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Georgia on My Mind

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Since Georgie Quinn's mother died after a brief illness, the highlight of her life has become "jogger stalking" every morning with her roommates Tess and Cat. Stuck running the senior center her mother founded in Newport, RI, until a replacement director is found, Georgie dreams of returning to her glamorous life in Atlanta. As that life begins to unravel, she discovers a whole new one in Newport where the jogger turns out to be sexy detective and tree hugger Nathan Caldwell. Determined to get her mind off her many problems—including a possible threat to her own health—Georgie indulges in what she intends to be a no-holds-barred one-night stand with Nathan. Unfortunately, Nathan has other ideas and sets out to have a relationship with her.

Tess, on the run from an abusive husband, and Cat, who raised her younger brother and sister, hook up with Nathan's brothers, Ben, an injured Iraqi war veteran, and Ian, a single-father and talented musician. Add a zany cast of seniors who seem determined to drive Georgie slowly mad with their never-ending needs and comparisons to her sainted mother, and you've got the ingredients for a fast-paced, often comical, emotional journey that leads Georgie straight to the home of her heart.

Three romances for the price of one!

356 pages, ebook

First published September 1, 2011

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About the author

Marie Force

204 books7,857 followers
Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and erotic romance. Her series include Gansett Island, Fatal, Treading Water, Butler Vermont and Quantum.

Her books have sold more than 12 million copies worldwide, have been translated into more than a dozen languages and have appeared on the New York Times bestseller more than 30 times. She is also a USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, as well as a Speigel bestseller in Germany.

Her goals in life are simple—to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.

Join Marie’s mailing list on her website at marieforce.com for news about new books and upcoming appearances in your area. Follow her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/MarieForceAuthor and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/marieforceauthor/. Contact Marie at marie@marieforce.com.

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1,292 reviews692 followers
October 20, 2011
Once again Ms. Force has written another amazing story!

The character's of course are smart, attractive, loyal, and REALLY good people, but their immediate situations prevent them from getting to the inevitable HEA.

I LOVE, LOVE how Ms. Force tactfully addresses various issues such as abandonment, drug & alcohol abuse, spousal abuse, and breast cancer.

I really enjoyed this story, the characters, and the writing.

I highly recommend to fans of Ms. Force
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3,483 reviews445 followers
September 26, 2011
Georgia Quinn is back home to settle her mother’s estate and keep the senior citizen’s center her mother founded running smoothly while the search is on for a replacement director. Living in her mom’s house along with two roommates, who have problems of their own, Georgia, who prefers to be called Georgie, wonders how life can turn so quickly from one filled with an exciting job and glamorous lifestyle in Atlanta into one where drooling over a good-looking jogger each morning is now the most excitement in her day.

When by accident Georgie and “the jogger,” a/k/a Nathan Caldwell, a police detective, meet face-to-face sparks ignite and Georgie has one thing in mind: a one-night-fling with the gorgeous detective. But Nathan doesn't agree and has his own plans for something much more permanent.

The cast of secondary characters includes a delightful group of senior citizens who add a comical side to the story, as well as presenting additional complications to Georgie’s plans for a timely return to her job and home in Atlanta. There’s also a 3-romances-in-one-book bonus when Georgie’s roommates, Tess and Cat, find themselves romantically involved with two of Nathan’s brothers, Ian and Ben, who face demons of their own.

Fighting off her growing feelings for Nathan and faced with pressures from her boss to return to Atlanta, Georgie makes her decision. But love doesn’t always follow schedules. Sometimes what’s perfectly right finds you when everything else is all wrong.

The author breathes life into these characters. She gives you characters you care about long after the last word is read. Her characters are realistically portrayed (except for maybe Rosie, Ian’s 3-year old daughter, who seemed much more mature than her age reflected). Still yet, Rosie was irresistibly adorable. The romance sizzles and each relationship is believable.

“Georgia On My Mind” meets real life issues head-on. It will easily touch your heart. If you love a book, in spite of any flaws it may suffer, it’s a keeper. This one meets that test. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry but I’m betting you’ll have a satisfied smile on your face when you reach the end.

