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How far would you go to save the people you love?

Madison is familiar enough with change, and she hates everything about it. Change took her long-term boyfriend away from her. It caused one of her friends to suddenly hate her. It’s responsible for the death of a local along with a host of other mysterious happenings. But when Madison meets a hot new guy, she thinks her luck is about to improve.

Madison is instantly drawn to the handsome and intriguing Isaac Addington. She quickly realizes he’s a guy harboring a secret, but she’s willing to risk the unknown to be with him.

Her world really spins out of control, however, when her best friend becomes delusional, seeing things that aren’t there and desperately trying to escape their evil. When the doctors can’t find the answers, Madison seeks her own.

Nothing can prepare her for what she is about to discover.
Dangerous, intoxicating, and darkly romantic, Embrace is a thriller that will leave you spellbound.

190 pages, ebook

First published December 1, 2011

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About the author

Cherie Colyer

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Cherie Colyer (CL Colyer) is an award-winning author of fiction with a paranormal twist. Her published works include books for children through adults.

CL Colyer on Goodreads: https://bit.ly/CLColyerGR
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3jQelPo
Facebook: https://bit.ly/CherieFB
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990 reviews6,365 followers
January 24, 2012
Was I ever surprised by this! The blurb is very obscure. You don't really get a feel of what exactly we're getting into. But once I found out what this was actually about I was thrilled because it's one of my favorite types of paranormal books. I'm not much help am I? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you so you'll just have to give it a try! However I can say that 1) it's a paranormal YA novel, and 2) it's wonderful!

To start with what I didn't like; the romance is very instant. I didn't have time to get a feel for the characters and they were already falling in love. It seemed a little obsessive at first, but we do get an explanation for it later on that alleviates a bit of the annoyance towards it. By the end, however, I did find they had developed a connection that was sweet and romantic. I really enjoyed the cast of characters in the story. Our main character, Madison, has a great, down to earth personality. She's not concerned with popularity or looks, she's simply happy to live her life. She is intelligent, mature, a great friend, and gets along with her family which all make her easily likeable. Isaac is our male lead. He's mysterious. It's obvious from the start that he has something to hide, but that only makes him more intriguing. I couldn't help wanting to know more about him.

Like the synopsis, the book is full of mysteries. The storyline leads you one way, then another, so you're always wondering where it's going to go next. I loved dishing out theories on what was going on, but the fast pace makes it so the twists keep coming at you blind. It's not that it's impossible to come to the conclusion, but there's always so much happening that you get too absorbed in the story to speculate.

While I can't tell you the plot's bigger picture, I can say that if you enjoy mystery, thriller and paranormal novels, Cherie Colyer's Embrace is for you!

For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads
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2,474 reviews170 followers
April 9, 2012
HOLY BATMAN is what comes to mind when I think about this book. I was reading my usual blogs when I saw on YA Bound they were hosting a blog tour for Embrace. I loved the cover the minute I saw it and the minute I read the blurb I was hooked! I have to say a huge THANK YOU to YA Bound for allowing me to be a part of this tour.

Cherie Colyer has crafted this world where good and evil live side by side fighting for their cause. The question is which side will you chose?

Madison is down in the dumps because her boyfriend of two years is moving away. She hates change so she avoids it at all costs. So when her best friend Kaylee tells her change is coming she is not happy. That is until she meets the change in her life....... Isaac. Isaac is the new boy in town and he is tall, dark, and handsome. Madison is intrigued by him and wants to get to know him better. But Isaac is mysterious in all ways and she knows he is holding secrets. What are they? She knows she has to get to the bottom of the secrets but then things start to get weird and her best friend is no longer who she thought she was.

See Madison has a special gift and when using it she will see things that she never saw. That is how she knows there is something about Isaac but the pull he has on her is much stronger than she can admit to herself. What is a girl to do? Will she find out Isaac's secret? Will she chose between good or evil? What will happen in the end to her and Kaylee?

Embrace really did Embrace me in so many ways. This is a MUST read because it is fast paced and left me sitting on the bed begging Cherie for a sequel!
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1,057 reviews906 followers
April 12, 2016
An Electronic Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change.

As soon as I started reading Embrace, I knew I was going to get sucked into the story. That doesn’t happen very often to me, so I was surprised by how much I wanted to keep reading. The hook for me was the chemistry between Madison and Issac because I’m a complete sucker for that.

What I disliked was the pacing where it would be all dialogue, and no action. There were a couple of scenes that surprised me, especially when Madison’s best friend Kaylee starts seeing things that aren’t there, but before that I found it rather boring. Suffice to say, I kept on reading because I wanted to know who was behind it all. And I was intrigued by the mystery and the paranormal romance that was developing. Thank God it wasn’t instant love!

I also rather enjoyed the characters. Madison is rather protective of her friends, and I love how loyal and supportive she is. Then there’s Issac who is that mysterious guy that every girl wants to unlock. Their relationship is cute, and not overly the top annoying or nauseating.

Likeable and definitely not annoying.

More like stop and go. I’d rather have fast paced.

Pretty, but the cover girl looks way too Photoshopped, and it’s obvious.

Liked it enough, but wanted more action.

Great romance, and very likable characters. The plot could use some work though.
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919 reviews7 followers
February 23, 2012
Thanks to Young Adult R2R and the author for giving me a copy of Embrace to critique.

Embrace is written in first person from the viewpoint of Madison, a female high school student.

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258 reviews35 followers
April 26, 2012
Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 21 April for a exclusive review of Embrace! Join the blog tour!

Brilliant. It somes up this book perfectly. It was short yet sweet and to the point.

Although we move fast through the book, we fell pulled to the end and through the pages. We also don't expect what happens in the novel. Mainly on how it becomes paranormal from what we start to think is a general YA novel. I love the way that was done! It suits both audiences, either YA readers or Paranormal readers. The one part of this that makes itpossible is through the blurb! Not many novels do this, and leave you in the dark AS WELL as making you intrigued in the novel itself, without giving away too much information. We get caught up in the story, as well as how fast Maddison and Issac's relationship is moving. At the start it bothers us, how they can move that quickly (especially Maddison), but as we continue, we realise where her feelings come from as well as why they developed so quickly. We don't understand it as much when we find out, but we are still captivated by it all.

We get propelled into the story so much that we don't stop to think and predict what is going to happen, and we start to go with Maddison. We feel like Kaylee at times, because we feel like Maddison's best friend. We understand her pain and we get to know about everything that she is going through on a different perspective as to what others would. We start to go along with Maddison's judgement and don't stop to think if it could be anyone else causing it all and just go with what she thinks. That is how much we get pulled into the story. That is how much we develop a relationship with the main character. That is it's own kind of Witchcraft.

