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Benedict-Savant #3

Seeking Crystal

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Sparks will fly . . . Passion will ignite . . .

Crystal Brook has always been the dud Savant in her family; paranormal powers just aren't her thing. Dropping out of school with a clutch of 'E' grades and no future, she lives in the shadow of her high-flying sister Diamond. On a trip to Denver, a chance encounter with the dashing Benedict brothers leaves Diamond head over heels in love and engaged to be married. Crystal, on the other hand, is unimpressed by their charms . . . in fact no boy can annoy her as much as Xav Benedict! Back in Venice, their families assemble for Diamond's wedding and a powerful enemy seizes the opportunity to attack. Crystal and Xav must join forces to save their loved-ones, unlocking a secret that, until now, has lain deeply buried . . .

258 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2012

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About the author

Joss Stirling

33 books2,422 followers
Joss Stirling is a British novelist. Her first novel under this name was the internationally successful, Finding Sky, which is followed by five others in the same series entering into the savant world of young people with special powers. Central to the story are the Benedict Brothers, seven talented guys from Colorado.

In a second series, Struck, Joss begins a new world of detective romance. The first three parts are: Struck (#1) and Stung (#2), and Shaken (#3) and Scorched (#4). Joss introduces readers to four new heroes - Kieran Storm, Nathan Hunter, Joe Masters and Damien Castle, who all attention the Young Detective Agency. The first part, Struck, won the Romantic Novel of the Year 2015 in the UK.

Her new series, PERIL, a paranormal love story set in the near future, is out 13 July 2017.

Joss lives in Oxford, England. She is married with three children.

Stirling also publishes under two pen names: Julia Golding and Eve Edwards.

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647 reviews200 followers
September 23, 2012
Seeking Crystal is the third book in the intriguing and extremely gripping Benedict series. If your looking for a set of books to get obsessed over this year, make sure you pick up this series.

Crystal Brook doesn't seem to have paranormal powers like she should have been born with. She's not clever, she's not pretty and, to rub it all in her big nose, she's always been in the shadow of her successful older sister, Diamond. On a trip to Denver, a run-in with the gorgeous Benedict brothers leaves Diamond in love and engaged to be married with one of them. Crystal doesn't understand how everything could happen so fast, because unlike her sister she is unimpressed by the boys' charms. But could the most annoying of the boys, Xav, help her unlock a secret that could change Crystal's life?

Stirling does an incredible job at keeping readers hooked and desperate to read more after just a few pages. Her characters are entertaining and very realistic. I've really enjoyed the characters from her previous books in the series and it was great to see that they played a part in this book.

Moving away from the supporting characters, I was ecstatic to find out that this book was finally about Xav discovering his soulfinder. Those who have read the previous books will know that he is a sweet talker who cracks the best jokes. It was amazing to read about him and his blossoming relationship with Crystal; a very tall, dark-haired girl.

This book is told from the POV of Crystal. Even though she is from a Savant family, she does not have the powers she should have been born with. She isn't clever and she isn't pretty, but she is strong-willed and determined. When she and Xav meet, boy, do sparks fly! Xav gets on her nerves like no other boy has before. Believe me, their encounter is hilarious. Scratch that, all scenes with Xav and Crystal in the same room are hilarious!

Stirling does not disappoint fans with this extraordinary installment! The books just get better and better. New characters, more mysteries and lots more laughs to be had with the Benedict brothers. A fourth book? All I know is that it's going to be good.

If you are interested in reading Seeking Crystal then I would recommend you read the first two books, Finding Sky and Stealing Pheonix, because it will give you a better idea of the characters and the world the books are set in.

Guys, click here to read a teaser of Seeking Crystal!

