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When Dr. Alyssa Foster is taken hostage by a prison inmate, she knows she's in deep trouble. Not just because Teague Creek is desperate for freedom, but because the moment his fingers brush against her skin, Alyssa feels a razor-sharp pang of need...

A man with a life sentence has nothing to lose. At least Teague doesn't, until his escape plan develops a fatal flaw: Alyssa. On the run from both the law and deadly undercover operatives, he can only give her lies, but every heated kiss tells him the fire between them could be just as devastating as the flames that changed him forever...

342 pages, Trade Paperback

First published January 1, 2012

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Joan Swan

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USA Today bestselling author of passion, danger and suspense.

I live in the magnificent wine country of California's central coast with my husband and two daughters.

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631 reviews
March 4, 2012

I debated reviewing Fever given this is a debut author and I wish nothing but the best for any aspiring writer. However, I also believe that readers need a fair and honest review from a person who finished the book in it’s entirety. The reason I finished the book is because at times I am a masochist when it comes to not DNF’ing a story. In all seriousness though, I hoped to find something to justify why one of my all time favorite authors would give a positive quote to the book. What I found was the potential of a great plot that was flawed by writing. I would like to share a few high points about why this book did not work for me.

Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I love a dark, gritty, story, but I also need an authenticity to the darkness. Why is this aspect of the story there? What purpose does it have? How does a character overcome an issue or walk through it? Alas, I asked myself these questions when reading Fever and was not able to speculate on the answer that would further the storyline and/or pull me in as a reader. Quite honestly, one reason for this is that the book began with a disturbingly negative racial tone which set the overall delivery of the story. What was most annoying is that the racial slurs used were entirely unnecessary. The author already established that the character was an asshole, through and through, so the continued use of derogatory, demoralizing racial comments added nothing but frustration and frankly a bitter and disappointing view with regard to the writing style of a debut author and her work.

As an avid reader of all genres of romance, I must say that I do NOT want to read such characters as the ones portrayed in the first 1/3 of this book. It is not an enjoyable experience nor one I desire in a romance story when I read about secondary characters that are in the plot only to mouth off sentences such as the following:

“These porch monkeys gonna pound your cracka faces into the pavement.”

“Whatcha doin’ with these honkies, pretty?”

“What do you say baby? Wanna taste of black meat? It’s an all- you- can- eat buffet.”

“You know what they say…once you’ve had black, you never go back.”

“Yeah, like how the fuck we’re getting out of the hell hole that bitch got us into now that those niggers jacked our ride.”

“I’m going to fuck the living shit out of this slant-eyed cunt.”

After reading those quotes, if your eyebrows are shooting up to your hairline and your head is inching backward as if you could somehow physically distance yourself from the overt [crassness], you are not the only one. I could go on with more quotes, but I think I’ve made my point. It’s disturbing, uncomfortable, and for me, infuriating because I have read enough romance to know that you can establish a bad, ruthless, asshole of a character without bigotry.

Racial issues aside, I contemplated DNF’ing at the 120 page mark for the simple fact that I believe an author should establish at least a glimmer of why the reader should believe in the hero or the hero/heroine forming a romantic relationship and it had not happened. I still did not know why the hero was a criminal. The circumstances surrounding the crime were a mystery. And why I should believe he had any redeeming qualities that would result in the heroine falling for him or having any empathy towards him was equally illusive. There was no justification as to why I, as the reader should believe in them as a couple. Both the hero and heroine’s personalities were flat, lacking chemistry and a believability that they could actually form a relationship of trust and love. Overall the story was poorly executed and left me with a negative taste that will make me think twice before considering future releases from this author.

Originally posted at http://www.fictionvixen.com/2012/03/r...
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2,300 reviews721 followers
January 27, 2012
Unfortunately, I can't handle the racial slurs in this book. And yes, I realize they are in there to make us not like a certain character (at least that is my assumption. I am dnf'ing after pg 50 or so). Although because his character is friends with (or at least tagging along) with the hero, he has a lot of page time.

But for me personally, there is no reason to use the N word or a slur against an Asian woman in a book. If you don't want me to like the character, than think of a different way to do it. I just can't handle language like that. It really upset me.

Otherwise, the set up for the book in the first few chapters is pretty good but I am not going to continue.
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March 3, 2012
Debut - Romantic Suspense with PNR aspects and a truly hot cover!

I’ve had difficulty rating this book. I liked it! What interfered with my rating is my comparison to my fav PNR Romantic Suspense series. When I put this comparison aside, this clearly is a 4 star read. I hope that makes sense:)

I don't usually enjoy fugitive heroes but after reading my friend Jill's review, I knew I wanted to get this one. From the very first page I was intrigued and didn’t want to stop until the end. This debut novel is not without faults, but overall it kept me invested and I read it in one day! Not only that, I now want to read the next installment.

Warning: During the first half of the book there are many racial slurs. They are crude and offensive. I flinched and gasped. It is easily understood the reasoning behind these remarks. The author is building one of the most repulsive characters read. I realize the racial slang is used for the purpose of plot-driven character development. In this book, the juxtaposition of these character's thoughts and language with that of other characters reinforce the egregious nature of hatred and racism. I'm not familiar at all with prison but like most everyone have read some of the things that happen there. I think JS did a good job touching on the issues involving gangs, racism, etc and the underlying hatred that fuels their deeds.

Teague Creek fits easily the character from the book cover. Tall, incredibly muscular, and totally sexy. I liked him. A firefighter and paramedic, his world falls apart when he is wrongly convicted of murder and sent to prison for life. Of course, there is so much more behind his conviction.

Dr. Alyssa Foster is his means of escape. While performing an examination, she is taken hostage by Teague. She is smart, persistent and a survivor and you can feel his frustration in trying to get her to cooperate. I liked how the author slowly reveals his character. Teague is neither trained nor skilled in undercover operations. He is a survivor, wrongly accused with a deep desire to escape. Alyssa becomes confused knowing this man doesn’t fit the criminal he has been labeled. The heat between them is a slow burn. The attraction is there and as they spend time together it becomes sizzling hot.

There were a few things here that didn’t add up but in no way really detracted from the story. As I mentioned, I read this in a day and didn’t want to put it down until the end. I liked the secondary characters, the PNR aspect is very interesting and the love scenes were hot. I felt the ending was a little rushed but that could be just me wanting more!

