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Broken #1

The Broken Destiny

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"You cannot know what light is if you have not experienced darkness"
Ava and her people have been exiled to the planet Poseidon for reasons she can't fathom. Upon meeting a boy from a different sector, her life turns into a beautiful chaos. She begins to feel things she isn't allowed to, thus motivating her to find out the truth about why her kind are so different, and why the Council are so interested in her. Once her mind is freed, with it comes a terrible power that could either save her kind, or destroy them all. But Ava is not the perfect heroine. She will become what she hates to save the ones she loves, and the cost of such a burden is deadly at best.

358 pages, Paperback

First published February 14, 2012

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About the author

Carlyle Labuschagne

24 books828 followers

Carlyle is a USA Today Bestselling, international bestselling and international award winning South African author
Bookbub https://www.bookbub.com/profile/carly...

- with a flair and passion for mixing genres , adding loads of drama to every story she creates. You are sure to lose yourself in the detailed words she dreams up. Carlyle has traveled the world with her books in hopes of connecting with all kinds of book loving people, to learn as much as she can from other book cultures with the hopes of bringing the knowledge back to her home country.
For now she is happy to take over the world and convert non Sci-fi believers.
Her goal as an author is to touch people's lives, and help others love their differences and one another by delivering strong messages of faith, love and hope within every outrageous world she writes about.

"I love to swim, fight for the trees, and am a food lover who is driven by my passion for life. I dream that one day my stories will change the lives of countless teenagers and have them obsess over the world literacy can offer them instead of worrying about fitting in. Never sacrifice who you are, its in the dark times that the light comes to life."

Carlyle uses writing as a healing tool and that is why she has started her very own writers support event - SAIR bookfestival.
"To be a helping hand for those who strive to become full times writers, editors, bloggers, readers and cover artists - its a crazy world out there you don't have to go it alone!"
follow @CarlyleL for all the crazy updates on all things me.

Founder of SAIR Book Festival
Co Founder of Fire Quill Publishing.
Founder of Help build a library in South Africa.

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173 reviews33 followers
May 26, 2012

Before I start my review, I have to say that this was one of the toughest I have ever written - for what I thought were good reasons. You see, I had already decided that I wasn't going to review The Broken Destiny. I met Carlyle on Twitter and to make a long story short, I've removed a whole chunk of it, we met personally a few weeks after for a big old fat chat – over coffee, of course. We clicked, talk daily and Bob’s your uncle. This book is very dear to me for reasons I won't go into here. This was precisely why I had reservations. I did not want to be thought of as being biased, that my review would not be honest, that I was doing a friend a favour, so forth and so on. Believe me when I say this, Carlyle is a friend, but she’s also more than that. She is one talented story teller as far as I am concerned. I started reading TBD before I had even met her as she was kind enough to send me an ARC. The reason for my ‘mind change’ has to do with Carlyle. When I told her that I wasn’t going to review TBD for reasons I mentioned above, she was quite adamant that I am entitled to my own opinion, no matter the outcome. She’s absolutely right. I am nothing if not honest, so I will forge ahead and share my thoughts. This review is quite lengthy so bear with me. I only touched on a few things (you'd never say!) as I don’t want to spoil it for any reader.

Firstly, I have never really been a huge sci-fi fan. Furthermore, I wasn’t even sure what genre Dystopian was. I swear. I had to look it up on Wikipedia and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The Broken Destiny is a YA, dystopian, sci-fi story; the first of four books.

This is the story of protagonist, Ava, a 16 year old girl who has searched her entire existence for something she thought she should be. She is a Chosen, a third generation who are referred to as the broken. Years after Earth had apparently been destroyed; Ava resides on a planet called Poseidon. Not only is this planet inhabited by humans, but it’s home to a variety of races/species. Two that are prominently featured in TBD are Zulus and Minoans. One of them is the good, the other the bad and in-between you have some dark and ugly. Ava survives an attack with the help of her friend Maya and a good looking boy by the name of Enoch, who just happens to be Maya’s brother – or is he? She believes him to be her Knight in shining armor and at first is besotted with him. She’s taken to their Minoan village where she’s treated. Slowly but surely, she starts discovering more about her life thus far including half-truths, lies, and motives behind not only her attack, but the consequences concerning her destiny.

Residents on Poseidon are ruled by the Council – something Ava abhors as rules and regulations are restrictions she could very well do without. Ava has never been one to adhere to ‘rules’ and along with her best friend, Sam, get up to a fair amount of mischief and tend to get into trouble on more than a few occasions. Ava is introduced to Maya’s mother, Arriana (who is blind, but all-seeing), and her sister Anaya; both very wise and ancient Minoans who are powerful in their own right. Arriana and Anaya are instrumental in helping Ava come to terms with who or what she is, but there is someone who can further explain to Ava the intricacies regarding her broken destiny. This someone is Kronan, a warlock with more insight into what really happened on and to Earth, how the broken came about, why she’s the Chosen and why she will go through the Change. Ava learns that she isn’t just an average human. She’s more of a super-human – one who's been genetically enhanced to survive the harshest conditions possible. Still, she’s more than this; she is the prophecy and her soul a weapon. Further attacks take place, shedding yet more light on who is after Ava, and why.

Throughout this story, you will meet many wonderful and engaging characters. One of them is Troy, a ‘main’ secondary character and someone who is important in Ava’s life. The boys: Tatos, Willard, Robert and Dave, whom I found to be very interesting, funny, mischievous, but serious when the situation calls for it. They are after all warriors. You will come to understand (and maybe sympathise) how Ava feels about school and dormitory life. She is a complicated person, but despite what she’s gone through, is going through and has yet to go through, it’s no wonder she feels her world has been turned upside down when on top of the fate she's been dealt, she still has to deal with teenage issues! All the elements that Carlyle has managed to bring to this story are quite amazing. You name it, she’s incorporated it; genetic enhancements, technological advancements, potions, spells, voodoo, dark magic, warlocks, spirits, witches and wizards. Not enough? This is only the first book and in essence, an introduction. It kicks this series off with a monumental and resounding bang! As if she hasn't provided you with enough to keep your mind reeling, she serves up an ending that's a cliff hanger of note. This said, it’s a complete story in reference as to who Ava is and why, including how every character is connected and their purpose. You will be satisfied with what you need to know - for now.

