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Gavin Cassidy, rock star by day and Sentinel by night, met his muse in the Dreaming, and now he’s found her in real life. But Zoe Morgan is having a hard time believing the gorgeous guy from her dreams is real, let alone that he’s attracted to her.

Gavin’s not the only one who’s interested in Zoe. Her boss wants her too, and he could end her career in marine biology if she refuses his advances. Zoe’s struggling to balance her dream man with her dream job, but that’s the least of her worries. The whale she’s guarding has been marked for death, and Zoe’s new enemy Scarlet is eager to deliver the killing blow. To both of them.

Gavin is desperate to keep Zoe safe, but he’s got other problems. People are dying in their sleep all across Australia. He and his fellow Sentinels can save them, but only if they find and lock the door to the Dreaming before the Fire Elementals launch an attack. Now Gavin must protect Zoe from Scarlet’s vengeful clutches while organizing a Sentinel defense strong enough to prevent a full-blown Elemental war—all with a traitor fighting by his side.

Book 2 in Kendall Grey’s Just Breathe urban fantasy series

310 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 10, 2018

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About the author

Kendall Grey

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Calm like an F-bomb*, Kendall writes books about fierce women rockers who have a hard time keeping their clothes on, gender-swapped Norse gods who don't understand modern idioms, and the occasional murderer. Her aliases include Kendall Day (FALLING FOR MR. SLATER) and Seven Slade (COMING OUT).

Kendall lives near Athens, Georgia with her dashing geek husband, a one-eyed dachshund that thinks she's a cat, and an incorrigible yet adorable mutt whose ice-blue eyes will steal your heart and hold it for ransom.

* Detonation manual not included.

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July 29, 2019
I have struggled to find the perfect tone for this review. I want to express my wildly enthusiastic love for EXHALE, but I don't want to come off looking like an idiot who doesn't know how to get a grip. So to help prevent my brain from exploding, I'm going to break this baby down. First I will discuss the story, then I will discuss the writing.

Author Kendall Grey created a remarkable, unique alternate world in book one, INHALE.I have always loved the oceans and the creatures who inhabit them, but never considered them beyond the superficial. Grey, and her main character, whale biologist Zoe Morgan, opened me up to the beautiful intricacies of the humpback whale and the effect man has on the fragile oceanic ecosystem. So for that, I applaud her and her efforts to bring awareness to the cause.

Beyond that, there is the imaginative, wholly unique Dreaming and the Elements. The Dreaming is a parallel world that exists alongside Realis (reality) where people consciousness' go while sleeping or unconscious. And although the Dreaming is a parallel plane, what happens there can effect reality. The Dreaming is protected by Sentinels, whose job it is to maintain Elemental balance. (This definition taken from the glossary in EXHALE). Speaking of Sentinels...

Gavin-freaking-Cassidy. I am hardcore in love with Gavin. Here is what you need to know about Gavin Cassidy: He's an Australian rock star, he has messy black hair, many tattoos, a lip ring. So basically, he's sexier than sin. BUT...here's the real kicker. Gavin Cassidy is a GREAT GUY. And I don't just mean that he's decent. He is really and truly good, brave, honest, faithful.He could have any woman in the world, and he only wants Zoe.

Dr. Zoe Morgan is the bomb. Plain and simple. She is a world-class biologist, working her dream job. Zoe seems like she should be beyond insecurities, but like most real women, is not. Zoe spent much of her life at the mercy of panic attacks, low self-esteem, a demanding mother. But she has mostly overcome her struggles and is at the top of her game. When you add in that Gavin Cassidy is head over heels for her, and things can't seem to get much better for Zoe. The sexual chemistry between these two? Forget about it. I can't even go there without requiring a cold shower.

But the thing is, there is a hellacious fire brewing in the Dreaming, led by the horrible (and I'll admit it, kinda badass) Scarlett. Scarlett is a Fyre Elemental. She is cruel, vicious, manipulative, vile... just about every evil descriptive you can imagine applies, multiplied by ten. I HATE Scarlett with a burning passion. I want to stab that evil bitch in the eye, but I want to make out with her first.*Did I just say that?* Does that make me weird?? I can live with that. Anyway, Scarlett will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to gain ultimate power and get rid of Zoe.

So, there you have it. Gavin and Zoe, working to build a new relationship. Dealing with his duties, her job, and a war.

Now, for the writing. I have many, many books in my life. Very few books can compare to the complete beauty that resides in Kendall's words. And that's fine. There are so many styles out there and I adore them all. But for sheer, staggering lines that I must re-read so that I can fully take in the brilliance, Kendall Grey lands at the top of the list. Her attention to detail is remarkable. The struggles that she puts her characters through are terrifying and brave. Her dialogue makes me laugh out loud and swoon. Basically, even if you think, or know, that Urban Fantasy is not "your thing" or you're not into whales and such, the JUST BREATHE series is a must-read for the simple fact that the writing is beyond compare. These are not simply books, they are works of art. This is a series that has been my privilege to read.

Favorite Quote(s):

I have many favorites. Too many to share. So I've chosen a few. One funny, the rest intense.