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1,702 reviews60 followers
December 8, 2020
Georgie Quinn has been back in her hometown of Newport, RI, since she hurried home to care for her mother. When her mother died after a short illness, Georgie finds herself stuck working as the director of the senior center her mother founded until a replacement can be hired. Grief stricken and wanting to get back to her life in Atlanta, Georgie has a one-night stand with the gorgeous cop, Nathan Caldwell, that jogs past her house every day. But Nate has other ideas. He doesn't want a one-night stand...he wants a relationship. Now it's up to him to change Georgie's mind.

This is a standalone contemporary romance and one of Marie Force's older titles. Georgie made it known from the start that her staying in Newport was a temporary situation. But she kept giving mixed signals to Nate who was only too happy to try to convince her to stay. The whole thing got a bit tiring.

Other parts of the book were very good. Georgie's two roommates, Cat and Tess, hooked up with Nate's brothers, Ian and Ben. I actually liked these secondary romances better than Nate and Georgie's story. We also got to meet some of the people who frequented the senior center. Good Gus and Bad Gus were two of my favorites.

Overall, this was an okay contemporary romance with a lot of interesting secondary characters making it more appealing. My rating: 4 Stars.
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201 reviews4 followers
May 31, 2012
I downloaded this book to my Kindle because it happened to be free that day, and I have enjoyed some of Marie Force's tales in the past. Verdict: Read something else or do something else to while your time away.

The plot is so-so. Secondary characters (zany senior citizens) are actually appealing and keep it real. Unfortunately it's the three lead couples that may drive some readers insane while others may find them "meh."

There are actually 3 couplings going on in Georgia On My Mind. George Quinn hooks up with Nathan Caldwell. Her rommates Tess and Cat simultaneously hook up with Nate's brothers. Don't worry--no menage or swaps go on here. What there is a lot of, is willful denial.

So if you're into immature girls shaped like grown women who can't seem to get out of that river in Egypt (de-nial), this is the book for you. At some point I gave up on trying to find something to like about the heroines and just gave in to fantasizing about the men.

The guys are too good to be true. It's a toss up between who I'd wanna do more: Nate the detective who refuses to give up on romance and Georgie; Ben the recovering veteran who refuses to give up on his leg and finds renewed devotion to life in Tess; or devoted single dad the soulful musician and honorable Ian.

So yeah, the redeeming quality to this tale are its men. And since it's also true that I read romance in part to read about my fantasy guy, I suppose I didn't waste my time after all.
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838 reviews26 followers
December 30, 2016
3.5 stars, cute story of three roommates meeting three brothers.
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758 reviews
October 1, 2011
Georgie Quinn's life turned out of control 3 months ago when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she left her life on Atlanta on hold to tend to her mother on her last days and the senior center she founded and gave most of her life to. After her mother's death Georgie is working hard to find a replacement for her at the center, set everyone of her mothers affairs to rights and get back to her life in Atlanta. One day her boyfriend breaks with her over the phone, she meets the guy she's been lusting after for the past weeks on less than ideal circumstances, goes out with him and ends having not only first date sex, but lots of it, which leaves her feeling even more confused, since she's trying to get rid of her complication not gain one more by getting involved.

Nathan Caldwell is an eco-friendly detective, who one day flips at a girl he's been wanting to meet for weeks over recycling of all things. He makes it up to her and ends caring for her like he hasn't cared for a woman after disaster turned his life upside down years ago. But she doesn't want to get involved, so he sets out to change her mind, which ends up in her roommates pairing off with 2 of his brothers.
Can he get her to see he might be the one as her friends suggest her he might be and get her to see that her home is in Newport, Rhode Island and not in Atlanta. Can everything Georgie despised at first about coming home, be the one thing to hold her here or will she run back to Atlanta at the first chance to get her life back.

Another winner by Marie Force. I was scared a little at first because even though I was liking it a lot it looked like it was a one person POV, surprisingly it turned into 2 people POV with 4 added on the side. And I finally realized what is it that draws me to Marie Force's heroes. The fact that they're not afraid of love, showing it, professing it and saying it. I really liked the brothers, and the 6 people story, but I would have loved to read more on the brothers (Ian and Ben). I was completely entranced, so much so that I was falling asleep and keeping my eyes forced open to finish the story.
375 reviews12 followers
May 17, 2012
4.5 stars rounded up

