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Can true love be FORGOTTEN?

As the only Scion who can descend into the Underworld, Helen Hamilton has been given a nearly impossible task. By night she wanders through Hades, trying to stop the endless cycle of revenge that has cursed her family. By day she struggles to overcome the fatigue that is rapidly eroding her sanity. Without Lucas by her side, Helen is not sure she has the strength to go on.

Just as Helen is pushed to her breaking point, a mysterious new Scion comes to her rescue. Funny and brave, Orion shields her from the dangers of the Underworld. But time is running out - a ruthless foe plots against them, and the Furies' cry for blood is growing louder.

As the ancient Greek world collides with the mortal one, Helen's sheltered life on Nantucket descends into chaos. But the hardest task of all will be forgetting Lucas Delos.

Josephine Angelini's compelling saga becomes ever more intricate and spellbinding as an unforgettable love triangle emerges and the eternal cycle of revenge intensifies. Eagerly awaited, this sequel to the internationally bestselling STARCROSSED delivers a gritty, action-packed love story that exceeds all expectations.

487 pages, Hardcover

First published May 29, 2012

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About the author

Josephine Angelini

29 books7,455 followers
Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my Goodreads page. I only check in on it occasionally, so if you’d like to send me a message please use the contact form on my website: http://josephineangelini.com.

I can also be found on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, and I love connecting with readers. Check out the Linktree url above for more info.

I am a #1 international bestselling author, a Massachusetts native, and the youngest of eight siblings. I graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in theater with a focus on the classics and now live in Los Angeles with my husband and daughter.

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184 reviews24 followers
August 13, 2013
Simple Mathematics People: Helen is 17 years old…Ajax died 19 years ago…HOW CAN HE BE HER FATHER? They can't even subtract 17 from 19? This better get resolved early in the book.

Oh no…a love triangle. Didn't see that coming -.- Angelini, please do it tastefully!

So this is a link to an email from Angelini that actually does clear up this date discrepancy. Thank you to Angela who emailed the author!

After reading:
I can't. Form. Complete sentences.
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June 7, 2012
****FINAL RATING: 3.60 STARS****

I loved Dreamless so much more than Starcrossed, although I was still disappointed with several aspects of it unfortunately. Still, it was an excellent read and I genuinely enjoyed it. I felt that it was an extremely well-done second installment and I was especially impressed by the character development.

Helen grows a lot in this book. Unfortunately, it's a rather slow growth, and it takes a while to really get into it. She starts out unsure and weak, just trying to make her way, even if she kills herself. She doesn't really know at first what to do; all she knows is that she has to keep going. Later, she acs beautifully and steps into her role and really takes charge. However, she is a but too impulsive and doesn't always think before her actions, and it's clear there will be consequences.

Much as I loved Lucas in Starcrossed, I really wasn't sure for the longest time how I felt about him in this book. I didn't approve of one of his initial decisions. Sure, he was misguided, but it was still his choice. I didn't like at all what he chose to do, and knew there were other ways. Such as figure out they're not actually cousins. I still have no clue why none of the characters are smart enough to figure it out. Anyway. He had a pretty great plot twist that I found really cool.
Mmm, now here's a character to love. He's beautiful, and I want one. He's such a neat character and he's so kind and sweet. He really wants to help Helen but he's more accepting and open than she is. He helps her figure out who she is and I couldn't help but tumble headfirst into love with him. He's strong and smart and does what needs to be done. He also has an air of mystery that surrounds him and I cannot wait to find out more about him!

Hector has always been, and will always be, my absolutely most favorite character. He's so freaking hot, and besides, apparently gives amazing hugs, which I so want. In general, I just want him. I love his strength and his gentleness and the deep love he feels for his family. He's so brave, and never backs down. He's protective without being possessive. I completely adore him and would be totally satisfied if the entire book revolved around him dancing with seagulls. That's how much I love him.
I felt really sorry for Zack in this one, and was sad to see some of his choices but glad to see others. He really struggles, blurring the line of good vs evil, and that was really interesting to see. I loved being in his head and seeing what he was thinking.
I love Jason too. I honestly don't even know why, I just do. He's awesome. And hot. And I love him for no apparent reason, but whatever.
Actually, I didn't like Claire at all in this book. I'm not suing she is one, but she kind of acted like a bitch and i really didn't like that. I was really disappointed in her character and that was saddening, since I loved her so much in Starcrossed.

The plot was epic, intense, and everything I could have hoped for!

Although in actuality, it started off far too slowly for my taste, and I was quite disenchanted with that. I felt like it took quite a while to get into the actual story itself. I didn't really care for that too much.

Also, this whole Helen-and-Lucas are cousins thing has got to stop before I punch someone. If you really love each other, it shouldn't matter whether you're related or not. Furthermore, they're not related, and I find it hard to believe that they're all that ridiculously dumb and none of them can figure it out.

Still, once the plot really got going, it was completely awesome. I couldn't put it down. There were so many plot twists that I could never completely guess just what was going to happen next.

