s insulting. Yet, he’s the only one she feels she can confide in when her dreams become more frequent, more real, more disturbing. Olivia feels a growing need to find out what really happened the night of her accident, but can she handle the truth?

This story gripped me from the first pages. I was riveted by the mystery of Olivia’s accident and loss of memory. Ms. Madsen did an excellent job of creating the air of suspense around this puzzle and I was anxious to piece it together and solve it. While some of the aspects may have been a little fantastic to believe, and I pieced together some of it early on, it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story.

As everyone knows, I’m a romance junkie and this one did not disappoint. Ms. Madsen knows how to write a romance! The dreaded love-triangle and insta-love we see time after time is completely absent!! *does happy dance* Spencer comes off as a jerk at first, cautious of Olivia, because she’s hanging out with the popular crowd, and he has a troubled past with them. But he is a sweetheart:

A car drove by, and Spencer moved her from his left to his right. “What’s with the switch-up?” Liv asked. “I want to be between you and the street. That way if rocks fly up or whatever . . .”
“You’ll take the hit for me?” She leaned into him. “My hero.” Tightening the arm he had around her waist, he kissed her forehead.

I’m such a sucker for gestures like that, so it’s no surprise that I was a goner over Spencer. I had to put him on my ever growing list of book boyfriends!

The ending, while satisfying was thought provoking. I’m not sure how this would have worked out if it happened in real-life.

This is the second story I’ve read by Cindi Madsen and she just gets better and better. I’ll be picking up whatever she writes next!

Thank you Entangled Teen and Cindi Madsen for allowing me to read this story.

You can read this review and more at The Readers Den.
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November 2, 2012
I must have read around fifteen books about memory loss in the last two years, and 90% of them just sort of blended together after a while. I’m afraid All the Broken Pieces will join that crowd in no time. It’s been a few days and I’m already a bit hazy on the details, but I’ll do my best to make it as clear as possible for you so you can decide for yourselves. There are no major flaws I can point out, and I won’t try to convince you NOT to read it, quite the opposite, in fact. The story pulls you in quickly enough, the pacing is decent and the characters are interesting so there’s no real reason not to, if a good pastime is all you’re looking for.

My biggest problem with Cindi Madsen’s second book was that I didn’t believe any of it. Olivia wakes up in a hospital room with no memory of how she got there. Her parents are there, overjoyed that she woke up from the coma and anxious to get her in a better shape so they can move across country to escape the bad memories. Liv isn’t too thrilled about moving, she’d rather stay where she is and try to remember her past, but her parents are determined to make a new start, so they do. In a matter of days, Liv finds herself in a small town in the middle of nowhere.
Her school life is exactly what you’d expect from this type of book: there’s a girl she instantly befriends, the mysterious bad boy who turns out not to be so bad after all, the prerequisite mean girl who just happens to be the bad boy’s ex, and plenty of high school drama to keep it all together. Finding a single memorable thing is an impossible task.

The love interest becomes clear very early on, and their budding relationship follows a fairly predictable pattern. While I have absolutely nothing against Spencer himself (I found him quite charming at times), their push-pull dynamic started driving me crazy after a while. He would be all kind and full of understanding one day, and completely cold and uncommunicative the next, which was fine for a while, but was taken a bit too far in the second half. His reasons for acting in such a way, once they were revealed, were pretty grave, but not convincing enough.

This is a fairly short review because there’s honestly very little to point out about this book. I was entertained, but unimpressed and it left me feeling lukewarm at best. For a second, more positive opinion, please read my friend Rachel’s review at The Readers Den.

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May 1, 2013
All the Broken Pieces reminded me a little of Slated which I had just read recently, though this one is a more contemporary, and we get answers! Reading two similar books so close together is bound to provoke comparisons, and I think because I was craving for answers that we never got in Slated, I enjoyed this stand-alone a lot more than I might have otherwise. This is not to say that the book is bad--on the contrary, its mind boggling nature sucked me in until the very end, but the ending itself, as well as some plausibility issues I had with the whole story, does make it a lower end 4 stars.

We have a girl who wakes up in a hospital with zero memories of her life, as soon as she's awake her parents pack up and leave to start over in a new town. All the while, Liv is trying to find out who she is, and in not long, what her parents are hiding from her. The mystery of it all is what keeps this book alive, no question. We get just enough bizarre visions and sporadic memories to leave us completely baffled. I would try to piece it all together, when another brick would be thrown out of nowhere to halt any and all theories I might have had. I was thrilled by this alone as I flew through this novel at wicked speeds. This leads us to the ending; every mystery will either break or make its readership during the final verdict. What we find out at the conclusion is unquestionably fascinating and unpredictable, yet I can't help but wonder at the believability of not only the final explanation, but everything leading up to it. We do live in a world where information is openly available even in the smallest of towns, after all. This is as far as I can go without spoilers. All in all, the ending is satisfactory, though not especially memorable.

Charming when he wants to be, Spencer also comes with his own secrets and mysteries to add onto the already large pile. I enjoyed how it played into the romance, making him at once someone you want to trust, and someone you feel you can't. While the romance is not necessarily original in its foreseeable nature, I found Spencer incredibly sweet and their relationship is one of the most realistic aspects of this novel.

Since the main focus of this book is the mystery, reviewing it in greater detail becomes impossible without giving away answers--which I refuse to do. As previously mentioned, if you're a fan of Slated by Teri Terry, or books that love to play with your mind, I'm just about certain you will devour this one just as eagerly!

An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.

For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads
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December 28, 2012
Gah! It was lovely, and sucked me in from the beginning... I even set aside another book I was reading just to focus on this book and this story. I really, really thought it was going to end up 5♥'s... I wanted it to be 5♥'s... but the last like 10% of the book just didn't impress me like the rest of the story. I did receive a free copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest review.

From the beginning, the set-up was intriguing. Waking up without your memories, things seeming 'off', strange dreams, and normal teenage 'angst'... it was lovely and fresh and almost paranormal without really being paranormal. I was smitten with this book. I was revealing in the 'young love' and the trying to fit in, and the added mystery of what really happened... I was LOVING every second of it. It was pure brilliance for the majority of the book, and I also loved that this is a 'safe' and 'tame' YA with romance for kids. While it has some of the 'darker' trying-to-fit-in feelings and situations common for teenagers, you don't have to worry about your hormone cup overfilling with sex. I would allow my 13 year old son to read this (if he'd actually want to.)

