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The Mephisto Covenant #2

The Mephisto Kiss

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The eyes never lie. No one’s eyes are darker than Eryx. Not even the Devil’s.

When Jax and Sasha first see Jordan Ellis, they know she is no ordinary teenager. She’s the daughter of the President after all, but she’s also Anabo – a descendant of Eve.

What they don’t know is that Eryx plans to kidnap Jordan and force President Ellis to pledge his soul. If Eryx’s plot succeeds, the consequences would be catastrophic.

But the Mephisto brothers do know about Jordan’s secret identity. And for one of them, she could be the match that leads to their soul’s salvation.

Now it’s a desperate race against time to save Jordan and prevent Eryx’s haunting eyes from discovering her true identity.

A thrilling story of romance, danger, and intrigue, THE MEPHISTO KISS continues the marvelous mythology that began in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT.

448 pages, Hardcover

First published September 25, 2012

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About the author

Trinity Faegen

7 books445 followers
Trinity Faegen is a multi-published RITA winning author who also writes romance as Stephanie Feagan. A practicing CPA who loves travel, books, and smart guys, she lives in the outback of west Texas with her husband and a mean cat. For bonus content and more about the Mephisto, please visit her website at www.trinityfaegen.com.
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trinity...

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1,057 reviews908 followers
March 27, 2016
This series is highly addicting and it's not just her writing. It's also the characters and their relationships. I also love the fact that each book is a stand-a-lone. You necessarily don't need to read them in order because the author recaps everything in one go. It can be quite repetitive, but I find that it clarifies everything quite nicely. Lovely writing and even if I was just waiting for that climatic ending, I still enjoyed it. 

Jordan and her love interest sure entertained me. They're both super stubborn and I love both of them together. They challenged one another that's for sure. So far out of all the Anabo love interests, Jordan is my favourite. She's smart, independent and never backs down from a fight. I'm glad to see more of the characters' personalities as well. I really want a book about Eryx! And Ty because he loves animals so much.

I'm so sad it wasn't picked up by the publishers, but also really the author decided to self-publish. I've bought the third and fourth books and they're waiting to be read in my Kindle app. Bottom line, if you love romance that is similar to J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, you'll love The Mephisto Covenant series as well!
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111 reviews
August 6, 2012
Recently, I have refrained from giving out 5-star reviews. Some books sort of…wash over me and I forget about them shortly after reading them. Few books leave an impact and make me want to beg for more….but The Mephisto Kiss is definitely NOT one of those books.

*Insert Glass Box of Emotion Here*

I was SO in love with The Mephisto Covenant’s Sasha and Ajax….in this book readers get a new story with familiar characters. This time it is big brother Key (Kyros) that gets his time in the spotlight and a shot at an Anabo, Jordan. The characters are so easy to love, but they are broken and as a reader, I wanted them to fix each other so badly. There is so much emotion, so much action, suspense…you name it. The author let me know that I was the second…SECOND person to review this book, and I am absolutely honored. Another reader and I agreed that we needed MORE Mephisto magic!!

The mythology that Faegen uses and recreates…the world within the world we know that she has built is so intricate and carefully constructed. The blend between the real world and Mephisto Mountain is seamless. I have come to absolutely ADORE the characters and the stories for the brothers are the types of stories where you can’t help but root for the sons of Hell to succeed in finding redemption. The ending is absolutely heart-wrenching and fantastic. I was a complete sobbing, smiling…did I mention sobbing?…mess at the end of the book.

I wanted to add a note of caution to younger readers. I wouldn’t recommend this book to readers younger than 16 or 17 because of some of the sexual references, however, I am in my mid-twenties and absolutely LOVE this series. I HIGHLY recommend this series/book to anyone who loves angels, fallen angels, romantic paranormal or supernatural sub-genres!! I can’t wait for more of this series!
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611 reviews224 followers
August 31, 2012
This series is my very own YA version of J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, only without Vampires. You have your group of boys who fight evil, and your group of woman who swoop in and save their lives. While reading, I got the same feelings I did while reading BDB series. I loved every single character in this book. No really, EVERY single one, even the villain. He's done some EVIL things, but in The Mephisto Kiss you get to see a different side to Eryx and learn a bit more about his history. He’s still sick and twisted, but this made him the perfect bad boy to me. And this also makes me want to say Damn you, Trinity, for making me fall in love with a bad guy!

The Mephisto Kiss was like watching a TV show. Jordan is your main female character and from the first chapter until the end, her life was turned upside, decisions were taken from her, she was abducted, and she fell in love. I mean literally, everything she thought was real, was a lie and not once was she whiney, or did she regret anything that happened. There was nothing not to like about her.

The person that Jordan ends up matched with bothered me at first, because I felt he complained a lot and put himself down a lot, but when you learn why, and who is behind it, you can’t help but go oh, no wonder. And then Boom! You're in love. I won’t mention his name because the blurb doesn’t really share who Jordan ends up saving, so I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

Jax, Jax, oh dear Jax, I will never get enough of you.

