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It feels like the safest place on earth. A family-friendly, floating palace. But, as Anya Crichton soon discovers, cruise ships aren't all that they seem...Statistics tell us that a woman is twice as likely to be sexually assaulted on a cruise ship than on dry land. Customers aren't screened, so the ships are a haven for sex offenders and paedophiles. With no policing, and floating in international waters, sexual assaults and passengers 'disappearing' are uncommonly frequent...

So when a teenage girl is discovered, dead on the deck of the ship that she is holidaying on, Anya feels compelled to get involved. There's no apparent cause of death, but Anya's forensics expertise uncovers more than the ship's doctors can...or want to.

With the killer still on board, and subsequently a crew-member found shot, it becomes clear that the safe haven of the cruise-ship is actually anything but. And, as Anya comes under increasing pressure to abandon her investigations, will she continue? Or do whatever it takes to keep her own family safe?

416 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2012

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About the author

Kathryn Fox

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Kathryn Fox is a medical practitioner with a special interest in forensic medicine who currently lives in Sydney, Australia.Her debut novel, MALICIOUS INTENT, received international acclaim, won the 2005 Davitt award for adult fiction and was shortlisted for the Ned Kelly best debut novel award. In addition, it toppled The Da Vinci Code to become  the no. 1 crime book on Amazon in the UK and Germany. Fox is also the author of the internationally acclaimed and bestselling WITHOUT CONSENT, SKIN AND BONE, BLOOD BORN, DEATH MASK, COLD GRAVE AND FATAL IMPACT. In her spare time, Kathryn indulges in her favourite pastimes - reading and playing the harp (very badly).

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August 2, 2021
*3.5 stars*

Anya Crichton, is a doctor specialising in forensic medicine, currently living and working in New York, whilst her ex-husband Martin and son Ben remain in Australia. In this novel the family are reunited, having been rewarded with a free cruise to Hawaii, as a thank you from Anya’s previous clients the Jersey Bombers. The relaxing holiday immediately turns into a murder investigation, when on the morning of their first day they discover a dead body in a locker next to the spa. Anya is asked to assist in the murder investigation, when the security officer discovered that she is a forensic doctor, with experience of murder investigations.

The dead girl, Lilly Chan was a talented musician, who had the misfortune to become embroiled with a group of men “the beach shirt men”, who target women on their own, spiking their drinks, prior to sexually assaulting them. In a parallel plot, Carlos, a crew member, is kneecapped, in order to prevent him from revealing damaging information about the ship’s owners violating international environmental regulations, in order to save money.

I found the central characters of Anya and Martin likeable, and the other characters, such as the senior crew, Fitz Harris the security officer, and Karen the nurse to be plausible. 

The novel explores and highlights a number of issues, such as the high death rates and disappearance of passengers and crew on cruises, along with very high rates of women who are attacked on cruises, by both crew and other passengers. I was shocked to discover that there is no passenger screening. The novel also highlights the extent to which crew are exploited by the liner’s owners, and seek to avoid their legal obligations.

I enjoyed reading the novel, and it made me think about issues I hadn’t previously given much thought to, or been aware of. This is the first book in the series I had read, although I discovered that this is actually the sixth book. I am grateful that I was given the book by a friend, as I hadn’t come across the series or writer before, and intend ( time willing) to read the other books in the series.      
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January 24, 2019
Number 6 in the Dr. Anya Crichton series.

It’s got to be said that when Kathryn Fox take on a topic, no matter how confronting, she pulls no punches.
In Cold Grave she tackles the, date rape drug issue; along with the environmental horror show that major ocean liners leave behind in their wake.

After successfully completing a case in New York with a football club Anya has been sent home on a luxury liner as a mark of gratitude from the CEO of the football club. To share in her treat Anya has her son and her ex husband on board with her. This was to be a time of reflecting for herself and her ex and an opportunity to be a family again, albeit for a short period of time.
It’s not long before things start going pear shaped. A young girl, 15 years old, is found dead under very suspicious circumstances. Given Anya’s level of expertise it’s not long before she is right at the heart of the investigation.

On top of that a crew member is found with his knee caps shot out. Are these things connected or is this the trip from hell.

Anya is fed lots of conflicting information and soon does not know who, or what, to trust.

It’s a well constructed story that tackles some very confronting subject matter.

If you have read the other books in this series and enjoyed them you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Highly recommended
4/5 stars.
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March 18, 2015

I finished Cold Grave last night and....Hmm, it was just ok for me.
This is the 6th book in the Anya Crichton series of which I have read all, with #7 waiting on my shelf to be read.