So you may be asking yourself... "OK, Alana, you are raving about how great this is and how you loved it, then why the 4♥ rating?" Without giving anything away (hopefully) for my it was like the book was building and building and then the big revelation... I felt like except for the initial response to the crescendo of the book (by the characters) that overall the final chapters (and ending) just seemed anti-climatic. Almost a let down. *Sigh* I still REALLY enjoyed this book, immensely, it really is very good and very engaging. Save for that final 10% (ish). If I had stopped just at the revelation point- 5♥'s.

So, overall I do recommend this book. Great YA, realistic, keeps you guessing (to some extent) just the ending is lackluster (IMO.) Still more than worth the read.

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Author 14 books980 followers
January 3, 2015
Cindi has a way of combining humor, romance and unforgettable characters with some cool, dark topics that crate fast moving love stories you will not want to put down.

When she hands over her stories time stops for everyone until the books are read. Just be ready to fall in love and have a LOT to think about by the last page. A keeper.
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December 21, 2012
4.5 stars

A piece of advice, before you read this book, make sure that you don't have anything to do for the next few hours like sitting in class trying to learn about the function of myelin sheath when your mind is going all 'I will only be interested in it if it can help me solve what the hell happened to Olivia' because the plot will capture you and drive you crazy thinking about it if you stopped reading. I kid you not. I learned that the hard way.

The way Cindi Madsen handled Olivia Stein's memory loss was amazing. The mystery made this book unputdownable and will leave the readers FULLY engaged on piecing the hints here and there about what really happened to Liv. And let me tell you, that every bit of clue thrown in this book which lead me to formulating a gazillion worth of theories that will make Einstein proud a number of theories that drove my brain cells into a frenzy only to be smashed the next few pages made me a little crazier each time.

I keep imagining Cindi doing the U MAD face at me each time a theory of mine is thrown to the thrash. LOL

Sorry Cindi but in my head you are sitting in your couch watching me go through all that making this face and going all evil author mode at my misery. XD


But don't worry I still love you lots even if you really did that, because you totally made up for giving us the totally sweet and adorable, Spencer Hale. *swoon*

I love this boy! He made this list of things that he and Liv will do to create new firsts for her since she can't remember and all. And if it wasn't just the sweetest thing ever!!! Dang, can I have him for Christmas wrapped in shiny a wrapper with a bow, please? He started off cold towards Liv, but later on their relationship blossomed to something true and beautiful. No insta-love here you guys! It was just fantastic to witness!

All the questions that will run in your mind while reading the book will be answered as the story nears the end. Well almost all. Because the very ending opened up to a whole new galaxy of possibilities that will leave you demanding for more! I am seriously asking for a companion book. I NEED it after that ending!

Pleaseeeee! Just, pretty please?


To wrap it up, All The Broken Pieces is one of my favorite reads this year! A very unique and strong plot with complex characters that you can relate to. Add the fact that it was well written and has an awesome author(that you can talk to about practically anything at Twitter!), completes the package. A must read!
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October 4, 2012
This e-galley was provided by Elana Johnson, (Entangled Publishing) thank you!

What just happened?
No really, what just happened? Never have I ever been more shocked by a book in my life. I just don’t know what I should say about All the Broken Pieces. Well I do know one thing for sure: this book was phenomenal and original. I haven’t read a book like it. All the Broken Pieces was like a fresh breath of air to me. Cindi Madsen is definitely an author I’ll be watching for future works.

Liv is literally broken, and she doesn’t know why. She did go through such a terrible ordeal; it’s justified to feel so…messed up. Her reaction to it all will suck you into the story, and hold you there, anxiously on the edge of your seat just to see what’s really going on. The parents seemed to really care about liv, but I couldn’t help but think that there was something really off about them. Liv goes through a roller-coaster of emotions as she tries to navigate her life. Along the way she makes a few friends, but she struggles to fit in. Spencer is just a sweet guy, and as the story progresses we get to see why he was so aloof when they first met.

One word: original. The story wasn’t predictable, and I loved that fact. Madsen threw so many curveballs into All the Broken Pieces that I was stunned when the conclusion came. I literally had to reread it to make sure that I’d read it right. The Conclusion can be described in one word, shocking, which sums up this book. I mean shocking in a good way too. Madsen did a fantastic job; she wove a story that’s bound to be a hit. Five stars!
December 1, 2012

4.5 stars!

My review can also be found on Reading Lark: http://readinglark.blogspot.ca/2012/1...

All the Broken Pieces was a really pleasant surprise for me! After reading some stories recently where there were definitely things that would niggle at me, I can honestly say that All the Broken Pieces was a breath of fresh air with virtually flawless writing and an interesting story-line that literally kept me glued to the pages. I also wasn't sure if this was going to be a paranormal-type story or a contemporary one...I'd definitely go with the contemporary side as I've heard of some cases of truth to what the main character in this story experienced.

This story follows the picking up of 'all the broken pieces' of Olivia Stein's life as she slowly tries to fit them back together after learning she was in a very serious car wreck that very nearly took her life but left her without any memories prior to that fateful night. As the story unfolds, Liv begins to have very vivid dreams that leave her feeling anxious, disturbed and with a nagging feeling that this is all very familiar. Frustrated with her parents for not divulging all the details of her life prior to the accident, she's left to figure things out on her own...that is, until she befriends Spencer...the cute, loner guy with glasses...who originally misjudged Liv when they first met.

When a story is told in the third person, I usually find it a bit more challenging to be empathic towards the protagonist. But I have to say that Olivia was easy to side with and root for! I felt her frustrations with her parents, and Spencer at times, right along with her. Her feelings of embarrassment by the physical evidence left by the accident were understandable because when you're a teen, it's hard enough to fit in, let alone have to deal with scars, blacking out, muscle spasms and just having no memories to ground you. She did her best to overcome her insecurities, and for the most part, she succeeded.

But she didn't have to hide them from Spencer. I 'heart' Spencer. At first, he came across as quite a jerk. He made up his mind a bit too early about Liv and was proven wrong. Their friendship evolved at a believable pace and I fell for him right along with Liv. He had his own issues as well which served as a major wall that stood between them and from taking their relationship from friendship to something much more...and let me tell you, the tension was equally frustrating as it was delicious.

