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Dark-Hunter #21

Time Untime

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Kateri es una joven geóloga de ascendencia cheroki. Como científica, no debe ni puede creer en las leyendas milenarias que le contaba su abuela. Sin embargo, desde su infancia vive atormentada por sueños perturbadores. En todos ellos aparece un desconocido de pelo oscuro, que o bien lucha a su lado o la apuñala hasta matarla...

Doce días antes del 21 de diciembre de 2012, la fecha del fin del mundo según el calendario maya, Kateri descubre que es descendiente, por línea femenina, de las Guardianas del Apocalipsis y que, por lo tanto, tiene en su poder las llaves del inframundo.

Entonces aparece Ren, el guerrero misterioso protagonista de sus sueños, un Cazador Oscuro maltratado por todos y por todo, alguien a quien han traicionado tantas veces que está acostumbrado a proteger y aislarse. Pero ahora, desafiando a la profecía que pesa sobre él, siente que debe defender a esa hembra humana, la única que puede evitar que el mundo se acabe, y la primera persona que le enseñará que el amor existe.

414 pages, Hardcover

First published August 1, 2012

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Sherrilyn Kenyon

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New York Times and international bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular at the #1 spot. With legions of fans known as Paladins (thousands of whom proudly sport tattoos from her series and who travel from all over the world to attend her appearances), her books are always snatched up as soon as they appear on store shelves. Since 2004, she had placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels. Her current series are: Dark-Hunters, Chronicles of Nick and The League, and her books are available in over 100 countries where eager fans impatiently wait for the next release. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures while Dark-Hunter is also being developed as a television series. Join her and her Paladins online at MySherrilyn.com and www.facebook.com/mysherrilyn

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2,239 reviews3,515 followers
December 30, 2017
Renegade "Ren" Waya (Dark-Hunter) and Kateri Avani (Human with the end of world linked to her)

This book is connected with two books:
- Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter #2) where we met Kateri’s cousin, Sunshine Runningwolf.
- Retribution (Dark-Hunter #19) where we met Ren as the best friend of Sundown.

The most interesting part of the story is that it combines Mayan myths and Greek myths.

Ren is the son of the Keetoowah chief Coatl and Sterope, one of the Pleiades and he was raised by the demoness Ravenna. Thus he also developed demonic tendencies and he became Makah'Alay ("demon-crow").

Kateri Avani has always had dreams about a man that she had never seen, until she met Ren. That time she was introduced to paranormal life and she finally met the man of her dreams that she knew that he will kill her.

As I understood, since the book was published in 2012, it was closely related with the 2012 phenomenon in which transformative events would occur on or around 21 December 2012 the end-date of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Some believed that this would be the end of the world actually.

Since we are still alive and breathing, obviously this book has had a happy ending and Kateri Avani and Ren Waya have saved our asses.

An now ... finally... Styxx baby I am ready for you :)
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736 reviews374 followers
August 13, 2018
Sherrilyn Kenyon writes such scarred and tortured heroes, which is the reason why I can’t ever get enough of her books. I love this series so much, and Time Untime didn’t disappoint. It grabbed me from the very beginning and kept me invested until the last page.

It was hard for me to read this book without shedding some tears. Ren’s past stomped on my heart and ripped it into tiny pieces. I honestly can’t put into words how bitter his life was. It was beyond my imagination how he could endure all those never-ending pains and unfairness. So, I was truly delighted for him when he finally had a happy life with a woman he loved, who loved him back unconditionally.

“Love isn’t an obligation. You don’t owe someone your loyalty and you damn well don’t owe them your heart. It’s an emotion, and it’s born from mutual respect and generosity. It is not cruel and it is not judging. It comes from a willingness to live in complete and utter misery for the benefit of another. But when it’s real, you don’t feel that misery at all. The thought of their face, the scent of their skin brings a light to that darkness so bright that it drives out everything else.”

All in all, this was a great read and I loved it!
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810 reviews1,026 followers
August 29, 2012
OK, well just so you know, I'm a HUGE Sherrilyn Kenyon fan, and I've read all of the books in this series thus far. And all I can say is I really wanted to love this book.... but I didn't. I can say that I did like parts of it. There was some really funny banter between the characters. She did bring back a few of my favorites in this book but for only short periods of time.

I thought the main character, Kateri was a bit weak. Not in spirit but in development. I found her frequent visions of the past and future confusing and honestly a bit annoying. I loved the name, but just couldn't get into her character. I found her love for Ren to appear more like pity and lust than actual love. And as for Ren, his feelings for her were more like worship, also mixed with a bit of lust. I also found the Ren's character kind of sad and pitiful. He really needed to put on his big boy pants and behave like the badass warrior he was. I know this may be harsh, but I think those two characters could have been much better developed.

The story dragged at times and was a bit confusing at times with all of the Mayan culture mixed in with the Greek and Atlantean. Sometimes I just got a bit overwhelmed by it. The story picked up at the end and I actually enjoyed the ending... but I don't know whether it was the actual story I liked so much or the fact that the book was finally over.

I'm giving the book 3 stars out of my sheer love for the author and my faith that she was on vacation when she wrote this one. I have complete faith that her next one is going to blow me away!! I look forward to it!!!!!
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1,838 reviews6,243 followers
December 15, 2015
The only good parts of this book were when Ash and Talon were around.

Other than that, it was as bad as Sundance's book: a weird mixture of Native American, Mayan, and Greek mythology that didn't come together well. Also, the two main characters were not interesting or charming at all.

As I said, Ash's scenes were entertaining enough. He had his hair all buzzed off and it is funny how the Dark Hunters responded to it.

Cabeza: He did a double take on Ash's short black hair as a sick feeling went through him. "Madre de Dios...it is a sign of the Apocalypse. what happened to your hair? Did someone scalp you?"

Ren: Now there was something terrifying. "What happened to you? You get into a losing argument with a pair of scissors?"

Acheron rolled his eyes. "Damn all of you are going to make this hard on me until it grows back. I swear. What's more important? Armageddon or my haircut?"

It is hard to imagine Ash with a buzz cut, that's for sure, but his reason for cutting it was to donate it to Locks of Love in gratitude for his son on his first birthday. That is so cute!

Long or short hair, I love Ash!

As for every other part of this book? Not worth reading at all.
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1,655 reviews1,007 followers
October 5, 2013
Grrrrr...I had just spent a half an hour on a review and once again lost it! I will write another one tomorrow...how frustrating!

Alright, one more time with feeling!!
This 17th installment of the Dark Hunter series was somewhat a disappointment to me. Not because it was badly written; but because there were so many legends and myths told during the course of the story that it just became confusing. If I am being honest, in two weeks time alot of them I won't even remember. There were so many facts being told, that it was impossible for me to absorb it all. There was even a part in the story where the couple were about to have sex, and right smack in the middle of it the heroine had yet another vision! How frustrating..I can tell you, at that point I was NOT interested in a vision of the past! I was still focused on what was going on in the bedroom and I ended up skimming to get back to there!