For someone who isn’t (or wasn’t) a keen sci-fi fanatic, I am completely and utterly impressed. She’s managed not only to win me over, but has converted me to such an extent, I am a huge fan. Simply, I am a believer, I loved this book and I most certainly can’t wait for book two; Evanescent.

Carlyle Labuschagne not only writes beautifully, she has proven that she’s an author to be reckoned with; she has shown me that she is more than capable of creating a whole new world; has completely captured my heart with her imagination; weaves a story I want to keep reading; engages me in such a way that I become one not only with the story - but one with it’s characters, and has magically uprooted me from my comfortable existence to the gorgeous planet she’s created – Poseidon.

In short, The Broken Destiny is an exciting, thrilling, imaginative, compelling and impressive debut by Carlyle Labuschagne. –An author to watch out for.

To each his own, but as far as I’m concerned, it deserves a 5 star rating.

– “You cannot know what light is
if you have not experienced darkness.
How could you know what happiness feels like
if you know not what it means to be sad?
Right does not exist without wrong
Hate exists because there is love.
You are either driven by fear or love.
To love is not to fear.
It is to be godly.”
'The Broken Destiny'
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490 reviews618 followers
October 17, 2016
I hate writing negative reviews but only good thing about The Broken Destiny is nice cover.

Author's writing style ruined the story - it was unreadable, confusing and really difficult to get into.
I found the narrative quite unfocused and I had to read a lot of passages twice or three times but it still didn't make sense. It was like the author wrote one chapter in one day, then she had a week pause and after that she started new chapter without looking what happend in the last one.


I don't like any character in this book. Their backgrounds are described vaguely and that's why I couldn't connect with them. I didn't even feel friendship/love/hate between those characters. Everything was normal and then boom - madly in love. Boom - madly in love with another man. I didn't follow. What happend? When did that happend? Questions, questions, nothing but questions.

It felt like forever to finish this book, but I will read next book of this series, because I really want to know whom did she see at the end of Prologue.
Oh, boy. I hope I will not regret this decision.

I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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425 reviews105 followers
December 17, 2017
Full Review on my blog!

~a copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley~

This book is great for fans of fantasy that really like to explore new worlds.

The Broken Destiny is a book about change and finding a place in the world. A long time after when Earth was destroyed, Poseidon is the new resident planet for human beings, along with others; the local Zulus and Minoans. The story follows Ava, one of the third generation Broken living on Poseidon after the destruction of Earth. Ava, our main character, is starting to Change, and this isn’t a good thing, well at least to some. Ava always knew she is different from others, third generation of the broken whose bloodline came from both human and Minoan. After surviving an attack from Zulus and rescued by a handsome Minoan warrior, she was brought to Minoan village where she begins to discover more about her origin and the prophecy that can change fate of the whole planet. I had mixed feelings about Ava, she’s self-centered which drew away from reading and enjoying the book. What kept me wanting to read more was the actual plot and secondary characters…

The world that the author created is complex, but really interesting. I wanted to learn even more about it than we did, I feel like there are many things that could be improved. Overall, this is a good start to the Broken series, I can’t wait to explore her world more in the next book. Nevertheless, this story is extremely creative and unique. I recommend it!

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360 reviews353 followers
November 20, 2014
***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Crossing dystopia with sci-fi with fantasy with High School is an impressive feat to get right and it felt like Carlyle Labuschagne did so effortlessly.

I won’t go into detail on the background because honestly it could probably fill pages and I'll still be missing something vital; but I will say that the world was complex but easy to understand as you were gradually introduced to its history, and very quickly sucked into the mystery. There were twists and turns around every corner and I couldn’t catch my breath! There was always something happening, and when you finally thought you reached a lull… well think again…

Not only was it action-packed and a real page turner, but it was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. Ava starts the story with the impression she could turn off her emotions and it had worked for a long time, until a certain someone turned up. Enoch was a real mystery; not only to Ava but the reader, so I can certainly see why her feelings went haywire when he was around. She definitely had to deal with a lot and all at once which was hard to read in a way but just as captivating. Her emotions were so raw and real, which is what kept me turning the pages.

There were a lot more significant characters to the story *cough*Troy*cough*, but just like with the plot I could ramble for pages and either spoil something or simply not do it justice or both!

Overall though Broken Destiny was a brilliant start to a captivating series that I can’t wait to continue.

Posted on: http://enchantedbyya.blogspot.co.uk/
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82 reviews88 followers
June 8, 2015
*squeals* This was such an AWESOME READ!!!!!! I will say I knew this book was going to be great even before I read the book lol I mean....LOOK AT THE COVER!!!!! It's beautiful and what makes a beautiful cover better? A GREAT story behind it! But anyway enough with the fan-girl action :)

This story is about Ava, who is the chosen one and is destined to change the path of the planet she was exiled to called Poseidon. Ava, along with others like her are called 'The Broken' because they are the third generation of enhanced human beings. The chosen ones go through a change when they hit puberty and some go crazy and others get enhanced powers.

Ava has always been the one that doesn't really fit into the crowd but she has her best friend Sam who knows everything about her and has been there every step of the way. Sam and Ava's relationship is nothing but trouble in the school faculties eyes and they are determined to separate them but Ava is determined not to let that happen. Along with school problems Ava meets a guy named Enoch*fans self*, who is Maya's brother. Enoch ends up saving Ava and she finds herself slowly falling for him, but Ava is constantly questioning Enoch and his motives. Can she trust him? You will have to find out and see!!!!!!

