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The Quest of the Sparrows: Explore the Joy of Freedom

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Inspired by the life of a sparrow that leads a carefree life, Partibhan, a young and reluctant guru takes off on an amazing journey in evolution. He believes that human beings can become powerful creators, and achieve much more but the desire to secure the future makes them mere survivors. Between birth and death, evolution is the only constant, which humans can achieve by giving up self-limiting practices.

Partibhan sets out to test spiritual principles at a practical level, with the exceptional 600 kilometer journey on foot without money and belongings. He wishes to demonstrate that man’s fixation on materialism and the need to accumulate is overrated: Survival isn’t the goal of life. A much bigger role, a higher calling awaits us.

Can Partibhan and his followers overcome hardships on the way to find the answers they seek? Are they able to prove that spirituality isn’t an impractical concept as many have come to believe but is inseparable from evolution? What insights do they come across? What does their journey prove and what is its power packed message for you? Do they discover peace and joy? How is it different from happiness?

Discover all this and much more in this path breaking, evolutionary new writing that explores the higher meaning of life and demonstrates practically how one can achieve peace and joy while leading a meaningful and creative life.

261 pages, Paperback

First published August 1, 2011

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About the author

Kartik Sharma

2 books66 followers
Kartik Sharma, a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, is passionate about books. Be it reading or writing, he found his one true passion in the written word.

His first novel - The Quest of the Sparrows, was published at the age of 23. He has since published his second novel, DareDreamers.

He continues to write fiction stories and philosophical musings on his blog: https://medium.com/@sykartik

Kartik currently lives in Switzerland.

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Author 9 books1,184 followers
April 21, 2017
It's not only a story of Partibhan, the guru or the spiritual sage. It goes on to become a testimony to all the struggles which have been continued and brought to a conclusion by millions on the earth. What is life? What's the right path to follow? How can one live the life without any fear? What is religion? What is spirituality? To an extent, the book answers all the questions in the version which the authors deemed perfect for the purpose. Moreover, the book, in short - the journey from chopped fingers to the birth of an idea, tells WE CAN WIN!
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650 reviews559 followers
January 19, 2021
Reading The Quest of the Sparrows just after The Evolution of God is like a deadly cocktail of vodka and whiskey. Both are two extreme of one rope. Both books reminded me the famous quote:

"Once the God and man met. Their thought 'My Creator'"

I liked The Evolution of God and I loved The Quest of the Sparrows. This year has given me another gem in my spiritual book collection. The Quest of the Sparrows is added to my list of "Repeat once in a year"

The book contains only one story but it is portrayed from three character's point of view. The main protagonist of the story is Swami Partibhan. His ascend to his father Guru Parmanand Swami's position is the core of the story. Two more important characters are Nikhil and Sanjeev. Both came to Ashram in Manmar with few goals in mind. After joining ashram as Guru, Partibhan had taken completely new approach. He believed in practical spirituality. He challenged his followers to take a tremendous task of Manmar to Ganpatiphule by walk without money and gadgets. Very few people joined him on this quest and less than 15 finished at the end. Nikhil and Sanjeev's perspective towards spirituality changed completely after the journey. Throughout their journey, they saw various life-changing examples of humility and spirituality. I don't want to reveal characters traits as it might spoil readers experience.

The best part of the story is flow. I kept reading the book in spite of being a busy weekend. I liked the way characters were evolved during their journey. I usually don't like spiritual lectures but the way it was mixed with the storyline, I didn't even feel that it was coming. The author has given emphasis on keeping only positive things in mind. Though one can have multiple negative experiences in wild, the story was kept with at most positiveness.

In today's world it is possible to find religious people but finding spiritual people is a difficult task. The book is written on a similar theme. Not just theoretical spirituality but practical spirituality was preached by characters of the story. The example of sparrow used is eye catching observation. We are always busy in achieving our next goal. What we achieved previously usually become regular and we start taking it for granted. The concept of going somewhere without planning and without money or resources looks scary, but I am thinking of doing it at least once in a life-time. It Let God or supreme power decide the course of action.

