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All Roads Lead Home

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Hendrick Simmons despises her. Mariah Meeks doesn't blame him—not after she rejected the handsome mechanic's proposal two years ago. She's certain she's not meant for marriage. All Mariah's energy goes to one purpose—her work as an agent of the Orphaned Children's Society.

Now a prodigal father's return threatens a boy under Mariah's care. Mariah insists on approving the lad's future home for herself, even though it requires a cross-country drive that's too dangerous to take on her own. For the child's sake, Hendrick agrees to join her. Can a journey of 2,000 miles bridge the distance between them…and reveal where Mariah truly belongs?

288 pages, Paperback

First published January 3, 2012

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About the author

Christine Johnson

22 books145 followers
Christine Johnson grew up in small-town Michigan, where tales rise taller than old-growth forest. God blessed her with a love of story, which led to publication with Love Inspired Historical and Revell. When not at the computer keyboard, she loves to quilt and explore God’s majestic creation.

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268 reviews9 followers
January 3, 2012
Hendrick Simmons, a mechanic, still feels like Mariah Meeks is the only one for him, but her heart is promised to the Orphaned Children's Society. Problem is that her family is well off financially and he feels inadequate about his current financial state. When Mariah feels the need to travel to Montana to help an orphaned child she never thought that Hendrick would want to accompany her. Because of a secret Mariah has kept hidden, she has convinced herself that romance cannot be hers, so in turn she hides her true self from others. Could Hendrick melt this career girls heart?
When she meets Frank Gillard in Montana he is not at all what he seemed, being a most hospitable and charming host. She must make a decision about a child's future. Yet sometimes danger lurks around the corner but hides itself well.

I wasn't sure that I would enjoy the novel at first but after a few chapters I was totally captivated and found that I had a hard time putting it down. There were twists and turns within that kept me turning the pages of this suspenseful and romantic read. Scenery and dialogue worked within the storyline and I found the overall message inspiring. I would recommend this book to others.
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558 reviews
December 30, 2011
this was a sequel in one of Christine Johnson's books "All Roads Lead Home", Mariah was an unusual girl-headstrong some would say. She works with Children and doesnt think she should marry as she is unable to have children. She had turned down Hendrick Simmons proposal and he thought she thought He was not good enough for her.
this story deals in suspense with a child that was being cared for by Mariah's brother and wife, fast becoming a part of the family. Mariah, through her job learns that the childs father wants him back and she is trying to stop this. Mariah travel on a far journey and everyone wants her to take someone along so she wont be alone. thus Hendrick appears and offers his services to go with her. there is a mystery to figure out and a long lost love to become reacquainted with, you will want to read this story and find out what happens on this 2000 mile journey and how "All Roads Lead Home".
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986 reviews
December 29, 2011
I won this book through Goodreads First Reads, Thank You! I actually was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the relationship and the tension between the two main characters. I enjoyed the mystery part of trying to figure out about Frank Gillard. Was he good, bad and what where his motives? I loved trying to figure it out. It seemed like the majority of the story was based upon trying to figure this out about Frank Gillard and then it seemed a little rushed at the end.

Thanks for a great read Christine Johnson and Goodreads First Reads program!
164 reviews
July 20, 2020
At first I was not so sure about this book as I'm not a fan of authors that make women bossy and continue to make errors of judgement but her errors did not hurt others, she ended up realizing she did make errors, and she kept relying on a higher power. But as the book progressed the story redeemed itself with the many issues that presented of that time period; the Native American perils, the mixed race challenges, the unscrupulous people, and the good people. I especially liked that Hendrick held his focus at the train and did not turn to mush at the sight of Mariah. The book leaves one much to think about. Bravo.
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501 reviews107 followers
February 24, 2013
Grade: B+

His lips brushed her forehead and then her temple. The waves of emotion tossed, their tops windblown, and she lifted her face as if struggling for breath, but it wasn’t air she needed. She required something far more nourishing. She needed to know she was loved, and, with the gentlest touch of his lips to hers, he gave her that.