"Gavin swept the street again with his Dreamsense. As far as he could tell, no Fyre Elementals had snuck up while his brain evacuated it's cranial real estate in favor of warmer southern climes in Hardwood Heights." (eARC, 2%)

"Their eyes locked and something deep rocked the space between them - like an earthquake shaking things up at the surface, redrawing boundaries in its wake, depositing new emotions to be catalogued." (eARC, 55%)

“Fragments of the future spun past like whirling puzzle pieces with an endless array of combinations. Yet, even with millions of possible outcomes, the same conclusion punctuated every scenario: blissful happiness.
Love.” (eARC, 57%)

"The shadows outside tamed none of him. No, they cast him as stronger and more dangerous than ever before. He was bigger. Hungrier. Predatory.

He said nothing as he crawled through the window, but his dark, flashing eyes and body stalking toward her spoke volumes." (eARC, 60%) -Don't worry, this scene is sexy, not scary!
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June 5, 2012
Wow!! Okay, where to start. This is seriously a super hard review to write because I totally freaking loved this book and don't even know what to say to express how amazing I think it is. I have started this review numerous times and ended up deleting it over and over. This book picks up right where Inhale ended and it couldn't have been a more perfect start. The whole feel of this one is totally different than Inhale, but in a great way. There is a lot more emotion, more tension, and a lot of OMG moments!! I kid you not. This book is made of awesome!!

Zoe is one bad ass chick, we already know that. She is also very fragile and a lot of that really comes out. Before Gavin was just Mr. Perfect in her dreams, now he is real and is persuing her very insistently. She is totally hot for him of course, but she has worked so hard to get where she is and doesn't need any distractions from her work. She thinks he is on the complete opposite side of the dating spectrum and that there is no way it could ever work with them anyways. Let me tell you, she has a hell of a lot more self control than I would. Gavin is practically throwing himself at her and she keeps shooting him down. I kept wanting to be like "WTF is wrong with you?!! He is smoking hot and if dream sex is any indication of what you could have with him, you are INSANE for not wanting that!!" Moving on....Zoe does come to her senses, but there are many more complications to deal with.

Do I have to mention how much I love Gavin? Oh man, he is delicious!! I need a Gavin!! He will do anything to convince Zoe that they should be together. Besides his need to protect her, he really does care about her. I was a puddle of goo every time he would make his advances on her, whether verbal or physical. That boy has my heart for sure!! He goes through so much in this book. I totally feel for him. I was hoping for the best the whole time. Wanting, no needing for him to to be happy. Between his Sentinel duties, trying to protect Zoe, and finding a way to prevent the war that is looming, he is just knocked down over and over again.

The story gets really intense in this one. Way more than in the first book. Now Zoe has to be careful in real life too, not just in Dreaming. Scarlet knows where to find her in Realis and she does. She is a constant threat to Zoe. Popping up here and there. As if I didn't despise Scarlet enough in Inhale, I absolutely can't stand her in Exhale. OMG!! I had a freak the eff out moment while reading this book because of a Scarlet situation. I wanted to throw my nook across the room, scream, cry, something!! I was cursing Kendall for being so evil, but loving her at the same time for being able to bring out such intense emotion!!

So I know that I haven't said much about the book really, but I feel like if I start to say anything I will say too much. This book was just amazing for me. My heart was pounding out of my chest at some points. I felt overwhelmed with emotions throughout so much of this book. Once I started reading this, I felt like I had to finish it before I could do anything else. I needed this to keep going like I need air to breathe. It was totally engaging and addicting. And the ending!!! OMG!! I was DYING!! Seriously, I felt like I would die. I love a cliffhanger so it was amazing to me, but I also feel like my heart may not start beating again until I have Just Breathe in my hands!!
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June 12, 2012
Intensely Exhilarating!

When I finished Exhale, my mouth opened and, well, I actually exhaled! I'm pretty sure I held my breath during the last few pages! If you've read the first book, then you'll be glad to learn that Exhale starts where Inhale ended. Unlike the first book, more of the story takes place in Realis. Gavin is so smitten with Zoe, but she just can't fathom the idea of a rock star falling for her, a whale biologist! Surely, having a real-life relationship with Gavin would interfere with her research and distract her from pursuing her dream job. Good thing Gavin doesn't think so! We get to meet a few new characters, who add so much to the amazing storyline. The whales have a greater presence too. Yes, for those who are wondering, Lily is very much in Exhale, and she's woven so well into the story.

Scarlet returns, and she's very jealous of Zoe. She was so bad in the last book, but in this one she's evil to the tenth power and relentless in her pursuit of Gavin. There were some really shocking moments with Scarlet that I won't even try to describe. Kendall Grey knows how to develop her characters, and Scarlet is definitely worthy of winning a best villain contest hands down! Then there is Sinnder. I get the feeling he's been working on his own agenda all along. He's one to watch in the next book for sure!

Zoe Morgan has got to be one of my favorite strong heroines. She has a connection to whales like no other, and there are some revelations as to why she has this gift. Always focused on her career, I kept wanting to knock some sense into her every time she turned Gavin down. Hello, Zoe, Mr. Perfect from your dreams is real, and he very much wants you! Eventually she gives in and these two together, either in The Dreaming or Realis, sizzle off the pages! It's not all happy though for this couple, they run into problems and struggle at finding time for one another. Plus, they keep getting interrupted during intimate moments! Oh my goodness, the unresolved sexual tension is off the charts!!! Nonetheless, the way their relationship progresses in Realis seems very real for a biologist and rock star. This brings me to Gavin * insert dreamy sigh here * Cassidy. If you fell for him in the first book like I did, then he will melt you into a puddle of goo in this one for sure! Gavin is way more than a rock star. He wants to protect Zoe from any harm, defend the Wyldlings, and takes his Sentinel duties very seriously. He does all that and writes music and performs at concerts too! I think Gavin has become my number one favorite fictional rock star! I can't help it. I just love how he's written! It's no wonder Scarlet wants him so badly, but his heart belongs to Zoe, his muse.