I keep wanting to come back and tweek this review. I think of what I wish I had added and then think, no,that would give too much away:)

Thanks Jill for another great rec! I not only want Luke’s story but hoping Mitch will get his too!
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Shelved as 'will-never-read'
March 4, 2012
Jane's status updates are proof enough that I never want to read this. Here are a few gems:

"The Aryan Brotherhood sidekick, the hero and heroine confront a bunch of slang talking black guys who spout off cliched lines like "once you go black, you never go back". This also treats us to "porch monkeys, wiggas, cracka" (42)

"AB sidekick telling the dreadlocked black guys to get lost "you heard him, monkey meat," Taz said. "Get the fuck out of here before he shoots your ugly black faces clean off." (46)

"Apparently it is Heroine's fault. "I'm going to fuck the living shit out of this slant-eyed cunt." (49)

"Hero is butthurt that heroine thinks that he is a convicted felon. Because she should be able to look past the kidnapping, the hanging out w a racist asshole, the fact he killed someone in front of her, the threats, and assume he is a good guy." (130)

NOPE. Not reading this one.
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February 29, 2012
Favorite Lines: “A pristine fantasy of him lying naked in the middle of a big, comfortable bed with her equally as naked, straddling his lap with a sexy smile on that beautiful face instead of that perpetual scowl. Her hair fell forward over her shoulders as she split the foil condom wrapper with her teeth. Popped the latex securely between those full lips. Rolled it over his extended length with her mouth. Seated it in place with a suction that made his hands clench the sheets and his body arc off the mattress.” (p. 22, ARC)

I did not finish reading Joan Swan’s Fever. It looked exciting and began with action, but the first several chapters are filled with prejudice that really bothers me. As a bi-racial woman, I find myself particularly sensitive to books which use racial slurs. A couple racial epithets, I can deal with but when there are more–even when they are part of character depiction–I’m insulted and turned off. I don’t want to know more and I just want to set the book down and walk away. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I did with Fever.

As the book begins we are introduced to a mixed race Asian heroine who is about to examine a Caucasian male prison inmate. She notices white supremacist tattoos on him and soon meets his escape partner who makes no bones about displaying his revilement of all races who are not white. These are graphic descriptions. We are also given vivid details of how he feels other races should be treated. It is disgusting and it makes me think poorly of the hero, who aligned himself with the white supremacist culture in order to survive prison. I understand it was his coping mechanism, but it really bothered me to see this side the hero knowing he is going to end up in a bi-racial relationship. I thought about it throughout the story. It made me question the validity of his feelings and wonder when in the future that aspect of his life was going to reemerge.

I eventually picked the book back up and skimmed through it. I was curious to know what happened, but the damage was done early in the book. The great characters that I met skimming the following chapters didn’t mean squat ’cause the tone of the book, in my mind, still revolved around the two inmates I met early in the book. The author killed the racism in a vicious way pages before I set the book down the first time and I didn’t see the racism in my skimming the second time I picked up the book. (Yes, skimming isn’t really reading, but I wanted to know what happened at the end.)

I skimmed through a sexy, romantic suspense. I think I could have really dug Fever had the racial slurs not been present. I’ve read other reviews of the book and know that I’m in the minority of people who feel this way. Others have gobbled the book up. Don’t let my opinion of Fever prevent you from reading it. It’s Joan Swan‘s debut book and the first book in her Phoenix Rising series. I’m hoping book two, Blaze, or book three, Inferno, will be a better hit with me. Blaze comes out in October 2012 and Inferno does not yet have a release date.
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2,438 reviews812 followers
May 8, 2012
Posted on Under the Covers

Debut author Joan Swan takes you on a pulse-pounding, no-holds-barred, suspense-driven ride from beginning to end!

Doctor Alyssa gets caught up in a royal mess. Two inmates, working together have taken her from her workplace and brought her along a ride that changes the course of her life. Scared beyond reason, Alyssa tries to wrap her head around the situation that is happening to her. I found that I really liked Alyssa. She showed courage in times when I would have crawled into a ball and wept. Joan does a fantastic job of evoking emotions from her characters. I felt Alyssa’s fear and her frustration.

Teague Creek is one of the inmates who have taken Alyssa. While he is the less violent of the two inmates, he is still scary as hell. I had a hard time liking Teague. He was pushy, demanding, frustrating and dangerous, but through the course of the book, there are glimpses of another side of him. The author eases the softer side of Teague slowly and when I saw these glimpses, I wanted to know more about him. However, I did have a problem with the racial slurs in this book. I found it difficult to read and although it was meant to make me hate a particular character, I do think there are better and more effective ways to accomplish this.

I mentioned earlier about feeling Alyssa frustration and what I mean by that is that Teague has several secrets that he holds back from Alyssa. Not one to simply do things as she is told, Alyssa stands up to Teague more than once. Again, I have to commend her for her courage. Teague is still a convict, after all.

But whenever Alyssa was frustrated with Teague, I was as well. I loved that she pushed him, asking him to trust her with his secrets. Teague bottles things in and his frustration is evident as well when his plans don’t go his way. However, all this is understandable because what Teague is after is very important and holds his heart.

In other circumstances, Alyssa and Teague would have found each other eventually. But I think with this thrill ride of a story, Joan Swan brings in the action and the suspense to another level, making their meeting a memorable and lasting one. Even in the early pages of the book, you can already see the natural way Alyssa and Teague interact with one another.

There is also a slight paranormal element in this book. Teague has a hot touch. Literally. However, to him, the gift is more of a curse. He doesn’t know how to wield his talent, so more often than not, he is harming someone by accident. As he struggles with this gift and towards the goal he desperately seeks, I grew to like Teague a little more. Reading about his struggles made me admire his determination.

All in all, FEVER is a solid start for a new series that blends the romance and the suspense in perfect unison, topping it off with a dash of the paranormal.

*ARC provided by author
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1,700 reviews60 followers
January 4, 2020
It's another typical long day at work for Dr. Alyssa Foster when a prisoner is brought into the infirmary. It doesn't take long for things to go sideways. The guards have been locked up and Alyssa has a chain wrapped around her neck and is being thrown into a getaway car with two escaped convicts. Teague Creek has spent three years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Now he has a hostage he deems essential to his plan. The police are closing in. So is an organization from his past that wants him dead.

Someone recommended this book to me a few years ago and I finally picked it up to give it a try. I have to say I really liked it. The story is mainly romantic suspense with a paranormal element. It is fast paced and was very hard to put down. The romance was believable and I liked both the hero and the heroine. The conspiracy plot was a bit under-developed. But since this is the first book in the series, I'm sure we'll find out more in the next book.

The reviews for this book are all over the place. Many readers are upset by the racial slurs coming from the second escaped con. This character is part of the Aryan Brotherhood and that is what I would expect from someone like that. If the hero would talk like that, I would have thrown the book out. Thankfully, he didn't. I'm looking forward to more books in this series. My rating: 4.5 Stars.
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Author 1 book24 followers
February 6, 2012
Every once in a while, I get really lucky--when I discover a great book by an author that I haven’t read before, or a debut author, who is new to everyone—and I want to shout at the rooftops that I’ve just finished an awesome read. FEVER is that book.