Even though there was so much to take in, I fell in love with Ren; aka Renegade! There was such a child like quality to him that was so endearing. All he wanted through out his long life was to belong to someone. To feel what it would be like to be loved by someone. In true Sherrilyn Kenyon fashion; he was an extremely tortured hero. The events of his life were at times horrific and heartbreaking. All he knew was rejection from people, including his own father and brother. He was also ridiculed for his stutter when he talked. Of course, being treated like that he had no trust for people, and he chose to barely talk or be around anyone. This is where his innocence comes from, he truly just hadn't experienced much of the life that we all take for granted. Not only was he such a sweetheart on the inside, but he was six and a half feet of muscular, hot, native american man! Yummy! He also had the trademark long black hair, and his true eye color was a vibrant blue!! So yes, I was sold on him from the start, and as the book progressed, I just fell deeper in love!
Usually, most heroine's tend to annoy me at one point or another; but in the case of Kateri, I actually loved and admired her. She also came from the native american culture, and she was just a very strong individual. She didn't back down no matter how scared she was, and she was loyal to the bone. Her and Ren were the perfect match for one another, and she sure knew how to show Ren what it felt like to be loved. Their fate is connected, and there is a legend that surrounds this couple. Being together is something that was destined to be.

Another wonderful thing in this installment was that I got caught up with some characters that have been around for most of the series. I love updates on past couples, and seeing familiar faces pop up. Acheron played a small roll in this story, and we got to see Nick, Talon, and Sundance. I also am always highly amused at the one liners and banter that goes on between all of the friends. Some of the things that come out of their mouths are just hilarious and they never disappoint me in the least.

Sherrilyn Kenyon is still brilliant in my eyes and I did enjoy this book. My three star rating just reflects on the fact that their was way too many legends and myths. One or two would have been perfect, but when there becomes more than five, it just gets to be too much to take in. There are also several cultures that are integrated into all these legends; Mayan, Greek, Native American, and then of course the Dark Hunter history. That is a lot in one book and it becomes very confusing. I am still glad I read it, because Ren and Kat are an awesome couple. I just wish that we had of got more of them and less history.
I love being sucked back into the world that Ms Kenyon creates and seeing all of the familiar characters. I feel as if I have known them, and even after all this time I still look forward to future books on the Dark Hunter series. She is still able to keep it fresh and intriguing. Nick, is one that I am more than curious about and I wait in anticipation for when his book will come out. I just know it will be Epic!!!
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2,003 reviews195 followers
December 15, 2015
3.4 Another interesting addition to the series. Not one of the best but it was a quick read and had bits i wouldn't have wanted to miss.
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92 reviews18 followers
August 17, 2012
Excerpt from Time Untime:

December 10, 2012

Kateri Avani jerked in her sleep as her dreams tormented her. No longer a woman full grown, she was again a little girl sitting in her grandmother’s house, playing with the dolls her grandmother had made for her and her cousin Sunshine from the corn that grew in the garden out back. Barely twelve, Kateri brushed her small hand over the black cornsilk hair of the male doll.

Her grandmother sat beside her, at the old-fashioned red kitchen table, shelling peas as she spoke to Kateri in that ever gentle tone that never failed to make her feel safe in a world that had been anything but. “You know, Ter, it’s a common saying among people that the love of money is the root of all evil. But nothing could be more wrong.” She dropped the strings and ends of the pea stalk into the compost bucket at her feet. “Before the invention of money or even monetary systems, there was plenty of evil to go around.”

Not sure why her grandmother was telling her this, Kateri quirked a brow at the serious tone.

Her grandmother’s snow white hair was braided and twisted around her head in an intricate coil Kateri had tried over and over to master. Unlike her grandmother’s, hers always ended up in a mess that would leave her braids to fall loose as soon as she moved swiftly.

After pushing her glasses back with her knuckle, her grandmother paused her lecture to pull more beans from the handmade straw basket on the table and put them into the silver pan she held in her lap. Pointing at Kateri with one of the long pea stalks, she pierced her with those golden eyes that held all the fire of a strong, spirited medicine woman. “Heed my warning, child. Neither money nor greed destroy humanity, and they definitely don’t ruin the life of a single individual. Rather it’s something much more sinister. Those are merely the symptoms of the true disease that rots some from the inside out.”

Kateri’s eyes widened. “What rots people?”

“Envy,” she said in a chilling tone. “It is the deadliest of all things, child. It was what motivated the first crime known to mankind, when brother struck down brother and left him dead for no reason other than the fact that he thought his brother was more favored. On the surface, it’s such a beautiful word. But like all true evil, that beauty is deceptive and it lures the unwary in for capture and ruin. Like the devil’s whirlpool, before they realize it, they’re drowning in it and can’t escape it no matter how hard they try.”

“What does envy mean?” she asked, her heart thumping. If it was so bad, then she never, ever wanted it.

Her grandmother snapped the peas apart, her movements more frenetic. “From the Latin invidi which means to cause resentment or to calculate ill will toward another, envy is that inability to feel happiness at someone else’s good fortune or to wish them well even though they deserve it. It’s when you begrudge someone their moment in the sun or just the fact that they have a life that you think is better than yours, even though we all have pains and sorrow. Embarrassments and things that haunt us. From that, no one is ever immune.”

“I would never do such a thing, Grammy,” Kateri assured her. “I know better.”

Her grandmother smiled kindly. “I know, baby. But the warning bears repeating. It’s so easy to fall into its grasp, and to let that hatred and bitterness destroy your own happiness.” She handed Kateri several raw peas to eat while she continued shelling them. “When I was a girl about your age, my grandmother told me a story that her grandfather had told her. Even though I was young when I heard it, it has stayed with me throughout my entire life.”

Kateri crunched the peas while she listened. She always loved her grandmother’s tales.

“One day, a young boy went up to his grandfather who was an old Cherokee chief. ‘Edudi?’ asked the boy. ‘Why are you so sad?’

“The old chief bit his lip and rubbed his belly as if his stomach pained him unmercifully. ‘There is a terrible fight inside me, Uhgeeleesee,’ the chief said sternly. ‘One that will not let me sleep or give me any peace.’”

She touched a pea stalk to Kateri’s nose as she mimicked the boy’s wide-eyed wonder. “A fight, grandfather? I don’t understand. What kind of fight is inside you?”

Kateri stole another handful of peas from her grandmother’s pan.