Intense, exhilarating, shocking, and heart-wrenching, Exhale is truly a worthy sequel to Inhale and shows that Kendall Grey can push her characters way beyond limits. Please do read this series in order. The world building displays expertise and is beautifully executed. I don't even want to speculate what will happen next. After reading Exhale, it opens up a world of possibilities for the third book, Just Breathe. The bar is set high. I really can't wait!!!
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December 30, 2012
Right, so remember my struggles to get through Inhale? Gone. This book sucked me in from page one, and didn't let me stop, even when I finished. I jumped online to find out more about this series, the author, and whatever else I could find. Miss Grey, THIS BOOK is the reason I am now obsessed with your series and you characters. In case you were wondering when that happened. :-)

It picks up right at the end of Inhale, with Zoe and Gavin really meeting for the first time in Realis (the real world). And you think that, now that Zoe has a better idea of what is going on, they will hit it off right away and jump into bed together right? Well, not so much. Which KILLED me. I wanted them to be happy and together from the get go, more so than I want most couples to be together and happy. I don't know what it is about these two. Maybe it's because Zoe is more my age (30's) and Gavin is where I will always think of myself (early 20's) and that is an unusual age difference. Maybe it is because they have both had such a rough time, in different ways. Maybe it is because I know in my heart they are exactly what the other needs to heal.

This whole book was an emotional roller-coaster. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I sobbed like a little girl, then I laughed some more. There were also lots of sexy times, which you know I like. ;-)

I really don't know what else I can say about this book; this whole story, without giving things away. It is so well written that I lost myself in the world, and now must visit Australia before I die, in hopes that I can meet my own Gavin. ;-) (Sorry honey, he's an Australian Rock Star) And of course go whale watching.

The way Exhale ended leaves me anxiously awaiting the third & final book, Just Breathe. I need some closure. I need to know what happens next. I need that book right now dammit!
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September 19, 2012
**This is an original post from http://bookedandloaded.com**
Exhale by Kendall Grey just truly blew me away. Honestly, this review is so hard to write because it is hard to say much without giving away spoilers to Inhale. Inhale is book 1 in this series and you can check out the review HERE. I will focus on this review in vague detail because Inhale should certainly be read first. Kendall Grey created a fantastic world in the Just Breathe series. Exhale did not fall short. If anything it blew my mind and might have caused temporary breakdown consisting of WAIT…DID THAT JUST FUCKING HAPPEN?!?!? To turn and reread just to make sure. The passion that Kendall Grey put into this story is felt in every page. I have commended authors before on just going with the story and not letting the fear of what readers expect to influence the story they are writing. It takes real guts to write a story the way the story is demanding to be written and I feel Exhale was a prime example of this. Things happen that shock you – Exhale was as predictable as real life. I would say that I am pretty damn good at knowing what is about to happen. It takes a great story and fantastic author to shock me. Exhale certainly did – and I enjoyed every single minute. Exhale is a very sexy and intense Urban Fantasy and follows Inhale seamlessly without a hiccup. This series is quickly soaring to the top of my favorites list! I cannot wait to get my hands on Just Breathe – due out for release next month.
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Author 36 books923 followers
June 5, 2012
Now, I'm a big fan of Kendall Grey's storytelling abilities. She is the queen of tension. As I was reading this book, I was like, REALLY? More trouble? NOOO!!!! I cried and laughed right along with the characters. She yanked me into the story until I felt like I was right there with Zoe and Gavin.

Now, I must warn you this story is not for the faint of heart! It's intense and utterly gut-wrenching. And those are good things!! I love it when I'm so into a story I am on the roller coaster right with the characters.

Gavin...oh my, he's just the best hero out there. Tormented and strong all rolled up into total hotness! Yes, his affinity for the f-word made my ears bleed sometimes, but it fit his character. **grin**

Another little warning, the romance part of this story is very graphic. So just a little heads up.

I'm so ready for book three to come out---please, Kendall, don't leave us hanging too long, okay?
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1,361 reviews382 followers
May 18, 2013
Wow, this book is a 4.5/5, bordering on a 5/5. But I never give a book 5 stars unless it is a full 5, otherwise I round down.

This book was incredibly intense and beautiful. I loved that everything is real now. The first book was set almost entirely in Zoe's dreams, but in this, they are almost always together in reality, and almost always getting it on. Seriously, these two could not keep their hands off each other. Exhale really amped up the steaminess, which is crazy, considering how hot Inhale was. Their relationship was so intense and strong that I am so disappointed in how it ended. I really thought they would have been able to survive that, but they could still get their HEA in Just Breathe. I really hope so. I cannot wait for the last book to come out. I will have to read the remaining shorts in the meantime.
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Author 23 books43 followers
August 17, 2012
I can't believe it took me so long to write this review. ;)

I absolutely LOVED this book! As the second in a trilogy, it stood up to the common fears of a second book - and blew them out of the water (pun intended). The action was great, the story moved at the fast pace I became to expect after reading Inhale and the characters kept growing and evolving as the story went along. What was said to be a cliffhanger was anything but; I felt this book ended exactly where it needed to and it left me waiting impatiently to see how and when Scarlet gets what's coming to her. ;-) An excellent read! I highly recommend both of these books to anyone who loves paranormal/urban fantasy romance and doesn't mind some pretty steamy scenes.
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July 2, 2012
Courtesy of Smash Attack Reads.