I actually enjoyed him a lot more in this book, than I did in The Mephisto Covenant. He got some spotlight in this book and so did his Anabo, Sasha. Trinity Faegen did an excellent job touching base about the previous book and she didn’t overly do it in the chapters. She recapped when she needed too, and kept the story moving.

Needless to say, The Mephisto Kiss is my favorite book so far in this series. I don't see a third book on GoodReads, but Faegan pretty much set up the next book with Phoenix and a character, who I can't mention due to spoilers, in this book. I think Phoenix story is going to be touching and all kinds of messed up. He is so broken and holding on to his past. I am dying to see how his story plays out.

Great sequel to a super entertaining series filled with sexy boys, romance, twist, betrayal and tons of action. You MUST read this series!

5 out of 5 stars!
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72 reviews34 followers
July 27, 2012
I LOVED this one more than the first and I didn't think that would be possible!! I'll post my longer, gushing review closer to release date. You MUST read this series if you haven't yet! I NEED more Mephisto books!!!!!
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56 reviews2 followers
February 20, 2013
yaaa 3. kitap ne zaman cikicak ben Phoenix ve Mariah'in hikayesini cok merak ettim ama :(((
kitapla ilgili yoruma gelirsek tek söyleyebilecegim bunu da cok begendim gerci sonuna dogru Jordan'a cok kizmistim ama Key toparladi sonunda.
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23 reviews4 followers
January 9, 2013

Paranormal türde çıkan çoğu kitabı bir kere Mefisto Anlaşması Serisinden ayırmak istiyorum. Zira, Olympos Dağı ve Tanrıları, Tanrıçaları ile ilgili okuduğum onca kitabın arasında bu kitap o kadar orjinal kaldı ki... Kesinlikle ayrı bir yeri hak etmekte.

Yunan mitolojisi, iblisler ve melekler (anabolar) ile ilgili daha ne yazılır? mı diyorsunuz, size cevabım "Mefisto Anlaşmaları'nı daha okumamışsınız" olur.

Kitap elime bugün geçti ve nasıl bitti anlamadım, evet mükemmel bir şey bekliyordum ancak bu kadarını da beklemiyordum.! ( abartıyorum sanıyorsanız bu konuda beni seve seve mahcup edebilirsiniz, sadece alın ve okuyun :)

Yorumuma gelince,

İlk kitapta Sasha ve Jax'ın birlikte olma ve Mefisto akdini gerçekleştirmelerini bir solukta okumuştuk, yazar ilk kitabın performansından tatmin olmamış ki (yok artık derim:) bu muhteşem kitap ortaya çıkmış :)

İkinci kitabımızda, Mefisto kardeşlerden Key (Kyros) in hikayesini okuyoruz. Jordan (erkek ismi olduğuna aldanmayın kendisi kitabımızın kız kahramanı olur:) Amerikan Başkan' ın kızı olarak oldukça zor ve yoğun bir hayat yaşamaktadır. 2 yıldır beraber olduğu Matthew ile birlikte evlerinde sakin bir öğleden sonra geçirirlerken silahlı bir saldırıya uğrarlar ve Jordan arkasında kanlar içerisinde yatan sevgilisini bırakarak kaçırılır.

Eryx, ruhunu almak için gözünü Amerika Başkanı'na dikmiştir ve kızını kaçırıp ona koz olarak kullanmayı planlamaktadır. Sasha ve Jax, televizyonda Başkan'ın kızının kaçırıldığını öğrendiklerinde altından Eryx'ın çıkacağından şüphelenmektedirler ve bu şüpheleri kısa zamanda doğrulanır.

Kimsenin hesaba katmadığı şey ise (Eryx'ın' in bile) Jordan' ın bir Anabo olmasıdır. Kaçırılma olayında ne yazık ki bu gerçeği Eryx'de öğrenir ve planları artık değişmiştir ve tabi Jordan'ın kaderide, artık ondan yanında kalmasını ve onun oğullarını doğurmasını istemektedir. Birlikte yapacakları çocukların yenilemez olacağına inanmaktadır. Bilmediği bir dünya ile tanışan ve zorla alıkonulan Jordan' ın, Şeytan gözlü bu adamın ondan istedikleri karşısında kanı donmuştur.

Key, Jordan'ı kurtarmak için çoktan yola çıkmıştır bile. Jordan, birden kendini bilmediği bir dünyada bulur ve hayatını kurtarmak için gelen yabancı bir adam için hayatını ortaya koyacağı bir tercih yapması gerekmektedir. Bu tercih, güvenli hayatını ve bütün sevdiklerini geride bırakmasını gerektirecektir. Babası ve yaşadığını bile bilmediği Matthew' u bile.

Key, gerçekten bir kızı tavlamak konusunda ne kadar bilgi sahibi olduğunu daha ilk sayfalardan belli etti.

Ayakları yere basan bir kitaptı, spoiler vermekten çekindiğim için daha çok şey yazabilecekken yazmıyorum, yazamıyorum :) Ama Key ile Jordan'ın inatlaşması, muhabbetleri, kıskançlıklar ve öpüşmeleri,inatlaşmaları kitabı son sayfaya kadar büyük bir merakla ve zevkle okumamı sağladı.

