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Beloved bestselling author Mallery is back with the first title in a brand-new trilogy in her popular and emotional Fool's Gold series. Original.

You can’t win if you don’t play…

Her town’s lack of men may make headlines, but it isn’t news to Dakota Hendrix. The beautiful blonde has bigger problems to deal with, such as overseeing the romance reality competition filming in Fool’s Gold. Screening eligible bachelors is a difficult enough task, but Dakota hits an unexpected snag when a sexy stranger comes to town.

Finn Anderssen will do anything to keep his twin brothers—the perfect contestants—off the show. Despite Dakota’s better judgment, she finds herself drawn to the mysterious outsider. Like her, Finn knows about heartbreak and how a family can fall apart, so she doesn’t dare to hope for anything more than a fling. After all, even in the Land of Happy Endings, finding true love is never as easy as it looks on TV.

378 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 26, 2011

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About the author

Susan Mallery

691 books13.3k followers
#1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery writes heartwarming and humorous novels about the relationships that define women's lives—family, friendship, romance. She's best known for putting nuanced characters into emotionally complex, real-life situations with twists that surprise readers to laughter. Because Susan is passionate about animal welfare, pets play a big role in her books. Beloved by millions of readers worldwide, her books have been translated into 28 languages.

Critics have dubbed Mallery "the new queen of romantic fiction." (Walmart) Booklist says, "Romance novels don't get much better than Mallery's expert blend of emotional nuance, humor, and superb storytelling," and RT Book Reviews puts her "in a class by herself!" It's no wonder that her books have spent more than 200 weeks on the USA Today bestsellers list.

Although Susan majored in Accounting, she never worked as an accountant because she was published straight out of college with two books the same month. Sixteen prolific years and seventy-four books later, she hit the New York Times bestsellers list for the first time with Accidentally Yours in 2008. She made many appearances in the Top 10 before (finally) hitting #1 in 2015 with Thrill Me, the twentieth book in her most popular series, the Fool's Gold romances, and the fourth of five books released that year.

Susan lives in Washington state with her husband, two ragdoll cats, and a small poodle with delusions of grandeur. Her heart for animals has led Susan to become an active supporter of the Seattle Humane Society. Visit Susan online at www.SusanMallery.com.

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May 25, 2017
3.5 stars

I was lovin' the shit outta this book till Finn did the chicken dance and ran away. WTF is with all the guys in this series running. Up until Finn's coward act I was going to 5 star this book but Can one hero in this series please just want the heroine with everything in him. Just once. I don't want to read a book where I feel like the heroine is a consolation prize. Normally I wouldn't be as upset about the crap Finn pulled I would have just lowered the rating and moved on but Damn I'm just so disappointed in Finn. I just liked him so much and he ruined it with that bullshit at the end!
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Author 691 books13.3k followers
July 14, 2011
Can't bring myself to give my own book a rating... but I have read it. :)
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March 12, 2018
Only Mine

Susan Mallery

ONLY MINE is the fourth book in the Fools Gold series and I can't believe I waited so long to read this collection of funny and romantic stories. There are forty three books in this series and I'm hoping to get a huge batch of them read this year. ONLY MINE is also the first book in the Fools Gold Romance trilogy that covers the love story of the three Hendrix sisters who also happen to be triplets. ONLY MINE is Dakota's story.

ONLY MINE is also the story of Finn Andersson, who has followed his twenty one year old twin brothers to Fools Gold. They are in their last semester of college and decide to participate in a dating reality show being filmed in Fools Gold. He has been raising his brothers for the past eight years after their parents died tragically. He tries to get them off the show and get back to school but it seems like no one is listening especially the twins.

