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Over the past ten years, the work of Michael Eric Dyson has become the first stop for readers, writers, and thinkers eager for uncommon wisdom on the racial and political dynamics of contemporary America. Whether writing on religion or sexuality or notions of whiteness, on Martin Luther King, Jr. or Tupac Shakur, Dyson's keen insight and rhetorical flair continue to surprise and challenge. This collection gathers the best of Dyson's growing body of work: his most incisive commentary, his most stirring passages, and his sharpest, most probing and broadminded critical analyses. From Michael Jordan to Derrida, Ralph Ellison to the diplomacy of Colin Powell, the mastery and ease with which Dyson tackles just about any subject is without parallel.

575 pages, Paperback

First published January 7, 2004

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Michael Eric Dyson

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Michael Eric Dyson is an American academic, author, and radio host. He is a professor of sociology at Georgetown University.

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Profile Image for Andrew.
1,989 reviews699 followers
April 13, 2015
When I first read a Michael Eric Dyson book, I was a bit nonplussed. What was the big deal?

Then I get to see the full range of his thought on display, and fuuuuck. Like few others (Camus being one stand-out), this is a man who just kind of soaks it all up and spins it around inside a constantly, actively working head. A self-made man who doesn't come off as self-righteous (well a bit, how can you not be, but way less so than I'd be), a Baptist minister I can actually accord some respect to, and a man who writes quite well about Michaels Jackson, Jordan, and Foucault (yes I know the last one's a Michel, I just couldn't resist completing the set). I can't recommend books like this highly enough.
Profile Image for Ellen.
32 reviews
October 2, 2010
Michael Eric Dyson is our favorite social commentator. He always adds to the conversation. His essays are important and they help broaden the conversation about race in America.
Profile Image for Prince Samuel.
6 reviews10 followers
June 11, 2011
A collection of essays that digs in to the challenges of modern society, looking into the issues of race, class, culture & multiculturalism. I strongly remmend it.
Author 6 books27 followers
March 9, 2016
It's a compendium of interviews and essays from someone who is just very, very smart on a lot of topics. Not shy about himself.
Profile Image for Darrell.
186 reviews8 followers
March 6, 2008
the man is a giant - a Baptist preacher who is brave enough to explore the homoeroticism of the Bible and shake his head at homophobia, a historian, a feminist, a film critic, a public intellectual, on Tavis Smiley's couch and Davey D's radio show like he was a fixture, a liberal from my parent's generation who listens to and can appreciate hip hop.

this was a great read that was made better by a majority of the brothers at my place of work being familiar with it....
Profile Image for Carol Storm.
Author 28 books182 followers
January 21, 2017
Imagine if Ta-nehisi Coates were all grown up. And educated. The best writing I've ever seen about the OJ Simpson case, and the essays on Michael Jackson are pretty good too. Though Dyson never really comes to terms with the repeated child-abuse charges and all that plastic surgery.
22 reviews
July 15, 2008
I have to say that when I first picked up this book I was uber excited. However, getting through it was a bit tough. After awhile just felt like I was at church for hip hopers.
Profile Image for NON.
558 reviews187 followers
August 14, 2019
I've read other books by Michael Eric Dyson, and this only made me want to read some more of his work, and this reader is a perfect choice because it's a collection of his essays and interviews in which he discusses a variety of topics that deepen one's understanding of the presented subjects. I like how he doesn't conclude his interpretations; he only adds to the conversation. This is not an easy read but highly informative and enjoyable.
Profile Image for House Turner.
1 review
September 20, 2018
A fascinating read for me to comprehend Mike D's elaboration of prose and grammar. After the first chapters, my eyes adjusted to the length and structure of his rhythmic patterns and my mind grew exponentionaly. This was truly a challenge to get through, but I'm glad I was able to absorb such a masterful piece of black literature.
591 reviews4 followers
April 12, 2023
Friends of the Library- Feldhym Library

Affirmative Action
Debating Affirmative Action
A Reprieve for Affirmative Action

Israel benefits from affirmative action policies that include Jewish mothers who have sons serving in the American Army. Family consumer science, business, politics and an understanding of nightshade plants will produce enough water for the average family to make teas and small pastries. If the Israeli University is open to science, engineering, space and technology to students from Norton Academy of Arts and Science from the Aerospace industry in San Bernardino California, the Mexican worker, student and youthful population benefits from time with robotics in a newly democratic stronghold where liberation exists and hip hop exists. Israel is my friend. kind of.

Whiteness Studies
The Labor of Whiteness, the Whiteness of Labor, and the Perils of Whitewishing
Giving Whiteness a Black Eye

Not from Some Zeus's Head: My Intellectual Development
Letter to My Brother, Everett, in Prison
This I Believe

Austin Public Libraries has a copy which is good because I lost my library copy in the student aid debacle. The book is catalogued since 2006 and no check outs so it wasn't popular and that's sad given so many changes to student aid budges. The Monopoly is different in Texas and with a Catholic Administration that can't stray away from the high cost of private institution, learning at the higher education level should improve. The mental health of Dyson was almost broken, but he did get one thing, a chance. He writes memoirs on the 2008, candidate , Obama whose stern grievance includes a white privilege that he can only fear and not embrace just like the other Eunuchs cornered in by a slavery system that has yet to pull him up from slavery. Good luck Mr. Dyson.
Profile Image for Latasha.
12 reviews1 follower
April 30, 2012
There are a lot of good points to take from the book. I found myself using the dictionary to look up words Dyson had used which is typical when I read any of his books. A quote from the book I liked.

"One must constantly evolve and regenerate, stretching the boundaries of identity in a way that permits you to integrate new strains, new molds, new themes, and new ideas into the evolving self-awareness that occupies your heart and mind".

I forgot the year I bought this book and finished it.
Profile Image for Elke.
90 reviews
July 12, 2007
this man is a genius.

i couldn't finish this book before the library wanted it back and i couldn't renew it because someone else wants it.

guess who's coming to georgetown (to be a professor)?!?


Dyson in person at Politics and Prose Bookstore on July 19

15 reviews
August 30, 2007
This may have been one of the most information packed books Ive ever read. I thought it would be some fairly light reading but I ende uo needing a highlighter for all of the interesting quotes and monologues. It really showcased Mr. Dyson's strong views on topics like apartheid, anti semitism, and the hip hop's role in todays language and writing. He's a another Cornel West.
Profile Image for Derek.
369 reviews7 followers
April 3, 2014
Amazing and dense. I was lucky enough to hear Dr. Dyson speak when I was in college and thoroughly enjoyed every second. This book was a prep for the lecture. It was nice to revisit this again. I'd forgotten how cerebral his material is!
August 9, 2008
I disagree with some of his thoughts and hypotheses, especially his retort to Bill Cosby's view of Black America. However, he is still a powerhouse of a scholar.
2 reviews
May 19, 2017
People don't like angry black people and sometimes do their best to infer that the critique of America's culture of racism and bigotry is just something we need to get over. Dyson encourages the reader to evaluate what he is saying but asking the right questions. Does what he say have merit? Why? If you can answer honestly that yes, there's merit and the reason is that he is more in a position to know. This is also not about victimization when talking about the failures of America. It is about knowing which battles to fight, and which ones to save for when there is more support in the fight. Dyson makes you think.
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