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Alice Parker #1

Alice Parker's Metamorphosis

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Feisty thirteen-year-old Alice Parker knows something isn't right. Aches and pains have started, she hardly sleeps and her craving for fruit is out of control. Suddenly she is top of the class in every subject. Feeling at odds with the world and being bullied by the 'coven' at school, Alice can't take much more. Only when she collapses and experiences a life-changing transformation does she learn why she is different. But with this new identity comes responsibility and Alice isn't convinced she can rise to the challenge. She just wants to be normal! The fact is she's anything but.

Forgotten tales of a magical society are catapulted into the daily life of strong, memorable female characters who readers will grow to love. An intriguing blend of realism, suspense and fantasy, a must-read for girls of 7+.

152 pages, Paperback

First published December 17, 2011

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Nicola Palmer

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55 reviews38 followers
May 25, 2012
get the chance to win a copy here!

The author wrote such vivid descriptions, and I found myself wanting to be Alice, to be a part of her world. The storyline is very well-written and it lured me in from the first page. The story will make you guess and guess, but your guesses are hardly ever right. Alice was also very easy to love. She was a bit reluctant and uneasy at first, but then she accepts who she is and becomes strong and determined. Her metamorphosis was also well paced, and it never felt rushed. Alice was very smart, she always thinks before she acts and she shows compassion towards others. She hardly ever complained and she did what had to be done to save the people she cared about.

I never expected much from this book since it is a middle-grade fantasy and I thought it would just be okay. But Nicola Parker proved me wrong! Even though it's a book for middle-age readers, the book is written in a beautiful sophisticated prose that would put adult fiction to shame. Even though the writing is smart, it's still perfectly understandable by all ages. The book reminded me of C.S. Lewis' and J.K. Rowling's works; smart and opinionated without losing a touch of magic. This book was such a breath of fresh air, and it certainly brought out the child in me.
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47 reviews14 followers
April 5, 2012
I love a good kids book! This is not a good one but a great one. I totally fell in love with the Finwip society and Alice Parker in particular.
The writing was very easy to read and i really enjoyed immersing myself in Alice's world.
This is a magical tale that is a must read for kids of all ages.
I will be reading the next in the series very soon.
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59 reviews7 followers
June 4, 2012
As a fan of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, I was excited to give this fantasy a try. After all, it's the story we all love; a rather lonely, outcast child/teenager discovers they have special powers/traits they were completely unaware of, finds out their powers/traits are very special and rare even within the new community that embraces them, and puts them to good use.

This book's target audience seems like it would be younger than Harry/Percy was, due to the short length (my copy is only 147 pages) and slightly elementary writing. However, it was entertaining from cover to cover and a quick, satisfying read. There are many parallels to the basic fantasy plot-lines that have become the norm but still, the descriptions of the "Finwip" appearances and abilities felt unique and refreshing. My only complaint is that the book was so short - I'm thirsty to know more about this subculture and see more examples of its members. I'll definitely be looking to read the second book in the series.

I received this book through a Goodreads First Read giveaway.
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Author 22 books232 followers
June 26, 2012
This is a lovely book with cute, memorable characters. Alice's metamorphosis is intriguing, and her issues are unique. I enjoyed following her as she discovered who she would become, and I found her supporting cast to be strange, interesting people. The entire book has a very British feel to it--the settings, the snow, the details--which I loved. The only reason I can't give this book five stars is because the ending is a bit abrupt. Every plot thread wraps up nicely until the last couple of pages where a last thread is thrown out, implying there will be a second adventure. Not completely off-putting, but a bit awkward.