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549 reviews334 followers
October 12, 2012
Oh now this is a really hard review to write. I really really loved the first two books in this series. I couldn't get enough of Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix they were just so good, so it pains me to have to write anything negative at all about Seeking Crystal but I have to be honest and tell you how I felt.
I didn't completely hate it, not by a long shot. I think the plot for this book was utterly AMAZING; I was absorbed in it from the very beginning. The secrets we discover about Crystal were pure genius. I can't wait to see what she does with her abilities in the future. I loved the fast paced feel of the book, as the drama unfolded and set of at break neck speed putting all of the Benedict brothers in danger. The inclusion of Steve, the hot American action man/superstar was a welcome addition to the story and I only hope the Brad Pitts and the Jason Stathams of the film world are as wonderful as he is. The setting of Venice was gorgeous and descriptive, allowing me to fall in love with a place I have yet to visit.
So you see I did enjoy the book, however I have a few gripes I feel I have to share. I can feel daggers being thrown at me by all the lovely loyal Benedict fans and I apologise in advance for my issues with this book.
Looking at it as a whole, I can see I have two overall problems with this book: timing and characterisation, which I have expanded on below.
Firstly with the timing, I struggled with the sudden development of the relationship between Trance and Diamond. I know that in these books 'instant love' is the norm;the Savants are supposed to find their soul finders and fall instantly in love, but I felt that it was a little bit rushed and extremely unbelievable, almost corny in parts. I found myself cringing as I read it. I felt that it had been written too quickly in order to get it out of the way, so the main story of Crystal and Xav could emerge. I would have loved to have seen it progress a little slower. With all the relationships so far in the book, they have taken a little time to progress, so I felt like I was being short changed a little. Also as soon as Xav and Crystal realised they had found their soul seeker, it was dealt with swiftly in order to get back to the plot. I wanted more.
As for characterisation, firstly, I didn't warm to Xav at all. In the previous two books I had liked him, but in this one he grated on my nerves. He wound me up by calling everyone 'darling' and 'cupcake'. I wasn't overly keen on Crystal either. I felt her change from the dud clumsy Savant to the wisest, most needed Savant a bit too fast a transformation. I was also surprised by her ability to make her own clothes within a few weeks of her new job with the designer.
I also had a problem with the characters I have loved from the previous two books. I wanted to see a progression within Sky and Phoenix, yet I felt nothing had really happened in their lives since we had last met them; they didn't really shine out in this book at all. I understand that this book isn't their story, but Crystals. However, it would have been lovely to see a bit of character development within their stories.
I apologise to all fans for being overly critical. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that isn't my style at all. I truly think it is because I have my editing head on at the moment, that I am picking up on things that wouldn't normally bother me. I think Joss Stirland is a talented author and I honestly loved the rest of the series, I just felt this book was the weakest from the three.
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267 reviews223 followers
June 28, 2022
Continuamos con las historias de los hermanos Benedict y de cómo encontraron a sus almas gemelas. En esta ocasión, es el turno de Xav y Crystal; así también conocemos la historia secundaria de Trace, uno de los hermanos mayores.

El desarrollo del libro conlleva los típicos clichés de “enemies to lovers” entre los protagonistas e “instalove” en la historia secundaria; la historia indica que las almas gemelas nacen en fechas cercanas, y que se activa al momento de que hablan telepáticamente, pero en este caso nuestra protagonista no puede usar la telepatía.

Aparte de todo lo anterior, ocurre un conflicto llevado por la venganza en donde borran todos los recuerdos de las almas gemelas (hasta el momento tres) de dos hermanos y de su padre; y es aquí donde Crystal mostrará toda su valentía para ayudarlos, conocer su don (uno que solos los elegidos poseen) y de paso encontrar a su alma gemela.

Es un libro muy juvenil con escaso desarrollo de los personajes, del mundo creado y del conflicto; es muy básico y plano; pero pretendo continuar leyendo los tres libros que me faltan para terminar la saga.
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389 reviews34 followers
December 7, 2012
My favourite of the series yet! and Uriel and Victor better have different books... they define holy hotness!

Sky's right at the end.. everyone has a soft spot for Xav.. including me!

"But thanks for worrying about me, Beauty."
"Please stop calling me that." I folded my arms across my chest.
"Fine." Drumming the steering wheel, he glanced at me briefly before turning back to the traffic.
"Hey, Beau—my respected and very equal cupcake, what’ve I done to annoy you? "

:O the blurb.. hehe love these types of stories.. just hope Diamond is not marrying the other Benedict brothers cos I want a different story for all of them!