Interest in the book: After being introduced to Kendall's first book, Inhale, and devouring its wicked world-building awesomeness, I knew I had to continue on the journey with Zoe and Gavin. Their story is one that you want to finish. I want to see them safely through the end of their struggles. I NEED THEM TO BE OK! Ok?

First Impressions: The book leaves off exactly where Inhale ends, which I personally enjoy. We are catapulted back into the situation at hand, which is as hairy as your Uncle Mo's back. Emotions are raw and confused, and hellions are back on the loose to make life hell for Zoe and Gavin.

Characters: Zoe and Gavin are back with their stellar personalities, insecurities, yearning to experience life, passion for their respective jobs (and each other!) and compassion for others. Zoe is great and I really enjoy her voice in the story. She's insecure but her stubborn nature will not allow others in very easily. She is tough at her core but crumbles under the passion and adoration of Gavin. I think we'd all crumble. Gavin is a stand up guy. He's oozing with sex and definitely makes you want to take a cold shower, but the guy is just plain ole tender-hearted and good-natured. I frakking love experiencing  Zoe and Gavin from the other's perspective. Aside from the serious intimacy of it all, I love knowing their thoughts in the moment, their insecurities and confidence, their happy and sad memories. I LOVE being inside their head. They balance each other but also challenge and push each other.
God, she was instant relief from all the shit flying around in his head. Her touch grounded him, put things in perspective.

Plus, their moments together never disappoint. Their encounters don't always end happily but their passion and adoration for the other pours off the pages.
He'd always viewed kissing as the path of least resistance to achieving the goal of bedding women. But Jesus, this wasn't a kiss. It was a fucking experience. Like discovering a new world. And the intoxicating atmosphere in Zoeland turned his bones to jelly.

And the HEAT they produce together is steamy. Kendall's use of phrasing  always bring home a win.
He leaned in for a kiss, but she avoided his lips by dropping to her knees. She sucked his dick stupid.

Of course, Scarlet and Sinnder are never to far behind where Zoe and Gavin are concerned. Sinnder was so perplexing throughout the entire book. I love his mysterious nature. He constantly has me guessing where his loyalties lie and if his heart is as fiery as it's supposed to be. He is my favorite character in the series, and his role in this whole clusterfuck is becoming more and more interesting! Scarlet really upped the ante in this installment and bitch took psycho to ultimate levels of crazy. As much as I want her to go out in an everlasting flame of good riddance, I LOVE her character. She is seriously one of the best villains I've come across in a long while.

Fuck. If she'd been an ordinary human, Scarlet would have been classified as dangerous, but the Fyre Elemental label upgraded her psycho status to platinum deadly.

World-Building: You want world-building? You got it. Rich, intense and interesting world-building. Characters that jump off the pages and sear you with their interesting, engaging and sometimes down-right scary personalities. Two different parallel worlds that affect the other in tragic ways. And whales! YAY!

Lasting Impressions: Kendall Grey has talent and a beautiful heart. Did you know she was donating all proceeds of this trilogy to whale education? That, to me, is pure heart and compassion and a cherry on top. I wanted to be a marine biologist throughout my entire childhood, and dolphins were my passion. I completely get where she is coming from, and also love how she weaves them into her storytelling.
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June 6, 2012
Exhale is the second installment in the Just Breathe trilogy and it was great! The cover is beautiful and I absofreakinlutely love it! Once again Kendall Grey has delievered a great read and one of the best things besides Gavin is that all profits go to whale education. I'm astonished that a writer comes out of the gate and releases her first trilogy and not only does such a great job introducing us to a totally new and unique world but she joined two of her loves (writing and whales) and is donating the money. Okay Okay enough Kendall gushing lol!!! Although she is awesome let's talk Exhale.

Exhale picks up right were Inhale left off and Gahhhh Gavin!!! Rock God that he is seriously persues Zoe who wants him but thinks of every excuse to avoid letting go off herself and her job she has worked so hard to get ahead in. I have to admit there are several times Zoe made me want to throw my Nook across the room but she finally comes to her senses and once she does all bets are off. She finally realizes just how grown up her Sentinal Rock God really is. Then comes Scarlett OMG I wanted to drown her. As for our sweet whales Lily and her baby get into some serious trouble and I'm not sure how that will all play out. Thank you very much Ms. Grey!!!!! The Fyre elementals know Lily is the chosen and are intent on killing all whales and are on the hunt for Lily and her sickly baby. Whales are being hunted now by something very dangerous and several don't escape the Fyre's wrath. Momma whales will do whatever it takes to protect their young and sometimes that means death for them to protect that young. Lily is so focused on her's she refuses to leave him to take up being the Waeter Archelemental. This could be very bad for the Wyldlings and other Elementals. I can't wait for the next and final installment so we can Just Breathe after the wild ride Exhale takes us on.

Scarlett is Fyre Elemental and a shifter on top of that. She can mimic anyone and has her spies working to learn everything she can about Zoe. She has no shame and does some unspeakable things to get to her main goal which is Gavin well and power. Hello not that I can blame her for not wanting him but what she does there are no words for. Since she would love a Fyrey hell I wish her a very watery hell instead.

Ire well he has a story that unfolds and I will let that be a surprise but in the end I'm still so pissed at him.