I don't think K.Fox excelled herself with this one and I gave it 3*s because it was just ok.
I believe there is an overload of excess statistical information on environmental waste and sustainability issues within the cruise liner industry which is plonked into the story in blocks that don't merge or flow...so it gets a bit boring, even bordering on preachy.
I'm sorry to say it, but it seemed to me as if the story was being "padded out" with excessive statistical data...so it ends up reading more like propaganda than a good crime mystery.
It's quite clear that K.Fox's stories are well researched, and she obviously spends a lot of time documenting her material, and while the information presented is interesting, it becomes overkill and left me wondering how so much statistical detail was necessary to the story...I felt at times like I was being force fed information which I didn't want, need, or expect to find in a work of fiction.
This story could have been good, and I kept waiting for things to get moving, but they never really did. The story seemed to keep floundering.

In a nutshell, I thought the book was big on statistical data and trivia yet sadly lacking in structure with the actual story. Not up to Kathryn Fox standards.

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Author 14 books299 followers
May 21, 2015
Two and a half stars.
People who read gritty crime novels will probably enjoy this book. That is not me, but still I decided to give it a go.
The characters of forensic physician Dr Anya Crichton and her ex husband Martin are interesting. They are both on a cruise with their six year old son, Ben. But what was supposed to be a relaxing cruise turns into the cruise from hell, when the body of a young teenage girl is discovered stuffed in a cupboard. With clues having been washed away Anya volunteers to help try and find out what happened and who is responsible. Along the way she encounters a number of unsavoury characters and sickening drug, rape and sexual activities from men who prey on unsuspecting females.
Uncovering the secrets this cruise ship carries makes for an interesting plot. However I admit to having to skim over some of the graphic descriptions of the crimes both on the ship and through social media. It certainly shows the worst of human nature. I also felt there was too much of an agenda being pushed about rape, violence against females, the dangers of social media, environmental issues and working conditions that intruded. While these are all topics that need to be address in society it just felt heavy handed in this story, like being lectured.
That said, I did read all of the book, because despite my misgivings, I was still interested to see how it worked out. No doubt many people will enjoy this book but it wasn’t for me. It reminded me why I rarely read these sort of crime novels.
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March 21, 2015
Anya has been looking forward to a relaxing cruise back to Sydney from the US. In particular having more time to spend with her son Ben and ex husband Martin who brought Ben out to the US to see her. However, when a young girl is found wet, cold and not breathing on deck, Martin and Anya get involved in trying to save her and then in finding out how she came to be there.

This promised to be a good, investigative story into the use of drugs and the behaviour of party animals on cruise ships, however kept getting derailed by other issues such as wages and treatment of cruise ship crews, environmental issues like the illegal dumping of rubbish and sewerage and even death and suicide at sea. The author had obviously down a lot of research on these issues as she kept dropping in tracts of information and statistics that IMO would have been better added as an afterword instead of disrupting the story. Overall the story felt pretty flat to me and although there was a gripping ending, I felt that the main story of drugs and rape on cruises wasn't all that well resolved. It has however, succeeded in putting me off ever going on an ocean cruise!
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July 19, 2012
Cold Grave is the 6th book by Kathryn Fox featuring forensic physician, Dr Anya Crichton, and after the first few pages I was barely able to tear myself away.

Cleverly plotted with multiple threads that provide intriguing mystery and thrilling action, Cold Grave is a fantastic read. Inspired in part by the death of Australian Dianne Brimble, a mother of three who was drugged, raped and left to die by a group of men during a cruise in 2002, Fox creates a compelling story exploring the seedier side of cruising that happy holiday makers are rarely aware of. In Cold Grave the victim is Lily, a naive teenager and talented musician, whose death seems to be little more than an inconvenience to the crew of the luxury liner. The discovery of bruising on her inner thighs and GBH in her system during the post mortem leads Anya to suspect she was drugged and abused before being left to die in a towel cupboard on deck. A group of aggressive men on board seem to be likely suspects but proving their culpability will be difficult, especially since the crew seem reluctant to cooperate.
As Anya pushes for an investigation into the circumstances of Lily's death, an anonymous note alerts her to more deadly secrets aboard the ship. Violence, espionage, missing persons, illegal practices and cover-ups put Anya, and her family, at risk with no where to go. Wary of the security agent who shadows her every move Anya is nevertheless determined to do what she does best, speak for the victims.