Kitabın asıl sürprizi ise ikinci bir Anabo'nun ortaya çıkması oldu. Her kitapda bir Anabo ortaya çıkacak diye düşünürken ikincisinin ise trajik denebilecek bir şekilde ortaya çıkmasının şoku hala üzerimde tazedir. Üçüncü kitabı şimdiden merakla beklemekteyim. (bu sefer akıl sağlımı cidden korumam gerekecek:)

Kitabın sonunda ise nefes almayı kendime defalarca hatırlatmam gerekti. Gerçekten beklemediğim bir sondu ve kitap baştan sona ona ayrılan bütün zamanı hak ettiğini ispatladı. Bu kadar büyük bir fedakarlığı eminim hiçbiriniz kitabı okurken Jordan'dan beklemeyeceksiniz.

Kitapla ilgili güzel detaylardan biride, yüzlerce yıldır ortada hiçbir Anabo yokken, deyim yerindeyse karınca gibi türemelerini ve büyük savaş ve arkasındaki kişiler ile ilgili güzel detaylarında bulundurması olmuş, her ne kadar bütün soru işaretlerini kaldırmasada yazarın ustalığını ortaya koymuş kesinlikte. ( Bu hayal gücü değilde nedir? Saygı duyuyorum sana Trinity Faegen)
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136 reviews73 followers
September 16, 2012
After reading The Mephisto Covenant, I knew that I would have to read the sequel. There was something about the lore that this series is centered on that I find really intriguing. The Mephisto Kiss is more of a companion in the series as it follows a different set of characters. While Sasha and Jax make an appearance, this story is centered on Jordan Ellis and a different brother.

Jordan is the daughter of the President. Her life already being chaotic is only about to become more so. After discovering that she is one of the rare Anabo and her life is in danger, Jordan has a life changing decision to make. Does she choose salvation or will temptation lead her into darkness?

The one thing I remember vividly about The Mephisto Covenant was how steamy it was. Unfortunately, I felt this installment lacked in that department. But it made up for it in action. From the beginning of the novel, this book has a steady pace up until the very end.

Even though this is a companion novel, I do recommend reading the first. This book doesn't completely cover a lot of the plot lines that are addressed in book 1. The writing style is the same, so if you enjoyed The Mephisto Covenant, I do think you would like this sequel.

The Mephisto Kiss is a book about finding love and accepting that person fully. I enjoyed the ending and I'll be keeping my eye out for the next book in the series. I have a feeling, the brother with the most intriguing tale is yet to come.
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352 reviews34 followers
August 3, 2014
İlkinden daha güzeldi. Key Jax'e göre daha bir alfa erkek çıktı. Ve 3. kitap en merak ettiğim kitaplarından biri. Çünkü iki tren enkazı halinde ki karakterleri okuyacağız. Phoenix ve Mariah. Birbirlerini nasıl tamamlayacaklar acaba?

Edit: Merak ettim Eryx'i benden başka sevende var mıdır acaba? Romantik yanım yazarın seriyi Eryx'in hikayesini yazarak bitirmesini istiyor. Tanrı ve Lucifer ona da bir Anabo bulsun. Hatta en güçlü Anaboyu ona versin. Zavallımın hiç bir suçu günahı yok ki. O böyle olmayı istemedi. :( Hep kardeşlerini kurtarmak için ruhunu parçalayacak bir yol seçti. Belki her zaman başka bir yol vardır ama o an Eryx başka bir çıkar yol bulamamış demek ki. :(
Profile Image for Ceren Ünlü.
494 reviews32 followers
January 8, 2013
Trinity Faegen'in yazdığı Mefisto'nun Öpücüğü yaklaşık bir günde ve keyifle okundu, bitti. :-) Sevdiğim bir seri... Yazarını başarılı buluyor. Fakat kitap Jax ve Sasha yerine Jordan ve Key'in ağzındandı bu sefer. Onların macerasını anlatıyordu. Aynı karakterlerin ağzından olacak sanıyordum o yüzden kitaba başladığım da bi şaşırdım. :-) Değişmeyen de var tabi; Eryx. Yani kötü karakter. Şey kötü mötü ama hoş parça aslında. :-P
Anabo'lar, Mefisto'lar ... Kitapta bir sürü şaşırtıcı olay vardı.
Sıradışı mitolojik maceraları sevenlere seriyi okumalarını tavsiye ederim. :-)
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84 reviews3 followers
September 27, 2021
Out of the first two of these books, this one is my favorite. The first one has kind of an info dump and the way things happen at the beginning of that one are a bit cheesey to me now. Though I do love it anyway. Out of Ajax and Kyros, there's something about Key that I am drawn to. And I absolutely love him and Jordan. They go through so much, not only outside of themselves, but also internally as well. It can be extremely cute and sweet, but also angsty and sad. It ends on a great note, but I wish I had more time with Jordan and Kyros.
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45 reviews13 followers
February 7, 2017
Re-read. Can't wait to start the third book. I still haven't read it because I recently bought it. Super excited!!!
Profile Image for Nora’nın Kitaplığı.
205 reviews42 followers
February 5, 2014
Şahsen 1. kitaptan sonra bu seriye çok daha ön yargılı baktığımı kabul edeceğim. Bu yüzden kitap kütüphanemde aylardır okunmayı bekliyordu ve sonunda okuma şansını elde ettim. Benim bilmediğim ise; bu kitap ilkinin devamı niteliğinde olsa da farklı başrolleri ele alıyor. Yani bir başka Mefisto'nun Anabo'sunu bulmasını anlatıyor. İlk kitap Jax-Sasha iken bu kitap Key-Jordan ikilisinin Mefisto Akdi'ne giden yolunu anlatıyor.

