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Rescue Me Saga #0.5

Masters at Arms

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Author’s Note
This book has been unpublished as a single and not updated since July 2013, several versions ago. It has been combined as the new book 1 in the Rescue Me Saga as Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel. (On Goodreads at
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2... and on Amazon as ASIN B00GR5990E.)

MASTERS AT ARMS begins the journey of three men, each on a quest for honor, acceptance, and to ease his unspoken pain. Their paths cross at one of the darkest points in their lives. As they try to come to terms with the aftermath--forging an unbreakable bond--will they ever truly become masters of their own fates? Or would fate become masters of them?

166 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 9, 2011

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About the author

Kallypso Masters

27 books2,908 followers
Kallypso Masters is a USA Today Best-Selling Author with half-a-million copies of her books sold in paperbacks and e-books since August 2011. All of her books feature alpha males, strong women, and happy endings because those are her favorite stories to read. After dabbling at writing since high school (a very long time ago!) and hoping to become a Romance writer about as long, she’s living the dream and has been since May 2011.

An eighth-generation Kentuckian, Kally is excited to embark on the new Bluegrass Spirits series with stories set in some of her favorite places in her home state.

Kally has been living her own happily ever after for nearly 34 years with her hubby, known to her readers as Mr. Ray. They have two adult children, a rescued dog, and a rescued cat. And Kally lives for visits from her adorable grandson, Erik.

Kally is also the author of the USA Today Bestselling Rescue Me Saga series featuring emotional, realistic Erotic Romance novels with characters finding alternative methods for handling and healing from past traumas and PTSD. She also has published two Rescue Me Saga spinoff books—Western Dreams (Rescue Me Saga Extras #1) and Roar, a standalone with familiar secondary characters from the main series. (Roar will serve as the bridge to a future Romantic Suspense trilogy with Patrick, Grant, and Gunnar.)

To contact or interact with Kally, go to Facebook, her Facebook Author page, or Twitter (@kallypsomasters).

Keep up with news on her Web site (KallypsoMasters.com) by subscribing to her newsletter or signing up for text alerts.

You can e-mail her at kallypsomasters@gmail.com, or write to her at

Kallypso Masters
PO Box 1183
Richmond, KY 40476-1183

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431 reviews332 followers
January 21, 2012
WOW!! What a fabulous intro to what looks to be an absolutely amazing series!!

Masters at Arms introduces us to 3 amazing men, who are all at a crossroads in their lives and shows us how they come together to help each other find their way. This books sets the stage for each of these men, Marc, Adam (who is my favorite, btw) and Damian to have their own story!! I was hooked after the first page and haven't been able to leave these men alone, going to work really cramped my reading!! Anyway, I finished this book and have dived right into Marc's book, Nobody's Angel, which I am loving!!! Just thought I'd jump in here and write this quick review to tell everyone how great this book is!! Happy Reading y'all!!!
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709 reviews2,119 followers
June 6, 2012
Well this one felt almost like an anthology.

3 different guys, 3 very different stories, none of them very happy all coming together in the Marines when an Op goes totally FUBAR up on a rooftop in Fallujah and they, eventually, go back to America and start up a fetish club in Colorado.

It works quite well, establishing all the background to these characters over several years until we're brought up to the present moment when the club is in full swing - the stage is set.

Adam - the oldest of the trio, an experienced dom and a widower having lost his wife and sub several years ago to cancer. His heroine to be - Karla, a goth singer, he rescued from some low lifes in a bus station when she was only 16. He considers himself way too old for her - we know better, right??

Marc - also an experienced dom who has vowed never to let a woman into his heart again after his ex-girlfriend betrayed him by sleeping with his brother. This drove a wedge between him and his brother Gino, never to be healed after Gino was killed in action.

Damian - an ex bus boy, new dom, who once experienced a day of bliss with Savannah several years ago after rescuing her from a pair of sadists who were torturing her on her father's orders. They never saw each other again after that day but their story is the one I am most looking forward to.