As both Spencer and Liv work through their own problems together...it just seemed so perfectly natural that they would probably become a great team. Their banter was playful, flirty and sweet all at the same time. I loved it!

Liv had a couple of allies besides Spencer whom I quite enjoyed as side characters...Keira and Clay. Neither were perfect and I had my doubts that I would like them as much as I did...but I did. Even the 'villain' in the story was well-written enough to come to some sort of understanding about her and be satisfied with how it all turned out for everyone.

As much as Liv's parents chose to leave her in the dark, they were still very loving parents despite the mother being quite over-protective (understandably so). Her father was usually the voice of reason. But another thing I loved was that they somewhat reluctantly loosened the strings because they trusted her and knew Liv, like any teenager, might likely rebel if they didn't give her some normalcy. Both her parents were prominent physicians back in their old hometown.

While the general theme of the struggles that these two had to face was familiar to me, the story-line itself was refreshingly different as I personally have not read anything like what Liv had gone through. And as much as I guessed what was going on pretty early in the story, there were many smaller twists to my theory that surprised me and left me a bit stunned as they were revealed!

All the Broken Pieces is a stand-alone novel as far as I know, and it ended perfectly...with me wanting more but feeling very satisfied with how it ended...on a note of hope and happiness for Liv. There were some great messages, too, that were not lost on me. I would enthusiastically recommend this story to everyone and I plan on purchasing the book to have in my own library. I'm also looking forward to other offerings by this author!

I'd like to thank the publisher, Elana Johnson of Entangled Publishing, for the opportunity to read and review this book prior to its official release!

Favourite Quote: "He leaned down and kissed the raised line on her chest, then moved his lips up to the scar on her neck. "Obviously, I haven't done a very good job of expressing how beautiful I think you are."" ~p. 301
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Author 52 books343 followers
October 23, 2012
Goodness, where to start? Well, I supposed the best way forward is to tell you that I genuinely loved this book. I picked it up—doing my famous trick of not reading the blurb first—and pretty much didn’t want to put it down.
Sure, the whole internal dialogue deal took a little getting used to, but once I kinda grasped what that was all about, it ceased to stumble me and within no time I was breezing past them without any hitch.
We have Liv as MC. She’s likeable. She’s not portrayed as a stunningly attractive lass who only has to flick her hair to have the boys noticing. I don’t want to say too much because to do so would spoil it for any who haven’t read it yet, but the multi-faceted personality of Olivia goes a long way to keeping her real, keeping her relatable to definitely more than one type of reader (person)—and on top of that, ‘she’ was seriously well handled.
Admittedly, in the opening of the book, it was a little confusing because the reader is given all of these tidbits of what’s happening and expected to follow along or just go with the flow, but that honestly didn’t bother me in the slightest. I loved the slow unfolding of the mystery. Even though I figured it out pretty early in—waaaaaaaaaaay sooner than poor Liv—it still didn’t bother me reading on and trailing her in story whilst waiting for her to catch up.
Another bonus to the book? Spencer. This dude is awesomesauce. Yep, he initially comes across as a jerk (Liv’s words), but even then I knew he’d turn out to be great and was just waiting for the turning point where he proved as such. Though the gradual way in which exactly that happened was so subtly done that the reader barely even realises they’re falling for yet another fictional guy until, bam!, they’re already there. His angst, his character, his story—every aspect of him is totally believable.
And before I go, I’ve just got to try mentioning the ending without spoilers. To begin, her decision kinda surprised me—and it almost left me feeling a whole lot of ‘what ifs’ on her behalf. But then we get that nice little wrap up of an epilogue—and whilst I was a little bit thrown with the way that section was narrated, because it seemed a lot more distanced/detached than the rest of the book, I loved, loved, loved, that closing paragraph that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
So final thoughts: connected very well with Olivia; loved Spencer; enjoyed the plot despite it being slightly predictable. Though I will say, as I read, I couldn’t help but wonder how this one would have read in 1st person pov, instead of 3rd.
Other than that?
A cracking read with compelling characters and a driving need to discover the truth.
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422 reviews412 followers
April 18, 2013
From the moment I read the synopsis for All the Broken Pieces, I knew I was going to love it! I am fascinated by memory and the concept for the novel was so intriguing. I am happy to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

From the very beginning of the novel we get the sense that something isn’t quite right—and not just because the main character, Liv, is waking up from a coma. There is just something off about the whole thing. As the novel progresses, Liv becomes more and more suspicious about the events surrounding her car accident, her life before the accident (which she can’t remember), the strange dreams she’s been having, and the odd way her parents evade any of her questions about the past.

The mystery alone would have been enough to make this novel shine, but as good as it was, the romance was even better. Liv meets a boy at school named Spencer and the two quickly become friends. Watching them dance around each other was an utter delight. They are so sweet together and it is painfully obvious that there is more than friendship there. Even though the story wrapped up so nicely, part of me wants a companion novel just so that I can see more of Liv & Spencer!

My only complaint about the novel, and it is a tiny one, was the writing style. It is told in the 3rd person, and there were times when this came off as awkward. I love reading books in the 3rd person, but not every author can pull it off without taking you out of the story once in a while because of it. That said, for the most part the writing was great, and there were only a few spots where it felt jarring.