As always it is Anya's compassion and desire for justice that drives her to become involved in the crime. While Anya can sometimes seem cold and self righteous she is, I think, more emotionally vulnerable in Cold Grave than in previous books, specifically in terms of her relationship with her ex husband and I appreciated the opportunity to gain more insight into her character. I also enjoyed seeing Martin in another light and liked him far more than I expected.

I have to admit I am no longer as keen to one day cruise upon a luxury liner but Cold Grave is a compelling crime novel with a setting that lends itself well to suspense and intrigue. The Dr Anya Crichton series remains a firm favourite of mine and I am happy to recommend it to readers who are fans of writers such as Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwall.

Stop by Book'd out to listen to my chat with Kathryn Fox about Cold Grave, writing and more!

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3,720 reviews12.8k followers
November 8, 2012
Fox is known to pen excellent books and this one did not fall short. Her second consecutive novel that takes us away from life in Australia, we still see forensic physician Anya Crichton in her key role as crime solver and lady of mystery. That said, the entire story takes place aboard a less than usual venue, a cruise ship. While it does seem unorthodox, Fox displays a great knowledge of these tourist vessels and sets the story (as well as the murders) in the perfect setting, without making the whole project too corny. Mixing the ever important sleuthing to determine who murdered one of the passengers with discoveries of eco-terrorism and the ever important character development, Fox creates the ideal novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed Fox’s presentation in this novel. She does, more than likely with complete purpose, expound on cruise ships and all that they are, besides a means of vacationing on the open seas. Her attention to detail and factual presentation opened my eyes and led me to wonder if I ought not hold off on booking that cruise I have always wanted to take. She is also able to take this setting and overlay a few great crimes, while keeping the story moving in a forward motion. It does not drag or become overly stale, which can be important for new readers.

Kudos Madam Fox. You are to be commended for your hard work and attention to detail. I cannot wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.
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January 13, 2014
I enjoyed this book and finished it in a day. I liked the characters and found the story exciting and interesting. I also understood that she had based her story loosely on the Diane Brimble case. However I did feel from time to time that she became a little heavy handed with her opinions of the cruise ship industry in its entirety. If the reader had never been on a cruise this book would be enough to prevent them from ever doing so. So a book where you just suspend belief and go along for the fun of the ride.
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4,096 reviews2,663 followers
September 7, 2012
Another wonderful thriller by Aussie author Kathryn Fox! Dr Anya Crichton had just completed a case and received a trip on the luxury cruise ship, Paradisio, all expenses paid, with her six year old son, Ben. Also along on the cruise is Anya’s ex-husband, Martin, who cares for Ben full time.

Anya and Ben are sharing a cabin, while Martin is below decks in a small, very noisy cabin…The morning after their departure from Fiji, the three of them went to the pool deck for a swim, well before breakfast. When Martin decided to go for a run, he discovered something he hadn’t counted on…Shouting for Anya to help, they commenced CPR on a young girl, who had been lying, soaking wet, and partially clad in a towel cupboard on deck.

With Anya being a forensic physician, and Martin a trained ICU nurse, their help was invaluable, but it was to no avail. The young girl was dead, and when the date-rape drug GSD was found in her system, along with alcohol, their suspicions were aroused. When Martin told of the furore in the corridor outside his cabin the night before, with loud, drunk men, and seemingly drunk young women, it seemed there was evidence of drug use, sexual assaults and more.

When head of security, David FitzHarris, seemed to be reluctant to pursue the investigation, Anya’s suspicions were aroused. It seemed she could trust no-one. And when suddenly there was a shooting, and another person went missing, the dangerous secrets that were becoming evident threatened to put Anya and her family’s lives at great risk.

With a killer on board, this wasn’t the holiday Anya was anticipating. Could she find the murderer, and solve the mysteries before anyone else got hurt?

This novel is loosely based on the Dianne Brimble case, where she died on a cruise ship ten years ago. Kathryn Fox’s amazing talent for turning her own career as a medical practitioner, and her interest in forensic medicine, into the compelling thrillers she writes continue to captivate. I found this hard to put down from the very first pages until the very last page!