Things I liked in book or story:
- Concept of journey - It feels like we are reading a trekking or adventure book
- Reasoning of Parthibhan for various situations
- Overall positiveness (This may be negative for few readers but I liked it)
- Relevance used with Sparrow

I am recommending this book to all genre people.

Detailed Review Link - http://chevusread.blogspot.in/2017/07...
Author Interview Link - http://chevusread.blogspot.in/2017/08...
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233 reviews668 followers
April 20, 2017
What else could you hope for? The book delivers what it promises - the way of the sparrows are never to be looked in a straight line. The journey of the characters was very vivid and multi-experiencing curve of life. For the best, everyone settles well at the end and the readers are to be left with a pleasure and a sense of satisfaction for the read. Great stuff!
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824 reviews3,224 followers
December 17, 2016
It was a non stop read.

I remember when I was reading the book I was getting late for lunch. If I had not been on time, I would have missed it.

Guess what?

I was willing to miss my lunch because The Quest of the Sparrows won't let me settle down until I turn the last pages. Such was its hypnotism.

A group of people is embarking on a spiritual journey to find the greater happiness and satisfaction.

This team is led by Partibhan, a newly made guru who has inherited the designation from his father and this idea of this exceptional voyage has been coined by him.

Previously Partibhan didn't want to leave his comfortable life and join this venture but soon he accepts the role of the guru for the sake of the reverence the followers showered on him.

A series of events followed as they moved on in their journey without any money or any personal belongings. Many left the group as they didn't have much courage and faith. And those who walked till the end, got inexplicable hope.

The Quest of the Sparrows is basically focused on the transformation Partibhan's life takes place.
But there are more characters who play equally important roles in order to make the readers understand and widen their horizons and views about spirituality.

These other characters' activities and ignorance was what helped Partibhan understand the responsibility about his position and the true source of happiness in life.

I would say that the lessons I learned from it, the teachings it provided me, will stay with me for a long while.

The contradictory examples presented in it, automatically resolved the doubts I was going through. This was the characteristic that I've not encountered in many books.

For example, the story of the man who has devoted his life to charity and make others happy, is not doing good for himself if he has no time to contemplate his own self and meditation. Because these are the ways one knows oneself. Failing in either of these, would not give satisfaction.

I won't say I've understood each and everything in it, but I would certainly try to implement them in my life to make it better and joyous.

Narration, like I said before, is captivating. The way the story starts and holds the reader's interest on what will happen now, was fabulous.

All in all, I've enjoyed this work immensely. A different and unique style of approach towards the spirituality.

Something I couldn't help appreciating.

Verdict : Lessons of a lifetime. Just get done with this!

Author 0 books250 followers
February 6, 2017
Beautiful and Heart Warming!

I absolutely loved this project!

Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma. This duo has totally nailed it!

The Quest of the Sparrows is an astonishing tale of a man who has accidentally become a guru of a reputed ashram. He inherited the designation from his father who was also the most respected guru at his time.

The story opens up with a man living in a foreign country whose wife is cheating on him with other men and his daughter is moving with her boyfriend. Both of them don't care for this person. No sympathy at all.

Next moment, this man is headed to the ashram in search of peace and serendipity.

Their are other significant characters some of whom have faith on the guru, some are just having the adventurous time of their lives and other are spying on him to expose him publicly.

They are surprised to see a young man giving speech. They are not quiet over the fact that a guru can be of this age. They suspect his motives and if he is responsible enough.

As the time passes, Partibhan, the new and young guru asks them to join him on a peripatetic voyage in order to find the peace that lies within oneself.

His idea is ridiculed but his sheer determination and adamant nature gets him their support.

And that's how they began a journey that will leave a mark on your memory. Because with them, you are bound to travel to. Such is the aura the writers create.

An enchanting as well as challenging journey of Partibhan, is not only written meticulously but also the experience was phenomenal. You forget to blink when watching his every move and learning his lessons closely.

Coming to the writing style, The Quest of the Sparrows is undoubtedly a fast paced narration. Twists and turns keeps hold of your interest.

It is fantastic to see that the authors are bringing a new kind of spirituality to Indian literature that can be practiced and implemented without any reservation.

When this book comes into my mind, the only other memory that I associate it with is - how engrossing it was.