Joan Swan, triple RWA Golden Heart finalist and a double Daphne Du Maurier finalist, has a reason to celebrate. Her debut romance novel, Fever, will be released on February 28, 2012. And it’s a super-fan-freakin-tastic read.

So prepare now for that shout out—

FEVER is a scorching hot debut romance novel that I loved from page one. She takes a very unlikely hero, an escaped lifer from San Quentin, and creates a character that I fell HARD for, and supported whole-heartedly. Her heroine, Alyssa, is just as admirable and fierce. Both are strong characters with sharp-tongued dialogue with tangible emotions in every scene.

FEVER is a challenging read-filled with the sick truth of some people’s bigotry. It may be hard for some readers to read. But it is HONEST, and imperative to this story’s overall expansion. Joan stays true to her characters—they are not wishy-washy—and she does a brilliant job in creating a story that is real and riveting at the same time.

I simply cannot find one thing that I didn’t like about this book.

Her secondary characters, Luke and Mitch, were just as charismatic and I am happy to say that Joan will be writing their stories as well.

Blaze, Book Two of the Phoenix Rising Series, will be coming in October, 2012 from Kensington Brava, and will be Luke Ransom’s story.

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2,273 reviews162 followers
December 20, 2020
4 Stars

Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, Teague Creek escapes with a hostage and is on the run not only from the police, but from dangerous rogue operatives who will stop at nothing to silence him once and for all. Dr. Alyssa Foster knows nothing of the man who has kidnapped her other than the fact that he awakens a deep seated need and desire within her. Surely there is more to this desperate bid for freedom than meets the eye…

A solid if rather far fetched plot, appealing characters and a satisfying romance.

The story starts out well and builds consistently with some exciting action scenes and paranormal abilities that are smoothly interwoven within the narrative. Nevertheless, the conspiracy elements are underdeveloped and the last few chapters progress too rapidly with several leaps in logic that lack foundation.

Alyssa’s stubborn determination and inquisitive nature make her a likable heroine and the fact that she doesn’t quiver and cower is an additional plus. While Teague starts out as a typical hard-ass alpha, he slowly reveals his inner vulnerability and need for someone to believe in him. Their relationship develops at a believable pace and their reactions are quite realistic given the circumstances.

Overall, an entertaining read reminiscent of other wonderful books in the genre, such as Perfect by Judith McNaught and Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare. I look forward to continuing with the series.
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Author 88 books3,126 followers
November 20, 2011
Fast-paced romantic suspense with a twist of the paranormal you won't be able to put down!
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223 reviews8 followers
February 26, 2012
For full review including excerpt and dialogue highlight, please visit Reader's Edyn at:


Holy Wow! I was completely blown away by this debut novel. Sometimes you can be skeptical about a debut author, not having any point of reference, but Ms. Swan had a couple of things going for her before I ever cracked the cover. First, she understands the draw of a fabulous cover. I mean look at that body! The man is frickin fantastic. Makes you want to pet the pretty. *stops to pet the pretty* Okay! *coughs* and … Second, I have been following Ms. Swan on Twitter for quite some time as well as periodically stalking her blog. This all before I knew she had a book coming out. Her blog is very entertaining. She engages her guests and asks fun questions. And she clearly knows a lot about the business. I did have a nagging inkling of doubt when I started reading, wondering if I had worked myself up into a frenzy with my excitement to read it, effectively sabotaging the book and not getting quite what I wanted from it. I am delighted to report that working myself up was only a portion of the thrill I experienced from this book.

I don’t think I had realized it was a romantic suspense prior to the read. I mean I understood that it had conflict that had to be sorted out, but that doesn’t always add up to suspense. But boy did this book have suspense. I absolutely fell in love with both main characters and have an overwhelming urge to read about the fabulous supporting characters. I was engaged from the first page and the book never let me go until it ended. My only regret was that it did end. I found myself frequently looking at how much was left to read, knowing I was nearing the final pages, and wishing more pages would magically appear.

Teague – love that name, by the way – is not what he first seems. In fact, he couldn’t be anything further from his first impressions. I thoroughly enjoyed how Ms. Swan only let us in on his true background in bits and pieces. She didn’t lay it all out there and immediately flip the reader’s mind, she let the reader gradually reassess just exactly who this man was much in the same way Alyssa did. Alyssa is constantly grappling for the right thread of truth to cling to throughout her entire “ordeal” with Teague. I say ordeal for lack of a better word, but please don’t misunderstand. There are some high points within this ordeal. She makes an immediate judgment call about Teague’s character, which seems pretty accurate given the circumstances. And who could blame her? But as the hours tick by (the book takes place in the span of a few days), she begins to war within herself. Is Teague who he seems to be, or it there a real human being somewhere within; a human being she is drawn to despite trying desperately not to acknowledge such a longing. As the deception unfold – and there is a whole lot of deception, Yo! – Teague and Alyssa’s roles dramatically switch from the first couple of chapters. And their sexual chemistry? Holy hotness Batman! Ms. Swan knocked it out of the park by allowing the sexual tension to build to a blazing desire, making their surrender to each other that much better.

I will say that as much as was revealed, there is also much left undiscovered. Revelations sure to be addressed in the next book, Blaze, which will be Luke and Keira’s story. I have to say I was pretty sure these two would be the next couple explored and I am fervently looking forward to reading it. Blaze is due for release in October. But I also have a hunger for Mitch’s story as well. Mitch is … intriguing … would probably be the best word to describe him. I get the impression he exists in one realm and operates in an entirely different one. I truly hope he will be the story that will be book 3! But I digress …

My only complaint within this book is the lack of background between Jason Vasser and Jocelyn. I understand that this was not their story, but enough was hinted at that there was a story at one time. A story, I gather, that did not translate to the same ending for both parties with Vasser’s obvious remaining fantastical idea of he and Jocelyn together and Jocelyn’s apparent lack of interest. But I also wonder what occurred that made Jocelyn such a cold-hearted bitch. She clearly has an ax to grind. The question remains whether the ax is hers personally, or simply her carrying out the best interests of the Senator. I have a feeling Jocelyn will be revisited in some way in the following book(s), though I am not sure in what capacity. I do have one idea though … *zips lips* We’ll see whether I am right or not in the future.

Nominal complaint aside, Ms. Swan is an author to watch. With a debut like this, I have high hopes for her future releases. She clearly has a gift in writing. Overall, Fever is a fast-paced, super sexy, extremely suspenseful, engaging story. I was beyond satisfied with this read and look forward to many more in the future. Blaze is already on my TBR list! My recommendation? Buy! This! Book! You will not be disappointed.

