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Rescue Me Saga #1

Nobody's Angel

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This edition is out of print and has been replaced by
this edition combining it with Masters at Arms.

When Marc rescued Angelina from an abusive Dom at his fetish club, he never imagined she'd upend his safe, controlled life. But his SAR partner, Luke, a widower, thinks Angelina has been sent to him by his dead wife. Marc knows only he can fulfill her sexual needs, but won’t hurt his friend. When the abusive Dom stalks her, she turns to Marc for help and learns a submissive has power too.

314 pages, Nook

First published September 29, 2011

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About the author

Kallypso Masters

26 books2,910 followers
Kallypso Masters is a USA Today Best-Selling Author with half-a-million copies of her books sold in paperbacks and e-books since August 2011. All of her books feature alpha males, strong women, and happy endings because those are her favorite stories to read. After dabbling at writing since high school (a very long time ago!) and hoping to become a Romance writer about as long, she’s living the dream and has been since May 2011.

An eighth-generation Kentuckian, Kally is excited to embark on the new Bluegrass Spirits series with stories set in some of her favorite places in her home state.

Kally has been living her own happily ever after for nearly 34 years with her hubby, known to her readers as Mr. Ray. They have two adult children, a rescued dog, and a rescued cat. And Kally lives for visits from her adorable grandson, Erik.

Kally is also the author of the USA Today Bestselling Rescue Me Saga series featuring emotional, realistic Erotic Romance novels with characters finding alternative methods for handling and healing from past traumas and PTSD. She also has published two Rescue Me Saga spinoff books—Western Dreams (Rescue Me Saga Extras #1) and Roar, a standalone with familiar secondary characters from the main series. (Roar will serve as the bridge to a future Romantic Suspense trilogy with Patrick, Grant, and Gunnar.)

To contact or interact with Kally, go to Facebook, her Facebook Author page, or Twitter (@kallypsomasters).

Keep up with news on her Web site (KallypsoMasters.com) by subscribing to her newsletter or signing up for text alerts.

You can e-mail her at kallypsomasters@gmail.com, or write to her at

Kallypso Masters
PO Box 1183
Richmond, KY 40476-1183

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986 reviews7 followers
January 19, 2020
I find that when reading a novel in this genre, I need to see and feel an emotional connection between the main characters (or love interest) of the story, in order for me to be even remotely moved by the physical act of them coming together. The 1st book in this series was incredible. Because of the way that it flowed. How it all came together it made you care about these men. Their plight. And be anxious to know more of their journey.

Nobody's Angel started off with a clear path in mind. It was intriguing how things appeared to be coming together. It has a few surprising twists to the story that lead you to believe you are going to be held captive, aching to learn how this is going to turn out. But when you get to the middle and for the majority of the book, you're lost to too much BDSM/physical acts and not enough of the emotion that should be present with Marco & Angie in order for you to believe the foundation they are trying to establish.

There were scenes that went on for chapters upon chapters. You get the impression that you are reading an instruction manual on BDSM. That the author is overloading you with her knowledge in the BDSM world. This caused one scene to literally span over 4 to 5 chapters. Entirely too much repetition as well. And Marco and Angie both spend long drawn out scenes in their own heads. Even when they are together they are too much in their heads, instead of interacting with one another. You lose focus, insight, and interest in the characters and their plight. To the point where there is no chemistry between these two.

Alot of this book should have been trimmed down. So when you finally get to the last few chapters of the book, it makes it feel as though some of the things that were actually resolved, they feel rushed and incomplete. And what adds to this feeling is also the openings for the next book to come. Everything is crammed together in the last 3 chapters or so.

Now obviously this is not a good formula to have, especially in a series like this where none of the books can be read as "Stand Alones"
You must read each book in order to know what's going on.

The first book alone has me wanting to read the 3rd book. Hopefully that book will be better than this one. And if so then I will continue with this series. But if you are committed to reading this series then I say this book is just one of those in the bunch that you will just have to get through to come out on the other side.
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1,258 reviews1,517 followers
July 29, 2015
DNF :(

Just not my cuppa. This was oversimplified, overly dramatic BDSM. Too many parts read like an instruction manual or an explanation for the lifestyle. I'm far from experienced when it comes to this subject, but I've come to like certain authors of the genre.

I might have liked this had it been one of the first books I've read on the subject. But the heroine's uber innocent denial of her submissive nature (it was CONSTANT) was eye-roll inducing after awhile and the oh-so-patient instructions of the hero came across as parental condescension more often than not. I'm super bummed, because a lot of my friends 5 starred this series, and the overall ratings are outstanding.
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5,735 reviews142 followers
September 16, 2022
Finished Reading August 23, 2013

Nobody's Angel by Kallypso Masters
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance, Suspense
5 Solid Stars

6/18/19 Reread thoughts.
4.5 Stars

I didn't love it as much the 2nd go around.
Angelina's thoughts felt repetitive as did some of the areas about other characters.
That said, I still loved it.
The erotica and intimate scenes are still scorching, melt your kindle, Lord Have Mercy Fan Me, HOT!
After all the Dark Erotica I have read, it was nice to come back to SSC BDSM. The way it is meant to be. The rules of Trust and what a real D/s relationship should be.