The Quest of the Sparrows is a wonderful treat to anyone looking for a refreshing feeling. Introspective read - I would call it. Where I met and talked to the beautiful and enthusiastic me.

When Partibhan was struggling with giving up his food habits, that incident had the most powerful impact on me. His passion to transform himself and his routine, is motivating.

It was splendid to know that all of these characters were common people. So the readers can relate to them easily.

When I was reading the narration by the man from foreign, like a river my thoughts flowed in the favor of Partibhan. When I read through the eyes of the media guy, I filtered each and every action of Partibhan, never believing anything he said or did.

This sudden shift was magical.

I've learned various theories from it which otherwise I wouldn't have seen anywhere else. The pages turn themselves.

As you read and turn the pages, you can feel yourself becoming a sparrow. Your heart feels light and cheerful. Books like these should be written and appreciated more.

Without a second thought, I wish to say that I am going to read Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma's future work.

2 reviews1 follower
October 1, 2011
A very different book, not like any I have read so far. It compels you to reassign your priorities. I took pride in thinking of myself as a survivor but it told me even a sparrow did that and effortlessly at that. It talks of the potential we all have but done achieve because we start running a rate race which perhaps is more comfortable.

I had stopped believing in spirituality but it made me question my resistance.

If I become something one day, then I will owe it to this book. But it is too early to say anything right now. But for sure, Partibhan didnt just talk to the characters of the book. I felt he was talking to me. And my life wont be the same after all he had to say.

Simple, soul stirring stuff that touches the heart in ways few books can.
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Author 1 book255 followers
December 2, 2016
The Quest Of The Sparrows is a really well-written book by authors Ravi and Kartik.
The profound symbolism, as well as the intense nature of the book, made this a very remarkable read for me.

I enjoyed the way the authors tried to deliver the strong messages of the harsh realities of life through subtle, yet powerful, unique parallels. I also liked the writing style and the voice of the authors and found it to be quite a pleasant experience to read this book.

In spite of this book being centered around spirituality, I never felt that the authors were trying to impose or force their views into the minds of the readers and, hence, I commend them for successfully and deftly getting their point across without hurting anyone's feelings.

It was a quick read and the smooth flow of the writing and the enjoyable story made reading this book a breezy ride. I'd recommend this book to everyone because it is one of those books that offers a little of something for everyone.
Profile Image for Vignesh Kumar.
425 reviews41 followers
December 20, 2016
I received this book from the authors for an exchange of an honest review

Initially, I was skeptical to read this book as I have not read any spiritual books and I feared that it would openly preach the spirituality but it proved me wrong. It did not preach spirituality openly but through subtle things and practical examples.

I liked how this book consisted of parts where each part were told by a differing personality be it a practical, lying, business-minded, dishonest man or a skeptical, spy, I loved how you told the stories through their own voice and I could connect this all with our current life scenarios.

I loved the story plot and the idea of the practical journey of 600 km where everyone could be able to connect with their Divine self through meditation and I viewed the world differently from then. I loved how Nikhil, who was initially a not trusting person who cheated on his wife, not caring about his family but business was transferred to a different person who now can connect with his spiritual self. I also liked your point in proving that not all Gurus who preach spirituality are fraudulent by explaining the story through Sanjeev's story. And the third part where the Swamiji Partiban's backstory seemed to be a backbone in this book as he too didn't believe in spirituality and loathed his father.

The only thing I didn't like was the fact that

On the whole, I really enjoyed this book!!
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1 review5 followers
January 31, 2014
The first book by the author duo Kartik and Ravi offers a refreshing perspective on ideas concerning the manner in which we can live our lives to its fullest potential. Although the book is raft with platitudes from grandma stories and tales, the presentation and characters help in making them easier to relate to.

The packaging of this book on practical spirituality in a fast moving and action packed fiction capsule renders it a flow uncharacteristic of the genre.

The analogy to the life of the sparrow is very hard hitting and drives home the point of living life free of worries. It is perspective altering.
Profile Image for Ravi Sharma.
Author 2 books23 followers
December 27, 2013

The book has many, amazing insights. It doesn't preach spirituality but demonstrates it through incidents. It is a compelling call to evolve and not merely survive life.

