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Starbound #2

This Shattered World

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The second installment in the epic Starbound trilogy introduces a new pair of star-crossed lovers on two sides of a bloody war.

Jubilee Chase and Flynn Cormac should never have met.

Lee is captain of the forces sent to Avon to crush the terraformed planet's rebellious colonists, but she has her own reasons for hating the insurgents.

Rebellion is in Flynn's blood. Terraforming corporations make their fortune by recruiting colonists to make the inhospitable planets livable, with the promise of a better life for their children. But they never fulfilled their promise on Avon, and decades later, Flynn is leading the rebellion.

Desperate for any advantage in a bloody and unrelentingly war, Flynn does the only thing that makes sense when he and Lee cross paths: he returns to base with her as prisoner. But as his fellow rebels prepare to execute this tough-talking girl with nerves of steel, Flynn makes another choice that will change him forever. He and Lee escape the rebel base together, caught between two sides of a senseless war.

394 pages, Hardcover

First published December 23, 2014

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About the author

Amie Kaufman

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Amie Kaufman is a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of young adult fiction. Her multi-award winning work is slated for publication in over 30 countries, and is in development for film and TV. Raised in Australia and occasionally Ireland, Amie has degrees in history, literature, law and conflict resolution. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and daughter, their rescue dog, and an extremely large personal library. She is the host of the podcasts Amie Kaufman on Writing, and Pub Dates.

You can sign up for her newsletter to see what she's working on, hear when she releases a new book, and be automatically entered for giveaways: https://amiekaufman.substack.com/

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January 1, 2015
This review (and others) can be seen in all its proper formatting glory on my blog Beauty and the Bookshelf.

Or 3.5 stars...but probably 4 stars.

Note: You might be okay reading This Shattered World without reading the first book in the Starbound trilogy, These Broken Stars. You may understand things for the most part, but you'll see spoilers for the first book, which is why I'd recommend reading it first. This review shouldn't be spoilery, but I'll be mentioning some minor things from These Broken Stars, so be wary!

After reading These Broken Stars late last year, I was eager to see where the series would bring readers next. What I didn't know at the time was that the Starbound trilogy is composed of companion novels; in other words, each book would be about different characters. I, like many other people, was disappointed; I wanted more from Lilac and Tarver. And while I am still a little bummed there's not more from Lilac and Tarver (though there is a bit of them in a novella), I am not, however, disappointed with these new characters.

This Shattered World is not like These Broken Stars. While the first book really only had two characters, the sequel expands into a whole new setting, myriad people included. Welcome to Avon, a newer planet that's terraforming isn't changing, is filled with military personnel (who can be overcome by something called the Fury), and has pushed its natives to live out in the swamps. While there's a ceasefire between the military who basically took over the planet (the rebels call them trodaires) and the Fianna (the rebels/natives), it's a fragile egg shell, close to falling over a wall and not being able to be put back together again. But when Fianna Flynn Cormac (whose executed sister was a leader of a huge rebellion ten years ago) gets onto the military base and decides to kidnap Captain Jubilee Chase so she can answer some questions, enemies become frenemies become maybe something else, and things on Avon change.

It's hard to review this and not make comparisons to These Broken Stars. While I think I liked that book and characters more (I mean, come on, Lilac and Tarver started it all), I'd say I liked This Shattered World's story more, and I definitely liked Flynn and Jubileee. (The names in this series are A+++, and when we learn the names of the characters in the third book, I'm probably going to have to go buy six living things of some species and name them after these characters.) This Broken Stars was more romancey and full of a serious slow burn romance and really packed on the feels. This Shattered World, on the contrary, is crueler and harsher, with a definite romance (this is, after all, the Starbound trilogy), but there's more than that. This has some serious inner world-building, showing us what certain things are doing to not two people stuck on a random planet, but to a bunch of people living on one that's actually inhabited. It's not what I expected, but I like how the books compare and contrast, and who knows what the hell Kaufman and Spooner are cooking up for the final novel. (NO COOL-NAMED MAIN CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED TO DIE.)

Being almost four-hundred pages, This Shattered World could be considered a lengthier novel, but it doesn't read like one. These Broken Stars had some slow spots, but this lacked those; things kept happening to keep the story flowing. (Or maybe I just kept waiting for something to happen because I was expecting it and oh my gosh why don't characters just do what I tell them to?) This books read fast and is engrossing, and it rarely, if ever, bores. It's got a lot of action, whether it's physical or some meticulous planning. It has two likeable POVs that do not ever annoy. Flynn and Jubilee both have their strengths and weaknesses and differences, but they have one very important thing in common: they care for their people, and they have a strong desire to protect them. (And also that they are totally meant to be together, ship ship ship.) Jubilee's pretty much a pure badass and a fighter, while Flynn fights with words and is more of a subtle badass who's searching for peace. (Badass + Badass = Badass Power Couple, just saying.)