🎶 Last time I read this series I only made it to bk#3 then got sidetracked with other things.
This time around I am 'Going All The Way'!

Extremely well written with lots of action and suspense.
I fell in love with all the characters & this author.
The characters & world build are well defined & easy to connect to.
The intimate scenes are scorching hot.

Purchased from Amazon August 21, 2013
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709 reviews2,109 followers
June 7, 2012
Liked but not loved this one. 3.5 stars rounded down to 3.

The second in the Masters at Arms series and Marc’s story.

While on DM duty one night at his club, Marc rescues an inexperienced sub, Angelina, from a scene gone wrong with her abusive boyfriend. Angelina is in so much pain that she’s lost in subspace and doesn’t even consciously notice Marc bringing her down but she remembers him in dreams.

They bump into each other again a month later. Marc is with Luke on SAR duty. She doesn’t recognise Marc but he recognises her and he and Luke protect her from her abusive ex. There’s a zinging attraction between them all and they indulge in a very hot ménage scene on her sofa.

Luke decides she is an angel sent by his late wife and Marc tries to take a backseat having vowed never to let a woman come between him and a friend again but he can’t resist her. What follows is probably one of the most protracted, drawn out submissive scenes I think I have ever read. I wanted to scream at Angelina – JUST GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!


It’s just a screaming orgasm after all!! What could possibly be so wrong with that??

Anyway, her submission is hard fought, overthought with some of the lengthiest inner monologue I think I have ever seen in an erotic novel but she does finally (after about two millennia) submit. Hallelujah!! I lost count how many times she would be close to la petite morte and then a stray thought would wander across her mind and she’d pull away and start ranting. What is wrong with you Angelina?? She’s definitely a girl in denial of her own basest desires.

They’re all keeping secrets from each other too, at least they think they are, and I had several moments of frustration with this. It’s like a pantomime when the baddie is creeping up on the heroine and you just wanna scream “He’s behind you!!!!” Just tell each other already – surely this kind of connection is all about honesty??

And, it also felt a little bit like BDSM for Dummies – just about everything was explained to the reader. Give us some credit here. We smut readers, WE KNOW!!! I felt like the mantra ‘safe, sane and consensual’ was constantly being used to bash me over the head.

Now, I’m being unduly harsh here. I did enjoy this and I am definitely continuing with the series. The inner monologue does actually allow us to really understand what was going on in all their heads but it is kind of overdone. The sex was very, very hot but so drawn out it felt almost tantric. The stage is nicely set for Adam and Karla to carry on what started here. The theme of the unwilling sub and reluctant master is definitely going to be a recurring one.

After reading Masters at Arms, I am fully invested in the characters in this series so I will keep coming back for more but it is a tad frustrating.

3.5 stars BDSM romance
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430 reviews334 followers
October 16, 2011
I was a bit unsure at first whether I would be giving this story 4 or 5 stars, but after getting all the way through I say definitely solid 5 stars. There were a few things that I wasn't crazy about but I love these characters enough to be forgiving of their flaws, so to speak!

Let me preface my review by saying that if you have not first read Masters at Arms, please go get it and read it before you read this one. This book is #2 in the series and you absolutely need to read the first one to meet and get acquainted with each Dom before you read their individual stories.

This particular story belongs to Marc & Angelina, with a little bit of Luke's story thrown in. Marc rescues Angelina from an abusive Dom at the club that he co-owns with his two friends, Adam & Damian, assuming he will never see her again. Marc has had a rough go of it with women lately and is fighting the lingering thoughts and feelings that he has for Angel. They are unexpectedly thrown back together, possibly by fate, and oh yeah, let the fun and BDSM begin!! Angel swears she is never again going near any Dom or having anything to do with the BDSM scene, that is until Marc shows her just how amazingly satisfying it can be with the right Dom.

This book is wonderfully emotional and incredibly HOT!! My only complaint....to many secrets, Marc kept his secret all through the book and I hated that he just didn't come clean with Angel!! She so totally would have understood. Oh, and Luke has a secret, holy crap people - Communicate Already!!

All that aside, I LOVED THIS BOOK and am so looking forward to the next book, Adam's story, whom have I mentioned totally makes me swoon!!Oh, and I have to mention that I believe Kallypso needs a spanking for leaving me us with that slight cliff hanger, you know what I'm talking about! :)

Kally's inspiration for Master Marc...Gorgeous!!
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200 reviews
April 28, 2012
I really wanted to skip this one and head right to Nobody's Here because I wanted to find out about Adam and Karla. But I also hate reading things out of order. I liked Angelina a lot. I love that the author has clearly thought out and planned these stories very well and has a clear direction she wants them to go in.
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565 reviews246 followers
August 19, 2012
I actually struggled between 1 and 2 stars. This book is a huge let down from the first book of this series which was a prequel, telling the back stories of the three main characters.