Overall, All the Broken Pieces was amazing. I devoured all but the first 20 pages in a single day. The plot was great, and even shocking at the end. All of the characters were awesome and added a lot to the story. Liv, in particular, was a great main character. She was intelligent & skeptical—always questioning, without being angsty or annoying. My favorite part, however, was definitely the Liv/Spencer scenes. Their story was just so romantic, and when coupled with the killer plot, I can guarantee that this is not a story I will be forgetting any time soon.
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269 reviews41 followers
December 14, 2012
You would think hearing two different voices in your head automatically makes you insane but what if it’s not just your imagination or a hallucination. What if it’s the clues you need to find out who you truly are?
Liv has woken up from a coma to a world that’s mostly fresh and new. From not knowing her own name to becoming a public high school student again this is not an easy journey. She struggles with the insecurities of her looks (because of the scars) to agoraphobia but she finds the strength and determination to get back into the world and become a social butterfly.
That is where she meets Spencer. A recluse it seems until Liv wiggles her way into his guilt-ridden life. It was a very bumpy start for these two. A I-can’t-help-but-accidently-running-into-your-jerky-face kind of start. He’s always so rude to her but she soon finds out he has secrets of his own and his rudeness is the way to keep people at a distance.
Their friendship begrudgingly turns into a high school romance. It’s the small things that Spencer does for her that make their relationship so sweet. But there are still skeletons in the closet for both of them until the very end.
As for the characters themselves, Olivia’s “Liv” innocents maker her so likable. I found myself feeling like I need to protector her at time because she just didn’t know about simple little things. She has to relearn almost everything. Spencer is someone you feel like you want to avoid at first. But once you get pass his wall you see that he’s fun and caring.
Throughout this whole book I was scared to get to the bottom of the whole mystery. It was kind of a dreadful feeling and I was biting on my lip the whole time worrying. I like the end but for some reason I want to know how Jace and/or Courtney moved on. I’m wondering if there would ever be a novella clearing the air about some characters and situations. I’m crossing my fingers. For a good mystery romance pick this one up guys. It will keep you on your toes!
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3,490 reviews110 followers
August 24, 2016
Wow - now this was totally different! Olivia awakes she has no consistent memories, she's been seriously injured, spent some time in a coma and had multiple operations which have left her with significant scarring, both mental and physical. When she looks in a mirror, she doesn't recognise herself. Her parents are both doctors and she's being cared for outside a hospital. She's been home schooled, but when the family move she decides to start high school. She's worried about the conflicting voices she keeps hearing in her head. Their opposing views are somewhat similar to having a good and bad influence perched on opposite ears, going guidance and suggestions. They also give very different flashback memories or dreams which add to Liv's confusion. Has she ever had a sister? What about the car crash she keeps reliving that is nothing like that described by her parents?

As she embarks on education in a new school, with all the ensuing drama and trauma of potential new friends and enemies let alone teachers and expectations, coping with her missing memories will also play a huge part in what happens as she endeavours to uncover the truth about her past - and finds a loving, supportive partner en route.

Spencer is the bad boy turned loner, who has isolated himself from the peers with whom he used to be highly popular. This is no instant love story but a well developed exploration of attitudes and behaviour as the couple get to know each other despite initial inaccurate assumptions and expectations. This is a well written novel, I found it gripping from the very beginning, an intriguing, mysterious and enthralling teen romance with great characters and a unique plot that kept me turning the pages, determined to uncover the truth.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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486 reviews116 followers
December 17, 2012

I was so SO excited when I got this book for blog tour review. Ever since I read Cindi's debut DEMONS OF THE SUN and found out she has a new standalone book coming out with Entangled Teen(!!) I knew it was bound to be amazing. And it was. So freaking amazing!

There's something about Cindi Madsen's writing that makes it very impossible to put down this book. I read this in one sitting and I don't regret a moment of it! And you may say that the plot isn't very original, that there's about 100 memory loss/coma/blah blah blah YA books right now, but this author managed to turn it around and make it completely her own and brand new. This is one of the best ones. Trust me :)

Liv was such an interesting character! I really liked her! And the two very different voices in her head - lol I love how they contrast against one another. And Spencer *swoony sigh* That boy is charming. I loved Liv and Spencer's relationship with each other. Even though this romance wasn't as hot or as swoon-y as I'd like it to be, it was still very fun and sweet. I love how real their relationship was, and how it progressed at such a nice pace that you would never say 'umm, love at first sight'. Never.

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Author 17 books383 followers
December 19, 2012
Thank you Entangled Publishing for this review copy.

All the Broken Pieces is about a girl, Liv, who wakes up from a coma with no memories of who she is. On top of that, she has two voices, snarky one and one that strives to be good. Sort of the angle and the devil. :) And then her own voice.

I really enjoyed reading Liv's story, see her develop to be this wonderful girl with great ideas and opinions. Choosing not to go with the flow--the popular girls in school. And then there is Spencer, Liv's love interest. And wow. Cute. Seeing their friendship grow to a romantic one was a real treat. Ms Madsen kept me glued to the story, unwrapping the intrigue behind why Spencer was aloof to everyone, and also why Liv had this voices in her head. I LOVED the ending, and glad the decision Liv made in the end.

Looking for the next YA book to read? This is a wonderful story, and I highly recommend it.
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21 reviews12 followers
January 13, 2013
Every so often I get hit by cosmic radiation and feel the need to try a chick book. They're not my thing, but I've read a couple before and enjoyed them if the characterization is alright. So I figure I'd try and broaden my reading horizons since this thing seems to have such positive reviews. And you know what? Hell hath frozen over. A chick book didn't make me cringe as much as I expected.

So, the novel? Mostly typical high school drama. But it's not all that bad (2/5 doesn't mean it's bad, just okay.) I had relatively high hopes for our protagonist when she mentioned loving math, but then it pretty much gets thrown out the window when you realize it has no relevance to the story or characterization. Instead, our main character gets boy crazy. Yep, it's one of those books. Screw trying to figure out why you seem to have a predisposition to complex algebra, let's focus on the dudes. It gets to the point where our protagonist says this: Clay’s totally the guy to go for. Cute, athletic, popular—the whole package. You just gotta love how intelligence, sense of humor and morals aren't part of this "whole package".

But anyway, just how high school drama cliche are we talking?

- you got the popular crowd filled by teens who hate to spend time with their family and act like they're better than everyone else. Why are they acting mean? Who knows! It's never really explained;

- you got the main character getting a crush on some hipster looking dude (I'm not kidding, his hipster glasses actually get described) who sits by himself and broods. They also meet when Liv drops her books/papers on the ground and he helps her (my cliche-o-meter is beeping off the charts here);

- Spencer acts like one of those embarrassing broody types you see everywhere in chick books. (Why are guy love interests never friendly at the start?) Get a load of how he talks when Liv introduces herself to him:

“I’m Liv,” she said, liking the way it sounded.

“So I’ve heard.” With that, he continued down the hall.

No "pleased no meet you" or a handshake or a at least a bob of the head. He just leaves. Yeesh. That deserves "stop acting like a pretentious asshole" yelled at him, if you ask me.

- the protagonist's parents are a walking cliche until they start having relevance at the end of the book (also, since when to parents refer to their kids as "darling"?)

Not really a cliche, but something that bothers me: Liv refers to herself as looking "gross" and "a monster" when she thinks about her scars. Okay, am I seriously the only one who would think that they'd look pretty cool? Seriously now, you survive a car crash and end up with some battle scars to prove it. How can you not think that's pretty damn awesome?