The story is about a journey without money and belongings. Partibhan, a reluctant guru, takes the example of a sparrow which lives each day of its life without worry. It never hoards yet lives joyously, despite being so low in the chain of human evolution. Human beings, despite being placed so high in evolution, worry constantly. In their attempt to secure the future they live a life that is very mediocre: no different from a sparrow which just survives its life.

Partibhan contends that if the journeyers can live for a few days like a sparrow, perhaps they will see the futility of worrying too much.

The story is from the point of view of an explorer, doubter and a reluctant guru who lives up to the huge responsibility thrust upon him in a way that is compellingly fresh.

There were many twists and turns that are interesting and lead to path-breaking insights.
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42 reviews10 followers
February 13, 2014
There are lots of talks about spirituality, ways to practice it and so on. It is alright to have questions like why not we go for a self help book then or a yoga camp or ashram? Is it actually a novel?
Well, it is. There are stories and they are interesting. I like authors' courage to write something different. The authors are so positive about spirituality that they go on to prove that it can make wonders happen which is good to some extent as it fills you with positivity but soon the same things start to pinch you as there is no scope of an alternate perspective.
Spirituality is a good thing but you need not to go for wonders to prove its worth. So, I think, it could have been intelligent if they had left it to the reader to decide.
They have talked about very good things and there are interesting examples.
This book is a creative and sincere delivery.
Profile Image for Soumyabrata Gupta.
10 reviews14 followers
May 21, 2013
A journey towards spirituality: discussing the God factor

Soumyabrata Gupta

Where is God? How can we attain spirituality? These are two of the basic questions that the authors Kartik Sharma and Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma ask and debate upon in this novel which can be best described as a bildungsroman. However in spite of its apparent philosophical allusions and connotations, the authors have created a work of literature where, they successfully dispel the myth of the complexities associated with the cannon of philosophical texts which are prevalent in the books available around the world.
Swami Partibhan a young guru and his group of followers undertake a journey from their ashram at Manmad to Ganapatipule in search of spiritual awakening and subsequent enlightenment. Presented in four parts, the novel traces their journey towards higher understanding of the self through three points of view and a general tracing towards the conclusion. The first part of the novel traces the story through the eyes of the common man and marks out the journey through the eyes of Nikhil, a disillusioned business man who has failed miserably in terms of relationships. He undertakes the journey in the hopes of finding peace and happiness and a realization as to what led him to such an unhappy state in the first place. Though skeptical while in the initial stages of the 600 km journey on foot, Nikhil is shown to attain his true calling as they get closer and closer to their destination.
The second part of the novel plays in the view of the skeptic. Sanjeev is shown to be a private detective who has undertaken the journey to try and show that Swami Partibhan is as good a con as any other ‘spiritual guru’ out there. Having led a hard life where his father had left him and his mother to fend for themselves, while he himself had gone off in search for his ‘spiritual awakening’, Sanjeev has a general distrust to the category of sages and gurus and his general dislike towards Partibhan becomes apparent to the readers as well. However in spite of his inhibitions and all his endeavors at trying to find out Swami Partibhan’s sham, he too realizes his folly and subsequently has a spiritual realization.
The subsequent parts of the novel trace the story through the mouth of Partibhan himself and his journey towards becoming a guru in the first place. Though he himself had doubts regarding the path of spirituality, his journey too is a leap of faith on the young man’s path as somewhere down the line, he true tries to find his true calling. What makes this novel be categorized as a bildungsroman is the fact that the protagonist Swami Partibhan is himself shown to go through a metamorphosis as rises above and beyond his doubts and inhibitions as he finally achieves enlightenment. Partibhan sets out to test spiritual principles at a practical level, with the exceptional 600 kilometer journey on foot without money and belongings. He calls it “Operation Free Bird” where he says that “one of the purposes of this journey is to prove ourselves that we are not slaves of possessions”.
The novel has been written in a simplistic manner where lofty thoughts and philosophies of Life have been put forward by the authors is a much more approachable manner. Though at times it does seem that such a journey as portrayed in the book is perhaps a bit exaggerated and improbable, what makes it a must read is that the journey need not be impossible. One wishes to see truth in the face and amend follies after reading this fine work of literature and credit must be given to the authors for this wonderful portrayal. Indeed life itself is a journey towards our true calling and the authors through this metaphorical journey in the written words makes one sit up and wonder about which route each person is himself or herself taking in realizing the spiritual self in each human body. And thus, in retrospect a line from the book takes precedence I actual life, “Remember, you’re only limited when you assume you’re the doer. Limitless possibilities open when you think your higher self is the doer, not you.”