You'd think this would be dull but it was actually really riveting. Their stories are heartbreaking, especially the clusterfuck in Iraq, and you are left desperate for them to find their HEA's.

So, straight on to the next one!!
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6,819 reviews146 followers
September 16, 2022
Finished Reading August 21, 2013
Finished Reading May 30, 2019

Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance, Suspense
4 Stars

🎵📝 May 31st 2019
I am so glad I reread this book.
It is actually a lot more than I remembered!
There is not 1 but 5 stories.
#1 Adam
#2 Damian
#3 Marc
#4 They Bond
#5 The Club

#1 Adam & #5 The Club are my favorites.
#2 Damian was my least favorite.

🛑🔞There are very graphic and dark scenes in book #2. Be aware.
There is also a very detailed graphic military war zone scene in book #4. Be prepared.

All the stories are well written. The main characters are well developed.
There are adult intimate scenes in book #2 & #3.
All the stories are for adults with adult language, etc.

I highly recommend this series to lovers of Adult Erotic Romance.

I will be continuing to reread this series!

Review From August 21st 2013 ↘
Novella that got me hooked on the series.
A lot of great characters are introduced to us here.
A very great scene with Gunny meeting a young girl at a bus depot.
Extremely well written.
Loved it.
And highly recommend the series to lovers of BDSM romance.

Purchased from Amazon August 21, 2013
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1,258 reviews1,527 followers
July 28, 2015
An interesting beginning for three men. This is just an introduction for what I'm assuming will be two of the couples in the series and although we don't meet Marc's intended, we get some of his back story.

This was definitely just bits and pieces of the bigger picture, and I'm still not sure how I like the way the author pulled this off. It just feels so random and unfinished. Though I guess it did it's job and interested me in the coming books, I kind of wanted to just hurry up and get it over with so that I could get to the real stories.

Fun quote:
"At the back of her mind she wondered why you would have blankets in a nightclub. Well, she was in Denver. Maybe it got cold here at night."
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430 reviews1 follower
November 26, 2011
I love this set up. What a genius marketing ploy to publish a .99 book that outlines the main characters of the full series and simply sucks the reader in. I immediately purchased the 2nd book, and am eager to find out what happens next with Mark (though I'm most curious about Adam)! Every single character is interesting, with enough background to create some depth and a reason to care about them. 140 pages long, took me less than 2 hours, and I so needed an erotic story that grabbed my attention because the last book I read was disappointing. And while I say this story is "erotic," there really is very little sex because the book is set up as a series of vignettes to get to know Adam (tough master sargeant grieving widower), Marc (Italian Dom Navy medical corps with family issues), and Damian (poor Hispanic kid out of juvie with complicated past). So pretty much Masters at Arms is one big prologue, and very well written. I didn't get anything else done this afternoon because I started this book and didn't want to put it down. I wonder how quickly books 3 and 4 will be published, and if there will be a 5th (author alluded to Grant -- female member of Marines unit -- also being a Dom).
July 14, 2012
Adam's prequel 4.5 stars ~The rest of the book 3.5 stars

I've had this series in my TBR pile for quite sometime, so when I finally decided to read it I was uber excited because of all of the positive reviews. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a let down but Master Adam was there to comfort me :-)

I loved, LOVED, Adam's prequel. It's a slippery slope when an author introduces a budding May-Dec. relationship when the girl is underage, but Kallypso wrote it beautifully. She established an innocent and realistic connection between Adam and Karla without crossing any lines. At 16, Karla was sweet, naive, impulsive, and in serious need of saving - exactly what Adam needed to pull him back from the edge he was teetering on after his wife's death. Although dealing with the emotions of a teenage girl made this Marine shake in his boots, the kid gloves with which he handled her made my heart flutter. I can't wait to see how their relationship progresses, but as the "anchor" character of the series it would have made more sense for Adam's book to be next.