The book focuses on who said what and who's dating who instead of gradually unfolding the mysteries, which left me feeling bored as hell. And it's really easy to predict a lot that's happening really early in the novel. Basically, it's a snooze-fest until the last quarter of the book when Liv finally starts trying to deal with her problem. But besides the ending, nothing out of the ordinary happens. I feel like the author played it too safe and focused on the things that didn't really matter. I would have loved to read how Liv and Elizabeth's meeting went, but nope, we never find out about that. The rest of the book is filled with details and scenes that aren't that interesting or relevant, but something as intriguing as that gets left unwritten.

And even when the mysteries are revealed, the payoff is either underwhelming or just too silly. I spend a good chunk of the book wondering why Spencer acted the way he did, all friendly one day then who-the-hell-are-you the next. I thought that maybe he had dissociative identity disorder or something. That would have made a pretty bitchin' obstacle for our main character to try and get over. But nope, the explanation is boring as balls and the mystery is dispelled in exactly one sentence.

So yeah, kind of a boring read and way too long for its material. Though it was an interesting idea, however ridiculous the ending was. I'm wasn't sure exactly how to rate it, but I gave it extra points for mentioning Mass Effect 3. I don't know if the author is a gamer, but if she is then major high-five, lady.
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December 5, 2012
What would you do if you woke up with no memory of your past, none whatsoever. That is what happens to Olivia "Liv" Stein. Liv finds herself awakening from a coma with not only no memory of her past, she also has a huge scar in her chest and another on her neck, and has been in an terrible accident that she has no recollection of. Her mom and dad suddenly move her across the country to a new state, new town, new people, even though she doesn't even remember the old people in her life. Her mother is quite overprotective and when Olivia questions her about her past, she gets stonewalled, causing her to feel like something isn't quite right. Meanwhile, Liv thinks she is losing her mind, hearing conflicting voices in her head, having dreams of people she doesn't recognize, dreams that seem more like memories. After making the decision to attend the local high school, Liv finds herself friends with the "popular crowd," well sort of. She also meets a boy, Spencer, who comes off as a loner and a jerk, but ends up becoming her best friend. Spencer has a lot of his own issues that he is trying to work past, and his mood swings are.....difficult.....to say the least.

Spencer and Liv begin to spend more and more time together. She tells him what happened, and he is determined for her to experience all the things she has forgotten, even making a "bucket list" of sorts, of things Liv needs to do. Liv finds herself falling hard for Spencer, but gets mixed signals from him as to where their relationship is going. Because of things that have happened in Spencer's past, he feels he cannot or does not deserve to have a relationship. These feelings that stem from guilt, anger, and regret, yet he has been a lifeline for Liv, helping her put together all the broken pieces of her life. Heartbroken, Liv decides to date someone, only this doesn't go over well with Spencer, and he must come to terms with what happened or face losing any chance at a relationship with Liv. As Liv's memories become clearer, yet more confusing at the same time, with Spencer's help she finds out the truth surrounding her mysterious past. An inevitable confrontation takes place that results in Liv having to face the unbelievable truth of what has happened to her, and she must make a decision as to how she is going to deal with that truth, which will affect not only her, but those she has come to care so deeply for.

I really liked this book. The plot was amazing and mysterious, causing you to think you know what is going on, then keeping you guessing at the same time. As the truth unravels, it even has sort of a sci-fi feel to it. Then of course there is the romance, my favorite part, and Cindi Madsen has done a fantastic job in pulling everything together. I really liked Liv's character. Though she struggles with who she is, she still really wants to do the right thing for everyone. I loved Spencer. Even though he comes across as a jerk sometimes, he redeems himself......swoon......not to mention he is really hot. I enjoyed the relationship between Liv and Spencer, watching it develop from friendship to something more, as they each dealt with their brokenness, while trying to help the other as well. The romance was sweet, and Spencer even had his sexy moments. Then there was the mystery behind what really happened to Liv, why she is having these weird memories and conflicting voices, and why her parents really moved her so quickly, which was intriguing and thrilling. Then of course there is the ending, and the book ended very well, even having an epilogue, and I so love epilogues. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. If you enjoy YA contemporary romance mixed with mystery and intrigue, with the added bonus of a little bit of a science fiction feel to it (you'll see what I mean when you get to the end of the book), then I would definitely recommend that you check out All the Broken Pieces.
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December 18, 2012
'All the Broken Pieces' was one of my most anticipated reads for 2012. When I found out Cindi had a YA contemporary hitting the shelves, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it (I even stalked the postman a little when I knew the book was in the mail) After all that waiting, I can tell you it met expectations and more.

Olivia Stein's past is a mystery - not in a way that the reader isn't aware of her past, but that she literally has no clue what her life was like before waking up to an unknown couple telling her she'd been in an accident and that they are her parents. With no memory of who they are or what she went through, it's a lot to take in. It's bad enough not remembering who you are or how to act, but this is the least of Liv's problems. When two different voices fight for attention within her mind, bringing with them memories of forgotten lives, it's enough to drive a person mental. I loved Liv's tortured and mysterious past, it's something I always like seeing in YA contemporaries - main characters having something to overcomes and I really enjoyed seeing this in 'All the Broken Pieces.'

Liv's memory loss drove me crazy; not because she was left to relearn the things most people take for granted, like tasting junk food and watching blockbuster movies, but because I was dying to find out what happened to her before her accident cause amnesia. We get hints and teasers of her other life and you can sort of guess what happened, but when the answer hits you won't believe it. You better be prepared to pick your jaw up from the floor!

I mentioned before that Liv goes about recreating memories and experiences she missed out on. The biggest part of this recreation involves the secretive and incredible Spencer Hale. A loner at Liv's new school, Spencer becomes the one stable part of Liv's life - despite a shaky start and a few less than friendly moments wrapped in jealous. I loved Spencer's relationship with Liv. In the beginning it was all based on friendship and helping Liv to experience situations she couldn't remember; but, like all good contemporaries, it grows into a romance you don't want to miss. The easy, playful and funny way Liv and Spencer interact made me smile and wish for more scenes with just the two of them; and learning about Spencer's own hidden past during their time together added an extra mystery element to the story. Part of why I loved these two so much was because their interactions reminded me of a mix of my favourite Sarah Dessen books ('Along for the Ride' and 'Just Listen') - bike rides, a list of essential experiences, musical educations and a relaxed, sweet relationship - Who could want anything more?

