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The Sullivans #2

From This Moment On

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With FROM THIS MOMENT ON, bestselling author Bella Andre introduces you to Marcus, the second Sullivan bad boy, whose life will never be the same from the moment he meets Nicola...

For thirty-six years, Marcus Sullivan has been the responsible older brother, stepping in to take care of his seven siblings after their father died when they were children. But when the perfectly ordered future he's planned for himself turns out to be nothing but a lie, Marcus needs one reckless night to shake free from it all.

Nicola Harding is known throughout the world by only one name - Nico - for her catchy, sensual pop songs. Only, what no one knows about the twenty-five year old singer is that her sex-kitten image is totally false. After a terrible betrayal by a man who loved fame far more than he ever loved her, she vows not to let anyone else get close enough to find out who she really is... or hurt her again. Especially not the gorgeous stranger she meets at a nightclub, even though the hunger - and the sinful promises - in his dark eyes make her want to spill all her secrets.

One night is all Nicola and Marcus agree to share with each other. But nothing goes as they plan when instead of simply tangling limbs, they find a deeper connection than either of them could have anticipated. And even though they both try to fight it, growing emotions - and sizzling attraction - keep drawing them closer together.

Close enough for them to wonder if stealing one more secret moment together can ever be enough?

176 pages, Nook

First published August 30, 2011

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About the author

Bella Andre

199 books56.3k followers
Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of “The Sullivans” and “The Morrisons” series.

Having sold more than 10 million books, Bella Andre’s novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists 84 times. She has been the #1 Ranked Author at Amazon (on a top 10 list that included Nora Roberts, JK Rowling, James Patterson and Steven King). Apple iBooks named her one of the "bestselling authors of all time." And Publishers Weekly named Oak Press (the publishing company she created to publish her own books) the Fastest-Growing Independent Publisher in the US. After signing a groundbreaking 7-figure print-only deal with Harlequin MIRA, Bella’s “The Sullivans” series is being released in paperback in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Known for “sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance” (Publishers Weekly), her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine “Red Hot Reads” twice and have been translated into ten languages. Winner of the Award of Excellence, The Washington Post called her “One of the top writers in America” and she has been featured by Entertainment Weekly, NPR, USA Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and TIME Magazine. A graduate of Stanford University, she has given keynote speeches at publishing conferences from Copenhagen to Berlin to San Francisco, including a standing-room-only keynote at Book Expo America in New York City.

Bella also writes the New York Times bestselling Four Weddings and a Fiasco series as Lucy Kevin. Her “sweet” contemporary romances also include the new Walker Island series written as Lucy Kevin.

If not behind her computer, you can find her reading her favorite authors, hiking, swimming or laughing. Married with two children, Bella splits her time between the Northern California wine country, a 100 year old log cabin in the Adirondacks, and a flat in London overlooking the Thames..

* * * * * * *

For digital/eBook, audiobook, foreign licensing, conference keynote and press inquiries, please contact Bella at bella@bellaandre.com

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832 reviews4,736 followers
January 25, 2015
4–Swoon Worthy–Stars


From This Moment On is the second book in the Sullivan series and centers on Marcus, the oldest Sullivan brother, and his sultry pop star heroine, Nicola (Nico). I enjoyed this book more than the first. The plot felt tighter and the romance more balanced. Plus, we get to meet the whole Sullivan family in this book. There are SIX brothers and two sisters and, boy, let me tell you, the Sullivan brothers are divine!

The story is about two lonely and somewhat jaded characters who find love when they least expect it, a one-night-stand that didn't quite turn out as planned (love that part), sensual and erotic love scenes that heat up the page (though they were a bit long-winded), and a hero who melted my heart with his grand gestures just to prove to his girl he was there to stay.

After reading the first two books, it seems insta-love is the common theme in this series. Luckily, it wasn't as outlandishly in your face in this story as it was in the first. I know some have a problem with this type of romance but, lucky for me, I don't.