Highly recommended.
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844 reviews
November 20, 2016
4.5★ Another fantastic Anya Crichton. I started this the day I boarded a Princess cruise ship - and I was hoping that Princess Cruises was very different from whichever line the Paradisio - the ship that Anya was sailing on in this book - was a part of! Certainly behaviour onboard a Princess ship when I was on her last was very different from that on the Paradisio, and it seemed different this time as well - thankfully! I still enjoyed some of the insights into the cruising industry and things I hadn't previously considered - such as the environmental impact of cruising, on average a passenger may generate up to 3.5kg of waste each day, and that average weight gain is about 4.5 pounds on a week long cruise (and that is why I was taking the stairs rather than the lift and walking around the deck while I was onboard!).

Aside from all the specifically cruise-related stuff, the story was brat - fast-paced, always something happening and with untrustworthy characters - or characters of dubious trustworthiness - at every turn.

I loved it! And it did make me a bit more wary about the dark corners of my ship!
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August 25, 2013
2 1/2 stars
I have read the entire Dr Anya Crichton series and feel that this is perhaps the weakest. Whilst the main characters are likable and a known entity that I feel comfortable with, the narrative for me felt a little preachy – and I think this spoilt rather than enhanced the story. I felt we were lectured on a range of issues including but not limited to exploitation of labourers from third world countries, cruise ship ecological damage/pollution, excesses of wealth – in the form of over indulgence in food, alcohol, use of drugs, gambling, and overt the top discretionary spending. Then we explore the issue of recreational drug use, and date rape. I think the lectures were a little heavy handed; the messages could have been delivered in a more subtle manner that did not detract from the narrative. There was little tension in the narrative, maybe because of the emphasis on “lessons”. All in all an average read, suitable for a light holiday indulgence for the fans of this author. I wish I could have liked this more
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1,517 reviews40 followers
March 22, 2020
There's the makings of a decent story in the Tess Gerritsen / Kathy Reichs mould here - though Fox then throws in a whole raft of conspiracy and bangs the drums of environmentalism and male chauvinism so loud it obscures what plot there was. That's not to say these aren't worth seriously talking about, just that they began to feel like they were shouted in your face a bit much by a hysterical woman here.

Which is my main problem with the book - the central character Dr. Anya Crichton is very unlikeable. Here she goes on a cruise to spend time with her son (who lives in the father's custody) but gets quickly involved in investigating a murder, then a shooting, then a rape then a missing person and then a global conspiracy, leaving the poor lad dumped in a 'kids club' for what seems like 90% of the time. The author tries to explain this away, but in my opinion I just found it all unconvincing and unbelievable that this passenger would essentially seem to be taking the role of every medical professional, security personnel and omnipotent superheroine on the ship, as opposed to paying her son any attention - I just found it ridiculous. Only people in stupid novels get involved like this.

Not to mention the throwing in of some utterly unnecessary (and obvious, flagged for the preceding three hundred pages) romance, and a number of glaring factual inaccuracies. One error which completely lost me any respect was when **minor spoiler alert** a marine crustacean is found in a corpse's nose and the heroine - who is a forensic pathologist after all - calls on the assistance of a microbiologist. Yes, an expert in bacteria, viruses, fungi (or maybe parasites) was asked to identify a copepod just as quickly/accurately as an entomologist would. Was this just because the author associates 'micro' with 'small thing you might use a microscope to look at'? Stupid.
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1,043 reviews
July 3, 2019
4.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book, but the thoughts of both story lines and what they were describing were rather horrific. The plot twists came thick and fast, and kept me guessing what is going on. The climax was incredibly late, fast paced and rather gripping. I would have preferred more of a resolution for everything, but I guess I will have to read the next book in the series soon.
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July 7, 2017
Another exciting installment from the world of Anya Crichton, Forensic physician, and it didn't disappoint. The setting of a cruise ship added to the complications and difficulties of identifying and catching the murderer and the atmosphere was brilliant.
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1,397 reviews242 followers
June 5, 2013
Anya Crichton is looking forward to spending some quality time with her son…even if he ex-husband is in tow. Shortly after boarding their all expenses paid cruise, a teenage girl is found dead. Is she a victim of excess or is there a killer on board? Unable to leave her work behind, Anya becomes involved in the investigation and soon finds out there’s more to the cruise industry than meets the eye.

I think this is the end of this series for me. Whilst I enjoyed the first few books, this one had exactly the same tone and problems that put me off the previous instalment. Kathryn Fox obviously wants to use her books as a sounding board to talk about violence against women, which is great, it’s just not done all that well. It comes across as a bit patronising to point out to the reader that it’s a “common misconception” that women who drink are after sex. That is an excuse, not what the majority of people actually believe and there are several moments where it feels the reader is being lectured on the obvious.