I really liked this book (and this is yet another review inaccurately show that, I know). I wouldn't say it was shattering, but it was good. I'm a fan of the setting and plot and how we got to see a whole new world in this Starbound world. (Though I still don't know if I fully get what was happening in those bits between each chapter.) The characters were strong, the villain(s) vile, and the storyline filled with bits and pieces and some not-nice things. And the story goes fast. When I had twenty percent left I had no idea how on earth the book was going to end. No idea. It's not very predictable, which is a bonus. I knew what I wanted to happen and I had some inklings elsewhere, but for the most part, I had no idea what was going to happen as the story progressed. And when the book ended I didn't want it to, because I wanted more. This Shattered World was a nice insight into the Starbound trilogy, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Kaufman and Spooner whip up next. (If you read the acknowledgements, you'll see where the series is going next!)

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, and that in no way sways my opinion of the book.




That is very upsetting.

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April 20, 2017
At first I wasn't sure I was going to like this book. I was thinking it was okay but I am also sick today on my birthday as some of you know and was dozing in and out so that could be it too.

For some reason I was thinking this was going to be a book about the people that were on the planet from the first book. The people that were there before Tarver and Lilac crashed. Noooo, it took me over half the book to figure out that wasn't it at all.

Jubilee (Lee) is a Captain on planet Avon <-- I can't stop thinking about beauty products. Lee is there with a crew to try to get rebel colonists under control. Avon is a terraformed planet, apparently there are a bunch of them.

Flynn is one of the rebels and he captures Lee with luck because she is bad to the bone and most men and women are afraid of her. But they talk and he finds out some things that Lee didn't even know about and he keeps talking about a building that he has seen. . . that isn't there! <-- these books will mess with your mind.

Lee and Flynn try to think of some ways they can get a ceasefire once and for all and get things right with all of the people. But there are reasons other than what's going on - going on <-- don't you love my reviews! :-D

THEN, awhile later, Tarver and Lilac come into the picture! I was so happy and that is when I figured some things out. You know like it being another planet and some other stuff that I'm not telling you.

So far, I have enjoyed the first two books. And I'm loving all of the book covers!

I did love the first book a lot more than this one though. I hope I love the last book and that it's even better than this one!

MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List
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Want to read
August 28, 2015
WAIT WAIT wait...so that's it?




GAHHARRRWURBLEEFOIEJ *indistinguishable noises* *froths at mouth*


*These Broken Stars Review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

*follow for more reviews
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August 15, 2020
All the stars beyond the clouded skies of Avon!
That’s how many this series deserves.

This story is the definition of “beautiful”!

I loved the characters, the plot, the turnarounds, the ties to “These Broken Stars” (both characters from the first book, squee!) – it was, simply put, alluring and edge-gripping and absolutely perfect!

THIS SHATTERED WOLRD does not give you time to think about it, you just dive into it and stop breathing until you reach the last page. But trust me, you will feel like you’ve reached that one way too soon. I, for one, could never have enough of this story.

“These Broken Stars” and “This Shattered World” are very similar and, in the same time, completely different. You can feel them as part of the same series and the writing is just as wonderful as before & it flows just as effortlessly, but they give completely different vibes and the settling here is quite the opposite from the first book:

The characters are in their world, surrounded by their people, interacting with them and feeling somehow secure inside their territories, but there is the same amount of struggle to survive, to find the truth, to find a way out together.

The intrigue is just as good as before, only this time the action kicks from the very beginning, and there are very few ‘slow’ moments. So, make sure to take a deep breath, because there won’t be time for another.

The romance is sweet and realistic. Yes, there is some amount of attraction from the very beginning (who would complain about that?), but the actual feelings come into focus gradually, at a very slow pace - they start trusting each other, they become allies, they both struggle with what is right or wrong and, in the end, they give in to their feelings.

There is as much character development as there is action. Both, perfectly well done.

Flynn is witty and caring, Jubilee (aka. Lee) is strong and determined. He wants peace and freedom for his people, she needs to keep order and to seek revenge. They are from different worlds (just the way Tarver and Lilac were), from opposite sides of this senseless war, still they are perfect for each other.

Flynn usually tries a more peaceful approach and uses violence only when it’s needed or if there’s no other way (which is a little ironic considering how they met), Lee is that kind of person that punches you in the face first and asks questions later.