Aşırı ön yargım yüzünden kitapta sıkıntıdan patlayacağımı düşünüyordum, fakat beklediğimden daha iyi çıktığını söyleyebilirim. Şaşırtıcı dönüm noktaları vardı kitabın, henüz oraya gelmek istemiyorum ama kitabın sonu kesinlikle bunlardan biriydi. Çok akıcı olmasa da, beklediğim gibi sıkmadı bu kitap beni. Özellikle 250'den sonrasında "gelecekte ne olacak?" sorusu tahmin edilemez hale geldi.

Biraz da Spoiler olsun.

Ben mazoşist miyim bilmiyorum ama; öyle olsaydı ne kadar üzüleceğimi bile bile kitabın sonunda "Keşke kilise de ikisi de yanıp ölseydi." diye düşündüm. Belki de artık bu fantastik kitapların klasik mutlu sonlarından bıktığım içindir. Kitabın sonunda kendimi gerçekten yanıp gideceklerine inandırmış ağlamaya başlamıştım. Ama sonra kurtuldular ve ben de "ayy ne güzel, sonsuza kadar mutlular" moduna girdim. Bu iyi bir şey aslında ama kitabın sonu öyle bitseydi orjinalliğinden kesinlikle 5/5 verirdim.

Kitabın hayranları bana hiç sinirlenmesinler şimdi. Bir kitabın sonunu kötü bitirmek cesaret ister. Çünkü okurların çoğu o anda yazardan nefret eder ve bu kötü dileklerini yazara ulaştırırlar. Ama bir yandan da kitabı orjinalleştiren budur zaten. (Senden Önce Ben spoiler!!!) Sonunda Will ölmeseydi bu kadar tutulur muydu Senden Önce Ben? Ya Aynı Yıldızın Altında'ya ne demeli? Onlar dram kitabı olduğu için çok takmamıştım ama bir fantastik kitapta bunu görmek şok ederdi beni.

Neyse bu konu önemli değil ama çoktan iki paragraf ayırmışım bile :D Kitabın sonu klasik de olsa güzel bitti, ne olacağını tahmin edemedim ve bazı kısımlar beni çok şaşırttı. Eryx Jordan'ı kandırırken beni de kandırdı resmen, bildiğin inandım ve sonra gerçekten çok salak hissettim. Ve özellikle sonra Jordan gözlerinin kararmasından falan bahsetmeye başlayınca böyle kısa süreli bir şok geçirdim. "Ama, ama Key ne olacak?" "Bir.. bir şey diyeceğinden bahsetmişti.. ama diyemedi?" Zihinsel kekeleme sürecine -benim uydurduğum, kitaplarda şok geçirdiğim yerlerdeki durumuma verdiğim isim- giriş yaptım ve kitabın sonuna kadar zamanımı "ama... ama, a-ama.." diyerek geçirdim.

Neyse ki kitabın sonunda her şey açıklığa kavuştu, mutlu son, aman ne güzel. Kıskandım. Bizim de olacak mı acaba böyle bir mutlu sonumuz? Tamam, tamam. Felsefeye bağlamadan önce merak ettiğim bir soruyu soracağım. Yani tahminimi doğrulatacağım desek daha doğru olur :D "M" diye bahsettikleri Mephistopheles değil mi? İki kitap boyunca karıştırmamışımdır umarım. Ve ben bunları ölümsüz sanıyordum, nasıl ölebilirler? Kitabın başında Key mesela, veya Eryx Mana'yı nasıl öldürdü? Belki de okuyup unutmuş da olabilirim, ama kafamı çok karıştırdı :/

Sanki daha hiçbir şey yazmamış gibi hissediyorum ama bayağı da uzatmışım aslında. Ben en iyisi burada bitiriyim. Kitap sürecinde hep 3 veririm diye düşünmüştüm ama sonradan sarmaya başladı kitap. Bu yüzden ben de vereceğim puanı artırmaya karar verdim. Bir sonraki paylaşımımda görüşmek üzere, hoşçakalıın!! :)

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680 reviews58 followers
September 10, 2012
This is the second installment in The Mephisto Covenant and it picks about a year or so later than where we left off in book one. We start off with some of the characters from before. Jax is still training Sasha and they are doing great. But everything changes when they see Jordan, who isn’t just the President’s daughter, but she is an Anabo as well. After Jordan is kidnapped by Eryx, they must find her and protect her. The Sons of Hell will have to act fast to stop Eryx’s plan because is will be detrimental to everyone.

