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Dodging Cupid

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After a string of disastrous Valentine’s Days, broken hearts and failed relationships, Jenna’s decided to spend this Valentine’s Day in the least romantic spot possible—the coin-op laundry. No flowers. No candy. No annoying couples or romance of any kind. The only glitch in her plan is the leather-clad biker in heart-print boxer shorts who walks in as her washer starts. This just might turn out to be the best Valentine’s Day Jenna’s ever had.

47 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 21, 2011

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Kelly Fitzpatrick

196 books28 followers

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1,339 reviews
March 15, 2019
3 1/2 stars

Cupid was a pinky-dicked little trouble-maker.

This short novella was cute, funny and sweet overall.

When Jenna hears a motorcycle pull up outside the laundromat on Valentine's Day, a holiday she has renounced for a number of reasons, she's not expecting a hot biker to walk in and turn her routine (or her world, for that matter) upside down...

Clearing his throat, he asked, "Can you spare a little detergent?"

Jenna silently thanked the powers that be for his silence in regards to her [dropped] panties [that] she dared not pick up. She waited a beat for an explanation, like he'd forgotten his laundry soap in his prison cell or the detergent flew off his bike during a police chase. None followed.

"Uh... oh... sure." Picking up the plastic jug from the counter, Jenna took a step closer to the blaze of heat she felt radiating off him. Wait! Maybe that's still me. All she knew was that her forehead was coated with a layer of sweat.

She accidentally kicked the panties at her feet across the expanse. He looked down when they landed at his feet. More specifically, on the toe of his biker boot. The contrast of black leather against red lace made for a steamy visual.

She froze. Again.

It's written in the third person and told from both points of view. It's a tad insta in the love department but considering how short it is and how the story plays out (with the dynamics and strong attraction between Jenna and Del), I was kind of expecting that and it worked for me since it wasn't over the top but cute.

So if you're looking for a super quick, easy read with a sense of humor, this wee bite may prove satisfying!

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Author 10 books15 followers
July 29, 2012
I gobbled up Kelly Fitzpatrick’s ‘Dodging Cupid’ like Valentine’s Day chocolate. The book responded accordingly, going straight to my heart, putting me in a good mood, making me crave more.
Fitzpatrick’s cynical heroine, Jenna, and bad-boy hero, Del (probably short for delicious, Jenna decides), meet in a Laundromat on Valentine’s Day. Together they recount the many reasons to despise the lover’s holiday, while keenly aware of their own smoldering attraction. At the end of the evening, Del gets Jenna’s number, promising to call. As Jenna feared, he never does. Brokenhearted, she drags her wash to the Laundromat each week, hoping for the impossible. Finally, unable to take another lonely night at their meeting place, she decides to invest in her own washer and dryer—even if she has to go in debt to do it. The faint sound of a motorcycle in the distance settles it. Never again will she return to the “scene of the crime.” But just when she convinces herself that she’d misinterpreted the entire situation, imagined the kiss, the perfection of his lips, she thinks she hears Del’s voice, rich and smooth like fine chocolate, asking…“Someone order a pizza?”
Dodging Cupid is a fun and fast read. I definitely recommend this book to those trying their best to dodge cupid, as well as those looking to hit him head on.
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Author 18 books22 followers
February 9, 2013
Compulsively readable. I devoured this short between movies. Funny and touching at the same time. It had me laughing one minute and tearing up the next.
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3,068 reviews157 followers
February 13, 2016
Cute valentine's day short

This was a cute very lightweight cupid quicky - kisses only. Bad boy biker Del's secret identity was a fun little twixt.
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