The title is also perfect, Avon is a shattered word that needs mending, a world split in two that needs someone from each side to put it back together.

I loved this tory and I adore this series. Hope you will as well, when it comes out. Now I’ll go re-read the first book.. again.

Happy midnight reading!

* Read the full review here.
** ARC received from the publisher.


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January 2, 2015
This book is the reason why I love the universe and space opera; there is just something about countless stars, planets, and moons that is absolutely romantic to me. The opportunities to get to know other worlds and situations while still retaining the things that make us human (and by that I mean the cultures and values we hold dear here on Earth) is definitely an interesting mix... because it's so different while still so familiar.

I mean, can you picture it? Mankind progressing so far technology-wise that we've conquered the stars and the galaxy; that our stories now go beyond that "blue dot" we call home; that our humanity and the things that make us us get to meet and understand and learn from creatures and entities that are unimaginable. This Shattered World definitely made me feel that, and damn, was it awesome.

Some may see this book as a romance between star-crossed lovers, or an action full of guns a-blazin' between two sides who are at extreme odds with each other. While I recognize these genres mixing themselves beautifully here, I see this book mainly as an intimate peek to what truly defines humanity. I'm tempted to write an extensive essay about all the things that make me feel that way, but that would mean writing a "passionate" 25-page document and I doubt anyone has the time for that. But I'll try to talk about les feels as briefly and as concise as I can.

Reading this book was a beautiful experience. The writing was simply magical and it captured the plights of both sides of the war splendidly, weaving into words the inner feelings and emotions of the individuals who have been continuously fighting for causes they absolutely believe in. It broke my heart to see so many people suffering in this book - not only the rebels who have been forced to hide in their own planet, but also the soldiers who were only following orders from authorities who only have their own interests at heart, and not of the people who live in it and risk their lives everyday.

Even though this is set in an extraterrestrial planet, I loved how these voices mirrored the ones suffering in real life, making me more sympathetic to those who are fighting day after day just to survive. I can't even imagine it, having to face death and grief everywhere you go, as the characters in this book did. I felt that the emotional turmoil Jubilee "Lee" Chase and Flynn Cormac went through here were realistically-done, as they were frustrated and agonised over the fact that people kept suffering and there seemingly having no end to a pointless war, to the point that I also felt the sadness and torment being stirred inside me, too. I really owe my being emotionally-involved to the writing. It was vivid and full of honesty and rawness that effectively transports the reader into the book.

But the best part in this book for me will always be that scene with the otherworldly being. It opened to me a perspective that was so life-changing and existential. This is what I like about this book a lot. Yes, in many ways, it relates to us a story that mimic how we humans have fought for centuries and millenias, but it also goes beyond in a sense that we also get to think about what humanity means as a whole in the grand scheme of things, in the bigger picture of the universe. It really made me appreciate myself and our kind a lot (and you all know how much faith in mankind I lose everyday because of the fucked-up shit we do and are capable of doing).

It's like looking at the sky and singling out a star. Individually, each star is unique. Each star is in a place of its own, giving out light that is both lethal and life-giving. You can single out each star in a sky and find something interesting in every one of them. But start looking at the sky as a whole, see the stars as a whole, and what you will find is an enchanting picture of all the stars twinkling together. 

And it's such a mind-blowingly beautiful imagery that when I finished this scene, I actually cried. Either I'm sentimental and sensitive as fuck or I'm becoming crazy for possibly overanalyzing a seemingly deep scene.

All I'm saying is: humankind, I hate you and I love you at the same time. I'm horrified that I'm stuck with you and have to be associated with all the atrocities and awful things we have done and can do and will do, but at the same time, I'm glad to be in this universe with you altogether, because you make me me and I'm here today because of the fights we as a whole have fought for our own survival.



Of course, I'm not going to end this review without at least commenting on the romance... I didn't really make this a priority, because while I admit Flynn has stolen my heart (oh, how I wish I were Jubilee!), the romance took a backseat in this one for me as I focused a lot on the messages and meanings this book wanted to send.

I loved the romance as it was slow-paced and that was really cool. I loved how their scenes were nicely interweaved with the main storyline and how they found themselves and each other through the things they went through and experienced together. It made their feelings more natural; the butterflies in their stomachs and their urges to touch each other even "justified" (because, hello, why would I want to hug or kiss someone who I barely know and who tried to kill/kidnap me?!). I loved how their feelings for each other were so obvious to the reader but they themselves took time to realize it.

But if I had to complain about something, it would be the fact that side characters kept on telling the main characters that they were fallin for each other. This one pissed me off a lot. I was confused on how people outside the relationship would know Person A has fallen in love with Person B, even before Person A has realized his feelings.
"You've fallen for her."

