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Newsoul #3


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The Year of Souls begins with an earthquake—an alarming rumble from deep within the earth—and it’s only the first of greater dangers to come. The Range caldera is preparing to erupt. Ana knows that as Soul Night approaches, everything near Heart will be at risk.

Ana’s exile is frightening, but it may also be fortuitous, especially if she can convince her friends to flee Heart and Range with her. They’ll go north, seeking answers and allies to stop Janan’s ascension. And with any luck, the newsouls will be safe from harm’s reach.

The oldsouls might have forgotten the choice they made to give themselves limitless lifetimes, but Ana knows the true cost of reincarnation. What she doesn’t know is whether she’ll have the chance to finish this one sweet life with Sam, especially if she returns to Heart to stop Janan once and for all.

With gorgeous romance and thrilling action, the final book in the Incarnate trilogy offers a brilliant conclusion to the compelling questions of this fascinating world, where one new girl is the key to the lives of millions.

418 pages, Hardcover

First published January 28, 2014

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Author 23 books4,621 followers
July 13, 2013
The book (the ARC incarnation, anyway) is 418 pages. It has 33 chapters -- around 91,000 words.

It had 15 drafts major enough to get archived in my folder, including one complete rewrite and a 10,000-word false start. Only three scenes survived the rewrite. On page 332, Sam and Ana discuss wishing they could do something they can't, but did in a previous draft.

When I was writing the last 10,000 words of this book, I made my headphones play loud music in my ears (something I almost never do) and snarl-sobbed at my husband for asking if I wanted lunch. Now he just tiptoes around me when I'm finishing a book.

Update: Look what arrived!

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February 21, 2017
My review for Incarnate ---> here and Asunder ---> here.

This book's cover is my favorite out of all three. *_*

Thank God this series is over. I'm so happy I will no longer have to read about Ana's whiny crap and this boring as shit book.



yUP, Sunny is as confused as ever.

So I can't really say what this book is about without spoiling the entire trilogy for you guys, so let's just talk about all the horrible things about this book because there's nothing else to say.

I couldn't find a response that wasn't selfish or whiny.

●That is literally what Ana said. And that should basically sum up her character.

●There is no world building. I still have no idea about Heart and Range.

●I still don't know where the dragons, sylph and phoenix's come from.

●Boring as fuck.

●Whiny annoyng and stupid character's.

●No explanation for that ending.

●Did I mention boring as fuck?

Why do I like this kind of shit?

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January 11, 2014
I've been waiting for a year to read Infinite by Jodi Meadows, the last installment of the Incarnate trilogy. I wasn't disappointed. I received this ARC from Harper Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I award this book 4.5 stars.

Infinite by Jodi Meadows takes off where Asunder left us. We are taken right to the action with Ana and Sam, as they frantically try to figure out how to prevent Janan for ascending. Ultimately, a small group of them have to leave Heart to try to figure out their ultimate plan. Will Ana sacrifice her chance for love and happiness for the greater good of all souls alike?

I don't want to say too much in the synopsis, because this final installment is chock full of really great reveals that all of us have been wondering for ages. Let's just say that every character you've loved in this series gets their due. Ana really comes into her own, Sam continues to be one of the most loveable characters in YA, and other side characters come in different forms, which really enhances the world building.

I really felt the book came into it's own around page 100. It was good up to then, don't get me wrong, but after that point, it became increasingly difficult to put it down. I loved how we got to learn more about dragons, sylphs, and phoenixes. There is one particular reveal that I loved because I never suspected there was more to it. But Meadows never forgot, and it's pretty amazing.

I really liked the ending, but it almost seemed too perfect. That said, it was really satisfying and beautifully written, so I just went with it. If a writer can get my doubting self to just disappear, that's pretty awesome.

In a world chock full of ending YA trilogies, this one stands out. It started strong and ended stronger, with a great middle installment, so as a whole, it was really great. This is hard to do. I feel like several trilogies have failed on one book or another, or disappointed me in some way. The Incarnate trilogy didn't, and I'm thrilled to add it to my very short list of must read trilogies.

Overall, a fantastic and worthy ending to the Incarnate trilogy with great characters, prose, and plot twists. Everyone needs to get their hands on this book as soon as it comes out!
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Want to read
July 26, 2016
These have got to be the most gorgeous covers ever.


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May 31, 2016
It's been years since I read the first two books and I finally got around to finishing this series.
Even though it has been years since I read the second book, I found it really easy to slip back into the beautiful, creative world that Jodi Meadows has created. I love her writing style and her characters and I can't wait to read her other books.
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March 14, 2014
This book has to be my least favourite one in the series. It was just kind of...boring. There was way too much talking ane explaining and less, well, action. They just kept repeating everything. The few action scenes were good, but I got so bored with book that I lost interest. Yet, I kept reaeing because I wanted to see how it all ended.

The ending was actually nice. I liked it. But it wasn't really surprising.

All in all, this was a good series, even though this book was a little disappointing. But I would definitely recommend it to others.
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February 12, 2016
It's 1 am and I've finallyyyy finished this!

I am so in love with this whole series. Such great books.
I love how in this book we see and understand the role music has and how big of a part it has in this series. There's so much action and craziness in this last book I was always on my toes!

