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Bower Boys #4

4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend

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I am NOT in love with my brother's ex.
We're just temporary roommates.

Jolene Daniels is my best friend. Sorry… was . She was my best friend a lifetime and ten years of witness protection ago. Now that I’ve returned to my hometown, Jolene and I are once again hanging out.

As friends.

I do not fantasize about the time we fell asleep in the tree house we built, and I woke up with her tucked against my aching chest. I don’t replay the days we raced through the woods, nothing but carefree adventure and laughter filling the air.

Nope. We’re just old pals, and I’m thrilled to have her back in my life. Of course, I notice how stunning she is, but it’s fine .

Until her apartment floods and she temporarily moves into my place. In the room beside mine. Nothing but a thin wall between us. She also walks around in flimsy tank tops . Zero bra.

Did I mention she’s my brother’s ex and he’s looking to rekindle their romance?

Good thing Jolene Daniels and I are nothing but the best of friends .

Warning : This book might make your heart palpitate. It's high on will-they-won't-they angst, along with slow-burn chemistry that eventually explodes. It also contains a weird broccoli festival, obnoxious brother banter, and a raspberry picking scene that might melt your heart. Read at your own discretion.

366 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 6, 2023

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Kelly Siskind

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Kelly Siskind lives in charming northern Ontario. When she’s not out hiking or skiing, you can find her, notepad in hand, scribbling down one of the many plot bunnies bouncing around in her head. She loves singing while driving, looks awful in yellow, and is known for spilling wine at parties. Sign up for Kelly’s newsletter at www.kellysiskind.com and never miss a giveaway, a free bonus scene, or the latest news on her books. And connect with her on Twitter and Instagram (@kellysiskind) or on Facebook and TikTok (@authorkellysiskind).

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862 reviews48 followers
July 28, 2023
This series keeps getting better and better with each instalment. We had hints at Cal’s feelings for his best friend in the previous books, but it became quite clear with the last book’s epilogue. We also get deeper into Callahan’s mind, and as with his brothers, he’s so compelling that you can’t help but root for him–even when he makes mistakes.

Before the Bower family left Windfall in a hurry, Cal and Jolene had been best friends for years, and Jo had just broken up with Cal’s older brother. Despite Cal’s obvious feelings for Jo, nothing ever happened between them. Then he was gone for a decade. But Cal has a tendency to do anything possible to help the people he cares about, and without spoiling anything, let’s just say he had never forgotten his best friend and the girl he loved. Isn’t he the best guy ever?

Problem is, in order to help people, he takes charge and makes decisions for them. His need for control is both endearing and annoying, because he foregoes communication and it’s an essential part of any relationship. It doesn’t go well with the people around him when they learn the truth when unexpected consequences to Cal’s actions befall them. That’s basically the lesson Callahan needs to learn here: helping people means being by their side, not doing things for them behind their back. Communication isn’t Cal’s most developped skill. Half-truths and evasions, on the other hand… He takes a lot upon himself and refuses that people worry about him.

As Jolene is independent, you can see the problem here. I’d have loved to see more of this side of the character though. In this story, she often needs help. That Callahan offers generously, of course. But that also means that she isn’t particularly endearing when she doesn’t make any effort to be less of a mess when Cal welcomes her in his home. Thankfully she was more than just a home tornado and she does things for Cal too. Their banter was the funniest, and you can see why they’re best friends.

Nothing new with the Bower family situation, except that their mother finally comes back to Windfall. There are several scenes between the brothers, where they both tease each other and help each other. The dynamics was sometimes weird–they know things about each other that should remain personal–but with this book being the fourth in the series, not unexpected.

As usual, it’s a slow burn, but once they get it on, it’s hot! And the anticipation is thrilling–as much for the reader as it is for the characters. Humor, chemistry and so much love, it’s another delicious romcom from the author.


- Series: Bower boys #4 (can be read as a standalone)
- Hashtags: #small town romance #forbidden romance #best friends to lovers #brother’s ex #forced proximity
- Triggers: N/A
- Main couple: Jolene Daniels & Callahan Bower
- Hotness: 3/5
- Romance: 5/5
- + Jo and Cal’s friendship was absolutely the best
- – am I the only one grossed out by the Bower teens antics?
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395 reviews105 followers
August 6, 2023
I got my hands on them and I love them. Ex best friends who are in love with each other but never ever mentioned it and he’s absolutely and completely gone for her🥺
966 reviews23 followers
June 27, 2023
Wow, wow, wow…I love this series, the family and each book keeps getting better and better. This is Jolene and Callaghan’s story - it will break you, make you want so much for them and then cheer when they finally get their “stuff” figured out. Lol

Callahan/Cal - bless him, he is a saint but also his worst enemy. He’s a fixer, wants to take care of everyone but isnt taking care of himself. He had many secrets he’s keeps…some good, some not so healthy.

Jolene is a firecracker and I adore her. She is strong, determined and is trying to figure out her life. She’s also keeping some secrets and just wants to the truth to be out there.

This family is such a treat. They tease, love each other fiercely and will protect one another (along with those they love) without even thinking about it.

The banter, sass and dialog will have you laughing out loud, swooning, make your heart hurt but in the end you will smile big for these two.

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1,501 reviews260 followers
August 13, 2023
Cal has been in love with his best friend Jolene since he was a teen. But his need to make his family happy always overshadows his own happiness. So when his older brother Jake asked if he can date her, Cal didn’t tell him his true feelings for Jolene. Then after two years, Cal could no longer handle his jealousy so he spread a rumor to break them up. And then his family was put into WITSEC for 12 years.