This story was so good and refreshing in so many ways! The world was awesome and easy to understand, the characters where also easy to connect with and are very likable which I really LOVED :) I really enjoyed the history in the story it doesn't take long before you just can't put the book down!! OMG this was a page turner!!!! This book had a lot of twist and turns that made it to where I could not put it down. I loved Ava as the main character she was so true to herself even though sometimes she didn't know which way to turn and I could read about her and her many adventure forever! There are sexy HOTT guys in this book that are swoon worthy and that you can not get enough of! This book is a MUST READ and I recommend this book to everyone that loves rad characters and an awesome story line :)Carlyle creates a world that I would so love to live in. This is a great story and I just want everyone to read it! I cannot wait till the next book to see whats going to happen next with Ava. I could go on forever so I suggest you read it!

Thanks to Caryle for being an AWESOME author and sharing this amazing story with readers like me :) I really enjoyed the ride and can't wait to read more from her!!! I'm officially a fan!!

Rating: So GOOD!!!

-Alice <3
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194 reviews45 followers
August 26, 2018
I would like to thank Fire Quill Publishing & Carlyle Labuschagne for my free copy of the ARC through Netgalley. Due to this kind gesture, I decided to leave an honest review.

What the actual?! WHAT DID I JUST READ!!! If a girl has just been raped she is not going to be swooning and ready to jump on every red-blooded male that comes near her! WTF seriously?!

Usually, I would go into a book telling you a little bit about the story but seriously I don't even care nor do I want to! I am shocked that it has so many 5 star reviews. Now, to say I hated the book at the end would be a complete lie but until I got to around the 80% mark I was completely cringing, I felt like it was writing by a 14-year-old who thought this is what life should be like, not an adult.

Ok, let's give you some dialogue from the book which is still WTF.. keep in mind this girl has been recently raped, shes in her apartment alone and goes downstairs...

"Whos there?" I inquired. "What are you doing in here?" My knees trembled.
"Eating grapes," the silky male voice said in what felt like an eternal moment and slicing right through the comfort of silence.

then we do a little back and forth with this stranger talking being extremely weird...

I pulled my shirt over my legs and headed upstairs.
"What, no goodnight kiss?" he hollered.
The arrogance in his voice was sickening. "Jerk," I mumbled.
"I heard that!" His voice lingered in the quiet of the kitchen.
I drew a nervous breath. His charm had gotten to me.


Ava's attitude was absolutely horrendous, she would jump from Enoch to Troy in the same sentence, I can't even get my head around it, half the time it didn't make sense I kept reading it over and over like what the hell is going on. Did anyone proofread this?!

Ok, so now I literally hated our main leading lady, and really all of them to be fair but at the end, I found myself warming to her a tiny bit and Troy.. so will I read on? God knows, at this time certainly not.


"I'll never let you go," he said.
I brushed my fingertips across his lips. "I never want you to."

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779 reviews114 followers
August 13, 2012

Throughout my life I have been searching for something. Something I thought I ought to be. I felt like I was living someone else’s life, waiting for the awakening of my own. Like an empty shell burning for life.

That was until the day I lay dying in the Prince’s chambers. I could no longer feel the pain from the tear in my gut, only the hollowed-out feeling that I had made a huge mistake in assuming that taking my own life would have stopped the ancestor’s spirit from raging out. I gave up, didn’t want to see myself kill the ones I loved. I was the chosen one, and threw it all away for what I thought would be to save a life. Could you end a life to save a life? I did, and have it regretted ever since. I realized then that things like me were not meant to exist. So you ask what it was that had been missing my whole life. It was I. To find myself I had to lose myself, in the worst possible way. The consequences of my actions became the legend of The Broken.

My Thoughts: This story centers around Ava, a teenage girl who just happens to be the chosen one, destined to save, even though her kind has also been called cursed. Ava lives on a planet called Poseidon. After the earth was destroyed, humans migrated here because it was much like Earth. They live here with the other inhabitants of the planet and are referred to as “The Broken.” Ava is the third generation of “The Broken,” a race of genetically enhanced human beings. Only two are known to have survived from the first generation. Most of the females from the second generation have died giving birth, and many of the second generation males have gone mad during “the change,” which occurs around puberty. With most of the first and second generations gone, that only leaves the third generation, “The Broken.” A chosen few of these will undergo the change at puberty, some go mad, others experience specially enhanced powers, and Ava, well Ava is destined, she is “The Chosen,” because within her lies the power to change the destiny of the planet, and her generation.

Ava and her best friend Sam attend the academy for the humans. Ava has always been different, she is a beautiful girl, but has always felt like she didn’t fit it. Sam has been there for her, comforting her when the nightmares come, looking out for her. They are governed by the Council, a group comprised of the different races, besides the humans, including the Minoans and the Zulu people.

One night after not being able to sleep Ava goes downstairs and encounters a strange male with a smooth voice, who she should be frightened of, but at the same time feels drawn to. She is still thinking about him the next day. The next afternoon after their game, the girls are walking with with their other Maya, who lives in the Minoan village, when a guy on a motorcycle catches Ava’s attention. There is something strangely familiar about him. She and Maya are going to the Minoan village to Maya’s house. On the way there, while crossing a bridge they are attacked by dark evil beings. Though they try to fight, Ava ends up going over the edge into the water, only to be saved by Enoch, Maya’s hot brother. Ava is also drawn to him, yet doesn’t feel as if she can trust him. This was the first attack, the beginning of the destiny that Ava had been chosen for. There is no stopping what is going to happen from this point on. It has begun. The question is, can she and those she loves survive until the end?