We don't understand the title as much as we do when we finish the novel (or when we get around 3/4 of the way through). We can't help but smile at the realisation of the title and how much it suits the book's hidden tale. There's not much that I think the book missed, it included everything that it needed as well as leaving the novel on a good stone.

We get shocked when we find out the truth about everything and everyone. We don't expect it, as well as the others behind the situation. In this moment, the underlying questions are answered and everything all comes together. The only thing in this chapter was that it only took a chapter. It was very dramatic and it could have extended longer, and still hold our interest and continue to pull us through as the rest of the novel had. This would have brought the book up a little further, but that factor doesn't bring the book down or anything, it just gives us the feeling that we want a little more. Other than that there's not that much else about the novel that isn't already said. Like the book, this review is short and sweet!
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Author 15 books1,414 followers
February 5, 2012
Magical Tale of Young Love

Cherie Colyer's debut Young Adult novel was quite a pleasure to read. It's a page-turner that's sweet and mysterious at the same time. The reader doesn't know who to trust, and the identity of the villain surprised me.

Madison is a high school student living in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I've been to Boston a few times but don't know much about the area and I thought the setting was interesting and eerie. Madison meets a handsome newcomer: Isaac. She is longing for her ex-boyfriend Kevin, and Isaac seems like the perfect antidote. But is Isaac safe boyfriend material?

I liked how strange events keep happening at the beginning of the story, like near-death car accidents and Madison's best friend Kaylee suffering from a psychotic break. Is this simply bad luck, or is something more sinister going on? The mystery clears itself up bit by bit, keeping the reader in suspense.

Cherie uses some interesting similes:

There is only more darkness. It's like swimming in a pool of oil.

The characters' emotions come alive in this story, aided by Madison's sensory gifts. She can smell and taste emotion.

The air reeked of power---strong and pungent. Kevin's bitter jealousy and Isaac's rage mixed with Paige's sudden remorse and Emma's sweet joy. It tasted oddly delectable as it eased the burning in my lungs and the pain in my throat.

I hear Cherie is working on a sequel to Embrace and I look forward to it! I want to see what happens between Madison and her ex-friend Paige, and of course what's in store for Madison and Isaac. Great job, Cherie!
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676 reviews39 followers
January 30, 2016
I felt really intrigued by the cover and the description of this book! And really it didn't dissappoint me. This is an amazing book!
A story full with mystery, romance, a rollercoaster of felings and a series of discoveries. It's a great recipe for an excellent book.

Lets start with some generalities:
*The characters are really well described, and every one of them is written wonderfully.
*The argument: OMG! is fantastic! I love when a book has a strong background and you can really feel that everything that happens in it is true, and you don't feel like is all a bunch of stuff put together! Every thing that the author add gives a sense of whole to the story.

My personal opinion: OMG!! I loved this book! I really loved it!
I could have read it in only a few hours, but I took my time to enjoyed it (two days).
The main characters (Madison and Isacc) made my heart speed up every time they were together and their relationship took my breath away more than once.
If you are a careful reader like myself, you will notice that from the very start are some signals on how the story is going to develop, but it doesn't take away any of the "magic".

I have to admit I was really surprised on how much I like it, however is good to find a book that leaves you with such a good feeling after you read it.

*** I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. ***
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2,195 reviews172 followers
January 20, 2012
I know that I am really enjoying a book when at midnight I am reading and not tired, not wanting to put it down and wanting to continue reading.

This is a great YA novel. It deals with teenagers who are having issues with relationships, friends, and jealousy. To compound everything, Madison's witchcraft is starting to bloom.

She wouldn't have known about her powers if some bad witches hadn't messed with her friends. I don't want to say to much, because you would enjoy reading it for yourself.
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Author 39 books268 followers
May 25, 2013
So first off technically i didn't finish this. Well i sort of did. I got officially about 75% ish through it, but i just couldn't go on. And maybe this a lot about me. Probably but I don't know. I did skim the last part of this book so i sort of know what happens. The very ending, no i don't know because i didn't even skim that part. I just wanted to be right about something and i was so YAY me!

Alright so song choice i would pick either. "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance, or "I Don't Care" by Fall Out Boy, both songs that i love by the way, but it kinda works well with this.

Plot: Well i was pretty interested at first to be honest. I haven't done a whole lot of just witches stories so i was pretty interested in this. Only the other aspects of the plot started to weigh heavily on the story. Um there was legit part when even the characters mentioned that it was starting to be very middle school like, and it was because it was like: Oh John..Josh...dammit i am horrible with names, he is the boyfriend to Madison's (who is the MC) best friend. He also friends with Madison lives next door to Isaac who just moved in and is the new love interest...obviously. anyways Madison pretty much plays the check yes or no if you like me game. If it was done in a funny, sarcastic, satire way i might have enjoyed that but i am pretty sure it was dead serious for them. NOT cool. Then it just kinda remained that way, everything got a little too "High School" for me, and i get that might have been a purposeful writing style but i really do not like it. You can have it set in high school without having to do normal high school stereotypes. I don't know maybe that is just me. Anyways the plot, aside from the romance and that the action-y part was like meh. I thought it was going to go one way when i first started it, and i was like this is going to be super intense and amazing, and oh i am so excited but....spoiler actually soo sorry about that if you don't want to know i hides it!


Madison: At first i thought i was going to like her. A lot. She is sad about her break up and i was sooo happy for once it was like, a couple months is going to make me get over a guy i with for 2 years, even if it was high school relationship, it was her first love, that takes time. And i appreciated that. until she locked eyes with Isaac. Literally all it took was locking eyes. and they spent a day together and she was falling in love. Um...sigh. no. no thank you. and i thought she would be a little more grown up considering that her mom died in child birth with Madison's younger brother, so her dad and her are raising her brother. That doesn't seem to change anything. Um there are parts where she acts extra childish and kinda of annoying. i don't know what to do with her honestly. And there are just things that she says that i was just face palming it like crazy! like crazy.

Isaac: At first i thought he was going to be pretty cool too. Maybe a little mysterious, but also sweet and fun. No. He turns out to be a bit of an ass. He is really almost smug it seems to be. And he is a little high and mighty for my likings, not in that fun, haha actually you aren't you are just being cute kind of way, i think you might know what i mean, but in that i am actually an ass and think i am better than you kind of way. he is just blah. i didn't like him as a love interest.

In the end this wasn't for me. Not saying it isn't for you, but there are the reasons i couldn't finish and i couldn't love this. Maybe this is the type of read you like, maybe its just because right now in my life i am a little peeved off at a lot of things. i don't know but either way i am sorry that i didn't love this but it wasn't for me. But maybe its worth a shot for you.
May 1, 2012
***Copy provided for review as part of blog tour***
Even though the book description is fairly vague, I was intrigued enough by it and the pretty cover to ask to be a part of the blog tour. Once I started reading and I found out what this book was really about, I was blown away by it because this is one of my favorite genres!