The book could have been half as long and the story wouldn't have suffered a bit. At about the 60% mark it started to get okay -- after so many chapters of meandering inner monologues and pointless scenes -- and then it just got absurd and then even more absurd. Ridiculous. When the word "cancer" causes you to shake your head and laugh out loud you know the author has lost the way and you are definitely no longer invested in the story on any level.

I don't think I'll continue with this series. It's really too bad. I can't even recommend the first book -- Masters at Arms -- because it doesn't come to any conclusion in and of itself, it only sets up the rest of the series and it seems like those books just won't rise to the same level of story telling.
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2,022 reviews
October 17, 2011
I really enjoyed this story from beginning to end. It seems like BDSM would definitely be a way for an abusive person to "hide" their nature... almost like the pain portion gives someone permission to go too far. That's what happened with Angelina and Allen. Allen was a total dickwad (to borrow Adam's term for him), and took advantage of Angelina's trust. Angelina had been reading BDSM romance novels and thought she might like to try it. Allen completely obliterated her trust in what he did, but Marc arrived just in time to mitigate the damage. And he did it in such a non-intrusive way that she wasn't even sure if he was real. Neither could forget about the other, though. And neither thought they'd see the other again (plus Angelina though he was a dream lover), but fate intervened when he and his friend Luke rescued someone in her town and had to stay for the resulting media events. He and Luke are both smitten with her, and the fact that Sir Asshole (as Marc liked to refer to Allen) was in the same bar gave them an excuse to stay near her. Marc thinks Angelina deserves someone like Luke, so he keeps trying to push them together. While they have some touching interactions (with some touching involved, lol), it's clear to the reader who should be together. But they both resist it -- Marc much harder than Angelina. Sir Asshole, living up to his namesake, gives them all an excuse to spend more time together, and stuff happens. Good stuff. Scary stuff. Scary in terms of Sir Asshole as well as scary in terms of how they feel about each other.

I liked how Marc showed Angelina that she could be submissive but not give up her individuality. And that it didn't have to be painful. I also liked that she eventually realized that she had some control over the scenes, and realized pain mixed with pleasure could be a heady feeling. I liked how she fought her own body's reaction to the pain -- it seemed a reasonable mental fight considering Allen had called her a pain slut.

I also liked how strong Angelina was, both in spirit as well as physical strength. While she probably did need some help avoiding Allen, she proved she was able to take care of herself when it counted. I can see why she wouldn't tell her brothers about the kink club, but the second incident, she shouldn't have kept hidden.

Anyhoo... can't wait for the next one. Not sure if it'll be Adam or Damian, but I'm sure it'll be good! And I want to find out what's up with Luke and Cassie... why Cassie is so skittish, and how Luke will bring her around.
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222 reviews61 followers
May 13, 2012
3.5 Stars

I liked this book, but I didn't love it as much as I'd hoped. Some of the scenes and dialogue really drug out for me, and I didn't make a great connection with the characters.

I am however looking forward to the next book because I really like Adam and Karla already.
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1,948 reviews937 followers
May 10, 2012
I struggled on how many stars to give this book..I liked it but I didn't love it. I definitely preferred Masters At Arms which is the prequel in the Kallypso Masters Rescue Me series.

In Nobody's Angel we get Marc d'Alessio story. Marc, like the other Masters, has a lot of deep-rooted issues and guilt. These result in him not wanting to get close to a woman and staying away from dom/sub relationships. One night he rescues Angelina from an awful BDSM scene in the club while on DM duty. However, he immediately feels guilt over not getting there sooner. Angel left an impression on him, the first woman in a long while and he cannot keep her out of his thoughts. Angel though doesn’t remember much from that night (passing out after the drama) other than what she describes as a "dream hero", a man straight out of her fantasy who made her feel safe again.

Some weeks later Marc and Angel meet again at a bar. Marc recognizes her immediately and realizes he still feels very protective of her and is completely attracted to her. However, he does not let on who he is and here the deception begins!! Angel does not remember Marc but picks up on words and feelings when with him that reminds her of her "dream hero". Add to this the further complication of gorgeous Luke who has his own issues and also has feelings for Angel for very different reasons.

Nobody's Angel is HOT and well written in the sense that you get that emotional connection with the characters and feel what they are going through.

I don't want to go into the story further so as not to spoil it for anyone.

So why the reason for not knowing how many stars to give it..well...I really liked the story, loved all the characters but it was quite slow and repetitive at times. Without giving too much away the "subbie training sessions" started out really good but never got going, they were drawn out and repeated but never really got anywhere. Angel and Marc also seemed to "over-think" so much that it got a bit annoying. But I will say though that it was interesting to see the relationship evolve and the passion and the realization that Angel makes.