“The old chief knelt in front of the boy to explain. ‘Deep inside my heart, I have two wolves. Each strong enough to devour the other, they are locked in constant war. One is evil through and through. He is revenge, sorrow, regret, rage, greed, arrogance, stupidity, superiority, envy, guilt, lies, ego, false pride, inferiority, self-doubt, suspicion and resentment. The other wolf is everything kind. He is made of peace, blissful tranquility, wisdom, love and joy, hope and humility, compassion, benevolence, generosity, truth, faith and empathy. They circle each other inside my heart and they fight one another at all times. Day and night. There is no let up. Not even while I slumber.’ The boy’s eyes widened as he sucked his breath in sharply. ‘How horrible for you.’ His grandfather shook his head at those words and tapped the boy’s chest right where his own heart was located. ‘It’s not just horrible for me. This same fight is also going on inside you and every single person who walks this earth with us.’”

Kateri touched her own heart as she wondered if those wolves were inside her, too.

“Those words terrified the little boy,” her grandmother continued. “‘So tell me, Grandfather, which of the wolves will win this fight?’ The old chief smiled at his grandson and he cupped his young cheek before he answered with one simple truth. ‘Always the one we feed.’”

Those words echoed through Kateri’s dream as she tried her best to wake herself. Be careful what you feed, child. For that beast will follow you home and live with you until you either make a bed for it to stay, or find the temerity to drive it out.

But her grandmother wasn’t through with her warnings. She took Kateri’s hand and pulled her forward through time. Into a place that was eerie and foreign, and at the same time, it was familiar. Like she’d been here before and forgotten it.

Or banished it.

Though the sweeping winds were hot, they made her blood run cold with dread- as if there was something innately evil here. Something that wanted her dead. All around them, stalagmites and stalactites formed misshapen beasts that added to her discomfort. The red earthen walls reminded her of a Martian landscape. More than that, those walls held sketches of past battles between warriors and a feathered snake that rose up above them, breathing fire from its nostrils as it tried to defeat them.

“This is where the end begins.”

Before she could ask her grandmother what she meant, Kateri saw a shadow move across the floor. It grabbed her from behind and jerked her back against a rock-hard chest. She felt swallowed by the size of the man who held her with an ease that terrified her. Dressed in a white linen shirt, black vest and jeans, his long ebony hair fell to the middle of his back. Dark eyes flashed in a face so perfectly sculpted that he didn’t appear real.

Familiar with this stranger, she relaxed.

Until he spoke.

“For all time,” he whispered in her ear an instant before he plunged a knife deep into her heart, then threw her to the ground to die.

Shaking and scared, Kateri woke up in a cold sweat to the sound of her alarm clock blaring. At 4:30 in the morning, her bedroom was still pitch dark, but even so she sensed a presence near her bed. More than that, she smelled the faint scent of peppermint and Jurgen’s lotion.

Her grandmother’s scent. There had only been one other time when she’d awakened to this sensation and smell- The night her grandmother had died while she’d been in college. Goosebumps ran over her body as tears filled her eyes.

“Eleesee?” she breathed, using the Cherokee word for grandmother.

Lightning flashed, highlighting the shadows in her room. Kateri gasped as the one in the corner appeared to be the solid form of a woman.

Only it wasn’t her grandmother. Instead, it was twisted and horrific. Ugly.

Worse, the shadow lunged at her.

Reacting on pure instinct, Kateri threw her arm up and whispered the ancient words of protection her grandmother had drilled into her so that she could fight her nightmares whenever they came for her. As she’d been taught, she pushed against the invader with her thoughts, willing it from this existence into the realm that had borne it. The creature screamed as it reached her bed and its face came within inches of hers. Its hollow eyes flickered like flames before it recoiled as if it had hit a forcefield. With a shrill caw, it exploded into a fiery creature that twisted and flew through the window in the shape of a crow.

No. Not a crow.

A raven.

Chills ran down her spine as her memories shot her into a place and time she didn’t want to go. It’s a raven mocker. Withered beings who only revealed themselves to those about to die.

To the souls they intended to devour.

Kateri shook her head harshly. No, she didn’t believe in such things. Those were stories her grandmother had told her to amuse or scare her with as a child. Ancient legends. I’m a scientist. I know there’s no such thing as shapeshifting beasts who steal the souls of the dying.

It was impossible.

But her grandmother had believed in them, as well as many of the Cherokee who’d lived on the reservation her grandmother had serviced. So much so that her grandmother had been summoned any time someone was dying. Day and night, until they passed, her grandmother had kept vigil to protect the dying from the raven mockers.

I have battled many of them in my day, child. And like me, you will one day have the ability to see them, too. To fight them for the souls they come to steal. It is your honor to follow after me. And when my time comes, I want you to hold my hand as I cross to the next adventure and protect my soul for me until it’s free of this old body. Then I shall live among the stars and stare down at you every night as I watch over you.

It was a dream that had never come true. Instead of dying peacefully in her sleep as she’d envisioned, her grandmother had been murdered by a home invader while Kateri was thousands of miles away.

Don’t think about it. Any time she did, rage- dark and foul- set her on fire and it took everything she had not to go rabid vigilante. Her grandmother had been the kindest, gentlest creature ever born and some psycho had kicked her door in and…

Stop! She had to get to work so that…

Her thoughts scattered as her gaze went to her dresser. There on top, next to the small picture of her and her cousin Sunshine sitting on her grandmother’s lap were the dolls she’d been dreaming about. Dolls she hadn’t seen in years. Not since the summer when she’d turned sixteen and her grandmother had led her through the ritual to symbolize her walk from childhood into that of an adult.

Those dolls had been burned to ashes on that day.

But that wasn’t what truly scared her.

While she’d slept, someone had come into her room and written on her mirror with a bar of soap- something else her grandmother had done whenever Kateri had stayed with her. Little notes such as- ‘I love you,’‘good luck with your test,’ ‘have a good day at school,’‘don’t forget your sweater’ or some such trifling.

But this note wasn’t sweet.

Take my nayu into the Valley of Fire, where the pure earth must tame the crow. Listen to the buffalo and protect the butterfly. Together, you are stronger than any foe. And remember, Waleli, when the coyote comes and the snake attacks, either you eat the bear or the bear eats you.

In the middle of the day, that would be irritating to read. This early in the morning, it was downright cruel.

I’m in not mood for this crap.

“Who’s here?” she shouted.

Only the sound of her own heartbeat answered her. She’d call the police, but to what purpose? Hey, officer, I woke up and found this really cryptic message on my mirror written by someone who was high or drunk or… No, officer, they’re not here now and I have no idea why they’d do something like this, but could you find out who they are and ask then not to leave me notes anymore? Who do I suspect? No idea. Only my late grandmother left me notes like this.

Yeah, that wouldn’t go over well and with her luck, they’d haul her in for filing a false report.

Or worse, call a psych unit on her.

But what really disturbed her about the note was that it called her Waleli… Hummingbird. It was her real first name that her grandmother had given to her on her birth. One that hadn’t been entered on the paperwork her mother had filed for her birth certificate. No one alive knew of it.