4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend is the fourth romance from the Bower Boys series about a family of five boys and their mom who was placed into protective custody for twelve years and are returning to their hometown to reconnect with friends and rekindle romances. Cal is the middle brother and tends to make peace and take care of his family and friends. The catch, he doesn’t want them to know, so he has a spy and does a lot of managing from behind the curtain.

Now that the Bowers are back in Windfall, Cal thinks he needs to put Jake and Jo back together, despite is own feelings for her. Cal continues to meddle in the lives of those around him, working to manipulate the pair back together. The problem is that sometimes his good deeds backfire, and as his anxiety grows because of his conflicted feelings for Jo and the need to please his brother, he gets irrational and makes mistakes. The frustrating thing is that the issues he causes could have mostly been avoided if he’d just stop, think, and communicate. While I found most of his gestures loving, I became increasingly frustrated with Cal and honestly grew a bit apathetic to his plight because he just digs himself deeper and deeper by not talking about his true feelings.

After trying to avoid Jo when he got back to town, Cal is forced to deal with Jo when he agrees to let her live in his spare room while her apartment is being repaired. Every once and a while, Cal would forget about his brother and just be himself around Jolene, allowing their bond to reform and strengthen. I loved when they were playful and having fun without worrying about the outside world. In these scenes, I found myself routing for the pair. I understood why they are perfect for each other. Once the truth of their mutual feelings is out, Cal and Jolene have some perfect moments together. Years of pent up emotions make these new moments extra amazing.

So here’s my biggest issue: Cal is buried in so many layers of manipulation and anxiety that he continues to be his own worse enemy. I struggled to like him once he continued to both hide things (hoping the truth wouldn’t be discovered) and make assumptions about how other people feel (reacting poorly to that). It went on too long, and I found it hard to believe him when he promises “it won’t happen again,” especially since he expressed that more than once.

I also struggled with the minor plotline bringing together Jake and future love interest Larkin. The author is clearly setting up her next book, which is fine, but Larkin’s animosity towards Jake is constantly brought up and sometimes overshadows Cal and Jolene. Additionally, the reason for the hate is not shared (because it’s probably being saved for the next title), and I found the constant reminders of her dislike without a reason annoying.

In the end, I enjoy most of 4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend and found Cal and Jolene to be a great match. I loved their romance when Cal was fully present and not worrying about his schemes, but when he was plotting and planning, I struggled to enjoy Cal.

My Rating: B/B-
Review copy provide by the author
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2,372 reviews116 followers
August 28, 2023
Quickie review: 3.5-3.75 stars. This was a pretty good book. I enjoyed the story and the bffs to lovers angle. There is some OM drama and a minor love triangle, but it wasn't bad. I liked Cal and Jo. The only negative was low chemistry. Still, this was not a bad read.
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315 reviews47 followers
July 26, 2023
4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend by Kelly Siskind
Rating: 4.5 stars
Steam: 2 chilis
Pub Date: 7/26

Kelly Siskind has done it again! This is the fourth book in the Bower Boys series, and Cal may have taken the top spot as my favorite brother. This childhood friends-to-lovers, forced proximity, brother’s-ex story is one you don’t want to miss.

When Callahan Bower was ripped from his life and put into witness protection with his family, he left his best friend, Jolene, behind. Not only was she Cal’s best friend, but she was his brother Jake’s girlfriend. What no one knew was that Cal was in love with her, and he secretly broke up their relationship so that he could have her all to himself. And that’s not the only secret Cal has been keeping.

Somehow every book in this series gets better and better. You can feel the underlying tension from the moment Jolene and Cal meet after all their years apart, and it becomes clear early on that Jolene was also in love with Cal. There’s nothing I love more than childhood friends to lovers, and this book gave me all the feels. The chemistry between them was palpable from the start, and the slow burn until they got together was worth every angsty moment.

Cal is overprotective of everyone he cares about, and I love how he managed to take care of them without them knowing. It’s hard not to root for him as he struggles to balance his own desires with his responsibilities.

My favorite part of these books is always the relationship between the brothers. They bring so much humor and warmth to the story, and the way they’re always there for each other is just perfection. Their banter is laugh-out-loud funny, and their meddling in Callahan’s life had me cackling.

Siskind always does an incredible job at setting up her next book at the end of the current one, and this epilogue had me dying to get my hands on Jake’s book. If you're in the mood to laugh, swoon, and cry happy tears, then "4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend" is a must-read. Thank you so much to Kelly Siskind for my early copy of this amazing story.