"You know that he has fallen in love with you, right?" 

WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SAY THAT. JUST, STOP IT. LET THEM REALIZE THAT FOR EACH OTHER. And seriously, it's already so obvious to the reader that it's useless to keep telling us that. As if the continuous "confused feelings and emotions" they kept having were not enough.

But aside from that, this book was perfect. It made me excited, and sad, and tormented. It made me think about our space in the universe and how it would be wonderful if we could teach the human spirit and what makes us human to creatures and entities that no doubt exist out there, somewhere. I can't wait for the third book now! (I have a feeling it will be about Sofia. Haha.)
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April 19, 2018

The Starbound Trilogy is The Illuminae Files’ more subtle, a bit more refined big sister. I could definitely see a pattern here. This Shattered World takes place in the same world as that of These Broken Stars, virtually the same setting and nearly the same plot (although I still very much prefer that of the first book) except this time, the characters are different. This is basically the same with Gemina and Illuminae.

I admit, I’m a little disappointed which was exactly how I felt when I learned that Gemina wasn’t mainly about Kady and Ezra. Lilac and Tarver, I shipped from the very start of the story but Jubilee and Flynn, I feel kind of meh for their ship. I mean, I could move on even with them not ending up together.

With the mentioned similar patterns, obviously I kind of found the second book a bit predictable and thereby losing the feeling of suspense and sense of adventure while reading and thus the three stars. Still, the writing is undeniably simply beautiful and the characters are not hard to like. I’m not sure though if I would still read the third book since its predictability rate is probably going to be a hundred percent.
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September 14, 2017
Rounded down to 4,5 stars

this is the second book of Starbound series.
This storry tells us about a girl ( Jubilee chase) and a guy ( Flynn Cormac). Who shouldn't have supposed to fall in love.

Jubilee is captain of forces sent to Avon to crush rebellious collonist, she doesn't have parents anymore because they both died when she was a kid.
She's a fearless girl and she's an expert at fight

Flynn Cormac is a rebel, the one who made him like this is her sister's death.
he had a sister but she was executed when he was a kid, and he becomes a rebel because the terraforming corporation is never fulfill their promises on Avon, they promised them a better life for their children and decades later he leads the rebellion but he's a different rebel, he is a wise guy he doesn't want a bloodshed. He wants to get what he wants through a peace way.

My Opinion about this book.

if you like the first book of Starbound series then I'm sure you're gonna love this book because when I finished reading These Broken Stars, I didn't want to read anything else except Tarver and Lilac but I really wanted to know the ending so badly so I decided to read the second book and this was what happened to me.


Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner are very very genius, this book is better than These Broken Stars.
So, I want to say if you like the first book but you haven't read the second book because you're not ready to let Tarver and Lilac go, you really really should to calm yourself and read this book because you'll see Tarver and Lilac again but you might probably forget about him because of Jubilee and Flynn, because that's what happened to me.


I'm serious, you guys have to read this book because once you read it, you can't resist it anymore.

The Romance

Wow, I couldn't even describe it, all I can say is this is a slow burning love and the romance is really really sweet and you might probably will cry when you read this book because this book is so beautiful, so so beautiful.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves reading Sci-fi/ Fantasy series with slow burning love and there're no love triangle in this series.
thanks for reading my review about this book!! <3 <3
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November 21, 2014
Well, well, well, colour me surprised. This trilogy just chucked a Days of Blood & Starlight and went straight in for the raw, gore and desperation of war. Love story, this was not. We’re in deeper, darker terrain now. And I loved it.

The thing, for those who’ve yet to read These Broken Stars, that you must know with the first book in this trilogy is that it was a love story; tragic, desperate and bounded by socioeconomic barriers, it was the tale of two most unalike souls being brought together. For those sensitive to the presence of love in YA, the romance was a little hefty, especially considering the fact that the world building was a tad lacking (which is always disappointing in a sic-fi). But for most, the romance was perfect. Lila LaRoux and Tarver encompassed your classic play on the hate to love trope. You can’t go wrong with that one and we all fell deep into its grasps. And so, for many, it would naturally be assumed that This Shattered World would welcome yet another ship for us all to pour our hearts and souls into. And since we’re all picky as heck nowadays, we want the “hate to love” to be repeated, only not because we also ironically crave creativity. And you know what? Creative Kaufman and Spooner were.

