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The Secret Language of Birthdays: Personology Profiles for Each Day of the Year

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Many people have long suspected, as astrologers believe, that the day you were born affects your personality. While no one knows exactly how or why, birthdays do tend to be uncannily accurate predictors of psychological tendencies. The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Effers describes in detail the characteristics and quirks of personality associated with being born on a particular day of the year.

The 366 personality profiles in The Secret Language of Birthdays are based on a combination of astrology, numerology, the tarot, and Gary Goldschneider's many years of observation of more than 14,000 people, including contemporary and historical figures. Goldschneider's theory of "personology" proposes that all of life is cyclical: people born on the same day occupy the same point in the year's cycle and thus share certain characteristics.

Learn what famous personalities were born on your birthday....Study your astrological sign and your personology profile....Your strengths, weaknesses, and major concerns will be illuminated while you are given practical advice and spiritual guidance. While you study your profile, you will find it hard to resist examining those of family, friends, colleagues, and favorite celebrities.

Non one who reads this book can feel left out, since each one of us has a birthday. The Secret Language of Birthdays may help to bring people to a better understanding of themselves and of others, including those living now, those who have gone before, and even those yet to come. The Secret Language of Birthdays is truly a celebration of our differences and similarities as human beings.

832 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 1994

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About the author

Gary Goldschneider

61 books111 followers
Gary began his extensive career in the public eye with weekly performances on WCAU radio’s Children’s Hour at the tender age of two. Reciting Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth and other famous poets, he later did scripts and commercials which laid the foundation for public speaking and college lecturing later in life.

At seven, he began his piano study with David Sokoloff in Philadelphia. As a concert pianist he has appeared worldwide in recitals, including 12-hour Beethoven marathon concerts in which he performs all 32 piano sonatas of this great composer.

Gary is the father of seven children he live in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Gary is internationally known as the bestselling author of The Secret Language of Birthdays, The Secret Language of Relationships, and the Secret Language of Destiny.

This trilogy derives from his training in psychiatry and medicine at Yale University, his background in English Literature (B.A., M.A. University of Pennsylvania), his forty-year study of astrology, and his experiences living and working with spiritual groups in California and New Zealand.

Most recently he has published his autobiography Wunderkind, his short stories Hearts and his 6 Lectures on the Spiritual Aspects of Music on Amazon Kindle.

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Profile Image for Kat.
940 reviews
October 31, 2020
I love big books and I cannot lie.

Thanks to my partner in hocus pocus, Rachel, this giant gem arrived in the mail today, and I couldn't be more excited. It's a 800 pages thick feast of astrology, psychology, and tiny tidbits concerning (obscure) historical figures of importance that once shared your birthday.

And it's wonderful. And it's eerie how well my birthday matches my personality, and how my partner's matches his, and how Rachel's matches Rachel, whereas no other random birthday description does. My astrology adoring days were supposed to be far behind me, in fact, my interest waned in my late teens, but to Jupiter with that: I love this book and I'll be loving it for a while to come.

Profile Image for Angie McCrae.
57 reviews3 followers
March 30, 2009
Recommended by a friend, this is one of the most read books that I own. If you're into astrology (or even have a mild interest in it), this is a must read if not must own book. Comprised of each day of the year, it gives an insightful and detailed personality assessment of persons born on that particular day. Whenever I learn of someone's birthday, I look it up to see what it says about them, and for the most part I've found that the traits outlined in the book are pretty much spot-on with the personality of those I know.
Profile Image for Kathy.
326 reviews30 followers
August 24, 2012
Although it is an enormous tome, this is the most shoplifted book at our shop (and at a local restaurant, which liked to have it on hand for customer enjoyment). To my mind it is in no real way a book of astrology (but then I am a persnickety and opinionated astrologer) but a neat sort of parlor game book. Of course, I didn't agree with the assessment of my birthday (Sept 30). But I must say every other family member, whose days seemed pretty accurate, stared at me and couldn't believe I couldn't see myself in the description.
Silly book to refuse to admit I am perfect.
Profile Image for Krissys.
1,424 reviews87 followers
August 7, 2017
A rather guilty pleasure of mine even for its silliness is reading about my birth date.
Granted, I know its not real but its amusing to see how accurate it is about the kind of person I am.
Most of the people that I know who have read their birthday profile from my copy have been delighted to find that it describes them fairly accurately as well.