No one.

So either her grandmother had visited her or…

You don’t believe in ghosts.

True, but what other explanation could there possibly be? Why would a complete stranger break into her house, steal nothing, do her no harm and write that?

How would they know about her nayu or the name her grandmother only used when they were alone?

Kateri shook her head.

Maybe that was what the raven mocker had been doing.

Yeah okay, the idea of a raven mocker writing in soap on her mirror sounded even more ludicrous and farfetched than the ghost theory, but what was left?

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. She rolled her eyes as her mind reminded her of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle quote.

“I don’t believe in this crap, Grammy!” she shouted up at the ceiling. She never had. Paranormal, raven mockers, tsinooks, spirits, and such… hokey poppycock.

She was a scientist. She only believed in what she could see, taste, touch, smell and hear.


The rest was fodder for novelists and Hollywood. It just didn’t exist outside of dreams.

All of a sudden, something squeaked. Kateri snapped her head toward the sound that had come from her dresser.

There on her mirror, more words appeared as she watched them.

But I believe in you, Waleli. Do not fail me.

Above all, do not fail yourself.
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285 reviews136 followers
September 29, 2012
I miss New Orleans!!! If you're new on the Dark hunter series don't pick this..pick Seize the Night or Dance with the devil hah not that I'm bragging the two books;)

This book is not about the Greek culture, not the Romans, Egyptian or even the Atlantean which I love, its the Author's Culture, the Cherokee(tsalagi) and add some Mayan culture in it since December 21, 2012 plays a significant date:)

I think it gave the book justice of talking about the Chekoree and Mayans for almost half the book since its a new Pantheon, where Kateri and Ren keeps on dragging you time to time..at first it got me confused and its too serious and too much talking...good for Sasha, Cabeza,Ren, Urian, Ash and even Nick to balance the seriousness with humor and sarcasm;)

Ren's past did not made me cry, it made me furious on what happened to him.the humiliation and embarrassment he'd suffered, I felt them .I hate bullying grrrr..

I don't feel any connection towards Ren and Kateri's relationship hmmm...Its so I don't know..

the other half is so much better since Ash appear and I want to do the happy dance:) Acheron always makes me smile..along with the others..Urian made me cry the first time I read this...I felt his sorrow:( I hope SK will not forget him and make a HEA for him..

About Nick well I can't blame him, I can't blame Ash either and let the Fates be damn on what happened to their friendship..at least we saw some reasons on his actions and it hurts...:_(

the epilogue made me cry *sniff

the book doesn't throw any clues on the next book except Braith hmmm she seems to be the same as...maybe its coincidence????

waiting for Inferno and Styxx book...yes At least they save the world on 12-21-2012 and let time continue its course, waiting for 2013 DH series:)
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405 reviews
August 17, 2012
I think that even for die-hard fans of this series, this book is going to be hard to digest. After initial 100 or so excruciating, dense pages about the Mayan background of the heroine, most of the book -almost until the end- was filled with heroine’s flashbacks of the dreams she had about hero's past. Seriously, something said by the hero would trigger heroine’s flashback and 1 or 2 pages later the dialog continued. Besides the many pages retelling the past through flashbacks, it had very disappointing unoriginal dialog (including childish, forced humorous phrases by other Dark Hunters), this from an author who’s written several of my favorite quotes in other books of this series. I rated 3 instead of 2 because of the sweet H/h love story, but I honestly wish that I had not wasted my time (pun intended.)
HERO is a Loner who has been rejected through millennia by almost everybody since he was a little kid. With a very low self-esteem and betrayed too many times, he closely guards his heart, but he now must protect a human female, the only one who can keep the world from ending, and who is the first person to show him that love exists.
GENRE/TONE: paranormal/action
LENGTH: 292 pages
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157 reviews
August 9, 2012
400 plus pages of WTF are they talking about...that pretty much sums up my review. My mother always said that if I don't have anything nice to say, to say nothing at all. I would love to follow her words today with this review, however, I can't (sorry, Mom).

What was the story about? I have no idea. Who is Katera's father? I have no idea. What is the moral of the story? Who knows.

Truly from beginning to end, this book did not make sense to me. There were far too few pages of the beloved Dark Hunters we all know and love. Acheron has a haircut (another WTF moment). I've read the other Guardian books but don't recall them being this confusing. The Mayan mythology was mind boggling and unrealistic - the author took way too many liberties with her interpretations. Modern man has studied the Mayan peoples for a great deal of time and has yet to unravel the mysteries of their word and drawings. Surely, the author has not uncovered the complexities of their language.

While it is tempting for any author to pen a book related to the date 12/21/12, I cannot credit the author with being creative. The plot was not original, the H/h were not particularly likeable, the backstories of the characters were weak, even the romance was not very romantic.

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171 reviews85 followers
August 9, 2012
As many of you know I have practically been waiting on pins and needles for this book, It didn't seem like August was going to get here and then I bantered back and forth whether I should get it now or wait. When I found out my favorite character in this universe was going to play a good part in this book. Well you know I jumped and clicked buy.

I dove into this book almost immediately(had to wait for my Kindle to charge)But once I did I devoured this book in once setting. I should slow down and enjoy all that is good with Sherrilyn's books but I just can't help it.

Where to begin that is a great question? Well I guess I could start by saying, while I did like this book, after all it is Sherrilyn, this one wasn't my favorite. Not sure if its because there was just so much going on with the Mythology or I read it too fast and didn't let it all soak in. It might have been a combination of both. I honestly don't know.

What it did have is characters I love, Kateri is so much fun, sarcastic and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in (meaning Ren). Ren, he has issues and my heart broke for him. I had no idea his story was so sad. And of course I nearly squealed with delight over the fact Acheron was in this one a bit more than the last book. As well as Talon, Urian(I love him too, he is so damned funny), Sasha(my fave wolf) and a couple others. Maybe just maybe I miss the characters from New Orleans that could have been my major issue, not the book's fault that is mine alone.

But other than that, it was full of action, drama and I laughed and cried, which is typical for me when I read one of her books. Overall, though this wasn't my favorite. I still liked it and hope this series continues on forever. Now I have wait another year for the next book, which will be Styxx's book (I so can't wait for this one.!) I might have to do another reread of this series to help pass the time.
August 22, 2012
**3.5 - 4 stars**

Kateri grew up surrounded by Cherokee legends but she's a scientist and hardly believes any of those stories. Ren grew up as a Keetoowah and made many of those legends. He still mainly lives in that world hardly interacting with humans until the day he has to save Kateri.