Read if you like:
*childhood friends to lovers
*brotherly banter
*small town
*laugh-out-loud humor
*slow burn
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415 reviews14 followers
July 28, 2023
Thanks to the author and Give Me Books PR for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion. I definitely recommend the Bower Boys series (this is book four of five), and this book in particular if you’re a fan of the friends-to-lovers romance trope!
While this is part of a series, you could read it as a standalone. However, you should know the basic background info: Chelsea Bower and her five sons were in witness protection in Houston for ten years after her husband, the father of the boys, was arrested for a money laundering scheme. Each of the books has focused on one of the boys, and this book is about Callahan. In middle school, Callahan met Jolene, and the two immediately became best friends, spending all their free time together. Being a year older, Jolene went to high school first and tried to become one of the “cool kids” before Callahan joined the next year. Both dated others during high school, and once Callahan left for college, Jolene ended up dating Callahan’s oldest brother, Jake. Jake and Jolene had just broken up right before the Bowers disappeared into WITSEC, and now that the boys have all returned to Windfall, the smalltown community is starting to gossip about Jake getting back together with Jolene. Callahan's behind the scenes meddling, while well-intentioned, causes some additional issues. Both Jolene and Callahan have some epic longing in this slow burn, and I was all about it! If you're looking for romance with an interesting premise and great character development, this is for you! And I can not WAIT for Jake’s book, 7 Steps to Seducing Your Fake Fiance. These books are SO fun to read!! This one joins the other three on Kindle Unlimited, too - start with 50 Ways to Win Back Your Lover!
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807 reviews431 followers
July 27, 2023
I have to start this review with a few confessions: first off, I'm not typically a fan of friends to lovers romances and second, I have a hard time picking favourites when I love a book series...you're probably wondering how 4 HINTS YOU LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND ties into these two confessions, so I'll tell you! This is hands-down one of the BEST friends to lovers romances that I've ever read...the build up, the banter...the chemistry between Cal and Jo, everything was PERFECTION! And I also think that this might have just topped the list as my fave in the Bower Boys series. ;)

I've been a huge fan of Kelly Siskind's for a while now, and I'm loving the entire Bower Boys series so much! I love the Bower family, all of the love interests, and absolutely adore the entire fictional town of Windfall!

We're getting to the end of the series and these last two brothers, Cal and Jake, are the ones we know the least about, so I was extremely excited to get to know them better in 4 HINTS YOU LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND and I definitely wasn't disappointed! Cal was so wonderful, and I realllllly loved seeing how he quietly took care of his loved ones...and all of the descriptions about his glorious muscles were quite lovely, too. ;) Seeing his relationship with Jo develop throughout the story was fabulous and I loved Jo, too! Their jokes had me constantly laughing and I was rooting for them so much!

Overall, I loved 4 HINTS YOU LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND and it was an absolute pleasure reading Cal and Jo's story. The banter and chemistry between them was wonderful, and I really loved how their story unfolded! Friends to lovers isn't typically a go-to romance trope for me, but Kelly Siskind absolutely nailed it in 4 HINTS YOU LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND in a way that I think will appeal to readers who don't typically gravitate towards it either. Trust me, this one will blow you away, and I'd definitely recommend this book along with the rest of the Bower Boys series! It's perfect for contemporary romance fans who love sweet and spicy reads!
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940 reviews205 followers
July 26, 2023
This series just keeps getting better and better. With every Bower brother I read about, I have a new favorite brother. This is Callahan Bower's story. He has been in love with his best friend, Jolene, for as long as he can remember. He's back in their extremely small hometown of Windfall with major guilt for his actions in breaking up his brother, Jake, and Jolene before they left for witness protection. He tries to avoid her, but she is not having it. Soon, circumstances bring them together as temporary roommates, which makes it harder for him.

Cal is a man who puts everyone's happiness over his own. He has been a workaholic since being back, helping everyone at almost every hour. He has had a secret spy helping him to protect and take care of things for those he loves. His need to take control gets him in trouble, though.

I love that with this book we got both Cal and Jo's points of view. I love getting both sides. It makes the story so much better. I have enjoyed every book in this series, and I am sad it is coming to an end. The brothers' banter and razzing are one of the best parts of this series.

Thank you to the author for an advanced readers copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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1,329 reviews
July 26, 2023
Oh Callahan, your Momma raised you right. Always thinking of others and making sure everyone is happy, except for you. But you know your brothers see right thru you.....
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Author 4 books26 followers
July 25, 2023
'You'll only need 1 hint, not 4, before reading this book: You're going to LOVE it! Kelly is a gift that keeps on giving' - The British Bibliophile

Thank you to Give Me Books PR for sending me an ebook Advanced Readers Copy for me to read and leave an honest review. NOTE: My review does not contain spoilers, but touches upon aspects mentioned in the blurb. So if you wish to go in blind and not know a thing about the book, please turn away from my review...now :)

We're back with the fourth and almost final book in Kelly Siskind's Bower Boys series, 4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend . We got a hint of what we would be in for at the end of book three, 6 Clues Your Nemesis Loves You , but now it's time for the full Bower Boy experience in his very own novel.

Book one, 50 Ways to Win Back Your Lover , kicked off the series with 'E' & Delilah, book two 10 Signs You Need to Grovel followed with Des & Sadie and now book three, 6 Clues Your Nemesis Loves You handed the literary torch to Lennon & Maggie. Now? Now is the time to see if all my thinking about Callahan Bower has worked, and if he's able to de-throne Lennon as my current favourite Bower boy.

Usually as a personal rule, I don't read about the next book before I dive into the ARC--or pick it up as a new release--, but I made an exception and I was glad I did! I've been thinking about Callahan Bower ever since!

What's better than an enemies-to-lovers romance? A former friends-turned-strangers/enemies romance. Way back when, Jolene and Callahan were the best of friends but as time passed and things changed--with a few unforced events along the way--, and not for the better. These two friends are now former friends and with the Bower boys back in town, their paths were bound to cross someday. But would they remain oblivious to one another, or rekindle their long-lost friendship? A question, it seems, that Callahan definitely doesn't want to even think about.