Good for the entertainment but I suggest people embracing the person they are for who they have become and not who a book says you're 'supposed' to be. Its not literal its for fun.
Profile Image for Eve Lyn.
476 reviews18 followers
October 3, 2021
Un libro assai interessante dove si possono leggere ciò che accade per ognuno che nasce in nei giorni dell'anno, al di là dell'anno di nascita. Un libro curioso dove viene delineato, descritto nei minimi dettagli i caratteri delle persone nate in quel determinato giorno, oltre alla salute, fortuna e lavoro. Un pò ripetitivo anche nelle carte dei tarocchi ma per il resto, è un manuale interessante.
Profile Image for Bearclaw.
38 reviews1 follower
October 24, 2008
A wonderful book that can have a profound impact on some and just cheap entertainment to others. I lay in between, and believe this book is a must have for everybody. Great to read anybodys birthdya and I have all my friends to sign their names on their page.
Profile Image for Dna.
626 reviews18 followers
December 14, 2018
Simply fun to read! This is a great reference book for devotees of astrology, or even psychology, but is also a fun read for anyone looking to demystify someone they know, or figure out a difficult personality.
Profile Image for Bonnie Randall.
Author 4 books89 followers
September 8, 2014
Fascinating & illuminating ~ wonderful fodder for any novelist and certainly intriguing for anyone trying to understand the people sprinkled all over their lives.
Profile Image for Alpha.
Author 2 books9 followers
October 14, 2011
"Out of all the books in the three I respect by Goldschneider, I love the Secret Language of Birthdays a little more since it appeals to everyone compared to just a few. Destiny is something everyone pursues but it is a general description given without any details to the person and as for relationships, well relationships are different among everyone and so the general is for a general understanding how two people will mesh.

Now this book is a complete and intricate detail of a person by the day they are born and I love that because it gives a lot of detail to the day in specific. Now there is more to a person when it comes to them on specifics per se their entire birthday or name in Numerology but nevertheless this book does a great job going into a more-than-basic detail about a person on the specified day they are born on. I myself am so shocked at how close my birthday is to all the information provided as well as the people who share the birthday that I share being Leonard Nimoy, Sandra Day O'Conner, and Robert Frost. All in all, a very wonderful book about reading the deep down understanding of oneself on an Astrological level."
Profile Image for Renetta.
112 reviews17 followers
May 5, 2019
I find this to be very accurate. I look up everyone I meet! Usually everyone is pretty excited to have me read about their birthdate, I remember one friend though was very negative about it and kept insisting that it isn't going to be true and it's just silly nonsense. I read his anyway and it said something like, those born on this day will deny that there's any truth to this. I forget exactly how it was worded but I got a kick out of that. Fun book indeed.
Profile Image for Lady Minya.
181 reviews7 followers
July 4, 2009
An in-depth analysis of birth dates and what they mean for each individual. Compiled from common personality traits shared by people born on the same day of the year, this personality analysis is freakishly accurate.
Profile Image for Jen Rainwater.
1 review4 followers
January 9, 2013
It's scarily right on on all the birthdays I checked! Pretty much done with the main ones I am interested in but might check out a few more! It's so accurate and usually while I am into astrology I usually take it with a grain of salt, saying that this book is extremely cool!!
Profile Image for Lyric.
252 reviews1 follower
November 4, 2015
This book has been a fund read, and very intriguing. It provides interesting insight into the personalities associated with each birthday. I especially like how in-depth the author speaks about cusp signs. Fascinating read!
Profile Image for Sarah.
1,051 reviews41 followers
December 23, 2020
My birthday is November 28th and this book describes me to a T.
This book is scary fuckin accurate!
Profile Image for SlythJetta.
232 reviews12 followers
December 13, 2019
I love EVERYTHING to do with astrology and meanings.

A plus is that it discusses your birthday, what it represents and it's so cool!!!
Profile Image for April.
515 reviews8 followers
June 8, 2019
I didn't get to read this cover to cover, of course, but I looked at what related to me and a few other people I know. I'm not sure the September 21st birthday really described the two people I know who have that birthday, but maybe I don't know them well enough? Though I think I do. It seemed like they wouldn't necessarily recognize themselves in what was said, but maybe they would and I just don't. Hmm.