Dakota had been told that because of her two recently diagnosed medical conditions, she will most likely never be able to get pregnant. She comes from a big loving family and can't imagine not having children in her life so she does what ever is necessary to try and adopt. When the adoption finally comes through, it is fast and furious and the whole town rallies around Dakota to help her make her dreams come true. ONLY MINE is filled with wonderful secondary characters that are just as important as the main two. Especially Finn's brother Stephen, who happens to fall in love with Aurelia, who is nine years older than him. Their story is awesome!

Make yourself a yummy hot drink, get your favorite blanket and get on the couch. ONLY MINE is an awesome way to spend the afternoon or evening. I'm so excited to continue with the Fools Gold series and learn more about my new found friends. Once you start ONLY MINE you won't be able to put it down and will find yourself cheering for Dakota and Finn as they try to navigate their way through a very different and unique situation. Susan Mallery will pull you in from the very first page and never let you go!
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May 15, 2011
Such a great sub-plot. Oh Stephen and Auriel ... they alone are worth the read. Some couples are perfect for subplot romance and these two were exactly that. They made the book for me.

In this book, we're seeing Susan Mallery do what she does best in this addition to the Fools Gold series. She gives us a more complex contemporary romance filled with relationships of all kinds and life distractions from which romances blossoms in the midst of all the chaos.

This story is more about the character's personal advancement and personal discovery than it's about two people getting together. The two main characters hit it off right away and fall into bed relatively quickly. It's from there that the story really blossoms into an intriguing tale of change.

I say 'intriguing tale of change' because the story isn't just about the main characters, even when it is, there are so many other characters involved. It's difficult to explain how robust the story is without going into detail and ruining the book so I'll have to leave it at that.

Susan Mallery is really trying to turn Fools Gold into a destination book like the Virgin River series or Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor. If you go to Mallery's website she has a whole section devoted to the town. I get it sort of, but at the same time I don't feel connected to Fool's Gold or the town's crisis of having too many women. For me it's the characters alone who hold up these books and it just so happens that they are all in this one location. But maybe other readers have a larger attachment to the city itself (god knows I have an unhealthy attachment to Lucky Harbor).

After Mallery's last release Already Home it was nice to see Mallery back to doing the genre that she's known for and coming out with such a great story.
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4,066 reviews312 followers
June 29, 2011
Let me start by saying I love Susan Mallery's books. LOVE THEM! She has that perfect combination of wit, humor, and romance to go with the character she develops for her books. This book, #4 in the Fool’s Gold series is set around Dakota Hendrix and Finn Andersson. Based on my statement 2 sentences ago, Finn Andersson has just topped the list of my favorite male character in this series!

When we meet Finn, he's fit to be tied because his twin 21 year old brothers decide to bail on their last semester of college to participate in a dating reality show being filmed in Fool's Gold. He pleads with just about anyone connected with the show to find a way to make sure the twins don't get on. When he doesn't get what he wants, he storms away (which he does quite frequently...poor baby) or threatens. Finn is stubborn, hard-headed, and disinclined to acknowledge that someone else's opinion or assessment of a situation is better than his. Of course, having to raise his brothers for the past 8 years has probably caused him to react the way he does to situations that threaten his family. He does have his sweet moments and his dry sense of humor make him all the more adorable.

Dakota has her own set of issues. Coming from a large, close knit family hasn’t stopped her from feeling broken inside, especially after being diagnosed with two medical conditions that make her dreams of an ordinary family less of a reality. Add to that the fact that she’s never been in love or currently have any prospects and you have a woman ripe for a fling when she mets our dear Finn.
Finn and Dakota connect with each other (and not just on a sexual level) but the two tap dance around what’s happening because she’s looking forever and he’s looking for just until I leave for Alaska.

While Finn and Dakota try to figure out what they’re doing, we have the best secondary character romance I’ve read in a long time between Finn’s brother Stephen and Aurelia. They’re paired together in the reality show (which is another funny scene with Finn blowing his lid over Stephen getting paired with ‘the cougar’. After you meet Aurelia, you will understand just how far off base Finn is with that assumption) and so begins their story. He’s cute, she’s cute...they’re just so damn cute together. AWWWW!