This book is probably a solid 4, but with 3 great romances in one book and fun from page 1 until the very end, I just couldn't round down. Nor could I put the book down once I started reading it. What a fantastic, unexpected surprise I found in this book when looking for a simple romance to pass the time! This book came complete with 3 great heroines and heroes (no easy task); the girls are roommates and the boys brothers. Yes, that certainly was convenient, however, they all met through one couple and the pairings did in fact make sense. Each h/h was unique in personality and background, and each provided an important contribution to the story. I won't re-write the summary, but I will add that the Caldwell brothers were all amazing men and covered all my favorites for heroes in romances - public servant/cop, musician and army veteran. If there was one more brother that was a cowboy, this book could possibly have made my all-time list:-). In all sincerity, while predictable, this book was still well thought out and well-written, with a well-rounded plot and solid characters (not just the main characters but the supporting cast). Also, making great contributions to the story were the seniors from the senior center, Bernie (Caldwell brother's mom), Ali and Nancy (Georgie's mom - contributed through letters ad people's memories of her). I am a fan of Newport RI, too, so the area references were personal for me and accurate, so I appreciated that as well. This book had me laughing out loud one moment, appreciating a clever twist the next or just tearing up. It was a just pure enjoyment for me. If you are in the market for an easy and pleasurable romance, this book is a slam dunk.

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2,315 reviews17 followers
October 31, 2016
This is actually more of a 2.5 star read for me. I had quite a few issues with both Georgie and Cat, though I loved Tess the most. Each of the women fall in love with a different Caldwell brother, which gives the story varying points of view. The problem was, I wasn't invested in any of the characters, and the plot felt like it was dragging quite a bit. By the end of it, I was going "meh, it's all right..." and asking myself why I kept reading it. While I enjoy the author, this story was definitely a miss for me!
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594 reviews372 followers
February 17, 2012
3.5 Stars What I liked was you got 3 good, well developed love stories, all different and interwoven together. All the heroes were brothers, lots of hotness and goodness in the genes. What also liked was you get the build of sexual tension three times over. Not as emotional or as edgy of topics as I have experienced before by Marie Force though.
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Author 5 books242 followers
September 27, 2011
Reviewed on http://atastyread.blogspot.com

It was like reading three wonderful love stories all mixed into one.

Marie Force has done it again, bringing her usual warmth, fun, flirty females and sexy, love at first sight Heroes. Ian, Ben and Nathan...I can't pick just one....I really have a soft spot for all of my guys...a single father, a broken veteran and a sexy Detective, who always says the right things...HARD CHOICE!!

And the heroines are just as much fun and have all captured my heart in different ways...Georgie is our main girl, who likes lusting after jogger guy, but doesn't want to hurt him once they become involved.....but when the kisses ar that good....she just can't resist. I really loved Cat...my bad ass Cat, who just wanted to have a little fun....but her heart rules stronger than her head....and sometimes what you think you don't need might be exactly what is right in front of you. And Tess...sweet Tess....or sassy, dirty minded Tess.....I really loved them all and I loved her and Ben together...their chemistry, their conversations, their kisses and romance....I was so happy that they found each other.

Well, I loved Georgia On My Mind and I know you will too.....so download it now!
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Author 52 books280 followers
September 15, 2015
This book was a bit unusual in that it follows the love story of three women that live together and they each fall in love with a Caldwell brother (Nathan, Ian and Ben). Personally I don't have an issue with that, but some might prefer one love story per book, so fair warning.

I really struggled to finish this book. It just wasn't for me. The author's writing style is great, and I adored the heroes, but I spent 75% of it feeling frustrated with Georgie and Cat. They both drove me absolutely nuts, and not in a good way. Even to the very end I couldn't help but think they didn't deserve the wonderful men who loved them.

And it made me really sad that Georgie took the advice of Gus over the advice of her own mother. I really thought the letter would be the turning point. Unfortunately it wasn't. So sad...that would have been lovely and redeemed Georgie in my mind...but, alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Tess and Ben were great, though - hence the two stars. There are a lot of great reviews, so give it a try for yourself.
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329 reviews
September 25, 2011
I just finished Georgia on My Mind another great read from Marie Force. I can’t imagine what Georgie is going through as luckily my mom is alive and healthy, but thankfully Georgie has some amazing friends in her roommates and the dirty old men at this senior center. I loved getting to know Cat and Tess better and seeing their relationships grow with the other Caldwell brothers. Rosie is another bright spot in this book…that precocious little girl is quite the scene stealer!