We meet Madison who has been through enough changes in her life. One of the biggest changes being the death of her mother. When her best friend, Kaylee, drags her to the beach, Madison meets the mysterious new guy, Isaac. Sparks immediately fly between them even though they are both cautious and hesitant. But things take an ugly turn when Kaylee starts hallucinating, seeing things and talking about demons. The doctors can’t seem to find anything wrong with her and with no other option she is taken to a mental institute. Kaylee only seems to be getting worse which forces doctors to keep her mostly sedated and restrained to her bed. Madison feels helpless and she knows her best friend isn’t crazy, all she knows is that there is definitely something or someone dark and powerful that is after Kaylee. With the help of Isaac and Kaylee’s boyfriend, Josh, they are determined to help Kaylee and save her from whatever is after her.

One big issue I had about this was that I felt like Madison and Isaac’s relationship was a bit rushed. Even though Madison barely knew him, she was already falling for him. We learn later why they have such a strong connection and after that it makes more sense. Even though they clearly like each other, they are still afraid to completely open up to each other and let the other know how they feel. To make matters worse, Madison’s ex best friend makes a pass at Isaac every chance she gets and one of Madison’s friends starts hitting on her too.

Madison was a very strong and likeable character. But I was surprised at how much I ended up liking her best friend Kaylee. I love the strong friendship between her and Madison and her relationship between her and her boyfriend Josh. Even though it starts off fast then slows down a bit, one they open up and really get to know each other I really liked the relationship between Madison and Isaac.

I know this is a really vague review but I was pleasantly surprised and I wouldn’t want to ruin that for any of you. This is a great and past paced story. Mystery, friendship, romance, betrayals a lot of surprises and twist will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next! I really want to know what happens next and I hope that this book is the start of another great series.
4 out of 5 sparkly stars!

Some of my favorite non-spoiler quotes or scenes from Embrace:
-“Your life is about to change, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

-“Always remember, people fear what they don’t understand.”

-The maze was a lot like my life: a series of paths that led to choices, turns that often led me astray, and dead ends that forced me to rethink where I'd just been. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the exit to my own happiness. I'd get close, but then there’d be one more choice to make, one more obstacle to get past, one more wall of cornstalks blocking the way.

-I wish I could say, in that moment standing between the people I loved, that I saw hope-a bright light that assured me things would be okay. Sometimes, you just know that isn’t true. Sometimes, you end up hurting the ones you love. You can’t save them or yourself.

-He wasn't playing fair. He never had, and I secretly loved that he didn’t.
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862 reviews287 followers
March 20, 2012
Review originally posted at http://www.mycutebookshelf.com/2012/0...

Embrace is a fast-paced, well-researched novel that chronicles Madison’s initiation into the world of magic. Teenagers are nicely portrayed and given believable voices and the mystery is carried out incredibly through the most part of the book. I can assure you, this is one of those books that keep you guessing and wondering almost to the end.

Madison is a likable, imperfect and believable protagonist that deals with real problems: school, friendships, relationships and family. Madison didn’t stuck to being just the good, loyal girl we are all used to; this girl is funny, mean and feisty when she needs to, and even a bit dramatic sometimes. She sounded like a real teenager, which is something not many authors achieve. I found myself invested in her problems and I was deeply moved by her fierce loyalty to Kaylee. The bonds of friendship between the two of them were portrayed nicely in the book and ended up being one of my favorite things in the story. Most of the cast also has nicely developed personalities, but Isaac, the love interest, remains mostly wrapped in shadows throughout the whole book. While I adored the fact that Isaac was not the glorified stalker that has become the favorite love interest in YA, Isaac did come off a bit arrogant on occasion, but towards the end of the book I believed his affection for Madison. The romance was sweet and there was an easy chemistry between Madison and Isaac, but, much to my disappointment, the spark moved to love way too soon.

The mystery in this novel was well-written and carried out very nicely. My favorite chapters were Kaylee’s break from reality, the desperate search for an explanation to what happened to her. I couldn’t tear my eyes away when reading them and the mystery had me scratching my head, wondering what was going on – in a very good way. Things rush rapidly after that, building up to an exciting and surprising, even if slightly unsatisfying climax and conclusion, that puts Madison in the right spot to stand up for herself and change her entire role in the story. Her ready acceptance of magic and Isaac’s secret quickened the pace of the novel, but left me feeling a little disappointed. Still, this book is not predictable, and that makes it enjoyable and engaging.

A realistic heroine, a sweet romance, great descriptions of magical procedures that show careful research and strong bonds among friends are what set Embrace apart from other YA novels about magic. This book is fast-paced, funny and, well, magical.
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2,145 reviews11.3k followers
November 13, 2014
Reviewed on Alexa Loves Books.

The Story

I was completely taken by surprise when I read this novel, because I hadn't known what to expect from reading the blurb. I refuse to spoil the novel for you, but I will say this - major discoveries are made, friendships are formed and some really cool things that I wish I could make happen do happen in this book. It's the unexpected twists and turns that made this novel so fun to read - and trust me, there are quite a few of them.

The budding romance between Madison and Isaac initially moved a little too fast for me at the beginning of the novel. There was quite a bit of eye-rolling on my part as I watched them go from acquaintances to a relationship at 100mph. But once the strangely strong attraction was explained a little more, I was able to let go of my reservations and enjoy their relationship.

The Characters

The book primarily revolves around Madison, a girl who is doing her best to deal with the changes that come with growing up, falling in love and high school life. It's definitely a period in your life where a lot of confusion reigns, but it is also a period where you're more likely to be open to the possibilities presented to you - and, in that sense, Madison fits the profile of your typical teen. One of the best parts about Madison is that she's simply a regular girl - she's intelligent, interesting and genuinely nice. She's got an inquisitive mind, demanding answers to things she can't explain. I think my favorite aspect of her life, however, is how she juggles the healthy relationships she has with her family and friends - she was extremely loyal and demonstrated her care and concern many times over.

Isaac, on the other hand, is a primary example of my type of boy in YA fiction - handsome and mysterious. Like Madison felt, I was extremely interested in learning more about who he was and what part he was to play in her life from the start. He seemed quite mature for his age, demonstrating wisdom and intelligence and I especially loved how he eventually came to be protective over Madison. He's a natural leader, and his take-charge personality was definitely attractive. The only fault I could find with him was his temper - and how that could rage out of control. But I think the fact that he is genuinely interested in Madison and would do anything for her gives him plus points.

Personally, I say you should...