(Uncorrected proof provided by Kensington for review.)
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669 reviews34 followers
February 17, 2012
I just love it when a debut author hits it out of the park. Joan Swan has done that and then some. She’s given readers an intense and suspenseful story infused with a romance that grows as secrets are revealed, all with an underlying paranormal element that gives the Phoenix Rising series its base, on which Ms. Swan has built exciting characters and storylines.

Alyssa Foster has worked hard to keep her medical career on an upward track, culminating in a promotion she’s ready to knock out the competition for. She’s on overload and tonight, because they’re short staffed, she’s taking care of prisoners from San Quentin. Two inmates are brought in, and what she gets for ogling a handsome man with a rock-hard bod is danger and fear when they force her from the hospital and on the wildest ride of her life that will change her forever.

Not willing to give up a chance at freedom after years of incarceration for crimes he didn’t commit, Teague Creek plots to take a hostage central to his plans to get back to the one girl who means everything to him. But plans have a way of going wrong, and things definitely go wrong for Teague. The woman he grabs has more backbone than any female he’s ever met. Alyssa gives him trouble from the beginning. His partner in crime is also trouble, but Teague needs him for the time being. And the guy is slime to the core. He’s a racist who acts on his ignorance. Some readers may not like the slurs this jerk spews, but it’s real and honest, and you know how much fun it can be when characters like that meet their destiny. Don’t let that put you off this book, because you’ll be missing out on a terrific read. Then Teague finds out he has the wrong hostage. What the hell is he supposed to do now?

But as Alyssa learns Teague’s story, as she sees the gentleness in him, the love and protection he has for those he cares about, her perception of him goes through a pivotal change. She also sees his regret at how he’s treated her during this ordeal. As all of the people involved with Teague’s case begin to emerge and the stakes for them both climb higher, Alyssa knows there’s no use denying what she feels for him any longer. And their love scenes sizzle and steam like you wouldn’t believe. Especially since it’s been so long for Teague, thinking he’d never touch a woman again. Amid all of this Alyssa adds her expertise to what he’s accumulated concerning the case, hoping to help him clear his name, but Teague is resigned to the fact that he’ll never have a normal life again.

There are a number of players involved in the entire story, but Ms. Swan does an excellent job at keeping them straight for the reader, never confusing you with the intricacies of the mystery. Teague is a wonderful hero. His softer side is revealed little by little, and you love him more each time you glimpse his internal emotion, and never do you question his masculinity. Alyssa is the perfect heroine for me. She’s sharp and stands up for herself, even against a convict, but she also shows fear and anxiety where it’s needed. She’s never TSTL and not too much of a kick-ass heroine to make her hard and standoffish.

We also meet Luke, Teague’s best friend, in this story. The paranormal ability Teague possesses was caused by a warehouse fire fought in his former life as a firefighter. We find Luke was also affected, though his ability is slightly different from Teague’s, and the mystery behind it all is not revealed here but will continue on in Luke’s book, Blaze, which will hit the shelves in October of this year.

What an all-consuming, thrilling, and passionate first book from Joan Swan. It’s action packed, the pace never slows down, and the romance is gradual and definitely satisfying. The promise this story gives to the entire series, however many books there may be, is never ending, so I hope there’s plenty of books in store for us. There aren’t many first-time published authors who would go on my keeper shelf, but Ms. Swan is definitely the exception to that rule. I have a feeling she’s going to be an exception to a lot of the rules out there. Look out, Romanceland!

See my complete review at http://www.goodbadandunread.com
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February 19, 2012
This is, without a doubt, one of the best romantic suspense books I’ve read! FEVER gripped me so hard I think I have bruises! :) From beginning to end, there isn’t a single dull moment, a drop in pulse pounding action, or a time that you aren’t left warm and tingling from the blazing sexual tension. I’m left in awe of the fabulousness that a debut author can deliver in a romantic suspense novel that has a unique plot shrouded by mystery, deceit, and pain – that ultimately leads to a great HEA.

The action driven plot and sub-plot lines are intriguing and unique from beginning to end; you certainly won’t find any slow and sagging middle’s here! Swan creates a very enthralling plot of a wrongly? convicted prisoner and his quest for justice and answers. With every new page turned, the reader is taken further into a mysterious conviction surrounded by cover-up and malicious conduct. The action is rife with the characters’ search for answers and a way to live life in peace, only to constantly be battling the obstacles before them. You’ll notice I mentioned more than one character, because while this book focuses on the hero, the heroine has her own inner – and outer – obstacles to battle.

Swan pulls from her own background to create a steady, intelligent, fierce heroine in Alyssa Foster, that is the perfect balance to one hardened and deeply emotionally scarred hero: Teague Creek. This is a hero I fell in love with immediately; even when he was being oh-so-bad. The perfect balance of alpha and beta male, along with a healthy dose of broken, vulnerable, and deliciousness! :) Swan did a great job at making this hero’s different sides be known. It’s also what ultimately starts Alyssa looking at Teague differently; from prison escapee and kidnapper, to someone that has a very dynamic, mysterious, and horrific past, and who may be way more than what initially meets the eye. There’s even a very slight paranormal twist to the story with Teague’s ‘chemistry’. I don’t want to spoil it though!

As the story progresses, Swan builds the heat of sexual tension between these two well developed characters, and when they finally act on those desires … well, enjoy! :) Most importantly, however, is that their connection is believable and palpable, that any romance reader is sure to appreciate.

The secondary characters are just as well developed – whether playing supporting roles or the antagonist(s) – these are characters who also may or may not be who they seem. This is just one of the many aspects that I thoroughly enjoyed about Joan’s writing style. She doesn’t just give you a character with whom you think you can know and understand right away. She gives you characters that are complex, each with a different story to tell of their own. Swan also gives you a harsh reality glimpse into a mind of a bigot – which is also essential for the sub-plot.

The bottom line is Joan Swan is an author that I have no doubt every romance fan will sure come to know and anticipate new releases from! I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end, and simply read it straight through with no stops because I was too engrossed. I highly recommend FEVER to any romance suspense fan looking to get lost for hours in a great, action-packed, sexy read. For I’m sure you won’t want to put this one down!

Stories up next in the series:

Book #2: Blaze. Luke Ransom’s story, published via Kensington Brava in October? 2012

Review posted at Novel Reflections
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6,948 reviews828 followers
February 22, 2012
This review posted at
Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Recommended Read

I am not going to lie...the scorching HOT cover of this book caught my attention and let me tell you, this is one time you CAN judge a book by it's cover. FEVER is an emotionally charged, action packed, romantic suspense debut novel with a great plot and amazing character development.