"In the same way that the medieval alchemists taught 'As above--so below,' the followers of George Gurdjieff (such as Rodney Collin in his book, The Theory of Celestial Influence), held that the cyclical revolutions of the electron around the atom (in the micro world of 1x10 -10) relate to the revolutions of the planets around the sun (in the macro world of 1x10 +10). At each step of the way, from the world of trillions to billions to millions to thousands to tens, or vice-serda, from the very small to the very large, revolves another world, and near the middle, the zero point, lies our world of everyday life. Newton's laws were mainly formulated for this near-zero-point world, but had to be modified as science examined increasingly larger (stellar) or smaller (microscopic) universes." pg. 9

"The increasingly holistic and humanistic view of psychology is at last beginning to prevail in our time. Abraham Maslow, to whom this book is partially dedicated, believed that every human being must continuously evolve throughout life to ever higher stages, and that getting stuck, refusing or being unable to progress further, is a true living death. Maslow insisted, throughout his life, that every human being must strive to be the very best person he or she is capable of being.
Thus, bringing astrology, history and psychology together in concentric cycles or spirals--stressing evolutionary rather than static models for the individual--is at the heart of personology. The personality types presented under the twelve signs, forty-eight periods and three hundred and sixty-six days (including the leap year extra day) are flexible and fluid, each evolving from one to the next, constantly in motion, constantly changing, rather than fixed in stone." pg. 9

The Wintertime Personality
"Generally speaking, wintertime people are more concerned with the larger picture. They can be dominant types who rule their space with assurance, but often also display a greater degree of flexibility, sensitivity, acceptance and spirituality than those born at other times of the year. Although those born in the winter are often quiet types, many manifest great excitement through their thoughts, ideals and work. They are particularly distinguished by an active imagination and fantasy life. The most successful of wintertime people can objectify these visions and perhaps make them a source of creativity rather than be victimized by them. The allegiance of wintertime people is not so much to society or to personal considerations as to the world of ideals.
Wintertime people are less concerned with the state of the world as it is now and more with how it could and should be. A real reforming spirit can show itself in this personality, and an interest in matters concerning political and economic justice is very common." pg. 19

January Ninth
The Day of Ambition

Strengths: resilient, purposeful, resourceful
Weaknesses: controlling, inflexible, stressed

The tough, hard-driving individuals born on January 9 are highly ambitious people, not only for themselves but for their family members as well. They want to reach the top and be the best, and are capable of devoting all or most of their energies year after year to that end. January 9 willpower is not to be underestimated and those born on this day are capable of applying great pressure to bend others to that will. Furthermore, they have a knack for recognizing opportunities and rarely if ever miss a chance to better their situation.
Yet, those born on this day are capable of making weighty mistakes and miscalculations as well. Loss, defeat and setbacks of all kinds dot the landscapes of their lives. Fortunately, their resiliency and sense of purpose is such that they can almost always snap back. It is extremely difficult to defeat them or force them to surrender.
January 9 people highly value personal initiative, personal responsibility and personal freedom. Because of this they may at times lose sight of more social or universal goals, and perhaps fail to understand or appreciate how the group-oriented mind thinks as well. Moreover, for many born on this day, learning to treat people as ends in themselves rather than means to and end will take them farther in the long run. Cultivating perhaps less dynamic, but more human, values such as kindness, understanding and acceptance is crucial to their growth and indeed their ultimate success.
So oriented are January 9 people toward struggles and challenge that they rarely wish to rest on their achievements or retire to a life of happiness and contentment. They tend to be workaholics who commit themselves to their tasks one hundred percent and therefore can find it difficult to relax at the end of the day. Having a partner, friend or family member who can help them in this direction is of the utmost importance, as those born on this day are in great need of laughter and good times too.
January 9 people do not react well to being opposed in their endeavors. A quite ruthless side of their personality can emerge in such situations. Battlers, they use whatever weapons are at their disposal to overcome their adversaries, and fully expect the same in return. However, learning to view events in less black and white terms, and to recognize that present rivals can be future helpmates and friends ultimately widens their understanding and strengthens their position in the world." pg. 668

Numbers and Planets
Those born on the 9th of the month are ruled by the number 9 and by the planet Mars. The number 9 is powerful in its influence on other numbers (any number added to 9 yields that number: e.g., 5+9=14, 4+1=5, and any number multiplied by 9 yields a 9: e.g., 9x5=45, 4+5=9), and January 9 people are similarly influential. The planet Mars is forceful and aggressive, embodying male energy, but for January 9 people its influence can be colored by Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, which here grants seriousness of purpose but also potentially manipulative tendencies.

The 9th card of the Major Arcana is The Hermit, who is usually depicted walking with a lantern and a stick; he represents meditation, isolation and quietude. The card also signifies crystallized wisdom and ultimate discipline. The Hermit is a taskmaster who motivates by conscience and guides others on their path. The positive side of this card is stick-to-it-iveness, purpose, profundity and concentration; negative qualities include dogmatism, intolerance, mistrust and discouragement. Such saturnian characteristics are particularly relevant in the case of January 9 people.