I am however upset about the ending.. (*le sigh)
Although the ending was great and beautiful and just what I would have hoped for for the characters, I guess I was just really hoping for a BANG. Hence 4/5*

Overall, lovely ending to a series.
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March 17, 2017
- first read 2014 • (July 27 - July 29)

I'm completely in awe with these books, second time reading them and I still love them just as much as the first time. the story it's completely captivating and original. the characters have such interesting backgrounds that I wish we learned more about them. and all these mythical creatures that appeared throughout the books, dragons, sylph, rocs, phoenixes, it was fantastic! also the ending wrecked me, I just bursts into tears. I do wish we got more after the conclusion but it's no biggie, I'm satisfied.
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April 30, 2015
I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

I had some issues with this book, mainly in the first half, but the ending was perfect for the series. :)

Oh, to review this without giving major spoilers.
I will try.

The first part. It just seemed so aimless. Like they were making up as they went. Which is fine… for the characters. But it also sorta felt like he author didn’t know where they were going, and that’s not cool.

The letter. So, at one point, Ana left Boyfriend and some other characters in the middle of the night to go on a Super-Secret Mission. And she left a letter. And that letter was just so… weird. It made me feel weird reading it. Like, why would you say these things LIKE THAT? It was just weird. And pretentious. She Signed it "Ana who Has Life". Yes, with the caps. and yes, like there she thought there was another Ana around that they would possibly confuse her with. And can we talk about the double meaning? the first line of the letter is :Please don't follow me." Then she goes on to use the next TWO paragraphs BEEEGGGGING Sam to follow her. I just... why would you write the letter like that? If it were I, I would far more succinct, and you know, NOT beg Boyfriend to come after me. Cuz that didn't work out at all.

The history. As it turns out, there was nuclear fallout or something and humans hid underground for hundreds of years and when they came out again, dragons and phoenixes had spontaneously EVOLVED. I don’t know about you, but I was perfectly happy thinking this was jus a fantasy world. Now, in fact, I have MORE questions. Namely, why would creatures from human mythology evolve instead of completely new creatures?

The latter part. Where everything came to fruition… but it was so weird and confusing. I felt like I was watching a bad Syfy original. Which, even I know they are cheesy and senseless and bad, I like them anyway (which explains why this part is also in the list of bits I liked).

Cris. I said in my review of book two I hoped some significance would be given to the weirdness that was Cris was Sam. None was given.

Stef. I also asked for Stef to become cool again. And, well… she sorta did, a little, towards the beginning… ugh. Not enough.

Explanation? What the hell happened to the other voice in the temple? That was NEVER explained!!! I WANTED to know! I’m still confused!

The tone. This book tried to be completely serious, without any of those humorous tropes from the first two books. It was like watching a toddler try to catwalk, except it wasn��t cute it just looked sorta weird and it didn’t really work.

The deaths. Yes, people died in this book. No, I’m not upset BECAUSE they died. I’m upset because I DIDN’T CARE when they were dying. I SHOULD care. But I didn’t. that is an issue. Now, I might have cared more if I had binged this series, read the first two back to back and then jumped into this one… but if I HAVE to do that, than there is a failure on the author’s part. Most people don’t have the time or the drive to reread the whole series for when the final installment comes out. If the author CAN NOT make you care about what is happening to THIS character in THIS moment… that’s a bad sign.

We met more CREATURES! In a complex fantasy world FULL of magical creatures, so far, we had only actually interacted with the sylph. in this book, we interact with centaurs, dragons, phoenixes… yay!

The history. Around the part where the author felt she had to justify the world, The Sylph got an origin story, so more background on Janan’s immortality plan and phoenixes…

The latter part. Once our characters get back to Heart, there’s action and everything comes to fruition and it’s really satisfying.

The ending. The Ending was sort of PERFECT for this story. Similar, in a way, to the end of Allegiant—in that the decision that Ana made was so her, a choice that if she hadn’t made it, she wouldn’t be Ana (which is how I feel about Tris’s choice in Allegiant). And then, at the end END, the hope there, for another life, the promise that everything WOULD get better even though they aren’t YET… I like promises as endings. It was perfect. Not a sad ending, not a perfect ending. Just happy enough. A promise. I was very satisfied.

SO, looking at those lists, there are far more things that I didn't like than I did. (which is why the star rating went down from four to three). But even though there were several issues and things left unexplained, that's sort of what I expected. Nothing else has really been explained up to this point, either, so... but it was a good ending to the series, and I am satisfied.
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84 reviews122 followers
December 6, 2013

The tears of joy won't stop!

The plot

Infinite takes place so there's no gap. Long story short Ana wants to stop Janan from descending because shit will go down if he does. What type of shit you ask? I can't tell you 'cause it's a spoiler. Just know that it will get BAD if he descends. Ana and her friends go out of Heart to find allies and creates a plan. By "creates a plan" I mean she literally guesses and has no idea what she's doing BUT it works so whatevs.

"-We are your army.-"
- pg. 131 in ARC

Hey, if it works it works! I wouldn't have a better plan.

Let's start with Ana

Ana is still living with the prejudice of being a "new soul" (sadly) and takes it upon herself to save the babies who are currently new souls. She hasn't stopped her insecurities and it hurts her through out the book. She's easily breakable and it's difficult to read about it… my heart goes out to her.