I felt compelled to purchase this because the title and cover were actually unique and relevant to the story. Add in the 1920s road trip setting, along with the Poor Boy/Rich Girl Unrequited Love premise, and I was doomed.

Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed. There was nothing flashy about the writing or the characters; like The Maverick Preacher, it was just a really good story told really well. But the two books are very different in their presentation of the faith messages, and I generally prefer inspirationals where the spirituality is a strong undercurrent and not a battle of Bible verses, so All Roads Lead Home gets the edge with the B+ grade.

The suspenseful stuff went in a direction I wasn’t expecting, with intrigue on an Indian reservation, but I thought the sensitive issues of prejudice, land ownership and education were handled really well. The author never resorted to whitewashing the history or resolving the conflict with “White People to the Rescue!”

The only thing that bugged me were the Big Misunderstandings. This is my least favorite plot trope, because it always makes the inner conflicts feel so forced and contrived. From what we’re told of their backstories, Mariah and Hendrick should be intelligent and mature enough to avoid the predictable fits of jealousy and not-smart decision-making.

An unrelated minor disappointment…. The hero’s younger sister flirts with a resident of the Indian reservation, and I was so hoping their story would continue — but apparently she goes back home and marries a cranky rich white guy. Pfft.

Anyway, this is my favorite Harlequin Love Inspired (historical or otherwise) so far.
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Author 10 books64 followers
January 12, 2012
Mariah Meeks, a dedicated compassionate woman, works for the Orphaned Children’s Society. With no family or children of her own, she’s devoted all her passion and energy into children’s causes. One little boy in particular has a place in Mariah’s heart —and in her brother’s home. But news has come that the adoption may not take place, and the little boy very well may soon be removed from the family he’s comes to love and returned to a father who abandoned him years before. Mariah’s not about to turn the young lad over without making certain all the facts are correct. Before she goes breaking up her brother’s family and their hearts, she decides to undertake a journey to check for herself if the father is on the up and up. Hendrick Simmons is a hard-working mechanic, who proposed marriage to Mariah some years before. Mariah spurned his affections for reasons unknown, but letting go isn’t something that comes easily to Hendrick … especially when he hears about Mariah’s crackpot plan to drive 2,000 miles cross-country by herself. Mariah’s not wild about his insistence on joining her, but Hendrick stands firm. Mariah told him no once, but he’s not about to let her do it again.

ALL ROADS LEAD HOME is the story of a determined woman who cares deeply for children and one man in particular, though her fearful heart won’t allow her to admit the truth. ALL ROADS LEAD HOME is the story of a stubborn man insistent on protecting the woman he loves, though his once-spurned heart cautions him to take it slow. ALL ROADS LEAD HOME is the story of two people caught up together on a cross-country drive that leads them on the adventure of a lifetime in search of a happily-ever-after for one little boy … and perhaps the two of them, as well.

Christine Johnson is a gifted author with a unique voice that will surely appeal to readers of inspirational and historical fiction. As we’ve come to expect from Ms. Johnson’s works, her novel ALL ROADS LEAD HOME is filled with a soft spirituality that whispers across the pages. Ms. Johnson does a superb job in creating a world where we join Mariah and Hendrick on their 2,000 mile journey down the road to home.

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59 reviews
March 3, 2012
Christine has written another great book. I enjoyed it so much and couldn't put it down until I finished it. Again she incorporates so many interesting elements. Besides learning about travel by car in the 1920s and the difficulties for orphans, she also touches upon the situation of schools for Native Americans to "westernize" them. I wish all children had an advocate like Mariah Meeks. I look forward to other stories from Pearlman, Michigan.
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1,199 reviews70 followers
January 9, 2013
Ok. Not the worst book but not the best. I liked the road trip the two characters went on with the male leads sister but I didnt quite feel the love between the two main characters but the setting was interesting and I liked all the secondary characters. Good book to distract me from my studies though.
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2,021 reviews43 followers
March 22, 2016
2.5 stars. I expected a road trip story and it turned out to be more of a melodrama, with the evil bad guy trying to cheat the noble young girl. :)
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