After what feels like a lifetime in WITSEC, Callahan has established himself back in the town in which he was forcibly taken from. Being back in his hometown has also brought him back to the one person who meant the world to him, Jolene Daniels. After rebuffing her on several occasions as their paths crossed in their town, he finally starts hanging out with her as friends. Only as friends. Nothing else but friends . At least that's what he keeps telling himself.

Callahan is very much the in-denial type of book boyfriend. The one who knows the truth, sees the truth that's in front of him and doesn't deny that his heart knows what it wants, but still resists all he can anyway. He certainly does NOT fantasise about her and the time they fell asleep in the treehouse they build (and woke up in, in an embrace) or not the time they ran through the woods laughing and as carefree as to young people without worries would do. Nope, not at all. Not even a little bit--cue side eye!

Insisting that they're just old pals, he continues the path of self-denial, insisting that he's just happy--and satisfied--to simply have her back in his life. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course as readers, we know the other side of the story *wink wink*.

His patience--and sanity--is tested when Jolene ends up temporarily staying with him at his place due to unforeseen circumstances of her own when her apartment floods and she needs somewhere to stay & everyone volunteers Callahan's place as said temporary place of refuge. Three cheers for the forced proximity trope! One of my favourites. The walls are as thin as his tested patience, and it doesn't help that Jolene walks around in a flimsy tank top sans bra. By the time that her temporary stay is up, he'll be he'll be relieved. Or will he?

Relying on the repeated reassurance that they are just friends, the best of friends, surely that wold be enough for him in order to get by?

As was the case with book three, this novel is not on the side of heavy external drama and villainy, it's equally as focused more about and around the main characters of Jolene and Callhan--with the occasional supporting character here and there. This allowed Kelly to write and clear the air as to what went down all those years ago for the two of them, and bring forward so many answers to unanswered and lingering questions. I found myself liking this scaled-down and focused romance style that didn't need to lean on drama to be remotely readable. Everything about this book from the main characters, the setting, the story to the journey from start to finish was in every sense readable and thoroughly enjoyable.

Now comes the all-important question. Did Callahan Bower manage to de-throne Lennon as my favourite Bower boy? Drumroll please............................. he did! Just. Lennon was a very good contender and is still my no.2, but Callahan just edges that little bit further out in front because rather than hiding his flaws, Kelly writes them well and makes him more of a realistic character than a perfect fictional one. As if there's ever such a thing, anyway. Both he and Jolene are brilliantly written as individuals and for one another, and I hope that other readers will get to know and love them as much as I do.

Did I mention that this book also made my top reads of 2023 list? No? Well now you know because it did.

Reading this book means that although we were given another instalment, we're also one book closer to the end and in such a short time, I've come to know and love this series so much. It's definitely one that I would not object to reading a spin-off of someday (possibly a second generation of Bowers), or having as a permanent fixture on my bookshelf.

Here's to five stars for this read and here's looking at you, the fifth and final book, 7 Steps to Seducing Your Fake Fiancé
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5,168 reviews175 followers
July 26, 2023


Cal has it in his stubborn head that he needs to help his brother and his former best friend get back together, and no amount of meddling by his other brothers or the rest of their small town can budge him from this belief. Until said former best friend moves in with him temporarily, thanks to those meddlers. Now Cal's famous control is about to snap because Jo has the nerve to walk around their shared place in tanks and no bra...

Jolene finally has her best friend back. But they're just friends. They're also temporary roommates. And more, if Cal can take his head out of his ass and see things how they really are, and stop trying to get her back together with her ex who happens to be his brother. They've got a past and things are going to come to a head and revelations will finally come to light. Time will tell if they have what it takes to get past all those secrets.

I've loved this series, and Jo and Cal are yet another adorable couple. The Bower Boys are all so different, yet have been quickly falling in love and being brought to their knees. Cal's lucky his former bestie forgave him for trying to avoid her when he moved back home. But Jo's lucky too, because Cal is absolutely swoony with a protective, fixer nature that anyone would love in their partner. I'm sad knowing this series is about to come to an end, but I'm really looking forward to the last Bower to find love when Jake and Larkin's story is released, 7 Steps to Seducing Your Fake Fiancé.

ARC provided by Give Me Books Promotions for an honest review.

Review / Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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326 reviews
July 31, 2023
I think I love Cal most of the Bower Brothers (E is a close second). He's adorable and lacks the broodiness and cockiness of the other older boys. This best-friends to lovers--with complications--romance has just the right amount of tension and the pace is perfect. The only complaint: the conflict in the climax is not believable. We get to know Jolene quite well over the course of the story and, if we're to believe her actions and words from the hundreds of preceding pages, it seems like Jolene completely over-reacted to Cal's meddling. It was out of character for her and a bit too contrived/unbelievable. I also thought that Jake's confession about knowing Cal's feelings all along came across as an afterthought the author threw in last minute. It puts the brothers' previous interactions in question--at least, all of Jake's responses. Otherwise, though, an enjoyable book and a great set-up for Jake's story.
381 reviews
September 5, 2023
Callahan and Jolene!

This story made me happy,it was laughable, which I did.It was light and refreshing, it did have some drama in it,like where Callahan still cared for Jolene all those years even when the witness protection program, he carried the troch when he thought his brother Jake cared for her.Poor Callahan was such a kindhearted soul and would do anything for his family and friends that it was taking a toll on him and he c was still hiding a secert that was going to hurt him in the long run when Jolene found out.At least it work out for Callahan and Jolene but his brother needs alot of help and I quess I will have to wait till Nov!
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1,601 reviews7 followers
August 3, 2023
4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend by Kelly Siskind. 