Damian's story didn't tug on my heart strings like Adam's, but I did like it. He and Savi's time together was beautiful and memorable because of all that she suffered. She is that special blend of heroine that I root for – a heaping cup of strength with a dash of vulnerability. Initially, I had difficulty connecting with Damian’s character because he seemed nothing more than a vessel for Savi’s ordeal to be told. However, as the story progressed, he finally made a blip on my emotional radar as he suffered through his own trauma. On the sexier side of things, he is definitely a candidate for my "Dirty Talker" Hall of Fame. So, despite the slow start, Master Damian has all of the tools to melt a girl’s heart.

And finally there’s Marc. I desperately wanted to like him, but he never seemed more than a secondary character lurking in the background. His story compared to Adam’s and Damian’s was weak. While they dealt with traumatic life altering events, Marc’s fiancée’s betrayal and family issues lacked the same emotional punch. With such meager offerings in the plot department, Kallypso will need to pull a rabbit out of her literary hat to make his book work.

So, a little rough around the edges, but a nice start to a promising series. The Doms at the Masters at Arms are definitely worth getting to know.
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6,668 reviews1,283 followers
February 22, 2013
What is all the hoopla about this author and this series? I keep hearing about this author and about her great her Doms. Will it live up to the hype? Actually, yes. This is a 3.5 star for me.

Not sure exactly what to expect, I read this first book. I really enjoy the introduction to the three main Doms - Marc, Adam and Orlando. Yes, I sticking to Orlando because I too immediately think of Orlando Bloom. This isn't exactly an anthology; it's more a set up background on each of these Doms and their possible submissives. What I've read, I really like. The reader is treated to different phases of these men's life. We are able to see them grow. To show a span of nine years across three different main characters in this manner is rather impressive. I enjoyed it.

What really impresses me about Ms. Masters is her character development. It's tough writing from a male's POV. I'm not a guy, but I have enough male traits that these men all rang true for me. Each of these men are lovingly built with life defining moments. Some of the moments are positive, most of them were rather depressing. It's not that they were negative, it's that they were harsh lessons in life or a hardship which determines if a male mans up or pussies out. In each case, her three men all manned up. This is not to say they are all perfect. They clearly are not. They are men readers can understand because it is a guy who could be a male friend, son, brother, father or lover. They aren't exactly "every day" men because they are tied by their military experience. Still, they are more readily understood because they aren't the super rich billionaires.

The military aspect was just right for me. It's enough detail to show Ms. Masters did her research, but not so much that the average romance reader glazes over. Since it's involving semi-current events, it also touches many who have family or friends in the military. This is a piece I truly enjoyed.

The BDSM in this book is almost non-existent. There is a little scene here and there. Since this book is a set up for the following books, it works for me. This book is recommended to kinky readers who want to take the plunge into BDSM.
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986 reviews1,094 followers
October 27, 2011
A very unique way to introduce a series. Three individual stories that come together with a final story that sets the stage for the series. I enjoyed all three stories but had an issue involving two of the characters. I loved Adam, but his subtle yet undeniable attraction to Karla disturbed me in his individual story. Although he was nothing but honorable, I believe he felt more than fatherly towards her. Maybe I was reading more into it than what was really going on, but it’s how I perceived it. On Karla’s part, it was a hero attraction, and that I can live with. I am curious to see how their relationship develops when they meet up again.

Then Damian and Savannah's sexual encounter after he rescued her from very disturbing circumstances was so wrong. I would have respected him more if he had comforted her and didn’t succumb to the sexual attraction, although mutual on both parties, it was just too soon. A few days later perhaps, but within a few hours, not so much.
Marc is the third party in this trio of “brothers” and his story was the most intriguing for me.

The three are thrown together during wartime and then maintain strong ties of friendship. Once they band together it becomes one story and an interesting one at that. Although I had did have some issues with this book, I am looking forward to see where they go from here and what their individual books have in store.
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1,970 reviews942 followers
May 7, 2012
Ummm WOW.....