Here gurl. Take my heart, it's bleeding for you.

Ana is brave, a leader, smart yet kind of dumb - but then again being a leader is about taking risks for your team no matter how dumb it is. If your heart says it's the right thing to do then DO it. Through out the whole book I was cheering for her, she's such a likable character.

The steam, his touch, his kiss: they made me light-headed and giddy, in spite of everything that had happened not an hour ago. Safe in his arms, with only the sound of the shower running, I could forget about the outside world and the rest of our problems."
- Ana, pg. 13 in ARC

Moving on to Sam

Oh Sam, how I love you. You're so calm, collective, smart, brave, sympathetic, empathetic, patient, cute, and can play the piano like a mad man. Be mine?

In this book Sam has many obstacles he has to face that he's never done before. He used to live a safe harmless life and now that world is being turned upside-down. Even though his character should already be developed (he's 5k years old, how much more growing can someone do?) you see him change into a different person. Not knowing what the future holds can be a scary thing - especially if you've had a constant routine for 5k years - so reading about Sam and his friends going through emotions they've never done before was surreal.

"Even when we think something's an unwise idea, that doesn't mean we've stopped believing in you. I will never stop believing in you. What I said about believing you can do anything, be anything - I still think that. I still admire that you don't let others' limitations stop you. I love that about you. I love you."
- Sam, pg. 241 in ARC

Amen sistah!

The writing

The reason why I almost tackled the person who had this ARC is because the plot was just SO original. It has everything I want in a book: dragons, new creatures I've never heard of, romance, adventure, no love triangle (thank the LORD), characters I can relate with, exciting plot… the list goes on and on. Nothing felt slow, the writing was fantastic (nice editor Jodi *thumbs up*), there were twists and turns - some I DIDN'T LIKE 'CAUSE IT MADE ME TEAR UP!

You know it's a good story when you feel like crying for a character.

I was engaged the whole book. All around I give this a 5/5 stars and I can't wait to see what other books Jodi has up her sleeves. I want to thank the person who gave me this ARC… it's the best holiday present EVERZ. And now, I leave you with one of my favorite scenes:

"Ana?" Sam rasped. "What are you doing?"
"I'm choosing you."
"Wait, think about this."
"I am." I forced a smile as I knelt. "And I'm choosing life. I'm choosing you."
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July 22, 2016
After Reading: The answer to all questions...

Update on 26.2.13: I hope this is the end of the series, not because I don't like it (Because I do), but I'm willing to know the end of it all (Preferably a happy ending).

Update on 3.6.13: Another pretty cover! But still so far away! :/
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541 reviews29 followers
February 13, 2017
Ugh. It's over and I'm depressed. Seriously - this trilogy just got better and better with each book that came out. This book was just everything I wanted it to be and more.

Dragons. Lots and lots of beautiful dragons.

Epilogue = perfection.

Read Incarnate (Newsoul, #1) by Jodi Meadows , Asunder (Newsoul, #2) by Jodi Meadows & Phoenix Overture (Newsoul, #2.5) by Jodi Meadows before Infinite (Newsoul, #3) by Jodi Meadows comes out. Fantastic trilogy.

Also, I love Cris.

That is all.

Review originally posted at Step Into Fiction

If you have NOT read Incarnate & Asunder, please read with caution. There are some spoilers that were unavoidable. Proceed with caution . . .

While I want to talk about this book, I want to talk about something a bit more obvious. The cover. Actually, all the covers for this series. They're absolutely stunning. Seriously! How could you walk passed this book and not stop to admire it? Pick it up, see what it's all about and then, in turn, buy it. Now, while I love all these covers none of them are as great as this. When I was first shown this cover, I couldn't help but get all giddy (I hid it some since we were in the middle of Barnes & Noble) but it's so beautiful. The colors are what got me -it's my favorite colors blended in to one cover (blue, green & purple) - not to mention the feathers (which are important, as each cover has significance to each book). While I held the ARC in my hand, it's not the same as the final copy. I can't wait to hold it in my hands and who knows, maybe I'll hug it. I won't leave the rest out - we'll have a group hug.

Now that that is out of the way, let's talk about this book. It's actually hard for me to talk about this book because all I keep thinking about is the Epilogue. I've never read an epilogue that was done as perfectly as Jodi did with this series. Seriously. I went back and read it again because I loved it so much. Clearly, I can't talk details about it because it'll spoil this entire book for you and we wouldn't want that. But go read the book, come back here and gush with me about how perfect it was.

Cris is one of my favorite people from this series. He was introduced in the last book and I couldn't get enough of him. When he sacrificed himself for Ana, my heart broke. Not because we lost him but because he just proved how perfect he really was. He was giving up his life for a hopefully better life for everyone else, especially Newsouls, like Ana. It makes me tear up just thinking about it but when we thought that might have been the end of him, he pops up at the very end of Asunder as none other than a sylph. I squealed, I did - so I was REALLY looking forward to this book. There is plenty of him and yet, not enough. Sam and Ana even find a way to communicate with Cris and the other sylph's and it's beautiful. Everything about Cris and Ana's friendship is beautiful. Ana needs all the friends she can get when so many people in Heart hate her for what she is and what she took away from them.