Those born on January 9 can suffer common side-effects of stress: headaches, anxiety, muscle tension, lowered resistance to infections and problems with sleep. Learning to relax and allow themselves fun is crucial to their maintaining good health. Family and social activities, as well as regularly scheduled vacation, are an important part of the picture. An exciting, vibrant diet with lots of appetizing recipes is recommended to keep them looking forward to the zestful enjoyment of good meals. Only mild exercise is recommended for those born on this day along with periods of rest, including occasional afternoon naps, which can work wonders. January 9 people must pay particular attention to the effects of stress on their bones and teeth, as well as making sure that they get proper dosages of supplementary vitamins and minerals.

Watch children at play. Learn from them. Don't allow your ambition to lead you away from the best in you. Remain open to advice; take what others say about you seriously.

Maturity does not exclude playfulness.
pg. 669

Book: borrowed from SSF Main Library.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Kit★.
760 reviews52 followers
Shelved as 'wishlist-want-it'
March 15, 2013
I remember checking this book out from the library a bunch of times when I was a teen, and have wanted it ever since. I have the second one, The Secret Language of Relationships, but didn't find it nearly as 'accurate' in describing myself or people I know, or our relationships, so I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as this one. Would like to read this one again now that I'm older, and see how I interpret it now.
Profile Image for Angelica.
42 reviews14 followers
October 11, 2010
I 1st came across this book in the mid 90s at a library and was jaw dropped over the accuracy of my birthday. I brought it to work and everyone else was just a gobsmacked over their birthday readings. Only one woman didn't agree about her's but everyone in our department agreed that it was completely accurate, she just wasn't too keen on the realization of the negative bits of her nature.

The author has a very useful website companion to this book as well, I came across it while researching the writer.
Profile Image for Gun Lippert.
9 reviews19 followers
Want to read
January 4, 2013
All the books i added today i got for a dollar a piece!
They are everything down from this spot on, on my "to read list..

Also got Frannie 6 F Paul Wilson books (her current passion)..
and a coupla bonus vampire books.

i GOTTA tell you guys about this "Birthdays" book..
It assigns a title to each day of the year.

Just so tired tonight, i'll tell you about it tomorrow.
My brain is toast.

Profile Image for Veronica Perdomo.
111 reviews14 followers
November 10, 2016
For someone who is usually relatively skeptical about the accuracy of astrology, this book seemed to have an uncanny ability to describe the personalities, strengths, and flaws of people born on specific days. The descriptions are varied, specific, and offer real insight into an individual's struggles and motivations. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone even remotely interested in astrology (even the person who just glances at their horoscope in the newspaper from time to time).
5 reviews
April 3, 2008
I've read this book several times on an as needed basis. Sometimes I feel a little bit off, and it has pointed out my flaws and fabulous traits. It also helps me to figure out why other people do what they do.

Sometimes it's too on the nose and freaks me out. But I just finally bought a copy for myself. And strangely it's like a mini-psyochological analysis page on everyone I know.
Profile Image for Lynn Wilson.
138 reviews16 followers
October 17, 2009
This book is remarkable.
As an astrologer I generally dismiss people who emphasize sun signs, but the authors have somehow managed to compile a list of very accurate descriptions about people based on one piece of information - their date of birth. It's wonderful fun, and can be very helpful in understanding friends, children, family members, employees, spouses and significant others.
Profile Image for ~☆~Autumn♥♥☔.
867 reviews53 followers
February 26, 2017
I own a big heavy hard back coffee table type of book which I got years ago from a book club. Its a lot of fun so I recommend it for everyone if you can get a copy. I first saw this book at the book store at the university at Albuquerque and it was $50.00 then but I got it later for much less. Good luck finding it.
7 reviews24 followers
June 12, 2011
This is incredibly creepy, but informative at the same time -- definitely read this or at least skim through it if if you get the chance. For the vast majority of the people I know personally, the descriptions provided for their birth date are essentially a complete analysis of their character.
Profile Image for Hayley.
55 reviews
August 26, 2018
I looked up my birthday and then everyone else's birthday and I knew and it was SO accurate. Kinda creepy honestly but really cool at the same time. It's a book I know I'll keep around forever to look up people I'm interested in. It's really entertaining. Love it!
24 reviews
November 20, 2008
If you believe in astrology - or not .....this is a cool book - insightful!
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