Jordan is beautiful, young, very intelligent and has a great boyfriend. But everything changes the night she is kidnapped. Learning who and what she really is, is extremely hard for her to accept and who wouldn’t blame her. It takes her quite a while to accept it, and has to live with the guilt of what has happened to people she will leave behind. At first I had a hard time connecting with her the way I did with Sasha. Jordan was a little more stubborn with it all. Toward the end, Jordan made up for it as far as I’m concerned with the selfless act she did for Key. She ended up being a really enjoyable character to watch grow in strength and her faith in what she meant to do.

The one thins I found interesting is who Jordan is to be mated with, he is the older brothers and takes his leadership very seriously, and never thought his time would come for any chance at happiness. Key is loyal to he promise he made to lead his brothers, and will do so at whatever the cost. Things change for him, and learns exactly what Jax has been telling him about finding his Anabo. Key is a strong, he wants to do everything he can to help Jprdan be okay with who she is. I’m glad we got to learn more about him and his past, because he is a very intense and brooding man, but has a kind side that will make you love him. I think he is right up there with Jax in my book.

We also get to learn more about Eryx, and the past he has lead. He is one evil man, but there is much more to him too. I just don’t want to give away too much. But he is a force to be reckoned with. All three key players in this book are broken in some way and just want to fix them. And we have so many things going on that you just don’t want to stop reading. You want to know what could possibly happen next, where will they go and all the mean while you anxiously sitting on the edge of your seat waiting. There are few side things going on that has set us up perfectly for the next book. One that I can not wait for.

This is an amazing continuation of the The Mephisto Covenant, and the Sons of Hell. The mythology that has been woven in is intriguing and breathtaking and brings us a stunning story with fallen angels, betrayals, romance and discovery one’s self and purpose. Only every once in a while do I find a book that I am still thinking about days after I read it. And this series so far for me is just that. I would definitely recommend read this.
Profile Image for Sandra .
160 reviews375 followers
December 23, 2012

4/5 STARS.

The Mephisto Kiss is the second book of The Mephisto Covenant series. I can't tell you which brother it's about this time, cause that will just ruin the surprise.
( if you haven't read the first book, called The Mephisto Conenant, and have no idea what this series is all about, then don't hesitate and check it out by clicking/pasting this link - http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10... ).

It doesn't start off from where we left of in the previous book, which was kind of a disappointment to me. At least they tell us what happened. The beginning was also a bit slow for my liking. I mean, there was like this epic scene, but afterwards it became a bit slow.

The cover isn't as pretty as the one in the previous book. But it still looks really cool.

The characters were the main reason why i gave this book 4/5 stars. There are like 6 brothers, and i ALWAYS get confused which one is which. I can't remember all of their names, and that's also why i can't picture/imagine them in my head right. But thankfully, it got a bit better in this book, in the first one it was like i was on a different planet.
I felt like they were well described, and wonderfully developed. The main characters weren't as good as Jax and Sasha, but they were still pretty amazing, and i really liked them. They DID indeed make a fabulous couple. I didn't like that Jordan ( main character/anabo) was the 'daughter' of the president. I don't know why, but it kept on bothering me.

The romance wasn't really rushed, ok, maybe just a little. There were many romantic and sweet scenes between the main characters that i really enjoyed.

The fact that the leader of the whole Mephisto brothers group was one of the main characters in this book was pretty awesome. But i got conflicted because i thought that the leader was Pheonix not.....

I absolutely adored that we get to see the past. Before Eryx turned evil and everything. It was really interesting.

I think that the best thing about this book is the mythology. I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE IT! It's so fantastic, different from others, and intriguing.

The ending nearly broke my heart. It was a bit like "OMG!" for me. It was seriously good, as captivating as in the first book ( which is saying something!). I definitely wasn't prepared for that, but after finishing it, there was no other way for this book to end. I can't wait for the next book to come out and I get the chance to see who the next brother to be featured is. Faegen has created a world and a family I'm 100% invested in and I love her for it.

Overall, The Mephisto Kiss had me at the edge of my seat. Marvelous mythology, amazing characters, and a thrilling romance. I'm really looking forwards to reading the third book and can't wait to see where the author is going with this series. :)
382 reviews4 followers
August 25, 2012
The thing I like most about book series like The Mephisto Covenant is that one story does not entirely depend on the other. Unlike trilogies, where if you don’t read book 1, books 2 and 3 don’t make sense, it helps if you read book 1, but it is its own story. It’s part of a whole, but separate as well.

The Mephisto Covenant was a fantastic book. The Mephisto Kiss was even better. Kyron, Key gets his turn at finding redemption in the Anabo Jordan. However, as much as she can get past his being a son of Hell, there are certain other things that she doesn’t know if she can forgive and accept as a part of him. That’s the major influence of this book; finding that understanding and being able to love all of a person, including those parts that are the toughest.

I liked Jordan. She wasn’t princess like at all, even though she could have easily been taken that way. She wanted to fight for herself right away and refused to let anything hold her back. She was going to work to be what she needed to be, and she was even able to sacrifice part of herself to help people she just met.

Key is broken in a unique way. He keeps himself closed off from his brothers, being the leader instead of having a relationship with them like they have with one another. He doesn’t show emotion and keeps everything under the skin, away from where people can see it. Jordan can see right through him and makes him confront the parts of him he’d rather hide. Their relationship felt like a slow build, even though it didn’t take much time at all. It still felt completely right and wonderful.

