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Sequel to Pretty Crooked...

Willa Fox was told to stay out of trouble. In fact, it was an order from a very serious juvenile court judge.

However, that was before Willa found her house ransacked and a mysterious email from her mother telling Willa she had to leave Paradise Valley for a while and not to come looking for her. Willa knows her mom’s in danger and that no one at school will miss her after her recent sticky-fingered stunts with the Glitterati. So with the help of her pal Tre and with her degenerate crush Aidan as her wingman, Willa violates her probation and hits the California highway in search of her mom.

But when Willa and Aidan’s journey turns dangerously criminal and they wind up being the focus of a national manhunt, they realize it’s sometimes easier to escape the law than the truth—and that everything Willa thought she knew about her mom, and her life, was wrong.

Pretty Sly is Elisa Ludwig’s fast-paced sequel to Pretty Crooked, the second book in a trilogy that’s pitch-perfect for fans of Ally Carter. With a daring heroine who has one-of-a-kind spunk, a roller-coaster Bonnie and Clyde romance, a thrilling mystery, and a shocking twist ending, this book will have readers rooting for Willa as she makes the wrong choices to do the right thing. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the series conclusion.

336 pages, Hardcover

First published March 18, 2014

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About the author

Elisa Ludwig

9 books344 followers
I'm the author of the PRETTY CROOKED trilogy (HarperCollins) and COIN HEIST (Adaptive), now a Netflix Original film starring Sasha Pieterse. My story "About You Now" is featured in the forthcoming anthology BEHIND THE SONG (Sourcebooks). Visit me at elisaludwig.com, @ElisaLudwigYA and www.facebook.com/ElisaLudwigYA.

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8 reviews1 follower
March 28, 2014
Since Pretty Sly is the second book in the series, I figured Willa’s story would develop as it usually does in middle books, but that I’d have to wait until book #3 to see any revelations or big things happen. That is SO not the case with this book! I obviously won’t say what I found out, but I was so pleased that the book ended with a bang with enough resolution to tide me over for the conclusion in Pretty Wanted. loved it.
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4,727 reviews1,278 followers
July 20, 2016
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)
This is book 2 in the 'Pretty Crooked' series, and kicks off where book 1 left off.
**Warning – some unavoidable spoilers for book 1 'Pretty Crooked'.**
Willa has just come home to find her house trashed, and her mother gone, and she's not sure what to do.
When she then receives an email from her mother saying that she's left and not to try and find her, Willa decides to do exactly that – not only violating her own terms of probation, but also dragging her remaining friends down with her.
What has happened to Willa's mother? Why is she running? And what from? Can Willa find her? And will she like what her mother has to say when she finally finds her?

This was an interesting sequel, and I did think it was slightly better than 'Pretty Crooked', although I still didn't agree with a lot of Willa's thoughts and ideas.

Willa continued to have some pretty strange ideas in this book. In the first book I didn't like how she thought that stealing from someone rich and giving it to someone poor was the 'right' thing to do, and didn't think she was really thinking rationally, and in this book, she continued with this slightly deluded way of thinking. Just when she'd say something and I'd think that maybe she was starting to feel guilty over her actions, she would then say something to totally contradict that.
It kinda floored me how she felt that she should be proud over her stealing, and then later followed this up with 'Stealing was wrong. So wrong. But it was so exciting.' - I think she maybe has a little adrenalin addiction forming there.

The plot line in this one was quite different to the plot line in 'Pretty Crooked'. While in the first book Willa was doing a Robin Hood impression, in this one she was more focused on finding her mother, and so we got more of a Bonnie and Clyde kinda thing going on. While this storyline was a change of pace, it still bothered me that Willa thought that what she was doing was just as important as what she had been doing in the first book, and even claimed that she was 'just doing what she needed to do to survive'. I'm sorry, but I don't buy that for a second. She could have done what her mother suggested and just leave her be, she didn't need to violate her probation, she didn't need to start stealing cars etc. so I really don't see how she can call what she was doing 'surviving'.