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20 reviews
December 11, 2011
BUT WHY 2013!!!!
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944 reviews1,086 followers
October 7, 2012

The third book in the series, the books revolve around the seven Benedict brothers, who are all Savants - people with special powers. Each brother is desperate to find their Soulfinders. Youngest brothers Zed and Yves found their heroines in the previous installments. This time around two of the Benedict brothers get their HEA.
The story kicks off when oldest brother Trace finds his soulfinder in Diamond Brooke. Seconds after meeting they're kissing each other and planning their lives together. Sadly and somewhat surprisingly, Trace and Diamond's meeting and eye roll inducing insta-love was the highlight of the book for me. The plot actually focuses on the boring romance between Diamond's younger sister, Crystal, and Trace's younger brother, Xavier. Why was the romance rubbish? Because I really really hated Crystal - she was a pig.
Crystal was a cookie cutter typical insecure, never been kissed, self pitying YA heroine. She kept moaning about how ugly she was but it turned out she was so pretty that she was offered top modeling jobs, she was bitter because she had rubbish powers but naturally she found out her powers were actually awesome, she thought she wasn't a speshul snowflake but surprise, surprise, she's actually the most speshulest snowflake of all the speshul snowflakes. She was so full of irritating cliches..ugh.
Xavier I guess was a decent enough love interest, unfortunately his love for Crystal just annoyed the hell out of me. I honestly don't know what he saw in whingy-moany-mummy-doesn't-love-me Crystal.
The plot was boring, the romance got on my nerves because the heroine was a pathetic bitch, most of the characters were cheesy and on top of all that there was a whole preachy vibe going on about forgiveness and shit...ugh.
On another note, I'm finding it annoying how the lives of the heroes in the series never change when they meet the heroine — their home life, dreams and plans stay the same yet the heroine always has to move or change any plans she once had just to be with the hero...ugh.
The first two books were pretty good — the main characters were likeable enough so I could forgive them being just the same old standard, run of the mill paranormal YA. This however was utterly disappointing as the main character was too much of a silly cow for me to enjoy it.
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142 reviews32 followers
November 8, 2012
CAPTURING CAPTURING CAPTURING CAPTURING CAPTURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleease let it be capturing instead of seeing. It sounds soooooooooooo much more romantic and exciting and dramatic!!!!!!!
Oh oh oh I can't wait for this book! I think I'm going to faint!
Uh what's that? It's going to be published in....2013?!............


I don't know if I'm being too strict or too lenient. But I know one thing for sure - I am just too disappointed. I mean, when you've marked the release date of the book as on your birthday calendar, any outcome less than perfect will send you throwing yourself off the cliffs. You don't need a seer to tell you that. And even worse, for me, this book is slightly less than less than perfect.
Oh, don't mind me. I'm sure many readers would love this book. I hope they do. But something just went wrong for me. Yves and Phoenix set the bar too high. If I could transfer that book's ratings to this one, Seeking Crystal would receive 10 stars.
I'm not going to spoil this book for everyone. My opinion is strictly subjective. Joss Stirling's fan-base is more extensive and dangerous than what one can expect. Trust me, I was on the front line once, the moment I picked up Stealing Phoenix off the library bookshelves.
Half a year of waiting, intense speculation, faithful stalking, panic attacks, mood swings and depression has come down to this. Goodness knows what I'm supposed to be feeling right now.
Don't ask. Just. Don't.
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677 reviews113 followers
July 9, 2016
Esta saga se mantiene en su línea y la autora sabe hacer que los libros tengan el mismo nivel que el anterior. De hecho, este es el libro (de los tres que he leído) que más me ha gustado. Son historias de amor con toques paranormales. Al principio, puede parecer algo lioso, pero la autora lo explica todo con sencillez para que lo entandamos a la perfección. También me gustaría destacar que este libro se desarrolla en Venecia, que es punto a favor, ya que Italia es preciosa y me encanta mucho, mucho.

Reseña completa: http://voragineinterna.blogspot.com.e...
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529 reviews117 followers
June 21, 2016
Wat een geweldig boek! Dit boek zat goed in elkaar en ik vond de verhaallijn heel erg goed. Niet zo goed als deel 2, vandaar ook 4 sterren ipv 5. Het leuke aan deze boeken vind ik dat de hele familie Benedict telkens in beeld komt. Ze zijn zo leuk allemaal!
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318 reviews23 followers
July 15, 2020
Jeg er helt vild med Joss Stirlings skrivestil. Denne bog er fuld af spænding, action overraskelser, humor, romantik og fantasy. Jeg er vild med denne bogserie og serien Struck af Joss Stirling. Jeg er også vild med Benedictbrødrene. Dette er en rigtig feel-good bogserie.
Læs mere på min blog : www.youlooklikeabook.blogspot.com eller følg mig på min boginstagram you.look.like.a.book
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553 reviews36 followers
March 24, 2022
Hola mis Olimpic@s hoy les traigo reseña del tercer libro de una de mis series Juveniles preferidas y se preguntaran ¿por qué del tercer libro y no del primero? La respuesta es fácil es mi favorito de toda la serie hasta el momento (aunque solo he leído los tres primeros).