I completely loved the concept and the intense action and everything that was going on, the creepiness and the mythology and the little details and everything. Perfection.

In my dream world, Helen would ditch both Lucas and Orion and end up with Hector. Then again, if she doesn't want him, I'll take him. However, since she won't, the choices are Lucas and Orion. I'm actually not really sure what team I'm on for possibly the first time ever in my life. I have good reasons for both Lucas and Orion and negative reasons for both. The romance was so beautifully well-developed and there's such heartache. If I really had to choose, I'd probably--oh, come on, I can't choose! For the first time in my life, I don't have a team. It's so weird.

Josie's writing has gotten so much better since Starcrossed! I love the gorgeous descriptions and the inner voices of the characters. Their thoughts fit them so well. Told mainly from third person POV via Helen, there's actually quite a variety of characters that take turns narrating the story, which is really cool and definitely contributes to its general awesomeness. I loved how much the writing became so real and really felt myself drawn in to the story.

The ending was, in one word, perfect. There was betrayal. There was death. There was drama. There was love. There was war. There was resolution. There was everything I want to see at the end of a book and more, even better things. It was completely amazing and wrapped up the book beautifully, while leaving just enough unanswered and undone for the third book. Everything that had happened earlier in the book clicked together nicely.

This book was so much better than Starcrossed, and I look forward to reading Goddess immensely! I am sure that the conclusion will be explosive and almost too awesome to be real, and I am ridiculously excited. Josie is showing real promise as an author, and I can't wait to see what she brings us next!


Read more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!


My pre-review

I want this book now!! Lucas and Helen have to be together!!

Oh, oh my God! What a breathlessly beautiful cover! I'm speechless.


But I'll still eagerly await the book, albeit somewhat more annoyedly.
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185 reviews
Want to read
December 30, 2011
Now that I've read Starcrossed I'm really excited about this. Hopefully Helen and Lucas will be told that they are not cousins(and why has nobody else figured it out? I could have sworn like 3 people told her that Ajax died 19 years ago and there was the picture of Jerry kissing Daphne's pregnant stomach!)
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158 reviews1,927 followers
June 23, 2013
 photo despicableme.gif

Hold on a sec while I pick my jaw up off the floor…


I’m suffering from one GARGANTUAN (love that word) book hangover. Seriously, I’m a mess. You can’t see me right now, but my hair is doing that I’ve-never-heard-of-a-brush thing, and my clothes are direly craving the ironing board (that I never use), and my emotions are off somewhere crying in a corner begging for a shot or bottle of Tequila.

And the buttprint on my very comfy couch is getting larger. I’d like to think that the largeness of said buttprint is caused by my not getting off of it for the past couple of days and not the even *larger* gargantuan amounts of chocolate I’ve consumed at the expense of my emotional meltdowns brought on by THIS book.

Because it’s just that awesome. ;)

 photo tumblr_mkp3zb9Tdf1qbeln5o1_500_zpsda2f7815.gif


And just to warn you that while you read this…

You will be doin’ a little bit of this:

 photo crying2.gif

And a little bit of that:

 photo awwwgif_zps2997aead.gif
A *LOT* of this:

 photo howdoiwords_zps7c18c739.gif

Oh! And you ARE going to do this:

 photo tumblr_mcw9u9CLnH1r6r7t1.gif



Book Teasers:

“I don’t want this,” she said. Her voice shook and her eyes were blurry with tears that gathered, tipped, and then tumbled down her hot cheeks. “But I need it.”

 photo tumblr_m3bdf7Svnp1qcq4ago1_400.jpg

It’s not our talents that make us safe or dangerous, its our choices.

 photo 2bd3e82be418d78e667a9ce046f17054.jpg

“We think you’re dying,” he replied quietly. “We don’t know exactly why, and because of that, we have no idea how to help you."

 photo 3f460fc731a4f12cf97d30c73600da67.jpg

“I can’t do this alone anymore,” she said to the blank sky.

 photo tumblr_mlkfcao7FP1rtxj3eo1_500.jpg
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September 8, 2017
Mittelmaß beschriebt dieses Buch recht gut. Genauso wie bei Band 1 fand ich sowohl Schreibstil als auch Charaktere ein wenig infantil und flach. Auch die Beziehungen und generell die Emotionen wurden für mich dadurch nicht transportiert. Schade eigentlich, denn der Plot an sich ist durchaus ansprechend und mit recht logischen Ideen ausgedacht. Die ersten zwei Drittel des Buches haben den Leser irgendwie in keine gute Stimmung versetzt, allerdings fand ich das letzte Drittel wieder wirklich spannend, was auch der einzige Grund für mich ist noch Band 3 zu lesen.
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Want to read
December 26, 2011
As an unforgettable love triangle emerges...

[image error]

A........ a love triangle?!?!?!?

After spending about three weeks researching for an hour-long presentation about Helen and Paris and knowing how their relationship truly was (which I will be editing on my Starcrossed review very soon), I hate this book even more, and she had to add a love triangle into this already jumbled up, mixed up mess?!