Jack is hilarious. I really hope he is explored a little more. He has some of the funniest moments in Exhale. All I'm saying is apple. Snorts There is a huge reveal about him which will actually explain a few things about what a Sentinal usually sacrifices.

Jet is a new character introduced and she is very complex I can already tell. She is an Erthe Elemental and kicks a certain Fyre Elemental's ass. She also is one I can't wait to see more of. I hope Erthe and Waeter Elementals can get together because a certain someone has a touch of it. I hope that wets your appetite cause you will just have to read to see what I mean.

Now to Sinnder. I want him to be good so bad I can't wait for Just Breathe and see if he turns out okay.
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July 11, 2012
I beyond love the first book in this series for soooo many reasons. I was floored that someone could take something they were as passionate about as Kendall is about whales and turn it into such an amazing (albeit a bit trashy - yay!) book without a single instance of preaching. Oh and there were rock stars, tattoos, hot scenes, cuss words I would blush to repeat, and amazing lore. Yes, the book was made of awesome, covered in amazing sauce and served with a side of fabulous. When a book is that good and holds onto my heart that tightly, every new book is a bit scary. I mean, really, can someone top that kind of awesomeness? In a nut shell.....Kendall can :)!

This second book in the series has everything I loved about the first book. It had a hot trashy romance. It had adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat. It had bad guys and I was not always sure who they were. It had amazing lore that was woven into every bit of the story. The role of the whales makes me giddy. Genius!!!! Oh and did I mention it had a hot rock star with tattoos who wrote songs about her, had an Australian accent, and did not care that she was older than him and not the "model" perfect build. Oh and he digs her insane intelligence. Yep, this book kept all the things I adored about book one and more.

Now, about the ending. WOW! I am not sure how I feel about it. If it was the ending of the whole story, I would definitely be mad, but it is a rest stop in the trilogy, so I think I am going to hold off passing judgment until the next book comes out. Yes, I will be reading the next book as soon as I can possibly get my hands on it!

This book is in no way shape or form for those under 18 ;0. Yep, it has all of the good stuff.

I should mention all profits from this series go to whale education. How stinkin' awesome is that!!!!!!!!
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2,275 reviews70 followers
August 10, 2012
3.5 stars - Not a true cliff hanger. It's a better wrap than the first book but it definitely stops at a place that lets the reader know that the story is far from over and unresolved.

This book was tighter than the first. The world came together without as many bumps and the lore was more seamless and smooth, more rational. The story itself is a good one and very interesting. The use of the Elementals and the way Grey is building the world and elements of the world is refreshing in the genre. There were several plot holes that were frustrating, though, and caused me to have mental stumbles. For example why would they pick a time to rescue a daughter when the arch enemy is present? And since they know she is present and they know that she is the arch enemy and murderous and untrustworthy why didn't they go in "guns blazing" instead of on their guard just talking smack and giving the opposing forces plenty of time to hurl the fire balls that would destroy half their team?

Towards the end, the moment of tension that caused the difficulty with Gavin and Zoe was unbelievable. Gavin shouldn't have fallen for it. It was too easy. I've been having a hard time with the notion all along that a 30-something doctor who is so focused on her career that everything falls to the side can watch her roommates get mind fucked and think "I need to talk to Gavin about this" and then when she sees him all she can think about is getting boned so she conveniently forgets about the guy who is hypnotizing her crew so she can get some tube steak. Things like this are stumbling blocks for me.

Even with that, the story is good and I'm emotionally invested so I'll read the 3rd book.
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1,905 reviews19 followers
August 4, 2012
Another creative tale from a very talented author who paints such vivid word portraits that one can almost smell the salty air and hear the waves. The conflict between the Elementals continues to threaten those in the real world even as the romance between Zoe and Gavin struggles to blossom. The villains are a little two-dimensional but there are interesting subthemes weaving through the tale, including Zoe’s struggle with her handicap of dyslexia. There is a lovely description of something called Songlines which “map out the past, present, and future of every sentient being...the lines of the past are already laid, but the present and future ones can shift without notice.” The story is not quite as gripping as the first in the series but it is an enjoyable read nonetheless and I look forward to reading the final novel in this imaginative trilogy.

“Exhale” by Kendall Grey is the exciting sequel to her debut novel, “Inhale”. This is the second title in her ‘Just Breathe’ trilogy which follows a cetacean researcher named Dr. Zoe Morgan who has become enmeshed in a mysterious world that is split into Realis and Dreaming. Gavin Cassidy is learning the ropes as a newly elevated Guardian even as he attempts to deal with his attraction to, and need to protect, Zoe. The discovery that Zoe’s powers will be essential for communicating with one of the Archelemental candidates make her even more of a target and her driving need to continue her research while advancing her career compels her to reject Gavin’s advances. Unfortunately, that is not going to reduce the danger to her and Gavin is going to have to find a way to juggle his responsibilities AND find a way to follow his heart.

© Night Owl Reviews

I received a copy of this title in return for an honest review.
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June 15, 2012
Holy shnikes, this one is a new favorite. The followup to Inhale, a recent discovery, was more than a little surprising. I have to say, this one definitely doesn't disappoint, and accomplishes in graduating from a promising series that has a good romance and some original animal storyline filler to full-on awesome intrigue and storytelling.

I'm at a loss for words at the moment, but suffice it to say, if you liked the first book, you will be blown away by this one. No saccharine cookie-cutter romance or predictability here. If you guess what ultimately happens, then you are definitely more observant and smarter than me. My only warning is that each book seems end in a semi-cliffhanger. If you hate those like I do, I would recommend holding off until the series ends.