What a DE-LISH and FAB-U-LUSH way to start a series!!! This series IS A MUST READ for anyone who LOVED the "Masters of the Shadowlands" by Cherise Sinclair. Got to warn the faint-hearted though as some of the subjects dealt with are INTENSE and HARROWING!!!

In this Prequel we get the background and beginnings of 3 amazing men which sets the stage for each to have their own story: Marc, Adam & Damian.

These 3 War Heroes are all at the darkest point of their lives as they are damaged by war and personal heartbreak. They know that in order to not sink and drown they need a new start. Help comes through Adam (YUM), who with the help of Marc and Damian set up a BDSM club and together they find a new purpose and direction..Masters of a common goal!!

Bring it on!!!!

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390 reviews53 followers
August 28, 2016
I have to admit that after all of the great reviews for this book, I was a bit disappointed with the stories.
The good-
These short stories were a good setup for the longer novels to come. In them, we got to meet the main characters and get a good look into their personalities. This will be important later when getting into the main books. These stories show how the characters' lives all come together for the next step in life.
The bad-
I felt as if there were too many inconsistencies in these stories. The characterization was not uniform even from the beginning of one short story to the end, and definitely not from story to story. Then there were so many moments where I stopped to say, that didn't really just happen! (I call these WTF moments). There were just too many of them to make the stories believable at all.

Ultimately, I think I am leaning towards reading at least the first full length book in the series just to see where the author takes the story and what she can do outside of a short story. Hopefully with more room to work she is able to fix the character flaws and inconsistencies in the story.
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1,892 reviews24 followers
April 15, 2017
If you haven't yet read Masters at Arms, you are in for a treat! Unlike most other popular bdsm series, the Kallypso Masters' heroes and heroines do not go around wailing for 300+ pages that they are damaged or broken. They are all on positive journeys of OVERCOMING-- fiercely loyal to their family of friends. Masters at Arms and the Rescue Me series have very sexy heroes; danger and adventure; scorching hot, explicit romance; and a cast of characters that you will LOVE!

This prequel (Book 0.5) was added to the series list after I read the other books. It appears to be another version of Book 1, with the same intro stories...no need to download if you already have Book 1.
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1,252 reviews129 followers
June 11, 2019
Update on Re-Read 2019:
Let me start by saying that this is my first ever Re-Read.
I am delightfully surprised that 2012 me and 2019 me agree on 5 stars. I can’t believe how much of the book I didn’t remember. Back then I thought it was intense, but have read lots of Dark Erotica since, but I am 5 star’ing again because it was like “Chick-Lit Erotica”, and I still love these characters!

Amazon freebie 12/11/12
**4.5 stars**

Side note: when I first read the blurb I thought this was m/m. It is not :)

Masters at Arms start as three mini stories that follow three men at their darkest time, it then turns into how their lives align ...

Wow this is a perfect introduction to Adam, Damien and Marc. There were many emotions for me throughout the book (war scenes were intense). After much deliberation on whom would be my favorite master (leaning towards Damien for most of the book) I have decided all three!!! <3"
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1,052 reviews196 followers
September 16, 2011
This prequel to the Rescue Me Series has the potential for greatness. The reader is introduced to the characters Adam, Damian, and Marc. Men who bear the scars of their past, both physical and mental, and yet bond together while in military service and decide to stay together after discharge forming a family of sorts. Further we meet Karla and Savannah, girls who are saved from unspeakable evils by a chance encounter with our wounded heroes, turning points for their futures. Fast forward to The Masters at Arms Club, a BDSM, fetish, kink club the brainchild of Adam. The author gives multiple layers of complexity and realism to the characters in this teasing introduction to the series.
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382 reviews84 followers
July 20, 2012
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"I'm Master Sergeant Adam Montague, U.S. Marine Corps. But you can call me Adam."