There was a bit of a twist at the end that I didn't see coming, but again Willa's actions confused me. While the news that she received was shocking, her resulting actions – to continue to evade the law, seemed a bit like flogging a dead horse. Quit this behaviour already! Try staying on the right side of the law for once! What do you really hope to accomplish now? Who are you saving? What are you going to call what you're doing now?
Overall; a slight improvement on the first, but this girl has some seriously dodgy morals.
6 out of 10.
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562 reviews51 followers
April 12, 2015
Very different from the first book! This one contained much more suspense and action. Fans of Ally Carter's Heist Society series might enjoy this book. Again, the writing wasn't the greatest, but the story brought fun and adventure! Overall 3/5 stars; I'll be reading the next book.
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631 reviews265 followers
March 5, 2014
(I read this as the early early ARC that had the old cover, so I'm unsure whether it was significantly changed or not!)

I loved reading Pretty Crooked last year--it was sweet, it was cute, and it had an undercurrent of sinister happenings that undoubtedly perked my interest. In Pretty Sly, we explore those happenings and we discover that things are a lot more complicated than we thought and a lot more dangerous.

Pretty Sly starts off right where Pretty Crooked ended and things go crazy from there. Suddenly Aidan and Willa are on the run from cops in four states and, surprisingly have a fan club. And that's one of the things I really loved about this! Even though it isn't shown halfway throughout the book, the fact that they had a Facebook page and a Kickstarter and all these crazy things made me LOL so many times! It was another one of the cute elements that managed to sneak itself into the more dangerous plot and that's one of the things about it. Even though Pretty Sly should, by all means, be a thriller, it somehow ended up being as cute and hilarious as the first! And that's not a bad thing at all!
There were so many other things that made me laugh and giggle and I just loved it all. They were just little things like Willa leaving little notes behind and getting a free slice of cake or something and, even though technically they were so absolutely unrealistic, it just made the book so cute I couldn't help but fall in love with it!

Willa went through quite a bit of character development, though I'll admit--she did get on my nerves once in a while. She honestly didn't seem to have a plan and didn't seem to always understand how much the others were risking for her. But she was an amazing character who was hilarious and snarky and pretty much made my day! (We'd totally be BFFs.)

Aidan, oh Aidan. I never will know what runs through that boy's mind--but I'm sure it'd make me swoon and drop dead at his feet. He's sweet and cocky, charming and he knows it. I loved him so much and he's by far my most favorite character. He's a swoony love interest that was so sweet towards Willa and was unbelievably protective. He did make a few stupid decisions sometimes, though, but then again, who doesn't? (Or am I being blindsided by my love for him. Darn, not again.)

The plot was quick paced and I absolutely loved it, being whisked from one place to another quickly and never having a dull moment. It's an intense ride that you can't help but be sucked into and with all the twists, it's a ride you have to pay attention to! I couldn't predict anything and their next step was always surprising. I was anxious throughout the book, so sure that they'd be captured and locked up the next chapter in.

Pretty Sly is a thrilling sequel that absolutely must be read! I'm in love with the fluffy, yet enthralling and suspenseful feeling that Elisa Ludwig manages to capture and can absolutely not wake for book three! I need more Aidan! And Sly Fox. But mostly Aidan.
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33 reviews3 followers
April 7, 2014
About The Book:
Sequel to Pretty Crooked...

Willa Fox was told to stay out of trouble. In fact, it was an order from a very serious juvenile court judge.

However, that was before Willa found her house ransacked and a mysterious email from her mother telling Willa she had to leave Paradise Valley for a while and not to come looking for her. Willa knows her mom’s in danger and that no one at school will miss her after her recent sticky-fingered stunts with the Glitterati. So with the help of her pal Tre and with her degenerate crush Aidan as her wingman, Willa violates her probation and hits the California highway in search of her mom.

But when Willa and Aidan’s journey turns dangerously criminal and they wind up being the focus of a national manhunt, they realize it’s sometimes easier to escape the law than the truth—and that everything Willa thought she knew about her mom, and her life, was wrong.

Pretty Sly is Elisa Ludwig’s fast-paced sequel to Pretty Crooked, the second book in a trilogy that’s pitch-perfect for fans of Ally Carter. With a daring heroine who has one-of-a-kind spunk, a roller-coaster Bonnie and Clyde romance, a thrilling mystery, and a shocking twist ending, this book will have readers rooting for Willa as she makes the wrong choices to do the right thing. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the series conclusion..

