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Lexapros and Cons
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Lexapros and Cons

3.72  ·  Rating details ·  815 ratings  ·  194 reviews
Chuck Taylor's OCD has rendered him a high school outcast. His endless routines and habitual hand washing threaten to scare away both his closest friend and the amazing new girl in town. Sure he happens to share the name of the icon behind the coolest sneakers in the world, but even Chuck knows his bizarre system of wearing different color "Cons" depending on his mood is ...more
Hardcover, 240 pages
Published April 10th 2012 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (first published April 4th 2012)
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Average rating 3.72  · 
Rating details
 ·  815 ratings  ·  194 reviews

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Rebecca McNutt
This book has some good qualities like a wonderful sense of humor, but it's another preachy teen mental disorder novel and nothing I'll remember a day from now.
Feb 14, 2012 rated it it was amazing
I think Im on a roll when it comes to reading hilarious young adult books by male authors. Lexapros And Cons by Aaron Karo is a funny debut AND a candid look at OCD. Chucks journey of dealing with his issues is definitely worth reading. Ill admit the first line about how often Chuck has masterbated in the past year might be a bit of a turn off if you arent used to males, but its such guy humor and when you read Lexapros And Con, youll think back about how that first line is TOTALLY Chuck. I will ...more
Apr 12, 2013 rated it really liked it
Charles "Chuck" Taylor tells his own story: a seventeen year old boy with a major case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (commonly known as OCD). You don't really think how bad the situation could get; a boy who washes his hands every minute? That's ok. Who matches his Converse with his mood? Not so weird. But when the author, with Chuck, go deeper and deeper into it, it's not so simple.
You struggle to just get him out of bed so he can check the kitchen. You practically pull him out of bed to
Jennifer Lane
What a clever title! And the cover is fun and catchy as well.

Seventeen year-old Chuck Taylor has some intrusive and unwanted thoughts, like "The stove burners might have been left on...and they could burn the house down." These obsessive thoughts nag and nag at Chuck, skyrocketing his anxiety, until he executes a compulsive behavior to try to neutralize that anxiety. For example, he checks the burners to make sure they're turned off. He doesn't double-check or triple-check, he
Keith Moser
May 29, 2012 rated it really liked it
Shelves: fiction, young-adult
I've been subscribing to Aaron Karo's Ruminations newsletter for over a year now and when I heard he was writing a YA novel, I thought, "The 'Fuck me.' guy?!"

And while Lexapros and Cons is probably meant for mature Young Audiences (the opening line: "In the past year, I masturbated exactly 468 times"), it still reads as quickly as any other YA novel I've read (finished it in just three days!). The protagonist, Chuck Taylor (no relation) suffers from OCD and one of his first compulsions begins
Oct 14, 2011 added it
Shelves: arcs, for-review
FUNNIEST BOOK EVER. Ever. Lexapros and Cons is not for the faint-hearted. It's heavy on the cursing and sexual references/innuendos and it's wildly inappropriate at times. It's like Aaron Karo had absolutely no boundaries when writing this. But all of those things? The language and inappropriateness and lack of boundaries? Those are the things that make this book SO FREAKING GOOD.

Chuck has the most authentic male voice I've ever read. (Which is kind of a relief considering the author IS a male)
Carol Kennedy
Aug 02, 2012 rated it really liked it
I started out determined not to like this book, which begins with ample use of the F word and the main character keeping track of the number of times he masterbates. It seemed so ... crude. But Aaron Karo knows how to tell a story, and keep the reader laughing and interested throughout.
Chuck is a 17-year-old high-school senior with OCD. He counts the number of times he masterbates, washes his hands numerous times each day, and tries to keep a low profile. One day his parents convince him to
Mar 18, 2012 rated it really liked it
Chuck has a lot of small problems that all add up to one huge problem. He has OCD and is regarded as unbearably weird by almost everyone in his high school. His parents have tried to get him to try some medicine or therapy to curb his compulsions. He refuses until the one thing happens that can get a teenage boy to change his mind. A pretty girl smiles at him. She is new to the school so she doesn't know about Chuck's quirks. He decides to try and keep it that way.

I greatly enjoyed this book.
Dec 05, 2017 rated it really liked it
Super funny, quick read.
Extremely foul language and absolutely no censoring (bodily functions etc)- but it all comes together to show a reader like me, who has no experience with OCD, how much it affects every aspect of Chucks (and real sufferers) lives.
I felt for Chuck the most when he would tell someone about his OCD, which was a big deal for him, and the reaction would be oh Im a little OCD too- like its no big deal... I could feel how frustrating this was for him.
Aurora Dimitre
This was a fun time. A fast read, an easy read, an issue book but not too Issue Book-y, pretty typical but pretty fun. I could dig it.
Mar 17, 2012 rated it really liked it
Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading Blog:

You know whats exhausting? Reading so many books back-to-back with female protagonists! Im a girl; I totally get it. Were complicated. Were emotional! This is why reading a book like Curveball or Paper Towns and now, Lexapros and Cons, is like splashing cold water on my face ala a Neutrogena commercial. The boys can be just as insecure and misguided as the gals but their voices are so fresh.