[image error]

Nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononnononnonnonononononnonononono. I can't. Her adding the love triangle is like me walking up, taking a little kid's lollipop, and then punching them in the face while they're crying. It's just..... cruel and......and completely unnecessary! GAH! Okay, Angelini, you know what?!?!?! Here's something special just for you!

[image error]

June 26, 2013
"'Please,' she sobbed quietly. 'Just kill me now.'"

Oh, Helen, my dear. I would if I could, if only so this book could end sooner and I didn't have to suffer through a month of reading it.

The main thing I can recall about reading this book is that it was so incredibly boring. It took me so long reading it, trudging through it by bits and pieces at a time because it was so completely, utterly unabsorbing. I'm always amazed at how a plot-driven book can be so dull, but this book proves that it can be done. Everything I loved about the first book was nonexistent in the second. I should be able to say more about a book of this length, of this depth, that requires so much of an investment in time but I just can't. It's about 50% longer than it needed to be.

For a book of this length, it has a surprising lack of depth. Some books have such complexity of plot that I can hardly sum it up in a page without feeling like I'm leaving out some minor but utterly essential segment of the plot. This book suffers from no such problems. I can summarize it in one sentence and you probably wouldn't miss much. Helen goes to the Underworld nightly, and tries to solve the mystery of...something on the grand scale of wars between the gods and the mysteries of the Furies and shit. Every day. Repeat for weeks. That is the entire book. I don't even know anymore. The plot is just bogged down with unnecessary teenage angst and the overall lengthiness just muddles up the plot so much that I don't even know what's going on.

Second book syndrome, thy name is Dreamless.

Some things I loved in the first book that went down the crapper in the sequel:
1. TWOO WUV: First book: Ok, a tad clichéd. Fine, very clichéd, but I like the straightforwardness of it. Romeo & Juliet plot, Lucas and Helen can't be together, but they're devoted to each other and each other alone. Fine with me, I'm all for that. Second book: half-assed love triangle.

Lucas: I CAN'T LOVE YOU BECAUSE IT'S NOT FATED FOR US. Therefore I shall pretend to hate you and make you hate me by being absolutely deplorable and an altogether despicable piece of shit and do stupid things like beat up my own father because I can't have whom I want! Wah!!!!!

Helen: LUCAAAAAAAAAAAAS. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS? I LOVE YOU. I know we're cousins and that's totally gross but we're meant to be together so why are you being such a jer---Why hello there, handsome, what's your name?

Orion: I'm Orion! I'm gorgeous and I hold a bunch of titles and I've got Aphrodite's blessings, I'm perfect!

Lucas: Sup dude :(

Orion: Yo, man. :|


Lucas + Orion: Ok

2. Characterization: First book: loved it. Helen's character turned from stupid silly Mary Sue to someone I could actually sympathize with. Second book...not so much. What leftover sympathy I had for Helen from the first book disappeared quickly. She does not change at all within the book. Still blaming herself for everything, still making mistakes, still taking on too much, and now, she's even more of a martyr. Same with Lucas, same with the rest of the cast, really. This book is heavily plot-driven, and considering the plot is weak, it fails in keeping my interest because of the lack of character development. The newly introduced characters are similarly flat. Orion is the gorgeous (aren't they all) golden boy, with a tragic past, but always with a smile on his face to hide his pain! Clichéd, clichéd, clichéd. Automedon is a mindless bot, out to kill. You could call Automedon "the Terminator" instead, and it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Well, besides for the fact that the Terminator had more personality.

And Hector. THERE IS A SERIOUS LACK OF HECTOR HERE. I'm not talking about his presence, considering it's bound to be lacking considering his exiled status, but his personality. The take-no-prisoner attitude is gone, the no-nonsense attitude is gone, there's no telling Helen to suck it up and be who she was meant to be. Hector's gone soft on us, people.

3. Random-ass plot: First book: heavily mythology-driven, well-explained history of the Houses, good basis of Greek mythology that's not too far-fetched from anything you can find in Bullfinch's. Second book, let's throw everything into the mix, let's screw up the gods and goddesses and make them into random creatures that fit the plot, rather than the other way around. The inaccurate depictions of the myths and the gods and goddesses here bring to mind The Goddess Test and we all know how much I absolute loved that book. /end sarcasm

"'Ares,' Orion whispered to Helen over his shoulder as the god skipped off, giggling hysterically, to hide among the bones. 'Don't be afraid, Helen. He's a coward.'
'He's insane!' Helen whispered back frantically. 'He’s completely and totally insane!'"

Ares? The god of war? Really?

By the end of the book, I don't even know what the plot is anymore, what started off fairly simply in book one turned out to be a convoluted mess in book 2, and I honestly have no idea what the big mystery that they're all fussing over is due to the gigantic mess that became the backbone of the book.
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June 21, 2017
Trilogie hat mich leider enttäuscht - eher etwas für jüngere Leser...
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1,056 reviews733 followers
July 26, 2014
Google, define "sophomore slump" for me, please.
"A sophomore slump or sophomore jinx refers to an instance in which a second, or sophomore, effort fails to live up to the standards of the first effort."