Honestly, I dont even know where to begin with this one, so much to say. For starts, from a technical standpoint, I love how this book is laid out. The reader is introducted to Adam, Damian and Marc seperately. We learn a bit about their background and what led them to the military. After you've met each of these men, it all comes together. How they met, how they bonded lays the foundation for the rest of the series.

To read the rest of my review and see who I cast as Adam, Damian and Marc, please visit http://prufreads.blogspot.com/2012/07...

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1,005 reviews7 followers
October 17, 2012
A very engaging, heartfelt, and at times suspenseful overload of emotion. Masters at Arms is a superb introduction to this series. These 3 men you meet; Adam, Damian, and Marco will steal and break your heart with their journeys. How their stories and paths cross is nothing short of incredible. Pain, love, loyalty, forgiveness, redemption and sexy. Involving well developed characters, Masters at Arms is a must read.

This book serves only one purpose, turning you into a thirsty fire ball of emotion not seeking to be quenched or cooled. Your only thought, your only destination will be to continue on this journey with them. I highly recommend this read.

On to book 2! ;D
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705 reviews98 followers
April 5, 2012
No doubt these Doms are HOT messes and I am already hooked from just reading this prequel of sorts! I know I will devour these stories as they are released and I have just started Nobody's Angel (Master Marc's story). The Rescue Me series and Ms. Masters will be among my favorites and I look forward to reading her future works.

This series will be a MUST read for any fan of "Masters of the Shadowlands" by Cherise Sinclair.
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2,022 reviews
October 17, 2011
What a great prequel! There's a little bit of sex, but not a ton, but for being a prequel, this was quite lengthy and chock full of great information. I loved seeing where all the guys came from and what pushed them into the military -- well, I guess we only saw why two of them went. We also get a good clue of their demons, and we get to see how they met and what they bonded over. I think this is going to be a great series if this prequel is any indication.
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120 reviews105 followers
November 29, 2011
I read this novel in a matters of hours and couldn't believe what I was reading. Readers get a glimpse of an actually story plot on Marines at War, and on the side: a little Kinky (light) BDSM.

I know book two is gonna be another great novel,but my heart is set on reading book 3 with Adam and Karla. I can't wait to see how the story plays out. I can hardly wait! *squeals*
September 19, 2015
This review was posted at Under The Covers

Masters At Arms is a collection of prequels that will give you a small glimpse into the Rescue Me world created by the talented Kallypso Masters. Having never heard of her work before, I recently discovered her through a blog and was immediately hooked by her post.

Even though this is the introduction to a BDSM series there wasn't a lot of it in this particular installment. See this book is basically setting up past events that will lead the characters to their own stories. I thought this was done very cleverly. So let me tell you about these amazing, even though quite a bit tortured, couples.

Adam and Karla
We start off with this story and it's truly heartbreaking. Adam has just gone through losing his wife to cancer and is on his way back to Camp to train another set of recruits and head back for another tour with the Marines. Karla crosses his path as a runaway teen at a bus station who looks lost and in need of a protector and he steps up to the plate. The connection between them is palpable even while she's still a teenager, he's 25 years her senior and he's in no way interested or looking for romance. But that night they rescued each other and turned their lives around. Maybe for some people that age difference might be a problem, but I think it worked well in the story and I can't wait to see how their story develops throughout the series and see them becoming a couple.

Damian and Savi
Savannah's story brought tears to my eyes. Coming from a wealthy family you would expect her life to have been roses but in fact the hell she's experienced just cannot be put into words. She was raped by her father who has then been pimping her out not for sex but for pain. Until one night at her fathers' hotel, and while she was with "clients", a young, hot, latino bus boy comes to her rescue after hearing her screams. She feels like she reached the end of the road and at least she can have one night of being cared for and loved before she contemplates ending her own life. And Damian is just a gentleman, kind-hearted and just what she needed. Of course Damian goes through his own hell after he enlists in the Marines. I think these two will need to go through a lot of healing before they can be together but it will definitely be rewarding to see them get their HEA.