I really loved this story. It is a combination of dystopian, fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance. There is so much that goes on, it can’t possibly be contained in a review, but know that it is really good. I loved the characters. Ava is the heroine. She’s not perfect and she knows it, and she makes some bad choices, which she really beats herself up about, but she manages to pull herself out of the pit of despair and condemnation, with a little help from Troy. Ah, Troy, what can I say. He is the super hot bad boy that every girl dreams of. He and Ava have chemistry that sizzles, though they have a hard time managing to get together. So many obstacles are in their way. He may get frustrated with her, but he is always there when she needs him. Then there is Enoch. Enoch is really hot to, but he has a dark side. He is Maya’s adopted brother, but everyone warns Ava that he is bad news and to stay away from him. She doesn’t. Things seem good, then things turn bad, really bad. In the midst of all this romance, there is an evil being that is trying to abduct Ava for his own purpose to rise to into power and take over the planet. Ava and those protecting her constantly have to battle all kinds of voodoo, magic, and evil entities. Ava is also trying to learn how to access and use her powers, and keep those she loves alive.

There are so many more other great characters that you get to know in the book. All were entertaining and well written. The plot was creative, imaginative, and unique. Carlyle Labuschagne creates a fantasy world in “The Broken Destiny” that is filled with intrigue, beauty, and mystery. I found myself turning the pages, anxious to see what would happen next. Not only do you have plenty of romance and mystery, but there's also murder, battles with people and evil beings, and action galore. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you are looking for something different, love YA fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction, combined with a dystopian feel, then The Broken Destiny is one book you will want to check out. Carlyle Lasbuschagne has done an outstanding job with this debut novel, the first in the series, and I am looking forward to seeing where she takes the story from here.
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783 reviews27 followers
August 29, 2012
I was on among the original bloggers due to review this novel a few months ago. The tour and release of this novel was delayed. As I reflect on all that I've read, I know that this was with “just cause”. (And thank goodness for that!) If it was majorly flawed in any way, readers would truly have missed out on an intense read. The current synopsis is an excerpt from the novel, yet does this novel no justice.

The Broken Destiny tells the legend of how the “the Chosen one” ultimately became “the Broken”. Ava is a spiritual anonymity 3rd generation human living on a planet named Poseidon. Among the future diplomats of the last humans, Zulu, and Minoans also populate the planet with three moons. The planet acts as a second home for those who fled Earth before it's global warming destruction. Ava lives in a compound dissected into three schools: agriculture, military, and science; and segregated from the Minoans and Zulu. The Minoans are the original inhabitants of the planet, and have interactions with the Humans. The Zulu are misunderstood, feared, isolated, and avoided. Each human is genetically engineered and no human on the planet has relatives. With Ava's rare spiritual difference and impending 17th birthday, comes the threat of “the change”. Everyone is pretty much void of emotion and undergo hormone suppression therapy. “The change” changes everything. In this staged utopia nothing is as it seems, a nation's history is fabricated, destinies are secret, magic is brewing, and evil lurks for an opportune time to harness power.

This story is told 1st person, from Ava's point of view. In parts I wanted to jump through the pages and shake her uncontrollably. Ava was a compulsive daydreamer. There were many times she checked out and went on epic style mind rants unrelated to current events. Her wondering imagination was confusing at times. Yet her need for approval, acceptance, belonging, love, family, purpose ,freedom, and physical insecurities made her very believable. This endured me and I started to develop a soft spot for our self destructive heroine. She provided a lot of foreshadowing with hints like “I should have known then that...” She had secret journals from her deceased mother detailing genetic experimentation in a quest for the perfect race; and while she though she had the upper hand on the Government, she didn't know half the true story.

The overall plot was like my first day at college. There was so much happening it became a bit overwhelming. But on closer observation, I saw that the structure was not all that different from high school. The same can be said for this storyline. With a little knowledge of theology, you can read between the lines and see a reference or two from biblical doctrine. I found that enlightening. At the same time there was a plethora of highly original masterfully orchestrated content. This novel had strong messages and hidden truths tucked in along the way.

The way the events played out was executed perfectly like a really good dystopian mystery. Every revelation was strategically interrupted. (This became expected after a while) The author wasn't going to give you clues “that” easily. *lol*

(((((((((((((((((((((((((MINOR SPOILER ALERT)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

The romance is where I subtracted a star. As much as loved this novel....... Umm, as brilliant as this novel was, I had to take a star way. Ava's boy drama was mostly imagined...highly confusing....and grossly unromantic.....ughhh. This is the part that I wanted to slap some sense into her. She had two guys fighting for her: One she meet with less than a minute conversation never seeing his face and the other was a complete jerk. She then convinced herself she was “in love”. Even when the wrinkles started to iron itself out, it still wasn't very convincing to me. Poor Ava never really knew wooing. I mourn her cursed fate. At one point I found a tear escaped its duck fleeing in haste down my cheek. Another minor infraction was the censoring in the beginning. The action of battle was mostly concealed due to extracting the narrator or blinding her. I will say, however, this quickly changed at the end. I like a little romance and guts...so sue me.

(((((((((((((((((((((((MINOR SPOILER ALERT OVER)))))))))))))))))))))))

There was a lot of quotable content. This is one of those books that will stick with me for some time. I dare say, this is the longest review I have ever written, and there is so much more I want to say. Geez! What this book lacked in the gushy stuff, it more than made up in other areas...

Some of the highlights:


•Muscular "HOT" Guys


•Black Magic/ Voodoo


•Ancient sacrifice for prophecy

•Oppressed people

•Futuristic Technology

•Space Travel

•Cliff Hanger Ending

• I can go on and on. This story didn't lack in much.

I would recommend this to everyone.

Note: YA readers please be advised there is mild sexual and suicidal content.

The main message that I learned from this is, “Everything boils down to a choice!” I hope you add this to your TBR pile and choose to read it also!

I look forward to seeing what will become of Ava's broken destiny in the next book. I'm crossing my fingers hoping she will experience more romance building.