What I Thought:

Willa finds her home ransacked and raided. Things everywhere lay destroyed, but the only thing missing is her mother's painting fortune and her mother. She was told to stay out of trouble by court order, but she must find her mother. With only her mega hot crush, Aidan and the clothes on her back, she makes her way along the California Highway. The trip soon becomes very dangerous, people trying to harm them coming left and right. Being the center of a police manhunt can be fun, but not when you are looking for someone. As the police close in, Willa must sort threw it all and find the truth even if it means her mother was in on it the whole time. As her life starts to come crumbling down around her feet, she is faced with one question. Who can she really trust?

About The Author (the author's own words):
My debut young adult novel PRETTY CROOKED (Katherine Tegen/HarperCollins) was released in March 2012, and the sequel, PRETTY SLY, is out in March 2014. COIN HEIST, a YA thriller, is out in June 2014 (Adaptive Studios). I live in Philadelphia with my husband and son.
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243 reviews20 followers
March 14, 2015
What I liked: The stakes in this book were raised as Willa and Aiden travel and break probation to find Willa's mom. What started out as something she had to do to bring her mother quickly turned into something much bigger than I was expecting. This book takes several steps back from the possible Robin Hood retelling that the first book was and spins it into a different story entirely. While before she thieved to balance power in her school, now she's thieving to survive. Willa never let anything slow her down or stop her, doing whatever she had to and I was surprised when Aiden stepped forward to help her and break his own probation in the process. That's loyal friendship, especially when you consider that Tre helped them too. Plus, the twist! It was definitely something that I hadn't even expected from Willa's mom, and set up what was going to happen in book three, where Willa and Aiden head to where this entire mess started. This book kept me guessing, and there were a few moments scattered within that really made me smile because I hadn't expected them, and at least one was a throwback to earlier in the book and that amused me greatly!

What I didn't like:I don't get why so many people stand behind her in this book since she's broken her probation and is basically fleeing from the cops. I understood it in the first book, everyone loves an underdog and what she was doing was, while illegal, a good intention. She wanted to help, and though she went to an extreme I wouldn't have, I understood why she did it. So I just couldn't put together why so many people backed her unless they were still cheering her on since her trial had just ended recently and the Sly Fox deal was someone those people wanted to cheer on for whatever reason.

Overall Review: I was glad to see how the characters changed in this book. While its not by a whole lot I did see it by the end because of how everything has changed them, Willa especially after learning about what happened to her mother. The romance between Willa and Aiden is realistic because while she's trying to understand how she feels for him, finding her mom is her first priority and that's really the main focus for this story. There are a few surprises, and one big twist to this story none of which I expected but I was really glad for and I ended up really liking this book!

Recommend?: A great second book I really can't wait to start the third and final book to this great trilogy!
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4,843 reviews294 followers
August 2, 2013
Reading this book early is one of the perks I love about being a Book Blogger as I get to recieve ARCs of books months before they are published and it makes me feel overjoyed and special :), the other awesome thing is that it means I don't have to wait as long to read the next book in the series.
At the end of Book #1 we read as Willa Fox was revealed as the "thief" who had been stealing from the rich and giving to the poor - a modern female Robin Hood. We also noticed the involvement of the FBI , her mother acting strange and some seriously angry guys who tore apart Willa's house. Now in Book #2 Willa's mum has disappeared and along with her friend Adam - the pair of them are about to break parole and head across the Americas to find her mum as she has a bad feeling about this. How is the FBI involved and who is her mum running from ? Along the way , we read as Tre and Cherisse her friends from Book #1 join in on the escapade. Can Willa be as Sly as a fox and outwit everyone who is after her ?
Pretty Sly will definitely give you some shocks with twists that you definitely don't expect near the end of the book and will make you look at Willa and her mum Joanne Fox in a whole new light. Due to the way it ended , I look really forward to reading Book #3 as I can't wait to see where Elisa takes Willa on her journey of self-discovery.
Pretty Sly is definitely worth reading, but I would advise if you have not read Book #1 yet. This is one series that you REALLY have to READ IN ORDER otherwise YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND what is going on.
11 reviews
April 22, 2014
In the book "Pretty Sly" by Elisa Ludwig, the main character Willa Fox is the bad girl in town. She has robbed from her "best friends" to give to the less fortunate. She goes to jail and learns her lesson but doesn't regret anything. But when she comes home and sees that it's wrecked everything changes.