I am chuffed that I don't have to wait for Adam's book because his story intrigued me from Masters At Arms and the way this book ended has me wanting to know what is next!

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1,052 reviews196 followers
October 3, 2011
This is the second installment of the "rescue me" series by debut author Kallypso Masters. While it is highly recommended to read the prequel Master at Arms, I found that this book can be read as a stand alone book. You won't get the complexity of the central characters but the author does a good job building the readers understanding of the characters all the same.

The story line is a contemporary fictional continuation of 3 ex military soldiers who are now owners of a BDSM kink club and have formed a family of sort. Enter Angelina, a girl searching to find out if the lifestyle she has read about in her romance books is what she has been secretly needing in her life. However, on her first visit, she has a bad experience at the hands of her dom but is "rescued" by Master Marc, one of these owners, who has issues of his own. She goes through wanting to turn her back forever on her curiosity of all that is BDSM while still being tempted to continue on under the guidance of Sir. Complicating matters is her confusion of what she experienced at the hands of her ex with the sexual awakening of what she is shown by her new teachers of BDSM/lifestyle. Which will she choose and what happens when her ex decides he isn't done with her? There are so many twists and turns on her journey including Luke, the guy who also wants in on the action. Scenes are hot and steamy I won't give away any spoilers beyond this.

This story works in explaining the parts of the BDSM lifestyle in a way I haven't seen in many many other books of this type. It pulls the reader into the many levels of what defines true trust and how the lifestyle chosen can be freeing yet enpowering to the individual. While the story has its serious moments, it balances out with humorous interaction and play that had me laughing along with the heroine. The only criticism I had was that the ending seemed rushed. The story flows in a nice wave that keeps me entranced and then, boom, end scene without much build-up to it.

All in all though, this is a story I recommend at a price that I couldn't believe. The ending gives the reader an intro peek into the next installment due in December, 2011.
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539 reviews14 followers
March 13, 2012
Ok...Soo..at first I didnt see what the hype was about..Yes the "scenes" were super HOT..but I just wanted to say "Hey buddy just tell her already!..its really not that big a deal!"...But..then I got 3/4 of the way and I went...Hmm..What!..OH_SNAP!..*Tears*...I didnt see that coming!!!..Read last line..and laughed out loud:)...I love it when authors do that!!...soo 3 seconds later...Kindle store!!...I really needed to start the next one that second, and was ecstatic that it started exactly where it left off!..*5 stars* Awesome!
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32 reviews4 followers
March 2, 2012
For those not quite able to wrap their heads around the genre of BDSM or who are uncomfortable with the concepts and feel they are books about people who hurt each other for fun and pleasure - Kally Masters may be just the ticket you're looking for! The Rescue Me series, beginning with Masters at Arms introduces a group of Doms, bound by the oaths and blood of military service, the loyalty borne of teamwork and discipline and the people necessary to complete them. After reading Masters in Arms, I was beyond ready to follow the story arcs of these three Doms and one Domme who serve together at one time and later reunite after war to build a club in Denver to suit their lifestyle and needs. Book 2, Nobody's Angel, tells the tale of Dom Marc, the man who refuses to see himself as a hero, living in the shadow of his dead brother's spirit and previous betrayal.

Fired up from the beginning, this page turner weaves a spell that refuses release, much as a true Dom, until permission is received in the end. What I find so fascinating is this world of strong, dominant males who are so very human, so very flawed and some, even quite broken. Their D/s world is about regaining control, creating safety, security and ultimately a trust that somehow goes beyond just Love. Watching two powerful, machismo males fall in love down that rabbit hole and a strong, very real woman learn to release her inhibitions and ultimately admit her desire to submit is like falling down the rabbit hole. What Masters does so very well is explain, without sounding clinical, educating the reader as the leading ladies learn about the lifestyle through these men. Unlike a traditional erotic romance, the ultimate climatic moment comes with that point of true power exchange and it feels every bit as romantic in it's own special way.

The storyline is solid, and there are even some nifty little action scenes and a few club scenes thrown in to really jazz things up - but it's the characters that get you - right from the start. I love that the secondary characters are obviously lead ins for future stories - Strong secondary plot with Adam and Karla set up the next book obviously! Angelina's running mental dialogue is funny, realistic, painfully honest. Watching her be attracted to two men after a lifetime of mental pounding about good catholic Italian girls behavior is entertaining, cathartic and watching her heal under the careful tutelage of the right Dom is sexy, liberating and straight up hot! The sex is graphic and frequent but not the core of the novel - to assume so is to demean the spiritual growth of these broken winged birds into creatures that learn to soar with pleasure, flying the reader with them all the way. (The tension of who Angelina will end up with really plays out at Marc comes to terms with his deeper emotions and knowing that Luke will get his own HEA just from her upcoming release list made me feel a little better while I struggled with that particular storyline - not because I wasn't enjoying the idea of a menage but just the emotional destruction and reconstruction that comes after such a great loss is so heart wrenching, the reader just WANTS him to have that ultimate joy of finding true love.)