You see, while we get yet another “enemy turned lover” tale, This Shattered World isn't simply a followup to the romance that we fell in love with. It’s got its own merits, trust me, but I feel as though it’s my duty to forewarn you all: if you’re here to swoon then pull down the expectations a tad. You’re not going to get an earth shattering play by play of your favourite trope. To be honest, the romance was relatively light, considering the fact that the blurb promised a “story of love”. The dominating main clause of that sentence is arguably “a world torn apart by war” (granted, I may have close to no idea what I mean when I say “clause”. Thanks school.) The fact is simple, we’re exploring the darker consequences of playing God, as opposed to simply playing tongue hockey.

You see, while I enjoyed the whirlwind of a romance that was These Broken Stars, I always felt as though it was missing something. With science fiction, and ethereal settings such as foreign planets and boundless plains such as space, you want to bring your A-game when it comes to world-building. Without it, you’re doomed. Honestly, 6 out of 10 of us readers are rather ordinary at science (or in the case of me, purely horrendous at it but that’s for another day), and so we want to be shown, convinced, consumed by this foreign universe. This Shattered World offers that and more. We have phenomenal world building. We get backstory, motive and a little more sense of our surroundings. If that’s what held you back from connecting to These Broken Stars then you’ll most likely enjoy this one.

But of course, what I want to desperately discuss is the portrayal of war. Kaufman and Spooner have touched a soft spot in my heart. I get particularly sensitive about the grey lines between right and wrong in a war. War, and its multifaceted nature, is always a difficult subject to broach and more often than not, it is portrayed unfairly, favouring one perspective. Kaufman and Spooner make a fantastic effort to explore all the sides of a war; those who believe that they’ve been wronged, those who believe in wronging for justice and those who prefer to remain ignorant to all the wrongs. We explore all the walks of life in this tale and all sides are given a chance to voice an opinion. For those who know my stance on endings and justice, I’d say that this one is inclined towards it. We’re given a chance at retribution; there are no loose ends in that instance. But, in conjunction to my personal opinion, the retributive element was a tad convenient. That being said, it was present and it will please.

In terms of characterisation, we get a refreshing new set of characters. Jubilee Chase is the epitome of a soldier; it’s all she knows. She is resilient, loyal and rational. Flynn Cormac is a rebel, the brother to the former leader of the rebellion; he is a fighter who wishes to utilise the art of words as opposed to weapons. And while the two are opponents, they are ruled by a common desire: to seek the “truth”, salvaging it from a toxic, suffocating web of lies. Naturally, as The Starbound Trilogy favours a bit of romance, something develops between the two. But it burns slowly. Sure, it’s not my favourite type of slow burn (those exist? They sure do. I like my slow burn with a heck of a lot of wity banter. These two were not exactly well-versed in the art but I do forgive them.) I appreciated Jubilee’s natural progression towards romantic feelings and while Flynn had a proclivity to harbour emotions that were a tad heightened, they were balanced out by Jubilee’s rationality. And we end it with a satisfying, “could be”. That’s one of the winning factors of This Shattered World, the fact that we’re not force fed romance, we’re shown that there is potential for that and so much more growth and development. It mirrors reality and is a fantastic lifeline for the audience, especially in a science fiction tale. And that is so incredibly rare nowadays, especially in the overpopulated sea of fiction where the quickie romance is favoured.

I will mention that the names were a tad alternative. But then again, when is YA ever anything but hip, trendy and forward in the art that is names. We have Jubilee Chase. Jubilee, like the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. That’s all I could imagine throughout the course of this book and I will admit, it did throw me off. Flynn Cormac also goes through quite the name transformation. Readers must keep in mind that he goes by three aliases; Romeo, Cormac and Flynn. Now, I’m not saying that it’s the world’s hardest thing to remember but it can be cumbersome for many. Sure, the nickname I understand, but the progression to last name, out of no where, and then its complete abandonment, come the last quarter, in favour of the given name confused me a tad. But hey, that’s trivial.

For all those who wonder: yes, we get a cameo from Tarver and Lilac. Yes, they are the same loveable pair from the first book. But they’ve come a long way, matured into their voices. And while it may come as a shock to many, I rather enjoyed this progression.

This Shattered World is a fantastic followup to These Broken Stars and has potentially taken this trilogy onto a new course: one destined for something more profound than purely just love. It’s grittier; the themes darker, the war deadlier and the stakes are higher. Corruption is pungent and against the backdrop of such an ethereal setting— space and its boundless, unlimited possibilities—it is all the more haunting.

Many thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
589 reviews1,029 followers
January 19, 2015
I have a giveaway on the blog to win one paperback of This Shattered World!

One day I plan to kidnap Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner so they can come and write books for me to read for the rest of my life.