Y como tal vez muchas no saben de qué van les daré una breve introducción al mundo Savants, el cual está compuesto de personas con habilidades particulares quienes para encontrar su equilibro en la vida buscan a su alma gemela, pues esta ha sido creada en el mismo momento que ellos y puede encontrarse en cualquier parte del mundo.

Esta serie hasta el libro tres (Crystal) tiene de protagonistas a una familia Savant o mejor dicho a unos hermanos, los Benedict. Siete hermanos, si leyeron bien siete apuestos chicos que están en busca de su alma gemela.

Crystal es la historia de Odio/Amor entre Xavier Benedit y Crystal Broke una chica que se siente excluida del mundo Savants pues no ha desarrollado ninguna habilidad significativa dentro de la comunidad en la que se mueve, digamos que como ella lo expresa seria el squib si estuviera en el mundo de Harry Potter.

“Soy el equivalente de lo que en el mundo de Harry Potter se denomina squib, un petardo mojado. Como séptimo hijo, toda la familia había esperado que llegara con la caja de fuegos artificiales. Por el contrario, apareció una niña que solo podía decirte dónde habías dejado las llaves. Si, exactamente. Soy el equivalente al llavero con control remoto que emite un silbido. Veo las cosas que están unidas a una persona como si fuera chatarra espacial girando alrededor de la Tierra y, si es necesario, puedo darle una orientación general para que encuentre lo que perdió.”

Crystal y Xav se conocen por una situación un poco afortunada y por esta misma deben convivir durante mucho tiempo, al principio no se soportan o tal vez solo Crystal no soporta a Xav ya que cree que es un chico demasiado guapo a la moda y para variar con una habilidad fenomenal.

Lo que me encanto de este libro es que en las anteriores entregas las parejas tuvieron cierto insta amor ya que desde un principio sabían que eran almas gemelas y estaban destinadas a estar juntas por el lazo que las une y en este libro la autora te demuestra que el amor o la unión de las almas gemelas se puede generar e ir desarrollando con la convivencia y el descubrimiento de las personalidades de las personas, Crystal y Xav sin saber a cierto punto si son o no almas gemelas van desarrollando este amor que llega a ser tan real que lo puedes sentir y sumale al romance, el suspenso y mucha acción y el resultado una historia fenomenal.

“- Con besos así, desearía que estuviéramos en ese universos en el que tú y yo fuéramos almas gemelas- inclino la frente y la apoyo sobre la mía preparándome para la llegada de nuevas e increíbles emociones mientras nos besábamos otra vez para las cámaras.”

Y si quieren algo más, gran parte del libro se desarrolla nada menos que en Venecia. Con la presencia de cierto actor famoso involucrado en la trama.
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629 reviews72 followers
August 11, 2019
This and my other reviews can be found at http://amethystbookwyrm.blogspot.co.uk/

Crystal has always been the failure in her family with no Savant power and disappointing grades, especially compared to her sister who has just found her Soulfinder Trace Benedict, but when disaster hits both Crystal and Xav, the annoying Benedict, have to join together to save their loved ones and maybe discover how they feel about each other. While Seeking Crystal is just as good as the others the romance in this book is not as captivating as the others however it makes up for it with the story as it is more fascinating. I would recommend this to people who like Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix.
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1,416 reviews131 followers
July 13, 2015
Es un libro tan perfecto. Amo todo lo que escribe Joss Stirling y mas si es sobre los hermosos Benedict ♡♥ Amo a la familia Benedict... es tan perfecta... y sobre todo mi Victor ♥♡ La historia esta llena accion, romance, otra obra maestra. Gracias Joss por seguir escribiendo..
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151 reviews28 followers
June 28, 2022
Disfrute un montón leyendo este libro. Crystal y Xav son dos personajes muy especiales, que enamoran desde el primer momento.