Grab your box of Kleenex and prepare for an emotional ride that is totally worth the price of admission! Nobody's Angel is a highly recommended read and this reader totally can't wait for Adam, Damien and Luke's stories - these heroes deserves HEA's. Good things always come to those who wait? Assume the position and say Yes, Sir, indeed!

The full review can be found on Guilty Indulgence Book Club's site @
September 19, 2015
This review was posted at Under The Covers

Marco D'Alessio (what a sexy name!!!!) was not the hero I was dying to read about when I finished Masters at Arms. I admit I was more enthralled with Damian and Adam. But I can't say I was not intrigued by the sexy italian, military Doc, who has a thing for just running away from commitment because of his past failed relationships and betrayal by women.

We know that his one time girlfriend and the woman he wanted to marry, had cheated on him with his own brother. We know because of her and what she did he left things in bad terms with his brother who then died in the war. He carries a lot of guilt in his soul and a lack of trust in women. So he prefers to play and not get involved.

But when he intervenes in a scene gone bad at the club and rescues Angelina from an abusive Dom she starts tugging at his heart. And that scares the hell out of him. She's young, she's innocent, she's been hurt. And when she crosses his path again months later he can't help but want to be with her.

This was a bit of a sad story. Both the hero and heroine have been hurt. But Angelina lets go much easier and trusts him completely. She does want to experience BDSM. With him. And at the same time he's protecting her from her abusive ex, Sir Asshole.

There's also a third player here. We meet Luke. Luke who lost his wife 7 years ago in an avalanche. The same avalanche that killed Angelina's father. But he keeps this from her. That's a big thing not to tell someone that you're interested in. But Luke is Marc's best friend, they would as Search and Rescue together. And they both meet Angelina at a bar and realize they both want her.

While she does get to play with both, her heart is all for Marc. Even though Marc wants to push her on Luke because he feels he deserves her more. But here's where the part that wouldn't let me give this a five star rating comes. Marc had a mask on when he rescued her at the club from her ex. She didn't know that was him. And he goes into this whole elaborate lie so that she doesn't find out he's the same guy. Both men are hiding things from her!! I think they should've both come clean a lot sooner than when they did.

In the end though, I think Marc and Angelina are wonderful together, their coming together is a bit slow but not to say it wasn't hot. Even though they don't "officially" have sex until later in the book, they get plenty of play time and he slowly eases her into BDSM. I learned right along with her about quite a few new things I had not clue about (and yes I googled them as I was reading). He likes to call himself a Casual Dom, meaning he doesn't want to be a Dom 24/7, and he doesn't like to punish a woman, although he will do it if she deserves it.

With the events in this book with Adam and Karla I am very anxious to get to the next book!!! And I really want to know more about Luke!

PS: I love how the author gives you an idea on who her inspiration was when writing the characters and for Angelina and Marc she has Monica Bellucci and Raoul Bova.

* Book provided by author
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2,038 reviews457 followers
November 14, 2011
If you have not read Masters at Arms (Rescue Me) yet you simply must before beginning this book. It sets up the story and the background perfectly.

Marc and Angel are just perfect together - and their journey to find love is fun, exciting, and kinky! Just how I like it! I enjoyed the characters and how they developed - the story was interesting and well thought out. The club is enticing - though we don't get much of it here. I really like reading about the other characters knowing their stories are coming as well.

I thought Angel had a good head on her shoulders - very much in control of her destiny. She had just the teeniest bit of bratty sub behavior but not enough to really affect my enjoyment. I was impressed that we got some deeper character development on Marc here - and some of his reasons and thoughts for doing what he did/didn't do and determining what he wanted out of BDSM and the relationship. For someone who thought he was not a 24/7 type Dom he did a pretty good imitation of it - and he was pretty spot on.

The reason I took off a star is because of the lie. In D/s terms lying is not a behavior that can be tolerated. A sub does not want to place her trust in a Dom who lies - and the building of a trusting relationship is critical to the whole dynamic. You can be (literally) putting your life in a Dom's hands - so the whole trust and honesty thing can't really be overstated. IRL he should have been called on this with consequences. The reason IMHO is irrelevant - again without trust you cannot have the type of BDSM relationship these two seem to want. Now granted some folks like the mystery and uncertainty and non consensual aspects but Marc and Angel were clearly building something for the future. That was and is my only negative about the novel.

That said it was still a 4 star read completely. Without the lie it would have been five stars all the way.