Dragons play a huge part in this book and you can just imagine the thrill Sam has with this. The one thing he's most afraid of becomes something they need to depend on. But we won't go in to much detail about that because I'd rather leave that for you to come across on your own. It's quite fascinating, which shouldn't be surprising since it is dragons, afterall.

Ana and Sam face a lot of bumps along the way, not only with their mission but with their relationship. Many times I was on the verge of a breakdown because I couldn't take the tension between them - it was unbearable.

It kind of blows my mind how much happened in this book and how much fun it was to take this journey with these characters. I really want to go back and re-read this book and I think I might when I get the hardcover in (after I pet it, of course). This is another final book in a trilogy so if you've read the previous two, it's obviously one you don't want to miss. If you haven't, I'm sorry you read my review.

Thank you so much to Jodi for letting me borrow one of her precious ARCs. You, my friend, rock my socks!
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599 reviews629 followers
February 3, 2014
Check out Scott Reads It for more reviews!
I have a really bad history with series conclusions, for some reason, most conclusions leave me unsatisfied and extremely disappointed. I can probably count on one hand all of the series conclusions that I was completely satisfied with and Infinite is one of those books. Infinite is everything I loved about Incarnate and Asunder, plus it manages to address my few complaints with the series making this one of the best YA series conclusions to date. Infinite is a picture-perfect book with a to-die-for romance, a beautiful writing style, and an ending that hits all the right notes.

It really upsets me that I have to say goodbye to Heart, but it's been one brilliant journey. Jodi Meadows expands the world of The Range and brings readers to so many new locations in Infinite. The world-building is extremely thorough and I was so happy that we get the chance to meet some of the creatures that were casually mentioned in previous books. I won't specifically mention which creatures appear in this book because that would be spoilery, but I had been waiting for the Souls to interact with these creatures for so long and it was well-worth the wait.

As much as I loved the romance in Asunder, in Infinite Jodi Meadows has written an even better romance arc. I'm so thrilled to have completed a series where there is no love triangle and where the only love interest is a nice guy. I truly think that YA literature always undervalues the nice guy: it's always the bad boy who always gets the girl in so many novels and it's awesome to read a book where the protagonist falls in love with the right person. Sam and Ana are perfect for each in so ways and just reading about their relationship filled me with so much joy. Despite all the challenges they faced in Infinite, Sam and Ana remain true to each other and to themselves. Jodi Meadows has truly captured what love is with their characters and their romance is unbelievably beautiful. The romance in Infinite is so adorable that it will make readers believe that true love does exist in this world and that's not just a myth.

The plot of Infinite is filled with shocking plot twists and revelations that readers became accustomed to in Asunder. Infinite moves at an extremely fast-pace and there is truly not a moment where I didn't savor the plot. As readers reach the ending, there seems to be an endless string of twists and turns that I really enjoyed. As much as I would love to read more about Heart, Sam, and Ana, I'm extremely pleased with the way Infinite ends and I don't think Jodi Meadows could have ended it on a more perfect note.When I finished Infinite, I had a huge unrelenting grin on my face and nothing could stop me from smiling. Yes, I'm going to miss Ana and Sam, but their story will live on in the hearts of readers like me who won't be able to get over the Newsoul and her musician.

Infinite is truly a special novel and I really hope now that the Newsoul Trilogy has come to a close that more readers will discover this series and savor this beautiful romantic epic. I just have this inexplicable feeling that fans of Meadows will love the sweet conclusion to this beloved series and will agree that this was the ending we've all been waiting for. I'm extremely excited for The Orphan Queen and I have this unshakable feeling that Meadows is going to wow readers once again.
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March 17, 2015
This is a review for the entire Newsoul series. No spoilers.

The Scoop: Long ago, the world was destroyed by nature’s wrath, leaving few survivors. Most fled to the city of Heart, and for thousands of years afterward, these same souls have been reincarnated over and over again. They have new bodies but they remember their past lives. Janan is believed to be the god who has granted them the power of rebirth; his presence is felt in the walls of the city and within the temple found at its center. On the night the temple of Heart goes dark, an “oldsoul” dies for the first time and Ana, the first “newsoul,” is born. Everyone fears her, and many hate her, because no one knows what her birth means to their way of life. She grows up isolated from everyone else, until she meets Sam. They forge a bond through music and fall in love, but the world is not safe for her, and over time they learn the sinister truth behind the city of Heart.

Described in Five Words: Fascinating. Thought-provoking. Original. Uncomfortable. Romantic.

What You’ll Find Within the Pages: Scary creatures, including dragons, phoenixes, creatures made of heat and smoke called sylph, centaurs, and trolls. A romance that is gentle and aching, defined by the loyalty and support Ana and Sam give one another. Lyrical writing. Questions about life and death, love and sacrifice, redemption and immortality. A passion for music. A healthy example of sex and physical intimacy in YA. A story that hasn’t been told before.

My Thoughts:
There are a lot of questions the Newsoul trilogy explores. What is a soul? Is it separate from our physical bodies? Are there such things as soulmates? If given the choice, would you agree to reincarnation and everything that comes with it – the many deaths, the pain of losing loved ones, the memory of previous lives? Does one lifetime mean that love, friendship, and sacrifice are that much more beautiful? The answers are left open-ended, but I applaud the choices Ana, Sam, and their friends make in regard to these questions, especially during the conclusion. Although Ana is eighteen years old and Sam is essentially five-thousand, they are equally haunted by death yet are willing to do whatever is necessary make the world right again.

