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Gentlemen of Worth #2

Perfectly Flawed

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Finding a husband proves difficult for Lady Charlotte Worth, second daughter of the Duke of Faraday. Charlotte has every desirable attribute of a young Regency miss making her entrée into society. Eligible gentlemen cannot wait for her to make her London debut and arrive at her country house, Faraday Hall. They all speak to her of their undying love and promise a lifetime of devotion. But for Charlotte, who sees the good in everyone, this makes the decision all the more difficult.

Lady Muriel, the youngest Worth sister, is not convinced by words alone. She plans to put these gentlemen to the test, hoping there is one among them who is worthy of her sister's affection. It will take a true man of quality to look beyond Charlotte's exterior perfection and treasure her for her inner beauty.

192 pages, Hardcover

First published October 10, 2011

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Shirley Marks

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703 reviews4 followers
May 24, 2017
I wanted to like Charlotte's story because the first one was sweet. However, I just couldn't buy the story of a person that is so beautiful (inside and out) that she attracts so many suitors at one time and the only way for her to "weed" out the ones that are only interested in her physical beauty is to make up stories of "flaws" in her appearance. It just sounded so unbelievable from the very beginning. Plus the way Lady Muriel was discouraging the suitors, especially Sir Philip because she doesn't see them "fit" for her sister. I mean, c'mon. I have sisters but they don't have that high of a control over my life, especially my love life.
Basically the storyline sucked for me. :(
26 reviews
April 8, 2023
I enjoyed reading the second book in this series, which is about Charlotte the second and most prettiest sister of the three daughters of Duke of Faraday. The book revolves around Charlotte’s endeavours to find her “perfect man”. It is subtlety hinted throughout the book, that she is the ‘favourite daughter of the Duke’, Augusta who has a tendency to twist things her way and the youngest is slightly ‘wayward’. Charlotte is described as having a ‘sweet temperament’ to the point she feels bad for deceiving her suitors. I enjoyed their book and once again there was no vulgarity.
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194 reviews78 followers
August 13, 2012
originally appeared on: Bookshelf Confessions

I find Perfectly Flawed a cute and witty story. :)

Shirley Marks wrote the book with such style that even if the plot is not that complicated nor exciting, readers find themselves to continue turning the pages, and having smiles on their faces. If you ask me, there’s not really more to read from the story other than a debutant, reluctant to hurt the feelings of her suitors, find ways to flaw her self. Thus, came the title Perfectly Flawed, for Charlotte is perfect in any man’s eyes but there are minor details that won’t be noticeable if not pointed, and there are things discovered that are just assumed wrong.

Marks wrote gracefully just like her characters that are unique and come fully to life. I love the integration of the flaws, the puzzle, Muriel’s disbelief, the suitor’s fickle love, Charlotte’s overly kind heart.There are some surprises, twists in the book that I never saw coming. And the ending, I wish I had more of that, like weddings maybe or something that would serve as a “grand” closure.

Honestly, I love all of the characters in here. Muriel, is a headstrong, intelligent and loving sister and daughter. Charlotte is overly perfect with good looks, good heart and talent---meaning good in everything On Gabriel, hmmm… I quite of hate his exaggerated actions and he actually seemed haughty, but as the story progresses, we begin to know the real him –his kindness and generosity.

What’s ironic, is even if I had said earlier that there’s not really more in this story, is that a lot of things actually happened in a short span of time, there are lives changed, the needy helped, the suitor’s true intention and desire revealed. There are also lots of characters, but Marks ensured that we would really know each. So, I salute the author for that..:D

The story is fun and light that if I could, I would suggest that Perfectly Flawed would be perfect for a movie/tv program fairytale story, especially for teens.

Perfectly Flawed is a story of loyalty, friendship, hospitality, kindness, sisterhood, and finding love beyond beauty and grace.