When Willa Fox finds out that her mother has left her, she decides that she has to go find her. She already has a record and she is on probation which means she can't leave town or do anything against the law. She risks everything and looks for clues that would lead her to her mom. Aidan, the love interest has gone with her to look for her mother. Her mother was a painter and when her mother left her a key to a storage locker Willa finds out that she never sold her paintings which made her wonder how they got to live in a rich neighborhood. She looks through the storage locker and finds ten thousand dollars. Her and Aidan hot wire a car so that they wouldn't be traced. They go along by breaking into houses and go through so many adventures to find Willa's mother.

I recommend this book to people that like adventure and suspenseful books. Personally this book was a really great book. It kept me at the edge of my seat.
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676 reviews75 followers
August 5, 2012
A fast-paced, clever sequel, "Pretty Sly" answered my questions and then left me with more! This is the perfect series for fans of "Pretty Little Liars"; Willa is Nancy Drew for today's teens!
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6,907 reviews31 followers
June 25, 2015
Man, this was a really great book! Different from the first, of course, but in more ways then a typical sequel, and yeah, enjoyed that a lot, and I can't wait for that last book!
1 review
March 31, 2014
Loved this book. Many poignant moments. I needed to review Pretty Crooked to remember the characters. Fast paced and kept my attention. Looking forward to the 3rd in the series.
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607 reviews30 followers
August 31, 2018
Pretty Sly picks up right where Pretty Crooked left off, as Willa attempts to figure out what's truly going on with her mother's disappearance, and along the way, will end up questioning everything she's been brought up believing.

Willa Ford has had an eventful few weeks. She's been busted for the petty theft she'd been pulling over on her rich classmates, and her antics have made national news. In fact, they've even gone so far as to give her a nickname-The Sly Fox. However, none of the drama she's been through can prepare her for the reality that her mother has taken off without any explanation, and Willa has no choice but to try and find her to figure out what's truly going on. There's only one big problem-Willa's probation dictates she's not allowed to leave town, and she's pretty sure her mother is definitely not in Arizona.

Thank goodness she has friends to depend on to help her with her criminal plight, and Tre and Adian already have a plan-the former will help her and the latter steal a car, and be on their way to road trip it up to wherever her mother has disappeared to. Unfortunately, plans never go the way we want them to, and soon Willa and Aidan will have no money left to fall back on, the police hot on their tail, and the discovery that the answers they're looking for are much more sinister than they ever could have originally thought.

I definitely appreciated the fact that the writing style of this second book was much quicker paced, and held my interest from start to finish. The mystery unfolding between the pages was well rounded, intriguing, and kept me guessing right until the big reveal as to what on earth could possibly be going on. I'm also thankful to report that Aidan's character grew on me in this one, and I was finally able to see more of what Willa's fascination was with him, although I honestly still think I prefer Tre. The ending was not what I was expecting, and definitely has me intrigued enough to want to pick up the last book, which I wasn't expecting considering what my low opinion was of the first book after I finished it.

However, it's still not a series that's big on my priority list right now, and that's mainly because I stand by the implausibility of the premise. I mean, Willa and Aidan are two young teenagers, both with their first criminal experiences freshly under their belt, and yet they're managing to evade law enforcement, and break into houses with state of the art security systems. I really wish the plot line had been written in a way that made it seem more real. However, it's definitely better than the first book, and for that I bumped it up a star rating.

Final Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

I'm still not sure if I'd personally recommend this series or not, but I'll see how I feel about it once I read the last book in the trilogy.
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103 reviews
May 27, 2014
I won this book as an ARC on Goodreads, but it’s already out now… so I guess its no longer an ARC review. I wanted to read and review it before it came out, because this would have been my first ARC review, but I had other reviewing obligations. So here we are, a week or so after it’s been published.

“Sly Fox” acquired her nickname after a Robin-Hood-like stealing spree from her boisterously wealthy friends in a private prep academy. Willa Fox now finds herself faced with the tantalizing aspect of returning to school after her sentence, but she doesn’t get that far. Her mother, a modest artist, left Willa without any indication of why– just a note saying goodbye with some money. Sly Fox isn’t the type of girl to leave a mystery like this unsolved, so she and her (almost-sorta-kinda)boyfriend Aiden grab a car and head to the destination of their first clue. The trials and tribulations of solving a mystery and being a fugitive is a lot to handle, and Aiden and Willa jump through some narrow hoops to find her mom.

This is a sequel to Pretty Crooked, which, I’m assuming, is about the beginning of her criminal life with the stealing spree. Now, as a well-known criminal, Willa goes on a road trip adventure to save her mother. The book combines mystery, crime, and contemporary in a first person perspective.