Let me tell you now: this is not a sequel to These Broken Stars. That's right, This Shattered World is a companion novel set in the same world in which we follow two seemingly dissimilar main leads, Jubilee Chase and Flynn Cormac. Jubilee is the perfect soldier and she knows it: strong, resilient and a total all round badass. She's the captain of most well equipped and strongest force in Avon and well...with great power comes great responsibility. (Sorry I had to say that.) As for Flynn, he's the brother of the former leader of the rebels, and now it's his job to take over his sister's stand. In terms of characterisation, Kaufman and Spooner do not fail to serve. Lee and Flynn complete each other and both of them had such brilliant backbone and authentic-ness. In a war strewn world, these are exactly the kinds of characters you expect.

These Broken Stars is arguably a love story about two star-crossed lovers, whereas This Shattered World is not. We make a turn for the better into a world of war and terror and lies and everything has become evidently darker and more plot-driven. The atmosphere these two authors create is truly something special and utterly unique. And this is all because how bloody fantastic Kaufman and Spooner's prose is. Yes, I'd call it 'purple prose' (I honestly hate the term, though) but it's never over embellished--it's equal parts raw and intense.

The romance takes the back seat in This Shattered World and lets the world building and plot take over. And honestly, I'm not complaining. We still get a lovely share of swoons and beautiful chemistry, but here, it's more about the war and the lies and horrors and twists that come with it. Seriously, I loved it all. Also, I'll add that we have a Tarver and Lilac cameo. They actually do have a part to play in the plot too, which made everything even more epic.

Kaufman and Spooner are seriously cooking up some brilliant magic. The stakes are raised, the characters are even more fantastic and the extraterrestrial backdrop that these authors continue to expand all combine into one perfect novel. Highly recommended for all sci-fi fans.

~Thank you Allen and Unwin Australia for this copy!~

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May 31, 2020
Nachdem Band 1 für mich schon eine ganze Weile zurück liegt, war ich ganz froh, dass man hier mit zwei neuen Protagonisten und auf einem neuen Planet durchstartet. Die Verknüpfung zum ersten Band fand ich trotzdem sehr genial gelöst muss ich sagen. Denn wir treffen in diesem Buch auch wieder auf Lilac und Tarver und wir lernen hier auch schon unsere Protagonistin Sofia aus dem letzten Band kennen. Die Protagonisten mochte ich genauso sehr wie unser Paar aus Band 1. Auch wenn die Gefühle hier doch etwas zu kurz kommen hat mich das nicht zu sehr gestört, da die Geschichte von Seite 1 an so spannend war, dass ich ganz froh darüber war, dass die Lovestory nicht im Vordergrund stand.
Das Buch war wirklich die ganze Zeit über spannend, weshalb es allerdings auch keinen richtigen Spannungsbogen gab. Im Gegensatz zu Band 1 erhalten wir hier auch ein paar mehr Infos und Hintergründe. Trotzdem bleiben noch sehr viele Fragen offen, die hoffentlich das große Finale beantworten wird!
Der Schreibstil der beiden Autorinnen hat hier wieder viel Spaß gemacht. Die Geschichte wird wieder abwechselnd aus Jubilees und Flynns Sicht erzählt und vor jedem Kapitel befindet sich eine kurze Traumsequenz beschrieben. Was es damit auf sich hat erfahrt ihr wenn ihr das Buch gelesen habt ;)
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February 10, 2017

As far as star-crossed lovers romance goes, this book is amazing. But (and I can't believe I'm saying it) the romance itself wasn't strong enough to suck me into the story. I wanted more world-building, more politics and more background info about characters. It was all touched lightly while romantic tension took the lead. And in my humble opinion, story suffered because of it. Simply said, This Shattered World lacks the epicness and high-stakes plotline that I would expect from sci-fi novel. All the good stuff happened towards the end of book and if it was not such a good end of book, I would rate this probably even lower.

In This Shattered World authors created ruthless, deadly and stone-faced heroine. I loved that, it was something that is not used very often in YA genre. But giving us her POV from very beginning kind of negated that and ruined her initial reputation. I was hoping that there would be space for big character development when it comes to Jubilee. But all I got was heroine who pretends to be something she is not and zero character development. Imagine if Darth Vader's reputation was just that, a reputation, and he was a big insecure softie from very beginning. Wouldn't that be boring? But I digress.

All in all, this novel taught me that delicious haters-to-lovers romance itself can't make the book for me. Banter itself doesn't make great book for me. Not when I don't love characters or when in detail world-building is missing.