This book starts right where the last book leaves off, with Zoe finally meeting Gavin in Realis. Yes this took an awful long time to happen, but these books aren't filled with unnecessary drivel like some other series (Shades *cough* of Grey *cough-cough*). There is an actual story, worthy of my full undivided attention. The whales take more of an active role in this book, taking on more anthropomorphic characteristics. It actually tugged on my heart strings a bit, and I'm not a whale lover by any means. It's not that I don't like them, I just never really gave them much thought.

I can't describe too much more without giving the plot away, so I'll just say that this book is fast paced and well worth the read if you liked the first book. As in, yes that's my full on recommendation to try this series out.
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Author 21 books232 followers
June 14, 2012
Exhale picks up in the trilogy literally right where Inhale left off, but I won't give details in case you haven't read Inhale yet! Needless to say the story is still about Zoe and Gavin, and there are a few new characters stirred into the mix this time around, broadening the scope of the story.

Unlike Inhale, there's no new universe to learn, so the action starts off fast and quick and doesn't let up for the entire book. The whales are even more prominent, and while Zoe thought her job was done with the Dreaming in Inhale, it turns out the Dreaming isn't done with her yet.

Gavin insistently remains by her side, despite Zoe's concerns over their age difference and her prospects of getting a promotion if their relationship is discovered. I think she also has some doubts over his seriousness, considering she's a decade his senior, which a woman will do.

Through all of this Scarlet of the Fyres is out to get Gavin back and the whales and Water elementals, and she'll go to terrible lengths to reach her goals.

Again, Grey's world building and characterization shine, with new facets revealed about the universe throughout the book and the characters growing ever more complex. Also, I admit I liked this book better than Inhale, I think basically because the tension was tighter and the action never let up. There were no moments where I wasn't expecting the sky to fall. And when it did, boy howdy, was I wanting to strangle someone! (No spoilers here.) It's all okay, I'll just keep breathing until book three comes out. ;)
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November 28, 2012
4.5 Stars! Exhale was a wild ride that literally picked up right where Inhale left off and I was immediately swept up in the story.

Though certain things happened as I predicted I am happy to say that there were some definite surprises throughout the story. I love it when a story doesn't reveal itself before the story has played out.

I have always been a huge fan of dreams and elemental magic and I just love how Kendall Grey mixed the two and presented them in a way that I have never seen before. Her creative imagination is expressed in a way that you can't help but feel like you are experiencing everything as the characters do.

And speaking of characters, I absolutely love Gavin. And not necessarily for the reasons that you may think. Yes he is rockstar hot, but I like him because he is not the typical hero that is portrayed in most books. Despite his looks and talent, Gavin is a vulnerable character who has pretty much made himself numb to the world around him. And Zoe is the key to waking him up. He reads cocky and sure but on the inside he is self doubting and afraid of what his future might hold. I really love it when characters are deep and complex and Kendall Grey does an excellent job in this regard.

Every part of me was satisfied as I read this story! It had magic, it has love, it has action and suspense. However I would have loved to seen more magic in this book, like with the first, but I know it is sure to come with the way things ended in this dreamy adventure! Bring on Just Breathe!
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December 18, 2015
A continuation of Inhale, this book takes you more into the Aboriginal world with Gavin and Zoe.

It takes off with Gavin and Zoe in the real world. Now, finally meeting outside the Dreaming, Zoe is left with very few excuses to remain in denial about the world she has recently discovered. Imagining Mr. Perfect as just someone she conjured up in her dreams, she is in disbelief that he exists in real life-and wants her. Aside from the age factor that concerns her, there is also the fact that she doesn't want to get more involved with the Fyres and everything which makes her all the more reluctant to have a real relationship with Gavin. But Gavin will not be deterred easily.
Requiring his muse to go on in life, he is determined to do everything to get her to go out with him. Unknown to him of course, there is Scarlet in the background with some new tricks up her sleeve and is out for revenge from Zoe. Scarlet's thirst for Gavin's fire is all the more prominent and she will do whatever it takes to remove Zoe out of the equation and have Gavin for herself-with the Aboriginal world.

Along with amazing cover art, the second book to this trilogy brings out the emotions in the characters and with new trials for their hearts, the course is set for an impending game of war.

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June 7, 2012
You know when you read that first book in a series and are blown away and thing, "I hope he/she doesn't mess this thing up." Well, not only did Kendall not mess this thing up but she blew me away! I sat down to read and kept reading. It took a night of sleep I gladly sacrificed for the sake of one of the best follow ups I've read in memory.
Zoe and Gavin have crazy hot chemistry and not only is Scarlet still intent on getting between them but the lengths she'll go to had me seething. Boy that would have fed her fire (read it, you'll get it). This was so much more than just a connection between two characters though. The overarching plot got thicker and honestly I'm not sure how she's going to finish this thing but you can bet your boots I'll be there to read it when it comes out. In the meantime I might have to reread this one because I'm sure I missed things. The storytelling is so intricate and her characters all so multifaceted it isn't always easy to love or hate them. They're real and yet this is fantasy. Right?
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271 reviews
January 12, 2013
Yep...mind is officially blown by this one. First off though....18+ material in the entire series (just in case anyone missed that.)

After reading this a 2nd time (going back to that mind blown comment) holy freaking hell. January cannot get here soon enough. New stuff that wasn't covered in the first book that I REALLY want to read more about: the Librus group, the whales as Lily's entourage, & Sinnder! (Okay, Sinnder's not new, but need lots more info. on his story.)

