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The Brownstone

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Living in harmony with your neighbor isn't always easy, but it's doubly difficult if you're a bear living in a New York City brownstone, getting ready to hibernate, and the kangaroos' tap dancing upstairs and Miss Cat's piano playing reverberate through the walls and floors. But Miss Cat has her own complaint: the cooking smells from the pigs downstairs. Happily, the wise owl landlord rearranges everybody so they can live in peace. This warm and funny story, slightly revised from the 1972 original, shows the young reader that you can learn to respect and live with others who are different from you.


First published January 1, 1973

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Paula Scher

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Profile Image for Kristina.
831 reviews200 followers
December 15, 2020
Свежа и забавна история за съседската реалност.

Кой кого дразни? Кой от кого трябва да бяга надалече? Нека си признаем - всички сме имали поне по един досаден съсед, с който просте не сме могли да излезнем на глава 😀

Горещо препоръчвам!

Profile Image for Книжни Криле.
2,797 reviews151 followers
April 2, 2020
Международният ден на детската книга продължава, така че нека да вдигнем още малко врява! Издадена за първи път преди близо половин век, „Кой вдига врява?” на Пола Шер и Стан Мак е истинска класика сред илюстрованите книги за най-малките, а благодарение на Радостина Николова и изд. „Мармот” най-накрая врявата достига на български и до родните деца. Няма как да не се влюбите в обитателите на тухлената къщичка на ул. „Червенушка” №8. Изключително забавна и разкошно илюстрирана, това е една вечно актуална история за трудностите и компромисите, когато човек (или пък бухал, мечок, прасе, кенгуру, мишок, котка…) съжителства със своите съседи. Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле": https://knijnikrile.wordpress.com/202...
Profile Image for Abigail.
7,083 reviews173 followers
March 1, 2020
It's musical apartments in this entertaining picture-book romp, set in a New York brownstone, and peopled by various animal characters. Opening as Mr. Bear makes his way home one chilly evening, determined to begin his annual hibernation with his family, The Brownstone follows the various apartment-switches engineered by Mr. Owl the landlord, who must contend with the Bears' desire for quiet, Miss Cat's distaste at the odor of the Pigs' cooking, the Kangaroo's tendency to hop, the Mice's fear of being eaten by Miss Cat, and his own longing for a nap. After multiple swaps, finally everyone is in the right domicile, and can enjoy either a peaceful sleep, or an evening yowl, as the case may be...

Originally published in 1973, and then reprinted in this 2015 edition, The Brownstone is an animal-tale that captures some of the realities of human life in the city. Conflicts between neighbors in such a crowded environment are inevitable, but Paula Scher's tale gently points young readers to the idea that with patience and negotiation, such disagreements can often be peacefully resolved. The artwork by Stan Mack has a vintage appeal, depicting the eponymous brownstone in cross-section, so each apartment is visible. Young children will appreciate the humor involved in the many swaps, and the eventual happy ending for all.
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93 reviews32 followers
November 29, 2019
Книгата е чудесно занимание за семейно четене с най-малкия член на семейството (може би от 3 години нагоре). Текстовете са кратки и забавни и страница след страница сякаш редите пъзел - ако се сещате, от онези, в които размествате плочки на табло, в което има едно празно място :) Можеш да прилагаш различна логика, за да го наредиш. И тук приключението на героите е подобно. Шумни съседи (котки, прасчовци, мишки и други) търсят как да направят така, че да живеят в мир и поне относително спокойствие. Автор е иконата в графичния дизайн Пола Шер (ако сте от любопитните, ще намерите много интересни нейни лекции в TED). Класическите илюстрации придават топлота на историята и на мен (на 3+ доста години) ми допадна много!
Profile Image for Trudy Zufelt.
109 reviews1 follower
February 21, 2016

With winter coming, Mr. Bear and his family must prepare for their long winter nap. Just when they turn off the light they hear, "DO-RE-MEOW" from across the hall. With Miss Cat across the hall, the Pigs and Mice on the second floor and Mr. Owl and the Kangaroos on the top floor, it's nearly impossible for the Bear family to sleep at all.

Faced with a plethora of problem neighbors, the Bear family realize moving away isn't an option. Instead the neighbors try compromising by changing places in the Brownstone. It takes a lot of tries to get it right.

Keeping track of humorous scenarios and constant reshuffling feels like putting together a puzzle. The cartoon like illustrations adds to the zaniness. Besides creating plenty of snickers, The Brownstone perfects the importance of compromise.
This original review as it appears on my blog, Boys To Books.
I received a copy of this book at no charge to facilitate my review.
Profile Image for Cindy Dobrez.
706 reviews28 followers
January 20, 2016
Reading this fun book reminded me of the logic puzzles I used to do as a teen. Trying to keep all the residents of this apartment building happy involves a lot of moving! I don't remember the 1973 original, but I love it when out of print books get new life!
Profile Image for Krasi Karaivanov.
304 reviews188 followers
December 12, 2019
Забавно ми беше да открия “Кой вдига врява?”! ☺️
Profile Image for Laura.
1,614 reviews80 followers
June 5, 2019
Thought the story and illustrations were all right.
Profile Image for Kid Lit Reviews.
376 reviews58 followers
April 4, 2016
The time has arrived for the Bear family to hibernate. They have eaten a good meal, slipped on their pajamas, and snuggled into their beds for a long winter sleep. All is fine until . . .


The Bear family cannot sleep with all the caterwauling from their neighbor, Miss Cat. Mr. Bear runs up two flights and knocks on Mr. Owl’s door (he’s the put-upon landlord). Mr. Owl understands the Bear family must hibernate, so he shuffles his five tenants around, hoping to solve the problems.

To Read the Full Review and View Interior Spreads, Go To: http://bit.ly/TheBrownstone2016
577 reviews5 followers
April 5, 2016
Story is acceptable, but i quickly stopped caring which set of animals moved where in the apartment book. just too confusing for me.
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