My most sincerest gratitude goes to the author for entrusting me with an honest review.
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321 reviews40 followers
December 24, 2012
Carlyle Labuschagne’s The Broken Destiny takes its readers to a planet called Poseidon, a place where the Minoans fled to when Earth became no longer habitable. At the least is what the Council has told them. Third generations of The Broken, sixteen-year-old Ava, also resides in this planet and have always felt that her existence is more than what it seems. When she begins to ask too many questions, it leads her to trouble and gets saved by a Minoan boy. Everything she has ever known is about to be challenged when she begins staying with the Minoans. The interaction between their races is forbidden and she learns why. She learns that her bloodline has the power to save or destroy and must use it in order to save the ones she loves. Ava must now remove them from the Council’s ruling and free the galaxy from this dark force.

Often times, sci-fi novels takes a certain group of readers to truly appreciate its appeal and magic, but author Labuschagne’s writing etiquette allows it to be enjoyed by anyone. This dystopian story she has created is completely unique and refreshing. To have a successful sci-fi book, details and explanations must be clear and comprehensible. Labuschange manages to steer readers into a path of comprehensive understanding of its unique and amazing plot. She creates some of the most astounding and engaging characters. Ava is young and very complicated who has gone through a heap of mess within her sixteen years of existence, she still has to deal with normal teenage issues. The Broken Destiny showcases the brilliant imagination of Labuschange and kickstarts a series that is sure to be thrilling and compelling.
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Author 8 books149 followers
August 27, 2012
"The Broken Destiny" is a richly constructed tale, brimming with detail and narrative that draws upon classic elements of fantasy, which Carlyle has skilfully re-imagined into her own signature brand. Her characters display a dynamism and voice that are accessible and visual. They are easy to invest in and one can really foster a relationship with them - which is important as the trilogy advances. Their individual arcs are established very well and they feed from the protagonist, Ava, effortlessly. Added to the characters are the cross currents of dystopian, fantasy and science fiction genres which Carlyle manages with a deft hand. Blurring the genre lines can be quite challenging and not always successful. It requires patience and balance. That Carlyle succeeds generously here, is testament to her skill as a word smith and stylist.

On it's own "The Broken Destiny" stands as a compelling piece of dystopian literature that carries quality, drama and adventure effortlessly across the pages. As the first instalment of the eventual three book cycle, it leaves the reader excited for more from this universe. It is a considerable achievement.
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599 reviews3 followers
July 28, 2012
Wow!!! Amazing!! The journey you go on with Ava is so surreal. she has real life issues, and you share those with her through out the story. I am not one who usually likes sci-fi but The Broken Destiny is a must read!! It's full of drama, action packed and once you start, you can't put the book (or in my case ereader) down. Loved it!! I really can't say enough about this book. You will not be disappointed by it that's for sure. The Broken Destiny is about a world like no other, Ava is trying to figure where she belongs and who she is and you go along this journey with her and your heart goes out to her, there's no way a reader can't connect with Ava on some level. Carlyle Labuschagne did an amazing job on The Broken Destiny, the detail and writing kept me captivated and wanting more every step of the way! More of a review to come later!!
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August 6, 2012
What it's about: A girl, who is the 'Chosen One' has to find herself, in order to move forward, to fulfill her destiny.

What I thought: This is a wonderful combination of many different elements - Dystopian, voodoo, witches, and hunky saviours.

the good: Ava is such a wonderful character! She really brings this story to life with her adventure! She not only has to deal with threats against her life, but normal teenage angst as well - you can see this from the very beginning! Enoch, umm yes. Hunky man with awesome attitude! This action-packed story keeps you on the edge of your seat!

the bad: I felt I got a bit confused with all the characters at one point, and had trouble remembering everyone.


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February 26, 2013
I loved this book!! It had me guessing right up until the end, and had me reeling at the end of it!! Can not wait until the second book is out!! Totally Team Troy!! Great job Carlyle!!
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December 30, 2011
Ms. Labuschagne is one super talented story teller! I highly recommend this book! Don't pass this gem over!

Alisha Paige
Author of the best selling Circle City series
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August 20, 2012
All her life, Ava has had questions about her true existence. Questions that no one else has been able to answer for a very long time. Her mother's journal has given her a bit of insight as to who and what she is, but it hasn't been as forth-coming as she'd thought it'd be. The journal has succeeded in making her question things even more, inciting the urge she harbors deep within to find the answers to those very questions. She'd love nothing more to do just that, but the fact that no one else, aside from her best friend, knows about the journal's existence which keeps her from uttering a word about it.

Immersing herself in her studies, something she loaths to do, even though she knows it's a necessity, Ava soon realizes that people aren't quite friendly towards her. They see her as an enigma, something they can't quite explain or understand. Part of her knows this has to do with the fact that she's one of The Broken, a genetically enhanced breed created to survive evolution during the last years of Earth's existence. While not much is known about her kind, she knows there's more than meets the eye. People are whispering and she wants to know why.

Her best friend, Sam, knows about her origins. She understands the things Ava's going through, even if they can't openly talk about it. The two of them have gotten into trouble more times than Ava can count, something the school's faculty have started to become privy to. In their eyes, she and Sam need to be separated and they'll do anything to achieve that. Unfortunately, Ava's not willing to play by their rules.

Surviving an attack one day, Ava finds herself in the midst of the Minoan community, a group considered to be social outcasts. Believing that those who've saved her are truly good people, she begins to learn more about them and of where they came from. Befriending the boy who'd rescued her along with his sister, she finds herself falling under his spell. In her mind, he's her beloved savior and she's willing to give things with him a chance. Little does she know, appearances are truly deceiving.

As the secrets surrounding her existence come to light, Ava founds herself immersed in a controversy that will make or break who she truly is. With Maya's help, and that of most within Maya's community, she comes to understand that she was created for a reason. She's the key to saving their very way of life. Unfortunately, there are those who want to make sure that doesn't happen and will do anything to silence her, once and for all.