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the antithesis of a sophomore slump. Angelini steps up the action and the passion and the sizzling tension in DREAMLESS; in fact, breathing isn't an option. You'll be holding the air in your lungs and turning pages faster than you can believe.
Helen Hamilton just can't catch a break. She needs to descend into the Underworld, since she's the only one who can, and find the Furies to complete a mission she's been set on . . . but she can't control her descents and she finds herself in random and painful scenarios. She meets someone in the fiery pits of Hell named Orion.
A fierce love triangle emerges from the darkness. Helen and Lucas are taking a break, since something happened in Starcrossed and led to them breaking apart, but Helen can't keep her mind off of him.
Helen enters the Underworld in her dreams. At the beginning of the novel, I wasn't thinking this was how it was going to happen and when I found out it was, I was instantly relieved. I wasn't looking forward to a long, grueling journey where the heroine would be away from everyone in Nantucket for so long. The way Angelini did this was great.
And can I say now how much I just love the cover?! Whoever designed this cover needs a raise, because I am barely able to look at that book without mentally swooning.
Dreamless is the first HarperCollins ARC I've ever read, and it was definitely a great start.
With rich mythology and a passionate love triangle, DREAMLESS takes the intensity up to a whole new level! Be prepared to be swept off your feet.
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Author 6 books52 followers
July 28, 2012
I am looking forward to reading this one after loving the first one. You find out near the end of the first that Daphne lied about Helen being Ajax's daughter so her and Lucas are not cousins. I just hope they found out soon that they can be together. Can't wait for this one! Great job Josephine!
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733 reviews805 followers
September 17, 2014
Everything I liked in first book was not present in this instalment. Moreover, author introduced new character and created love triangle. A big no-no for me!

My Lucas, Helen and Orion:

This book is excellent example of how to ruin series which had plenty of potential. So what would I recommend not to do?

*Change heroine from lovable girl into whinning self-pittying girl.

*Take away banters and interactions between hero and heroine which were the most interesting part of book #1 and which made this series special.

*Create love triangle in which heroine is so pathetic that she leads on both guys.

*Add over-done Greek mythology which is forced and sometimes even does not make sence.

I was thinking of DNF-ing this book numerous times. I forced myself to finish but I did not enjoy it. And now I do not care what is going to happen or with whom heroine is going to end up with. I am very disappointed since I liked first book a lot and now I decided not to even be bothered to finish this series.

MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing
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169 reviews63 followers
March 24, 2020
3,5 stars

“It's not our talents that make us safe or dangerous, it's our choices.”

I have so many things to say about this book since my opinion about the whole series changed from negative-ish to positive. I have no idea how to rate this book, no more than 4 stars for sure, but 3 stars seems too low since Dreamless was better than Starcrossed in so many aspects.

Plot picks up where Starcossed left it. Helen keeps descending to Uderworld in order to stop the furies while rest of the Delos family try to help her as best as they can. She can’t get in contact with her mysterious mother Daphne who pops in her life only when she has something important to add, but at least she helps her by sending Orion- double Heir with artifact that enables him to descend with Helen. Her best friends Claire and Matt start getting involved with Scions and Helen’s dangerous life and protecting them becomes harder every day. Since descending prevents her to sleep, Helen becomes more exhausted every day her relationship with Lucas is going to hell and on top of everything, major part of the House Thebes wants her dead.

Although I didn’t like world building and abilities demigods inherit trough the first book, I started to ignore the fact that there was not specific way of inheriting certain powers and rather enjoyed connections with Greek gods and their abilities. Parallels with Greek mythology were explained and deepened and many things made more sense. For example, Helen’s descending was much clearer and easier to grasp and imagine. Everything about Houses, Outcasts and Rogues was thoroughly explained, rather than just stating prophecies and confusing facts or concepts that have been briefly mentioned in conversation.

This is probably just me, but I could sense obvious improvement in writing style. It felt like narrative was flowing more naturally and dialogues stopped being forced in some kind of weird slang.

Even though I am used to second book in trilogy being the most non-dynamic, this wasn’t the case. Plot was way more intense and dynamic than the first book and there was always something happening. It had just the right amount of twists, descriptions and endangering characters to entertain the reader. After half of the book I couldn’t stop reading and the ending was intense and unpredictable with much tension and opening for an amazing finish in last book of the trilogy.
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12 reviews33 followers
May 5, 2012
Wow....... Got to say, before, I thought this was gonna be... "Ehh..." Because of the mention of "Love Triangles" But, when I got a hold of that ARC, Wow... IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josie cleared up a lot of messes we were talking about. such as, the cousins part, and added a very cute new character ;D
I stayed up all night reading it! Definite must read!!!

My review before I read this:
"A... Love.. Triangle... WTF... I now completely DETEST love triangles.. I mean, it is good the first few times you read them, but when the YA authors keeps on writing them OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN... IT JUST GETS SOO ANNOYING... After Twilight came out, all of the authors just keeps on writing this similar plot line, OVER AND OVER...