This was a first for me from this author and it will certainly not be my last. This was such a heartwarming story. It is Jolene and Callaghan’s story and it was an action packed journey. Loved just how sweet Cal is he was my favorite character. The way he put everyone before himself he was ugh an amazing person. I truly enjoyed this book and will be going back to read the others for sure I’m intrigued by the characters and need to learn more. Highly recommend.
Profile Image for Dolores.
44 reviews
August 3, 2023
Loved it!

This is first series of Kelly I've read and looking forward to others! 4 Hints will make you laugh, cry, yell at your Kindle! And maybe a little hot! Thank goodness my AC is working this summer. LOL High recommend this book and whole series!
Author 4 books42 followers
July 26, 2023
The fourth book in the Bower Boys series lives up to the previous ones.
We find the main plot with this exceptional family who suffered because of the mistakes of the father, who had to move away brutally from the people they loved in order to hide in a life of lies, because of WITSEC. Callahan Bower, like his brothers, was heartbroken when he had to leave his best friend, Jolene. Jolene whom he loved with all his heart in secret because she lived a love story with his brother, Jake. Today each brother finds his beloved and he is once again ready to sacrifice himself for Jake's happiness. He wants to win back Jolene, but she doesn't seem interested.
Callahan is an extremely generous hero who gives his time, energy, skills, and heart to everyone. He deprives himself of rest and happiness because his priority is not his own life, but that of others. He goes so far as to scheme behind the backs of his family and friends to improve their daily lives, as well as their relationships. He helps without expecting anything in return. This is what he does, among others, with Jolene. His selflessness is admirable and touching, but also frustrating for us readers. We want to shout to him that he too has a right to happiness, that he should think of him for once. Especially since Jolene loves him too, secretly.
I liked that the heroine was the first to express her feelings, to push Callahan to express his. She too suffered from the separation, she knows that you have to seize the opportunities when they arise.
She is a strong woman who has experienced losses, disappointments, failures, but she gets up every time and keeps her kindness and humor.
I loved the passages where Callahan thinks back to their youth, it allows us to see how close they were, to see the beauty of their friendship, their growing complicity, their budding love. Their relationship is exceptional: a real friendship, deep feelings, strong physical attraction, incredible chemistry. This book allows you to feel different emotions thanks to the personality of the characters, thanks to the perfect writing, and thanks to the situations. We laugh a lot, we melt, we cry... There is a mix of romanticism and well-balanced humor (the little surprises placed in the fridge, for example).
I loved the cohabitation that creates sexual tension as well as a necessary forced rapprochement. The author knew how to exploit the idea magnificently, we see some differences between the messy Jolene and Callahan who likes everything to be tidy. They rediscover their bond by cooking, discussing, laughing... Of course, it's also the perfect time to accentuate the physical attraction that is difficult to control.
I loved seeing once again the Bower family who like to meddle in the sentimental affairs of their loved ones. I again loved this small town that we are really starting to know well.
Kelly Siskind always manages to surprise us where we least expect it. And we finish this novel by impatiently awaiting the one that focuses on Jake.
Friends to lovers, angst, cohabitation, family... This novel has everything to please and I recommend it.
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1,637 reviews44 followers
July 11, 2023
A love so big it not only stretched over decades, but it spills out of the pages of this book. Callahan Bower and Jolene Daniels share the BEST coming of age, rekindling of heartache and friendship story I've ever read. My own heart was full to bursting. ALL THE STARS!!

Each one of the Bower brothers was affected differently when they were taken into WITSEC. In some ways they all fell apart, but Cal and Jake were the two that really held the family together. Callahan Bower took on the role of making sure his family was safe and protected. He needed to feel in control since his life was spinning out of control and his top priority was his family and putting his own needs become last. Cal made sure everyone in his life had what they needed, even if it's to his own detriment, but his need for order and fixing everything, while sweet, sometimes backfired. Cal is incredibly sweet, overprotective, and uses a secret spy to keep track of everyone important in his life. Cal is definitely the big brother to everyone he loves, and let me tell you he loves with his whole heart, but he has trouble saying no when it comes to his own life. I love his character so much along his ginormous heart that he has catapulted to my favorite Bower brother. How does this keep happening when I absolutely adore all of his previous brothers? Seriously...these boys are the best, but Cal has stolen my heart.

Unlike the past three books, Cal and Jolene switch point of views and I adored getting both sides, especially since their love is soooooo big. Seriously. They have been best friends since Cal was ten and Jo was eleven years old. Their friendship grew through adventures together and stories that made me giggle, but overall it made my heart fill to bursting with so much love I knew that these two were soulmates, there is no question. It just takes them a while to finally work through all of lives obstacles to get to enjoy the benefits of such a wonderful title. 

Even though I love every bit of Jolene and Callahan together, what made this book even MORE than five stars is when ALL of the brothers all together. Every single time it warmed my heart and made me laugh out loud. Especially Lennon and E...their antics and meddling in Cal's life is adorably hilarious. While Jake still has somethings to work out, it was fun to watch the rest of the brothers be more relaxed, especially now that they have their own relationships. This book, while it still has some angst, because it is a slow burn and Cal creates his own world of controversy just because of who he is, overall it was a total joy to read and I loved every chapter and every page.
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183 reviews
July 7, 2023
"I'm starting to think she maybe she wants me too. Real this time, not imagined. Her little flirtations tonight. Her worry for me. The way she's holding my hand so damn tight. And I want that too- her heart and every inch of her soul, because this clearly isn't just attraction for me, as I've hoped and wished. She's everything I want...and everything I can't have."