FEVER takes hold of you in the first couple of sentences and will not let you go. Dr. Alyssa Foster is already having a bad day at work, when two prison patients take her hostage. One of the prisoners, Taz. is a down right, 100% dirt bag, I hated him so much I almost chunked the book. Three things kept me from chunking the book in spite of Taz's horrible racial slurs and downright nasty personality. ONE...Teague, the other prisoner, from the get go I could tell there was something deep inside him that I was going to love, he is an ALPA with a tortured soul, a former paramedic, wrongfully in prison for crimes he did not commit and has a gift that he does not know how to use, nor does he know exactly what caused his gift. TWO....Alyssa Foster, she is one hell of a heroine, she is like a tenacious chihuahua with a pit bull bite, no matter how bad things got she never lost her spirit. THREE.....The instant chemistry between Alyssa and Teague, yes even though he was in pain and in the ER, you could feel the bond almost instantaneously form between them. Yes, Taz was a bigoted, jerk, but I am glad I didn't chunk the book. His ways were important in building the rest of the story *****possible spoiler - it all works out good, cause he gets what's coming to him*****

I fell in love with Teague, there were so many moments when even though he was being a bad guy, you could see the sexy, caring man he really is shine through. He's found himself in deep trouble that involves the Department of Defense, FBI, his brother in law, two close friends and a mysterious gift that he can't control. Alyssa was the perfect person for him to kidnap, it was like a force brought them together so she could help him out of this major clusterfu** his life has become.

FEVER is more than just a romance, there are sleazy government officials, mysterious accidents, high octane action, gut wrenching emotional strife, just the right amount of humor, smokin hot lovin' and a touch of paranormal. While the love scenes are not every other page, they are well written, stimulating and perfectly paced with the story. I didn't feel the paranormal aspect of the story had much impact in FEVER, however, I do feel it is going to pick up speed and we will learn more as the series progresses. This is not a bad thing, because I think the "gifts" are too new and Teague has not had the time or resources to figure out what is going on and how to control it.

Then there are the sexy secondary characters, Mitch and Luke, I am intrigued and in lust with them. Color me happy to find out that Luke's book, BLAZE will be coming out October 2012.

Joan Swan is an incredibly talented new voice in Romantic Suspense and I can't wait to read everything else she has in store for us!
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February 4, 2012
Once in a while I read a book that I can’t put down. It’s the kind of book that I think about when I’m folding laundry or driving to the store or jogging around the neighborhood. I wonder how the characters are possibly going to solve their problems and end up together. And I stay up late, even though it means functioning on four hours of sleep, because I cannot wait to find out how the novel ends. I hadn’t read a book like that in a long time.

Until I picked up Joan Swan’s debut, Fever.

From the initial pages of Fever, Swan had me wondering how she was possibly going to make this story work. A beautiful doctor as a heroine isn’t too unconventional. A convicted murderer as a hero is pretty much unheard of. Alyssa Foster is a physician with a bright future and a lot of competition. She’s beautiful, tired, and overworked. She doesn’t like having to work on prisoners as patients, but she has to suck it up because the hospital is short staffed. Lucky for Teague Creek, Alyssa also has a bad boy fetish. But then who wouldn’t have a bad boy fetish with a gorgeous guy like Teague Creek half-naked in front of you, whether he’s a prisoner from San Quentin or not.

But Alyssa’s normal life is shattered when Teague kidnaps her and takes off. His companion is a lowlife scum who would just as soon rape and kill Alyssa, but Teague protects her. She soon realizes he has her mistaken with someone else, and she fears when he discovers who she really is, and that he doesn’t need her anymore, Teague will kill her.

Teague Creek is not your average hero. He has special powers, whereby he can actually burn or heal with his hands. Alyssa calls it thermokinesis, and basically it means he can control his body temperature. Teague has other secrets, but I won’t reveal those because I found it so delicious and exciting to puzzle out all the little mysteries in this book, and I think you will too.

This story moves fast. Swan’s pacing is excellent. The novel is also hot—no pun intended. Alyssa and Teague have so much sexual tension the pages of my ARC were crackling. When they finally make love, Swan makes it incredibly romantic and poignant too. Fever is an awesome book, so much so I can’t even believe it’s a debut. Joan Swan has a dazzling future ahead of her. I highly recommend this novel.
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March 15, 2012
Not a review exactly, just some observations. This book for reasons I don't fully understand is the center of all kinds of melodrama. Maybe I'll just bullet point, without judgment.

*There is an impressive number of squeesqueesquee 5 star reviews very early in the game.
*Some people think a droolworthy and dreamy hero is an adequate reason for five stars.
*This is a debut author. Has she really hit it out of the park on her first book? Where will she go from here?
*A lot of people think they've written the ONLY fair and honest review.
*Some people who may have never before read crime fiction, seen gritty films, or visited a large urban environment think one of the bad guy's language is beyond the pale, simply unheard of.

Now for the judgmental part.

*I have no problem with an author getting friends to help her promote her book. Why not? What smells a little off here is the over-the-top praise and there is waaaay too much of it. It cancels itself out.
*The hero is seemingly a bad guy who is eventually redeemed. Anne Stuart and gobs of other authors have been writing this kind of hero for a long, long time and doing it very well. Joan Swan did not invent the wheel here. She pulled it off but she's not the master of this old trope yet. There IS room for improvement.
*My review and many others are "fair and honest," thank you very much.
*Setting up this book as a litmus test for judging people as racist is absurd. I read a comment somewhere rather hysterically purporting that anyone who isn't outraged, OUTRAGED over the racial slurs is a closet racist. Oh please. Just my opinion, of course. I thought the author went a little too far with it but she's not the first author going for shock value.

It's decent romantic suspense. I was going to rate it two stars but the last third was very good. Better than the first 2/3 so I'll give it three stars.

Dear Kensington Brava,

I paid you the ridiculous price of $10 for this ebook. You are way out of line. Other publishers are selling better-written romantic suspense from established authors for far less. I will not buy the next book in this series for $10. It wasn't THAT good.


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January 28, 2012
I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! Oh My God it was sooooo good! I started reading it at work in between calls and it sucked me right in. I had a hard time to stop reading lol

So the story starts with Dr, Alyssa walking down the hall and she's contemplating life and that fact that she is fighting to make it to the top of her career. I usually read through descriptions quickly to get on to the dialogue but they were so well written I read word for word.
When Alyssa gets to the room that is holding a convicted felon in need of an ultrasound she tells him to take off his shirt. I loved this part HAHAHA but don't we all.
The man/felon took off his shirt and he was describe so well I swear I saw him in my mind with no problem. YUM! From there he manages to escape and takes Alyssa with him and their unbelievable adventure begins.