Also, I agree with Paige, the whole, we-are-cousins-so-we-cant-be-together thing just DRIVES ME NUTS... People CAN marry their cousins... and if Helen and Lucas truly loves each other, then that really won't matter to them...

All in all, I AM going to buy this book.. and I really want the ARC of it, and i cant wait until it comes out!

BUT PLEASEE.. IM BEGGING YOU JOSIE, PLEASE NO MORE LOVE TRIANGLES... Many fans (including myself) are getting really tired of it..."
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1,323 reviews802 followers
January 18, 2016
The start of this book was actually OK, for the first 10 pages or so and then it went down hill. So... Let's try something different here...


Hi, my name's Helen. I am the absolutely STUNNING AND PERFECT LOOKING protagonist of this book. In fact, I'm the most freaking beautiful girl in the world. No joke. The face that launched a thousand ships and all that. Doesn't matter that beauty is subject to the eyes of the beholder and different cultures have different definitions of beautiful.

Last book, I fell in LURVE with Lucas but then was told that he's my cousin but I still want to get it on with him. Like, really badly. My lips pucker at the sight of him and everything.

Oh, but look! Someone new! Hi there, Orion, I think I fancy you now. Mmmhhmmm.

Everyone keeps telling me that I'm so skinny I look like I should be sectioned. It's not my fault I go down to the underworld every night and walk for days and days and end up getting hurt and this all means that my body needs more energy. And it's SO not my fault that I'd rather dick around flying in the sky than have my dinner after having only some pancakes for breakfast and a sandwich after school. It's not my fault I'm skinny and I wish everyone would get off my back about eating even though I don't eat.

Oh, and I'm falling behind in my school work because I literally don't sleep and I rarely eat. And I don't have time to do my homework cause I'd rather be pissing around flying. But don't worry, I'm not bottom of the class or anything. I'm Mary Sue. I mean, I'm Helen. How could I be bottom of the class?

Oh, did I mention that I'm also immensely powerful? But I don't know it. Or course. I mean, if I knew I was so powerful and actually used the power, I'd be a slightly more complex character rather than a bland-as-paint-drying-Mary-Sue.


Yeah, I didn't like this book. I mean, I quite liked Helen's torture at the beginning. That was interesting. But I definitely did not like her woe-is-me-everyone's-getting-at-me-and-it's-not-my-fault-blah-blah-blah selfish yet selfless personality. Urgh. Grow up, eat a freaking sandwich and get your priorities right you selfish little child.

I received a copy of this for free via Goodreads First Reads.
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683 reviews276 followers
June 24, 2016
Αυτό το βιβλίο το ευχαριστήθηκα. Είναι όσα όλα ζητούσα από ένα βιβλίο στην παρούσα φάση, με την παρούσα διάθεση. Δράση (πολλή), περιπέτεια, αναπάντεχα γεγονότα και έρωτας. Και όλα αυτά σε μια όμορφη αφήγηση. Από το πρώτο βιβλίο με εξέπληξε ευχάριστα. Η αφήγηση έχει μια ποιότητα που σπάνια περιμένω να βρω όταν πιάνω αυτό το είδος.
Δύο αρνητικά έχω να θίξω μόνο. Οι ήρωες είναι λίγο αφελείς, πολλές φορές παίρνουν ανόητες αποφάσεις, έχουν αψυχολόγητες συμπεριφορές κ.λ.π.
Το άλλο είναι το ότι στη σειρά υπάρχει ερωτικό τρίγωνο… Γκρρρρ… τα μισώ τα ερωτικά τρίγωνα, δεν θα βαρεθώ ποτέ να το λέω…
Μου άρεσε πολύ, 4 αστεράκια.
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Author 39 books8,966 followers
August 10, 2015
Lots of action. Another swoon worthy boy. Cool new powers. What's not to love? Very excited to move on to the last book! Can't wait to see what happens next. =)
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304 reviews155 followers
October 20, 2022
rereading: 4 stars

honestly, i like it slightly less than when i found it for the first time. it was still readable, still addictive but there were some parts i didn’t enjoy it as much as before.

for example, claire and jason were so annoying and lucas’ horrible behavior towards helen wasn’t as convincing as i thought.

and there are some parts that will probably never change. that’s how i perceive orion who deserves better (if i were helen, the love triangle wouldn’t even exist in this book) and hector who is underrated.

first reading: 4 stars

i should reread this and fangirl about hector
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643 reviews4 followers
May 26, 2012
***NOTE! review is posted on Ja čitam, a ti?

Are you, Jose Angelini, one of the descendants of, um, I don't know... Is there Greek goddess of torturing by cliffhangers? Just to make one thing clear - I wouldn't mind if you leave the love story as it is. Yes, I am that kinky.