All in all, if you want a clean, entertaining, unique read, then I would highly recommend “Perfectly Flawed”..:)
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3,100 reviews1,484 followers
December 5, 2013
Perfectly flawed is an apt title for this novel because that's what it is. I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with the perfectly dreadful writing style. I thought perhaps it was meant to be a gentle joke poking fun at Regency novels. The style tries to mimic what writers think people sounded like back then. The period speech comes and goes; the characters sound pompous. The writing in no way resembles the polished, careful writing of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. The characters call each other by dreadful nicknames the whole time. I got tired of reading "Char-Char" and "Moo" every few sentences. It was really nauseating. Now let's discuss the characters. They're all very two-dimensional. Charlotte is even more annoyingly perfect than Jane Bennet. She's sickly sweet and less of a good judge of character than Jane. Muriel is a bluestocking and very prejudiced against men for some reason. Sir Phillip comes across as a fop but there are hints that he's not revealing his true self. We hear a lot about him from other characters but don't get to know him very well. There's only a small amount of interaction between him and the Worth ladies. Aunt Penny is hardly a worthy chaperone letting a strange man stay with them and allowing the girls to be alone in a room with gentlemen. She's hardly in the story at all. The plot didn't make much sense. Why exactly are all the gentlemen leaving London to see Charlotte? Are they under some kind of a spell? They act like it. Muriel has the right idea but the wrong way of executing it. I didn't like her plan but I don't have a better solution except let Charlotte decide for herself. Muriel is entirely unlikeable. Sir Samuel shows up near the end and presumably he was in the first book of the series but his character isn't developed here at all. I was left confused by the introduction of a new character so late in the story and have two baronets in one story was confusing. I just didn't like this silly story very much and wouldn't recommend it to those who love good, well-written literature. It's pure fluff and nonsense and I certainly wouldn't PAY to read it but I might read more by the author if the library has any.
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165 reviews32 followers
September 20, 2012
"Perfectly Flawed” by Shirley Marks

Lady Charlotte has all of London's most eligible bachelors vying for her attention and possibly her hand in marriage. The reason why all of these men are wanting Lady Charlotte's hand in marriage, is that Lady Charlotte is a gorgeous young lady, well rounded in all aspects of life. Lady Charlotte can sew, sing, and has a heart of gold. Lady Charlotte also has a habit of seeing the good in everyone, even if they are just telling her lies to try and gain her attention.

Lady Muriel is Charlotte's younger sister. Lady Muriel is helping her older sister find a husband amongst London's most eligible bachelors. Lady Muriel is not like her sister though, she does not see the good in everyone. Lady Muriel comes up with the idea that Charlotte should make up an ailment that she has, and tell the gentleman who have a chance at her heart about this ailment. This is to test the men to see if they can look past Charlotte's beauty and accept her for who she is no matter what is wrong with her. Charlotte agrees, and while telling the potential suitors what is wrong with her, Charlotte starts to notice that a lot of these men are not willing to accept her for who she really is. Will Lady Muriel's test towards Charlotte's potential suitors cause her sister not to find a husband? Will Charlotte find the right man who will accept her for who she really is?

“Perfectly Flawed” is a romantic story of a young lady who wants a marry a man who can accept her for who she is, and not just for her beauty. This novel shows you that there is more to a person then just their beauty. I'm really happy that I read "Perfectly Flawed" and I look forward to reading more of Shirley Mark's books.

4 Hearts Out Of 5

Reviewed by Historicalromancebooks.ca

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658 reviews46 followers
September 13, 2014
I had not read the first book in this series but was actually able to get this book free on my Kindle. I enjoyed this light-hearted regency romance. This is Charlotte Worth’s story. She is the second daughter of the Duke of Faraday and looking forward to her season in London with her Aunt Penny (Mrs. Parker), from their country estate. Apparently the gentlemen of London cannot wait for Charlotte to make her debut and they descend upon their small town of Bloxwich. Charlotte is in a quandary. She has a good heart that sees the good in everyone and thus has a hard time putting the gentlemen off and unable to make a decision. Her sister, Lady Muriel, is not so kind-hearted and plans to put the men to the test to see if they truly see her sister for who she is or only the beautiful package she presents to the world. Will Charlotte be able to choose one gentleman from all of her suitors? Will there be any to choose from if Lady Muriel’s “tests” send them all running? What of the gentleman that is there due to happenstance when his curricle breaks down and he’s stranded in Bloxwich with no available lodgings?
I feel the story was well written with a few laugh-out-loud (well at least a chuckle) moments. The main characters were well developed and the setting of Faraday Hall and the small country hamlet of Bloxwich was perfect for the hijinks and happenings surrounding the “coming out” of Charlotte Worth.
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207 reviews
August 23, 2016
I had a harder time with this second novel in the series than the first. In all honesty I couldn't really read it all, just skimmed parts of it. The best parts were Lady Muriel, and then I wanted to find out who Char picked. Other than that, not a noteworthy reading at all, Sorry.
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