This is an entertaining children's book, and I hope to read the next installment.
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637 reviews
July 12, 2012
I have read a lot of just okay books lately. Hence, I was not expecting much from this one. The more I read the more I wanted. My niece is struggling to find books that she enjoys that aren't "baby books" but still have appropriate content. This is one I am definitely recommending. I am excited to see what else comes.
1,148 reviews25 followers
May 14, 2012
Reading Nicola’s book was like walking through the looking glass as Alice in Wonderland, into the most spellbindingly captivating fantasy story that was overwhelmingly brilliant. It begins as a simple story about an average school girl that is described in realistic detail, hence I was instantly able to relate to and empathize with the main character. You are thrown into all the fast-paced action strait away that is utterly engrossing, and that is highlighted by the use of short, punchy sentences. I was instantly hooked by the intriguing storyline, with the tension and suspense building with each page to an exciting climax. I loved the use of metaphors and vividly real descriptions such as ‘Werewolf howl’ which was just an example of great writing! In the first chapter there was an ever present feeling of foreboding as if there was something more apparent than meets the eye, moreover it was like a puzzle with the fabric, the visions outside the window and the girl’s health & change of character all adding to a list of things that kept you wondering and I sat on the edge of my seat in tense anticipation. I found one point quite ironic and that was the character of Lucinda, who not only has the same name as myself but who also is slim and rides horses (I am a keen equestrian), which I did find to be quite coincidental. I had a feeling of nostalgia as I pictured images from my own school days and how there were similarities within Nicola’s work that seemed ‘spot on’ such as, the children’s personalities and how they stood up when a teacher entered the classroom etcetera. The mystery built up to a most dramatic climax resulting in an outcome that completely shocked and surprised me, as It was something that I did not expect whatsoever as a twist in the tale. The entire concept of ‘Finwips’ was inspired and so original & unique, and which completely sparked a light within my own imagination. It reminded me a bit of ‘the borrowers’ with the hidden community or Harry Potter with its magical, mystical twist and it is certainly a book that will captivate children on a universal scale. The contrapuntal concept of the ‘Sinwips’ and the clear message of good over evil, is something that is very important and is a theme that is ever present within many outstanding children’s stories that display good VS evil; such as works by JK Rowling, C.S Lewis, Tolkien’s ‘the hobbit’ and even within many fairy-tales. This story was full of outstanding creativity and an imagination full of all those dreams that one has as a child, of fairies, secret worlds, of flying through the air and hidden magic, as I was transported into a creative masterpiece of literary fiction. I was drawn into the story from the very first page and spent the rest of the day on the edge of my seat reading, not wanting the adventure or magical experience to end. This story was fascinatingly good with its concept and execution, hence I cannot wait to read book 2 and delve back into this dreamlike world. Young adults and children of all ages will love Alice Parker’s tale, as it is breathtakingly good.
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6,460 reviews163 followers
June 18, 2012
ALICE PARKER’S METAMORPHOSIS (Alice Parker Book 1) by Nicola Palmer

ALICE PARKER’S METAMORPHISIS is the first book in Nicola Palmer’s new Middle Grade fantasy series –Alice Parker. Following the life and metamorphosis of 13 year old Alice Parker as she tries to navigate and fit into a world she never knew existed.

For weeks, 13year old Alice Parker had been feeling ill. Body aches, burning sensation in her back and an increased appetite for fruits and sweets. And to add to her misery, she begins to think she is seeing things. Life in middle school is progressively getting worse –the Coven as she calls the ‘mean girl group’ is constantly teasing and bullying Alice and her friend Sarah. But wait, Alice’s test scores are sky-rocketing and she knows the answer to every question without having to read the book. Something was happening to Alice and she had no one in whom to confide.

The Christmas holidays were fast approaching and now that Alice’s brother Thomas was home from his studies at Oxford, he seemed to be overly attentive, and come to think of it, so did many people that Alice met throughout the day including her Grandpa. But the day Alice finds herself sprouting a full set of butterfly wings, will change everything and open her eyes to a new world-the world of FINWIPs-Fully Integrated Winged People.

Thomas and Grandpa are also FINWIP and Alice is a little more than perturbed that no one had told her about the change. But not everything is hopeless, when Thomas exposes her to an Underground fully operational society for FINWIPs. And like many fantasy creatures of myth and lore, their society must remain a secret. There are a few humans who are aware of the Winged People but soon Alice will come to realize that there are more people with Wings than she could ever have imagined-friends, family and enemies.

As the story progresses Alice begins to learn how to control her wings and the new found abilities that come with her metamorphosis. But there are bigger things in store for Alice when, she is suddenly singled out by the people in charge to save and rescue a missing friend. And to Alice’s surprise, she is ordered to befriend one of the Coven. The secret society has enemies as well. Each FINWIP has a special ability (that they are forbidden to use for personal gain) and it is those abilities that will be targeted by another group-with evil intentions.

ALICE PARKER’S METAMORPHOSIS is the first book in a series directed at middle grade readers. The publisher’s notes suggest for girls ages 7 and up, but the writing and premise may be too difficult for anyone under age 10. There are magical creatures, underground societies, secret passageways and evil villains. If you read the Harry Potter series, you will see many similarities. If you liked Harry Potter, you will probably like the Alice Parker series.

see all of my reviews at : thereadingcafe.com
403 reviews55 followers
May 16, 2012
4 Stars!