Firstly, from the start, I couldn’t get over how far-fetched the whole things seemed. I reminded myself over and over that it is fiction. The logical problems of Willa’s adventure are almost too much to ignore, but I still enjoyed reading about the over-the-top dramatic trip, because who doesn’t love a good criminal mystery?

But, everything seemed extremely… corny. The style didn’t quite fit a first person teenage girl all the time. It jumped from somewhat normal narration to cliche teenage thoughts. Very cliche. The whole book– romance, characters, plot, dialogue– is one big cliche moment. I rolled my eyes at parts and had to physically put the book down and do something else.

I also feel like Ludwig promotes breaking the law in these books. Now, I know I’m going to sound like a cranky old lady who bans books for fun, but it seemed to me that Willa is praised and idolized for no reason.

I think she has a fine reason for breaking laws; she’s finding her mother (though she could have done it in a safer, less dramatic way). The people, especially fellow teenagers, cheer her on and help her throughout the novel, but they don’t know why she’s breaking the law. She’s casually on the run and stealing on the way, and everyone is excited! Sure, the whole Bonnie and Clyde thing is appealing, but for all the civilians know, she’s doing these illegal activities for all the wrong reasons.

I feel like I just bashed this book, so now I’ll tell you all the wonderful things I loved as I read.

The writing is fun and easy to follow; there’s never any confusion and the story flows very well. It isn’t a grueling read or a tough book, just entertaining.

The character chemistry is very realistic, despite the unrealistic setting. Aiden and Willa have ups and downs, and they’re still nervous and shy around each other. Willa tries to juggle being wanted, finding her mom, and liking Aiden all at the same time, and the reader feels just as overwhelmed as she does. During their fights, Willa is just an ordinary, irrational girl lashing out at Aiden because of all the other stuff on her plate. Despite the trust issues and added strain, the romantic tension in the book grows with every passing page. The reader roots for Willa’s achievement of her goals as well as her relationship.

There is a bit of a love triangle going on (I won’t spoil anything), but I think that’ll unravel in the third book.

And finally, the plot twist is unbelievable. If you think you’ve seen it all, just wait until the ending! It certainly matches all the melodramatics the rest of the novel carries.

Overall, Pretty Sly is entertaining and easy, but the plot is too unrealistic and cliche.

More reviews at Stealingpages.com
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482 reviews45 followers
October 3, 2015
I received a copy of this novel for review from the author, so I really wanted to love this novel. And I really tried to love it. I did not love this novel. I did like it. But I wasn't dying to sit down and read it, keep me up late at night, that kind of read. And here is why (I think). The novel jumped all over the place trying to be two different types of novels and it never really married into one novel. At times Willa was in love with Aiden. Cow eyed, stars in the sky, head over heels in love with Aiden. Yes, it's insta love. But I believe when you're being chased by cops and thieves and the FBI and breaking all kinds of laws that it adds to a heightened sense of feelings. There could be no feelings at all between them when the story is over. There is just this desperation right now that Willa feels and Aiden and her had something kindling before the trouble in this book started. And then, Willa does a 180 and decides she can't trust Aiden because he has these secrets and he won't tell her what they are and she reads his text messages which puts her in a tizzy. Really, if you aren't prepared for what might be in the text message, DON'T READ IT!

I know this isn't my format I usually use but it just doesn't work for this review.

The other novel, in this novel, was the straight up mystery. Now that was a good story. I couldn't imagine why Willa's super protective mother would leave her alone at the age of 15. She was supposed to live with Cherise's family. But Cherise wasn't speaking to Willa. And did she ask Cherise's parents? Who does that?
Apparently Willa's mom. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Ludwig does a great job of leading Willa and Aiden (sometimes others) on a scavenger hunt for clues as to where to find Willa's mom. All, of course, while evading the police, homeowners who they "borrow" from and a very persistent FBI agent.
Oh and the bad guys. This was the story I loved. The clues, the near misses, the friends that helped at their own peril, the pain and suffering. Yes, Ludwig really abused Willa and Aiden. I could see them in their final destination looking for Willa's mom Joanne. Ludwig does a fine job painting the scenery for us.