Second book in Starcrossed series picks up where first one ended so maybe it would be good idea if you refresh your memory before you start reading. Dreamless is more focused on Helen's role in the new world she found herself part of. Don't be disappointed, there's going to be lot of emotional tensions - all suckers for romance will be really happy because there's a new boy. And he's not just any boy - I'm still in team Lucas, now even more than before: good boy is seriously gone bad. Actually, all characters are darker and whole book has this gothic feeling especially parts about the Underworld. But I have to admit one thing. I love strong and believable female characters more than hot, bad, bookish boys and Helen is definitely in this group.

I think that even if you didn't enjoyed that much in the first book, you are going to devour this one. All the things I found lacking in the Starcrossed is set on the right path in sequel. Josepine Angelini is growing up as the author and I think I have a new girl crush (latest one was on Tara Kelly). Speaking about Josephine, check out her blog post Photos vs Imagination - is it good thing to put faces on the covers and how does it influence the way readeres imagine characters. One more reason why I like this girl so much. What do you think? Do you agree with Josephine?
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141 reviews35 followers
October 9, 2017
I was so excited when starting this one! Angelini introduces a new demigod called Orion and Helen gains strength when getting new abilities. I am still on #TeamLucas because that's the only ending-ship I am going to accept.

A great sequel; giving ☆☆☆.

.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙Visit my blog for more reviews and recommendations or take a look at my bookstagram. Thank you for reading this review! 💐
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531 reviews181 followers
January 1, 2023
I wouldn't mind if other characters got more spotlight time, to be honest. Other than that, to be honest, while I remember the events in the series, I can't exactly remember what happened book-by-book.

And because I am behind on all my reviews since June-ish, this will have to remain vague until I re-read this again in the future (if you know me, you know I will).
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September 7, 2021
Ok so why is nobody fangirling over Hector?

I liked Dreamless slightly less than Starcrossed. The amount of ink and paper dedicated to Helen just wandering around a nightmarish desert was too much. Everytime I turned a page and saw cursive I couldn't help it, I rolled my eyes and thought "not the Underworld again!"

There were also a few other things that I didn't enjoy:

1) The infamous love triangle, and even more so when you just know how the series is going to end because, well, Helen and Paris are an item AND I know how to do basic math (Ajax cannot possibly be Helen's father, no spoiler there, just basic common sense. Ajax died 19 years ago and Helen is 16)

2) Jason and Claire. Claire and Jason. How can anyone be that annoying and unlikeable?

3) Ariadne and Matt.... are we seriously going to pair everyone in the Delos family and in Helen's friend group? Nuh uh. Please stop.

I did like the twists throughout the book, it is still an addictive story and I really enjoy Josephine's writing and the world she has created.

Also ORION. I have a serious crush on Orion, so if I can't have Hector, give me Orion. I'll take care of him once Helen ditches him.

On another note, this aged pretty well in my eyes.
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January 26, 2023
This book was somehow even more painful than the first one, so I had to read it in small doses, which isn't a bad thing, but I wish that I'd manged to reread it earlier.

Still, I loved this one as much as Starcrossed, and my baby Orion showed up which made the whole experience better. He and Hector are characters that I've loved for a decade, and I'll love them forever.

I might come back and write a longer review at some point, but now I gotta hurry up to catch up with my reading. So if you haven't read this series by now, what are you waiting for???
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June 5, 2017
Ook het tweede deel in de serie Goddelijk is een prachtig boek! Ik heb me door de eerste vijftig bladzijden geworsteld, maar toen ik verder las, zat ik gevangen in het boek. Ik kon niet meer stoppen met lezen en het was heel moeilijk om het boek aan de kant te leggen. Ik vind de mengeling van mythologie en fantasie echt geweldig! Het vervolg mag van mij snel komen!
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January 12, 2013
To see full review click here: http://yalbookbriefs.blogspot.com/201...

Screw the format I usually follow.

I can't do it today. Not after I read this rainbow turd of a book. That's right, I said rainbow turd. And when I say rainbow turd, you know the book's shitty. If you don't want to read my entire rant about why Dreamless was even more insipid than its shitty predecessor, I'll briefly summarize why I hated it: it was way too long, the character is on the same Mary Sue level as Bethany Church, and I've seen more coherent plots come out of Power Rangers.

So I guess now, I'm going to start my rant. I thought a lot about how I was going to address my issues with this book. But maybe I'm not the best person to address how foul this unicorn rainbow barf/fart is. That's why I'm leaving that job to Helen.

Yes, I'm letting Helen freaking Heavenly Hamilton tell you why this book sucks. Well, actually I'm going to be interviewing her (don't worry, I've taken proper precautions-mojitos).

Me: So, Helen, we meet again.

Helen: Aren't you going to tell me how beyoutiful I am?

Me: You look like a Barbie. But I really don't care about how you look.

Helen: But I'm the face. Everyone looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeesssss.....

Me: Shut up.

Helen: Gasp! What did you tell me?

Me: I said to shut up. I honestly, don't get it. Why everyone bows down to you? When you're one of the most useless characters in YA literature.