This book was delicious and I ate it as fast as possible and I plan to read it again because it will need to be savored. It got my palate in just the right ways. It was full of intrigue, adventure and it was action packed. It was well portioned though with passion, sizzling sex appeal and romance.

I can't say enough about this book, to me it was the perfect read and I hope you will check it out!
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September 3, 2020
Chains of love

A little bit of paranormal, a dash of intrigue, and a healthy dose of danger and action, make this a thrilling series starter that you won’t be able to put down until the very end. I love the characters! They are so full bodied and well developed that I can see them all the fire house, and I am completely invested in the outcome of their HEAs. The author kept us in a constant state of high intensity, that didn’t fizzle at the end but continued all of the way through. This is such an amazing series and I can’t wait to read the next book.
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March 14, 2012
My Review:
This is a book that I have been looking forward to for months. Finally, my pre-ordered copy showed up and I devoured this book within hours of it's arrival. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down. It surpassed all of my already high expectations...OMG, I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

This is the first in a series of books about a group of firefighters who got caught up in a warehouse explosion. Something was in that explosion which affected the group, but it's affected them all in different ways. Certain key players within the government is trying to cover it all up.

This first book follows Teague, who has developed a thermokinesis ability (his body reaches extreme heats when he's faced with strong emotion) and he can also heal with touch. The warehouse explosion and the subsequent quarantine, which happened five years ago, began the start of a breakdown of his life. His wife committed suicide and his brother in law (his former best friend) decided to sue for custody of Teague's daughter, Kat. The past three years he's been in San Quentin serving a life sentence for a murder that he was framed for because he kept asking questions about the warehouse event. He doesn't care about anything else besides escaping and getting to his little 6 yo daughter, Kat. To say that he is disillusioned with the world is putting it mildly. He's lost all faith in pretty much everything. The only thing he knows is that he loves his little girl desperately and needs to be with her.

Alyssa is a doctor who was covering for a tech the day that Teague was brought in for an exam. In a case of mistaken identity, Teague kidnapped her during his escape. I liked Alyssa's character. She's terrified, but that doesn't stop her from fighting back. She is tough and scrappy and constantly comes up swinging. But she's also incredibly intelligent, fair, and compassionate. As Teague constantly does things to protect her even when he himself is threatening her, she starts to see him differently.

This book is heartbreaking and suspenseful. I just couldn't see how it could all work out. Even though Teague didn't commit the original crime, he's committed a whole bunch since his escape, but this is not a bad guy. He was a paramedic and firefighter. This is someone who committed his life to saving others, but somehow got caught up in these horrible circumstances and he can't find a way out. This book is brilliant. The twists and turns....just Wow! It's an absolutely amazing read and Joan Swan is an amazing story teller. I was riveted from the very moment I started it.

There are still lots of questions to be answered about what happened to these firefighters and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series. We've already seen glimpses of a couple of the other guys...I am thinking all the books are going to be this hot...Yay!! Definitely something to look forward to.
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February 22, 2012
A Sizzling Thrill Ride!

WOW! Joan Swan's debut romantic-suspense novel, FEVER, is a thrill ride you won't want to miss! When San Quentin prisoner, Teague Creek, former firefighter and paramedic, is transported to a San Francisco medical center for a medical exam, he sets his plan for escape in motion. His plans include taking a specific hostage, but what he didn't know is that the hospital would be short staffed that evening, and he mistakenly takes another person. As Teague and another inmate escape with Dr. Alyssa Foster as their hostage, the suspense just builds and builds from there!

Teague and Alyssa are both strong characters that have obvious chemistry from the beginning. Teague is wrongly accused, hardened from prison life and determined to escape to not only prove his innocence, but to get to the person who matters to him the most. Alyssa is career-driven and strong-willed. She stands up to Teague and fights him from the beginning. When the situation they're in intensifies and Alyssa gets injured, they gradually learn to rely on each another. Ms. Swan does a great job building their romance too. Teague and Alyssa are physically attracted to one another from the get go. Their trust and emotional bond gradually strengthens as they seek answers. Throughout most of the book, these two keep resisting one another to the point of utter frustration, but when they finally get together it is so worth it!

Negative comments: Not much. I know many people will be sensitive to the racial slurs spoken in this book. I don't like reading about bigotry either, but Swan wrote one of her characters very honestly even though he is rather despicable.

One of my favorite moments that made me laugh was when a certain character was belting out a song in the car. Joan Swan, how did you know I love that band? I just had to sing along too!

FEVER is a fantastic start to Swan's Phoenix Rising Series. The paranormal aspect is minimal and used well. Teague was exposed to something in a warehouse explosion and ends up having constant high body heat. He is literally hot to touch and is still learning how to control his power. There were six surviving people from that explosion, so maybe we'll learn more about the others in future books. In this book Luke and Mitch are great secondary characters, and I wanted to learn more about them. Hopefully they will get their HEA in the next books as well.
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January 25, 2012
Fever is a romantic suspense book with a paranormal twist. Romantic suspense is not a genre I normally read but I was intrigued with the paranormal aspect so I chose it as a book to review. I am so glad I gave this book a chance. It was action packed, kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to see where Joan Swan takes this series next.

Teague Creek is a man serving a life sentence and feels he has nothing to lose. Conspiracy put him in prison and he will do whatever it takes to get free; even relying on a sociopathic inmate to aid him in his quest. Teague is smart, calculating, strategic, beyond sexy and has a special power. His goal is to use a hospital employee (who happens to be the girlfriend of a former friend) to make his escape. He wasn't counting on the instant connect he felt with Alyssa or the fact that she wasn't who he was expecting. Teague and Alyssa soon find themselves in way over their heads, running from not only the police but the government as well and trying to stay alive so Teague can get back to the girl who owns his heart. Alyssa soon learns that there is more to Teague than meets the eye and that the tattooed bad boy who walked into her exam room is far from who Teague really is.

I loved the character development and fast paced plot in Fever. The action was nonstop, the chemistry between Teague and Alyssa was well written and the love scenes were smoking hot. As day turned into night I knew I needed to get up early the next morning for work but found myself saying "just one more chapter". That one more chapter turned into another until I was finished with the book. I was so engrossed in the world that Joan Swan created that I only got about three hours of sleep that night but it was worth it. The suspense was killing me and I had to know how it ended.

Sexy, mentally scarred alpha male, government conspiracy and special abilities? What's not to love? Fever left me wanting more and I look forward to the next installment in the series. Joan Swan's debut is a fantastic read and I honestly have nothing negative to say about it. Who knows? Joan just might make a romantic suspense fan of me yet.