Didn't get as much of The Dreaming in this second novel, but Zoe & Gavin get to know each other through the school of hard knocks that is Realis & that pretty much makes up for it. Scarlet needs to have a very creepy ending. Seriously. I'm not big on making baddies suffer unnecessarily, but she's a whole new brand of crazy psychotic hose beast & really needs to go out with a bang.

Thanks so much for making this series Kendall Grey...I'm enjoying it a bit too much, but it's all for a good cause ;-)
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July 27, 2012
Whoa... what a ride! This story just gets better and better, so looking forward to book 3.. hint, hint Kendall Grey. There are so many characters in this book that you love and hate and some that you thought you did not like but then you find out you do. Full of suspense and the beauty of the whale story is so unique and rich with emotion, it makes me want to go spend some time in the ocean searching for that connection. The ending of book 2 is a bit of a cliff-hanger, but I trust we will see that damn Scarlet get her just due (Argh.)

Swoon for Gavin "I love you, Zoe Morgan. I fell in love with you in your dreams, and I fell even harder for you here in Realis"
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June 29, 2015

Well if that didn't just kill the story for me right there at the 93% mark.

Was loving this story too. Cannot continue on with it now.

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July 13, 2012
I'll be quick. I loved Exhale twice as much as I loved Inhale. Fantastic! Must read. Don't miss out on this water world of romance!
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315 reviews
June 21, 2017
This series is addictive! I can't wait til the last book comes out to find out how it all ends.
4 reviews2 followers
May 3, 2019
Couldn't. Stop. Reading.

I couldn't put this book down. I need these books in Audiobook form so that I can continue with life and finish the story. The story is solid and addictive. I have to breathe for a while before I jump back into the waters down under in Just Breathe. I'll give it a day.
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December 13, 2017

I can't wait to start book three, let's follow the adventure of Zoe,Gavin and the whales!

Let's hope for a happy ever after
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150 reviews
July 5, 2012
After finishing book 1, Inhale, I had to rush to start this one. This book is even better than the first. I am still kind of reeling with how amazing this was. Lots of things happen. Good things, bad things, sad things...

In this book we have Gavin and Zoe spending more time together in the real world AKA Realis. Their relationship doesn't move nearly as fast as it did in the Dreaming, back when Zoe didn't realize what she did in dreams was real, just in a different realm. Gavin is all for giving a real relationship a go but Zoe is hard to convince. The chemistry they shared in Dreaming carries over into Realis but they have obstacles ahead of them.

The Fyre Elementals are still attacking Wyldings in the Dreaming. As personal vendettas are made clearer, attacks carry over into Realis as well. The Fyres are trying to throw the balance of power to take control, the Wæters are looking for a new leader, Gavin has a new "mentor" and responsibilities. The villain is a bitch of epic proportions. Seriously. I don't think I have ever hated a villain as much as I hate her.

Zoe and Gavin are great to read about. Zoe has a lot going on with her boss/ex on the scene to help out CRN. While trying to balance her career, she's also coming to terms with what her role is in this Elemental battle and learning what a threat she has become to certain parties. Gavin has so much on his plate, at times it feels like he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He's sweet, sexy, playful and head over heels for Zoe.

“You’re wicked beautiful, but don’t you dare try to kiss me,” he whispered, his lips bumping hers so lightly he wasn't sure they actually had. “I can’t be held responsible for any damages that might be incurred.”

She's reluctant but falling nonetheless. The playful banter between these two is great.

“When you’re playing guitar, does your hand ever get tired of going up and down like that?” She made a wanking motion.
He glanced at his right hand and laughed. The smart arse in her topped up the desire in the pit of his stomach. “Believe me, this thing’s been getting plenty of exercise since I met you. A simple ‘yes’ would make both of our lives a lot easier.”

A grin spread slowly across her lips. “I’m gonna stick with my original answer.”

But we can't talk about Gavin without mentioning his other career. Hello rock star? Massive sex appeal. Oh boy.

Wearing torn and faded jeans and a black button-down shirt with sleeves rolled up, Gavin stood center stage on the JumboTron. One combat-booted foot balanced on a speaker monitor as he slashed out guitar chords. With wild black hair sprouting every which-way, tattoos slithering down his forearms to the wrists, and silver glinting from both ears and his bottom lip, he was a rock god.

Seriously, the boy is smooth.

Thumbs wriggled through the belt loops on either side of her hips and pushed her flush against the door. One black boot appeared between her feet. The other planted itself in the carpet to the left of her right shoe. She looked up to protest. His lips landed on hers, gentle as a falling feather. Breath shuddered out through her nose, and her eyes drifted closed as he staked his claim on her mouth.


Besides all the quotes that clearly show my love for Gavin, this book was the definition of a roller coaster of emotions. Just when you get used to a situation, something crazy happens. The ending was just crazy and I CANNOT WAIT to read Just Breathe due to release August 7th.

To quote my own tweet to Kendall:
@kendallgrey1 Just finished ‪#EXHALE‬.Wow, just wow. INTENSE. Holy shit. Oh my god. What the fuck. Just a few thoughts going through my head.

Review posted at Sinfully Delicious Book Reviews
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December 28, 2017
Loved it

Nothing like I've read before. .very entertaining. .couldn't put it down. Totally would recommend for those looking for something science fiction but steamy Too
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June 12, 2012
Originally posted on Rumor Has It.