I finally understand why so many readers love this series. The writing is good, the plots engaging, and the love stories are erotic and romantic. Plus, it features a delicious cast of brothers so charming and irresistible, they'll have you swooning too.
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1,241 reviews296 followers
December 8, 2021
Translation widget on the blog!!!
O poveste de dragoste plină de emoție și pasiune. Un propritar de podgorie din Napa Valley și o artistă pop. Cei doi se întâlnesc într-o noapte când decid să fie rebeli. O întâlnire în care sufletele lor se recunosc și se revendică unul pe celălalt instant. Restul, este doar războiul minților.
O carte romantică cu o mare doză de pasiune.
O lectură ce îți face sufletul să cânte.
Marcus Sullivan, un bărbat responsabil care și-a ajutat mama să își crească cei șapte frați mai mici după moartea neașteptată a tatălui, își gasește logodnica în pat cu alt bărbat.
Nicola, o tânără de 25 de ani inteligentă și frumoasă, o cântâreață de muzică pop a cărei reputație a fost făcută franjuri de fostul ei iubit, mult prea rănită pentru a mai avea încredere în cineva, decide să se ridice la nivelul reputației pentru o noapte.
Dar destinul se încăpățânează să schimbe planuri, astfel că Nicola și Marcus se întâlnesc. De aici înainte avem parte de o poveste dulce, plină de emoții, care ne fac să fim martorii unei povești pline de încercări.
Oare diferența de vârstă este o piedică? Un om de afaceri și o cântăreață de muzică pop pot găsi un drum comun?
Citiți cartea și descoperiți răspunsul!
#doarcitește #fromthismomenton #justreadingmybooks
Impresiile mele despre carte le găsiți aici:
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1,009 reviews919 followers
December 6, 2014
“I’m planning to use all the weapons in my arsenal to convince you that we belong together. I’m not afraid to play dirty this time, kitten.” She licked her lips. “I like dirty.”

Marcus... wow! I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading Marcus and Nicola's story.. this one was much hotter than the first one in this series! Sweet, sexy, a teeny weeny bit of angst.. this was super fun! Moving on to the next in the series!

“This is the big moment.” She gripped his large hands with hers and squeezed them tightly. “Are you sure you’re ready for this? For not being my secret boyfriend anymore?" Instead of answering her with words, he put her hands over his heart, then leaned in to kiss her. “As long as you’re by my side, I’m ready for absolutely anything.”

Profile Image for Jo.
957 reviews201 followers
January 18, 2023
“While we’re together, I want your body to be as much mine as it is yours."

Marcus Sullivan is my kind of hero. He is thirty-six years old, the oldest of seven siblings, who at fourteen stepped up to help his mom take care of his younger siblings. I love how responsible he is and how much he loves his family. Marcus has always known the kind of future he wanted but when the woman he thought was perfect for him turned out to be a liar and cheat he decides one night of meaningless pleasure is just what he needed. But what he finds instead is anything but meaningless and once-off.

He didn’t know how she was doing it, how she was managing to get in under his skin, his bones, all the way down to a heart that knew better.

Nicola Harding might be young at only twenty-five, but being a popstar has taught her just how fake people could be. After being betrayed by a man she thought she could trust but who only used her fame, she promised herself that she wouldn’t be so gullible ever again. The world believes the sex-kitten image she has as Nico, but nothing could be further from the truth. Wanting one night of escaping her loneliness and hoping to find it in a nightclub everyone has been raving about, she finds the perfect distraction in a gorgeous stranger who doesn’t realise who she is. Wanting to explore the hunger between them, she agrees to one night, but nothing goes as planned. I loved Nicola and how normal, down-to-earth she was despite her fame. I also loved how brave she was, how despite her shyness around Marcus and how afraid she was of getting hurt again, she still wanted to explore the connection between them, even when he tried to push her away.

So what if he didn’t fit into her world and she didn’t fit into his?
How could he give her up?

I love the sparks between them, these two who seemed so different, worlds-apart, but deep down they wanted the same things. What was supposed to be one night only became so much more than they anticipated, the chemistry between them scorching and the feelings growing between them making it impossible to stay away. The sexy times were SO hot, especially with Marcus’ dominant streak in the bedroom and I loved seeing these two fall in love, especially since both thought they were wrong for each other. Nicole was the brave one in their romance, giving herself to Marcus even when he was pushing her away. But luckily when she decided she was tired of risking herself and giving up on him, he decided to get his head out of his ass and he fought for her and it was fantastic.

I love romances set in big families and the Sullivan family is probably one of my favorites. I loved all the siblings and their sweet mother and I can’t wait to read the rest.

A sweet, emotional and very sexy romance. Highly recommended.

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1,654 reviews996 followers
September 28, 2013
This is Book #2 of the Sullivan family series, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this firey gem! I expected a light, lovey, dovey romance (and it was to some degree) but what I got was a hot, steamy, kinky read!