Carlyle's debut novel is quite intriguing and very thought-provoking. I loved this new spin on all things Atlantis. I really do. I think she did a wonderful job in using the lore surrounding that lost culture to craft a world that will leave the reader wanting to know more about it. We're able to relate with Ava and the predicaments she finds herself in. Her experiences with love and heartache are certainly endearing.

I found myself glued to every page and didn't put the book down until I got to the last page. Even then, I wanted to keep on reading more. I look forward to reading more of her work in the future and can't wait for what comes next with this series.
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September 20, 2013
I have never been the kind of reader that goes out of the way to read paranormal reads. The back blurb has to seriously sound intriguing and like something I definitely want to find out the ending to, and as it happens it is only once in a while that I actually manage to find one that interests me to the point of any kind of interference will send me into a fit for the interruption, as was the case with this read, I wanted to stick a label on my head with the words " Go away I am reading!" .

The read had many and I do mean many, many fascinating characters all trapped in a world of fantasy and striving to find a way out, all written by the author with such vivid detail and such emotion it had me hanging onto the edge of my seat, crying, begging for more and wishing I could climb inside and get just a little closer to it all.

A story of searching to find where you truly belong for you simply do not feel as if you really fit anywhere and then discovering you are one of the most important links in saving the world as you know it.

Yes, I do realise I am not giving you much of what the story is really about but this is completely intentional as this book was so many magical elements tied with absolutely brilliant writing that me spoiling it would be a complete and utter tragedy to the readers of our world.

You simply need to go and read it for yourself. Looking at the blurb and not liking the sound of it? Let me set you on the correct path by telling you that you will be missing out on one of the most thrilling, exciting, brilliant reads of this year.

Secrets, destinations of justice, soul searching, self discovery, learning to trust, emotional heart-ship and even a little romance, the book had it all and all set in a world so magically empowering that you will be left breathless, mind blown and absolutely spellbound.

The characters each had their own set of secrets and problems to deal with, and there being so many characters to take in during this read added to the excitement and thrill of the unknown, I simply could not stop from digging to find out as much as I can, the author entertained and kept my attention all the way and delivered a punch on every single page!

The read also contained a very powerful message of our lives has a way of changing when we least expect it, but finding yourself on a path to a greater destination is sometimes the reason that will allow us to get to the point of looking deep within yourselves to see who we are truly meant to be.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of sci-fi reads, and if you have never tried the genre before this is the book that will change your mind and send you off to the shops in search of more. In my opinion this read will definitely be hitting the best sellers list in no time at all, and I place this author right up there with the big names such as Rae Rivers and Natalie Singh. Absolutely fabulous work!

Bring on book 2 Carlyle!
5/5 star review

"Being broken does not mean you cannot save the world"
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September 20, 2012
This book review was originally posted on my blog
Journey with Books

What I Liked:

-I liked the complexity of the whole plot. Everything seemed so thought out and planned out. It was very well written.

-The characters seems so complex. Everyone has a dark side. I liked that Ava wasn't perfect. She's the type of heroine, you wouldn't like instantly. She's the type that would grow on you. Ava is a strong girl but she's confused a lot of times. She's very frustrating but you empathize with what she's going through.

-I liked Ava and Sam's friendship. As I've said it wasn't perfect but it was real. There were ups and downs. I love how they depend on each other. It's like Ava is Sam's home and Sam is Ava's home. They know each other so well.

-I also liked how Maya's character played a great part in this book.

-I love the world that Ms. Carlyle has created in this book. As I said it was complex. It will make you think really hard on a lot of things that's happening inside it.

What I didn't Liked:

-The confusion. I think some parts in this book are unclear. But I guess, it's because as a reader I see what Ava sees, the book was written in her perspective, after all, and her confusion transfers to me. I hope the author would write the other characters points of view in the next book.

-I felt that Troy and Ava lacks interaction to really 'feel' love. I mean, there is a connection between them but I felt that Troy was just like the wind in this book, he's there but not there. I'm actually expecting Troy to be more visible and more felt in the next book which really excites me. I really want to get to know Troy more.

Overall, I liked reading The Broken Destiny. It was very well written. As I said, it was well thought out and planned out. Ms. Carlyle Labuschagne is a very talented author. I really appreciated how very talented she is in the way she played with words in this book. It was beautifully written. For those readers who loves reading Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance with a whole lot of self discovery in their reads, I'm telling you to pick this book up because this is for you.

This book review was originally posted on my blog
Journey with Books
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May 3, 2013
Broken Destiny follows Ava, a 16 year old, who is “different.” She knows that she’s different and only wants to be normal, but she feels like she’ll never be happy. While she discovers the truth about her destiny in meeting new people after a vicious attack on her life, she finally comes to terms with her difference and accepts it despite her wishing she wasn’t different and destined to be something she never asked for.

She falls for the wrong guys; she makes mistakes; she isn’t perfect. But in the end, she becomes something that she hates just to save those she loves. And that makes her a true YA heroine! She learns from her mistakes and grows throughout the story. She is even weak and not a crossbow carrying girl. But she grows into a strong female heroine, flawed as she is.