Helen: I thought that went to Bethany Church or that Luce girl

Me (groans): They're annoying too. But I just spent a week reading about your shitty glitter antics and how you never have consequences to deal with. And how your freaking perfect and how all the boys love you. And how anyone who doesn't is an evil person....Jesus, can't you give it a rest.

Helen: I didn't think I did anything wrong. And I can't help it that I have the face.

Me: Oh, you can help it. You can start by not being so useless. Or maybe taking responsibility for your actions and not solving every problem (like the furies) like a freaking bad Saturday morning cartoon.

Helen: Cartoons are for babies.

Me: Um, no they're not. There's actually a lot of really good cartoons that I still watch as an adult. But your whole story reads like a bad cartoon. The solution to your problems is way too easy. There's no character development between you and any of the characters.

Helen: But what about Orion?

Me: You mean the replacement Lucas that you instantly fell in love with. When he was suppose to, I don't know help you fight the furies.

Helen: He's not a replacement for Lucas. Lucas is...ew, he's my cousin.

Me (rolls eyes): You know, it's still legal to marry your cousin in a lot of the US (including Massachusetts which is where your from), right? It's not the same thing as dating your brother (looks in the direction of Clary Fray) though it's not exactly what I'd consider...The point is, it's legal and considered normal by many people. It's not that taboo.

Helen: But we'll end up like Oedipus.

Me: Hmmm, unless Lucas's dad went back in time and was either Lucas or Orion then I don't think you could be his own mother. And God, you're still thinking about him. Them. Why can't you like do something constructive like learn to fight?

Helen: I don't mean to be useless it's not my fault that I'm powerless in the underworld.

Me: (skeptical look) Didn't you sort of blow off Hector in the last book? And that's another thing I don't get, if you're supposedly related to him why didn't you want to kill him....

Helen: Um, I'm a special snowflake who doesn't like being special.

Me: Of course you are.

Helen: Was that sarcasm?

Me (Acting innocent): Of course not. Though I do have to admit you're a bit of a dumb ass by now if...

Helen: If what....

Me: Spoilers.

Helen: But I want to know?

Me: Moving on....

Helen: Hey! I want to know.

Me: This is my interview, Helen. Now I want to talk about that ludicrous plot of yours. Did your author take an acid trip when she read Edith Hamilton's Mythology?

Helen: That's mean.

Me: Well, I'm sorry. I'm just making a generalization, I just don't understand the concept of Angelini's world building. Then again, I can't figure out why she'd get a seven figure deal for this shit fest. Heck....

Helen: What's so bizarre about the story? It uses Greek mythology, right?

Me: More like it has rainbow and glitter diarrhea all over Greek Mythology.

Helen (crosses arms): It does not.

Me: Okay, does this make sense to you: Emo teen who can go in the underworld without being dead or a dignity every night dying because she can't dream (rolls eyes on this one), emo teenage boy we're suppose to find hot who beats up things because he can't bang his cousin, some scions from different houses hating each other some not, magic rivers with special river juice, ant men who aren't a part of the Marvel universe, furies who no longer try to kill you even before you give them river juice, people being more afraid of people with invisibility powers than girls who can shoot lightening out of their hands, having people go to school after they crash their bike into sewage water and touch a dead animal that could've been rabid....

Helen: Hey, that last one doesn't have to deal with the world building.

Me: That last one was just there because it was gross. Seriously, any self respecting human being would've headed home or better yet the hospital after touching dead squirrel. For all you know it could've had rabies or some other wild animal disease. And to go to school like that? Do you really want to be known as Rotten Rodent Girl?

Helen: But it was school...

Me: You weren't there and once you got a pass, you basically skipped the whole day anyway. And I used this particular example because it was really gross and unnecessary just about like the rest of the 480 pages of this book. Seriously, it could've been cut in half and it still would've been too long.

Helen: You just hated it because I'm beautiful.

Me: No. No. I got annoyed that I kept hearing how pretty you are. But I could care less about your looks. Honestly, I thought it was sort of cool that Helen of Troy was your archetype at first because you could've been a real bitch of a character. But nope...you're perfect annoyingly squeaky clean Helen. And I hate you. Heck, Angelini can't even do archetypes right....it's not even like she knows the characters. Like Paris, he's not suppose to be the hero.

Helen: Paris?

Me: Lucas. But your author renamed him, probably because calling a guy Paris isn't going to make him sound like Edward Cullen which is what I think she was striving towards. Honestly, I have to wonder if this series was originally fan fiction. I mean, it's pitched like it's Percy Jackson for girls. Lucas is a rip off for Edward with his controlling and stalkerish ways. Seriously, he sits in front of your bedroom all night that's not right, and you two are broken up in book two just like Bella and Edward. Oh, and you know have a lightening bolt scar like Harry freaking Potter. And Orion could just as well be a teenage Sirius Black.

Helen: Are you finished?

Me: No, quite frankly I'm not. Seven fucking figures. Seven fucking figures. Do you know what I could do with that sort of advance. And it's not even like she tried with this piece of unicorn poo. Even my fan fictions are better than this....this fucking piece of....