And then Willa turns into the girl that can't decide if she's in love with Aiden or not. She becomes this whiny, ungrateful baby. Honestly I thought she was eight instead of fifteen. She became very unlikable at that point, which was almost the end of the story. But as I reflect back, I don't think I ever liked Willa that much. She's like a dog on a bone her focus is so intense trying to find her mother and everyone else's world becomes nonexistent to her. The things she whined about and the reasons she gave for disliking Aiden after liking him for so long, very childish. I realize she's fifteen, but on this adventure she needed to grow up and she didn't. Granted she had some rather shocking blows, but her ungratefulness just really took the cake. (Though she was only whiny and ungrateful for a very small portion of the novel and it was at the end, it finally made it click what my problem was, I don't like Willa.)

So despite suffering from multiple novel syndrome and unlikable main character, there is some great writing to be found in the novel. There is some light romance. Sometimes it's heavier, but it's always PG.
Some humor. A great mystery and the set up for the last book which will include the final mystery- just who is Willa Fox??
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426 reviews9 followers
April 9, 2021
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Hotly following on the heels of the events of Pretty Crooked, the next story in this contempory Robin Hood-esque invention goes a step further than petty thieving.

STORY: Staying out of trouble and accepting her punishment is something 15-year-old Willa Fox is willing to accept as she knows not just how badly she messed up by thieving from her wealthy classmates, but also the disappointment she caused her mother. Only trouble now is her mom has disappeared and though she’s been told by her mother no to follow, Willa cannot seem to stay behind without answers. Despite the parole violation she will raise by leaving, she again falls into old habits with the assistance of her friends including her crush, Aidan Murphy who just happens to be willing to take to the open road with Willa in pursuit of finding her mother.

Pretty Sly, by Elisa Ludwig | Book Review

Everything about the first novel really sets up the sequel. From the bread crumbs of secrets about to Willa’s foray into criminal mastery, the set-up is unavoidable. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of road trip stories as they tend to bore me. However, this reads even better than the first. That said, Willa is a sometimes-hard-to-like heroine, but at least here, there's a better reason for her wild side. Vulnerable and worried over a future, she sets out to fight for and protect that future only to set in motion a series of events that she never could have foresee.

For the most part, this is a fun, quick read. The cute guy is a bad boy who doesn’t fall into the same stereotypes (he’s got oodles of secrets, yes, though I don’t think they're going to pan out as being of the norm). Irrespective of Willa's personality who isn’t always the most endearing titular Robin Hood (although as she’s only 15, this sort of excuses some cluelessness), though I like the people around her. This includes her friends and the occasional appearance of a certain FBI agent. Ludwig does a good job of upping the premise of book two, and makes us guess what will go down (even though readers can surmise the big reason for the mystery, all of the little things leading up may throw up for a loop). Instead of staying in a rut and going stale which promises to keep things hopping to roll into book three. It’s been a long while since there's been a more fun pair of on-the-run crooks in a long while!

CONTENT; there's a few innuendos and one kissing scene is a bit suggestive, some profanity including sh*t, h*ll and some minor crudities. Willa and Aidan break into homes while on the run, steal cars, etc.

Sincere thanks to the author, Elisa Ludwig for providing a complimentary ARC copy of this book for reviewing purposes.
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579 reviews8 followers
March 5, 2014
I was so excited to get my hands on Pretty Sly. When I’d first read Pretty Crooked, it was so opposite from all the paranormal and dystopian novels I'd been reading a lot at the time. It won me over immediately because of its fun premise and moral stand against bullying. Granted the heroine, Willa, went about things rather illegally but who doesn’t love a story about the underdog sticking it to the Glitterati?

Now she and Aidan are on the run. Her mom has disappeared, leaving a cryptic message and a ton of cash. Of course Willa won’t heed her mother’s advice to lay low and not look for her – ever met a stubborn 15 year-old? So feeling that she herself is not safe in their house after coming home to it ransacked, Willa and Aidan with a little help from Tre decide to piece together the clues to get on her mother’s trail. Naturally there are many obstacles in their way and as much as she shouldn’t, Willa has to resort to her “Sly Fox” ways in order to survive and press on. It’s a mixed bag of feelings for her – on the one hand, she’s appauled and feels guilty that she has to break in to homes and steal cars while she’s on the run. On the other, a small part of her enjoys the thrill and notoriety she’s receiving. When their pictures are splashed all over the news and they're labelled as rich kid runaways glamorizing an errant lifestyle , Willa and Aidan know that they have no time to waste.