This book has it all…humor, romance, and heartbreaking emotion. Marie had me cracking up when dental floss was used to fix a toilet, in tears when Georgie was going through her mother’s things and reading the letter her mother had left her, and swooning with the smooth lines from those sexy Caldwell men. Those Caldwell men are too good to be true!

Overall a great read...I was sorry to see it end!
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711 reviews
May 22, 2012
I liked this. Not as strong as some of MF's other book, but enjoyable still the same. This is actually three stories in one, with Georgie and Nate's being the main story. Then brothers Ian andBen finding their HEA's as well. Personally I enjoyed the side story of Ben and Tess the most. Ben is an injured veteran and Tess is dealing with trauma from her past as well. I liked watching them come to life.

One thing that took me out of the story was Ian's daughter. He's a single dad to a 3 yr old. I have absolutely no issue with children in stories, but this 3 yr old talked like an adult. If you are going to have a child in a story, you need to be consistant with the child's dialogue.

Georgie irritated the crap out of me as she was a tease, but Nate was a typical, perfect MF hero and made up for it.

Overall a cute, fun story.
Profile Image for Ann.
1,770 reviews26 followers
December 12, 2011
Give this one a 4.5 stars. There is no such thing as a bad Marie Force book. This story was a 3 for one...3 wonderful guys for 3 cute roommates. Absolutely adored Nathan. He's right up there will all MF's other drool worthy, I want one hero's. Brothers Ian and Ben were wonderful, but Nathan was a standout. I got a little frustrated with Georgie. I wanted to yell "come on already, Nathan's a one in a million kinda guy - grab him"!!! But for the sake of the story she had to hold out. Thank gawd her roommates saw what they wanted and grabbed Ian and Ben. Tess and Ben were particularly sweet together and Cat's meltdown was an emotional moment. Great characters that make you want to care, a story that makes you feel like you're right there in the middle of it all. What's not to love?
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2,002 reviews231 followers
May 29, 2012
Trying to get through the backlog of free books on my Kindle and this one is a keeper. Three sweet romance stories in one, the focus is on Georgie and Nathan, but luckily he comes with 2 hot brothers and she comes with 2 roommates, all of whom have their own baggage that has been holding them back from truly moving on with their lives. This was a perfect quick, enjoyable read for the long weekend.
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157 reviews20 followers
October 2, 2011
I have read almost all of Marie's books and this is my favorite so far. Great story, great characters... it made me laugh and it made me cry. Overall, it was a pleasure to read and just what I needed this weekend.
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719 reviews38 followers
May 9, 2014
I really enjoyed this book.
I admit that I have not found a book of Marie, that I did not like.
Three roommates, three handsome brothers, a lot of sparks - what more could you want?
Maybe even a large family, great old men, laughter, tears and some life wisdom.
I recommend with all my heart.
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266 reviews17 followers
August 30, 2015
Lovely story! The blurb pretty much gives most away but there is so much involvement with the characters. Though the love affair for six characters seemed unbelievable it became addicting to learning what comes next. Great lessons and fun wicked midnight moments (wink)
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567 reviews15 followers
April 14, 2017
Awww I loved his book! I've had it sitting in my Kindle forever- and finally, FINALLY read it. Man- what was I waiting for? What a sweet and lovely read!

Two gripes- one, It ended too quickly. I don't feel like all the ends were well tied up- a lot was left to the imagination, which isn't my fave. While we know all about Georgie and Nathan's life- those of the secondary characters just up and stop. And let's face it- even though Georgie is the protagonist and lead female in the story, Tess stole my
Heart. Her and Ben were such a heart warming and truly satisfying piece of the book IMO. I needed MORE! And two- Georgie drove me crazy being such a tease to poor Nathan. I realize she went through a lot- but my goodness. Shot or get off the pot woman!