There are two aspects in particular that stand out for me in this series:

Fantasy Elements/Worldbuilding: Reincarnation is not a new theme in books, but the mythology behind Jodi Meadows’ story is completely unique. Phoenix Overture is a prequel novella told in Sam’s point-of-view from the time right before reincarnation begins, giving us a little more insight to the how and why of Heart. Throughout the trilogy, we learn more about Janan and the terrible consequences of his and the people of Heart’s actions. We get to see inside the temple, which are some of my favorite parts of the story. It is menacing and bizarre, with disappearing doors, upside-down holes, stairs that appear to go down but actually go up, not to mention the whispers and cries hidden in the the walls. Without giving anything away, Ana seems to be the only one who recognizes the temple’s sinister nature, and the truth behind it is well thought-out. I was very eager to reach the conclusion of the series because I had to know how everything fit together. I’m happy to say that all of the fantasy elements – the mythical creatures, the almost magical quality of music, the reincarnation – play an important role in Ana and Sam’s journey and are brought together seamlessly.

Romance: This is where my discomfort original stemmed. First, how is romance possible with the same souls being reborn over and over again, with their memories of previous lives still in tact? Granted, there are quite a few souls (around one million), but still. Can you fall in love only to move on to someone else in the next life? One generation you’re married to someone and maybe two or three generations later this same person could be a family member? *Shudders* Then there’s the idea of “matching souls,” where the same souls marry each other in every lifetime, regardless of physical appearance. To me, I think physical attraction is a key element to falling in love, even though the idea of loving the soul beyond that is nice in theory. For Sam and Ana’s relationship, it actually took me through the second book to fully wrap my mind around it and to be fully comfortable with it. He’s so much older than her, technically, and he has a lot more experience. He has loved before, he has been intimate before. Many times. He is a five-thousand year old soul in an eighteen year old boy’s body. Whereas she is an actual eighteen year old girl. This makes for some awkward moments, especially in the second book. I’m very picky when it comes to romances, so it took me a while to accept Sam’s past lives. However…

Looking past the technical age gap, Sam and Ana are truly a great match for one another. It is never flat-out stated that they are soulmates, but I certainly felt that vibe. At one point, Sam tells Ana that he was reborn at the right time so he could be with her, and I believe it. They could not have completed their journey without one another, nor would they have realized their full potential. It’s a slow-moving romance in the first book, but by the second and third their relationship is mature, strong, and solid. They do not waiver. They have disagreements and fights, but there’s never any doubt that they will pull through. Sam is a great book boyfriend, and not at all the usual sort found in YA – he’s gentle, sensitive, and considerate. He is the first person to believe in Ana, and he constantly demonstrates his support of her. She, in return, helps him to see the world in a brand new light, with new meaning. Even though Sam has been with women in past lives, it’s clear Ana is the first he’s wholly dedicated to. He wants nothing more than to experience lifetimes with her. Ana, having been independent for most of her life, is refreshingly confident in her choice to be with Sam. She has struggles – she’s been told her whole life that newsouls cannot love or be loved. Her friendship and eventual romance with Sam help her to see her own self-worth. There is a definite physical aspect to their relationship as well. They are constantly touching and kissing, which meant a lot of highlighting for me. There is an aching, tender quality to their romance, yet it’s also full of heat. Sex is not shied away from, although there’s nothing overt. I loved watching the two grow together, and I am wholly satisfied with where the final book leaves them.

Final Thoughts:
I will always read a series if it promises a strong romance with no love triangle, and Ana and Sam’s relationship certainly fits that bill. I’m glad that surrounding their love story is clever worldbuilding, rich character development, and a breathtaking plot. I’m highly anticipating whatever Jodi Meadows has coming out next!

This review can also be found at Love at First Page.
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January 8, 2017
Bir seriye daha veda ediyorum ama bu veda biraz hızlı oldu çünkü seriyi üç günde bitirdim. Aslında normale göre baya yavaş okunan bir seriydi çünkü ilerleyişi yavaştı ve olaylar ilk iki kitap için oradan oraya savurmayan tarzdaydı. Üçüncü kitap baştan sona çok güzeldi. Bu seriye karşı gerçekten içimde başka bir aşk var. Seri boyunca en çok sevdiğim karakter elbette Ana'ydı. Ruhsuz olduğu için hor görülmesi ve ilk defa birisinden sevgi görmesi; ana konunun en bariz değinilen kısımlarından biriydi. En ufak bir şey ona dokunup canını yaktığı için yazarın kalemiyle beraber o hislerinin hepsinin bana geçebilmesi seriyi sevmemi sağlayan en sağlam unsurdan biriydi. Diğer ise elbette Sam ve müziğe olan güçlü sevgiydi. Aslında yeri küçük gibi görünüyor ama serinin asıl öğelerinden biri kesinlikle müzikti. Birbirleri için besteledikleri parçalardan, ejderhalar ve hava perilerine kadar hepsini bu naif noktaya bağlayan şey müzikti. İkinci kitapta da asıl fantastik kurgunun derinine inmiştik ama üçüncü kitapta Janan'ın ölümsüzlüğü nasıl kazandığını, bunun ejderhalar, anka kuşları ve hava perileriyle ne alakası olduğu daha da mantıklı bir yola bağlandı. Kitabın sonlarına doğru içimde ayrı bir heyecan vardı. Son satırları da gözlerim dolu dolu okudum. Genel havası narin ve yavaş olan bir seriydi. Her şeye değinmeyi de arka planda bırakmadı. Değindiği yüzyılları aşan dostluklar çok güzeldi. Müzikle olan bağlantısı çok zarifti. Hava perileri, ejderler ve reekarnasyona dayanan kurgusu merak uyandırıcıydı ve elbette en güzeli de Sam ile Ana'nın geri dönülmez bir şekilde her şeyi aşan aşklarıydı. Umarım yazar yakın zamanda yeni bir seri başlangıcı için kalemini eline alır.
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June 30, 2017
Sonsuz Ruh ile bir seri daha biter. 😀
Newsoul benim sevdiğim serilerden biri.
Özellikle reenkarnasyon konulu kitapları seviyorsanız bir şans verebilirsiniz. 😃