First of all, we have Marcus who is the oldest one out of his seven other siblings. In the last book there was a hint of problems with him and his fiance Jill. This story begins with Marcus walking in on Jill doing the dirty deed with some tattooed and pierced dude, As you can imagine, things do not go well from there and they go their seperate ways. This leaves Marcus with the feelings that he just wants to be free and have a one night stand..he is done with commitments.
Nicola, or as the world knows her as: Niko, is a famous pop singer who is feeling frustrated with her life and where it is going. She doesn't know who she is anymore, and the papparazzi portray her as a wild and free partier, especially thanks to her ex who betrayed her in a horrible way. She is feeling extremely lonely one night and decides she is going to live up to the reputation everyone think she has and go out and find a one night stand. Marcus and Nicola find each other in a crowded room at a night club, and immediately feel an attraction to one another. They decide to go home with each other for some hot, sweaty, sex! Instead, Nicola ends up feeling so safe in Marcus's arms, that she promptly falls alseep in his lap and misses out on what was to be a passionate night!
In the morning, as these two start talking; the connection is so strong that neither one of them wants to give it up. They decide to extend the night to another one so they can have that fling they both were hoping for. Well, the fling turns into so much more; even with both of so determined not to have their emotions invovled. A blazing affair continues, and these two tear up the sheets and find they are so compatible in bed and out. Will they give in to their developing feelings; or will one of them put the breaks on so they go their own seperate ways?

This book was HOT! There was lots of sex in it, and Marcus was a man with a very dominant streak. Nicola was a natural submissive and found she liked to hand Marcus the responsibility while they were in the throws of passion. There was even some spanking involved if Nicola didn't obey Marcus. The first thing Marcus had said to her when they decided to have an affair was this:

"While we're together, kitten, I want your body to be as much mine as it is yours."

Let me tell you, Marcus ends up owning her, and they are on fire when they come together!
The story isn't all about sex though, and we get another family get together to become aquainted with the other Sullivans. This family is just so great, and the love they have for one another is extremely special. The interactions are enjoyable, and there was amusing happenings throughout the story. I am falling more in love with The successful Sullivans and I am moving right onto to Book #3 which is the fire fighter Gabes' story! I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for him!
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1,093 reviews3 followers
September 25, 2020
The Sullivan clan I love them so much. It’d been awhile since I read this series. And I absolutely fell in love with this story between Nicola and Marcus. They just were meant for one another. I can’t wait to go back to this amazing family. ❤️
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1,673 reviews423 followers
March 3, 2013

Ever since I read Bella Andre’s The Look of Love, the first book in the Sullivans series, I fell in love with the enigmatic Sullivan family. There is just something about this series that pulls you in, perhaps it is the sweet, sensual storyline or the heady romance or the compelling characters – whatever it may be, Ms. Andre’s books are entertaining and hard to resist. From This Moment On is no different. This book has it all, proving once again why I enjoy the contemporary genre.

Admittedly, much like the first book, From This Moment On, is a predictable character-driven romance, focusing on the oldest sibling, Marcus. Usually with contemporary companion books, the stories are very similar, but I was pleasantly surprised that this book held its own. The plot is handled well, having depth and not putting off a cliche feel. Ms. Andre managed to deliver a story both solid and engaging without having an overly complicated plot. It was a fun, decent read.

Marcus and Nicola are both well rounded characters with flaws. They have been hurt in the past and have closed off a part of themselves – not trusting, not loving just being very lonely. Their mutual loneliness is what brings them together and what makes this couple so appealing. Their problems are emotional and their relationship, despite it moving quickly, felt real. I really enjoyed all the sweet and sexy moments of this book, especially paired with Ms. Andre’s easy to follow writing style. There are also, however, some aspects that could have used work (or not been included at all), from Marcus’s dominance, which didn’t fit his character, to the (too much) unnecessary love scenes.

Overall, despite my concerns, From This Moment On, is still a good read. It was light and relaxing. I am looking forward to reading the next book, and I recommend this series to those looking for an emotional yet steamy read.

My Rating: (3.5) description

This Review is also posted at: Literary Love Affair
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345 reviews222 followers
September 17, 2015
This book was pretty good! Bella Andre is a solid writer- I felt like I knew both characters and while the relationship moved fast I liked it. The H was 11 years older than the h, but because the h was a famous singer she was more mature than the typical 25 year old. They both just got out of bad relationships with people they didn't really love. The h had only been with 2 men sexually - we don't know what the H was up to before his 2 year relationship with his ex. I fear he might have been a bit of a manho, but not sure. He was crazy for the h and said everything I wanted to hear- he was pretty swoon worthy actually! I enjoyed this more than the first in the series- I thought the H in that one was annoying. Safety gang safe
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Author 5 books242 followers
September 7, 2011
From http://atastyread.blogspot.com

From This Moment On.....I officially LOVE Marcus Sullivan...ok I would take any of the other six brothers, but right now I am loving Marcus.