... read this novel if you're a fan of young adult novels with a paranormal twist. It's a refreshing take on a familiar aspect of the paranormal, as well as just generally a light read.
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887 reviews383 followers
February 2, 2012
My Summary:

Madison doesn't like change. It hasn't been good for her in the past. Change took her boyfriend of two years away and change took away a good friend. Change is haunting her again with a weird death and lots of strange events. Maybe the new hotty in town can bring some good change for Madison. But even as she is inexplicably drawn to Isaac, her life is falling apart. Her best friend becomes delusional on the way from one period to the next. Can that happen? Madison becomes frustrated as the doctors can't find a reason or offer any relief. While searching for what's really wrong with her friend, Madison stumbles on a dark secret that could tear her world apart. A secret that Isaac knows a lot about. Will the secret destroy Madison or save the ones she loves?

My Thoughts:

4 stars - a great read

This book started with a zap and tugged me in quickly. I was immediately drawn to Isaac, just like Madison. Mystery hangs around him like a fog that clings to him. I loved that. Isaac is the perfect compliment to Madison. I enjoyed their relationship a lot. Their feeling for each other had a tangible aspect to them that was unique and exciting.

The plot had me immediately trying to unravel the clues that were so expertly left among the pages. Where is Madison's mother? Why are animals being killed in strange ways? How can a perfectly healthy teenager leave one class and end up delusional in the next? All the clues were pointing to one person and I grabbed on to that. But alas, I was wrong. Love it when the author fools me. Even as I realized it couldn't be, I searched for another. I didn't figure it out until it was revealed. Looking back, I can see the clues were skillfully left but so were distractions that make it hard to focus on the real clues.

The other thing that I really enjoyed about this book was that it is or can be stand alone. It seems that every book I read these days is a series. While I love them, it's nice to have a conclusion that doesn't leave me wanting to throw the book or crying for the next one. I could see a second book but there doesn't have to be. Very refreshing.

If you love the paranormal reads, like I do, then for sure pick this one up because it's a great read.

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842 reviews567 followers
November 5, 2014
Embrace is another book that I went into without fully knowing what it was about, and I liked it that way. After reading the description, I was expecting something else. I actually love when that happens, as long as the story is good. Thankfully, Embrace was good enough to make me like the unexpected turn of it. It was a very quick and enjoyable read.

When Madison's best friend, Kaylee, gets her to go to a beach party, big changes are set in motion. Madison meets, Isaac, the new guy in tow, and likes him immediately. But not long after Isaac arrives, strange things start happening, like: mutilated animals, an unexplained death, slashed tires, and a major mental breakdown. The big question is, what or who is behind this all?

I thought the relationship that developed between Madison and Isaac was cute, and not overbearing. I appreciate that Isaac lacked that strong stalker mentality that seems to plague a lot of books lately; he's mysterious, but not creepy. I also liked how Madison's best friends, Kaylee and Josh, were such a big factor in the story. The two of them weren't just side characters; they were actually prevalent to what was going on.

When Kaylee suddenly suffers from psychosis, and the doctors can't find the cause, it's up to the other three to figure it out. This is where the story really took that unexpected turn I mentioned. There were pretty big hints leading up to that point, but I was still under the impression that it was going in a different direction, so it was a little surprising to me. Once that mystery was solved, it became a different ride; going from what,to who and how.

Admittedly, the book did have a couple of small flaws, but I understand why they were incorporated into the story. I think the book was good though, so it's a little easier for me to overlook those things.

Overall, Embrace was a fun book. It was a super quick read that packed a punch. The ending was complete, but I definitely wouldn't mind following the group on another adventure.
153 reviews17 followers
January 23, 2012
Embrace is a book about magic. Anyone could become a witch in this novel, but no witch is as powerful as a natural witch.
For a natural witch to gain power he/she must Embrace them first, and become bound by them until forever. After embracing the power the witches struggle to stay good. They must not use their magic while angry or distressed for the energy used will turn them evil. How difficult is that to maintain? since any danger the characters go through will result in those emotions; thus negative energy.
Embrace is a story about Madison and her journey embracing her powers. She must learn to control them, and in the process she meets a handsome young man who manages to not only teach her all about her powers, but sweep her off her feet.
The themes in this book are versatile. Change and envy being the major themes, we learn how hate and jealousy could destroy someones soul. Cherie Colyer constructed a fun read with a paranormal twist. She captures the readers in the first couple of pages when she introduces Isaac. The charming new neighbor.
The male characters were memorable, while Madison –who is the main character– was not. Even though we’re in her head the whole time. The story would have excelled in my opinion if it was told from Isaac’s point of view. He was a favorite. Isaac was well constructed and very charming. His character had depth and a third dimension.
One thing true about this book is that once you start reading it, you can’t stop until the last page.

Hebah Abdelqader
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1,022 reviews507 followers
January 23, 2012
Madison's boyfriend of two years has recently moved away, her friendships are changing, and another school year is under way. She's having trouble adjusting to all these changes until she meets a hot new boy that's moved to town.

Isaac Addington is mysterious and absolutely gorgeous. Madison is attracted to him immediately. There is something "different" about Isaac, but Madison will do anything to get closer to him.

Beginning with the sudden death of local, things in town become quickly out of control. Madison's best friend is hospitalized for having delusions and Madison is desperate to find out why and what is happening. Is Madison prepared to find out the truth surrounding the mystery?

My Take:
I love reading books where you know about the locations! I could picture the town while I was reading, so I almost felt as if I was with them. Embrace was a great weekend read filled with mystery, suspense, romance, and intrigue. The story had a nice flow and was easy to read. I never felt lost. Madison is a likable character who has the potential for a lot of growth. Isaac is most definitely swoon worthy and mysterious. I think Isaac could be taken in many different paths in the future. I also really like Josh. I liked that the book description left you guessing what you're dealing with. So, because of that, I will not disclose the secrets of the book! HA! I'm hoping there will be more Madison and Isaac, so we can see where this new life leads them.
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1,591 reviews98 followers
January 20, 2012

Ooooh how I love me some Isaac. Handsome and mysterious...dude is definitely hiding something. But does that stop Madison from falling for him? Nope, and who can blame her? All that mystery is just an invite to get to know him more. I just adored this book. There was such an appeal to the story that when I wasn't reading it, my nook kept beckoning me from my bedside table, mocking me. Oh how I wanted to know what secrets Isaac was keeping. Oh how I wanted to know what sneaky things the other characters were up to.

I went into this story not knowing what to expect. I had no idea if I was dealing with vampires, werewolves or heck, even wererabbits. *So not kidding* But I like when summaries of books do not give anything away, and this one didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised with all the twists and turns, not guessing for even a second how the storyline would go. So with that, I will not share what mystery is hiding between the pages, leaving you to enjoy finding out for yourself.

Embrace has an incredible storyline, fun (and believable) characters, and twists that kept the story fresh and intense. This is one book I would hope the author plans to continue on into a series!

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February 27, 2012
Embrace starts with another change for our teenage heroine, Madison. She and her friends Kaylee and Josh are juniors in the local high school. Josh's new neighbor, Isaac, has just started as a senior at their school, and is giving Madison tummy butterflies. And a static electric shock every time they touch.