Serinin ilk iki kitabını çok sevmiştim ama son kitap için aynı şeyleri söyleyemeyeceğim.
Bilmiyorum belki de geç okuduğum için ya da büyük bir beklenti içinde olduğum içindir kitabı pek sevemedim.
Beni heyecanlandıran ve duygulandıran kısımlarda olsa da bu yetmedi.
Yer yer sıkıldığım kısımlar oldu. Kitap yavaş ilerliyordu. Ki son 50 sayfaya kadar hep aynı şeyler oldu. "Planlar yapıldı, kaçma girişimlerinde bulunuldu" gibi..
Sonlara doğru biraz hareket kazandı ki bu da yetmedi bana göre..
Fantastik kitaplarda genellikle ana karakterin büyük bir fedakarlık yapması ve herkesi kurtarması beklenir. Bende böyle bir beklenti içindeydim. Kitap da aradığımı buldum mu? Hayır. Tamam bir şeyler oldu ama eksikti, yetersizdi bana göre..

Her ne kadar kitap hakkında olumsuz düşünceler içerisinde olsam da Sam'in o sanatkar ruhunu, Ana'nın fedakar kalbini ve ruhunu unutamayacağım. ❤
Serinin kapakları harika değil mi? Ben bayılıyorum. 😻 Sonuç olarak "orta karar" bir kitaptı. Ama yine de merak edenler bir şans verebilirler.. 😉
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January 18, 2015
Sonsuz yıldız,sonsuz puan.
Abartmıyorum ki en sevdiğim seri. En sevdiğim hikaye,yazar,çift. En sevdiğim her şey.
Abartmıyorum ki hayatımda biten o kadar şeye o kadar çok ağlamama rağmen, hiçbiri bu kadar değildi.
Abartmıyorum ki aynı anda hem en güzel, hem en acı verici sondu.
Hiçbir hikayeyi tümüyle böyle sevip bağlanmamıştım. Bu hikayeye tanık olmak hayatımın en güzel, sonuna gelmek en üzücü deneyimimdi.
Hiçbir hikaye beni böyle özel hissettirmemişti.
Gözyaşlarım ve sümüklerin hala hunharca akarken serinin,hikayenin,Ana'nın,Sam'in, tüm karakterlerin, Newsoul üçlemesine dair her şeyin benim için muazzam ve kusursuz olduğunu yazabilirim. Ama sanırım yapamayacağım.
Sonsuzca seviyorum ve her anını sonsuzca yaşatmak istiyorum. Sana çok şey borçluyum Jodi.
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July 25, 2019
Bu seriyi okuyalı 2 yıl oldu eksiklerine rağmen çok sevdiğimi hatırlıyorum...
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October 24, 2015
For this review and more, go to my blog Big Books and Grande Lattes.

Can I just take a second to drool over this cover please? I mean... LOOK AT IT! It's gorgeous! I want to lick it or something! Oops, did I say that out loud? A little too weird. Sorry 'bout that, guys. *Wipes drool off of face and sets down book*

After Ana is exiled from Heart, Sam and their friends join her in her journey leaving Heart and Range. She has a plan to find out what, or who, Janan really is, and what she can do to stop him. This will be hard, as everyone of the oldsouls, including Sam, made a terrible choice many years ago before they became reincarnated, but Ana knows what their choice was. And even though helping them to remember will be hard, she knows what she has to do to help them remember.

I loved Ana's hope. She know that there were so many forces and people working against her, but she just kept pushing. Even when Sam was unsure of her plans, she kept pushing. She knew that she was the only one who could do this, and she didn't back down. I've read books where once people stop believing in her, the protagonist just gives up. She doesn't let others' opinions sway her. Even when it was only just her, she kept going. I kept rooting for her and she didn't let me down!

It was really interesting to watch Ana and Sam's relationship. It was obvious that they cared about each other, but things weren't perfect. Ana knew she wanted to be with him, but it still hurt that he had lived so many lives and had so much experience, and she knew nothing. She was living her first life and was raised by an uncaring mother who told Ana that she'd never be able love anyone. And because of Ana's inexperience, Sam held back a lot. I was just like, "Dude, you don't know what's going to happen next. Just accept her, lack of experience and all! Sure, it bothers Ana, but you're with her NOW! Make the most of it!"