Voy a ir por partes:

• Me pareció muy real la relación entre Crystal y su familia, siendo la menos de siete hermanos, quedo perdida. Ellos estaban ahí, pero sin estar. La pobre se sentía como una decepción. La hicieron sentir mal, sola, pero no fue con maldad, simplemente tenían vidas propias y otras cosas que tratar.

•Los personajes: la relación entre Diamond y Trace fue sumamente ... rápida. No me gustó ni disgustó, siento que solo estaba ahí para que los protagonistas pudieran conocerse.
Lily y Steve fueron una sorpresa, no esperaba que me agradaran tanto, son muy buenas personas.
Crystal es genial, sus inseguridades que la vuelven humana, su personalidad que la vuelve divina.
Xav es Xav, simplemente amoroso.

•La trama: la historia es simple y no tiene demasiadas cosas novedosas, pero esta bien ejecutada y mantiene un ritmo entretenido.

•Los plot-twist: bastante predecibles algunos (como el de la Condesa), pero otros interesantes (como el de los poderes de Crystal).

En conclusión es una historia divertida, de esas que dan felicidad a partir de la simplicidad. Mucho mejor que el primer libro de la saga, mejoro notoriamente.
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188 reviews15 followers
October 6, 2012
‘Another piggyback?’
‘No, my pride can’t take it.’ He sat down on the hump of the bridge and pulled off his Timberlands. He thrust them in my arms. ‘Here, hold these. Don’t, whatever you do, drop them.’ Then before I could think what he intended, he swept me into his arms and strode into the calf-deep water.
‘Xav! I’ve boots on—there’s no need.’
He hugged me closer. ‘There’s every need, my lady. Have you not read the Gentleman’s Guide to Gallantry?’
I shook my head, giggling as he hissed when his toes registered the cold water.
‘On page twenty-eight, it definitely says something about being drummed out of the ranks if a gentleman accepts a second piggyback from a lady. He must sacrifice his toes to keep her dry.’

I absolutely loved this series, so I was beyond excited to read Seeking Crystal. Needless to say, I was expecting to be blown away by it, and thats exactly what happened. The book is just a pure joy to read with zero moements of boredom. The story never drags and it pulls you in so completely that you wouldnt be able to stop reading until you'd finished it. I love Joss Stirling's writing style, it so easy to get into and it flows perfectly.

The best thing about this book is definitely the characters. I loved the Benedicts from the previous books, and they were just as hot as before. Xavier is my favourite though, so it was awesome to read a book with him as the hero. Xav is so sweet and full of charm and is always cracking a joke and making people swoon, but he's also very protective and compassionate and I absolutely adored him. Crystal was a brilliant new character and my favourite protagonist of the series. She thinks she's ugly and feels like she's the family screw up because she doesnt have any special savant abilities, but there's so much more to her than that. She's a really likeable character and very relatable. She's also pretty witty herself and can keep up with Xav's teasing. Thats why they were such a perfect match. They have earned a place in my top 5 YA couples and Xav's in my top YA crushes <3 Their relationship was very cute and I enjoyed the build up and the sexual tension a lot. Their scenes together were swoon-worthy and perfect and I just couldnt get enough of them.

You still meet old characters and it was great to see them again and how their relationships are now. The plot was great, with twists I hadnt predicted and so much new info was revealed, which I freakin loved. I'm not sure if its the last book or not, but I really hope not. From what we find out in this book, there is so much more that could happen. Victor's story could be very interesting from what we learn, especially because he's so mysterious and I would love to learn more about him and read his story. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there are more, because I'm addicted to this series. I recommend this to EVERYONE!!!

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231 reviews
September 13, 2015
Cuando pensé no podría superar a Phoenix, apareció este libro. Wow, que final mas hermoso de esta gran trilogía. Sinceramente me gustaría que hubiera un libro por cada hermano porque cada uno es increíble! Lo que me encanta de la autora es que profundiza en los personajes, no deja ninguno de lado. En cuanto al libro, odie bastante cuando todos "rechazaban" a Crystal, porque eso parecía aunque no lo dijeran, solo porque no tenia grandes poderes. Después los dejo con la boca cerrada a todos, obviamente. Me encanta la acción de cada libro, es como wow, cuando pensas que todo se va a arreglar, sucede todo lo contrario. Una cosa que me gusto mucho, es que Xav y Crystal no supieron que eran almas gemelas hasta mucho después del comienzo, cosa que en los pasados libros pasaba enseguida. Aunque no se muestren tantas escenas entre estos dos, se puede notar que se aman. La verdad ame esta libro!
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164 reviews34 followers
November 10, 2016
Debo confesar el poco interés que me despertaba (y puede que así sea un poco todavía), pero con el pasar de los libros, poco a poco, me estoy encariñando con la flia Benedict y sus parejas.