The only part I had an issue with was the end. It wrapped up very neatly. For something this huge (and you'll understand when you read the book) I wasn't expecting an easy end. But having never been in that situation before, I can't say I know how it should have ended instead. I did love that there's an epilogue that gives us a glimpse of the life to come; it made the ending more whole.

I adored this book and I hope there are more contemporaries in Cindi's future.

4.5/5 stars
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December 16, 2012
I received an e-arc of this book directly from Entangled Teen (thankyou) in exchange for my honest review and this post is also part of the official blog tour.
So, I have already done a "My thoughts on the cover" post, which is still relevant but has anything changed now I have actually read the book? Prior to reading the book, I admit the cover did make me want to read the book, and I must add that the book does not disappoint at all! The Broken Pieces on the cover, do actually represent the main character Liv. At first I thought of the girl being schizophrenic but is that the case, or is it something totally different and perhaps much much darker.
The main character Liv, or rather Olivia at the beginning of the book. Liv is the nickname the first friendly girl at the new school she is attending gives her. Keira is so bubbly and friendly that Liv readily accepts the nickname and feels more relaxed at her first day at school. Everything feels new and strange to Liv as she has recently recovered from a car accident and woken from a coma. Liv keeps hearing warring voices in her head, one is good and the other is quite a nasty one.
Liv is intrigued by one of the guys at the school his name is Spencer and he was once part of the "in" crowd but now hardly speaks to anyone at all.
This book is really well written, it flows so well and keeps you interested the whole way through. You want to put all the broken pieces together and solve the mystery of Olivia. what was she like before her accident, why can she not truly remember things. What are the flashbacks about? Who is Elizabeth, the little girl from Liv's dreams?
We also want to "fix" Spencer, know why he shuts himself away from everyone else.
Then there's the whole fitting in hassle at school. Sabrina is the "queen" of the "popular's" and she seems to have taken an instant dislike to Liv. Should Liv conform to Sabrina's "popular rules"? Then Liv has all the mystery going on at home, why don't her parents speak to her about the past? Why don't they answer her questions and whats in the locked box in the office drawer?
I really loved the book, it had me totally hooked. I admit to having an inkling as to the mystery surrounding Liv, but there were still twists and turns and the odd red herring to make you second guess if you were right or wrong.
So did I enjoy the book? Loved it! Would I recommend it? Definitely Would I read a bk #2 if there is one? There could be a second bk I suppose but then most things were wrapped up at the end of this one. Would I read more by Cindi Madsen? I would certainly look out for more books by her yes.
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December 19, 2012
I'm not sure I can do justice to this book and not give anything away. I loved this. It enthralled me, I did not want to put it down and when I had to put it down to sleep, go to work, cook, you know do all those mundane things, I could not wait to pick it back up again to find out more about Liv.

Liv is intriguing from the start. She awakes from the coma and does not recognize her Mom or her Dad and has no real memories. So of course the reader, being me, was intrigued and wanted to know more. Ms. Madsen then proceeded to give me more in little bits and pieces through dreams and things that Liv remembers at various times, but are they true? Liv isn't sure, I wasn't sure. Thankfully to keep her from going crazy Liv has Spencer to lean on. But of course things aren't that simple. Liv is also trying to walk the line between being friends (and possibly more) with Spencer and remaining with the popular crowd that seems to have singled her out from the first day. I like how Ms. Madsen used typical high school situations as a backdrop in this book while Liv is trying to figure out who she is. It made it all the more powerful to me. Spencer is also a great character and friend for Liv because he has demons of his own and to find out more about him, you must read the book. But I will tell you I loved Spencer even though I wanted to choke him at times.

The plot speeds along with the memories, and Liv and Spencer's friendship growing against the backdrop of fitting in or not fitting in at high school. I enjoyed every page of this book. Though I felt the ending was just a bit rushed, I still felt it was a satisfactory and bombshell conclusion that was fitting of how the book was paced and plotted. When I walked away from this I was kind of sad it was over, but happy with the conclusion of the book.

All the Broken Pieces was a stellar contemporary Young Adult novel to me. It was suspenseful, it had romance (and not a love triangle) and an interesting premise. It's an interesting novel about finding yourself even beyond the amnesia angle and that's one of the reasons I loved it. The amnesia just added to it to make it suspenseful. If I read books for a second time, this would quickly go on my list to read again, it was just that good to me. So check it out if the premise interests you, I don't think you will find your time wasted while reading this one and I think you will find a new author to add to you shelf when you are done like I have.
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October 22, 2012
NOTE: I received this eARC from Entangled Publishing.
OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! This book was so incredibly awesome!!!!! It took me several days to finish it only because I had a major exam to study for, otherwise I would've devoured it for one day!

All The Broken Pieces, in my opinion, is where Pushing The Limits meets One Moment. But it's also so much more! It's got a unique plot where most of the story revolves around this extremely humongous secret that just made me want to keep going so I could see if my theories would come out to be true. The rest of the story had all the romantic moments a teen girl would want to read about. Heck, it had all the cute stuff any girl/woman would want to read about.

So, I guess what I want to say is that the book was just perfect for my taste. I loved every bit of it: the plot, the world building, the characters, the writing style... it was so brilliant that I'm definitely putting it on my to-reread list.

Now about the characters, let me give my humble two cents.

*Olivia, a.k.a. Liv, is the lead female, who's mind consists of a plethora of jumbled up thoughts and feelings, none of which seem to be her own. She wakes up one day from a coma, unable to remember even her own name. Her parents are the only secure thing in her life- her rock and shelter. Until memories start to come back to her, and they aren't anything to be proud with. even so, Liv turns out to have this really awesome personality. She's a good friend, doesn't keep a grudge, loves with all her heart and doesn't care to conform to the popular group. I can say that she's my type of girl.

*Spencer starts off as a complete jerk. He doesn't care to talk to anyone, to think of anyone. And he has a pretty good reason for it. But when Liv steps into his line of sight, he's unable to hold his own. He's mesmerized and completely thrown out of his comfort zone. It's great that Liv turned out to be to building block he needed in order to re-enter life. Also, the fact that Spencer turned out to be the one person Liv could rely on was really adorable.