We get to catch up with a few of the characters from previous Fool’s Gold books. Josh and Chastity’s baby is there (although Josh is absent). Pia and Raoul make an appearance (she’s seven months pregnant now with the twins). Dakota’s sisters, Nevada and Montana are very involved, along with their mother, Denise. Dakota’s sister-in-law, Liz Sutton, shows up briefly but no Ethan (BOOO!).
Great addition to the Fool’s Gold series. Can’t wait for Montana’s story next.

4 Cocktails
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December 19, 2015
Review copy provided via NetGalley

3½ stars

Why I Read this Book: I am really enjoying the Fool’s Gold series. If it were an actual town, I’d move there! Only Mine is Dakota’s story, the first story of the Hendrix triplets.

What I Liked: I love the overall gist of Dakota and Finn’s story. Even though there were a few rough patches for these characters to get through, the ending totally made me swoon.

I liked Finn’s character. Yeah, there was some angst and overprotectiveness going on but he’s a responsible guy whose dedication stays true until he gets a job done. His parents died when his twin brothers were young so Finn pretty much ended up raising them. Finn just didn’t know how to let go and because of this, he hasn’t been able to live his own life.

I like that Finn didn’t just automatically take Dakota’s “news” with full acceptance. He got mad about the situation, justifiable so, and questioned her motives. This made the story more realistic and believable.

What I Didn’t Like: My biggest problem with the book was that the main story line involving Dakota was too predictable. When I was 31% into Only Mine, I pretty much knew that 3 things were going to happen by the end of the book – and I was right on all 3 accounts. If you want to know which 3 things I’m referring to, click on the SPOILERS button. (I don’t recommend you read the SPOILERS if you haven’t already read the book. They are indeed SPOILERS!)

The game show element wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be so it turned out not to be too much of a focal point for me when I was reading Only Mine. Speaking of the game show, while I enjoyed reading the parts about game show contestants Stephen and Aurelia for the most part, I felt like their I Love You’s came too soon. It felt too rushed for these characters.

One of my biggest book pet peeves happened in Only Mine: Dakota had unprotected sex with a man she barely knew. Let’s just forget about the possibility of pregnancy for a moment here; what about STD’s people?!! And the subject matter doesn’t come up until Finn mentions it 2 days later. They should know better. Tsk tsk.

Overall Impression: Even though it was a bit predictable, I still enjoyed reading Only Mine. I love a good swoon-worthy romance novel and Only Mine fit the bill. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series, especially about the other two Hendrix triplets.
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1,155 reviews371 followers
October 24, 2011
I started this wanting a light, easy but not frothy book as a break from some intense reading and I pretty much got it. It was so much what I was in the mood for that even though it hit a lot of my pet peeves/least favorite plot lines, I was thoroughly enjoying it until the very end. Alas, it then delivered the kiss of death.

Dakota, sister of the hero of book 2, is on temporary assignment with a reality show set in the town of Fool’s Gold. When she meets Finn, on a rampage to rescue his twin brothers -- show contestants -- from living their own lives, they start a very deliberately casually affair -- after all, he’s just waiting to be free of the responsibility of his brothers to go back to his own life, and she’s so committed to starting a family, she’s in the middle of the adoption process. There’s no way way it could possibly last.