As always, Marie Force produces a read that I devour. Love, LOVE.💜


Georgie's mom and owner of the towns senior center passes away. G moves from her fancy Atlanta job to care for her and take care of her belongings. Nurse Tess and bad ass Cat are her roommates in the home once owned by her mother. Nathan Caldwell is a detective by day- also the runner that graces the roommates mornings. A chance encounter at the recycle container leaves Nathan and G hot for each other. The remainder of the book is Georgie trying to quell her desires for him. Annoying! Geesh. Tess then falls for Wounded war veteran Ben, Nathan's brother, and Cat falls for Ian- his other brother with a daughter. Both have pasts (Tess- abusive husband she's still married too and Cat- raised her siblings) Ending had no surprises.
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2,351 reviews6 followers
April 10, 2023
Three stories in one

I love MF stories. They grab my attention and pull me into a new world full of endless possibilities. Normally they are a series and I am on a binge of reading joy for days or weeks. Recently I saw this book and after reading the blurb I knew I has to read it. The story starts off as a love story for Georgia and Nathan, but quickly we see the romance evolving for all three roommates and three brothers! Each character was so unique and the four year old Rosie’s firecracker. I loved the blend of chemistry, emotion, love and loss. The back and forth of responsibility and desire, the intrigue of a woman on the run and a woman who had independence for the first time and a woman facing the loss of her mom and fear of the unknown with breast cancer issues, created a large and loving story that kept me captivated from page to page and cover to cover. Loved the ending and this story!
February 19, 2023
I loved all the characters in this story, and there was a lot of them. And of course, I fell in love with both Nathan and Georgie.

Ms. Force was able to pull off not just the main story, but two love stories right alongside the protagonists. The author did that without missing anything in any of their stories. Three romances all rolled into one nice neat package. I was impressed.

This tale ticked all my reading boxes. Sweet loving boy, sweet independent girl, some funny one liners and I was in my reading heaven.

Excellent Story - Excellent Writing - Excellent Read
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1,016 reviews12 followers
May 27, 2019
DNF Chapter 8.

Instant love, instant lust. Stale dialogue...
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1,673 reviews34 followers
July 23, 2015
I've read several of Marie Force's books before, some I've liked better than others, this was one of the better ones. It's actually three loves stories in one: Georgia/Nathan, Cat/Ian and Tess/Ben. The Georgia/Nathan storyline was the most prominent one, but they weren't my favorite pair. For all three couples there was insta-love, and I'm just not a fan, especially considering all of these characters were in their late-20's/mid-30's.

Tess/Ben was my favorite pairing (4 stars for their parts). Ben has a severely wounded leg from his time in Iraq, and Tess is on the run from an abusive marriage. I feel like this story got shortchanged for the Georgia/Ben story and I wish more time had been spent on them instead. I wanted more about what happened with Ben's injury and how the situation with Tess' estranged husband played out. I feel like their story was only sort of finished.

Cat/Ian was my least favorite pairing (2 stars for their parts). That Ian would be prone to insta-love seemed even more preposterous considering he was a single father. Wouldn't you wait awhile to introduce someone to your daughter? And Rosie, the daughter, was the least believable three year old, ever. She talked like she was 10 at least.

Georgia/Nathan were a good match (3 stars for their parts). Georgia is still reeling from her mother's sudden death, and trying to get back to her dream job in Atlanta. I liked her interactions with the old folks at the senior center (good comic relief), and the solid friendships that she formed with Tess and Cat. She and Nathan had good chemistry together.

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604 reviews60 followers
October 16, 2011
Marie Force's novels are usually a hit or a miss for me. This one fell somewhere in between. Marie Force became an auto buy for me after I read her first novel Line of Scrimmage. I fell in love with that book.

Georgia On My Mind is typical Marie Force, hero meets heroine. Hero falls madly in love pretty much before he even gets her name, they have super steamy hot sex, heroine doesn't know what to do, blah blah blah... an well with this one we get a 3 in one meaning all of the before mentioned X3..whooohoooo....

No really, I was really interested in the secondary stories, Ian & Cat, and Ben & Tess. Their part are the ones that made me finish the book.

I started out liking Georgie just fine, but somewhere in the middle she became excruciatingly annoying. IMHO! The hero Nate, whats not to like about Nate? He is just tooooooooo sweet and lovely....Except he had an anger problem(took place before book.)

Anyway, if you like the over the top Hero who is too Beta and a Heroine that just wants sex. Then this book is definitely for you.

I will probably still buy & read Marie Force's books, but I don't think I will jump on them when they are first released.