Take Chuck Taylor for example. (Named neither for the
Oct 07, 2012 rated it it was ok
Chuck Taylor (no relation) has OCD and the rituals have taken over his life. From repeatedly washing his hands to turning the dial on his locker padlock exactly 14 times, he has a number of compulsions to deal with. This has not made life easy for him and he has made it to the second semester of his senior year with 1.5 friends, no girlfriend, and the hope that he can just make it to graduation.
At the request of his parents, he begins seeing a psychiatrist to help him overcome his disorder.
Apr 26, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Lexapros and Cons

By: Aaron Karo

5 Stars (more if I had any)
Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780374343965
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publication date: 4/10/2012
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 177,288
Age range: 14 17 Years
Lexile: HL620L

Summary: Chuck Taylor is in his final year of high school, and he has finally come to the conclusion that he has OCD (thank you internet). Its not the I have a little OCD too OCD, its the check the stove to make sure it is off multiple times even though no one has used
Oct 04, 2011 rated it really liked it
As much as I love straight-up emotional dramas and the occasional otherworldly adventure, I think my favorite stories will always be the ones that manage to handle serious subjects with both humor and heart, and Lexapros and Cons does just that.

Chuck's narration is initially a bit off-putting because it's of the totally crude teenage boy variety, but once he meets his Potential Girl Amy and his OCD starts getting more out of hand, the crude humor takes a back seat to Chuck's self-deprecation and
Susan (Wastepaper Prose)
I knew I had to have Lexapros & Cons from the moment I read the catalog blurb. It promised laughter and quirkiness, and it delivered. I laughed out loud more times then I can count and in the end it left me with a huge grin on my face.

Chuck Taylor can't live without his routines. Check the same things every day. Take the same paths. Don't deviate. He knows it's crazy, but he can't stop. He recently found out, thanks to the Internet, that he has OCD.

After discovering that he shares his name
Jessica at Book Sake
Book Review (ARC) by Kole
This was a refreshing book after reading so many sci-fis and fantasies. Its a nice plausible story. The characters are unique and very lifelike and they story is funny and original. Although the story is a little easy to predict it still provides a good time while reading it. The characters make you feel like you can relate to them and they show their emotions very clearly. Im wondering if its planned to continue on in a series. If so, Id definitely read them! Book
May 24, 2012 rated it really liked it
Shelves: library
Symmetry makes my brain feel nice.

Chuck Taylor has OCD. His high school career is ending and its going out more whimper than bang. He doesnt even have the designation as the kid who gets picked on (that goes to best/only friend Steve), people tend not to see him at all. He does want to do one quintessential high school thing, though. Senior Weekend is coming up and he and Steve have been looking forward to it for forever. Whatever activity the senior class announces, Chuck plans to be a part of
Savi Malfitano
Mar 26, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Charles "Chuck" Taylor is quite the eccentric. He only wears Converse sneakers (in every color) and he has a specific method for why he chooses a particular color on a particular day. He also has a best friend named Steve. Chuck is a senior in high school and is virtually invisible to the entire student body including his popular sophomore sister Beth. How is it that she is more popular than he could ever hope to be and she's only a sophomore?! Just one of the daily dilemma's Chuck struggles ...more
Sarah Rosenberger
Chuck Taylor (no relation) is a senior in high school who spends his time hanging out with his loser best friend Steve, dreaming about finally getting a girlfriend, and compulsively checking the stove so that his house doesn't burn down. If it was just the stove thing, it might not be a problem, but Chuck has other "bad habits" too - spinning the dial on his locker exactly 14 times, washing his hands dozes of times a day, and keeping a tally of every time he masturbates, just to name a few.

Jun 07, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Lexapros and Cons is a touching novel written by Aaron Karo, that tells a story of a child in high school struggling with intense OCD. Overall I rate this an excellent book, as it not only shows the drama and life of a high school senior, but the challenges and hardships of living with OCD, with a touch of comedy. The main characters name is Chuck Taylor, and he lives with his pushing mom, his dad who thinks he's gay, and his younger sister who unlike Chuck, is very popular. Part of Chuck's OCD ...more
Apr 10, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: reviewed
Chuck Taylor is unlike any other YA book i've ever read. He's cynical and real and I felt like I was really inside a teenage boys head the whole time I read it especially certain parts (aka the first line of the book). Theres simply not enough YA books with a male main character, either that or I'm just not reading them.