Marc D'Alessio
We don't get to meet his intended HEA in this book. Thank God for that because he starts off with an ex-girlfriend who apparently cheated on him with his own brother and I was a bit concerned that he would end up getting back with her. However, in the hopes of running away from her and to honor the memory of his brother, who died while in the military, he enlists as well. War can definitely change a person, show you what life can be about, what people around you are worth. Even though he was not able to say goodbye to his brother on his own terms, I feel he might be the less emotionally damaged of the bunch. His story will be next in the series so I'm excited to see what's in store with Master Marc, who is the one we get to see more in action in this book.

Be warned some of the things described in this book might be difficult to read for some as it does touch on emotional subjects such as war, the death, physical and emotional injuries it leaves behind. There is also the mention of rape and some abuse. However, all these topics are only talked about briefly and you could say superficially so you don't have to go through the actual events.

Adam, Damian and Marc decided to open a fetish club after retiring from the military and so Masters at Arms will be opening its doors. I can't wait. I am very excited to continue this series as it promises to be raw, emotional and very hot!
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January 12, 2012
This is a prequel book to the upcoming Rescue Me series and introduces us to the main characters of the story.
In the first short story we meet Adam who is on the way to his last tour with the army. He is extremely sad as his beloved wife Joni has just died of cancer. While he is in the bus station on the night before Thanksgiving, he witnesses what looks to be a teenage runaway being harassed by a very sleazy man an when things turn violent he stands up to help her. Karla has run away from home to go to New York to be a big music star, what she doesn't realise is how scary it would be and that some people would try to take advantage of her. When Adam saves her and tells her she has to go home she agrees and when he takes her home her family is so grateful to have her back they make him stay for Thanksgiving. Karla see's him as her hero and tells him that she loves him but Adam tells her that he is her friend and lets her down gently.

I loved Adam he really was a hero and was gallant and kind as well and from his thought's you can gather that there is a very kinky side to the man as well! You have to love that! I can't wait to see what the future hold for these two well written characters.

In the second short story we meet Damian who is working as a waiter when he sees a man treating his girlfriend pretty badly what he doesn't know is that the woman is called Savannah and she isn't the man's girlfriend but a slave who has been raised and abused by her father and is now loaned out to clients who like to hurt women. When Damian later hears her screaming from a room in the hotel, he goes to rescue her and finds her being sexually tortured by two men who run out. He initially thinks she is a prostitute but he rescues her and he takes her to his private place where they make love. When he drops her at her home, he knows he will never see her again but he doesn't realize he has left something behind.

This was actually quite hard to read as Savannah has had such an awful life and her abuse is quite horrific, but it did make you really feel for her and I so want to see a happy ending for her and for Damian.

In the third short story we meet Marc who has lost his brother in the war and is trying to run his family's business which is what his brother was meant to do. When he realizes that his life is going nowhere, he decides to join the navy to help in the war that claimed his brother's life, and maybe then, his brother wouldn't have died in vain. While he is training, he meets Damian, who calls himself Orlando and Marc see's that he is very unhappy. The day before they head out to Iraq, Marc takes Damian to a BDSM club to show him the good side of dominance and submission.

When they do go out to Iraq they are deep in the middle of the war and the results show how the three men, Adam, Marc and Damian become such good friends, and shows a little about where this series will go.

After I finished this book I literally couldn't wait to go and buy the first book in the series. Reading about how these characters came to be, I got so invested that I now HAVE to know what happens to them!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes men in uniform, BDSM, drama, romance and great characters.

I gave Masters At Arms 5 out of 5 stars
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937 reviews64 followers
August 29, 2011
A great introduction to the rescue me series. A journey of three men with tortured souls who find each other at one of the darkest, lonliest moments in there lives.