*Mr. and Mrs. Stein, Liv's parents were full of secrets, but they were also amazing as characters and parents.

*Keira was a friend everyone would love to have in high school.

So, in conclusion I can only say thanks to Entangled Publishing for letting me read this galley.
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January 7, 2013
All the Broken Pieces is a masterpiece of originality. Unlike anything I have read before, I enjoyed the story immensely. Cindi Madsen has created a story where you are not sure where it is going until it gets there, but once there you could see that the journey was heading there the whole time. All the little details fit together seamlessly. It is just one of those books that works so well, and you cannot help but have to finish it.

Olivia wakes up from a coma with complete amnesia, and parents she does not recognize. Shortly after her recovery, her family moves to a new town to start over. As much as Liv would like to remember her past, she needs to move on to her future. Something that is not easy, when you have two very different voices in your head telling you what to do. When Olivia meets Spencer, she begins to wonder if she can have a chance at a normal life.

As a character, beyond the usual confusion, Olivia does not give up easily. For example, requesting to go to public school versus staying hidden at home with her mother. This is a chore for someone who constantly feels awkward around people because of she is unsure of whom she is or was. Imagine every memory, your whole life, taken from you. The only clues to you past are in your dreams at night and the two warring voices in your head. The strength it takes to follow those clues. Spencer is a loner, who can be a bit stand offish, but is extremely thoughtful with it come to Olivia. He is very sweet and protective of her, and he is the only person she trusts to see the real Olivia.

All the Broken Pieces had me hooked from the white room where Olivia wakes up to the very least moments of the book. I managed to read it in one sitting, because it is not book you can put down after you start. I have not read many books dealing with memory loss or amnesia, but of the ones I have read this one is by far the best. The details and plotting that when into this type of book are evident, because otherwise the pieces of this book would have not fit so well together.

**Unabridged Bookshelf received this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review**
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November 1, 2012
I really connected with Liv and I was so intrigued by the plot of All the Broken Pieces. Cindi Madsen pulled it off beautifully.
I lives the characters as well as Olivia's voice. Spencer was an enigma and hot, just how I like my literary boys to be. Tough guys with tenderness. I really appreciated how he took everything in stride and believed the impossible with Liv.
I felt like I was always on the verge of figuring out exactly what was going on with Liv and why she couldn't remember anything but why she was having these strange dreams or flashes of other people and the warring voices in her head. By the end, I had figured out a few of the pieces of the puzzle correctly but it was still a spectacular ending and there were still a few things that I hadn't figured out as well as how they all fit together.
I was surprised at the emotions i felt reading this. Liv really had a beautiful voice, and I got right inside her head. The constant confusion and heartache she felt really came off the page. As well as trying to figure out who was really on her side, if everything was a lie, what to think of her parents, her fear that they or she did something terrible and she just can't remember. The romantic tension with Spencer was also well written. I never quite knew what to think of him, but I loved their playful teasing and banter and the glances of tenderness and how he really cares for others and is in pain with some of the things he keeps hidden about his past.
The rest of the secondary characters were superb as well. Kiera was a great addition to this story and i loved her bubbles and friendliness. Sabrina was also written well and I was wondering what was brewing there. I do think that there was a bit of rushed and unbelievable resolution with their relationship but i can forgive it because of how everything else resolved.
I flew through this book and loved every minute of it.
Bottom line: Connected with main character, and loved the premise and how it was executed.

For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com
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December 14, 2012
Find more of my reviews at Reading Angel

When I first started All the Broken Pieces I wondered just where the story was going, I had no clue it was a modern remake of Frankenstein. Although with a name like Olivia Francesca Stein, you think I would have got the picture pretty quickly. It seemed to just be the story of a girl with amnesia from a car accident, if not for the fact that her parents were completely nuts every time she would ask any questions about her past, or the accident. I caught on pretty quickly that all was not well in the land of Liv's home, but could not figure out just what had happened since we are getting a narrative from a very unreliable source, that of the girl with no memory.

Liv also has two other voices in her head. Whether this is a result of the trauma, she's crazy, or if it's something slightly more supernatural going on, is unclear. They are both very distinctly different personalities and at times are like an angel and a demon sitting on Liv's shoulder as she starts in to public school. I found this part of the story to be very mysterious and really enjoyed one of the personalities in particular. I got several giggles out of the internal monologue that would go on between Liv and the voices.

As Liv joins the world of public school she meets Spencer. While Liv is feeling like an outcast she somehow really likes this boy, even though he is sometimes a jerk who sends her very mixed signals. Lets just say that Spencer has a bag of his own problems to work through. I think his bucket list that he worked up for Liv was one of my favorite romantic things about him, though. A bucket list of things like, eat a McDonald's Happy Meal, since she couldn't remember doing any of the awesome little things.

All the Broken Pieces is a fun mystery that kept me the pages to find out exactly what happened to our forgetful heroine. While there were some basic logic things that bugged me, it was still just a very enjoyable story and I give it a solid 3.5 stars.
January 13, 2013
I adore books that can keep me wondering and keep me guessing until the very end and Cindi Madsen's All the Broken Pieces delivers that and then some. Liv's character (or characters) was compelling and completely believable. I felt so much for her and just wanted he to achieve the peace of mind that finding the answers would hopefully bring. And Spencer is wonderfully mysterious yet completely loyal. Exactly what a great "book boyfriend" should be. Liv's parents complete the picture by seemingly being sincere and loving while at the same time obviously lying and keeping secrets. Will we ever find out what exactly their past hides and what their true agenda is? Madsen writes characters that one can easily come to love..even Liv's parents (complex though they are) fall into this category.

As Liv battles not only to break free from her parents over-protectiveness and to fit in at school, she also simultaneously battles with herself as parts of her desire so strongly to be a part of the "in" crowd while another part of her is too independent to care what that crowd thinks! Add a mysterious guy into the mix and her struggle to combat amnesia and regain her memories and figure out exactly who she is and we're left with plenty of the good kind of drama to drive this story along.

The writing style and pacing of All the Broken Pieces were perfection...I could find no flaws and I could barely force myself to put this one down to go to sleep at night...in fact the night I finished it I stayed up way past my bedtime because I just had to know the answer! The plot while admittedly a tad unrealistic was nevertheless written in such a believable and compelling way that I had no troubles accepting it all.