En esta historia tenemos a uno d mis hermanos favoritos, el infaltable payaso de la familia. Y que decir, los chicos del tipo bobo son mi debilidad, Xav no iba a ser la excepción.

Amé mucho como se va formando esta pareja, amé que estos chicos se tomasen su tiempo para conocerse y enamorarse, todo sin tener esa presión de ser un savant. Lo cual lo hizo bastante mas real, creíble y bonito.

El desarrollo de toda la historia es demasiado predecible, pero a quien le importa, me reí, suspiré y la disfruté.

Era justo lo que estaba necesitando.
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689 reviews344 followers
June 7, 2016
Nota: 2.5/5
Lo que me encanta de la autora es que, de momento, los libros de esta saga, a pesar de seguir una linealidad en la historia, cuenta en cada uno de ellos con unos personajes totalmente distinto a los anteriores y te aporta una historia romántica diferente -porque el resto de la trama sigue la misma estela-. Eso hace que a veces me gusten su historias y otras no, en este caso me ha tocado lo segundo porque el romance no me ha convencido y no me ha hecho engancharme, a pesar de que no puedo adorar más a Xav. No obstante, no me gusta por detalles de la historia, pero os animo a leerla porque puede que a vosotros os guste, a mi el segundo me encantó ;)
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2,853 reviews162 followers
June 28, 2015
Seeking Crystal has been my favourite story from the Savant world.
The story was kind of grabbing me and I really liked Crystal and her sister.

This book had the same flaws as the other 2 books of the trilogy. There is no chemistry and the soulfinder thing just doesn't feel like as special as it is supposed to be. The problems are solved way too easily.

I will finish this series at this point and will probably won't read any further books in this series.
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36 reviews1 follower
January 24, 2016
4,5 me lo terminé en un día y no pude parar de leer. Yo lo había dejado (porque el principio no me había convencido) y le pasó lo mismo a mi hermana, que le estoy diciendo que merece una oportunidad.

Me encantó dónde está ambientada la historia (Italia) y ver a los personajes de los anteriores libros.

Profile Image for Mirela P..
17 reviews
January 10, 2014
Поредицата ще ми липсва :) Светът на савантите е изключително магичен :)
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1,416 reviews131 followers
November 10, 2016
I´m in love with the Benedict family ♥

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712 reviews66 followers
October 21, 2017
Никога не съм предполагала, че романтична книга може да бъде толкова вълнуваща. От една страна главните герои имат супер сили като телекинеза, да спират времето, да виждат в бъдещето, да усещат опасности, а телепатията за тях е нещо напълно нормално. Все пак в доста от книгите, които чета от 50 до 100 страници в началото се отделят за въвеждане на читателя в действието и ситуацията, често дори само за описания и това за сметка на развитието на ситуацията. В "Кристал" Джос Стърлинг изпълва всяка глава с вълнуващи приключения и неочаквани обрати, които изобщо не са за сметка на прекрасните описания на Венеция, където се развива и самото действие в книгата. Има екшън сцени, в които Бенедикт се спускат от хеликоптер със ски, за да да щурмуват планински замък с единствената цел да спасят сродните си души. Този път злодеят не управлява международна мрежа от злодеи, но не е по-малко опасен, защото все пак е успял да отвлече 4 от сродните души на семейство Бенедикт и полицията е на негова страна.
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892 reviews43 followers
March 26, 2018
Deel 3 en daarmee het laatst vertaalde deel in deze serie. Wat een heerlijk boek weer! Blij dat ik deel 3 gelijk na deel 2 gelezen heb, anders had ik er vast weer 2 jaar overheen laten gaan, terwijl het juist fijn is om in het verhaal te blijven.

Een volgend deel, dus ook nieuwe karakters. Crystal is in het begin absoluut geen leuk persoon, maar naarmate je verder in het boek komt ga je haar steeds leuker vinden. Ook tof dat er in dit boek niet 1, maar 2 zielsverwanten gevonden worden. We leren Xav wat beter kennen en ik vind hem de leukste Benedict! Toch heb ik dit boek 1 ster minder gegeven dan deel 1, aangezien deze vooral heel voorspelbaar was. Zeker wel spannend en leuk, maar ik zag heel veel al aankomen.