Kallypso has woven emotion and strength into her short prequels, creating a vat that will not only suck you in, but have you eagerly anticipating Master Marcs, Master Adams and Master Damiens stories. ** such a tease ** stomps feet !!! You will want more !!!!

A definite teaser , that will not only have you wanting more but wanting to soothe the poor masters hearts and souls. A great introduction into Kallypso's writing, Im sure she will be leading us not only into tempation but certainly into a world filled with passion, pleasure and acceptance !! with a storyline to boot ! ** wink wink **

So keep in mind when you do buy Masters in Arms its not a full length story just a prequel into the masters stories to get you warmed up and eagerly anticipating the following stories ;

The release of each book is as follows:
Master Marc - Nobody's Angel, September 2011
Master Adam - Nobody's Hero, December 2011
Master Damian - Nobody's Perfect, February 2012

Kallypso creates enough emotions and storyline throughout this prequel to have your interest piqued , and your emotions in turnmoil with the characters, well placed and well put forth.Masters at Arms emphasizes “safe, sane, and consensual.” BDSM practices.

I eagerly await all the Masters books !!!!

But this is an amazing story which by an means could be true. I enjoyed the third story the most gave great insight into the characters and depth and aslo created an character defintion that Im sure Kally will take forth in her upcoming books.

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1,911 reviews272 followers
November 9, 2012
Masters at Arms is the first in Kallypso's Rescue Me series. Like a prequel, it gives us insight into the characters and their past. The book is broken down into segments, the first three focus on each of the men separately, allowing us time to get to know them. The fourth brings them together in a Band-of-Brothers war scenario that further strengthens the bonds between them. The fifth and final segment gives us a glimpse of things to come.

Unlike a prequel, which typically comes out after a series has begun, this book should be read first so that the reader can connect with the Masters/Marines that will fill the future installments. In a way, this book is an anthology of prologues, which gives us the chance the jump right into the action with each man's book. We know them now, or at least some of what haunts and binds them, and are anxious to see them get their OORAH! M(aster)E(ver)A(fter).

On a side note: As a Marine Corps wife, I appreciate the author sharing with readers a bit of the tormented side of life as a Marine (or member of any military branch). It's sad, but true. Support your troops! PTSD is horrific side effect of war. I look forward to these men finding the happiness they so deserve.
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1,196 reviews17 followers
June 22, 2012
This was really good especially for the start of the series. The Fallujah and Iraq references were made to provoke the mindset of any service person, whether a Marine or not. I loved the way the story had placed the three main characters who were not in such close proximity together through the American Vet service bond. There were parts that were really intense, but pulled the plot together for the rest of the series.
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1,322 reviews656 followers
June 14, 2012
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This book is a great start to a series. Beware, that's what this is......a START. This is actually a prequel to the next three individual books. The book reads like an anthology until 60% through when the characters get together. All of their stories begin before they are shipped to the Gulf to fight as Marines. It isn't that easy to rate because they aren't full stories, but I will rate it 5 stars because I can't wait to read more and I couldn't put it down. I will rate it a 4 for heat, but I know the next will be a 5, and I can't wait.

The book starts with Adam. Adam is an older Dom who just lost his wife to cancer. He has been on 4-5 tours of duty in the Gulf, and is headed back to Camp Pendleton when a 16 year old runaway is targeted in the Bus Station he was at. After rescuing her and taking her home to her parents, she develops a massive crush on him, though he feels fatherly towards her. But you can immediately feel the connection between them. They promise to keep in touch. At this point, I was about ready to quickly download Adam's book, because I wasn't ready to leave him yet, but continued reading for Damian's story.

Damian Orlando is a busboy in a hotel. He sees a perfect young woman in what appears to be an abusive situation at the restaurant, and they seem to connect wordlessly. Later, when bringing up room service, he hears someone screaming in pain in the Penthouse. He breaks in and rescues the same girl from being sexually abused and tortured by two men who bought her for the evening. He takes her to his special place and they make love and connect in a way neither ever thought they could. When he brought her home to her father, he didn't realize he (the father) was the one that was selling her as a sex slave, and also owned the restaurant and hotel Damian worked in. Damian was fired, and when he ran out of money, joined the Marines, and never saw her again.