P.S. In terms of plot development the lie just is not explainable - there were likely other ways to handle that. However the "lie" that causes misunderstanding is a frequently used tool for romance authors to create conflict in relationship -- I just have a policy about not being on board with this in BDSM novels where the ramifications and consequences are completely different than in a regular book. YMMV.
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587 reviews112 followers
February 22, 2015
Nobody’s Angel is Marc and Angelina’s story. Marc meets Angelina when her and her boyfriend visit the Masters at Arms BDSM kink club to kind of test the Dom/sub waters. Angelina’s boyfriend completely abuses her trust and luckily someone - the dungeon monitor, Marc - notices and puts a stop to the scene. Marc is wearing a mask and Angelina isn’t able to see who her rescuer is. But she knows that this man is the type of Dom that she wants and needs. When they meet again Marc remembers who his little pet is but Angelina doesn’t know that Marc was her rescuer that night at the club. Why doesn’t he just tell her from the get-go? Heck if I know. He eventually gives a reason for his perpetual storytelling, but it isn’t good enough for me. I am okay with some misunderstandings and a little lie that can be somewhat justified but lying throughout almost the whole book?! No. I was sorta okay with it until he had everyone else in on the lie too. And then it just turned into storytelling hour. I enjoyed the book otherwise. I loved reading how Marc was able to reintroduce Angelina into the BDSM world. He pushed her right up to her limit and didn’t give her an inch. She had a lot of personal issues to deal with in this book that were heartbreaking. Least of all being her super abusive ex.

Since I am a complete sucker for secondary characters I completely adore Luke (...and Adam...and Damian...)! He was just too sweet and deserves an amazing HEA.

I really wanted to really like this book because the first one was so good! If I could rate just the last 20% of this story I would give it 4 stars. Marc just drove me too out of my mind crazy during the first half that I just can’t justify a higher rating. But I am soooo ready for Adam and Karla’s book. That last line is killing me!
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395 reviews487 followers
April 26, 2012
Hmmm...Gosh, what to say after I was looking so forward to this story. The prequel to this book was wonderful. I moved onto Marc's story straight away.

So why only 3 stars? I just dont know, I am confused,because it really has everything you need or want in an erotic romance. Marc is a Dom you want for yourself, he is kind, handsome, protective, caring, Italian...he's perfect, maybe too perfect. Although he has issues with commitment (boring)to overcome.
Angel is the perfect heroine, curvy, beautiful, Italian, and in need of rescuing.
The author seems to find the need to over examine and explain explicitly each one of the characters thoughts and *feelings* to the nth degree. Which , yes, we need that, and it is very refreshing in this type of novel. But jeez...enough already, just get on with the plot! Sometimes it just went on so long that I felt like skimming to the next bit of dialog.

Their was a lot of sex without the "sex"...yeah I know, but it's true.

A love triangle/menage that I felt the heroine for all her inexperience fell into a little too easily.
The author writes really well and she has a very healthy respect for the proper and safe use of BDSM. So much so that I felt some of the scenes written as a guide to safe BDSM.

Still I love Adam and will be reading the next one too!
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November 15, 2012
After reading Masters in Arms I was beyond ready to read Adam's and Damian's books and Marc took a backseat on the excitement scale. Well his book turned out to be a page turner that I couldn't put down. Marc comes to Angelina's rescue as she is taken advantage of by an abusive lover in his club. Marc is the classic great guy that fell in love with and got burned by the wrong girl. To say Marc is emotionally unavailable is putting it mildly, I really enjoyed watching him fall hard for Angelina.
This was a great introduction to BDSM. Angelina is a strong independent woman that struggles accepting the fact that she is a submissive in the bedroom. I enjoyed watching her learn to give up control and place complete trust in her Dom. I learned that BDSM is what a couple determines it should be and not about pain, but control and trust. I can't wait for the release of Nobody's Hero so I can see how Karla and Adam confront the deep feelings they have been hiding from each other.

You must read Masters in Arms (which was amazing) first in order to understand and appreciate this story! I highly recommend it!
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July 20, 2012
After reading Masters at Arms Marc was not the guy I wanted to read about 1st (I was hoping for Adam) but turns out for the story to progress we needed to see Marc first.

I really enjoyed this book and since I'm still getting my feet wet in the BDSM books this was a good start in the series for me. (I've been told Damien's book is going to be a bit 'disturbing', I hope I'll be ready for him!) Some people mention that they didn't like all the how to & the explanation of a lot of the BDSM scene, equipment, Dom/Sub stuff but for someone who is fairly new to reading this genre I think it was helpful. I did feel like she rambled on a bit in a few different places & I found myself skimming (which I never do) to get to the next part.

All in all I think this was a great book with a good story line & likable characters!
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April 29, 2012
I enjoyed Marc and Angie's story. Great chemistry. The only thing that bugged me was when she found out Marc "lied" to her and then they went on as if it didn't happen. He didn't really explain himself to her why he did it. I find myself drawn more to Damian and can't wait for his story. Luke and Cassie(I assume it's his HEA)will be a good one too.