Throughout the book, the primary romance was always pretty low-key and the clinical feeling sex scenes don’t help. It’s very tab A slot B; I never felt any chemistry. It didn’t really bother me because taken as a whole, all the subplots and threads were interesting -- especially a sweet romance between one of Finn’s younger brothers and his “date” for the reality show, an older, lonely woman who’s been under her mother’s thumb all her life. But towards the end, the subplots fade away (more with a whimper than a bang), the main story takes an “oh please” turn, and I’m left with a hero who has never had any stronger feeling about the heroine than that he likes her. Some last minute reprehensible behavior and a dramatic turnaround fails to save the entirely tepid romance. This might have been better published as chicklit, where it wouldn't need to provide a happy-ever-after.
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1,200 reviews370 followers
July 25, 2011
If not for a request for review from Little Bird Publicity I would most probably have passed up on reading and acquainting myself with the wonderful and wholesome world that Susan Mallery seems to have created so well in her Fool’s Gold series. As I glided along into the 4th book of the series with no prior introduction into the first 3 books, I didn’t feel unwelcome but rather felt that I was amongst old friends whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, familiar and soothing in its own right that had me falling gently in love as I read along.

28 year old Dakota Hendrix is a triplet, and comes from a family of six siblings, her family being one of the first generation families in Fool’s Gold, California. Fool’s Gold is a town that has shot to fame after a student doing her thesis on human geography had discovered the fact that in Fool’s Gold there is a serious lack of men when both sexes are compared in numbers.

A PHD holder who specializes in childhood development, Dakota has no idea why she is entrusted with the job of looking out for the interests of the citizens of Fool’s Gold in the project undertaken by Hollywood’s attempt to make money out of their town’s lack of men.

When Finn Andersson with his black hair and piercing blue eyes storms into the scene demanding that his younger twin brothers Sasha and Stephen who have signed up to be part of the reality show True Love or Fool’s Gold be released from the show, Dakota has no idea that Finn would be the man to stir up her juices and get her to notice the attention her inactive libido seems to be dishing out to the sexy stranger.

Finn who hails from South Salmon, Alaska is determined that his younger brothers would not ruin their lives by setting out on a fool’s errand. Finn is a man who takes his responsibilities very seriously, some might say a bit too seriously considering the fact that he had had to grow up overnight to take care of his 13 year old younger brothers when his parents had died in a plane crash 8 years back.

When Finn realizes that the twins won’t budge from where they stand, he does the next best thing a protective older brother would do; decide to stay around in Fool’s Gold to keep an eye on them until they realize the error of their ways. However, things rarely have a way of turning out as one plans them and this is exactly what happens when Finn finds himself looking forward to staying around in Fool’s Gold, thanks to the number Dakota plays on his baser and more tender emotions.

Only Mine is not just the story of how Finn and Dakota falls in love and finds their happily ever after. Rather, its a story that intrinsically weaves together the beauty that is small town life, the wonderful togetherness one finds inside the warm circle of loving family members and friends and the realization of the hopes of a woman who dreams of holding a child that belongs to her in all the ways. It is a story that tells the struggle of a woman who wants to stand up for herself and finds love and the strength to do so in the most unexpected of places. And last of all, Only Mine shows us the beauty of a relationship that is based on sharing the burdens of life together, and that love does triumph over every other emotion in the end.

I loved a lot of things about Only Mine. First of all the soothing feel to the story that unfolded was truly appreciated. True, there were emotionally charged moments and times where I was in dire need of a tall glass of iced water to quench the heat coursing through me. But ultimately, the one thing that does shine through is the fact that Only Mine is a novel that soothes and provokes your emotions at the same time, making you feel like you are snuggled up in bed on a rainy day with a warm cup of tea right by your side.

All the characters in this story, whether they were around for the long haul or just popped up in between were endearing in their own rights and lent the story the charm that it fully exudes in spades. The secondary story of the unexpected love between Stephen and the 9 years older Aurelia certainly made things more interesting. The details and the emotions that the author fully describes about the heroine’s attempts at overcoming the limitations that PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) imposes on her life and the way she wins over them hit close to home as I am someone who suffers from the same condition.

At times funny, charming and endearing, Only Mine is a novel recommended for those who are fans of Susan Mallery; those that love a soothing, feel-good romance with in-depth characterization and fans of the Fool’s Gold series.

