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The Laird of Loch Fyne

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'I'm sorry for what has to be done, lass,' the old man whispered. 'It is the only way they can be saved.' Maggie shook her head in confusion as the voices and laughter of fairgoers around her became inaudible. 'The only way who can be saved? I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about.' A loud, thunderous sound burst through the atmosphere, followed by the glow of an eerie white light that surrounded her entire body. Feeling as if she were standing on a thick blanket of fog and not being able to find her way out, Maggie sensed the laughter she had heard earlier was now altogether gone, leaving her with a strong sense of uncertainty. Maggie fell instantly to the ground, her legs becoming weak and unmanageable. Following that fateful encounter with the old man, Maggie Harris is plunged from modern-day North Carolina into sixteenth-century Scotland. The reason for traveling back in time is soon revealed. She has been sent to save the life of Laird Ian MacLachlan, a man whom she fears...and desires. Torn between the life she knew and the life she is destined for, Maggie struggles with the treacherous path that lies ahead. It is a path fraught with murder, deceit, and betrayal; but it is also bursting with a love and passion more powerful than she's ever known. Can Maggie accomplish what she was sent to do, or will Ian die at the same hands that killed his mother? Will Maggie return to her time and leave the man she loves, or will the past become her future? In this story of adventure and passion, discover a love that is powerful enough to travel through time—a love that is truly all that matters.

261 pages, Paperback

First published August 9, 2011

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Brandy Grandberg

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589 reviews64 followers
April 24, 2020
A young woman at at a Renaissance fair admiring a brooch gets swept away to sixteenth century Scotland. A handsome young laird comes upon a mysterious young woman in distress on his travels over his lands.
This Outlander-esque tale is a fluffier less involved version than Diana Gabaldon's epic series. Historic detail is almost nonexistent, the characters are narrowly defined, the plot is all about the romance. But as a sweet-tart romance, it works just fine.

1 review1 follower
July 21, 2011
I'm not much of a book reader like my Mom and my sister. I haven't actually finished a book in probably 15 years, I usually fall asleep trying and then I just give up. My sister gave me this book and told me it was wonderful. After looking at it on my coffee table for 4 or 5 days I decided to give it a whirl. I had that book read in about 4 days! I would have had it done sooner but work and family got in the way. LOL... It was a great book. Kept my attention the entire time and was very hard to put down. Loved the entire story, all of it's ups and down and what's going to happen next. I really can't say enough about it and can't wait for Brandy's next book.
4 reviews1 follower
July 28, 2011
This is a fabulous summer read by an Iowa author! You're drawn into the characters and storyline from the very first chapter, and the 250+ page book keeps you interested and immersed in the story.

Author Brandy Grandberg does an excellent job of letting us get to know the central characters, flaws and all. I also loved the bits of humor sprinkled throughout the book. Don't miss out on this one!
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1 review9 followers
July 22, 2011
The detailed description of the Scottish landscape was awesome. Such a beautiful place! And I was completely smitten with both lead characters and could not wait until they were finally together. So many times they would get so close, and then not - I actually yelled out loud at one point :)
Strongly recommended
Profile Image for Jennifer.
2 reviews
January 28, 2019
Easy read if you dont over think. I dont think the time travel was well thought out and poor editing.
Profile Image for Joy.
150 reviews
August 20, 2011
I won The Laid of Loch Fyne in a Goodreads giveaway. I my rating was a little high. It was only a 2.5.

This was an easy read over in no time at all. As a romance it was pretty good. The hero is kind enough to not let a woman be brutalized and smart enough to change his mind after he sends the heroine off on her own. The heroine knows a good looking strong man when she sees one. It was not much of a bodice ripper so that was okay as far as I was concerned.

As a time travel book there were not many of the frustrations I would expect a modern American doctor to feel in going back four hundred years. Oh she just happened to have been taught some herbal remedies from her grandmother. And she’s a doctor and someone else has to tell her she is pregnant! No language barrier. I would have thought the difference in accents alone would have caused greater problems, at least suspicions.

As a mystery, well I have never been a fan the culprit admitting all to someone they are about to do in. Do real bad guys (or girls in this case) do that? I don’t think I would. If I was bad I would claim innocence till my last breath.

The book wasn’t really bad, it just wasn’t really good.
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19 reviews2 followers
August 4, 2011
I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway.

It was a great summer read, with a bit of mystery, a bit of romance, enough suspense to keep you involved but not so much that you couldn't set it down if you had to- exactly what I look for in a novel. In the romance itself, Grandberg did a great job walking that fine line between gratuitous scenes and fade-to-black. The characters are well-rounded with human flaws and egos.

I was hesitant after the first few pages, which seemed a bit too peppered with unnecessary adjectives and descriptions- but by Chapter 2 the novel found its flow and was a quick, fun read from there. I only point this out because I know several people who would only give a new book a few pages to pull them in, and this one gets much better after the first couple.