Nico/Nicola is a pop star who figures if everyone thinks she is a wild party girl she might as well use the image to have a little fun....and she finds exactly the perfect man....Marcus, who is also looking to forget his cheating ex, and leave the club with a beautiful, sexy stranger. What will happen between these two lonely people when they discover that the feelings they have for each other are a little too close to LOVE....

Nico and Marcus sure do know how to heat up the bedroom and their chemistry is off the charts HOTT!! I really enjoyed the flow of their relationship from just a 'One Night Stand' to becoming so wrapped up in each other they were all the other could think about. Their feelings were so real, almost like Fate stepped in and made sure they were both at the right place and the right time!! Really, really enjoyed the second installment of The Sullivan's Series....Can't wait for Hottie Fireman Gabe's story, Can't Help Falling In Love!!

Profile Image for Nika.
189 reviews54 followers
January 26, 2015
too sickly sweet and repetitive in that sickly sweetness. also love declarations after a week. tossing around I love you's so carelessly only decreases it's value and weight. I know it's not most dramatic to just say- listen, I think we have a chance here. are you willing to try with me?- but in my eyes it would look better than this...
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1,477 reviews157 followers
May 20, 2012
This story features the eldest Sullivan sibling Marcus and I thought it was much stronger/better than Chase's story....I am now interested in reading about the rest of those Sullivan men (in particular Smith's story) and the twin girls, known to their brothers as 'Naughty' & 'Nice'
Profile Image for Syndi.
2,902 reviews635 followers
August 18, 2018
Surprise surprise. What do i know?.this is tje second book i read from miss andre. The first book, the look of love, i did not like it.

From this moment on is a story of 2 people.who is just opposite from.each other. Both of them had a bad break up and trust issue. They wanting to hook up for casual sex and nothing more. Soon their casual sex becomes so much more. They start open up to each other and they become defensive. But at the end it is a HEA story.

What i like about this book is the story is super simple and the background is san fransisco. The characters are easy to connect with. The wording flows nicely. Its like a summer on the beach.

4 stars
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1,258 reviews1,527 followers
November 3, 2012
Well darn! After buying this, I realize that it's available to read FREE here on Good Reads!! You can't beat this for a free book!!!!

What a surprise this author turned out to be. I read the first in this series The Look of Love (The Sullivans, #1) by Bella Andre in a pick it for me challenge. It was good, and introduced the Sullivan family. They're all successful, good looking, and of course each is just a little lonely and searching.

Marcus is the oldest brother, and has always been the rock solid, responsible head of the family since the death of his father when he was fourteen. He's the owner of a successful vineyard and has his life planned out perfectly. He even has the 'perfect' fiancee. At the end of The Look of Love, we come to realize that his perfect life is not so perfect, and his bitch of a fiance deserves to be kicked out on her ass. While vengeance wasn't necessarily mine in that regard, it's always nice to know that the cheating, lying significant other has been replaced by someone better. In this cas, by Nicola, or Nico, as she's known to her millions of fans.

Nicola is a rising pop star, hounded by fans and press. She loves her music, loves her fans, but has been burned by love and one man's rabid grasp at fame at her expense. Both Nico and Marcus happen to go to the same nightclub one night, both in search of a mindless, lust filled night of bow chica bow wow. And of course, they find each other.

I was a bit hesitant when their evening started, thinking that this would be a love in two days type of novel. I find it laughable when an author tries to pull those off...it just never seems believable to me. But Bella Andre did a fantastic job with this couple. Their passion is evident first off. And HOLY SMOKES, do they LIGHT UP THE SHEETS together!! Marcus is some kind of closet Dom or something, and figures out pretty quickly that Nicola has a need to give up control in the bedroom. I'm not saying that this is BDSM by any means. It's more slap and tickle than anything, and it's just the kind of surprise I like to get in a romance. I didn't expect it, and Nico didn't either. But Marcus is a master at knowing what she needs and finding a way for them both to be sated. A little bondage? Yes, please! Down on your knees? No problem!! This is a great series to read if the darker side of bossy men intimidates and titillates.

So while Marcus and Nico both know that their attraction can't go anywhere - after all, their lifestyles are so opposite, there is really no comparison - neither can fight the bond that grows between them. The thing that I loved so much about this author's writing is her ability to show a need in her characters. And then she fills it. Marcus and Nico understand one another. They have a trust in each other right off. Nothing they do is seedy or clandestine, and I never felt an eye roll coming on at over the top romantic gestures. This was a simple progression from lonely people who fill a sexual need...to a wonderful couple trying to make their lives fit together.