Memorable Quotes

Dakota touched her (mother’s) arm. “I’m dealing. Most days it’s okay. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed. Maybe if I’d been in a relationship, I wouldn’t have felt so unlovable.”
“You’re not unlovable. You’re beautiful and smart and fun to be with. Any man would be lucky to have you.”
That’s what I tell myself. Apparently the entire gender is blind and stupid.”

She welcomed him, wrapping her legs around his hips and drawing him closer. Usually she closed her eyes, but this time she kept them open, watching him watch her.
They were connected. She felt what he felt, knew his anticipation, experienced the tension. As he got closer, so did she. The need for more grew until there was nothing to do but come together.
She clung to him as he held on to her. The night closed around them until it seemed as if they had always been together and that they could never ever be apart.


Original review posted on MBR's Realm of Romance
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998 reviews75 followers
June 6, 2018
¿Cuándo termina el trabajo como padre? Es lo que Finn Ardenson no sabía y nadie le explicó, en el momento que sus hermanos gemelos de 21 años deciden dejar la universidad para irse a un reality show. Él como buen hermano mayor, va a buscarlos con la intención de arrastrarlos de nuevo a casa, pero tristemente, se queda atrapado en aquel pueblo con la mediadora Dakota, una hermosa mujer con la que comienza a tener una aventura. Y justo cuando está a punto de irse, se sorprende con el hecho de que ésta vez, será padre realmente.

La historia de Dakota es muy linda, ya se había resignado a adoptar sola porque no podría tener hijos de forma convencional. Y cuando se entera que realmente está embarazada, no cabe de la felicidad, con padre o sin padre, cumple su sueño, ser una verdadera mamá.
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2,219 reviews162 followers
April 23, 2019
Only Mine
3 Stars

Fool's Gold becomes the setting for a reality show, and Dakota Hendrix is conscripted by the mayor to ensure that the production doesn't harm the town. It's all smooth sailing until Finn Anderssen arrives to drag his twin brothers - the show's perfect contestants - back home to Alaska. Dakota is drawn to Finn and vice versa, but the two are well aware that their attraction cannot lead to a future together - or can it?

The reality show is an excellent premise. Unfortunately, it isn't as well developed as it could have been. This may be due to the fact that the author was attempting to convey a message regarding the superficial and shallow nature of reality television rather than using it as a tool to enhance the romances within the novel.

Speaking of the romance, there are two parallel relationships presented in the book. The primary storyline focusing on Dakota and Finn is alright, but never manages to fully resonate perhaps because there isn't anything original about a commitment phobic hero. In contrast, the secondary subplot revolving around Stephen and Aurelia is the highlight of the book. They have a real sense of intimacy and caring that is missing from Dakota and Finn's story.

Overall, Fool's Gold is an OK contemporary romance series, but it has yet to truly capture my full attention.
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2,856 reviews1,497 followers
November 2, 2015
I must have missed the memo updating us that deliberately choosing single motherhood is not only cool, but noble and good and right. I feel for Dakota, mind you. Finding out that you can't have children has to be devastating for someone who always wanted to be a mother. But going from that to scheduling an adoption seems a bit of a jump. Doing it in mere weeks and before talking with anybody else . . .

There are so many things wrong with this plotline that I wonder why I finished the book. I mean, Dakota has a PhD in childhood development. She should know this stuff. Add that Mallery makes adoption sound relatively simple (find an agency with ties to furriners, submit to a couple home visits—to a home we find has no baby supplies, even basics like, say, a crib or child bed—and wait for the inevitable phone call). Ask anyone who has ever adopted a child if this is anything even remotely close to their experience.