I also found it hard to believe that cruise ships, preserve of the middle class older generations, are full of drunken louts who spend their time hunting young women on board. And this cruise ship, which was just off the coast of America, was incapable of reaching outside help…for several days. It’s all a bit far-fetched and I didn't find there was enough intrigue or tension to keep me turning the pages. It's a shame, because it could have been such a good setting but I'm just not a fan of reading about how "normal" it is for women to be victims of horrible men.
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October 7, 2012
I was disappointed with the book. I was looking for a good mystery/crime novel to read, and read some good reviews about this book. This is the first Kathryn Fox novel I have read. I found the characters superficial, and could not feel empathy towards any of them. By the end of the book I did not really care what happened to any of them. The plot was not very credible and rather convoluted and whilst I finished the book, it was a bit of a struggle. On the good side, I learnt a little about what goes on behind the scenes on a cruise ship, and may I say that reading the book does not make me want to go on one. Maybe two and a half stars but definitely no more.
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February 9, 2013
Cold Grave represents the sixth book in the Anna Crichton series by Kathryn Fox and the second I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, reading in just two days, another case of not wanting to put the book down due to a gripping storyline and fast paced narrative.

One of the things that intrigued me about this book – long before I’d had chance to read it – was the fact that the book was set – in its entirety – on board a cruise ship. Many years ago I sailed from Australia to the UK in just seven weeks and fell in love with the idea of travelling the world in comfort. Apart from that one cruise I’ve never had the chance since but reading Kathryn’s book I’m beginning to question whether I really want to! If I’d read this book before boarding in Sydney I don’t think I’d have made it aboard!

The author takes us from bow to stern and port to starboard – seamlessly – as we discover the inner workings of a modern day cruise ship. Finances, charges, waste management, the questionable eco system and how little housekeeping staff are paid are all brought to our attention. In fact the amount of research gone into this book is impressive to say the least and it really does make you question the true intention of these cruise holidays and the people behind the companies.

The book – brutal at times – leaves no stone unturned as the author tackles rape and paedophilia and the brazen attitude of some of the passengers. It does make for some uncomfortable reading in parts as I just couldn’t understand what made these people tick.

Characterisation is superb and save for the leading protagonist two characters stood out for me – Anya’s son Ben and a young lad she meets called Wes. I loved how Kathryn brings Ben to life and his personality really shines through. Any scene with Ben and I could guarantee reading with a wide grin thanks to his mannerisms! Wes on the other hand – without giving anything away – is an infectious character who when you first meet him you know you’re going to like his quick witted banter and his ability to have an answer for everything!

The book keeps you guessing throughout and you never quite know who’s responsible with the author taking you one way and then another.
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August 13, 2012
Cold Grave by Kathryn Fox
I’ve followed the progress of this novelist and her character Anya Crichton with interest, partly because she’s another Aussie health professional and partly because she seems to have at least partly cracked into the same league as Patricia Cornwell and a number of other authors (eg Tess Gerristen) who combine medicine and crime. Cold Grave is the latest in the series, and as with the others also has an ongoing romance/social complications in the background.
For me this book had a slow start. The romance/social side of things was more compelling (sadly) when she had her ex were at each other’s throats and initially their playing happy families on board a cruise ship was hard to believe. The crime side of things was also disjointed and there really seemed to be no connection between two vastly different crimes and nothing much to make us care all that much.
Then about halfway the pace and interest picks up. The main theme−date rape on a cruise chip−was clearly inspired by a real life story that played out in the courts in Australia. In this case the offenders are American but Fox grasps the subculture well and is suitably appalled. In the second half Fox brings the victim and her family to life, probably more believably than the other half of the picture involving big business and money.
In the second half the relationship between Anya and Martin is also more believable and compelling and leaves us wondering where to from here.
In the end I enjoyed it but wished the first half was tighter.
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August 3, 2014
Not the best in the Anya Crichton series. Less forensic thriller than previous books in the series, and from my perspective the plot meandered along without reaching any great heights. Nevertheless, still an enjoyable enough read, and it certainly opened my eyes up to the hi-jinx that occurs on luxury cruises and the issues with legal jurisdiction when on the high seas. Hopefully the next installment in this series is back to the very high standards of previous Kathryn Fox books.
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1,012 reviews
May 15, 2018
I used to really like this series. It has been a few years since I read anything by Fox, and this reintroduction was a disappointment. It's been so long that I don't know if the issue is with me or with Fox, but the magic was gone. First of all, I didn't like the third person point of view. It didn't make me feel connected to the story or the characters, but the main reason I stopped reading it was the preachiness of the writing. I have never been on a cruise, and now, thanks to Fox, I never want to. I realize it is important for people to shine a light on the injustices in this world, and as someone who has traveled to third world countries for warm winter vacations and has struggled with some of these same moral and ethical dilemmas I get it; however, I wanted to read a murder-mystery/thriller, not get lectured about the evils of the cruise line industry. At first, I kept reading because I was curious about cruise ship operations, but eventually that wasn't even enough to keep me going. Her prejudices were so obvious that I actually started to wonder about the veracity of her claims since this is a work of fiction, and, as far as I know, Fox is not an investigative journalist. It seemed like she was writing with a barely concealed agenda of trashing cruise lines, and it really turned me off. While I am sure there are certain cruise lines that operate questionably, I doubt they all have the nudity, sex, rape and violence that seem to permeate this cruise within the first 2 days. I made it to page 99 before giving up. Moving on...
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399 reviews2 followers
September 21, 2021
It is the first mystery book I've read by this author and although it is book 6, I found it easy enough to get the gist of all the personal history of the two main characters Anya and Martin.