I love the Sullivan clan. Yes, they're a little too perfect, but that's okay. Each has their own insecurities. The illusion of perfection is just that...an illusion. I'm excited to see each of them get their happy ever after. I love series that stick with the same little group of people. You get to know each of them before their story is ever told, and each book just get incrementally better. So far this series reminds me of a naughty Nora Roberts. I really LIKE all of the characters. I'm already stoked to get to Gabe the firefighter's story, and the "Naughty" and "Nice" sisters and their little feud is hilarious! Throw in some spicier than expected sex, and I'm won over!!!
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138 reviews25 followers
September 27, 2011
I loved Marcus and Nicola's story! I really enjoyed the first book in the series by Bella Andre but this one was even better. I couldn't put it down. This book has brilliant characters, a great story with depth, emotion, sex and so much romance. I recommend it to all romance lovers. Bella Andre writes great books but I think this is the best so far. Now I'm counting down to Gabe and Meagan story, which I am impatient to get hold of.
Profile Image for Emily Elizabeth.
478 reviews766 followers
April 1, 2013
2.5 Stars

I really enjoyed this for awhile, but the second half went downhill fast. Super predictable, though pretty sweet at some points. The love scenes are smoldering, and honestly are the main reason I plan to keep reading. I swooned over Marcus, but absolutely HATED Nicola, "Nico." Ugh! She was obnoxious, even after becoming more sure of herself.
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315 reviews78 followers
July 18, 2017

Bir iki sene önce filan hem Bella Andre'nin hem de Marie Force'un serilerinden birer kitap okudum... Geçenlerde küçük bir adayla ilgili olan seriye devam edeyim dedim, çerez olur bana, ve aklımdan 'Sullivanlar' kelimesi geçti... Geçmez olaydı, yanlış seriye devam etme kararı almışım 🤦

Aslında güzel bir çeviriyle okumuş olsaydım bu kadar gömmezdim kitabı ama Allah aşkına, cümleler birbirini takip ediyordu ama anlattıkları hiç öyle değildi. Çoğu yerde acaba ne demeye çalışıyor diye anlamakla uğraşmadım bile direkt okuyup geçtim. Anlatılanlarda bir akış yoktu.

Kaldı ki kurgu da çok iç açıcı ya da iyi işlenmiş, karakterlerin altı doldurulmuş filan değildi zaten.

Bu kitaptan ne kadar hoşlanmadığımı unutunca muhtemelen seriye devam ederim...
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2,442 reviews813 followers
June 28, 2013
4.5 STARS!!!

Posted on Under the Covers

Marcus, the eldest of the Sullivan brothers and the winery owner dreams of settling down with a lovely wife and having kids. In FROM THIS MOMENT ON, Marcus’s dreams are shattered once he finds his girlfriend screwing another guy. She wants to leave him, telling him that their relationship was falling apart, that Marcus never ever fought for her. A girl wants to be cherished and loved. Too bad Marcus doesn’t actually love her.

In an attempt to forget her betrayal, Marcus goes to a club to find a woman to spend the night with. A one night stand is just what he needs. No commitments, no promises, just physical release.

But then Nicola walks into the club in a form-fitting leather dress and steals his breath. She dazzles him and him and Nicola hit it off. They exit the club together, planning to spend the rest of the night between the sheets. But their one night stand doesn’t go as planned.

A night meant for hot sex and oblivion turns into a night that neither of them can forget.

Marcus doesn’t know that Nicola is a musical pop star who goes by the name of Nico. When her sister, Lori aka Naughty asks him to spend the day with her at her work, Marcus finds out that Lori is actually the choreographer for Nico. Neither is able to escape this undeniable attraction for one another.

Unchained sensuality laces this book. Who would have thought that Marcus Sullivan, the dapper businessman could be so deliciously sinful in the bedroom? I was surprised and thoroughly enjoyed reading about Marcus and Nicola. This series just keeps getting better and better.

Another great thing about this book is the presence of the other Sullivans. I adored Lori and can’t wait to read her story! Those phone calls with that certain someone really made me want to know what her story is. Another Sullivan I’m interested in reading about is Smith, the movie star of the family. He provided great comic relief in tense times and I just loved that he wasn’t afraid to stand up to Marcus, his older brother.

Bella Andre has a great series on her hands and with several more stories to be told, I know I’ll be one of those eagerly awaiting the next release.

Read my review of the new print edition here
*ARC provided by author
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4,040 reviews446 followers
May 22, 2018
Re-read May 2018
I loved Marcus and Nico! <3
Profile Image for Tee Loves Books.
940 reviews
February 10, 2013
*******4.5 Stars*******
I was very much looking forward to oldest Sullivan brother Marcus' story after meeting him in the first book of this series. Bella Andre's smooth lead-in to his story had me intrigued, I already wanted this brother who shouldered so much of the family burdens to find his true love. It was his time, for sure!