(as appearing in The Bengal Post newspaper)
2 reviews3 followers
January 31, 2014
I had heard quite a lot about The Quest of the Sparrows from my friends who mostly said great things about the book. It was while searching for one of my books that I came across this novel yet again and curious I read the blurb which indeed seemed promising and relevant to me. It seemed to offer a very different and interesting treatment on spirituality. The sparrow analogy and Partibhan’s journey without money and belongings got me hooked. Intrigued, I overcame my initial lethargy and finally placed the order.
The book arrived well in time and when I started to read it in the night, I was sucked into the book with its unique storyline and a very creative way of handling the difficult subject of spirituality. There were so many questions I had asked before but had either got too many intellectually confused answers that seemed to go on and on without conclusion or too simplistic answers that seemed more of a fantasy than the truth. But the authors have given convincing answers to many of my questions and there are many of these, throughout the book. The beauty is that they fit into a very powerful story of four characters and somehow I could identify with each of them. Partibhan stands out of the story for his powerful and determined approach to spirituality. All the situations that he passes through are believable and in each of them there is a powerful lesson to be learned.

The book was un-put-down-able and I read it over two days flat and emerged with a very good feeling, refreshed and energized and my faith in the universe reinforced. In these times when we have almost a negative approach to everyone who is trying to be spiritual, it brings out the value of spirituality at its best.

It is one of the best books I have read in so many years. It is so, not only from a story point of view but from writing style too. Very few Indian writers really know their craft and most Indian writing in English is pathetic. Kudos to the authors for bringing out an outstanding novel that inspires and refreshes the spirit, adds value to the reader and removes many of the spiritual blinkers we are wearing in the name of rat race.

I am gifting this energy drink for the soul to at least three of my immediate friends and relatives for sure!

1 review
February 2, 2014
I bought the book on Amazon Kindle store and was very circumspect about its content. There was an allusion to the life of a sparrow that attracted me to the book but talk about spirituality had put me off initially. But when I came across the book the second time I decided to give it a shot.

I must say that the writers have done a stupendous job on the book. The story flows very swiftly and packed with a lot of action. Their are parts that are heart rendering. The narrative from the point of view of three individuals seemed daunting at first because some of the other books that have followed multiple narrators turn out to be very disconnected. But I want to congratulate the writers on the smooth transition of narration.

There are many eye openers in the book. Don't mistake me - there are also many cliches, but the central idea that the authors present - anti materialism and pursuit of real joy - are presented uniquely and I loved the treatment. Even if you don't buy that idea personally, you will be able to appreciate this point of view that is different from yours much better. And the fact that I felt that way, shows how the book steers clear of being prescriptive and opens a whole new perspective.

It's a coming-of-age debut novel from the promising new writers Kartik Sharma and Ravi Sharma. It's a brave book that has gone a long way in cementing their place in Indian Writing in English. Hoping to read more from this new powerhouse duo.
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29 reviews
April 19, 2017
“The quest of the sparrows”, a spiritual novel by IIT & IIM alumnus Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma, is a religious and spiritual fiction which enlightens our minds. The story explores the higher meaning of life through an entertaining path breaking story of ‘Partibhan’, a guru who begins his journey with several ups and down. A young guru, who sets out 600 km journey on foot without money or belongings along with his disciples. It is simple tale but it is very effective. This book is capable to lifting someone up. A must read for all those feeling burnt out and wondering about their lives.

I get this interesting book from "Ashvamegh". Thanks Ashvamegh to provide me such type of good book.
August 8, 2013
The perfect book for self-inspiration
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Surbhi Sareen.
Author 1 book18 followers
March 3, 2017
The story is beautifully woven. The authors have kept in mind the thought process and at times we feel they are playing with ur minds. The use of multiple point of views makes it interesting. Every story has some significance and they can be used as separate stories as well. Basically is focus on a man and even Guru Partibhan who through his ways gives us a purpose of living. The delineation is apt. The characters are fantastic and easy to understand though the authors tried to make it complicated.

