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Cinder despises humans. That’s not uncommon among dragons. But someone is killing the dragons. Why? How? Cinder doesn’t know, and she saw her parents slain. Now Cinder, the wizard Tig, his apprentice Alex, along with willing and unwilling allies, must find a way to save dragon-kind. And Cinder has to become a human girl to do it.

432 pages, Nook

First published January 1, 2011

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Will Wright

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Author 13 books13 followers
September 11, 2014
Set in a time when dragons still thrived and magic was alive in the world, Cinder tells the story of a battle to preserve dragon-kind from extinction at the hands of enchanted death speakers. Told from several points of view, Cinder gives the reader the perspectives of a young dragon-turned-human girl, an aging wizard, a middle-aged merchant woman, and an up-and-coming wizard's apprentice-turned-hero. Filled with action, magic, and heart, this is an adventure readers will remember long after finishing the book. The three-dimensional characters and rich plot will keep you engaged from page one on. Best of all, there are plenty of avenues the author might consider for a sequel! Highly recommended.
1 review1 follower
December 29, 2011
If you are looking for an exciting fantasy story of wizards, dragons and magic, this book will not disappoint!
There is action, romance, magic and legends that bind together a fascinating cast of diverse characters. Great to see young learning from elders, men and women fighting side by side, humans, wizards, animals & dragons working together for a common cause. Even the endearing pets are chivalrous and there is also a disabled dragon who helps to save the future of her kind. I love all the characters and hope Mr. Wright will follow up with individual stories about each of them. I want to know more, especially about the Mad Poet! Looking forward to reading more from this author.

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1 review2 followers
July 8, 2011
I LOVED this book!! Cinder is an amazing character that I could actually relate to on some levels. I can't wait to see more of her and all the Dragons!
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24 reviews2 followers
December 12, 2011
"Cinder," written by uprising author Will Wright, is an epic fantasy filled with dragons, wizards, archers, sailors, cats, dogs, and a few surprises.

The title character, Cinder, is a young dragon who loses her parents to an unknown force. The wizard Tig (short for Tigris), protects Cinder and embarks on a quest to learn what killed her parents. For a disguise, Tig transforms her into a human girl--the girl you see on the book's cover. The result is a fun-filled journey as Cinder learns to cope with humanity while helping to save her fellow dragons.

The book's biggest strength is its vast array of colorful characters. Each member of the cast is distinct and well formed, and each one acts on its own. Half of the characters are human, and the rest are dragons and other magical animals. My favorite happens to be Mank, the cat. You won't find any halflings (that is, elves, dwarves, hobbits, Elvis, or any of those Star Trek aliens that look like humans with fancy makeup thrown on), which some people see as a plus.

The many characters are also the book's main weakness. It takes a while to introduce the cast, which is okay until you realize that some characters cannot be fully explored. There just aren't enough pages to cover everyone. I found myself caring for half of the main characters, while others would meet their demises without a sniffle from me. Same as with the first book in the Harry Potter series, most of "Cinder's" energy is spent in introductions and worldbuilding.

A lot of these concerns could be alleviated with sequels and/or prequels.

The book is well-edited, family-friendly, entertaining, and recommended for anyone who loves epic fantasy.

Finally, a disclaimer: you might find my name in the acknowledgements (included in the free sample). I helped to critique the first draft, but I received no favors to write this review. I'm happy to see he took some of my suggestions, though. :)
1 review1 follower
September 25, 2012
Cinder is a well-written and wonderful fantasy adventure that will keep you entranced from its mysterious beginning through its spellbinding ending! Humans, dragons, and other fascinating creatures must decide if they will work together to defeat an incredibly powerful enemy that seeks to eradicate all of dragon-kind. Epic sea battles and land skirmishes combine to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Along the way, Will Wright delves into the depths of each player's soul, creating characters who are strong, yet believably conflicted. He weaves in themes of love, honor, courage, and tolerance, and has produced a tale that young and old can easily relate to. Cinder is definitely a must-read for all, and I look forward to reading more by this talented author!
1 review1 follower
August 15, 2011
If you're "on the fence" about reading fantasy - this will draw you right in. Mr Wright does an excellent job at developing the characters, you won't want to put it down. A fun read, well written - I want to know what happens next. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!
5 reviews1 follower
September 23, 2011
I loved Cinder from start to finish, loved the great character development and story line, couldn't wait to see how the story ended, loved the conclusion. I'll be reading it again!
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17 reviews2 followers
April 19, 2014
I really liked this book and I love all the characters , even the wicked ones, live to not love them. Ms Meyer did a great job! I'm still reading the series.
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