Helen: Hey! What about the other characters?

Me: What?

Helen: You're not complaining about them....

Me: Oh, I'm not. I already mentioned that she loves archetypes didn't I? That all of you scions are based very loosely off of Greek figures. Oh, did I also mention that she's generalized all the supportive human roles too. Let's see, while there is some diversity in these books the characters are token characters at best like Claire (or Giggles if we're using your stupid nickname for her). And while that by itself is great, we're told that Claire is sort of weary about dating guys who aren't the same race as her (i.e. she's in love with Jason). And we're told this is a tradition. WTF!??!!?!?! Oh, and if that little generalization isn't bad enough, the Latina characters in this book are described frequently as saucy. Note to authors writing diverse characters, just because their skin color/culture/background is different than yours we don't have to generalize them by describing them as saucy or having their relatives frown when they bring their non-Japanese boyfriend/friends home for dinner and have that character contemplate about dumping a guy just based off of skin color. Fucking unicorn sparkly..........

Helen: Can you just shut up already.

Me: No, I had to put up with you for a week and....

Helen: (lightening bolt forms from her hand) Seriously, shut up now...

Me: You're too much of a Mary Sue to do it (grabs water gun from purse and sprays Helen. Helen falls to the floor withering and claiming that she's melting). Wrong book. Now that that nonsense is done. I think it's time I read another book, something that makes me retain my faith in humanity. Seven fucking figures.....

* Note, for those who don't know I am not Josephine Angelini. I do not own the character Helen. I merely using her character to review this God forsaken unicorn puke book.
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May 24, 2020

🙃 The end didn’t come fast enough. I just can’t wait to finish the third book too and forget about this series, forget I ever read it :) On the positive side, I think I wasn’t as pissed reading this one as I was reading the first book.

The only good thing in this book was Orion.
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June 15, 2020
Re-re-reread review!

These visits to the parts of the Underworld where she was in no immediate danger lasted the longest and ended up being the hardest in the long run... Hell didn't need lakes of fire to torment. Time and solitude were enough.

Me every time I reread this trilogy-

Seriously. I fucking love this trilogy SO MUCH. It is one of those extremely rare ones where the sequel is just as good as (and some rereads even better than) the first installment, and I know every time I dive into the story that I'm going to fall in love with it all over again.

In Dreamless, Helen and the Delos family are dealing with the fallout of Starcrossed. Hector is an Outcast, Lucas and Helen have yet another reason as to why fate won't allow them to be together, the family is preparing for an all out war, and Helen now has to deal with the crushing responsibility of being the only demigod who can descend into the Underworld to fulfill the quest of freeing all demigods from the Furies and their rage-inducing blood oaths.

I don't know what it is about Josephine Angelini's writing, but it is so easy to feel everything that Helen is suffering through throughout this novel. The themes of depression and involuntary isolation are heavy as hell in the sequel, and in comparison to the upbeat tempo of Helen discovering what she is and finding a group of people that eventually become like family to her in the first book, it hits you hard.
Helen glanced around her room. The silence pounded in her ears and the walls spiraled in on her. She didn't want to be the Descender anymore...

She was at the end of her endurance. She was beyond tired, but couldn't let herself fall asleep in this condition. If she did, she didn't know if she would ever have the strength to wake up again.

As someone with severe depression when I first read this trilogy, I connected so hard with everything Helen thought about in these scenes of solitude. My favorite thing about Dreamless is the way that Angelini approaches the failures of a hero, and how those failures are taken a lot more seriously by the other characters than if another, lesser character had committed them. You've seen it in Harry Potter. You've seen it in A Game of Thrones. You've even seen it in fucking Avatar:TLA. Our lovable (most of the time) hero makes one slip up-no matter the size- and the others all pounce on it like they're lions in a fighting pit. The amount of times that Helen is bullied and pushed back and forth for things that sometimes aren't even her fault gets to the point where you just want to reach in and shake all the characters for their idiocy.

But, of course, we can't talk about all the depressing shit without bringing up the shining ball of light that is Orion. The new guy on the block, Orion is literally Helen's saving grace as she's suffering through the deepest depths of Tartarus. He actually succeeds in making her laugh as they're trudging through hell itself.
“After all, the monsters think you're the delicious one."

"Smart monsters. I AM tasty."

"Says who?"

"Don't believe me? See for yourself."

"Yeah? How?"

"Bite me.”

He is EASILY my favorite character in the entire trilogy. SWOON.

But really though, Orion is the friend/something else that everyone needs during their bad days.

I'm going to end this review before I gush even more than I already have by saying...READ THIS TRILOGY ASAP IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, DAMN IT.
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Want to read
September 8, 2017
A few minutes ago I finished Starcrossed and writing my review I said "Can't wait to read the sequel".
And when I come here to mark this as Want-to-Read what do I see? WHAT DO I SEE?


Why do bad things happen to good people????
(Good people=Me, bad things=Love Triangle)
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