This book has the exact perfect mix of mystery, drama, and a delightfully "swoon-worthy" guy. Add in a power punch of a surprise ending and I was left with no doubt that this one was a winner. This one will definitely keep you hooked from beginning to end!

I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more from Cindi Madsen.
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December 15, 2012

I loved All the Broken Pieces. It's one of the best books of 2012, a favorite and most definitely a must-read. While it wasn't totally new, I've read many books about lost memory, it was unique in its own way.

It was about Liv who wakes up with no memory of her past or who she was and with two voices in her head, each unlike the other. When she moves with her parents to another state and starts another school she meets Spencer, a cute outsider with his own secrets, who's willing to help her uncover the mysteries of her past that keep turning up whenever she tries to run away from them.

With a cute romance, mysterious and interesting plot, All the Broken Pieces kept me guessing all the time. Every time I thought I had it figured, something popped up and surprised me. It was fast paced and never gave me the chance to get bored. There was always something happening and I had to keep reading to figure out what really happened, I started reading it a week ago but with the exams I had I was forced to stop reading sometimes which only built up on the excitement and suspense and I couldn't wait to start reading it again.

I liked Liv, even though she didn't really know who she was, she was very realistic and though I can't say that I could relay to her all the times there were moments when I could see a normal high school girl who wanted to fit in, be liked by everyone and she had an innocence to her that made me feel very close to her. And there was Spencer, smart and cute. Sounds like a good boy? He wasn't, and not exactly a bad boy either. He was quirky and had his jerk-ish moments in the begging of the book which made their romance sexy and not sappy.

So, people I really recommend All the Broken Pieces to you. Buy it. Read it. It's awesome.
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November 15, 2012
4.5 STARS!

Thank you Entangled Teen for this ARC. This is such a unique concept that's equal parts creepy, cool and romantic. There's also kissing which I'm a HUGE fan of! Liv appears to suffer from multiple personalities and one might jump to conclusions that's she's either schizophrenic or riding the crazy train, but she's not. Even though she has no memory of her life before her accident, she does have really vivid dreams she can't explain and the answers she gets from her parents are shady at best. When she starts a new school, she longs to find a place to fit in, but that's almost always easier said than done. The voices aren't much help as they argue about whether she should hang with the popular crowd or be friends with everyone.

Spencer is the one person she can be herself with, even if she isn't exactly sure "who" that self is. When we first meet him, he's a giant angrypants but the more he and Liv hang out, the more he lets his guard down. *clutches Spencer* He's as broken as Liv is, but in different ways and my heart melted into a big puddle of swoon as they worked through her list of "firsts", slowly rebuilding each other along the way.

The "creepy" element comes into play as you try to figure out what the heck happened to Liv and when everything is revealed, it's a total "WHOA!" moment. The ending was both unexpected and bittersweet and had me crying ALL THE TEARS! :)

One of the things I enjoyed about this read is that there's nothing to cringe about. It has it's heart melting kisses but no sexy parts and the language is mild. (one s-word, I think.)
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December 6, 2014
Review originally posted on www.fictitiousdelicious.com on 11/13/12

They say there is no such thing as an original idea in writing any more, and I believe that. Mostly. I can tell you that I've never seen a story like THIS one before.

You'll know quite quickly that SOMETHING is up with our heroine, Liv. She hears multiple voices, but you won't think she's schizophrenic. She can't remember her past, but you probably won't believe she *just* has a case of amnesia. But you'll know, just as she does, that SOMETHING is wrong-ish. Go ahead and formulate your theories. You won't see the end coming from a mile away. I was shocked! I love a book that surprises me.

Our hero, Spencer, is going to try to convince you that he's a bad boy but don't let him fool you! He's one of the good guys and you know how I love those good guys. RAWR. He's got a mysterious past himself and watching him and Liv experience "first things" together will melt your heart faster than soft milk chocolate melts in a double boiler. Because this is Cindi Madsen, you can expect kisses o' plenty. *sigh*

If you're a fan of contemporary YA, you don't want to miss this one. The story line is unique, the mystery is intense and the writing is well executed. (Did I mention kisses?) That's a sweet package deal!
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June 21, 2016
Giving the book a 5 out of 5 starts. What i love the most about this book, is how Olivia manages to make a normal and happy life out of such a tragical accident.
Is very hard to write this kind of book and turn out amazing, but this one i have no words to put it how good it is. The book is about a girl that suffers a tragic accident and get amnesia. Her parents are very protective, especially her mother, that has a hard time letting her go to normal school instead of home school. Olivia starts having wired dreams that seem very real but her mom tries to "push" them away by saying they are only dreams. Luckily for her at school she meet a guy that tried to make her relive so many things you will do as a kid or now at their age. The only bad thing about him is his past and that he never wants to talk about but she finds out in the end. What happens after that for you to read the book and find out.
Well written book, that could teach us so many things. Trust me you will regret not reading the book. Second time reading this type of book and feel in love with (usually read fantasy, YA).
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March 15, 2013
This book was incredibly painful to read. I'm so confused on how people gave this four and five stars. I couldn't even finish this.

Olivia wakes up from a coma after having been in an accident and her parents immediately go all weird and say they're moving and want her to live in a new place, so they move. All kinds of red flags went up for me with this and I was all kinda of intrigued. I was definitely curious about what is going on with them and about Olivia's accident that I wanted to keep reading just for that. But the writing was so terrible I just couldn't.

The dialog was so unnatural. Nothing felt real about these interactions she had with other people. Olivia's inner dialog was annoying, awkward and made her seem schizophrenic.

The problem with this is just that I didn't feel or believe anything that was happening. I couldn't connect. I literally did not feel any emotions.
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October 29, 2012
Stayed up all night to read this baby! It's one of those that you can't put down when you start it.

Really awesome plot, perfect in time for Halloween! We meet Olivia, aka Liv, as she's coming out of a coma of sorts, from being in a horrible accident. As a result of the accident she doesn't remember anything from her past. Nothing comes back to her, not how to ride a bike, or whether or not she can swim, or if she's ever been to a movie.

Her parents start to act weird and Liv wants to get to the bottom of all the secrets. Enter Spencer, the mysterious boy that Liv can't stop thinking about. As their friendship deepens, so do the lies and secrets from Liv's parents.

Some things, however, are better left unknown.

Great read by Cindi Madsen! Can't wait for this to be out so I can buy a copy to share!
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