And the way it ended when Adam told Karla..."What the fuck are you doing in my bed"? I would have pinched his nipple hard and say trying to bring you back asshole! :)
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December 28, 2011
Nobodys angel is the second book in this series and you must read Masters at Arms book one before venturing into this one.

I brought these three books in the series, as I loved Kally's first book so much I needed to find out where the Doms life went and whom with. I enjoy BDSM novels and I must say that Kally has embraced the lifestyle in her books well , and given the reader hrs of grins, sigh, and heart palpatations lol.. wink wink !!

For all those who are not well informed or have enough information about BDSM novels or lifestyle its about trust amoung both DOms and subs and its * consensual* - a lifestyle only aquired by those interested in it. Whether it be reading or deliving in !! Or both !!

I find that Kally has grasped every aspect possible in her novels. Her Doms are tough, strong, kick arse,SAFE and are all well developed characters with depth and certainly definition. All scenes played out are all well put forth to the storyline that Kally has put forward. Smooth flowing storyline that will have your reader in a frenzy just to get from the beginning to end and leave you wanting more.

Moments Im sure you will need a tissue, if you are an emotional reader like me ,, be prepared for some heartfelt moments, and moments where you will be gasping. Kally has thrown in twists and turns, that Im sure you will enjoy and only accelarate your read till the very end.

In this story we Meet Master Marc who has secrets, Angelina who is getting over a bad experience and needs A dom whom she can trust with the lifestyle she hopes to embrace. Marc has never really Dominated but it was fun watching the way Anglina and Mark fighting there emotions throughout !! She is unsure that she is submissive ... the thought makes her think she is a freak but in time Master Marc shows her the ways..

Overall an enjoyable read, that will not only make your toes curl, but panties bunch,, lots of kink, emotions, blinfolds and all the goodies one could want in a BDSM novel,, Im sure you reader will overheat with the heat in this novel !! A recomended read to all.. Now onto Master Adam and Karlas story I cant wait !!

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August 31, 2012
I have been hearing so much about this series and I was looking forward to reading it! After reading the prologue in "Master of Arms" I have been anxious to finish the stories.. This story had me not wanting to put the book down. I enjoyed seeing all of the characters I was introduced to in the prologue and meeting some intriguing new ones.
It starts off with Marc meeting Angelina in a traumatic situation and she isn't aware that he is her saviour when she meets up with him again. After the situation they meet again in a bar where he is with his friend Luc after they just finished a SAR rescue in Angelina's town. Once again Marc is put in a position to come to Angel's rescue and there story begins to unfold. My only complaint with their relationship is that it drove me nuts how Marc was constantly trying to push her to Luc. I understand why he was doing it but after awhile it got to be a bit annoying to me. It would have been nice to have him enjoy the time they spent together more and without him always thinking that she shouldn't be his. That is my only complaint of the book. Everything else flowed nice and smoothly and the BDSM elements in the story were hot. This book had me feeling all emotions while I was reading it..There are steamy scenes, humor,tears, and frustration. To me a good book takes you on a journey of all the emotions that a person can feel an this one definately delivered that for me. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance, with some steamy BDSM elements thrown in for just the right flavor!
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July 31, 2013

Marc owns the Masters at arms club with Adam and Damien...

He ends up saving Angelina from a bad BDSM experience...

And then...

They meet again...

He doesn't think he can offer anything more other than teaching her about BDSM...

Luke on the other hand, is exactly what Marc thinks she needs...

My thoughts:

I liked this one. It is a BDSM themed book but there is also a great storyline between Marc and Angelina. Marc being the Dom training Angelina to be a submissive.

“Pet, I give you permission to be as vocal as you wish, because I am going to blow your mind in a few minutes and I want to hear how much you enjoy the ride.”

I was a bit frustrated with Marc and I just didn't see the point of dragging out his secret from Angelina.

What was different about this book is that we got quite a few different people's POV and I felt it took the spotlight off from the main characters.

This is definitely a series to be read in order as some plot lines here are setting the scene for future books.
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September 4, 2013
I'm really torn as to how to rate this...3 or 4 stars. I just don't know. I liked the story, except for the part where the hero continued to lie by omission to the heroine through like, 75% of the book. I felt that took too long to resolve, and it resolved too easily... Angelina was mad, and rightly so, and then she's all of a sudden in the middle of sex scene screaming his name (not knowing it was him with her - another problem I had) and then they were all "in love". The scenes where Marc was "training" Angelina were hot, so that worked for me LOL

So, I'm back to not knowing what to rate this. I guess I'll stick with the 3 stars since it was a decent read and I'll continue on with the series, but there was quite a bit that bothered me.
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January 29, 2012
I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a great begininng to the series. The plot and characters kept me glued, and the sex scenes were ultra hot!
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March 12, 2012
I SO LOVE this series!!! Where else can you find gorgeous, alpha, ex-military Doms who run a BDSM club and who are not only sex experts knowing how to satisfy a woman's needs but are loyal, protective, caring and kind. Whew now where can we find men who are like this in real life. :)

Nobody Angel's is Master Marc's story (you have to read Masters at Arms first, this cannot be read as a stand-alone) which begins with Master Marc working at the club when he discovers a first-time patron is being abused by a Dom. Marc comes to the rescue and because he has a mask on Angelina doesn't see his face and is so out of it due the abuse.