February 29, 2012

Teague Creek is a convicted murderer who used to be a well respected Fireman/Paramedic. Alyssa Foster is a Physician just trying to get ahead in a man's world. Teague's and Alyssa's worlds collide when Teague escapes taking the attractive Doctor as his hostage in the escape along with evil inmate, Taz. During the escape Alyssa finds Teague has a very odd ability, which as a Doctor intrigues as well as terrifies her.

All Teague wants is to be free of prison and to take back something that's solely his. Unfortunately, circumstances are making his quest almost impossible. Alyssa isn't the hostage he thought she was and things get out of control when in addition to fighting the system and the rest of the world, he's fighting a losing battle over his attraction to the lovely but prickly Dr. Foster.

While on the run from the authorities, Alyssa finds there is so much more than meets the eye to this "convict".
She discovers a conspiracy and against her better judgment jumps head in to try to right the many wrongs done to then once respected Teague Creek.

I loved this book! What a great debut novel for such an awesome writer. I adore how Joan mixes tension and passion at the same time. The allure of colliding people from two seemingly different lifestyles is heady to say the least here. I can honestly say, at the beginning of the book I had an extreme distaste for Mr. Creek and with Joan Swan's amazing twists, my mind did a flip! Fever is a must read. Bravo Joan Swan, you have a hit on your hands!

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March 20, 2012
WOW!!!! Triple WOW!!! What a fantastic book!!!
I loved the hero, I loved the heroine, I loved the story!!! I loved the flow of the story, the dialogue!! I loved everything!
There's a small paranormal issue in the story, but though important, the main part of the story is a thriller. Perheps this will be more througly explored in the next book. I'm anxiously awaiting for the second book!
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April 16, 2012
4.5 Stars

(minus .5 because of the lack of STEAMY hot you know what scenes between Teague and Lys....come on!)
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November 7, 2012

****I would like to thank Joan Swan for providing a review copy in exchange for a honest review! :D****

Don’t you just love it when an author takes a simple idea and turns it into this mind blowing piece of work, that you aren’t likely to forget for the next how many ever days!? Fever did that to me. In fact, Ms. Swan gave romantic suspense a whole new meaning. There was never a dull moment - I was instantly sucked in by the very first action-packed scene, and I was kept absorbed until the very last romantic scene. Plus, in between all that, readers get a boat full of action, suspense, humour, mystery, even more romance and of course a hint of the paranormal. With complex characters and a plot that will keep you at the edge of your seat, Fever was an exceptional debut novel by Ms. Swan.

Let me just start off by acknowledging that mouth watering cover....*staring*.....okay all done! :) I think, with a cover like that “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” becomes nearly impossible. I just love it! 

That aside, I was thoroughly satisfied by the plot of this book. I would imagine writing a suspense story requires more than hard work, since each event must be executed at the perfect timing to ensure a great read - but Ms. Swan had no trouble with it. All the events unfolded in a perfect manner and the intrigue factor was done flawlessly, as it keeps the reader going on to find out more. The atmosphere and mood of Fever are very dark and cruel, yet there are enough light moments to keep the story from getting overwhelming. A perfect balance. The vivid plot was brilliantly done and I was engrossed from beginning to end.

As far as the characters go....I really liked Alyssa and Teague overall. Alyssa was a total firecracker. Right from the beginning when she gets kidnapped, she gives Teague heck. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and express her opinions, in the face of danger. I really liked her bold personality. Teague, on the other hand, is not your normal guy - which is why I enjoyed him so much (aside from his crazy sex appeal ;p). He is tough and hard on the outside and only has one goal in mind - to escape. But as the story progresses, Teague’s intentions become evident and you can’t help but fall for him. The depth of Ms. Swan’s characters and their distinct personalities was definitely a major factor that contributed into making the characters likeable and this an enjoyable read. 

The romance - an important element in a romance novel, which was done just right. Teague and Alyssa’s relationship is unlikely. A doctor and a convict - it doesn’t seem like it could happen in the real world, but the way the romance is crafted will have you forgetting about the unlikeliness of the coupling. Both characters complimented each other very nicely and their chemistry was steamy. Despite having a tough exterior, Teague’s soft and protective side never fails to show up where Alyssa is concerned, which I thought was very sweet. Both are drawn to each other and they made the perfect team. So, if their romance doesn’t get you all hot and bothered before the ending of the story - I really don’t know what will!

One other thing, I would like to touch up on is about the racial slurs thrown around in the beginning of the book. Where most people found that upsetting, I thought it fit very well according to the personalities of the characters that say them. A gang and Taz (the escapee with Teague) - were racist and foul mouthed, as would be expected of any said person in the real world. It went well with the story, so I didn’t think much of it. It just makes the readers feel a strong hatred for Taz’s character or the gang’s - which was the author’s intention. 

Fever was a brilliant start to a new series and I am just anxious to get my hands on the second installment. With a very unexpected conclusion, and many questions left unanswered, I am curious to see where Ms. Swan takes the story next. I enjoyed this very much. A definite must read for all romantic suspense/paranormal fans!

MY RATING: 5 of 5 Hearts!!

This is also posted on my blog: Literary Love Affair
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November 16, 2014
Four stars with reservations. Having read many of the one star reviews that complain about the racial slurs, I was a bit leery of reading this book. As it turned out, I think that particular criticism is not warranted, but I think many missed the forest for the trees and didn't pick up on more serious concerns regarding the role of race in this book, probably because those people didn't read very far into the book.

The hero, Teague is introduced as a prisoner sentenced to life, sporting a collection of White Supremacist tattoos. Since this isn't being published by the Aryan Nation Romance division, I think it will shock no one to know that appearances can be deceiving and the hero isn't actually a White Supremacist. He is, though in a temporary alliance of convenience with one. This is the character that spews some nasty racial epithets. It is made clear that Teague doesn't share his beliefs, can't stand him, and can't wait to get rid of him, which he does around page 50.

The problem to me is that Teague has chosen to masquerade as a White Supremacist, but why he was willing to do that, what it says about him as a human being, and what effect this had one him is never addressed. Once the heroine learns he is not actually one, it is just dropped never to be discussed again. The heroine has no problem with it. In my opinion this is too weighty a topic to be used as a mere plot device. It left me wondering if the author/publisher was entertaining that idea that their is demographic that views White Supremacist as just another Bad Boy and finds it titillating to flirt with the idea, something that left me disturbed.

It would be easy to dismiss this as happenstance, but I was also troubled by the depiction of Black characters in this book. Most mainstream romances have zero Black characters, but this book had several and all were unflattering. There are two Black prostitutes, who are presumed to have been injured or even killed that disturbingly the hero choose to ignore (and the book which could have easily have made clear their fate ignores them, after they serve their plot device). There are a couple of Black gang members who are murderous and hurl racial slurs. And finely there is a Black government agent, who out villains the chief villain and who is not only homicidal but stupid to boot. Having not read any of the author's other works, I can't say if she is just racially insensitive or something else.