Marc is working running his family's ski resort after his brother Gino was killed in the war. He hates running the resort, but feels the obligation to do it after his brother died. He feels guilty that his last words to Gino were bad because he found Gino sleeping with his fiancé. Marc also offers occasional Dom services to select guests. He finally gets the balls to get away from his family, and do something to help others, so he enlists as well.

The three of them finally meet in a harrowing, awful scene in the war. Insurgents attacked with grenades, and they worked to save each other. There was death and dismemberment, and this was hard to read, but set the stage for who these men turn into after the war. When they return to the states, the three open up a fetish club in Colorado together. So begins the series.....

Though this particular book didn't have a lot of hot scenes, it was still pretty hot. The stories were great and I can't wait to read more about these guys and the women they fall for. I immediately downloaded Nobody's Angel, and I'm loving it already.

This was on my TBR pile for so long!!!! Why did I wait???? If you like Cherise Sinclair's Masters of the Shadowlands, and Masters of the Mountain series, you will enjoy these. The author seems to know a lot about the real BDSM scene, and makes sure that the rules and concepts are explained well. She stresses "Safe, Sane and Consensual", and also explains about the power exchange that should happen in a true D/s relationship.
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June 16, 2012
4.5 Stars because I was left hanging on, damn it!
It's a good thing the next two books in this series are instantly available with a click.
So this is a really different introduction to a series, cleverly done Ms Masters, because I went and bought all the ones currently available.

This book introduces us to three men who form a strong bond over time through the ravages of war and heartache.

It's only an introduction, although a full novel length, but still it will grab you, hold you and suck you in completely.
I love each and every one of these guys and gals, it was so emotional, scary, sexy and heart warming.

Orlando and Savi's story broke my heart. I cant wait for their book.
Master Marc, the yummy Italian...swoon!
Andy the older sexier man and the gorgeous young Karla!
Oh and BDSM underlying theme...god what more could I want.
Okay Kally bring it on!!
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November 14, 2011
Firstly this did not really read like a novel to me - it read like a couple of short stories. Each one begins a character development and story that you cannot help but get addicted too - and when it ends there is that tendency to say "no way! not here!!"

I enjoyed all the stories but Damian and Adam were my favorites - perhaps because of the uniqueness of their situations. In such a short space the author has managed to really set up these three Dom's stories - each one separate and individual but functioning perfectly as part of a whole.

I've already read the next in the series (Marco's story) and cannot wait until Adam and Damian's! Thank you Ma'am may I have another?
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June 11, 2017
Masters at Arms is a story of three men and how their lives converge. They are all honorable with huge hearts but they each have suffered unbearable losses. This was an amazing introduction to each of these men. We get a brief glimpse into their backgrounds and see how they form an unbreakable bond as they fight togerher in Iraq as Marines. The three men are Adam, Marc, and Damian and I fell in love with all three of them. I can't wait for each to get their much deserved HEA. I just finished Marc's book, Nobody's Angel, and have been stalking the online book stores daily for the release of Nobody's Hero, featuring Adam and Karla. I can't recommend this series enough!!
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July 15, 2012
This review applies to the first three books in the series: Masters At Arms, Nobody’s Angel, Nobody’s Hero.

Hunka, hunka hooha! At first glance, one might just see rippling muscle and dangerous sex appeal. But Masters forces you deeper. These battle-scarred war heroes carry emotional burdens that turn pages and wrench hearts. In addition to the psychological nature of these books, there’s enough authentic BDSM play on display to make a dominatrix weep. My only complaint: this self-pub'd author can’t release books fast enough. I'm way too impatient for these books.
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