Marc find himself drawn to this beautiful Italian woman who he has sworn he would never get involved with again (past hurts and disloyalty has him swore off to making emotional connections with women and in particular Italian women). Marc doesn't allow himself to get attached knowing he will never see her again and that she probably will never attend the BDSM club again. LOL fate doesn't let him off the hook that easily.

A month passes and while Marc and his partner, Luke (a widower) are in a bar, Angelina comes to them to be rescued from being seen by her former abusive boyfriend (she doesn't recognize Marc but he remembers her). Both men are attracted to her but, Marc knows he will never see her again so he doesn't tell her he knows her. Of course as time progresses the small lies get bigger and bigger to the point it is too late to tell Angelina who he is without her hating him for not being up front with her.

What happens next are two gorgeous looking guys trying to woo Angelina and allowing her discover her submissive side. Marc takes Angelina to heights of sexual pleasure that she has never experienced and together they try to overcome their own person issues surrounding trust. While the two learn to trust each other the reader is treated to side stories with the rest of the characters in the series ( loved the set up for Adam and Karla who are in the next book, Nobody's Hero).

As the author has stated she writes romantic erotic stories with BDSM as the backdrop, but boy those BDSM scenes that she writes are extremely hot and erotic!

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a very, hot romance that has highs and lows and characters that you will love and wish for their happily ever after.

5 Stars
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January 17, 2020
As part of the boxset A Taste of Submission,i read Nobody’s Angel for the second time.
This is the story of Marc and Angelina,while keeping you up to date the others in the background.

Marc has issues,serious ones,and not just from his time as a marine.
He has commitment issues,thanks to his old girlfriend,who did a real number on him.
Which resulted in him having a fight with his brother.
And he never got the chance to make things right between them,because his brother enlisted.
Not only that,he got himself killed.
The old girlfriend keeps popping up,keeps interfering with his life.

Angelina had a boyfriend that wanted to “spice things up”
Turns out,he didn’t know how to do that properly.
Good thing he tried that in Adam,Damián and Marc’s club.
Because when he went too far,didn’t act responsible,Marc stepped in and saved the poor girl.

After that fateful night,they both keep thinking about eachother.
It isn’t until Marc,and his SAR buddy,Luke,are in her hometown after a rescue,that they meet again.
They hook up,at first to help her,because her asshole boyfriend,sorry ex-boyfriend,is in the same bar.
But they hit it off and after some trouble from that asshole,they ask her to come to Denver with them.
Marc starts showing Angelina how good BDSM can be,if done right.
Explaining the rules,showing her the beauty of submitting to him.

If only they didn’t both spend so much time in their heads!
And if only they both respected the fact that trust includes talking.
I guess that’s why their story needs two books......

I dó want to re-read this series,though.
The two i just re-read,made me want to visit these great men and their women again.
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November 18, 2011
What a delight this book is for BDSM fans/lovers/followers...

First and foremost this author has shown full understanding and respect for BDSM and what it represents. Throughout of the book the importance has been drawn towards safe, sane and consensual play, and also how important it is to have and earn a trust with your partner.
I loved the doubts, self criticism and fear the heroine has had within this book, as it represents conflicting emotions novice subs usually have =). The inner dialogue heroine had was sometimes very funny and i was giggling right along with her.
The love story has been given proper development and it was very realistic.

I love that the author has given voice to other characters, not just to two main ones.

As with most series, development for the story has been set for the future books as well, and i can not wait for the next book about Adam and Karla.

The eroticism of the scenes between Marc and Angelina have left me with very arousing ideas and fantasies of my own =)

Overall the story was realistic, with great characters and i truly can not wait for the next book Nobody's Hero.
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January 9, 2014
SOOOO, according to my friends on GR this book is awesome because a lot of them seemed to love this book, but for me it was just...

The storyline totally sounded like something I would love, totally, but it was soooo drawn out.... or something. I don't know exactly what I would edit out, I just found myself skimming and skimming waiting for it to get to a point. I still really liked the storyline, it just seemed to take forever. The BDSM scenes were hot, the characters really likeable. I'm trying to decide keep going with the series or not. I was really looking forward to Adam and Kayla's story it's just both books in the series have been lukewarm for me and I just don't know if I can go on forcing myself to keep reading just because I'm determined to not have a DNF yet. Like I said before, I seem almost alone in my opinion so don't judge this book on my review, it's received dozens of stars reviews from my friends alone.

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