Nicola was an endearing heroine; untrusting after a nasty breakup with her slimy ex, she was struggling keeping up with her fame and figuring out who she really was deep down. She was such a strong woman, I really loved how she shouldered all of the torment and criticism that came with her infamy without becoming bitter and resentful. When she decided to go out and live up to her slutty rep by finding a guy to give her one unforgettable night, let's just say she couldn't have been more lucky to run into Marcus Sullivan first!! They were instantly drawn to each other, but it didn't turn into the one-nighter either of them expected. Marcus was sweet as he got to know Nicola, falling for all of her quirks and strength right along with her sex kitten side even though he didn't want to admit it. And oh was he ever the sexy temptation himself; there was no way Nicola had a chance to resist this hunk of sweet perfection!!

The hurdles this couple had to get through were not insurmountable, but both of them had invested enough into their time together that they didn't want it to end. Admitting that to each other while facing the challenges ahead would prove to be their most challenging test, and I just loved how much Marcus stepped up to the plate in order to prove his heart to Nicola. Marcus of course has the support of the rest of the incredible Sullivans, who I loved seeing together again. Sibling rivalry and protectiveness aside, they had his back and just wanted to see him happy, which made me love them even more!

From This Moment On was another great installment to this series, and I look forward to seeing smoking hot firefighter Gabe's story up next!!

You can also find my reviews at:http://www.autumnreview.com/2013/01/e...
February 16, 2022
Nach dem ersten Teil habe ich mich dann gleich den zweiten gewidmet und wieder habe ich es als Hörbuch gehört und das hat mich während meines Spaziergangs begleitet. Ich fand es eine Spur besser als Band 1 und ich habe es sehr genossen. Es war mal schön zu sehen, dass nun auch der älteste Sullivan seine wahre Liebe gefunden hat. Die beiden sind zwar einerseits gegensätzlich, aber andrerseits auch irgendwie gleich. Trotzdem ist der Funke noch nicht zu 100% übergesprungen, aber ich habe noch 3 Hörbücher vor mir und vielleicht gibt es ja auch von Band 6-8 ebenfalls eine Hörfassung.
4 Sterne
Profile Image for Sarah (is clearing her shelves).
1,011 reviews143 followers
August 3, 2015
16/11 - A light, fun, 'read it overnight' kind of book that is the opposite of taxing to the reader's brain. There wasn't much going on other than the interaction between 'whatshisname' (forgotten his name already), oh right! Marcus, and Nicola (every time I read her name I think of those cough drops called Ricola, http://www.ricola.com/en-us). We didn't learn about Nicola's background through seeing her interact with anyone from her past, we were simply told everything and then the story moved on. We're told that she has a 'sex kitten' image - kind of a cross between Paris Hilton and Britney Spears - but we don't really see any evidence of that. This 'sex kitten'/slut image all supposedly come from one set of photos from one relationship with one slime bag guy. I really don't think that one mistake would be enough (should be enough, either) to give her the reputation that she's been tarnished with. I felt that Andre was reaching with this part of the plot, which is, of course, Nicola's whole motivation behind going out in an attempt to 'earn' the reputation the media has given her. Neither character really fit the mould of someone who would go out for a night of mindless, nameless sex. I'm really glad nothing happened that first night! If it had I would have enjoyed the story a lot less. There was a small side theme of domination, but it was more like domination-light. A couple of times he 'dominated' her into lifting her hands above her head (shock, horror! he's such an alpha male!), and in the last sex scene he spanks her, maybe three (?) times. He and Gideon Cross are practically dom twins.

After all that, you'd think that I didn't like the book, wouldn't you? But, you'd be wrong. It's just that as I got started writing this review, some of the questionable points that I didn't really think too deeply about last night suddenly became clearer and I thought they were worth pointing out. It was the perfect light break in the middle of the racially charged true crime I'm also reading. I would definitely read more from the series.
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February 15, 2016
Originally posted on www.yareads.com, reviewed by Nichole.

Holy, hotness! I finished this book last night, and I am still fanning myself! This book was SO GOOD! Seriously, I finished it in less than 24 hours. I don’t know how any other book in the Sullivan series will top this one. Nobody can be better than Marcus. NOBODY!

Marcus was such….I don’t even know how to describe him with words. I loved how dominant he was and how willing Bella Andre was to explore than dominancy in him. Nicola was so willing to accept that side of him…and oh, gosh. I’m still reeling over the hotness.