Let's just cut to the chase...this book is confusing!! I've read it and it's still hard for me to wrap my head around everything. Obviously, if you've read the series this far, you get the Dark Hunters and their beginnings. And from reading Retribution, you've gotten a bit of the beginnings of some of the cultures in this book. But then heap on Cherokee from Kateri, Mayan from Cabeza, Hispanic from Enrique and it's a mess. And I'll go one step further...you get to hear everyone's story and I mean EVERYONE's!! It's just a lot to process. It doesn't help that Kateri is coming into her powers so she is constantly seeing visions of everyone! And they will take over in the middle of something else. Or...you get to hear one of the legends or stories.

Okay...well, I guess it's not really that bad {it is!}. I'm not overwhelmed per se but it is a lot of information to take in. That being said, I loved, LOVED Kateri and Ren. There were sooo many cute and sweet things about them and the Thunderbird and Hummingbird. They were definitely destined to be together. Their story definitely gets four stars...I just really wish there was more of "them".

My heart went out to Ren and what all he went through. Another tortured Hero...and it's terrible how he was tortured. Like I've said before no one can do a tortured hero better than SK but in this case, I'm actually glad we didn't have a lot of time devoted to his abuse.

Kateri was quite funny and not as timid as I thought she would be. She surprised me with how forward she was with Ren but then again, she had to be.

The main problem of the story is having The Guardian reset the calendar. If that's not done, it opens up the gates to Hell and lets the demons out for everyone. The problem is Kateri doesn't know she's The Guardian. There are a few interesting demons and a few baddies. I was actually shocked about what happened at the end between Ren and Coyote. I didn't think it would go that far.

And we get quite a lot of Ash, aka, "Lord King Badass"!!! I loved that. A bit surprising what he did...although understandable. We get a bit more information on him and some great interaction between him and....NICK!!! I love what's happening with Nick and the direction he is going. We also get a few of the other Dark Hunters...Talon, Urian and Jess. And some interesting background on Jess...definitely didn't see that. I do miss the other Dark Hunters and The Sanctuary....but having these guys involved did make it better. There is some small references to the Dream Hunters as well. If you haven't read their stories, you won't catch the importance and it's not really a big deal at this point.

As I mentioned above, there are some other characters that are heavily involved and have continued from Retribution. Most of them grew up with Ren: Choc Co Lah Ta, Buffalo, and Coyote. Cabeza and Sasha have some interesting stories. I would love to hear more about Sasha and him being a Lycanthrope. It seems like it's being made out to be different that the other shifters?? Not sure if the "not having fangs as a human" means anything...especially since he's a Dark Hunter.

And Yay for the epilogue. Even though it was a bit sweet, I really enjoyed it and who doesn't love happy endings!

Favorite quotes:

♦ “The man speaks Southern football, now shut up.”

♥ “You’re not going to bite me with your fangs, are you?”

August 4, 2012
This book wasn't as bad as some others in this series but also not one of the best.

One of my biggest complaints - one I already had with Retribution - is the fact that SK adds another pantheon/mythology to the Dark Hunter world. I think this is way too much. It's great that she has Native American blood and wants to honor this but a stand-alone trilogy would have been better in my opinion.

Most of the book felt like ramblings about myths, visions, gods, names, places, flashbacks, more names, places, flashbacks... You get the drift. It was boring!

There wasn't much action and everything was very conveniently solved over the last 30 pages of the book. Ash always seems to have the right powers that are needed, suddenly characters get powers right at the crucial moment, characters are stronger than others who - in my opinion - would never lose against them etc.

Ren and Kateri were both okay characters. It's not that I hate them but they are also not very memorable. We get the usual tortured hero and a heroine who does NORMAL things but still gets praised. The fall in love after one day which was WTF for me and I didn't really care about that.

I also think it's no big deal for any DH to get their soul back so why do they still make a fuss about it? Everything gets solved.

One thing I really hated was that Ren constantly thought how Kateri is the only one who was ever nice to him. This is not true! Buffalo and even more Sundown are his friend(s) but suddenly he forgets all of that so that Kateri can be praised to no end. I didn't like that!

The best thing were the cameo appearances of Sasha and Sundown. Nick and Ash are there as well but I don't really care about them. Cabeza seems interesting as well.

I'm glad when we return to the Greek pantheon again and leave the Native American mythology.
July 10, 2015
Title: "Time Untime - Dark-Hunter Series", book 11.
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Published: August, 2012
Genre: fiction, drama, paranormal, paranormal romance, adventure/action, swearing, adult content.
Read: June 7-9, 2015
Format: ebook via Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook ereader.

My Goodreads rating: 4.5 "I LOVE THE DARK HUNTER SERIES" stars

Sherrilyn Kenyon is the best!

Review coming soon!

Suffice it to say, yet another great installment in the breathtaking Dark Hunter series!
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September 22, 2016
(Wanna watch this review, instead of read it? Yes? Clicky McClick the link. No? Keep reading, you cool human, you.)


I think I just broke my fangirl, ya’ll.

Is it possible for a book to kick so much ass that one's butt is sore by proxy?

It better be, because apocalypses are fun! Well, they are when it’s in a book which takes the 2012 freak-out that was like Y2K: Mayan Edition, and frames it with a mixed-bag of Let’s Save Planet Earth plots.

Time Untime follows the hero and heroine, Ren and Kateri, as the two try to keep the world from timing out by resetting a calendar and oh yeah!...Also fight the some bad-ass demons and Native American/Mayan creatures trying to murder them all while trapped in a nine-leveled hell dimension.

Throw in a couple of god characters, a good-guy/bad-guy demon creature, AKA Nick the smart ass, some of the most interesting reimagined and historically spot on mythologies that would have a collegiate professor giddy, all topped off with a steamy sex scene, and that’s the book.

It’s probably one of the best action adventure novels I've read by Sherrilyn Kenyon! We get a crap ton of hilarious, heartfelt characters that are gonna make you feel your feels whilst laughing your ass off.

Granted, that’s usually standard for Sherri's books. But, frankly, I never grow tired of the sarcastic wit, entertaining bad-assness, and tragic heartbreak built into her characters.

Prepare yourself, though, cause Ren is gonna make you wanna hug the text until you can get your arms around him. And Kateri?! Our girl is one of the most intelligent, confident, and interesting heroines this side of fiction.

Oh, and best of all? Both are POC characters!

That makes me happy-scream! The world of fiction and the world of romance has way too much damn white washing.

Overall, the story is just flat out a crap ton of fun! We got a slew of unique personalities and characters, kickass conflicts, tragic backstories…a heroine who is literally destined to save the world, plus intense action sequences.

So what’s not to love, right? Wellllll...something, sadly, ‘cause stupidly it's got one giant problem. Yep, the world building’s hella solid and the story is engaging and awesome and fun…Too bad the romance is kind of rushed, and, crappy.

It makes sense, I guess, considering the super duper fast pace of the book. There is a crap ton of crap happening in these 414 pages. So, I know the plot can’t exactly make much room for the leads to have a lot of rom-tastic shenanigans. And you do buy into this OTP being legit and in love and all that shippy shit, but that romance is regulated to extreme subplot, which is sad.