It was a good murder mystery set in an anxious climate aboard a luxury cruise ship days away from it's next port. No way to escape adds a bit of tension.

It covered a whole wealth of topics including murder, date rape, pedophilia, the horrors of cruise ships, the environment, and cover ups. Although this sentence wasn't in the book you could say what happens at sea stays at sea.

As I said I have not read other books in this series but at the beginning, Anya Crichton her ex-husband Martin, and their son Ben take the cruise for a little family time, despite the divorce. But instead of spending time with her son, Anya gets drawn into the murder investigation of a 16 year old girl and in effect ignores her son. She had moments of guilt but not enough of them in my opinion.

There were a lot of characters to keep things interesting. And I was not sure who trust for a good portion of the novel.

The author definitely has it in for the cruise industry frequently citing little to no oversight, unsolved crimes or deaths on cruises, lousy employee wages, long hours of work, and the significant negative impact cruise ships have on the environment. It might have been over the top but was important to the overall mystery.
April 29, 2018
This is another Audio book I picked up randomly at the library because it sounded like it could be interesting.

>The narrator did an outstanding job. Probably the most talented narrator I've heard so far. The accents & the voices were incredible. Kudos.

>The main characters were Aussie's!!! oi oi oi. It's not often an Australian takes the main lead unless you're reading an Australian book based in Australia about Australians. We do occasionally leave Australia, just saying. True, this series is mainly set in Australia, but this book is based on a boat in the Pacific/Atlantic! so still counts. :P

>The story dragged on & the MC covered the same ground/theories multiple times, flip-flopping between conclusions & ideas which was really annoying. She also made some pretty newbie mistakes which had me yelling at the CD player in my car in frustration.

Not a bad book, good have been a more satisfying conclusion but it was realistic which I appreciate. Will I read more by this author? I'm not opposed to that, and potentially more from this series but at this point I won't go out of my way.

Cruises are F***ed, avoid. If what is stated in this book has any merit, a truly terrifying thought.
390 reviews1 follower
November 20, 2016
This was my first Kathryn Fox read and I'm now looking forward to my next. It was fascinating reading about what goes on behind the scene of luxury liners. I went on one three years ago and had considered going on another because it had been so relaxing. After reading this book, however, I'm hardly keen to play a part in adding to the environmental damage these floating hotels cause.
February 18, 2018
A more traditional whodunnit than Kathryn Fox’s other Anya Crichton books. Anya, her ex-husband, and son anticipate a relaxing cruise only to find themselves knee-deep in bodies. Interesting info about the legal and environmental aspects of cruise ships and a compelling set of murders. Just not sure how the title “Cold Grave” was relevant ...
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402 reviews23 followers
June 2, 2018
One of the better novels in the Anya Crichton series. Loved the cruise liner setting, having been on a few myself, but felt that a cruise ship would have had better security and more security personnel.
17 reviews
May 24, 2020
I quite liked this book - didn’t realise it was #6 but never mind!! Will probably keep an eye open for other books by her.
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31 reviews
June 16, 2020
This was ok for me. It seemed a bit slow until the last few chapters and I didn't really enjoy that there were two mysteries going on that weren't linked.
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