Believe it or not, I loved the age difference in this book. I was a little…..mehhhh…about the 11 year age difference between Marcus and Nicola. Believe me, though, when I tell you that it WORKED. I’m still all flustered while writing this review. Can you tell?

There were a few things that knocked off a half a star for this one. First, I didn’t like how Jill didn’t make a reappearance. She obviously cheated on Marcus so that he would pay more attention to her, and I was annoyed that she didn’t reappear somewhere in the book to cause some sort of scene. Second, where was the gay guy who was obsessed with Marcus in the first book? There were like 2 pages in the first book dedicated to his crush on Marcus and how Marcus always put up with it and treated him so nicely. WHERE DID HE GO!? Why was he even in the first book if he wasn’t going to reappear in the second book? I’m so confused. Lastly, it bugged me that Nicola was a pop singer. That whole storyline just seemed a little silly.

The ending did seem a bit rushed. I would have liked to see maybe a little bit of an extension of Marcus and Nicola’s relationship. I especially would have liked to see some more of the dominance come into play. However, I thought that Bella Andre did a beautiful job having Marcus fight for Nicola at the end. I really liked that!

Overall, I loved this book. Be prepared for the sizzle! If you were to just read one book in the Sullivan series, it damn well better bet this one!
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June 18, 2020
* For the full experience you need to read the previous book, however this is not required.
** Book read in Dutch.

Marcus Sullivan always had a lot of responsibilities, but after he found out his ex girlfriend cheated on him, he just wants to let go for one evening. When he picks Nicola Harding up in a nightclub he is not aware she is one of the worlds most famous's popstars. After being betrayed by someone she loved, Nicola decided to never let someone this close to her again. But their one-night-stand doesn't go as planned and the attraction between them is so strong that the outcome might be totally different.

+ I really liked the beginning of this book. As it starts directly after the previous book the timeline is very clear and Marcus and Nicola's dilemma's are both introducted very well. You immediately sympathize with them and from the beginning you can see them being together forever.
+ Marcus and Nicola are both very likable. Especially Nicola comes across as a very lonely character and you feel for her . She connects easily with people, but she seems to let go after a while with all of them. Even with Marcus, you get the feeling that she has to let go eventually because of her career.

- There is a lot of sex-y time in this book and it feels repetitieve after the first encounter. The actions are the same, the pleasure is the same and the passion is also the same. Such a shame, as this was not the case in the previous book.

Another enjoyable read, perfect for a cozy evening with a nice cup of tea. There is no complicated plot, just 2 people falling in love, with mandatory twists, after a doomed one-night-stand. The Sullivan family stays very interesting and I cannot wait to start the next book. This book does contain a tiny intro to the next book so we know who the next 'victim' will be.
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January 15, 2013
It's been sometime since I read the first book to this series; and I must admit that it wasn't that memorable to begin with. When I saw that Novel Publicity was hosting a whirlwind tour for this series, I jumped at the chance if only for the reason that I wanted to give this series another chance. Lo, and behold. I actually loved Marcus and Nicola's story.

From this Moment On is the story of the oldest Sullivan, Marcus - the father figure and caretaker of the family. Upon discovery of the woman whom he was determined to make a life with in bed with another man, he sets out to forget her if only for a night. Marcus finds himself in a club, where alcohol, pounding music and scantily clad women are just what he was intending to lose himself in. At least...that was his plan. He soon realizes that it would take more than just imbibing himself into oblivion to erase the scene that was burned into his brain. But when a siren dressed in leather walked into the club, he suddenly sees exactly what he needs with a lot more clarity.

Nico/Nicola is a popular songstress with a long list of indiscretions. One of them being a series of naked pictures taken by a man whom she thought she loved. Unable to trust anyone to ever come close again, she worked hard on keeping people at arm's length - which makes for a very lonely existence. On a night when the silence of the hotel room was more than she could bear, she sets out to do exactly what the world thought of her: a wild night that involves sex with a stranger. Dressed in an indecent leather, she walked into the club and into the direct line of fire of one handsome, burly man. She knew then that any man just wouldn't do. She needed Marcus Sullivan.

This story is the perfect combination of sweet romance and steamy sex. Bella Andre gave me what she didn't on the first book of this series: characters with more substance and a story that captivated me from beginning to end. Marcus and Nicola was so easy to love. Andre perfectly captured Nicola's character so well: a combination of innocence and palpable sensuality that was hard to resist. Marcus, on the other hand, was a man whose take charge attitude explains why he couldn't resist protecting Nicola like a fragile China doll. I've always been a fan of big men in romance books and Marcus was like a linebacker to Nicola's diminutive figure.