First of all, I would like to thank author Nicola Palmer for providing me with a copy of the book for a R2R c:

For me, the best aspect of middle grade fantasy (that is kind of rare in YA writing nowadays) is the fantastic setting and magic you are able to experience when reading. Alice Parker's Metamorphosis was no different. I especially liked how the author was able to describe Alice's world - her writing enchanted me and pulled me in. Sometimes I thought I could actually see the Finwips' village - from the food, music, shops, and citizens or villagers as you may call it... but everyone seemed so happy... and in a way, it made me feel happy as well. What can I say? The magic got to me!

I also admired Alice's character. She was smart, dealt with many of her problems with minimal complaints, and was sarcastic enough to give me a nice chuckle once in a while. Her relationship with Sarah is also strong and worth admiring - the two friends stuck by each other when times weren't as fortunate, but also constantly picked on each other during more humorous times (what best friend wouldn't constantly insult the other?). And again, both Alice's character and her true friendship with Sarah are sometimes taken for granted both in real life and other fiction, making not only this book, but the whole genre stand out.

I only had one slight doubt about this book - Sarah and Alice's rescue of Theo seemed too easy and a little rushed. I'm not sure if this is my fault for being picky, the genre's fault for generalizing a certain type of plot line, or the author's mistake. But honestly, the charm of the book itself enchants me so much, it doesn't even matter to me.

I would recommend this book to parents wanting to read to their children (I read the first few chapters or so to my cousin - she definitely enjoyed it!), middle grade/elementary students who like fantasy, and people who may be tired of the stereotypes of (some of the) bad YA writing, because again, the genre is so different and charming, it brings another whole side to stories.

Thanks for reading my review c:
Profile Image for Maranda Russell.
Author 23 books65 followers
October 7, 2014
I have always loved the fantasy genre, but will admit to being picky about what series I will actually take the time to read. I look for books that are well-written, plausible (even fantasy needs to be believable) and most importantly, I want stories with characters that aren’t flat or boring. I am happy to say that Metamorphosis met and even surpassed my expectations.

From the moment I started reading this book, I actually found it rather hard to put down. The plot was engaging and carried enough suspense to keep me reading clear to the end, while the characters became almost like friends to me. I felt like I actually got to know Alice and her crew personally, which in my opinion is the ultimate aim of any fiction. I especially enjoyed the relationship between Alice and her brother, Thomas.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but I will say that I was also very impressed with the author’s ability to create a new world that readers will want to call their own. This is a book that I can wholeheartedly recommend to kids and teens (or even adults if you like a good fantasy story).
Profile Image for Elle.
259 reviews42 followers
August 18, 2013

This book is good but I just couldn't love it no matter how hard I tried. The world described was magical and even though the Finwip's sounded amazing, this type of fantasy character just didn't interest me at all. I enjoyed the characters and it was refreshing to see a friendship between girls that didn't rely on both of them being so damn nice.

While this book is aimed at kids and I understand that you won't get a complex plot, I felt that not a lot actually happened in it. It's short, which could be part of the reason, but we only get one real 'exciting' scene at the end which was really fantastic but the rest of it suffered from first-book-syndrome. The awful side effects include having to explain every single concept and build an entire new world and try not to really really bore the audience. I thought Palmer done a fine job with this but because of the length of the book it meant there was no room for other exciting scenes.

I would recommend this but I wouldn't compare it to other more exciting kids series on the market, it's nothing like them (whether that's a good or bad thing - you decide).
Profile Image for Melanie Cusick-Jones.
Author 8 books62 followers
April 1, 2012

Thanks to author Nicola Palmer for providing me a copy of Alice Parker's Metamorphosis this week. I've really enjoyed reading this fun, fantasy story about feisty thirteen-year-old Alice.

This is a really well-written book, perfect for the target 'middle grade' audience of 7+, with strong, defined characters who are both funny and believable. The relationships in the story feel genuine, especially between Alice, her brother and best friend. I really enjoyed the early scene-setting at Alice's school - certainly brought back some memories :) - and once you get the big reveal about Alice's recent issues, the story transitions to an action-mystery.

Nicola Palmer is a great writer for children and this is a good debut. Alice Parker's story is well-constructed with interesting twists and turns, great description and enjoyable characters. Overall, I'm sure this will appeal to a range of readers.