The Bower Boys are no strangers to heartbreak. When they were pulled from their lives and thrown into witness protection program over a decade ago, their entire worlds were turned upside down. For Callahan Bower, this meant leaving behind his best friend who'd he'd been in love with... and also happened to be his brother's ex.


If you've ever wanted to read a book where the mmc's love language was acts of service, then this is it. I know every time I go into a Kelly Siskind book, I am going to fall in love, and this is no exception.

Cal Bower might be the softest Bower brother yet. Even before moving to Windfall, he's been going above and beyond (in secret) to help his family and makes their lives a little easier. This man's greatest downfalls are that he will take care of everyone but himself... and that he's in love with his brother's ex. It's hard not to fall in love with a man that is just so kind . I love love love Cal, not only as Jo's romantic partner, but he's such great addition to the Bower boys.

For how soft and loving Cal is, I think Jo is his PERFECT balance. Childhood best friends is also soooo good, and it's so well done. I love that Jo likes to push Callahan's buttons, and challenge him. She's such a strong character, and it was fun seeing her perspective sprinkled through the book as well, it helped understand the messy brother's ex dynamic a lot better. She's funny and I looooove all the scenes between Cal and Jo when they're rekindling their friendship.

My favorite parts of this book were easily Cal and Jo having their mundane moments together, and the banter between them. They work so well as a couple because, even with a decade long time gap, they have such a strong friendship foundation built. This book was an excellent addition to this series. There's childhood best friends, brother's ex, FORCED PROXIMITY!!!, small town, acts of service as a love language and so much more.

4.5 stars

Thank you so much Kelly Siskind for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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August 1, 2023
We finally get Cal's story. While this book can be read as a standalone, this series is a wonderful mix of fun and emotion that is best enjoyed in order to truly fall in love with each bother.

I loved Cal as much as I've loved the other Bower Boys. Cal's the Peacekeeper of the family—at least, he tries to be. He finds ways to make life a little easier for those around him. It's his way of coping with WITSEC and the chaos the program caused. He is protective, has a huge heart, and his loyalty to his family is unmatched. So much so he willingly sacrificed his happiness for that of Jake's more than a decade before. Present day emotions are tougher to resist and the author did a stellar job of capturing the internal conflict of the triangle.

Unlike the other stories in this series, we get a little more of a dual POV here. And I think that was especially important in this story since Jolene and Cal were best friends, but Jolene dated Jake (Cal's older brother) before WITSEC - and it was an emotional triangle that needed a bit of untangling. Especially since Cal's quest to better the life of those around him results in a ripple effect of unexpected consequences.

In addition to the romance, we have the other Bower Boys and their endless banter and unwavering love. Their solid connection and devotion to each other is filled with laughter and ribbing, but it's mixed with a fountain of love and support that is amplified by their unusual WITSEC circumstances. There's a lot of set up for the next story. A lot. The drama leading into Jake's book is a result of Cal's meddling and I'm right there, anxiously awaiting Jake's story to release.

This was another great story in a wonderful series about family, love, friendship and second chances.
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July 26, 2023
Such a Sweet Romance

This Bower Boys series is the best! Granted I’m missing a few brothers, but have met them all in the first book and they are around in each book for moral support. If you want to call it that. It’s more like ball busting. Callahan and Jolene are up this time around and what a messy situation they find themselves in.

Callahan has always seemed to be a generous brother. The one that will give you the shirt off his back. After ten years in WITSEC, it’s bound to leave an emotional mark and for Callahan, he has the need to make sure everybody is taken care of. Usually to his own detriment. He works with the eldest brother Jake at their construction company. Not only is he doing his contracted work, but he is also constantly bargaining on the side with others in the name of silently helping. Little did she know it, but Jolene had been helped silently by Callahan for years. It was the only way he could feel close to her without making a move on his brother’s ex and his best friend.

Jolene, like Callahan, loves the little town of Windfall, even if everybody is always all up in your business. It was huge news when the Bower boys came back to town after ten years, even bigger for Jolene because that meant her ex, as well as her best friend, were back. Jake and Jolene dated while she was in high school. Nothing serious, she was an insecure girl that caught the eye of an older guy. Much wiser now, she knows that Jake isn’t who she really wants to get to know again.

The whole brother’s ex storyline was intriguing to me, and I couldn’t wait to see how Piper Rayne was going to make it work in the end. It was a careful dance for sure to keep it from getting tacky or gross. Plus, the entire town knows and sees everything, even if it isn’t what they think they see.

The book is well written and although it was Callahan and Jolene’s book, Sandra turned out to be my favorite. I love quirky characters and when you add witty texting it only gets better! Along with our main characters, all brothers are present and accounted for along with a few new names. Jake’s book is next and was set up nicely. 4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend reads well as a standalone, but I loved learning more about the brothers’ backgrounds.

Reviewed for Renee Entress’s Blog
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July 26, 2023
4.5 stars

I've been loving this Bower Boys series from Kelly Siskind and have been waiting patiently for all the brothers to get their HEA now that they are out of witness protection. In 4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend, brother Cal needs to resolve his feelings for his long-time childhood friend Jolene.