Inhale. Exhale. Just Breathe…

Exhale, the second installment of the Just Breathe Trilogy, kicks off exactly where Inhale left off. Ahhh, Inhale. Inhale left me so happy and full of hope. Gavin and Zoe had finally met in Realis and everything was right with the world… except for the crazy Fyres. Together Gavin and Zoe would conquer the world. Zoe is one tough cookie and Gavin is trying to be one, they would accomplish anything, together. :-)
So. Much. Hope.

There’s none of that in Exhale!

Gavin is set on protecting Zoe in Realis as well as in the Dreaming. Zoe is set on rejecting Gavin. Gavin meets a new instructor who teaches him some new tricks. (NICE) The Fyres are still whackadoo causing havoc in Australia, and all the other elements are out of sync because of it. Lastly, the elementals don't see eye to eye on anything. Not with one another within their own faction and not with any others in other factions. Sinnder is being Sinnder, dripping with mystery even when he’s revealing his history. Scarlet is being Scarlet (she is one crazy chica!). It’s a hot mess.

I cannot begin to explain the whirlwind of emotions that went through me while reading this book. I truly LOVE this series!

In Inhale, I found many people talking up Gavin. I thought he was cool but honestly Zoe was the IT person for me. She was a strong character who fought hard to be in the position she was in professionally. She had to overcome genetic obstacles to do this. She also had to overcome emotional and mental abuse inflicted by her mother. She acknowledged her weakness but never gave it power. This was not the same Zoe in Exhale. In Exhale, Zoe is too career focused using this as an excuse to reject Gavin when in reality the rejection was due to her insecurities (age being a big one). I was frustrated and wanted to kick her. Yes, I did.

GAVIN! Inhale was all Zoe whereas Exhale was all Gavin. OMG! I LOVE GAVIN. From the very first page to the very last page I LOVED GAVIN. He was just that great. Talk about a man that doesn’t give up and tries and tries and tries. Love is not easy, it takes work and he understood this well. THAT made him sexy to me. I was so fascinated I wanted to kiss him. Yes, I did.

Exhale was mostly about these two coming together to create the most beautiful whale song ever… Does it happen? I’m not telling. We do find out some very important things along the way which leads me to a very important trait…

Is this series sexy? Yes. Is it hot? Yes. However, this is not the most important aspect to me. The most important aspect is that there is a story being told. There is something of substance here and never superficial. You can’t imagine how much research the author had to do to make this world come alive. There is a lot of spiritual and cultural information included in this series. There is a twist that is revealed in the book that I wasn’t expecting because honestly I didn’t think the author knew about this connection. BUT SHE DID and that was such a wonderful surprise.

This series is crazy good!

Incredible world building. Strong and well developed characters. The details. The twists! The words! My, oh my, those colorful words. Kendall Grey has a talent for words like no one else I’ve read. This chick can write! More impressive though is that she writes what she wants to write. She dictates what happens in this world, and if Twitter is any indication, in her own world too. Her personality shines bright throughout this series. I just love that.


ARC provided by the author for an honest review.
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February 5, 2013
"Exhale" continues the story begun in Kendall Grey's book "Inhale". It is the second in a series of three and I enjoyed it more than I did "Inhale".

by Chinese artist An He

I understood the Elements theme a bit better in this book, which made it easier to follow. That part of the story hasn't hooked me so far though. And, like in "Inhale", I wasn't crazy about some of the metaphors in this book. There are other pieces in this book that do have me completely pulled in and eager to read about in "Just Breathe", the last in the series. In fact, as soon as I finished "Inhale" I downloaded "Just Breathe" to my Kindle and started reading right away.

Zoe and Gavin are so completely, passionately, truly in love. I may have to have a word with Ms Grey if they don't end up together at the end of "Just Breathe"! Their desire for each other, the sexual attraction, is smoking hot. The descriptions of their sexual experiences on a physical, emotional, and mental level pull you in. I found myself reading faster when things started to heat up and smiling or raising my eyebrows when one said something especially seductive to the other.

Zoe and Gavin's love story is more than sexual attraction though - part of what makes it so appealing. They each have obligations outside of their relationship that they have to fulfill. The theme of the Elements in the story creates its own challenges for their relationship. They know that although they want each other immensely, there are other considerations and they love each other enough to respect those other considerations.

There is one other character that I must mention - Scarlet. God help me if I knew the woman it would take everything in me to not smack her upside the head! She is sexy and gorgeous and conniving and evil to the core. She has a ravenous appetite and doesn't care what she has to do to satisfy her appetite. She has many agendas in the story and is one of those characters that you love to hate.

We learn more about both Gavin's and Zoe's families in this story and are introduced to a couple of new characters. I literally gasped in one scene when there was a revelation about one of these new characters. A revelation I didn't see coming at all.

Ms Grey also gives us another very well done ending. In fact, this one is way better than the one in "Inhale", and I liked the one in "Inhale" very much. Get out the hanky people! You're gonna need it!

I admit that I am hooked at this point. I can't wait to find out what happens with Zoe and Gavin and I hope that Scarlet gets everything she deserves. And, I can't forget to mention the beautiful story about the whales. It's sweet and touching and I hope they are treated with the grace and respect that such gorgeous creatures deserve as the series winds down.

If you read "Inhale" but haven't read "Exhale", do something about that. Hold on to your heart. Be prepared to smile and cry and find yourself giving advice to characters. "Exhale" is a ride you don't want to miss.
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