The ending nearly broke my heart. I definitely wasn’t prepared for that, but after finishing it, there was no other way for this book to end. I can’t wait for the next book to come out and I get the chance to see who the next brother to be featured is. Faegen has created a world and a family I’m 100% invested in and I love her for it.

The Mephisto Kiss is definitely a book to read, even if The Mephisto Covenant wasn’t your favorite book. The Mephisto Kiss will grab your heart and not let go, but in the best way possible.
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December 31, 2012
I can’t really quantify why I like this books. I just do.

I’m a big fan of the ridiculousness of adult paranormal romance series and I like that this series takes a lot of the tropes associated with adult PNR to create a YA series. And I like that each book is a stand alone about one of the brothers.

Other than the complete lack of sexy times I liked this book better than the first one. Because we had already been introduced into the world, there was less time spent explaining the world. And I liked that Jordan didn’t have to have her memory erased. That had never sat well with me in the Mephisto Covenant.

I liked the fast pace and the proactive approach Jordan took to everything. And I liked how her old life was dealt with. Sasha, from the Mephisto Covenant, didn’t really have that much of a life to leave behind but Jordan did. Her disappearance would have global repercussions, not to mention all her friends and family.

And I really liked the struggles Jax had to go through. I like that he still loved his brother and saw himself in his brother despite the inherent evilness of his brother.

Now, not to say that I liked everything. This series is basically based on the idea of insta-love. So, if that isn’t your thing then you probably wont enjoy it. But like I said, it plays on a lot of adult paranormal romance tropes in that way. And it’s important to not take them too seriously. The books are just fun.

I wasn’t quite as “what is this book and why am I reading it?” with The Mephisto Kiss as I was with the Mephisto Covenant. Which, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I kind of liked that about the first one. That it was so ridiculous it was awesome. Not to say that this one wasn’t. Just not as much.

Though, I mean, the main girl is the daughter of the president and an evil being who is worse than the devil is trying to convert the president to his side of an epic war. There is some ridiculousness. In a good way.

This book was reviewed at WhatchYAreading on September 20, 2012.
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October 29, 2012
I love, love, love, this book! The series has turned out to be amazing, and I am in awe of Faegen’s sheer writing abilities! She is so creative and her novels quickly enrapture the reader; I read this in one sitting because it is that good! If you haven’t started the series, trust me, you need to read this!

One of the aspects that I love so much about the series, and this novel in general, is that it follows a different male lead in each book. In The Mephisto Covenant, we met Jax and learned everything through his eyes. He’s exceptionally dreamy and I was in love. In The Mephisto Kiss, it’s Kryos’ (Key) story, and though he has a lot of issues, and I do mean a lot, so does Jordan, his intended Anabo, and their banter and interactions throughout the novel make this fictional tale seem so real. I can’t imagine being in Jordan’s shoes… not only is she the president’s daughter, but she undergoes a very life-threatening ordeal only to be whisked away and learn that her long time boyfriend is severely injured, that her father believes her dead, and that she’s an Anabo destined to live on a mountain, take down demons, and never set foot in her old life again. At times, I thought Jordan was being a bit childish, but then I’d step back and go through all the steps of her ordeal again, and then I’d think that Key was actually being childish… I flip-flopped allegiances so many times in this love story that it isn’t even funny, but it made me love the story all the more. Especially with the climactic ending… I was screaming, and I do me screaming at the characters, crying, sniffling, the whole nine yards. Faegen really can spin a tale, keeping the reader glued to the pages as the suspense and sheer terror of it all rises. And, Faegen write characters so in depth that you feel everything they do… I’m already on pins and needles for the next installment! Pick this series up, seriously, you won’t be disappointed!

To see my full review:

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September 28, 2012
Spoiler Alert!!!!!!

This book had one of the best cliffhanger but non-cliffhanger endings ever. I know for a couple of chapters I really though that Eryx really was trying to get his light back. Like when you hear about it from Key's point of view you start to see that in the beginning he was never really a bad guy. He was trying to protect his brothers, of course you know he turned into a total bastard after but you know live and learn.
I was so not expecting Jordan's sister to be another Anabo. I didn't even know that could be born into the same family, and that she was intended for Phoenix was just mind-blowing. I felt so horrible for him. Yes he needs to get over Jane but I didn't think it would happen this soon.
What killed me though was when I thought Jordan was really gone. At first I was like yeah maybe Eryx is crazy obsessed with her and trying to love again but then that burning started and I knew it was just a really good lie. I was heart broken when Jordan started destroying her room. I didn't think Key would to such extremes for her. I mean burning to death sounds like something incredibly painful but I'm glad all the same. That was the absolute form of true love. Hope some guy would burn to death for me for my immortal soul!!!
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October 12, 2012
I loved The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen, so I was really excited to read The Mephisto Kiss. While I did not enjoy it quite as much, it was still a fantastic read. Jordan and Key were a swoon worthy couple and I just adore the way Trinity Faegen writes love stories.