3 stars
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28 reviews
October 17, 2011
This is my first Marie Force book.After Reading its rating I was disappointed.It's mainly about Georgie Quinn (there are 2 more romance stories)whose life has turned upside-down since she found out her mother has breast cancer. She leaves her life in Atlanta to tend to her mother.And after her mother dies she remains there to run the senior center her mother founded in Newport, RI, until a replacement director is found.
My biggest problem with this book was that her mother was never real to me and so Georgie's loss was never real.And her mother's death was a large part of the book.
My other problem is that there were two more romance stories (which means 4 more POV's) which were not secondary at all. When I read a book I tend to concentrate on lead story and when there is a secondary I just want it as secondary and nothing more. First there is Georgie and Nathan's story than there is Tess and Bem's and then Cat and Ian's.
When I started reading it was great. But because of switching b/w stories(especially POV's) I just lost interest even before half the book was complete.And stopped caring what happens to them and major events like when Georgie tell Nat about her mother or about blood-test or Tess husband showing up or even about Cat's past didn't have desired effect. I just wanted it to end to how things worked out.
[P.s. : now i feel guity for writing a -ve reviw. :(]
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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641 reviews3 followers
December 10, 2016
Georgia Quinn moves from Atlanta, where she's made life for herself, including a big deal marketing job at a an Atlanta high-end department store, to Newport, RI, when her mother is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. The story starts the week after her mother dies - three months after Georgie temporarily moves to Newport to care for her.

Georgie's mother, Nancy, founded and ran a senior center for years and Georgie agree to step in a director while the city searches for her mother's replacement. Meanwhile, Georgie fantasizes about "Hot Jogger Guy" who runs past her mother's house (where Georgie is living with two roommates she and her mother took to help defray the cost of maintaining the house) every day.

One day - about a week after her mother's funeral - Georgie is dumping styrofoam into the dumpster and Hot Jogger Guy, who's also a Newport detective, upbraids her and Georgie falls apart. HJG, aka, Nathan Caldwell, tracks her down and sends an organic floral arrangement to apologize. Then, he shows up at her house to ask her out to dinner.

The attraction between Nate and Georgie is sizzling and fun. I also liked that her roommates hook up with his brothers. What I didn't like was Georgie's insistence that she "needs" to go back to Atlanta "where her life is."

The HEA was worth my frustation with Georgie and one of her too-stupid-to-live roommates.
Profile Image for Ju.
151 reviews
October 7, 2011
I loved this book. It was romantic, funny and thought provoking. I enjoyed the different characters but Georgie and Nathan were my favorites. I loved the guys at the senior center they were adorable.
November 6, 2019
I love Georgia and Nathan story I hope you enjoy it too.💜 Here is a highlight from the book...💜 Marie Force really does bring her characters to life for me...💜💖💜📚📚

“Clearly, I’m much smarter than him, because it only took me one month—a month too long, I might add.” He took another juicy bite of peach. “I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, because it’s kind of my secret shame, but chicks dig me.” Resisting the urge to howl with laughter and weep with joy, she kicked off her shoes and slid down the wall to sit next to him. “Is that so?” He offered her a peach from the bag on his lap. “It’s my burden in life.” She picked a fat, ripe peach and took a bite. “You carry it well.” “I try,” he said gravely. “Anyway, as I was saying, chicks tend to dig me. So I thought if I came down here, took a look at the place, and tried the peaches they’re so famous for in these parts, then maybe I could figure out why the only chick I dig would rather be here than with me.” “You did hear me say I quit my job and I’m moving home to Rhode Island, didn’t you?” Wiping the juice off his chin with the back of his hand, he said, “What I didn’t hear is why.” “You know why.” “No way,” he said with a chuckle. “You’re not getting off that easily, Georgie Quinn.” “I love you, Nathan.” Suddenly, it wasn’t hard at all to tell him what she’d always known, from the first time she saw him run by her house. “I love you so much that if I have to spend another second without you, I’m going to lose my mind.” “That’s good, because I love you, too, and if you don’t come home with me right now, today, I’m going to have to quit my job to move down here and start all over again as a lowly patrolman in the Atlanta Police Department. You wouldn’t do that to me, would you? You know I was born to be a detective.” Exasperated, she said, “Have you heard anything I’ve said?” “Only the parts I like, which, for once, was all of it.” He flashed that grin she loved so much. “But I had the other thing, about moving here and being a lowly patrolman, all rehearsed, so I couldn’t let it go to waste.” He reached out to caress her cheek.
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