This book was great! I couldn’t get enough of it, and I cannot wait for the next book to see what secrets that Ava uncovers about her destiny and what is really going on on the planet Poseidon.
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October 25, 2012
Broken Destiny – a book that is haunting and sad and dives into the life of Ava, a changeling who has been chosen to be a leader for her people. She needs to learn the requirements of witchcraft and understand about the prophecy in order to stand up to the witch doctor. This is to be her destiny - one she doesn't want – a role that she agonizes about continuously. After the destruction of earth, some residents escape to their dying planet called Poseidon through a magic travelling mirror and these people have to fight for their place. So many battles are being fought on every level, and for Ava, many of her battles are in her mind. I like the well-rounded characters and the way this debut author has taken the time to give us a clear picture of them and their role in the story. I also like the action that takes place. It kept me turning the pages…that and the fact that this tale is written in the first person and that tends to draw me in a lot deeper than any other style. I look forward to other work from this very talented writer.
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September 6, 2016
*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

DNF @ 51%

I really did not like this book. The plot is confusing and I felt no connection to any of the characters. The amount of insta-love was quite sickening especially since the MC was supposed to have suffered rape but despite this she is still instantly attracted to two different guys and automatically trusts them. The writing also felt rough like it was a first draft and quite a few times the word 'quite' was used instead of 'quiet'. I think there also needs to be a clearer explanation of what led the characters to where they are now as I was over half-way through the book and still only had a vague idea of what was going on. Overall, this was a disappointing read with bland characters, a confusing world and a weird plot.
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July 11, 2016
Normally, I am not a quitter; I hate failing at anything. I especially dislike leaving books unfinished. Heck, I even read all THREE of the Fifty Shades series just because I hate leaving things unfinished. But this book.... This book is the very first on my DNF shelf. I didn't even have a DNF shelf before this book.

The problemOne of the many problems with this book was that it is so confused. So many things about this book are both confused and confusing. This book does know whether it wants to be a chick-lit, a trashy romance novel or a dystopian fantasy and the mashup is just not a good one.

The narrative is completely unfocused and choppy and most annoyingly - contradictory.

“Who’s there?” I inquired. “What are you doing here?” My knees trembled.
“Eating grapes,” the silky male voice said in what felt like an eternal moment, and slicing right through the comfort of silence.

How could the silence be comfortable when there's a stranger there and you don't know where he is, who he is and why he is in your apartment? There is absolutely nothing comfortable about that.

“Hey, I never noticed the color of your eyes before,” she said.
“Oh, they have a mind of their own,” I said bashfully, averting my eyes to the ground. Not many people knew about my eyes, only Sam, and she had promised never to tell anyone. I guess it was yet another reason why I distanced myself from others.
“I thought you had blue eyes,” she said softly.

If she had never noticed the colour of Ava's eyes before, how could she have possibly thought they were blue?

He stopped just shy of the light; his slight figure leaning against the edge of the wall that led up to our room . . . From his outline, I could make out that he had broad shoulders and an athletic build

So was he slight? Or athletic?

Irritably I looked around in an attempt to find Sam. At social events she always made her way through the crowd. Usually, I didn’t mind, but I felt more alone than ever and Sam knew that.
And then a few minutes later in the very same scene after being introduced to one new character . . .
I found myself alone at last


EVERYTHING is overly dramatic from the characters reactions to the overly descriptive narrative.
The rider let the bike’s engine idle for a bit, his hand toggling the throttle. He was teasing us with the roar of the engine. I could now, unmistakably, feel his intense gaze on me as we moved closer. The pressure of his gaze left me quivering inside. I felt that familiar storm rise up inside of me, causing me to feel all kinds of a beautiful chaos that needed an escape.

The dialogue is stiff and awkward
“Idiots!” Maya joked.
“Tell me about it,” added Sam, as we walked away.
“Food?” Maya asked as we headed through the gates, leaving the boys to stare after us.
“Hungry,” Sam growled, pointing to her stomach.

Honestly, half the time I felt like I was reading a terribly cheesy trashy romance novel - and not in a good way! This was no page-turning, sex-filled naughty romance read. Instead the pages are filled with cringe-worthy moments, eye-rolling instalust/instalove and unbelievable character reactions.
I wondered if that boy in my apartment was responsible for the awakening inside of me? I wondered if that is what love did to a person – created something so deep and intense it couldn’t stay hidden. Not that I was in love or anything that would just be insane.

Yes, yes it would be insane. And yet, after one brief conversation and a couple more sightings of this guy with minimal interaction - there it was... Instalove.

I think this is a situation where the Author had a fairly clear and well developed picture in her head, and this just does not translate well on to paper. For the first twenty percent of this book the reader really has no idea what is happening until we get an info dump, and even then things are still hugely confusing.

I found nothing remotely likeable about the main character or in fact any of the other characters. I just no connection to the story and no-one to root for. The actual plot may have been a good one but I actually couldn't muddle it out enough to know what was happening. The best thing about this book? The truly lovely cover.
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May 18, 2013
This is a fun YA story that flits between the genres of science fiction and fantasy to bring us to the purple world of Poseidon, where magic secretly pervades the world of technology, and genetically modified people live side-by-side with those who prefer more ancient ways.

The main protagonist, Ava, shows incredible growth as the story progresses. I was impressed by how the author slowly transforms her from a morose, self-absorbed teen into a powerful, sensitive being. The fact that Ms. Labuschagne does this convincingly is a testament to her character development and writing ability. In fact, all the characters were well-rounded and incredibly believable, and their teen friendships were deep and authentic. And speaking of characters, I simply must mention Troy. This guy has a magnetic, mysterious personality, a bad-boy demeanor and incredible good looks. He’s the quintessential love interest, and I must admit I enjoyed every moment he appeared on those pages.

Themes of overcoming prejudice and segregation are woven nicely into the text, and Ava demonstrates her own skewed scrutiny of these issues through a first person point of view. You can see her perspective slowly changing over time, which is fascinating. I find it interesting that although the setting is a distant planet, the only colonists on the island herald from South Africa and not from anywhere else on Earth. The people on Poseidon were written to have deep prejudices against each other (which they managed to overcome), and I am left wondering in the author focused solely on South African people in order to make a statement about this. If that is the case, then overall, I believe it was done tactfully and with grace.

Ms. Labuschagne is a natural writer. Despite some issues with sentence structure, she has a strong voice, which alternates between a compelling narrative and language that borders on the poetic. Her prose was a joy to read and her story-telling ability was exceptional. I am certainly looking forward to reading the sequel.
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September 27, 2012
I have said often that Fantasy is not my normal genre of reading, but everytime I read a new Fantasy novel I am pleasantly surprised at how much I loved it, which is not a bad thing as it has kept me reading them. Carlyle has built a world, plot, story and characters like I haven't seen since I read Patti Roberts Paradox series.