Sherri writes books for all the humans, but, man, she’s a romance author.

So to me it’s kind of sucky that such an integral character element gets lost in the giant world-saving shuffle. Okay, so yeah, they ARE trapped in a hell dimension with bloodthirsty demons on their asses.

But I'm STILL a petulant child who demands more makeout scenes.

Fine. One criticism does not a bad book make, and Time Untime? It don’t suck! I loved the characters and the story, and hell, I legit miss Ren and Kateri like they were IRL humans. Don’t judge me.

So really, if you've not read it, stop watching me fangirl and go read it. Do it. Right now.

Cause if you don’t I’m gonna spoil your ass.

Seriously, spoilers beyond; dangerous territory of Not Safe Viewing ahead. You’ve been warned.

You know, I wanna be intellectual and analytical BUT SCREW THAT BECAUSE OH MY GOD NICK IS TOTALLY IN THIS BOOK!

I'm hella behind in the Chronicles of Nick series, but ya’ll...seeing my favorite Primal Evil be all good-bad again flooded my brain with fangirl endorphins! Our baby even sprouted his bat demon wings at one point in the plot, and I swear I got happy all over myself.

And, classic Nick, he was hilarious and awesome as always!

"You obviously have never had a mother or a girlfriend. You do not go to the bathroom without letting them know, cause this hell’s fury coming at us? Ring Around The Rosies, baby. I’d much rather face an armed demon horde drunk on the scent of my blood, than one riled woman who’s been worrying herself sick about where I’ve been. Ain’t a diamond cut big enough in the entire universe to make that beast smile and save your really important jewels from being drop-locked out your nostrils” - Nick

Bless his heart, man.

Along with getting a freakin’ great cameo from Mr. Adorable Smart Ass, can we all please stop to fangirl over how AWESOME Kateri was? This woman is face-aching funny and SO damn quick witted.

Cabeza: I need a stone.
Kat: Look around the room. I’m a geologist. Been collecting stones since I started walking. I need a little bit more than one noun. Can I buy an adjective there, Pat?

"He’s an immortal warrior. I’m a geologist. Other than hot sex, what do we really have in common?" - Kat

God that girl is ten kinds of perfect. Plus I absolutely love that she’s a human capable of defending herself against not-human evil creeps, ‘cause you know, being an expert archer for a hobby is kind of helpful when slaying demons.

That kind of wit and quality writing doesn’t just get designated for key characters, though, ‘cause the secondary cast rocks the awesome, too!

First up there’s our boy Sasha. Astonishing, hilarious, wonderful Sasha.

Kat to Ren:A’ight baby, but just so you know, you get hurt, I’m opening up a can of ‘Bama- whup-ass on them so big it’s gonna look like an LSU Bowl showdown. You hear me? Roll Tide.
Sasha: I speak dozens of languages and hundreds of dialects, but be damned if I caught a single word of that. Am I the only one completely baffled?

My fav shape shifter has been in the DH world since 2003, so dammit he better be getting his own story one day. Because, DUDE, Time Untime reveals he’s been crushing on someone for forever and a day. THAT has my butt SO intrigued to find out who and if they're gonna hook up later in the series.

Plus, shock and awe plot surprise, everybody’s favorite Atlantean god comes out to play and GUYS! Acheron is now rocking a haircut! Long time fans of the series will get me on that, because damn. DAMN.

Lastly, there’s William Jessup, probably the only badass Southern Dark-Hunter ever. (Quick aside to those who haven’t read these books; Dark Hunters. Humans-turned-immortal warriors who kill the vampires that suck souls, not blood.) Sundown is such an entertaining character and OH how I’ve missed him!

“Why y’all cutting them eyes at me? I ain’t undoing his pants. I love the man. But I don’t love the man…That right there’s your job, woman, and I don’t mean that in a sexist or homophobic way. I just don’t want to touch another man’s junk if I can help it. And that’s a personal choice guaranteed by the Constitution.” – Sundown

See! A 19th century Southerner who tries to be nonproblematic! How can you not adore his butt?

I loved all my favorite characters getting cameos in Time Untime, but I really, REALLY enjoyed the new flavor of pantheons we got in this book. I had a damn blast with the Native American and Mayan characters and gods, cause Sherri made them hella fun, hella believable, and hella kick ass!

But brace yourself, fangirls. As entertaining, fun and funny as Time Untime is, it’s also an emotional ninja-punch in the face. This things themes were intense and moving and you’re gonna cry.

Bullying, betrayal, power struggles, paternal abuse, emotional neglect, isolation, survival, physical handicaps...all from a book about averting an apocalypse.

"What the Guardian taught me was that we grow stronger and more intelligent as we learn to compensate for our faults. Unlike others, we have to teach ourselves to adapt quickly so that we can finally master what others take for granted. When something comes too easy for you, you never learn the skill of improvement or flexibility. Of thinking up a better, more concise way to do it. Most of all, you don’t learn determination and how to roll with a punch…Your mockery and cruelty were the fuel my determination needed to see me through the darkest hours of my life. For that, my brother, I am forever in your debt. But weaknesses…those are the most dangerous weapons in the universe. Weakness is not a physical trait. It’s not a stutter or a bad hand or missing leg. Weaknesses are the ones who live in ours hearts. They can motivate us to the highest level and they alone can utterly destroy us.” – Ren

"I wanted to hold him and make it better, but I know it isn’t that simple. Only in early childhood could everything be cured by a kiss and a hug. That was the saddest part about growing up. The biggest loss. Some scars went too deep to ever be fully concealed. While you might succeed in hiding them from time to time, they always came out and reopened a wound that never fully healed." – Kateri

“Ever attempted to hunt down a parking space at Christmas? Buy a shirt in a store the day after Thanksgiving? Those two things alone will make you doubt the humanity of humans, and question if survival of the species is in anyone’s best interest. What are we fighting for, anyway? Better department store sales?” – Ren

I apologize for the length of that insert, but there were SO many powerful moments in this book that picking just one would have been criminal.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not all doom and gloom cause comedy. Blessed blessed comedy.

Ren: Shall we save the rest of the world now?
Cabeza: Sure. Why not? If everyone dies, I’d have to cook my own food, and I cook like shit. How about?
Ren: Only fry bread and okra, and I make no claims to the edible state of either.
Cabeza: Then we’d best be saving the rest of the world.

See? Hella powerful book, but hella funny too. So at the end of the day, there’s a lot to love in Time Untime.

With Sherri’s unique flavor of writing, romance fans will love it, action fans will love it, suspense fans, horror fans, drama fans…everybody’s gonna love it!

And yes I know that’s an exaggeration but I don’t care because YAY HAPPY BOOK NOISE!