Madison is a normal teenager, with boy problems and a pesky baby brother. Embrace takes the common trope of "teenage girl turns out to be special snowflake" and makes it into an enjoyable read. This is one of those books you will want to read in one sitting - it is fast-paced, not too long, and interesting. Instead of the tired story I was hoping it wasn't, I got something cute and fun, with enough darkness in it to make it really interesting.

Also, Isaac's Taylor Swift CD. Made me cackle. Really.
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September 23, 2021
(I was given this book for free on a read-to-review basis)
Madison is a junior in high school. Her boyfriend left her 4 months ago because he was moving to Minnesota, but they have kept in touch, and Madison has no intentions of starting a new relationship with anyone. That is until she meets Isaac.

Isaac is a senior and has just moved into the house opposite Madison’s best-friend’s boyfriend’s house (did you follow that?). Madison and Isaac begin spending time together, and Madison starts to develop feelings for him.

Strange things are happening though. First Madison falls off a ladder, breaking her wrist, but Isaac puts his hand on it and it is healed. A friend’s tyres get slashed outside a restaurant where they are eating, and Isaac manages to magically fix them. Then her friend Kaylee begins seeing men hiding in shadows, is nearly killed in a car accident, tells Madison that she saw a reaper, and then has a screaming fit in class, shouting at things that aren’t there and has to go to the hospital for tests.

Madison feels like she has to do something to help Kaylee, and begins researching her symptoms on the internet. She is shocked though when she begins to realise that Kaylee’s symptoms could indicate that she has been cursed, and forms a plan to cast a spell to see if she herself personally has any magical powers.

The spell works, but unfortunately Madison has no idea how to end the spell, and is instead saved by Isaac, who in doing so reveals himself to be a witch. Madison accuses Isaac of cursing Kaylee which he denies, telling her that he is a natural witch rather than an evil witch, and that he knows about the curse and has been trying to help Kaylee.

Now they must find a way to break the curse, find the person who cast it, and try to bind them from doing further harm. If only it was that simple!

This book was good in places, and just plain strange in others. The story seemed to be going along quite nicely, when suddenly Madison was researching Kaylee’s illness on the internet, and instead of considering the possibility that her hallucinating friend maybe has a mental health problem, she suddenly jumps to the conclusion that Kaylee has been cursed! This was just bizarre to be honest, and I was really shocked at this sudden twist in the story. I can honestly say that I did not see this one coming, and then when it turned out that Madison herself had magical powers, as well as Isaac the whole thing just became a joke. I have to say I actually cringed and looked away from the book a few times. The whole thing just felt so disjointed and wrong!

If I’m being honest I think that that was the biggest issue with this book, the part about Madison and her boy troubles, friend troubles, etc. was good and well written, but the sudden addition of the whole witch thing just didn’t fit in at all – a total square peg in a round hole! If the book had continued with Madison dealing with her best friends mental illness I think it could have been great, but the whole Harry Potter thing just ruined it. There were also some other things that irritated, but they’re in the spoiler below as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Overall I found parts of this book entertaining, but other parts just made me cringe, and the story was too disjointed.
5 out of 10
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September 1, 2013
Embrace by Cherie Colyer
(Book #1: The Embrace Series)
Source: Author/Omnific Publishing
Rating: 4/5 stars

Up to this point, Madison has had a pretty normal life. Sure, she lost her mom years ago but her dad and little brother are pretty awesome, her best-friend Kaylee is delightful and loves coffee as much as Madison does and, the new, totally hot guy at school has his eye on her. All in all, not a bad life as far as high school goes. But this book would totally suck if something intense and slightly awful didn’t happen and this book is far, far away from being sucky 

For the most part, Kaylee and Madison’s lives are pretty normal; Kaylee is an excellent student, Madison not so much; Kaylee has a wonderful boyfriend, Josh and Madison is excited to be newly dating, Isaac. Even though he is new to town, Isaac quickly falls into place with Kaylee, Madison and Josh and the four friends instantly become inseparable. All seems right with the world until the morning Kaylee totally snaps the tether and has to be admitted to the hospital, heavily sedated and strapped to the bed. Though all the adults suspect drugs, the doctors can’t find a trace of any substance in her body that would cause Kaylee to scream uncontrollably and hallucinate. Determined to figure out what is wrong with her best friend, Madison begins to do some research only to be totally disappointed that the only real fit to Kaylee’s symptoms is witchcraft. Yeah right, like that exists.

As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures and when Kaylee shows no signs of getting better, Madison decides to cast a spell. Inexplicably, Madison not only manages to get the spell going but she over does it and damn near burns down her house. Thankfully, Isaac appears in the nick of time and puts out the flames, with magic. Isaac, you have some splainin’ to do!! And ‘splain he does  Isaac is a very powerful witch, Josh is a witch and now, after having cast her first spell, Madison has embraced her powers and truly become a member of the group. In order to save Kaylee, the three friends (and later Kaylee too!) form a proper coven and set out to magically protect one another and save Kaylee. Through this struggle, Madison begins to learn more and more about magic, her abilities, and her feelings toward Isaac. Though the two struggle to overcome some of the obstacles that face every new couple, they are determined to be together and neither can deny how perfectly they fit together.

The fight to save Kaylee turns into much, much more than the group ever expected and the unveiling of the evil behind the drama is pretty surprising. The big bad not only wields some super serious power but also acquired that power in a most unnerving way. When the truth finally comes to light, it takes all four of the coven members, a surprise visitor from Madison’s past and, Scooby Doo-worthy plan to shut down the big bad and restore everything to its proper place and form. Seriously, the last battle is pretty spectacular!

The Bottom Line: Though Embrace was a slow starter for me (hence the 4 star rating) once it really got going, I was reminded of why I love this genre. Colyer has produced a fine YA+ read about witches and witchcraft that is quite different from a large number of other reads currently available in this genre. I particularly enjoyed reading about how witches in Colyer’s world come into their powers, how they can use their powers, how they can acquire powers and how those powers manifest. I enjoyed reading how the Fearsome Four (my name for the coven) work as a team yet are led by Isaac because of his greater powers and experience. Each of the F.F. are fully-developed characters I honestly wanted to know more about and Colyer absolutely delivered. On to book two . . . .
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January 13, 2013
Sometimes a book surprises me, and I can’t wait to tell people about it. Embrace is one such book, and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed it immensely. There seems to be a bit of mystery around the plot, and I’m imagining based on the sketchy story description on the back cover, as well as the completely misleading cover design, the author may not want the beans spilled. So as much as I’d love to tell you what this book is about, I’m going to try to keep my review spoiler-free and gloss over the details, so as not to ruin the discovery.