I loved Chucks character he was a bit nerdy but in the cutest way possible, you felt for chuck and his best friend, and the nerdiness that ensued between the two of them. I loved
Mandi Kaye Ottaway
Apr 18, 2012 rated it really liked it
Reviewed at (4/25/12)

I admit; I was hesitant to read this. I wasnt sure it would really be my speed. Then I opened it up and pretty much didnt move until I was done.

Chucks voice pulled me in from the beginning- even if was kind of weird to open up by talking about masturbation. Nothing graphic mind you- its just that Chuck keeps a tally of how often he does, thanks to his OCD. Chuck is authentic- hes not the kind of boy you ordinarily find in a YA novel,
Mar 05, 2012 rated it really liked it
Shelves: own, arc
I was very interested in reading this book for several reasons. The biggest is that the protag has OCD. This is something that runs in my family, something that I've dealt with up close and have borderline issues with personally. I was very surprised to find that Karo nailed the disorder in every part of my knowledge.

Chuck is a teenage boy with OCD and he acts just the way any normal guy would act only different. He just has his special ticks. Karo has given him an amazing personality..full of
Aug 15, 2012 rated it really liked it
Shelves: own, arc, finished-copy

I was very interested in reading this book for several reasons. The biggest is that the protag has OCD. This is something that runs in my family, something that I've dealt with up close and have borderline issues with personally. I was very surprised to find that Karo nailed the disorder in every part of my knowledge.

Chuck is a teenage boy with OCD and he acts just the way any normal guy would act only different. He just has his special ticks. Karo has given him an amazing personality..full of
Apr 04, 2012 rated it really liked it
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how funny and real the voice of the main character was. Chuck is isolated by his undiagnosed OCD and between run-ins with bullies and his crush on the new girl he finally has to admit that his habits and compulsions are taking over. His realizations and struggles all felt very realistic and it wasn't long until I was pulled into the story.

Lexapros and Cons takes a serious subject and
Diane Ferbrache
Jan 06, 2014 rated it it was amazing
Chuck Taylor is obsessed with hand-washing, with checking that the oven is turned off, with checking and re-checking the combination lock on his locker, and with Converse Chuck Taylors (of course!) He even color-coordinates his Cons with his mood. After some Google searching, he comes to the realization that he has OCD and decides to seek help mostly so he can have a normal life when he heads to college and so he can have a normal relationship with the amazing new girl in his class.

BAYA Librarian
Aug 13, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Stand-up comedian, Aaron Karo, gets big laughs in his offbeat first novel, Lexapros and Cons. 17-year-old Chuck Taylor struggles with his OCD on a daily basis. The only thing that gives him relief is by color-coordinating his Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers collection to match his mood. Chuck wants nothing more than to leave his compulsions behind and find a low-key girlfriend. Chuck quickly learns that its difficult attracting girls when you are too busy checking to see if the countertop stove ...more
Apr 13, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: ya-books, humor
Wow, what an awesome book for guys to read... I mean, seriously, if you are a guy looking for a quick read that is entertaining, funny, and basically quirky as all get out, then this is the book for you!

Chuck Taylor suffers from self-diagnosed OCD. He goes to the bathroom fifteen times before he goes to bed every night, he gets up constantly to check if the stove dials are turned to off, he has to turn his locker combination exactly fourteen times before he goes to class. And then there is the
Alida Hanson
Aug 07, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: readers looking for something fast, funny, but with some depth
Shelves: humor, psychological, guys
If this were a movie I would cast Michael Cera in the role of Chuck Taylor, who, unlike everyone he seems to know who claims "they have a little OCD," is hitting the wall with his clinically diaganosed OCD. He can't kiss the girl he loves, he can't go on the senior class camping trip. What's a guy to do?

A novel in which the main character deals with his OCD sounds less than entertaining, but this is truly funny, slightly raunchy, smart, and affecting. Chuck's description of the laugh of his lady
Mar 07, 2012 rated it really liked it
Shelves: first-reads
I received this book as part of the First Reads Giveaway program. I thought it looked like an interesting story and I wasn't disappointed.

Chuck Taylor is a High School Senior dealing with all the normal stuff High School Seniors deal with. College Placement tests, thoughts of what to do after school, girls, bullies, a more popular younger sibling, etc. Oh yeah, and OCD. As if High School wasn't hard enough. Well a new girl moves to town and from her looks alone motivates Chuck to try and rid
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Aaron Karo is an author, comedian, and TV writer. His books include Me You Us, Lexapros and Cons, Im Having More Fun Than You, Ruminations on Twentysomething Life, and Ruminations on College Life. He was born and raised in New York, currently lives in Los Angeles, and always pays on the first date.

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