But even with all of that, I found the book is exciting, fast paced, with a strong intelligent heroine - stronger then the male lead, in fact. The characters behave in realistic fashion given their situation. The romance takes its time and is credible. There are a host of interesting supporting characters who I expect will be getting their own story. There are some hard to believe situations and the resolution was way too pat for what happened, but otherwise as good as this genre gets.
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March 15, 2012
From page one FEVER simmers with danger, chemistry, and Alpha hero deliciousness. And despite all that action, Swan still does a fantastic job having her characters navigate this steamy plot without sacrificing their depth. Well-executed romance with a light paranormal frosting, these two characters could have spent the entire book on a deserted island and I’d still be eagerly turning pages.

While it’s not unusual for me to like one character above all others in a book, it is rare for lesser characters come from behind and charm me. The high stress beginnings of Teague and Alyssa were all about danger and sexual chemistry. Once the smoke cleared, I was surprised to find that Teague’s hard-bitten exterior conceals a sweet, Beta center that touched my heart. While I initially admired Alyssa’s spunk in the face of kidnapping and assault, I started empathizing with Teague long before she was ready to give up her fight. It was hard to feel bad about Alyssa’s hospital politics when Teague’s whole world was on fire around him. Even worse, Alyssa changes her tune and wants to jump into bed with Teague long before she fully realizes what a great guy he is. Still, between Alyssa’s growing loyalty and her scientist’s fascination with Teague’s powers, but book’s end she had won me over.

With my intense interest in Teague and Alyssa, FEVER’s action driven plot came in a distant third. After the first few chapters, I wasn’t particularly interested in the conspiracy behind it all, except as a barrier to Teague getting his happily ever after. Some of the last twists and turns were over the top, but by then I was already sizing up the cast for book two. Luke is so angry, and a borderline villain, for most of FEVER, I’m very curious to see how he shapes up as a leading man. Alyssa's brother, Mitch, and his whirlwind of legal acuity won a lot more of my affection in this book. Dare I hope he wears the hero hat in book three?

Sexual Content: References to rape; Several sex scenes.
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March 5, 2012
It’s one of those good news/bad news types of days. Deep breath. . . .

The Cover: This is not Teague Creek. Someone please enlighten me on who has the final say on book covers because in my train of thought – it is not usually the author. Someone dropped the ball here BIG TIME. And yes, I want my cover to match what I’m reading DAMNIT!

Teague’s “Ability”: This is a major part of Teague’s character and plays a vital role in many scenes. Yet his “burn” is never fully explained the how, why, what, etc. Highly disappointed.

The DOD: The Department of Defense is involved somehow in Teague’s “ability”, but once again, their role never comes to fruition. I was left with unanswered questions once the last page was turned. Why and how were they involved in the incident that started the whole mess? What did they do to cause Teague’s Ability?

The Sex: Or lack of, should I say. With Paul on the cover, published by Kensington Brava, and a title of FEVER, I expected smokin’ hot, stoke the flame sex. Nope – Nem – Nyet! The sex didn’t start until page 233 and then, IMHO, one more after that for a grand total of *drum roll here* two scenes. For all of the “fire” that burned in Creek, the sex scenes were mild and simmering.

This is your basic prison escape, hostage taking, “I’m Innocent”, and a few others for good measure, completely packaged into an HEA. I would call it a “romantic suspense light” with a twist of paranormal. I found FEVER to be an easy read. I didn’t have to stumble and grumble over countless spelling, grammar, or editing errors. (Yes, I do that, but you never hear about it until I start notating/counting them!) Creek was a bit of a screw-up at times, but that is to be expected. . . escaped convict on the run. Alyssa is a little spitfire with a touch of Stockholm Syndrome. One character I found very interesting is Mitch, Alyssa’s brother. He makes quite an impact – need to know more about this guy!

I’m keeping an eye on Ms. Swan. I see great potential.
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June 18, 2012
Fever is the first book in a new series by Joan Swan. It is a romantic suspense novel with a slight paranormal element to it.
The book opens with Teague Creek, an inmate and lifer at the most notorious prison in California, at a local hospital being seen for pain in his right side. Dr. Alyssa Foster, filling in for another doctor, is tasked with performing an ultrasound on him. The first thing she notices about Teague is his shaved head and his tattoos---various swastikas and Aryan brotherhood symbols. Being of mixed races herself, she is immediately apprehensive. However, there is more to Teague than meets the eye as we find out throughout the book.
In the midst of Alyssa performing the ultrasound, Teague grabs her from behind and manages to escape from the hospital with Alyssa as his hostage. The rest of the book follows Teague and Alyssa as they try to evade the authorities so Teague can achieve his ultimate goal.
The action in this book takes off from the first page and NEVER stops. I literally could not put this book down. Teague is the perfect, tortured, alpha hero and Alyssa is a smart, sassy and kick-ass heroine. The chemistry between them is hot, hot, hot! There is even a slight paranormal aspect to their story. I loved watching this couple work through all their issues (and there are a lot of them) on their way to their HEA.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading romantic suspense a la Christy Reece, Pamela Clare or Cindy Gerard. Oh, and did I mention how smoking hot the cover is? I had to stop myself from licking my kindle =).

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February 4, 2012
Been anticipating this book for some time! And ironically animals and family are working against my reading time!

On page 87 - Very gripping, nearly action packed from the beginning. Never once did I get bored, no information dump from the get go. Been picking up information here or there along the way for the pace to go rather smoothly.

Note: Alyssa is the type of heroine that I really like. No fragile flower there. She fights and straight up gives Teague a rough time of it.

The side character Taz is a straight up jerk (well worse but I'm keeping it clean). Though, I blame the author for singing along with him. I had the darn song stuck in my head.

On 272 and honestly I do NOT want this book to end! Fever definitely grabs you by the seat of the pants. And what a ride!

Alyssa and Teague's relationship (okay I am a fan of unusual and uncommon names, so yes I love Teague's name). Not too fast or too slow, nicely, believable pace that just helps the reader connect and fall in love with both of them.

There were several moments in the book that just makes you want to hug Teague. He's an alpha but there is also the soft, emotional side you see here or there. Nothing that takes his masculinity away.

Trying to articulate just how much I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Near the end I got a little teary eyed but by the time I finished the last word, I was smiling like a loon! All I can say... DAMN good book! So glad I got the chance to read it.

Now the burning question is... Luke and Mitch best be getting a book!!!! Yes, I want more!
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