Read full review at- https://captivatingmode.wordpress.com...
1 review1 follower
March 7, 2014
Don’t judge a book by its cover they say, but the cover of this one sums up the essence of the book beautifully. Self-created and self-propagated beliefs in the banal turn the suit, a symbol on the cover, to shackles. Man begins to take the visible and the material too seriously and his life gets mired in its seemingly important but inconsequential rigmarole. The sparrow, in contrast, while being much lower in the ladder of evolution lives freely and joyously, ‘living’ every day instead of merely ‘surviving’.

The quest of the sparrows is a story about a young man, forced to become a guru, who takes a leap of faith and sets off with his followers on an unconventional journey. Inspired by the carefree life of a sparrow they set out to experience life ‘no strings attached’. The liberation from burden and ‘lightness of being’, to borrow from Kundera, that they experience triggers thought processes and transforms mindsets. The book articulates it as higher awareness and connection with the divine. As the book progresses, it unfolds different stories and the reader is kept guessing. Each section comes from a different vantage point and the later sections add a flavor of suspense.

The Sharmas talk of spirituality through its simple manifestations like harmony, forgiveness, detachment and joy in easy-to read and contemporary-style prose. They touch upon religion and the scriptures briefly to connect the root of religion to that of spirituality while taking care to delineate the difference between following a religion and living it in its true essence.

The Quest of the Sparrows has the power to make the reader stop and think. What I liked best about the book is that it lays out stories from the point of view of different characters and leaves it at that. It allows the space for the readers to reminisce and join the dots for themselves. I feel, different people will take different things from this book but in it each one will find a part that resonates with him/her individually. One need not be a believer or a seeker to enjoy this book, it appeals to the basic desire of finding a larger meaning to life, over and above surviving through it. Paulo Coelho said ‘The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them’. This book will show the simple things up front and these we may feel we know, but the understanding of what makes them extraordinary comes as the book forces you to think about why goodness is good and how goodness and joy is the outcome of spirituality instead of the other way around.

The analogy to the life of a sparrow is a powerful one and stays with the reader long after turning the last page. Kudos to the writers for penning a thought-provoking, yet easy-flowing book.
Profile Image for Shree.
Author 2 books10 followers
December 26, 2013
NOTE : I Won this part as a part of the goodreads giveaway.

Spiritual or Advance thinking books aren't really my forte. Sadly I am not blessed with such an intellect to understand or should I say I am blessed with a temperament to steer clear of such books?

The Book cover and the summary intrigued me.What harm in giving such a book a chance? I entered the giveaway and won it too!

The book is exactly what it claims to be. The writers have attempted to convey what we have conveniently chosen to forget. The book is about discovering yourself, the real you and not the person that we have become due to various reasons.

Thankfully the writers have managed to induce that suspense element, else I would have chucked the book for it contains a lot of explosive truths which would make you realize what kind of monster you are.

For an Atheist, the book might look like a feeble attempt to make him believe the existence of a higher being called god. Thankfully I am not an Atheist.

The narration was pretty good. The incidents described on Journey on Foot seemed more or less realistic. The writers managed to keep me hooked to the book unlike my previous trysts with Spiritual sort of books. The climax was really the biggest twist. I never saw that coming! But when "that" happened I kind felt sad ( Read the book to know what "that" is! No Spoilers!).The writers thus successfully managed to convey emotions properly!

The one thing that could have been is the explanation of how both the Gurus cure cancer/Tumor. That sort of sounds far fetched but is not unheard of (Read up on Holy Saint Sankaracharya)

Overall, I felt like reading a culmination of discourses by various spiritual gurus like Sri Sri Ravishankar,Osho and my own grandfather! The writer's originality is restricted to the "story" line.
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100 reviews11 followers
March 4, 2014
I got this book directly from the writers through Goodreads.com. Thanks for the writers & Goodreads.
This book speaks more on Divine which is connected with Sprituality, But I see the book more speaks on Humanity than the spirituality by portraying the stories on:

1) You should treat others like how you wanted to be treated
2) Be patience
3) Importance on spirituality than humanity (Provide what the poor want which turns them into lazy) I can say these are really has more meaning than it actually sounds.