It was well written, well executed, the characters fit extremely well together. The anount of effort Carlyle put into the details made me feel like I was transported right into the story, I could see, feel, hear and almost reach out and touch a tree or a rock or or the water. I really love details like that in a book it draws you into the story, but she doesn't give you too many details that you can't picture the scene's and wonder what it would be like to really be there.

I find sometimes too much detail can ruin the novel, but this was just the right amount. I loved the characters, Go Team Troy!! They all worked so well together, it was hard for me to pick a favorite one I really liked them all.

Now I'm really not going to get into to much details of the book if I do it will ruin it for you and with such a detailed book like this one it's really hard to sum it up in a paragraph with out giving the story away, I will say if you don't read this book you will be missing out on a great series. This is the first book in The Broken Destiny series and I can't wait to read the second book, I hope Carlyle is almost done writing it because I really don't know how long I can wait for it LOL.

It wasn't your everyday vamprie book, or should I say paranormal, after all it is Fantasy, even for Fantasy characters and what they are Carlyle made very original, I haven't read anything like it before.

So I will close by saying this is a MUST READ book in this amazing series, well thought out, executed well, plot, story and characters all mixed and blended beautifully. I hope you will grab your copy and enjoy it as much as I did. Enjoy everyone!!
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Author 3 books77 followers
April 1, 2013
The Broken Destiny, reviewed by Ia Uaro of http://www.sydneyssong.net/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/IaUaro

Author: Carlyle Labuschagne

ISBN: 978-1612048727 (paperback), ASIN: B009I3TE9S (eBook)

“The Broken” is a race of genetically enhanced humans, survivors of the destroyed earth who have migrated to Poseidon, an exotic dystopian planet. Three races cohabit this new planet: the Broken (humans), the Minoans, the Zulus—but strict apartheid segregation rules forbid them to interact. Poseidon is ruled by The Council. It is here 16-year-old Ava, third generation of The Broken, questions her existence, challenges the boundaries and gets into trouble.

Meanwhile some evil Zulus want to take over the planet for sinister purposes and they want Ava because she alone has the key to save the planet—whether she is willing or not. Ava learns more about herself after being abducted by the Zulus and saved by the Minoans. Apparently, she is The Chosen One. She has been predestined to be the planet’s Savior.

And her path isn’t easy. It involves internal and external struggles—and boys and black magic and various dangers. Dealing with these complex issues, the headstrong girl reluctantly journeys from being a self-absorbed teen to become a responsible savior. Yeah, this part reminds me of a book from the 80s about a reluctant Jesus who’d rather stick with his day job as a mechanic instead of becoming the Savior as predestined, if only he had a choice. However, despite traces of influences from the South African local politics and a rigid salvation dogma, the talented and imaginative Carlyle Labuschagne has invented a highly original new world packed with actions and tangled with intrigues that is sure to delight fans of dystopian fantasy.

THE BROKEN DESTINY is a complex weave of dystopian science fiction and urban fantasy, paranormal, mystery, and YA romance with mild sexual references. An entertaining coming-of-age novel with message.
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November 9, 2012
The Broken Destiny is about a world like no other, Ava is trying to figure where she belongs and who she is. You go along this journey with her and your heart goes out to her, there’s no way a reader can’t connect with Ava on some level.
Ava has always been the one that doesn’t fit into the crowd, but she has her best friend Sam who knows everything abouth her and has been there for her. Their relationship is nothing but trouble in the faculties eyes and they are determined to separate them. Along with school problems, Ava meets a guy named Enoch. He ends up saving Ava and she finds herself falling in love with him, but she doesn’t know if she can trust him.
I loved the idea of prophesy and I can barely wait to uncover more of these secrets that the council are hiding from everyone. I loved all the twists and turns and each time a new secret got uncovered or a new piece of information was learned, I got even mor excited. I look forward to other work from this very talented writer. Thank you Carlyle Labuschagne for this amazing book!!!
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9,520 reviews148 followers
January 18, 2013
One Word: Troy! "I trailed my eyes over chiseled abs bulging through his gray vest coming to rest on his very rock-hard chest." I know the story is about Ava and her journey, but honestly all I could think about was Troy, (Very bad of me I know haha) I loved when he got pissed it was very very naughty and I liked it! "You're a selfish prick, a coward, and a little wimp with little sissy girl issues," Troy said. "I knew it from the first moment I saw you." I also loved how playful Ava and Troy were together it was very cute and at the same time naughty (I'm saying that a lot in this review haha):
"Your ass looks great in those pants too," I said.
He swung around, smiled back and grabbed mine.
"Not as ravishing as yours!" he replied, making me blush.
I can't wait for book two in the series!!! I love Carlyle's writing!
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44 reviews
April 3, 2013
This story is about Ava, a teenage girl looking for her destiny and where she belongs. This cover called out to me!
I'm so glad I read The Broken Destiny, it was delightful and refreshing. It's full of mystery, intrigue, paranormal, romance and betrayal.

Her worldbuilding and plot is fantastic and creative. I really enjoyed her foreshowing about the past. At some point, I wish I was living on Poseidon. With the turn of every page there's a twist.

I loved Ava she was easy to relate too and she continued to grow within the story. Carlyle Labuschagne takes Ava on a journey from being no one to the girl who will save the ones she loves.
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December 19, 2014
I just love this book!!! I mean wow super humans and witch doctors and aliens mixed with half bloods and the so call broken just an amazing story and what a ride it take you on!!!! So love the two mean charters in the book Troy and Ava they are so awesome and looking forward reading the next book in this series call Evanescent: A Broken Novel Book 2!!!! This is a must read!!!!!
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