Review blogged at: http://melcj.wordpress.com/2012/04/01... and http://asidefromwriting.wordpress.com
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161 reviews
May 23, 2012
This is a fantastic story for children both large and small! I hope I shall always be a child at heart and continue to enjoy such wonderful stories as this one. There is something uplifting in this story, I feel that it would not only teach children about right and wrong but also that it is not always black and white. I came away with a strong impression that you should not judge others and neither should you judge someone by those they are related to or friendly with.

I thought this book was brilliantly written and is very professional in it's style. The story flows well and keeps the reader interested, I just wish I could be a Finwip or even just join them in their village for dinner. I expect special things from Alice, her brother and her grandfather, not forgetting Sarah and Seb no doubt they will lend a helping hand in any future adventures.

This is definitely a fantasy/children's story that everyone should read.
Profile Image for  Davis Jennifer.
325 reviews10 followers
June 23, 2012
This is a great read for children and children at heart. I know that my 11 year old is gonna love it.

The book is about a 13 year old girl that is about to go through a major change. She notices she is starting to great in school without even trying, which isn't helping with popularity. She has issues sleeping at night due to strange pains, and is having huge cravings for fruits and sugars. Lucky for her, she has her best friend Sarah and her brother Thomas to stand by her and give her the support she needs.

It is a magical read and also has a hidden message that is might not actually be that bad to be different and that everyone and everything may not be as it seems. It kept me interested from beginning to end and I can't wait to see what is in store in the next book.
May 31, 2012
What would you do, if you couldnt sleep at night, craved fruit constantly and became the smartest person in school? Well, that happened to Alice and a few other things that happen to Alice along the way through this very charming MUST read!! I felt that the author made it so that I was thrusted into this world that isn't so imaginary and I could feel and relate to Alice!! I could feel her struggles of fitting into real life and then fitting in very well with her other life!! Very nice, clean children's story that can be enjoyed by any age group!! Thank you Nicola Palmer for such an awesomely refreshing read!!! I can't wait to start book #2!! I believes that this adorable story would make a fantastic movie too!! 7*s out of 5*s
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188 reviews4 followers
September 11, 2012
Thank you Nicola for letting me read this book

It is a book for all ages and mum and dads would love reading it to there young children

This is a book about Alice Parker where she starts to get very good at school, but she has sleepless nights and can not stop eating,

He brother Thomas and her best friend Sarah are with her when she get her wings,
she found out that she is a Finwip just like her granddad.

This is about how Alice copes with her new life but she has to help someone, an so the adventure starts
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20 reviews1 follower
May 17, 2012
It's a good book. It takes you right in the story, keeps you in suspense, and leaves you with a huge hunger for the next book in line.

it's about and 13-year old girl who is going through a rough patch but has an amazing brother, friend and grandparents. She gets new friends, and finds out a few things she likes, and don't like. But best of all she accepted herself as who she is, and who she has become. And that is for you to find out what.
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90 reviews27 followers
August 30, 2012
When Alice Parker suddenly starts to excel at school, she knows something isn't right. Plagued by mysterious pains, and a craving for sweet sugary foods, Alice doesn't know what to do. Is this normal for a 13 year old, or is it a sign of something that will forever mark her as different from her fellow classmates?

I loved this book. While marketed as a children's novel, its carefully crafted world of Finwips, Sinwips, and ordinary humans is something I found myself wishing I was part of.
Profile Image for Trudy Powders.
119 reviews23 followers
June 19, 2012
I enjoyed reading this book,Alice Parker is the main female and she is a teenager,Alice starts to have changes happen to her and she is upset.Alice is restless in her sleep and begings to have physical changes as well.Alice learns of a family secret and she is trusted with a important mission.I liked this book for kids.
Profile Image for Ruth.
120 reviews
June 11, 2012
I really enjoyed this unusual take on a fairy story. It kept me engrossed til the end. Will be looking out for sequels.
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669 reviews22 followers
August 8, 2018
In Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis, 13-year-old Alice Parker is experiencing something she never thought would happen to her. First, she has cravings of fruit and sugar, then boiling hot back pains, but the most mysterious change is that she is getting the top marks in class without working for them! Then to top it all off, one day, she falls down in her driveway while coming home from school with one of her friends and finds out why her life has been so strange lately. But this sudden change brings the most dangerous thing she can imagine. Alice realizes that her life has changed forever. But was it for better or for worse?