It’s been a while since I’ve read Pretty Crooked but I do remember enjoying it very much and taking to Willa. In this one, I was a tad bit annoyed with her. I know, I know, her mother is gone, she’s on her own and she’s in trouble. She has every right to be whiney but many times it affected her reasoning. And she wasn’t helped by her growing feelings towards Aidan. In those instances, I was reminded that she’s very much a fifteen year-old girl and shouldn’t be in this ridiculous predicament in the first place. It’s unfair of me to expect her to be some sort of high-end, stealthy spy in total control of her emotions. When she does finally get her stuff together though, it’s the Willa that I remember. And it’s on!

Pretty Sly is just as fun as its predecessor with more at stake. And even though she and Aidan are breaking the law to find her mother, she does intend to right every wrong she creates along the way. That’s one of her most admirable traits which makes Willa a fun, flawed and socially responsible heroine to enjoy!
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267 reviews10 followers
April 16, 2015
RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

In Pretty Crooked, we met fifteen-year-old Willa Fox as she stole from the rich kids and gave to the poor ones at Valley Prep high school. In this sequel, things have escalated beyond high school theft. Willa is now infamously known as the Sly Fox, with her own fans and paparazzi to boot. Not only has her life been thrust into the public’s eye, but her house has been ransacked and her mom has disappeared leaving only a mysterious note. Her friend/crush Aiden offers to help, and they end up both violating their probation and skipping town in hopes of finding her mother. Now on the lam, Willa soon realizes that not all is as it seems and they are in far more danger than she ever could of imagined.

Full of mystery, sweet teen romance, road trip adventures, and nail-biting suspense- Pretty Sly is a great sequel! I enjoyed it better than I did Pretty Crooked, because the events of the first book were really just leading up to what happens in this one. Things get way more interesting as Willa delves deeper into her past and learns more about herself and her family. The only thing that holds me back from loving these books is that the characters were simply too immature and petulant for me to like. That being said, I thought Aiden was the perfect partner-in-crime for Willa—cute, persistent, and up for anything. Willa was again hard to like, but I found her to at least be a little more tolerable than she was in the first book (probably because I sympathized with her more). I can’t really say a lot more without spoiling things, but I will say that this ending will surprise! I am definitely anticipating the next and final book in this trilogy.

Just as with the first, Pretty Sly was a fun quick read. If you’re looking for a lighter YA that will keep you guessing, then you should try this series! I look forward to getting my hands on book #3, Pretty Wanted.

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March 30, 2014
OUT's Review

Before starting this review, I would like to mention that you are required to read the first book of the series, Pretty Crooked. The book will provide you a solid background of what is going on while reading Pretty Sly, which in my opinion; it was a bit more thrilling than the first.

Pretty Sly is an adventurous book. Will Fox also known as Sly Fox, is in search of her sudden missing mother. As you learn from the first book, Willa is currently on probation. So escaping from her probation is really not a good idea. Along with her hottie crush, Aidan, Willa takes a dangerous journey in which it will lead her to the truth to her past along with trouble with the law. As Willa uncovers the truth about her mother, her life is changed upside down.

Although I was having a very hard time getting into the book, I really like the plot twist of the story. I like a good mystery in a story. And I liked how Pretty Sly provided you some clues for you to piece it together. Yet when you get to discover the truth… Yeah, I think you will like the twist of the story.

Overall, Pretty Sly is a fun and adventurous story. I really like how Willa acts without thinking – such a very free spirited. She is kind and headstrong. And I cannot wait to learn what Willa will do next on the third installment of the series.
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June 24, 2014
2.5 stars
Fast-paced and action packed; the literary equivalent of a summer popcorn flick. Readers who can suspend disbelief will enjoy going along for the ride. The book acts as a natural bridge between the first and final installments in the series. Fans of the first book will be happy to see the plot picked up right where it was left and will be on the edge of their seats to see how things work out for Willa and Aidan in the pending finale. While the plot of the first book (Willa acting as a modernized Robin Hood, stealing from her rich friends to buy clothes for the scholarship students at their ritzy private school) was flimsy and borderline silly, it’s clear that it was just training for the situations Willa would find herself in for book two. This time, her cause is closer to home, which leaves her decision making skills a bit more manic. Outside of the plot, nothing much else developed. The characters stayed flat and predictable and the two main characters continued to flirt while breaking into homes and speeding down the highway in hijacked cars. The mystery at the center of this story is just as over the top as the rest of the action, but this fluffy, quick read makes for enjoyable summer entertainment.
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July 12, 2015
Fast-paced, great action, killer plot twist. It's got everything going for it, including interesting characters. It did annoy me how much she thought about Aidan though... It almost seemed a bit unrealistic given the danger they were in. I would have thought love would be on the back burner in such a situation, but I suppose I don't really know. Haven't been in their shoes. It's almost crazy to think that Willa is only fifteen, because she seems so much more mature (although I don't agree with all her choices) beyond her years, to be so quick-thinking and independent.