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May 13, 2014

The people in these Starbound covers really need to get a gravity stabilizer, because jeez, twisting your arms around like that cannot be healthy.

*narrows eyes* Wait a second...


Is the guy in the cover the same one from These Broken Stars cover...only flipped around and with different clothes?

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September 26, 2015
Another star-bound adventure and two new protagonists to fall in love with! Jubilee was great, Flynn too. I think I enjoyed it almost as much as These Broken Stars. This book is what you THOUGHT the first book was going to be when picking it up and looking at the cover, if that makes ANY sense. I know These Broken Stars ended up being more of a survival story more than a space adventure and before it came out, the hype it was getting made it seem more like a spaceship/outerspace type of book. This Shattered World felt more science fiction to me in theme and plot. If you loved These Broken Stars, I definitely recommend This Shattered World and I can't wait for Their Fractured Light in December!
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January 7, 2015
glad this was my first book of 2015 :) it was super fun, and while I didn't love it as much as Book 1, I still really really enjoyed it. great characters, and Flynn is just adorable. can't wait for the 3rd book!! I wonder who the next star-crossed couple will be...and of course, hoping to see Tarver and Lilac again. They were adorable in this 2nd installment, even though we didn't get to see them much!
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March 18, 2020
*3.75/5 stars*

I honestly have no idea how to rate this book. It's between 3-4 stars.

While this story was very enjoyable and fast paced read, it wasn't quite as good as These Broken Stars. I also felt a bit disconnected from the story and its characters at times (I missed the wit and laugh out loud humor that was between the duo in book one) - Though, I loved how Jubilee was such a tough, kickass gal and I 1000% admired her! The ship in These Broken Stars definitely remains my favourite from the series. But it's interesting to see that in TBS I loved Tarver's POV more, in this one I preferred Jubilee's. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they're both kick-ass soldiers.
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February 5, 2014
So, I just finished THESE BROKEN STARS, and I want more. NEED more. Like I need air.

I'm sad it's not Lilac and Tarver, but I really liked that the first book was a complete story. It was so nice finish a book without a cliffhanger. But I'm also sad at the same time, because we're not getting another Larver (Tilac? Liver? Yeah, I don't know their couple name) story. But I'm happy at the same time.

But yeah, the sadness is still there.


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February 28, 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

My Opinion Of This Book: My, oh, my this book was beautiful.


Buddy read this with one of my best friends on here, Ginny, and we both LOVED this book to bits.

Writing a sequel as great as the first is super hard, but Amie & Meagan totally nailed it. I really can't praise this series enough, they're just such gorgeous books.

Captain Chase (Jubilee): Darn is Captain Chase one of the strongest female leads. Instantly, I loved her character. She's sassy, sarcastic, kickbutt, and would do anything for her men. That's a true captain right there, being loyal to her guys.

Flynn Cormac: Rebellion runs in Flynn's blood. He's not your typical strong man who's all about fighting, and that's what I liked most. Flynn, here, is more sensitive and see's that fighting isn't the answer, things should be settled in a peaceful way. He's got to be one of the most intelligent and mature characters out there.

The Plot/Storyline: I love how it tied in with These Broken Stars and we got some answers. This one was definitely more focused on politics and war so the romance wasn't that big of a thing, which was pretty cool. There's also a bunch of twists and turns that will leave you shocked!

Tarver & Lilac: For all of you who were wondering if Lilac & Tarver would make appearances in this one, THEY DO. A pretty big role too. Obviously Tarver is still and will always be my bae. He's so darn cute and *please excuse me while I go fangirl*

He leans forward. "Did you really call me in the middle of the night to stare at my bedhead?"

"Oh, I knew that was coming," he mutters. "Because I like the cushy lifestyle, Lee. You know me, I like my luxuries. Why the hell do you think I'm marrying her?"
[ ]
Merendsen just grins. "Because I'm in love with her, Captain. Because she's stubborn, and kind and strong and smart, and I don't want to go a day of my life without her, not ever again."

The Writing: The writing was so gorgeous. Meagan and Amie know how to work those dual POVs, and the sections in between the chapters? A few words: FLAWLESS & GENIUS. I love it.

"Why were you playing with them in the first place? You could have been very badly hurt."
"The boys were doing it. I'm braver than them."
"Letting yourself get hurt isn't brave, love. Brave is protecting others from hurt. I'm disappointed in you. "

The Romance: Like I stated before, the romance wasn't that big of a part, but it was still present. There wasn't any insta-love or love triangles (THANK GOSH, I'm so done with both of those things.) It was one of those slow-burning romances. You could feel their love for each other was real, and Flynn and Lee just even each other out. Who doesn't love that pair?