I thought this book was very good. With every page, I wanted to keep going, and at the end I realized I wanted to read it again and again. The author wrote the book in such a descriptive way that it felt like I was watching a movie. I would recommend this book for pleasure reading and also for comprehension questions because you can see a lot of Alice’s thoughts and feelings. The book was written in the third person, which is good in a book like this because then you see what everyone is thinking about certain situations. I would recommend this book for middle schoolers because it is written about a middle schooler. This book is very exciting and interesting. Between finding out what she is and how to deal with it, Alice goes through many stages of her metamorphosis, so it makes you want to read it more and more, and in the end, you want to go and get the next book.

Reviewed by a LitPick Student Book Reviewer, Age 12
Author 13 books52 followers
May 1, 2018
I occasionally like to read children's books and this one caught my eye some time ago. I finally got around to reading it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact I am moving on to the next book soon. Great storyline, nothing too dark, lots of intrigue and fun characters. The main character is thirteen. So, though it is geared for the younger generation, it was still a fun read at 53. I give it four stars. No swearing, or sexual content. There is some implied violence. I can recommend for ages 10 and up.
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72 reviews
August 1, 2017
For Alice her life starts to change and she cannot work out why, until one day it all becomes clear. Suddenly a whole new world is opened to Alice as she is tasked to free one of her kind which makes her the hero of the day.

I thought the book was an enjoyable read, with a great storyline and a mythical twist.
1,063 reviews2 followers
December 6, 2021
Not a bad book, just one that is firmly aimed at new readers - Grades 1-3, not that this is a bad thing but unlike similar books this had very little appeal outside that narrow age range.
Still, a nice little story, no-one is really hurt and they all stay friends.
Probably wont read any further but may give as a Christmas gift to the right young person
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928 reviews52 followers
May 24, 2013
Reviewer: Stacey
Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies

I must start by saying that when I was asked to read and review this book I was like "This is a kids book!" Yes, I love paranormal/fantasy books, but I am picky when it comes to choosing what I read. I like to have a connection with the characters and allow them to take me on the journey with them, so admittedly I was apprehensive about reading this...then I started reading and everything I've just said...I take back!

This book wasn't only well written, it was executed brilliantly. The characters made the plot explosive, but better than that, believable! So well done, Nicola Palmer, you've converted me!

The story was thrilling and mystical with just enough suspense to keep you wanting more!

Alice is a 13 year old girl (that I instantly wanted to befriend) I wanted to join in the adventure (and this was at the beginning of the book.) Her friend, Sarah and brother, Thomas were along for the ride too.

Alice starts to become good at school - without really trying, sleepless nights - with no explanation, aches and pains in her back, craving sweet things and fruit...what does this mean? She starts seeing things out of the corner of her eye, but when she looks, there is nothing there...is she losing her mind?

She and her brother have a relationship like every other sister and brother would have...until "it" happens! And why is her grandfather keeping secrets?

Nicola Palmer has created a world that will take your breath away. She makes you believe the unbelievable!

I really wanted to be there with Alice and the gang, their characters are so true to life, they make this book extraordinary!

This book is definitely a 5 star!

Disclosure: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.
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276 reviews24 followers
September 9, 2012
I was given this book in return for an honest review. Alice is a normal 13 year old, or so she thinks. She begins to have some strange things happen to her, seeing things, insomnia, aches, itching, etc. Everyone tells her she's fine and she starts to wonder if she's going crazy. Her best frind Sarah stands by her side always and her normally uncaring older brother Thomas, is suddenly trying to help her. Finally after collapsing in front of Sarah and Thomas and sprouting wings, Thomas tells her what they really are. They are Finwips and he takes her to a secret underground city of Finwips. She finds that a lot of Finwips are people she has come into contyact with in her everyday life and they have been watching over her. Her parents don't know, her grandfather is one as is Thomas and now her. It's hard for her to deal with, especially when she's told they have a mission for her. The Finwips all have different abilities and their numbers guy, Theo, has been abducted. He is being used by evil Finwips called, Sinwips, to win the lotto and such. The Finwips want Alice and Sarah to go to a huge party hosted by the head of the Sinwips, who happens to be their classmate's father. While there, they are supposed to find and rescue Theo. They go to the party, find and rescue Theo, but during the rescue there is a fire and they are trapped. Lucky for them they get some help from a truly awesome creature. This book is adorable and enjoyable. It's a new take on Fae creatures that I really like and I think most teens will love it. There are 2 more books as of right now in this series which I love because you get yourself or your child hooked on it and they will keep on reading. WaAr
Profile Image for Erik This Kid Reviews Books.
836 reviews69 followers
July 13, 2012
Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis (Book 1 of Alice Parker’s Adventures)