(If you like my writing voice or you think I’m funny...[or you just really wanna laugh at a fangirl for fangirling]...then SHAMELESS YOUTUBE CHANNEL PLUG IS SHAMELESS! I review romance novels and Asian dramas, so that is a thing and now you know.)

Fangirl Musings: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6fO...

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September 3, 2017
Todo muy epico y dramatico, al estilo de la saga. Las apariciones de Aqueron son estelares y, como no podria ser de otra forma, muy esperadas y determinantes para la resolucion de la trama. Aunque, en esta ocasion Nick tambien ha aportado su granito de arena.
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March 25, 2023
This is why I keep reading this series. This book was really good and the romance was so sweet! (and no dead wife to whine over!!!)

Of course, Ren had a terribly sad childhood. But at least it did not include relentless rape and abuse. Sad that has become expected in this series.

Kateri was pretty cool, especially for a rock nerd (geologist).

The biggest downfall of the book were the endless breakaways into thought in the middle of a scene. I mean how in the world do you stop mix sex to have a vision about something from the past? These visions, or long thoughts, happened all the time and really threw off the flow of the scenes. Especially sex or action scenes.

But the ending and epilogue brought tears to my eyes. So very sweet!
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September 23, 2013
I’ve been putting this book off for such a long time now, but I refused to read Styxx until I had read this one. I haven’t skipped a book so far in this series and I don’t plan on doing so now. I put this off because of this kind of storyline… about all the Mayan stuff. I just don’t like any of it. I don’t understand the terminology, and I understand the storyline even less. None of it makes any damn sense to me, so I get super bored really quickly.

The flashbacks about Kateri's grandmother were a bit too much. I actually ended up skimming through quite a few of them. There were just too many and most of them didn’t make sense. Also, over half of them seemed relatively pointless.

Saying that… I adored Ren and Kateri's relationship. Sadly Kateri is forgettable, which is a real shame. There’s nothing about her that stands out. She’s just nice.
One huge problem I had with her was her powers. All the way though the book we were told of her significance to saving the world, that the magnitude of her powers would be staggering. But we never got to see them. Then when Ren is mortally wounded she can instantly levitate and teleport, among other things, effortlessly. Everyone else takes years to gain control all their different powers. It drove me crazy.

Ren was amazing. I liked how he made his peace with his past and embraced the fact that he would be better in the future. The sadness surrounding him was crushing at times.

’He would fight for good even harder than he’d fought for evil. If he won, all would be well. And if he lost… Death wasn’t without its benefits.’

I loved the friendship between Ren and Sundown/Buffalo. It was so good to see the way Buffalo supported Ren when they were children and how they have been reunited in this life. Now Sundown is there for him too, just like he always was. It’s an amazing friendship.

’Buffalo used to joke that Ren could lead an army of men into battle and never hesitate. That he could face down an entire den of bears with his bare hands and not flinch.
Put a woman in front of him and he trembled like an errant child facing an angry parent.
‘If any clan wants to bring us down, all they have to do is send a woman in after you and you’ll run screaming for the woods.’

I hated the way that everyone treated Ren, and the fact that he still craved love and affection just made me care for him even more. He’s always had to be so damn strong…

”But you do care. Don’t you? I see it in your eyes. Even now. Even after all you’ve been though. You still want what all men do. Comfort – ” Ren bellowed so loud, he drowned out whatever else the old man said. ”I want nothing! Nothing!”

There were some great secondary characters in this book. Some old faces and some new,
I was so intrigued by Cabeza and I hope we get to see him again.

It’s always incredible to see Acheron, and this time was no exception. It was great to see him in such a light note. I love the way that all the Dark Hunters respect him… but they never lose the brotherly humour that we all know Ash secretly loves…

’Now there was something terrifying. ”What happened to you? You get into a losing argument with a pair of scissors?”
Acheron rolled his eyes. ”Damn, all of you are going to make this hard on me until it grows back. I swear. What’s more important? Armageddon or my hair haircut?”

They’re like a bunch of girls sometimes ;)

It was so good to see Nick this way. To know that deep down he wants to forgive, he wants to help but becoming the Malachai is slowly eating away at his resolve. I have such high hopes for him and Ash. They are fighting for their lives, fighting their natures and fighting for the people around them.

”We will get through this.”
“You better be right, Ash. Cause if you’re not…”

Ash’s mother would finally win and the world of man would lose everything.’

All the group banter was hilarious, talking about when their powers have screwed them over.

”He’s right,” Sasha said from behind him. ”When I was learning to teleport, I accidentally flashed some unknown wedding party. You talk about humiliating. And of course the powers that got me there decided to abandon me a blink later. So there I stood in all my glory, cupping my junk and wondering, ‘Why me, gods… why me?’”
They all laughed.’

The Epilogue was super, super sweet. A little too sweet for me, and I don’t know why we needed to see that far in the future. It was like the author was trying to prove to us that they are good for each other, that they were always happy in their relationship.
Not the best in the series, but I still enjoyed reading it.
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March 27, 2018
4,5 estrellas.

Kateri Avani es una geóloga y cómo científica no le va eso de creer en cosas de las que no puede dar explicación acreditada pero repentinamente tiene que poner un poco de fe… ella es una Guardiana del Apocalipsis y deberá evitar el fin del mundo. Ren “Renegado” Waya es el hombre de sus visiones, un hombre dañado y que está destinado a protegerla.
Ya sé por qué me gustaban tanto los libros de esta autora (y es que hacía tiempo que no leía nada de ella) y es por esas historias tan absorbentes y con personajes (mayormente masculinos) bastante traumados y que hacen adorarlos como si fueran un osito de peluche.
Con Ren ha sido así, me ha gustado muchísimo este personaje, su historia es bastante impactante y es de los primeros como Ash. Es que es difícil no cogerle cariño, la autora tiene creo que sus predilectos y eso se nota, os eso creo.
Ren es un hombre que no ha recibido ningún tipo de cariño, ni muestra de afecto y mucho menos por su familia que lo ningunea y humilla constantemente, a pesar de esto Ren no se ha convertido en alguien despreciable, su “alma” es muy noble. Y en esas aparece Kateri/Teri y es ese personaje que también lo tienes que querer porque es la parte necesaria para Ren. Así tenemos a esta bella pareja que nos trae una historia muy entretenida y eso también es porque la autora dentro del relato incorpora las visiones de Teri de su vida y de sus visiones con lo cual más enganchados nos tiene.
En definitiva, de los libros que llevo leídos de esta serie, creo que “Tiempo sin tiempo” es uno de mis favoritos, me ha mantenido expectante en mi lectura y no me he aburrido en ningún momento, la historia y los personajes son buenos y esos se nota cuando se ve en conjunto.
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July 17, 2014
3 stars

It's ben a year since I've read a SK book and it feels like I never left... It's all so very familiar, not that that's a bad thing. I used to ADORE Sherrilyn Kenyon. The widening specter of grand scheme storylines really made me feel diconnected to the story... Not to mention the time paradoxes of Niock's series. I don't know why, but this Native American mythology is not really my favorite, but there were things I liked:

1. The familiar SK formula. I like the tortured hero/spunky heroine combo... Not to say it wouldn't be interesting to see a different combo, but I enjoyed watching Ren, slighted by everyone in his human lifetime, find love with Kateri. They're sweet together.