I have to admit something: I never trusted Sam. I don't know why, but I just always had a bad feeling about him. He just seemed too perfect. He accepted Ana right away, not caring that she was a new soul and teaching her to allow herself to love people, as he knew she was capable of loving. And now I feel terrible for not trusting him! Sam, you are perfect! Well... you have some small flaws, but overall you're pretty perfect! Please don't change, just stay the way you are! I'm so sorry!


I loved all of the magical creatures that showed up during the book. Even though I'm not sure if I ever figured out, or remembered, how they got there, it was so cool! Maybe they were always there, and I don't remember reading that. But I loved the inclusion of these different creatures and how they played a role in the book. I liked how it was questioned if they had souls too, and were reincarnated as well. It kind of matches the real world too, the Do-Animals-Have-Souls-Too Debate.

The ending is both beautiful and heartbreaking, in true Jodi Meadows style. Just when I thought that everything was over, she surprises us with a beautiful ending that brought tears to my eyes. I was so sad with how things ended, but then things got better. I just read that last chapter over and over and kept smiling and blinking back tears. While it was not the ending I had hoped for, it was amazing and was perfect. In a way, the ending seemed... hopeful, I guess I should say. I don't want to spoil anything, but it was a gorgeous ending to a trilogy that made me feel so many emotions.

Overall, this book was amazing, gorgeous, and painful, in a good way. It was a fantastic conclusion to a beautiful series. I loved the way that Jodi Meadows wraps up all the loose ends to create an ending you didn't expect and didn't know you wanted. I can't wait to read this great combination of beauty and pain in her other works!
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January 29, 2014
Reviewed @ Enticed by Books

I don't even know what to say about this book. Honestly, I could care less about it, the world was good as usual, but the story was very bland and boring. I've enjoyed the previous books in the series, Incarnate and Asunder, but for some reason, I just wanted Infinite to be over already. I didn't care about the character, I didn't care if they were going to defeat Janan or not and I certainly didn't care for the romance in the least. I really don't know why I reacted this why to Infinite; it wasn't bad, but it wasn't very interesting either. Though something I did enjoy was the one on one with all these different creatures like sylph, dragons and phoenix. Who would've thought that these three beautiful, intelligent and dare I say adorable creatures would've ended up rocking this book for me? I can't get enough of them!!! I wish they had more page time.

Untimely eruptions are taking place all over Heart and it is lead to believe that they are a sign of Janan's ascension on Soul Night. While Deboryl and other Janan supportors are preparing for the event, Ana and her friends are leaving Heart in order to stop the ascension from taking place, starting with connecting with Sylphs in hopes of getting a clear history about reincarnation and Janan's role in it. The plot sounds really good when looked at a bird's eye view but up close, it was very boring and poorly executed. There was no emotions, no excitement and no curiosity on my part, I just wanted to know how the series was going to end since I've followed it from the beginning and had a huge fascination with reincarnation part of the storyline. So that's what I'm going to focus on in my review. First things first, the history was brilliantly done. I loved how the author merged the old world with the new one and added different creatures in the mix. Bravo! But that's about it. The ending was satisfactory, I expected a bit showdown, but things were much tamer and to be honest, very anti-climatic. Nevertheless, I'm glad that atleast it had a happy ending for everyone, even though I'm a bit confused about what's going to happen in the next lifetime.

Overall, Infinite was a very mediocre book, definitely my least favorite in the series simply because there were no feels. Surprisingly, I did end up liking Sam a lot, he wasn't the dull side character anymore and fully participated in helping Ana defeat Janan. Granted there were times when he acted like a baby and didn't let the go of a particular grudge (which annoyed the shit out of me! The world is ending, LET IT GO!), but all in all, Sam took control and turned out to be much smarter than I ever expected him to be. I still don't like him as a love interest, but I do appreciate the work his character has put in achieving the ultimate goal. As a finale, Infinite wasn't a success, it didn't have that powerful impact that a finale is suppose to have. Was I disappointed? No, not really.
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July 22, 2016
Rating: 2.5/5
***Minor spoilers, spoilers for books 1 & 2***

Ana has been exiled from Heart, and her and Sam plan to leave together. However, Janan is going to ascend, and there has been more and more natural disasters lately. If Janan ascends, the caldera is going to erupt, and all of Range will be covered in ash. Not only that, but Deborl is targetting the newsouls, and they're no longer safe in Heart. Ana, Sam, the newsouls, as well as other sympathizers and pregnant women are escaping Heart in the hopes of being safer outside. While they do that, Ana, Sam, Stef, and Whit are going on another route to find a way to stop Janan's ascension - beginning with acquiring the aid of the sylph.

I seem to have the habit of reading second or third books in a series after reading previous installments years before. While it hasn't been too long since I read the first two books in this series, I still had to read summaries to feel up to speed, and that may or may not have affected my rating. I thought this book was simply okay - it wasn't bad but it also wasn't great. I did like that most of my questions were answered (besides those brought forth from the ending), and Ana and Sam's romance was definitely a highlight, since I've always liked them together. I'm not too big on the supporting characters besides Cris and Sarit, but since I like Ana and Sam it was okay.