Leuke afsluiter van de serie voor mij! Ik begrijp wel waarom enkel deel 1 t/m 3 vertaald is. Het is ook goed geweest zo.
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February 22, 2022
El contexto y desarrollo de la historia lo encontré un poco aburrido, no tenía tanta acción como los otros y el unir la trama enigmática con la película como que no pega, pero no fue terrible. La relación entre los protagonistas fue mi favorita de las tres, me pareció más real y fluida, además de menos posesiva, el que fueran amigos primero creo que ayudó.
Me gustó que profundizarán un poco más en el tema de la conexión telepática y las energías, aunque sigo creyendo que el mundo Savant tiene más potencial del que se le sacó.
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December 10, 2012
Crystal comes from a large family of Savants but she has always felt like a failure compared to her brothers and sisters, she is the only one who isn't able to communicate telepathically and she has the most useless Savant ability ever. The only thing she is any good at is finding things that people have lost - so she's the person who her family turn to when they lose their car keys but not for much else. Crystal has travelled to Denver with her sister Diamond for a conference arranged by the Benedicts and it is there that Diamond immediately recognises Trace as her Soulfinder and the couple are quickly engaged to be married. Back at their home in Venice Crystal is in charge of organising Diamond's hen party and she is in competition with Trace's brother Xav for who can come up with the best night out. Xav and Crystal have taken an instant dislike for each other but when the family come under attack and several of the Soulfinders are taken hostage it is up to the two of them to figure out how to save the others.

I'm a massive fan of this series so have been looking forward to reading Seeking Crystal for ages now and I'm pleased to say that it was everything I hoped it would be. Fans of the series are sure to enjoy this instalment just as much as the previous ones and I'm really hoping that this isn't the last we have seen of the Benedicts - please someone tell me there will be another book! The romance between Diamond and Trace does move incredibly quickly but as they aren't the main characters for this book I felt that was understandable. Especially when you consider that they are both much older than Crystal and Xav so have been waiting a long time for their Soulfinder to come along, knowing full well that they might never find them. It made sense to me that they would accept their relationship much faster, they are both confident in who and what they are and are delighted to find the missing piece of themselves.

Crystal wasn't always the easiest character to like, at times she could be very childish and I got frustrated with her and the temper tantrums she threw but at the same time I could understand why she was so upset. She has spent her whole life feeling like she is useless and when she finally finds something that she thinks she could be good at her family are completely against the idea. I did feel that Diamond and Trace could have done a much better job of explaining to her why modelling wasn't such a great idea but she worked it out for herself eventually. When things start to go wrong and Diamond and other family members disappear Crystal really does step up to the plate and show how strong she can be. I loved the developments with her abilities and think that will add a really interesting element to any future books we might see.

I really liked Xav, he could be cocky and arrogant but he often tended to put on an act and deep down he was a really nice guy. He knew how to push Crystal's buttons and went out of his way to irritate her but that was just his way of teasing the newest member of his family. It was obvious from the beginning that they were attracted to each other but not believing they were Soulfinders meant there was no point in pursuing things further. Xav's power as a healer makes him very protective of everyone around him, he wants to be able to keep everyone safe and finds it distressing that he was unable to stop his family members being hurt. I really loved the banter between Xav and Crystal, the way they constantly snipped at each other was fun to watch but they grew to respect each other when they started working together.

I loved the Venice setting for this story, the previous books were set in Denver and London so it was nice to visit somewhere different. I've never been to Venice (it's somewhere I always wanted to go) but the descriptions were so well done that it really felt like I was there and I was able to picture things very clearly. I have to say that the plot of Seeking Crystal was the best of the series so far, the story was fast paced, action packed and included some great new side characters. We also got to see some of the previous characters which was nice although the circumstances didn't allow us to catch up with the girls as much as I would have liked. I loved getting to see the Benedict boys all working so well together though, they certainly prove themselves a force to be reckoned with! I'd definitely recommend this series to fans of YA paranormal romance, I think you could probably get away with reading this as a standalone novel but personally I think the series works much better if you read them in order. If you've not already read Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix then you really don't know what you're missing.
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