My January Addiction is off to good start. At a time when porn-driven plots is all the rage, this book is exactly what romance books should be about: blatant chemistry and realistic relationships.
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September 19, 2015
I have liked some of Andre's books. This one---not really. IMO, this one was just cheesy and irritating.

In the opening, we hear about the Hero's being betrayed by his fiancee, which sends him off looking for a one night stand which is when he meets the Heroine. Other than that backstory, the first 40% of the book is almost all about thoughts/feelings of lust and longing. Sooo many repetitive thoughts of wanting the other person it drove me crazy. And, these thoughts aren't even believable sounding, just melodramatic cartoon character thoughts. Yes, there is scene where they meet for the first time and are both caught by knock-you-dead lust then spend like an hour together in the evening and maybe 30 minutes in the morning and decide they really like the other person. (They don't have sex.) But most of the rest of this first 40% is "I should have done this/that." "Oh was he/she so wonderful/hot." ETC. You know the drill.

Anyhow, at 40% point they meet again and go off to have sex. (I should note here he is 36 and she 25.) So, after he jerks off her top he just wants to stare at her breasts but she is shy. Deleting the inner thoughts crap in this section, just read this dialog and it will probably tell you whether you will like this book:

HE: Tell me why you are scared, Kitten.
SHE: Why do you keep calling me that?
HE: Because that's how you slept on my lap, like a contented kitten.
SHE: I want to rub myself all over you like one, she whispered.
HE: I want you to do that too. But, first tell me what's wrong.
SHE: I haven't....It's been a while for me."
HE: We'll take it slow. Slow and easy."
SHE: "Okay. But what if I want fast and hard, too?'

Well, at that point I couldn't take any more and stopped reading. So, if you like a lot of melodrama and a lot of time spent on the same old/same old thoughts, then you might like this one.
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January 13, 2013
For this review and more Live Read and Breathe

Book 2 in the Sullivan's. It starts up immediately after book 1 which I liked. You quickly find out that Marcus and Nicola have been recently been burned from reality and are looking for a non- commital escape and the last thing the were looking for is what they found .....a deep aching love.

These Sullivans not only have great genes they also have great luck at falling in love at first sight. However in Marcus's case it is so well deserved and you want nothing but the best for him and his huge loyal heart. As much as I joke and comment about love at first sight in reality it is those loves that sneak attack your heart and make it so much more enjoyable when the love bug bites.

Nicola and Marcus have instant chemistry even in a crowded room and fall for each other immediatley but fall for their true selves instead of the persona that they both put out their for others to see. Love has a way of taking down walls when it is for the best.

This book continues to have all of the Sullivan's present which is great because you fall in love with the whole family and can't wait for them to all find the happiness that they all truly want.

Let's talk about how Marcus's tries to win Nicola back. Swoon. I think we all wish someone would fight for our loves and like that. The patinence and constant pure love oozes out of Marcus and any girl would be silly not to give in. Thank goodness that Nicola could see that and he did not end up with that cold hearted Jill

Another 4 thumbs up for Sullivans.
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March 25, 2013
4.5 stars. From This Moment On is the second book in the Sullivan series and centers around the oldest brother Marcus. He has spent most of his adult life being a father figure to his younger siblings. What can I say about Marcus other than to describe him as So Dreamy. He is the strong, silent type who happens to like being a bit bossy in the bedroom. Nicola was an extremely likeable character. She is a famous popstar who has been burned in the past by the people around her, causing her to be very guarded.

After meeting Marcus in a club and deciding she wants to have a one night stand with a handsome stranger, she starts questioning herself once she's in the cab. Sensing her hesitation, Marcus gives her his phone and tells her she can call anyone to vouche for him. This leads to an extremely funny call to his mother! Nicola's planned night of passion with a stranger unfortunately ends up with her falling asleep in his lap.

From their first meeting, the chemistry between Marus and Nicola was off the charts and this made for a very steamy and romantic story. As if Marcus wasn't dreamy enough, his determination in pursuing Nicola after she pushed him away made for the perfect HEA to their story.

If you are looking for a light and easy read, this is the perfect book
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September 21, 2011
BOY WAS MARCUS HOT, I LOVED that he was able to let his Dominant side out!!!!!!

I loved Chase and Chole's story, but I loved Marcus and Nico's even more!!!

Marcus has been the responsible one and the care taker of his family for years. He ends up ending a relationship with who he thought was going to be "the one". Nico is a famous pop-star who was betrayed by her last boyfriend, the public perceives her as a wild child, but she really isn't. Marcus and Nico decide to visit a club to take a walk on the wild side for ONE night. They meet each other and their chemistry is like spontaneous combustion.

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