I didn’t love Jordan and Key as much as I loved Sasha and Ajax because Jordan was much more accepting of the Mephisto Covenant. I really preferred Sasha’s confusion and rejection of Jax because he was literally a son of hell. That said, Key and Jordan were really cute together. Jordan has the courage to stand up to Key when no one else will, and he truly does need a real partner to help him lead the Mephisto. I also enjoyed watching Key attempt to navigate a romantic relationship as it is clear he has no real experience in that department.

The only element of the story that truly bothered me in The Mephisto Kiss is the increase of religiousness. When I read The Mephisto Covenant, I did not notice anything overly religious or preachy about the novel. The Mephisto Kiss, however, felt very preachy. Since I am not religious, this really bothered me.

All in all, The Mephisto Kiss is another wonderful paranormal romance from Trinity Faegen. Fans of swoon worthy romance need to pick this one up, and I really cannot wait for Faegen’s next Mephisto novel.
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January 29, 2013
Aylardır beklediğim kitaba dün gece yarısı başladım ve sabaha karşı bitti.Gözümden uyku aksada bitirmeden bırakamadım.Bu seri keinlikle muhteşem.Serideki kitapların her birinde farklı bir kardeşin hikayesi var.İk kitap Jax’ın hikayesiydi.Bu ise en büyük kardeş ve lider konumunda olan Key’in hikayesi.
Key’i ilk kitaptan biraz tanıyorduk.Kendi halinde sert ve soğuk bir tip.Lider olmanın ağırlığını taşıyor.
Jason yani Key’in anabosu ise ilginç biri.Kendieri Amerikan Başkanının kızı oluyor.Eee hal böyle olunca da FBI Gizli Ajan ve Beyaz Sarayda bizimkilerin işine karışıveriyor.
Hikayemiz Jason’un erkek arkadaşını yanındayken kaçırılması ile başlıyor.Kaçırılma işinin arkasında gizi bir örgüt olduğu düşnülsede Jason’u kaçıran Eryx.Jason’u kaçırma sebebide Amerikan başkasını kendi tarafına çekmek.
Kitabın sonlarına doğru üçüncü kitabın karakterlerinin kim olacağı da belli oluyor.Zira üçüncü bir anabo bulunuyor ve bu anabonun sahibi de sürpriz bir isim.Merakla üçüncü kitabı bekliyorum.Bakalım iki yaralı yürek nası beraber saracaklar yaralarını.
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November 27, 2014
İlk kitabın tadı olmayan bir kitaptı. Jax'te lisede olmaları normaldi. Daha anlaşılır geliyordu. Ama Key bana büyük geldiğinden biraz saçmalamış gibi geldi.

Bu kitap bana iki seriyi hatırlatıyor. Karanlığın Efendisi serisi ve Lara Adrian'nın serisi. Her kitapta farklı bir insan falan. Neyse kitaba dönelim.

Jordan 17 yaşında ABD başkanın evlatlık kızı. Eryx tarafından onun kötü emelleri için kaçırıldı. Sonra olaylar ondan sonra patlak verdi. Anabo olduğu öğrenildi falan.

 photo tumblr_mi6insIZJb1rm47nyo1_400_zpsb3cbfa73.gif

Bu gife bir şey bağlayamıyorum ama çok güzel ya :D
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January 15, 2013
Bir YA'ya göre iyi bir konuya , güzel bir kurguya sahip. Eksik yönleri var fakat akıcı ve iyi vakit geçiren bir kitap.
Başları ve ortalarına doğru kitaptan beklentim yükselmeye başlamıştı , ta ki tempo düşene ve yazar olayları hızlandırma telaşına düşene dek.
Her şeye rağmen zevkli bir kitap. Bu türü sevenlere kesinlikle önerebileceğim tarzda.
Özellikle Phoenix'in kitabını merakla bekliyorum , ondan büyük beklentilerim var...
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June 12, 2013
Kitap bitince ben:


Tamam evet kitabı yakmıyorum da hani böyle mal gibi kalmayaydım iyiydi.

Biri bu gadına satisfied bir son yazmayı öğretsin!

P.S: 1 yıldızı da kızın über saflık/salaklığına vermiyorum.
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May 7, 2013
sonuna yok daha neler dediğim, jordan karakterine karakter olarak uyuz olduğum kitap. yazar jordan konusunda acayip saçmalamış ama key karakterine değer bu puan. birde birde diğer kardeş ve jane olayı var tabi ki :D
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June 6, 2012
Sonu daha iyi olabilirdi kesinlikle. Çabuk oldu bittiye geldi.

Jordan'ın son kısımdaki davranışa cidden anlam veremedim Öyle hemencecik kanması öpüşmesi falan çık kızdırdı beni..
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April 9, 2014
More Mephisto!!! That's all I can think right now. It is driving me bananas that I need to write this (and finish the appropriate page recap) before diving head first into the next installment. And, I just about squealed when I saw on goodreads that there is an expected 4th book! Yippeeeeee!

I adored the first book. I gushed about it. I re-read it right away because I didn't want to leave the world that was built or the characters behind. I would probably do the same here but I have the next one to read instead. And I am so glad.