While travel through the book, I find certain incidents are really aweful:
1) Being simple
2) Provide what you have, to the one who are in need
3) Give more delight to the one who helped you when you are in bad position
4) Be Brave

But in certain place the book proves that I'm reading a fiction novel ;-)
Totally a very good work and a powerful set of messages shared with society. Thanks for the writers of the book Ravi sharma & Karthik sharma for creation of this wonderful work.
2 reviews1 follower
October 1, 2011
I found it amazing. There are twists and turns and at the end of each there is a simple insight that connected with me. I could relate to Partibhan completely. He is the kind of spiritual guru we all need today because his approach is practical and not pedantic.

All the characters looked from everyday life situation and I could understand their dilemma.

Awesome story that makes me question what I have done so far with my life. Survival is easy,no big deal. It is what I do with my life is what it is all about.

A life changing book I must say that took me to a higher plane of thinking.
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132 reviews7 followers
December 4, 2013
Motivated by the being of a sparrow in this path breaking, evolutionary fresh inscription that looks at the top connotation of existence as well as reveals nearly how one can attain amity as well as ecstasy while leading a consequential plus inspired verve that escort a happy-go-lucky existence, and consider that individual mortals be able to develop into dominant initiators, along with attain a lot further save for the craving to secure the upcoming crafts them sheer survivors flanked by nativity and demise, where advancement is the lone invariable, which individuals can get by giving up self restrictive customs.

1 review1 follower
January 30, 2014
Spiritual books are not at all my thing. I reluctantly agreed to read this one because a friend very strongly recommended it to me. What I dislike about spiritual books is that they are too preachy and whatever they say, seems very impractical to implement in real life. And I loved "The Quest of the Sparrows" for being exactly opposite to the usual books of its genre. This book makes getting a healthier perspective towards life seem so simple and do-able. I thought only thrillers are riveting, but I couldn't put down this book before reading it from cover to cover!
12 reviews1 follower
July 28, 2014
The writers, through the interesting spiritual journey of a reluctant Swami and his followers, make a case for practical spirituality . Various misgivings and hesitations that anyone might have are challenged through the questions and reservations of different relatable characters .

Simple living, non -materialistic lifestyle,living like a sparrow -the simplest and commonest of birds is advocated by the story of a simple journey without getting too preachy.

A light , refreshing read that is sure to make a dent on your conscience
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January 23, 2014
Its a captivating book and will force you think. It will involve you and take you with it on a journey. Its inspiring because it tells you that how simple life can be and how complicated we have made it. One definitely would connect with it at some point or the other especially if you have ever questioned your purpose or yearned for the feeling of content and the best part about the book is how simply its written. Its a great read!
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December 14, 2017
A charming piece of spiritual fiction which makes for an entertaining and easy read. Action laden and contemporary, this book is well within the present binge of Indian soul searching. Always welcome, I guess.

Spiritual novels have their own place in literature and their own role in saving and shaping lives. There will always be a need for such works and I commend the author for producing this book.
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April 19, 2013
The eventful journey of a man in search of answers to doubts within. Narration is gripping, language lucid and the story draws continuous attention.
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April 20, 2017
At some place, there is certainly a bend in the river... the journey in the book (allegorical sparrows) begins with a high ambition and ends in delight as people settle well for their lives. In between, however, the journey is remarkable and I guess readers would judge the best themselves. I found it an engaging read and liked the approach of the author except the instances where religion and religious took a certain high altitude... good book overall!
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October 1, 2011
The book has amazing insights and they are so simple they steal your heart. I thought spirituality was all about preaching but this book had a fresh perspective and went on to demonstrate it was practical. Not through sermons but interesting stories. It uplifted my state, made me somehow more aware.

The book gave me a new way to look at life. The word evolution stays with you after you finish it. Puts an end to all the doubts about the meaning and purposelessness of life.

I feel empowered to start a new journey.
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