Madison is a high school girl who has recently broken up with her steady boyfriend Kevin, whose family has moved away. She and best friend Kaylee go to a beach party one night where Kaylee tells her “Your life’s about to change, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” This dire warning turns into something much nicer when Madison meets Isaac, the new boy in town who is already friends with Kaylee’s boyfriend Josh. Madison is instantly attracted to Isaac’s good looks and enigmatic personality, and Isaac seems to like her as well. But when they shake hands in greeting, a painful electrical shock passes between them, making Madison wonder what Isaac could be hiding.

Things seem to be looking up for Madison as she and Isaac get closer, but soon after they meet, Kaylee is almost killed in a car accident, and even worse, begins to hallucinate and act crazy. After causing a scene at school one day, she is hospitalized and put in the psych ward for observation.

Madison is distressed over this, and when the doctors can’t seem to find anything wrong, she starts to do research on her own, digging up clues that force her to believe in something she doesn’t want to admit is real. Isaac and Josh confuse her further when they tell her that her research is indeed true, which leads them to the real reasons behind Kaylee’s diagnosis. But saving Kaylee is only the first step in dealing with some downright evil forces at play in their town, and the story only gets more tense and action-packed from here on out.

Colyer has a wonderful talent for describing the emotions of her characters, and it helps that the story is told in first person from Madison’s point of view. When Kaylee has her mental breakdown, I felt like I was experiencing it myself. Her emotions were raw and authentic, and I believed her when she saw things that weren’t actually there. Likewise, I loved Madison’s emotional journey as she started to fall in love with Isaac, but was later confused by her ex-boyfriend Kevin's return to town. She clearly has feelings for both boys, but doesn’t yet have the maturity to figure out what to do about it. Yes, it was a bit of a love triangle, but for all you triangle-haters, I thought the author pulled it off pretty well.

As in all good tales, there is a final showdown between good and evil, and I was glued to the pages during the whole scene. I loved the way the paranormal elements gradually entered the story, slow enough to almost take the reader by surprise when the mystery is revealed. The location of Essex County, Massachusetts is important, and is a perfect setting for Colyer’s story. My only complaint is that the book ended too soon. Don’t let the cover fool you: this book is not what it seems, and that’s a very good thing.

Many thanks to the author for my review copy.

This review originally appeared on Books, Bones & Buffy.
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April 19, 2012
Madison has had a tough time in the past several months. Her long time boyfriend has moved away, and though her best friend tried to help her move on… she just can’t. Then, she meets Isaac. Isaac seems to have it all: charm, charisma, good looks and the alluring, mysterious air about him. Sorry for him that Madison is nobody’s fool; she can tell he’s hiding something, and now she’s determined to find out what it is. Soon after meeting Isaac, Madison’s best friend Ashley starts seeing things that aren’t there. One thing is certain, Madison will do anything to save her friend and get the answers she needs…

When I first read the premise, I am drawn in by just how little is given away. One of my biggest pet peeves is reading a book only to find out the big “secret” is something that was already given to me in the book blurb! This premise, however, does a wonderful job of intriguing me while giving away nothing important. Since I like how little the summary gives away, and since it really adds to Embrace, I’m not going to reveal many of the plot details. I will say that this book is definitely a YA paranormal thriller that keeps me hooked, and I definitely want more!

Connecting with Madison’s character is no challenge at all. From the first line, “I should have cared what I wore, but I couldn’t quite get there,” to the fantastic ending, I feel a real connection with her. She is witty, smart, and amazingly loyal to her friends, and throughout the story I feel like I am witnessing the events right beside them, not just reading what happens to them. Throughout Embrace, Madison proves what a strong person she is, especially when things go wrong. She is a fantastic big sister who loves and watches out for her little brother. She misses her mom, who died when her brother was born, but she doesn’t hold it against her little brother. She moves on.

I can’t say much about the irresistible Isaac beyond his strength and courage. He protects those he cares about and is obviously a wonderful son to his parents. Isaac is definitely a puzzle you have to figure out, which only adds to his mysterious persona. He is such an interesting character, who can deliver a soft look one moment and a stinging word the next!

Overall, I like and am intrigued by this plotline; it gets my mind whirling trying to stay one step ahead. Which I fail at! The good news is: the story is amazingly well written and definitely an edge-of-your-seat kind-of book that evades my attempts to predict it. The bad news is: I now feel the need to sharpen my predictability skills. ;) The only part of Embrace that I really have a problem with is towards the very beginning when Madison and Isaac first meet, and they do that whole “insta-love” thing. That feels very unnatural and unrealistic. Lucky for me, this is rectified, and their relationship progresses much differently. In the end, I am very happy and am highly anticipating book 2!

The Cover:

I really like this cover! I find it dramatic and intriguing, especially with the red against the brown hair and pale skin. I think this is a very beautiful cover that would look fantastic on any bookcase. I think this is a great fit for the fantastic story underneath it!

I give Embrace 4.5 out of 5 stars: Very Highly Recommended!

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January 2, 2013
This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.

After my previous bad experience with not writing a positive review and being unable to really take part in a tour, I was so relieved to be able to write a really positive review of this book!

Amazing! I really enjoyed this book for what it was - an easy teenage read with a hint of fantasy. I wasn't expecting too much, but I was given heaps in return.

I loved the concept of magic having a taste and smell and also that they were able to mask it. Every time there was a spark of static electricity though, I found myself thinking 'Magic - the immediate birth control.' It seems such a coincidence that they all share magic, but it's not really a coincidence. I would imagine that people with it would gravitate to the area and to each other. As I wrote that, there just happened to be an explanation in the text about it!

I wish Australian schools had amazing fun things like Harvest Festivals. For that matter, I wish we had an awesome history like some parts of the USA have. Every time I read a nice American novel like this one, I wonder if Australia is ever going to have that sort of history and sense of belonging... but I digress.

I can't impress on you enough how much I enjoyed this novel. I even ignored some of the other good things I had to read in favour of reading this one to it's conclusion, because I really wanted to know what Madison was going to do about the huge mess she found herself in.

I find it a little strange that these teenagers can get into killing rages over nothing, and are actually willing to kill each other. I can't say too much without giving away the suspense that fills this novel, but man, some of those kids are real nut jobs. Killing an old lady just for her powers! I really couldn't understand the motivation behind it, or reconcile it with a teenager. How many people are actually born that evil?

The dialogue is effortless, the descriptions mainly not overwhelming, and the characters endearing. I loved them all! Well, all the 'good guys' anyway. It's been a while since I connected with characters in such a way. The initial romance between Isaac and Madison, and Josh sweeping Kailey off her feet was rather transparent though, and I felt it was a little melodramatic. Another thing that wasn't convincing were the hospital scenes and their way of getting in to see their friend.

Damn Madison, why oh why did she not see that coming? This novel is filled with irony for the reader. I knew exactly what was going on most of the time, I caught all the subtle hints that Colyer threw in, and Madison was oblivious!