2. Seeing all the "old" characters, like Ash, Nick and Sasha. Really, this part was my favorite. I adore them and they gave me the feel of the magic that I used to feel with very book.

3. A piece of the great puzzle has been revealed. Or, at least I think so... And I like that! That gives me something to ponder and look forward to. Gosh, when I remember the speculating, and waiting for Ash's book. it was awesome :D

However, this book just wasn't that special as a standalone. As in Ren/Kateri were too forgettable. I actually forgot Kateri's name, like, five seconds after finishing the book. Granted, that could be just my faulty memory, but still... I do admit this was better than Retribution, although the mythology's the same.

I am looking forward to "Styxx". One, there's got to be lots of Ash there, two, we will leave this mythology behind. But does every bad guy have to be reformed? Can he be?
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August 23, 2012
Huh??!! I have no idea what happened in this book. Seriously, I understood Metamorphosis and Animal Farm better than this book. I gave the 2 stars only because I enjoyed the first 10 or 11 in the series and it hasn't sunk to Anita Blake awfulness, yet.

However, I need an outline or CliffNotes to follow the crazy mythology in this book. Honestly, I skipped over most of it because it was confusing. I also skimmed the excessive monologues made by the main characters. I don't know something about truth, justice, and the American way. It felt like a self-improvement seminar. Question: if this is a dark-hunter novel where were the daimons who they supposedly hunt? I also do not remember what is going on with Nick. Too much time between books and really the past 4 or 5 have been confusing, so I can't remember all the convoluted details. I miss the older stories. They may have been formulaic but at least they had more time for in depth characterization and romance build-up.
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84 reviews
August 11, 2013
This book surprised me by being more interesting than Retribution, but it still fell flat and useless. Besides Ren's and Kateri's moments and the things that happened between them, nothing new really happens in the DH world. Nick gets the upper hand in a scene with Acheron and he pretty much had the chance to kill Acheron but didn't. Honestly, it would've been better if Acheron had died. He is such a pussy to do ANYTHING that sometimes you wonder why he's even "strong" in the first place. Acheron is this character that nobody's allowed to touch because he's strong and can kick anybody's ass and etc... But he is such a pussy! He can't do ANYTHING because whatever he does has some bad consequences. If there's some fight going on, he can't help his friends because of some excuse that he pulls out of his ass all the time. I've recently noticed this and I just want Acheron dead. For the "mysterious powers" he has, he does nothing! Hit-Girl (from Kick-Ass) kicks more ass than Acheron, and she's 11!


Yeah, this girl is more entertaining that Mr. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" -_-

But anyway, back to the book. I actually liked Kateri, she didn't annoy me. As for Ren, he's just like Acheron: physically strong and sexy, but inside he's just a little bitch. And one other thing: there is no way he was celibate for THOUSANDS OF YEARS! Ren is supposed to be this sexy hot immortal guy, and never during his THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF LIVING did he want to fuck someone? Really?

I think he explains (I say think because the dialogue between him and Kateri was boring as hell to follow) that he was celibate because he doesn't want to be back-stabbed by a woman and his stuttering.... Well, there's something called one night stands and your dick is doing most of the work there, not your mouth, buddy.

The scenes were hard to follow in the book as well. Something was happening AND OUT OF NOWHERE, something else occurred and I felt that the transition from one scene to another was forced, as if the author ran out of bullshit and just said "OK people I'm going to add some magic tricks here and let's go to the next scene" and you actually forget what happened in the scene before.

Final Words on the book: 1 1/2 stars and

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August 18, 2012
Part of me is somewhat surprised to see how many freaking books there are in this series, but again, this is Sherrilyn Kenyon we are talking about. This woman doesn’t sleep. She writes. And damn, she still writes good stories.

While TIME UNTIME isn’t exactly my favorite of the series, I still think readers should check it out. The one thing that grips me with SK’s writing is the fact that she writes with such ease. It’s never a chore to read one of her books and regardless of whether it’s a newer Dark Hunter title or an older one, I fly through them very quickly. Reading her books is effortless. And I think for me, the main reason is because there’s this lightness to her writing. She’s sarcastic, feisty, witty and fun even though the stuff her characters deal with isn’t always hearts-and-flowers. It’s the perfect balance and I think many people enjoy this because even though some claim that her books have been slipping since Ash’s book, people are still willing to read them each time a new Dark Hunter book is released. That type of reader loyalty must be noted.

TIME UNTIME is Kateri and Ren’s book. Kateri dreams of a man who both intrigues her and scares her. But when she finally comes face-to-face with her dream warrior, danger finds her as well. Thrust into a world rich with Native American culture, SK takes readers on an emotional and action-packed journey.

At first, I wondered about the romance aspect of this book. Much of the book had passed and I was waiting for some major development in the romance. But by the last half, I found that SK did deliver the romance, but just in a different way. As she explained Ren’s past, she so expertly made leaps and bounds in the romance as well. Kind of like hitting two birds with one stone. Ren isn’t the type to openly peruse Kateri but the fact that he tells her of her past is a huge step, especially since the people so close to him have betrayed him so greatly.

TIME UNTIME has all the elements of the other Dark Hunter books; exceptional mythology, the perfect amount of snark and tortured heroes and heroines.
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April 3, 2013
This is Ren Waya story and I have to say the more I read about how he was treated and abused by family and community I wanted to open up a can of whoop ass on all of them. Thank the gods for Kateri, she isthe best thing to ever come into his life!

The story line is about resetting the time clock to prevent the end of days and ghe opening of the gates hell . Ren And Kateri are key players in this reset. Kateri journey of discovery will take her to meeting her father and believing in things she never believed in, and discovery ofher own supernatural powers but her bigges and most important discover on her journey in this book is love Trumps all and she loves Ren! For Ren, Kateri,s love allows him to see that he is someone who actually deserves to be loved and the bes love is the one freely given not the one that you feel you must earn. We get a look into the Mayan hell and the hell of Ren's human life that was made so by no less than his Father and brother.
The story is based on Mayan and Cherokee background and lore not the Greek or Atlanteans we have come to know ; but no less intresting to me!
I know plenty DH fans are not going to love this story, but , the story has its place and it helps to bind and bring some other charachters to the forefront.
I loved that We get a little of the sexy Talon and the out there Sunshine (Kateri's cousin) in the beginning , then later we have Choc coo Lah Tah, Cabeza,Sundown, Nick Urian and. A few others and best of all we gets some serious Acheron.
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