by Nicola Palmer

152 pages – ages 9+

Published by Kallisto; 2 edition March 7, 2012

Alice Parker (13 years old) didn’t know what was happening to her. Besides being bullied at school by a bunch of mean girls, her back was killing her, she wasn’t getting enough sleep, suddenly she was getting straight A’s in school (even if she hadn’t studied ever), and she had a craving for fruit and sugar. Then, one day it happened, huge butterfly wings (almost as big as Alice) sprouted from her back! Alice’s brother, Thomas who is also a Finwip, (Fully Integrated Winged People) takes her to the underground Finwip village. Alice learns to get used to her wings and the idea of being a Finwip. After a while in the village, Alice is asked to rescue a Finwip from a Sinwip (an evil Finwip). To do this she must first befriend one of the mean girls that bullied her at school (something she’s not super happy about).

I think this story was totally awesome! What I first liked about the book was the cover art – cool! I really love the idea of the Finwips. I thought they were a really unique kind of being. I liked how they had all different sizes and kinds of wings. Alice was a great main character. She was mostly nice, kind and unselfish and seemed to be just like a good friend. The story read well and was fun to read. I like the humor mixed in with the action and adventure.

Profile Image for Heidi.
186 reviews2 followers
October 30, 2012
I received this book from the Author for an honest review.

What an awesome story! I love to read YA books that have a new twist on a story line and this book has it! The characters are well developed and you really fall in love with Alice as she discovers what she is on top of just trying to be a teenager! The Author does a fantastic job of showing the reality of young girls today and some of the issues they face in school with being teased and how to cope with it. I also like how Alice ends up befriending the girl she has the biggest problems with even if it was the last thing she wanted to do. It is actually teaching the kids today a very good lesson. I love to share great books with my own daughters as we have our own book club and this will definitely be on the list to read!

Alice, a 13 year old girl is more than just an average teenager. She is a Finwip. But she doesn't realize this until her body goes through changes that makes even awkward teenager moments pale in comparison. With a great best friend, Sarah and her brother Thomas, she is able to make this change and begin her new life into the Finwip community. With a secret village, a masquerade Christmas ball, and some enchanted animals, we follow Alice as she helps her new Finwip community on returning a very valued member who has been kidnapped. A great book for YA readers of any age! If you like fairies you will enjoy this story! I can not wait to read book 2~
Profile Image for Angie.
1,214 reviews131 followers
April 29, 2013
This is an incredibly fun fantasy adventure that will grab the imagination of young and old alike. Alice is a wonderful character and one that sets an amazing example for today’s youth. While going through her metamorphosis and coming to terms with the fact that she is a Finwip and now has wings (I noticed some similarities to the novel “Wings” by Aprilynne Pike), she also undergoes a lot of emotional changes. I especially liked that there is a message for younger readers about self-worth, and how to treat others even when you’re being bullied by them. Her best friend, Sarah, and Alice’s brother, Thomas, are two very supportive characters and I enjoyed getting to know all three of them throughout the story. They sometimes made me laugh with their witty retorts. I applaud the author for her immeasurable imagination in creating a spectacular underground village where fairies and the like live, and which can be accessed through an elevator in a tree. Once in the underground village, this is where the reader’s imagination can really take flight. The descriptions of this world are vivid and colorful and apart from awesome characters, the discoveries Alice makes about her new identity and its history, and the magical creature she encounters make this book an unforgettable read. Magnificently original and well-written!
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863 reviews28 followers
October 1, 2012
Review 6******

This is a fantastic children's/YA book! Set in England, it combines a mixture of fantasy and adventure that had me hooked from the first page!

Alice is a fantastic character. Alice is 13 years old and is usually an average student, but she is starting to get these strange urges to eat fruit and sugary foods, and finds herself passing her school tests with ease. Confused and frightened, Alice goes through an amazing metamorphosis, and begins an adventure of a life time.

I fell in love with this book, as I have a bit of a sweet tooth myself! This is a fantastic story that completely captured my imagination.
There is a fantastic cast of characters in this book; Alice's best friend, Sarah is quite witty and I would love to have her as my friend. The Finwips (related to fairy's), are a fascinating lot and I'm looking forward to getting to know them a bit better. This book takes you on a magical adventure that makes you want more!

Nicola Palmer has written a fantastic YA children's book that is full of humour and danger. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series. I highly recommend this book to children (+11) and adults alike, as it is highly entertaining and fun! - Lynn Worton (WaAR)
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