There's plenty of bro-code stuff happening in this story. Prior to witness protection, Cal and Jolene were best friends, hanging out together. Cal already has deeper feelings for Jolene, but when his brother Jake shows interest in dating her, he doesn't stop his brother and that's his first mistake.

Fast forward to post-witness protection, and there's tension between Cal and Jolene. Some of that comes from a situation that developed right before they were whisked off to witness protection so there are some unresolved conflicts here. But Cal still has deep feelings for Jolene, and to make amends for something he thought he did, he tries again to put Jolene and Jake back together. That's a big mistake for Cal, since he really has deep feelings for Jolene.

When Jolene's apartment floods and she needs a place to stay, she ends up in Cal's apartment. Is that a mistake? Maybe and maybe not. The close proximity situation helps everyone's feelings bubble to the top and there's a whole lot of drama going on!

Cal is really a sweet character. He's a big fixer of others problems which at times is endearing and sometimes manipulative. It does come from a good place and he has a huge heart for his family and friends that sometimes gets him in trouble.

As details of that last night before witness protection come out, there's many revelations about what really happened that night that helps to put Cal and Jolene where they need to be -- and that's in each other's arms.

I just love this series and I'm finding I can't get enough of these Bower Boys!
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4,066 reviews225 followers
July 26, 2023
Callaghan Bower has been in love with his “former” best friend for as long as he can remember but he was always afraid to act on his feelings in case she didn’t feel the same. So he sat back and watched his older brother, Jake, date her instead until he did something he shouldn’t have.

Jolene Daniels was devastated when the Bower Boys suddenly left town with no explanation and didn’t return for 10 years. She is running the town bar that her aunt left her but she isn’t sure what she wants to do with her life anymore.

When Jolene’s places floods and she stays with Cal, can they remain friends and will Cal continue to push Jolene towards Jake without considering what either of them want?

When Cal tries to control too much will it cost him everything?

This is a great book and I am really enjoying this series.

Cal is truly a great guy but tries to make everyone else around him happy and doesn’t care about his own happiness. He runs himself ragged avoiding difficult situations by trying to help out everyone in town with their construction projects as he hates telling people no. But Cal also is somewhat of a secret Santa and nobody is aware of everything he does except his “agent” in town.

Jolene is great and I really enjoyed her banter and the way she decided to go after what she wanted although I think she was pretty frustrated at how long it was taking to get noticed. I understood her frustration with work and how she felt somewhat limited in what she could do but everything really changed for her when a character returns to town.

There is so much chemistry and banter between Jolene and Cal that keeps you entertained from beginning to end and it keeps you turning the pages! The book is well written and very entertaining.

The family dynamic is incredible and these boys are very entertaining.

Can’t wait for the next one!- Rebecca
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July 26, 2023
4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend is a cute friends-to-lovers-oops-now-we're-roommates-too-bad-your-brother-dated-her-first-and-might-not-be-over-her story. Told in dual first person POVs (though there's *way* more Callahan POV chapters than Jolene), there were more than a few moments here that had me LOLing. Ms Siskind definitely has a way with cute banter and amusing internal dialog, and I am here for it.

I did get a bit aggravated with Cal, though--his heavy-handed, Wizard of Oz-like I-know-what's-best-for-everyone-and-I'm-going-to-make-sure-it-happens-from-behind-this-curtain schtick is more than a little OTT--I get why he did it while in WITSEC, but when he was back in his hometown, maybe talking to people once in a while would be a good idea? Leting them ultimately make their own choices? Fortunately, he (finally!) figures out the error of his ways--though before that point, his "inside woman" did gain my grudging respect. And made me LOL a few times too ;)

Friends-to-lovers is one of my favorite tropes, though, so chances were good going in I was going to enjoy this one. Cal and Jo did not disappoint, and their journey to HEA had just the right amount of slow burn and angst with a side helping of OMG, talk to each other, already! ;) I loved watching Jolene grow closer to Larkin as the book continued--obviously, when you fall in love with your best friend you're going to need a new bestie on the side to dish on your relationship with--and now OMG Ms Siskind has me all but panting now for Larkin and Jake's book.

Is it November yet? ;)

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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Author 8 books37 followers
July 26, 2023
Em "4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend", Callahan está evitando sua melhor amiga de sempre, Jolene, pelo simples fato que ele sempre foi apaixonado por ela. Mas quando a dona de bar precisa de um teto para morar temporariamente, talvez fique um pouco difícil esconder seus sentimentos.

Callahan é o mais altruísta dos irmãos, que está sempre buscando a felicidade de todos ao seu redor, mesmo que isso signifique sacrificar a sua própria. Jolene, por sua vez, é uma mulher determinada, um pouco teimosa, e ainda está em busca de seu caminho na vida.

A amizade entre Callahan e Jolene é extremamente fofa de se acompanhar, especialmente por ser uma amizade de longa data, que começou na infância. Eles são confortáveis um com o outro, o que os leva a viver se provocando e criando momentos divertidos. E é bem na cara que os dois sempre tiveram sentimentos mais fortes um pelo outro, mas rolou alguns desencontros na vida

Apesar de entender as intenções de Cal em querer juntar Jolene com Jake, seu ex, confesso que me estressei um pouco com sua insistência nessa ideia. No entanto, a relação entre os irmãos continua roubando a cena, como nos livros anteriores. Juro que era só os cinco se juntarem que é risada na certa.