I dreaded the novel coming to an end. Arg! Anticipation! I almost wish there was another book after this one, but the finale is quite satisfying and I can't see another book in the future.

Although this novel initially masquerades as a romance, it builds into so much more. I wouldn't say much for this having wider implications for society like some of the other novels I have read recently, but it was still a good read. I would recommend it for teenagers who enjoy romance and fantasy.
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April 23, 2012
I found the characters very refreshing in this book. Madison is the typical teen with family and life problems. I found her to be easy to connect with and I enjoyed her loyalty to her best friend. She doesn’t seem to be only completely wrapped up in herself we see how she is desperate to help Kaylee. The other part that I loved about the characters is that Madison has an ex-boyfriend. Not just an ex but one she had for two years. As much as I love the innocence in the YA genre it’s nice to have a character with a little experience. So when she falls head over heels for a new guy she’s able to point out things like maybe it’s the newness of the relationship or how fast she fell. Plus I find it hard to believe that someone is going to date one person in their lifetime, do I want to believe that, of course I do. It’s just nice that instead of the guy bringing the past relationship to the table the lead girl is instead.
I loved Kaylee and Josh and the fact that they were more than just background characters. They had importance in the book besides just being Madison’s side kick. I liked that Kaylee was the one with the issue and Madison was dedicating herself to help her best friend. I also liked Josh and his love for his girlfriend and the fact that he doesn’t interfere with Kaylee and Madison’s friendship.
Oh Isaac the dark and mysterious guy that shows up. He has an air of arrogance about him that at first I wasn’t sure if I liked him. That seems to mellow out in the book, it’s not so much arrogance as he really is the one with all the information. He knows the most about what is going on. It’s nice to see his affection for Madison develop.
Kevin the ex showing up was another great character add. It makes Madison confront her feelings for Isaac since her and Kevin didn’t break up because they didn’t love each other. That’s all I’m going to say about that.
The plot is one of my favorite topics and a bit of mystery. So it was easy to like it. The villain was somewhat unexpected. I had a guess about it probably part way through the book but I wasn't positive, there were a few possibilities of who it could be. I don’t want to give too much away about it. I never felt there was a lag, the whole thing was very fast paced and when I would read I found myself not being able to stop. I really liked how things came about and how Madison discovers what is going on with Kaylee. It’s something that I would have done and tried if it meant helping my best friend. I would have thought that maybe I was a tad bit crazy but I would have done. Which is what makes me like this so much, things don’t just fall out of thin air you see how it develops. I also really like the explanation of what makes people bad and good. (It’s another one of those reviews I’m trying to be vague to not give too much away)

I really enjoyed the characters, I really enjoyed the plot and I have to admit I really like the cover. It wouldn’t mind seeing Madison’s adventures continue in more books.
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August 10, 2012
The blurb of Embrace being as mysterious as it is, I had no clues as to what this book is about aside from it being a paranormal novel. Thus I was taken almost completely by surprise when the paranormal aspect was revealed - totally wasn't expecting that! I won't give it away, I think all readers should go into it without knowing what will happen.

Embrace follows a teenager named Madison, who treats any kind of change with deep mistrust. When her best friend introduces her to Isaac, a new boy at school, she is immediately guarded. But she has nothing to fear, not only is Isaac hot and interesting, but Madison feels a connection to him almost instantly. Since this occurs in the very first chapter, I was really worried because I hate insta-love. But somehow, in this story, the development of feelings between the two seemed to work. I was also scared that there would be a love triangle. With a long-term boyfriend who has moved away and Isaac coming into her life, there were a few moments where I saw it all going down hill and Madison not being able to be mature and be honest with both of them. However, I am happy to report that I enjoyed the romance in this book, and that while Madison is understandably confused, there isn't a love triangle in sight.

I liked Madison because she is sweet and surprisingly normal - by this I mean that she's not stunningly beautiful or incredibly plain, she's not clumsy or unhappy with her hair colour and pallor of her skin. Madison isn't a mis-understood social outcast with great grades and a 'follow the rules' attitude, and she's not the girl sitting in the back of the class with an eyebrow ring. None of these over-used stereotypes are present in the novel: Madison is happy and has healthy relationships with her family and friends and genuinely cares about those around her.

When strange things start happening to Madison's best friend Kaylee, she wants to help her but is clueless to what could be wrong. So, like all kids these days, she Googles. I feel like there is a growing trend in YA novels of using the Internet to provide important world-building details, and I wouldn't have a problem with it if it wasn't for the fact that the Internet will rarely spit any reasonable answers at you when you ask it for information. But somehow Madison manages to find the answers she is looking for in one afternoon. After this rather shaky start to the paranormal aspect of the novel, things speed up and readers are introduced to a world of magic and intrigue that I liked. The magical world opens up and readers witness all sorts of awesome as Madison explores it. That's all I can really say without spoiling it for you!

Embrace is a great read that I enjoyed a lot. Featuring both paranormal aspects, romance and mystery, this book will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

You can read more of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic .
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March 1, 2012
This is my second read 2 review book. So thanks to the author Cherie Colyer for sending it to me.

Madison and Kaylee are best friends. Kaylee is dating Josh. Madison use to date Kevin. Isaac moved across the street from Josh. Madison thinks Isaac is hot. They have a connection. 


 Kaylee claims to so weird things like people in parking lots or people in capes that resemble reapers. Madison swears weird things happen around Issac, slashed tires get fixed and her broken arm heals.

One day at school Kaylee loses it. She freaks out has to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She is screaming and hitting at things that aren't there. The doctors can't figure out what's wrong with her. They think she is on drugs even though the gets came back negative. Madison looks not he Internet to see if she can come to some sort of conclusion about what is happening to Kaylee. A site pops up that has the most similar set of symptoms, the problem is its a site about witches and curses.

The site tells you how to do a simple spell to see if you have powers. Madison try's it and it works. She lights a whole room of candles with only one lite to start with. Madison almost starts the house on fire because the flames won't go out the keep getting bigger. Then Isaac walks in. He extinguishes the flames with one word. Madison looks at him, he is a witch also.

 Madison freaks out he must be the one who cursed Kaylee. Madison is so pissed. Isaac calms her down and explains he knew about her powers and that he didn't curse Kaylee but he could feel that someone had and he was trying to help.

Madison also finds out that Josh is a witch. All because they had family members that had powers. They could be traced back to the Salem witch trials. Madison has a epiphany. She knows what is cursing Kaylee. It's the necklace she is wearing. The one Mark had given to Madison but she gave it to Kaylee. They go to the hospital and break the necklaces hold on Kaylee and break her out.

Madison and Isaac have two near death experiences because someone is trying to curse them. Then Madison's old boyfriend Kevin shows up and everything get really complicated. 
Like how Kevin is also a witch.