By the end, you can't help but imagining the sequels these characters could unfold. (I won't say who, because I don't want to tag this as *spoiler* but some of the sequel story lines would be very amusing!) Overall, I really enjoyed this one, and will be passing it on to my mother next, which is a pretty good indication that it was time well spent.
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Author 1 book39 followers
August 27, 2011
The Laird of Loch Fyne has a great story line, time travel, a highlander, deceit, betrayal and horses.
Maggie happens to admire a broach that happens to throw her back in time to protect two people. To add to the stress of finding herself in the past and having to be treated as a woman in the highlands instead of a present day doctor, she ends up falling in love.
Ian is the highlander who rescues Maggie the night she came through time. She frightens him so badly he sends her away; thankfully he couldn’t live with the guilt of it and went off to find her come hell or high water. A strong independent headstrong woman is more than a match for him, and surprisingly he falls in love. Ian would never have been happy with a typical highland lass who would ask how high when he said jump. Maggie fits him perfectly.
The story is solid, but a few more details would have added depth to the story. Some parts feel rushed and as if we are not getting the complete story. Despite that it is a quick easy read that lovers of time travel romance can enjoy.
Profile Image for Elsa.
9 reviews
August 30, 2011
I won this book, and knowing that I should review it is the only thing that kept me reading the book to the end. Her descriptions are at times fairly good, other times so incomplete that it undermines the story. So many details just did not ring true. How was it that she is suddenly transported to Scotland in the 1500's, and has no trouble communicating with her modern day English? How is it that everyone feels the need to take a daily bath? How is it that Ian can look at her paper money and read the words and the date? How is it that she can be the village healer after merely filling her basket with "herbs and such"? As a character, Maggie is supposedly a physician, yet is immature and childish.. all this just not believable. The character descriptions are awkward and lacking in depth.

The book feels like a very rough draft; much work is needed. I do not recommend it.

Profile Image for Gayle.
456 reviews7 followers
October 4, 2011
Thank you to Goodreads and author Brandy Grandberg for the gift of 'The Laird Of Loch Fyne.'

I look forward to receiving and reading your book.

Review: 2.5 Stars.

If you like easy, breezy, light reads, then you will enjoy 'the Laird of Loch Fyne.' I enjoyed it. I didn't love it.

It begins with a hint of Galbadon's 'Outlander' and ends with a touch of the 1942 movie, 'Tarzan's New York Adventure.'

I felt the protagonist, Maggie Harris to be a modern yet very submissive woman and that had me craving a more passionate main character.

I found the dialogue and writing style somewhat too simpleton for me but I thought the story line sweet.

Again my thanks to goodreads and Brandy Grandberg for your gracious gift and the opportunity to read and review 'the Laird of Loch Fyne.'
Profile Image for Virginia.
76 reviews
September 12, 2011
This book was rather painful to read. There were editing errors - gramatical errors. It's shelved as historical fiction and perhaps if you are looking for a super light way to see if this genre is for you it would be good. But otherwise there's not enough history and there's not enough romance and there's not enought drama. The "enemy" of the story is known in the first 50 pages - no twist so don't wait for one. The ending is far-fetched and completely unbelievable, not to mention that plot elements are found and lost as convenient to the story. I certainly won't be reading this again.
11 reviews
September 5, 2011
As a pre-publication winner from GoodReads, I was pleasantly surprised by this book and this author! Ms. Grandberg is very talented and crafts a great story! I will certainly pick up more books by this author. The time-travel element is well planned. I only wish the author had provided a bit more depth to the ending---it seemed a bit rushed and too neatly wrapped up. I think she could have done a little more to expand the ending. A great read and nicely paced.
Profile Image for Christi.
121 reviews
September 29, 2011
I enjoyed this but there were too many holes. Maybe I am used to the quality of the Outlander and similar books, but I had hoped for more. For example, she is a doctor from the 21st century and all they talk about her doing is stitches! Not enough detail for my taste. Also, they are just "in love" and not much detail tells how they get there.
1 review
July 21, 2011
I really loved the book. It grabbed your interest right away to the point that I didn't want to put it down until I finished it. The characters were well thought out and I loved the surprise ending and can't wait to read more of her books.
Profile Image for Heather.
40 reviews1 follower
May 24, 2012
Excellent characters, great description and well researched customs of early Scots. it was entertaining, romantic, adventurous and a great time travel mystery. I'd recommend it to my family and friends.
Profile Image for Noelle Walsh.
1,172 reviews62 followers
March 9, 2014
A great book of time travel, Scottish lairds, and love. The only problem I had with this is how the heck did she not notice that she wasn't getting her period for two months? Surely she should have noticed! Otherwise I really enjoyed this book. It was fun!
Profile Image for Carah.
214 reviews2 followers
Want to read
August 10, 2011
A bit apprehensive that this will be a silly romance novel, but it has Scottish time-travel so who could resist? (And why are the heroines always called Maggie?)
16 reviews1 follower
October 9, 2011
The story was good, but it didn't hold my attention particularly well. It was very romantic. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.
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57 reviews2 followers
Want to read
June 2, 2013
Won a a good reads give away can not wait to get it will then review.
108 reviews12 followers
September 30, 2011
I loved it! It had suspense, murder, mayhem, everything I want in a book. I'm glad I won this on Goodreads. I would have been deprived of a good book if I hadn't.

*won on goodreads first reads*
Profile Image for Hafiza.
627 reviews13 followers
April 30, 2012
Amateurish time travel romance.
Heroine is supposed to be a 28 year old doctor but behaves like a 16 year old.
Don't waste your money
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