One of my biggest issues with the book was the ending. I don't mean the very last part of the book, but what led up to that point. I found it extremely confusing, and I don't really understand what went down, only what came from the actions. I feel like things were so rushed in the end for no reason. The pace was steady (albeit slow) leading up to the ending so I don't really understand why all this stuff happened in the last two chapters and wasn't explained very well.

Overall, I enjoyed the ending to this series, but I found the ending lackluster and confusing. I wish Meadows spent more time developing the ending of the series, because I wasn't really left with closure, I was left with questions about what happened at the very end. Besides that stuff though, I would recommend this series and this book to anyone who is looking for an interesting fantasy read. This is the first series I've read centred around reincarnation, and it was pretty intriguing to read about how it came to be.
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February 21, 2014
What a thrilling, brilliant, beautiful conclusion to the Newsoul trilogy!

To be honest, I’d have never thought I’d like Ana so much when I first read Incarnate two years ago. What I particularly liked about her was the way she chose to live her life. She never took things for granted and perhaps because she was a newsoul, she questioned things that the oldsouls had never thought about. She might not be an eloquent person but she never used hardship as an excuse to not seek answers.

I also loved how this installment answered all the questions that I had about the fictional world and its setting. It was really satisfying for me to discover the connection between the sylphs and Janan, as well as why Sam had died in the presence of dragons for so many lifetimes. I also found it helpful to have read the e-novella, Phoenix Overture, before reading this installment. If you’ve been wondering about why Heart was located at a caldera or why there were remnants of white walls in various parts of the world, you’d definitely want to read this book. I felt really fascinated by the theme of births and rebirths and I was in awe (and in tears) when I read about the few sweet, magical moments between Sam and Ana.

Now that I’ve finished reading this series, I think I’ll never look at YA fantasies the same way as before. The Newsoul trilogy has opened my eyes to appreciate how a well-crafted story theme can add so much depth, power and complexity to the characters as well as the world setting.

As you can see, I’m a happy fan, and I wholeheartedly recommend this series to all YA Fantasy lovers!


Originally posted on LeisureReads.com
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January 14, 2022
actual rating: 3.5stars

with this being the finale of the trilogy, i didn't know what to expect. how would ana and sam fight against janan's threatening ascension. heading north, ana met creatures that she never knew she would encounter and even managed to communicate thoughts with them. i admired ana's bravery and at times, her insecurities were really heart-breaking to read. as someone who's a newsoul, knowing the truth behind the Heart citizens' decisions five thousand years ago, she just wanted to keep certain things to herself for the time being. however, the others' reactions to her silence does make sense as well.

sam and ana have their ups and downs but it's obvious they care greatly for one another. they are afraid of what might come because essentially, ana has only this lifetime and it might be cut short.

overall, i sped through infinite. everything happened really quickly. first thing that happened in the book was an earthquake and then an attempted murder on both ana and sam. i did think certain parts could be expanded further and the world-building could've been better but enjoyed this regardless.

books in the series:
1. incarnate: ✰✰✰
2. asunder: ✰✰✰
3. infinite: ✰✰✰✰½
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December 4, 2018
So what is Infinite?

The beginning of the end? The end of the beginning? A one-of-a-kind fantasy/sci-fi/romance that takes you on an unforgettable journey deep into a richly-realized world full of peril and danger, hope and promise?


With Infinite, author Jodi Meadows connects the intimate threads woven in Incarnate and the fantastic conflict established in Asunder to bring Newsoul Ana through a perfectly-paced trial filled and overflowing with action and emotion. Sam and Ana's relationship is a balanced and realistic dance of past woes, present dramas and future dreams, and reaches a heartbreaking climax as the trilogy comes to a breathless and well-crafted end that had me really feeling it. The plot had me guessing and wondering and kept me incredibly involved and invested. Sam and Ana's relationship is deep and very rare in the YA genre and is a real joy to read and to experience. I was really honored to enjoy this entire series with the wonderful Sveta, I was so happy to share it. It really is an unforgettable journey that is meant to be shared and savored. I highly recommend this entire series, with Incarnate being my favorite book of the series.
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May 15, 2016
General review shared through the trilogy!

I was a bit hesitant to read this series with the conflicting ratings but I tried it anyhow and MAN - OH MAN was I so freaking happy that I gave this shot because this series is one of my favorites so far of 2016.

I spent the whole day (yes I slacked off on my other duties) reading the ENTIRE trilogy because I couldn't put this down.

This was such a unique story line and so thought out that I am amazed with Ms. Meadows and her writing abilities!

I fell in love with Ana and Sam (especially Sam) and all their friends....I found myself on an adventure of trying to fit into a society of old souls and then trying to understand this new soul.

Through the series, I was constantly holding my breath in anticipation of what was going to happen next to our group of supporters of Ana. I just can't say enough about this series and urge you to give it a shot!
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August 1, 2014
Whoever's behind designing these covers is a genius! REALLY! They're one of the most beautiful covers out there.

Great, great conclusion to the series. I love this world. I love Meadows' writing. I love the characters, specially Cris. This has turned into one of my favorite YA series.
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