The Ending: Words cannot describe how great that ending was. Now I'll have to wait until December for the next book....if only it came out sooner, like tomorrow would be good, please?? I need that book in my life!

Do I even need to say about by now? These books are beauties, and yes, they're my favorites ever. Definitely recommend these books to all! :)

"Each mind unique, each thought created for an instant and then broken apart to form new ones. You don't understand the unbearable beauty of being you."
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February 26, 2016
This Shattered World by Megan Spooner and Amie Kaufman was brilliant. It had an excellent premise, a strong storyline and pleasant romance. The only thing that came in the way of that fifth star was the predictability.

Flynn and Jubilee are sort of like Lilac and Tarver, only here, unlike the latter, they focus more on saving their planet than kissing each other. The plot continues from the first book in this series, and we get closer to defeating LaRoux (Yay!). We also see the lovestruck couple from the prequel, and I have a feeling they're all going to work together in the next book.

4/5 stars
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August 5, 2016
Rebel Boy + Soldier Girl; reminds me of Day & June.
Can't wait for this. The summary sounds like my type of thing.

Update: 06/24/14
Okay, I'm still excited about this. Because you know, I love star-crossed lovers, but somehow the blurb sounds ... generic? And I'm not a fan of the cover.
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January 25, 2016
This is the second book in the Starbound series and although it was not quite as good as the first it was still excellent. It was certainly all action from the first page to the last and the romance took second place most of the time. Nevertheless Lee and Flynn made a delightful couple despite all the obstacles in their way. I very much enjoyed the brief visit into the story from Lilac and Tarver and hope it means that all four of our heroes might make it into book 3. Altogether a very successful middle book in the trilogy and I am really looking forward to reading the third one.
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May 31, 2020
I LOVED this when I first read it in 2017 and so I thought I could read it again, and what should I say? I loved it just as much. Definitely my favorite in the Starbound trilogy!
The writing style and pacing is amazing, super fast, just as I like it. There's so much action, you don't get a moment to take a breath. There is space, fighting, alien lifeforms, rebels, hopes and dreams and a conspiracy bigger than you would've thought at the beginning of this triloy.

And the CHARACTERS. Oh I love them. I love the enemies to lovers trope, I love the slow burn romance, and above all, I LOVE Lee Chase. What a badass woman! Should I ever be 'stuck' in some revolutionary fighting on another planet, I want her as my captain. I have such a crush on her. And I loved that finally, we don't have 15-year-olds as the main characters. No, Lee is 18 and Flynn is said to be about the same age, so that's still young but much more believable.

This Shattered World is a more than worthy sequel to These Broken Stars. It does a great job of bringing more light into the whole, big conspiracy. It takes us to a whole new planet that was very well described, it gives us two new amazing characters without forgetting about the ones from the first book (YES Lilac and Tarver are in this and it was so well done and I loved it)! Not a single page was boring and it really set the stage for the big finale.

5 stars, without a second thought. If you haven't read this trilogy yet, go and read it. If you're into ya sci-fi it's a MUST READ.
Original review (2017):
Oh.My.God. Give me a moment to think about this, and to appreciate this amazing piece of art.
It's probably pretty obvious, but I LOVED this book. It met all my hopes and expectations and I just couldn't put it down! I finished this in 2 days.

I loved the characters, both Jubilee and Flynn were perfect and there was also great character development. Their dialogue had me laughing out loud at some points. Lee was badass and is probably one of my new favourite female characters! The writing was gripping and exciting and I could picture everything I read in my mind, Avon became real for me while reading this book. Another great thing were the emotions. The desperation was so real, omg! This book made me feel something deep inside, which was something that didn't happen to me while reading for a long time.

I just couldn't stop reading, while at the same time I didn't want this book and Lee and Flynn's story to end. But it didn't end. These are characters that will live on, and I can't wait to get my hands on the final book in the Starbound trilogy!
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June 19, 2015
I was pretty skeptical going into this but equally excited because I LOVED THESE BROKEN STARS SO MUCH. I was scared my expectations and the second book curse would just make this disappointing, BUT this was the complete opposite for me! Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner have done it again you guys! THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. The plot/conflict was fleshed out even more from the first book. We find out so much more about the mystery of the first book and LaRoux Industries and the authors weave the new characters AND OLD! into this plot so effortlessly. I LOVED THIS. I love the conflict between the military and the rebels. I love that right and wrong is viewed in shades of gray in this book. OMG OMG. IF YOU LOVED THESE BROKEN STARS THIS SHOULD NOT DISAPPOINT. I personally highly recommend this book and series so much!
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