This series is set up much more akin to the way many adult PNR series are done. It is a book for each of the male protagonists. And there is a girl and one saves the other/they save each other. So, if you are more of the twilight/shiver series type this will seem like they are companion books and not a series. However, the world is the same, the mythology guiding the over all story arc is expanded on and used the same, and there is an over all story arc - beating a bad guy.

The short version of the story: Key is the leader of the Mephisto (sons of Hell, because they are sons of the fallen angel Mephistopheles), a group of "young" men who were born from a fallen angel and are lost to Heaven. The Mephisto are responsible for battling Eryx, a brother of theirs, who has turned evil. He is lost to Heaven and Hell, however, and is looking for a way to take over Hell so he will belong somewhere. To do this, he creates lost souls and Skia who pledge themselves to him and reject God. The Mephisto take the lost should and skia to hell on earth. Jordan, the US President's daughter is kidnapped as part of Eryx's plan to take over the US government but he discovers she is Anabo - a rare person born without original sin and one of the few who can love a son of Hell. The Mephisto rescue Jordan, who is meant for Key. The love story between Key and Jordan is what we watch.

The mythology stayed interesting and fresh. This is sort of an EOW scenario in that if the bad guy wins and he battles Lucifer, it will be very bad for all the humans. But we aren't there (yet) so it's a story about the groups of guys battling one bad guy to keep him in line at the moment. There is definitely a Christian undertone but it is so nice that the characters can be religious and the author isn't preaching or trying to convert readers to her particular brand of religion. You could be from any walk of life and appreciate that being good is a good thing and being bad isn't - that's what this really seems to feel like. The wonderful messages I see in this series: when you are good, you have a light that helps the world; when you are a good person, others like you for who you are; putting others first sometimes and being a good person will be good for everyone; loving someone unselfishly is the best feeling; and unconditional love means loving every part of a person, not just the parts you agree with or like. Those are messages that transcend the boundaries of organized modern religion and are commonalities that today, too many people don't see across religions.

Now, before my review turns preachy.... We learn more about the mythology and the world we are living in. We get more back story of the characters. We get to see a fair amour of Jax and Sasha and the other guys. We get real emotion and reactions from characters. In short, we get so much great stuff from the author, it is a treat to read!

One of the signs to me that this was a wonderful book was where I hit a scene, and I knew what was coming, and I couldn't bear to read it. I felt so invested in the characters, I felt so much for them and was rooting for our guy/gal coupling that I had to force myself to read through the paragraphs. You might ask how is that a good sign? It's like when you are watching a move that you really love and there is a part that makes you cringe - you don't want to watch or hear the dialogue because it will upset you so - because you are so into it. When I have those moments watching, I turn the volume down or change the channel briefly. Best example for me, when watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when Umbridge punishes Harry in her office, I am so frustrated and pissed off at her because of how invested in Harry I feel, that I can't watch it happen. It's a testament to how good the actors are because I can totally believe it happening and I can't bear it. It's similar with this book, I struggled to watch Eryx and Jordan's conversation after the ball and watch Eryx trick her into kissing him. It was a good thing that this was near the end of the book or I might have had a panic attack, waiting for it to be resolved!

It was wonderful to read a story that stayed true to its mythology without throwing in a twist that made me feel like the author didn't know what to do so they found the easy way out. Here, we see resolution to the love story that is consistent with the characters and the mythology and feels organic. It doesn't feel like the cheap and easy way out. And yet we still get sufficient set up for the next book. This book is truly a work of beautiful art!

I will note that while the first installment was a little steamier than I had expected when I read that one, this one didn't. There were discussions of sex and Jordan loosing her virginity, but we don't have that happen here. It was also so very well done, how that played out, in the beginning where Jordan is with her boyfriend Matthew and later with Key. There were tasteful conversations, Jordan's thoughts felt genuine and it was nice to see things handled so tastefully.

I will end with two small criticisms. I think there was one small hiccup with the mythology. What I remember from the first book, and what I wrote about it too, suggest that the first book presented the change to Mephisto as something that only occurred with sex. Even here, we are told that the mark is gotten through sex and once it's gotten it is permanent if the Anabo is immortal. Jordan gets marked from kissing only, which explains why when she kisses Eryx his mark takes over, but we see Jordan's birthmark change and her personality and abilities change as if she has been totally marked. So, there is a teeny tiny inconsistency there. But this is nothing to take away from the five stars I would give this book if I gave stars on this site! Last criticism: I think the author's publisher is doing a dis-service to this series by not having better cover art. I still pick up a lot of books based on the fact that the cover art caught my attention. Archon for example has beautiful cover art with a crappy story behind it. Here, if there was better cover art, there might be more readers. Just my humble opinion, but I would love to see this entire series get a bump up in the quality of the cover art so that the cover is as striking and wonderful as the words behind it!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 28, 2017
I loved it!
I didn't think I could but I think I like Key more then I liked Jax.
I probably do like Sasha more then I liked Jordan though lol.
That ending though... I did not expect that to happen to Jordan and I used to think Eryx would turn out good, saved, get his own Anabo, ect but now... not so sure about that.
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