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Hard Corps

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Black The leading erotic imprint for women.

Remy Harris is a bright young woman starting out as an army cadet at a prestigious military college. Hoping to become an officer, she understands that she will have to endure all the usual trials of military life, including boot-camp discipline and rigorous exercise. She's ready for the challenge -- that is until she meets Jacob, who recognises her true sexuality.

Initiated into the Hard Corps -- a secret society within the barracks -- Remy soon becomes absorbed by this clandestine world of ritual punishment and dark pleasures. It's only when Jacob takes things too far that she rebels, and begins to plot her revenge.

272 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published April 6, 2000

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About the author

Claire Thompson

193 books1,079 followers
Claire has been writing for nearly two decades, and has published over 85 novels. She writes BDSM romance and abduction tales, spanning both m/f and m/m genres. She has received numerous awards for her bestselling work, including the NLA-Int’l Pauline Réage Award and the Golden Flogger Award for best BDSM fiction.. Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism. Ultimately her work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.
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100 reviews43 followers
September 23, 2019
This engrossing and very erotic paperback novel details one woman's growing sexual maturity during two years of her life. Remy Harris is a freshman cadet at the prestigious Stewart Military Academy. As a freshman, not only does Cadet Harris have to survive as a new student, but also has a second strike against her in the fact that she is female.

Lonely and feeling every much the outcast that she is, she survives Hell Week, only to drawn into the orbit of Jacob Stewart. Jacob is a senior and his attentions overwhelm her defenses. Soon, he has her seduced and is taking her virginity in his bedroom on campus. He shows her the pleasures of being with a real man and not some kid back home. She thinks they are in love, but he wants her for other purposes.

As time passes, he begins to add little twists to their almost daily liaisons. He gets progressively rougher with her. While on one hand she fears it, on the other, she finds it tremendously arousing. Fighting this split in her feelings, she climactically refuses to submit to his desires. Disgusted with her behavior, he ends the relationship.

While this rocks her world, she eventually is witness to some proceedings that hint of something else going on at the Academy. She slowly learns of a secret group within the school known as the Slave Corps, or by their joke nickname, the Hard Corps. The group is made up of Masters and Slaves and comprises a mixture of students, staff, and professors.

Sworn to secrecy as are everyone involved, she is slowly accepted into the group through a series of detailed erotic tests. Her sexuality, her wants and desires are gradually awakened over the two-year period as she explores herself and others.

Softer in some aspects than her book Obsession: Girl Abducted, this is still a very good novel. The author has first hand experience in the lifestyle and it clearly shows in her writing. Her work is detailed with vivid descriptions of the settings, sexual acts, and progressive character development. Her work is always arousing and I hope she will continue to pursue in her writing what clearly is a labor of love.
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76 reviews2 followers
December 12, 2010
This is the story of Remy, a young female cadet at a coed military college, who is initiated into the Hard Corp, a secret society of masters and slaves. She receives assignments to meet certain people and do what she's told. There isn't that much actual sex, but there is a lot of CP, which is surprising as this was put out by Black Lace, whose books don't usually focus on CP. These trials become a journey of self discovery(a common theme in Black Lace's books) and by the end of the book, she knows what she wants out of life, and it may not be what you think. Well written, with a surprisingly three dimensional protagonist. Recommended.
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955 reviews1 follower
December 2, 2017
An original and engrossing feminist coming-of-age tale. The premise sounds hokey, but it's so well-written that it doesn't become trite. And I love the cover—it's peak early 2000s. Loved it.
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