They end up finding out who is trying to curse Madison and take that persons powers away. Kevin goes back to his home and everyone lives happily ever after.

This book was okay. I found it very lovey dovey. It was a quick read. I just found the first few chapters not that exciting, it does pick up later on. At first I found it hard to tell if Madison or Kaylee were the main character. Also I found that there were a lot of witch characters so I found it too much. I liked that nothing was left unanswered. The book could have a prequel, but doesn't have to. For an ebook it had very good grammar. 
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December 15, 2012
This review is from The Book Lover's Report

This book starts off with Madison going to a party with her best friend Kaylee. We find out that Madison and her ex Kevin had broken up a few months beforehand (he moved), and everybody assumes that she all sad because of it. When they get to the party, Madison feels an immediate attraction to Kaylee's boyfriend, Josh's, new neighbor. When she even touches him, she receives a shock.

They almost immediately start dating, and soon after she gets asked out by Mark, a guy that she only feels on the friend basis with (read: Friendzoned). He gives her a necklace that she doesn't want, but she ends up keeping it, anyway, just to 'hold on to it'. She gives it to Kaylee to wear, because she wants nothing to do with it.

Then, it starts. Kaylee goes through hallucinations, seemingly randomly, and Madison needs to find out how and why. Duhn,duhn, duuuuhhhnnnn!

So, I really liked this book (yes, I know I say that a lot, but that's a good thing)!

I thought that the characters were thought out very well, as in I didn't have any questions about them, or any missing in translation information that I needed or wanted to know. The scenes and visuals were great, too! I easily felt like I was there, in the book, and that's how it should be when you're reading a good book.

You all know how I'm (kind of) a hard case when it comes to grammar and spelling mistakes in books that I read (just read nearly all of my reviews), and I can say that I have no complaints from this book. There was absolutely no mistakes that I saw, so I'd say: "Grammar police, this book is for you!"

For those of you who like books that you want to read all night and not put down, this is also a book for you. When I had to eat dinner, I didn't even stop reading... A hard thing to do, but I did it nonetheless. So.... book you don't want to out down: check.

So, a lot of reviews that I've read on this book, the reviewers said that they couldn't wait for the second book. I actually didn't know that this book was in a series (if it is), and I'd have to say that I liked the way it ended. If more was added, as in a new book via series, then I'd think that that was stretching out the book (like some authors we know who waits twenty-some-odd-years to write the final book in a series, but works on other series' books that ended just fine). I mean, all of the loose ends were tied nicely, in a little bow, and it went smoothly.

But the end of this book did leave me with ONE question: Where did THAT come from??? The part I'm talking about is in the last paragraph in the last chapter, on the last page. I was just completely confused on the whole matter: Is she imagining them, or is she making his magic symbolize those?

(this book was given to me to review, from the author)
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August 31, 2013
This review is from my blog NeverCat Books @ www.nevercatbooks.com

The Story:

I didn't really know what to expect when I started Embrace as the blurb is somewhat vague but I was very quickly sucked into the story! Madison is a normal teenager who finds out she is a descendant of Salem witches and has powers of her own after meeting Isaac the new guy in town and her best friend Kaylee seems to have lost her mind. Madison is desperate to find a way to help her friend when the Doctors are at a loss as to what is wrong with her. Madison's research leads her to the possibility of magic being used on her friend and decides to test herself to see if it is a possibility that magic is real. After discovering her own powers she finds out Isaac who she has been dating and Kaylee's boyfriend Josh also have powers and that Kaylee has a curse on her. The three friends join forces to try and save Kaylee and find out who has been using dark magic in town to hurt others.

The story moves quickly and I devoured it in a day. I didn't like the instalove between Madison and Isaac. I prefer when relationships progress a little but slower instead of falling for each other right away but you still get sucked into their flirtation. The story progresses at a good pace and is a little predictable but still a great read!

The Characters:

Embrace is written from Madison's point of view and is kind of your typical teenage girl trying to figure out who she is and how to handle change in her life. Her Mother passed away giving birth to her brother and she has had to take on more responsibilities than most kids her age have had to so she is somewhat scared of other things changing. Meeting Isaac and learning of her powers kind of brings her out of her shell and helps her realize that not all change is bad thing.

Isaac is tall, hot, mysterious and the perfect gentleman. Pretty much your perfect YA boy. He has always been in control of his powers and had never thought he could be tempted to turn to dark magic until he Madison. He realized right away he loved her and would do absolutely anything to keep her safe including "tainting his soul". He is a really sweet guy and even though he may seem super confident he is very unsure of how Madison feels about him.

My favorite couple in this book was Josh and Kaylee. They had such a connection and I loved the way Josh was so protective of her and would not leave her side when she was losing her mind. Kaylee wasn't such the ditzy best friend either that you sometimes get with YA girl MC's. She is smart and caring

My Rating

I give Embrace 4 Stars and definitely think you will like it if you are a fan of young adult books with a dash of paranormal romance. It is a very easy and fun read!
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April 26, 2012
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Celeste’s review: Ahhh, I love a book when the title is just so perfect. I can’t imagine any other title working so well! I felt as if this book was written for a young teen, so my review is based on that mindset. The heroine, Madison, has always hated change in her life, as it seems that it only brings bad things. From there the story quickly starts up as Madison is introduced to the “hot new guy”, Isaac, (who smells like vanilla and spearmint) by her best friend Kaylee. When Madison and Isaac meet and touch, there literally is a spark that starts off the romance. But instead of being able to focus on her new love interest strange things start happening to Madison; from being miraculously healed, to almost being killed, to her best friend seeming to lose her mind. All of these things stray from the norm (change) and Madison absolutely hates the way things are going. She seems to be very realistically stressed out….I liked the fact that she seemed to react like a normal teen with normal feelings about a not so normal situation.

Some of Madison’s questions get answered, but then the bigger question is “who is out to get them?” Embrace is a novel about witches and magic, but there are two kinds of witches: natural witches and people that become witches by obtaining power. However, a natural witch is much more powerful than someone born without any powers. This concept was fabulous!

Madison learns she is a natural witch and after embracing her powers must learn to control them. Luckily she has Isaac to help. However, the problem is time, and can he teach her enough to save her from whoever wants to see her dead before it’s too late?

The writing style was so easy to read, which made it so enjoyable. I also loved all the descriptions, from Isaac’s bedroom to the fact that the witches seemed to use the sense of smell to tell if a person or that person’s emotion/intent was good or evil. There were some twists and turns that I didn’t expect, as well parts of the book that went just as I expected. This had me always guessing and I loved when I was surprised.

The ending had a fabulous “sizzle” between Isaac and Madison, a great finale! I feel like the book wrapped up very nicely and I wasn’t left with a cliff hanger or pent up emotions. All in all it was a fun and quick read, and for all of you that love young adult novels I would totally rec Embrace
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