I really admire her mom (or, really, sister, I guess) though. At sixteen and having to come home to see her mother killed and having to assume responsibility over her little baby sister... Come on, no kid wishes for a life like that. She had to give up so much to protect her little sister and live life on the run... That kind of bond is crazy strong, and then to think that they probably won't get to see each other again for a long, long time... I almost wanted to cry. I understand Willa would have been thrown at the shocking news, but I wish she'd given her sister more credit.

Anyways, an absorbing read. I read it all in two sittings.
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February 28, 2019
Language – PG-13 (55 swears, 0 “f”), Sexual Content – PG; Violence – PG
Going back to classes in her rich private school after being released from juvie is a difficult situation for Willa to be in. Add in a ransacked house and a missing mother to the stares in school and homework is the last thing on her mind. In a whirlwind of decisions, Willa and her friend steal a car and hit the road to find Willa’s mother, but it comes with uncovering truths better left untouched.
At the end of this book there is an obvious continuing to a sequel, but I do not feel compelled to go read it. While following Willa on the run is an exciting idea, it seemed to me that she was just doing the same thing over and over again for the entire middle chunk of the book. I could have easily read the beginning and the end, or simply stopped reading fifty pages in, with the same amount of satisfaction that I got reading the whole thing.
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February 25, 2015
She's baaaaack! Willa's back and on the move to find out what the heck happened to her mother & why the FBI is involved. I personally think she's a little nutso for breaking the conditions of her parole to track down her mom, but I suppose that's the perk of being a fictional character--you can break the rules, save the day, and end up with a nice piece of man-candy on your arm.

There's definitely some twists and turns in this novel (some obvious, others that subtly creep up on you) that keeps the narrative moving and the pages turning. It's interesting to see Willa's battle with her emotions as she tracks her mom over the western United States, and does so in the company of a particularly handsome troublemaker we came to swoon over in Book 1.

Thankfully I read this book in January, so waiting until March for the final piece of the puzzle isn't terrible. I definitely recommend this one!
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August 11, 2014
I started this book and then left it for some reason and then started it again yesterday because I couldn't fall asleep. Oh boy was that the wrong thing to do. I ended up reading it all in one go and did not get any sleep. -_-

I forgot pretty much everything that happened in the first book so it was a good thing this book throws you into the action straight away. We pick up from where the first book finished and Willa sets on a journey to find her mama soon after.

It was really creepy at times, I was proper fearing my life, well um Willa's life.

Oh and the twist at the end? I totally totally did not see that coming. I was expecting some sort of a twist but that one completely blinded me.

The only thing I was not completely on board with was the ending. It was not as great as the first book's one. Now, that was a great cliffhanger.

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March 12, 2013
While I found Pretty Crooked to be pretty flawed, the setup of the book made it worth seeking the sequel out. On one hand, the book is an improvement over the first as the plot is more concise and there's a good deal of action. On the other, I still found it somewhat difficult to care about the proceedings on a whole, and that was kind of a stopper for me. The idea of the two teen fugitives becoming folk heroes was a fun diversion, however, so there is that. I don't think I'll be seeking out the conclusion, in any regard.
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August 24, 2016
Had the good fortune to receive a copy of "Pretty Sly" via the GoodReads Giveaways.
I found the story line to be unique and intriguing. While I found the characters to be interesting, I wish they were a little more well rounded. That aside I enjoyed the book, and Elisa Ludwig's writing style. A worthwhile read :-)
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June 19, 2014
The tension just wasn't there like it was in the first book and I think this book falls prey to the sequel slump in that nothing really happens. I also think people will be disappointed with the Willa and Aidan relationship because it doesn't really change from the first book. Probably won't pick up the third book.
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