Assim como os outros livros, a narração de Callahan prevalece, mas tivemos mais capítulos narrados por Jolene. O epílogo deixou um gostinho de curiosidade para o último livro da série, 7 Steps to Seducing Your Fake Fiancée, e estou ansiosa para descobrir como tudo se resolverá porque faíscas e "ódio" mais que voam entre Jake e Larkin.
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11.4k reviews150 followers
July 26, 2023
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this series so much, and each time one of these brothers get their story, they become my favorite so guess what?! Our hero, Callahan, is now my favorite brother to date LOL! He's a wonderful man who always puts other people above himself, and while that's not a bad trait to have, he kind of goes to the extreme & never does things for himself which is how this story came to be. See, he was best friends with our heroine, Jolene, and had secret feelings for her to boot, but his brother Jake landed her instead. Of course both Bower boys left Jolene behind when they had to go into Witness Relocation but now they're back to their lives & Cal is determined to get them back together despite his secret feelings. Now I absolutely loved Cal, but I wanted to shake him until his teeth rattled since it was apparent to everyone that he was the man for Jolene so let the entertaining journey with a meddling family commence. The sparks fly between Cal & Jolene every time they're close to each other, but it got really intense when she ended up staying with him for a bit, and she was good going without a bra around the place all the time LOL! I was laughing a lot during this story as Cal was really struggling with not taking Jolene for himself, so this story was super fun to experience. Kelly Siskind created such a great family that everytime I read the next book, I want them to be my own family so you don't want to pass this one (or the series behind! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
1,471 reviews2 followers
August 3, 2023
3 stars
I like the series. I like the brothers; their closeness to each other; their hopes for each other; and how they each adore their mom.
I like the witness protection arc over the long absence of the family from the small town they love and return to. I like the actual stories of each brother getting back to the life he left and mourned.
These men are all crybabies. Sheesh. Actual crybabies. The women seem to be much stronger. And that’s not the way I like to see my heroes.
And the books are long with a capital Long. Hashed and rehashed and cried about.
Anyway, I can’t wait for the last brother to find his happiness.
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66 reviews7 followers
July 27, 2023
if there's one niche trope i love it would be 'separated former childhood friends who didn't know they have feelings for each others until they meet again after years'. this book is exactly that and it devoured.

at this point it's impossible to pick a favorite bower brother cs i love them more when i start their own book, and i definitely didn't love cal any less! he's the brother who takes care of everyone he loves, especially his family and the love of his life. both him and jolene has their denial phase on their own feelings, that's what happens when you're best friends for almost half of your life.

their chemistry was undeniable and it grows in every page even through the slow burn that was testing my patience. what's very interesting is the brother's ex trope... like will jake be okay with their relationship? did he know since the first time or he still loves her and wants her back? it made the angst moments ten times better.

compared to the other three, i think this book has a lighter plot and i even read it in one sitting! it's sad that we only have one book left in the series, but i'm here waiting for jake's book to come out cs the tropes yall?? fake fiance and enemies to lovers?? sold.
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July 14, 2023
I don't know how Kelly Siskind keeps doing this, but each book of this series gets more and more amazing! Every time I think that I've definitely found my favorite Bower boy, she introduces me to a new brother and makes me eat my words.

This is Callahan's story and he has pined over his best friend, Jolene, for most of his life. When he comes back to town, he is riddled with guilt over having broken up his older brother Jake's and her relationship just before they were whisked away by the Witness Protection Program. That guilt makes him ignore her around town, but she is not having it! Add in the fact that Jake wants to rekindle their relationship and you've got the perfect storm in angsty romance.

This book guys! It is so swoony and amazing! I'm a huge sucker for best friends to lovers, and this hits every note in all the right ways.

Seriously if you haven't started this series yet, what are you waiting for?!? It will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you stupid angry about all the time these couples have lost, but luckily they are more than making up for it.

I'm getting super sad that the series will be coming to an end, but we have one more brother to read about, and like always, Kelly's hints have me chomping at the bit for Jake's story. Will he be my next favorite brother? Can't wait to find out!

Thanks so much to Kelly Siskind for providing me an ARC of this book!
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July 12, 2023
ARC Review of 4 Hints You Love Your Best Friend by Kelly Siskind
* * * * *
A small town romance that finally has a man get a shot with the woman he has always loved...with past secrets coming up to complicate things.

Callaghan has always been in love with Jolene.
As a young skinny boy, to a young man who watched her be with his brother, even when he was it WITSEC. Now he has returned...and is avoiding her.
Jolene isn't having it.
Feelings are bubbling up and over for what Callaghan is containing. Jolene really has not idea how much and how long he has cared for her. From the things he is doing now, allowing her to be his messy roommate, to the things he has done in the past. Then, there was that ONE thing he did. Something that could break everything apart if anyone ever found out.

Really love coming back to thise books. They have an air about them that has me sinking into the lounge under the warm sun and finding content in not being interupted in a read such as this. It was sweet and steamy, slowburn and carrying that releif that FINALLY they are going to have what I have been waiting for!
Callaghan's need for control is something I honestly enjoyed watching unravel. He is a man who has massive anxiety, and him constantly trying to make sure everyone is happy over his own happiness, he watches at how he can mess up massively.
Jolene...girl...stop leaving you undies on the sofa!
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