And here's the thing: you don't have to be religious or overly moral to be aware that children do best in two-parent families. Heck, half of romance, as a genre, is the effect of broken homes on children and people learning to overcome the emotional devastation. This book even has a prime example in Aurelia, the secondary romance that actually worked better than the primary one. Yes, single parenthood happens. And you do the best you can to ameliorate the damage. But setting out to cause it up front? When you know there are couples available to step in, just dying to give that child a home? At least Mallery didn't disguise the motivations involved. I noticed that the whole time Dakota is talking about her adoption it's all her. She deserves her dream of having children. She would be a great mother. It's all me, me, me, me. Not once does she consider what's best for that child. Probably because then she'd have to confront the fact that her taking that baby meant a deserving/vetted couple had to wait still longer (which actually comes up in a conversation with the nun arranging delivery of the child—not that Dakota doesn't quickly shove that thought aside as irrelevant in the face of her need). Oh, and I want to know what nuns deliver babies to single women...

This isn't helped by Finn. His entire reason for being in Fool's Gold is because he's a controlling jackwagon who can't see that his brothers are twenty-one, reasonably capable, and actual adults who can and should be able to make their own decisions. And I say this as a father with two adult kids straddling that age, myself. Maybe that's what put my back up because I can't imagine anybody treating adults they care about the way Finn treats his brothers. Dakota has to talk him down from true stupidity on multiple occasions, though she fails on one truly memorable one where his overreaction lands his brother in a hospital (minor accident, but with Finn as proximate cause that he blames on his brother anyway).

And Mallery completely wipes the ending.

So yeah, the main couple is a loss, at least as far as motivations are concerned. Mallery is good enough that I still wanted to like them anyway. They're interesting people, even if they drive me crazy.

I'll bet you're wondering why I ended up with two stars, given how crazy this book made me? Thanks for sticking around this long, but the answer is simple: Stephen and Aurelia. You don't often see a quiet romance with two steady people helping each other with calm resolve. I loved everything about these two and wanted to see more of them. Which was odd because this is the first I can remember where Mallery included non-main-couple PoVs. There's not enough dramatic tension for these two to support a full novel on their own, but I was sure glad to have them for this one.

A note about Steamy: This was slightly higher than normal. There are two explicit scenes relatively early and a third in the later part. It's still the middle of my tolerance and relatively mundane. I wasn't vested in Finn so they didn't really have much impact on the story, for me.
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October 17, 2019
This was a good read. There is a reality show in town and it Finn is here to watch his brothers. Their parents died when they were young and he is has been taking care of them all this time. While here he meets Dakota. He wants his freedom now that his brothers are grown but fate has other plans. Yes Finn doesn't handle some things well. However, in the end he gets his act together and they get their happy ending.
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310 reviews5 followers
July 4, 2017
I'll try to keep this short and respectful, but no promises. There's undoubtedly something about this author that people love as her popularity continues to grow and I see lots of great reviews for her. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be one of the loyal readers. It's nothing against the writer or her views, but for my personal tastes I like books that do more than skim the surface of emotions and are less like a chick-lit book or one of those ridiculous self-help books that speak in rational tones and tell the reader they only have to be calm in dealing with emotions. I feel like I'm being lectured to or that the characters are just too flat and two-dimensional. I can't figure out if it's one or the other, but this style or writing is not working for me. In the last half of the book, which I listened to this morning had no less than 6-7 fluffy cliches, an 'embarrassment of riches' if you will. This airheady quality is bad enough on it's own to make me stop reading the author, but if that wasn't bad enough there was some bad, bad, terrible junk happening right from the beginning that should be a HUGE no-no in romancelandia. First, books that deal with fertility issues should come with some kind of warning, especially ones that blow reality out of the water. Dakota, the heroine has been diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, and told her chances of conceiving a child without medical intervention are slim to none. I have no real issue with this, except maybe since it's so close to my own life, I'm not real crazy about reading about it in a book that's to have a HEA. But if the diagnosis wasn't bad enough, Dakota and Finn have unprotected sex on their first date. No one thinks of the ramifications, and Finn doesn't even have a second thought about getting her pregnant (he doesn't know about the supposed infertility) or STD's. Not until two days later, and they only discuss the possibility of pregnancy, when she tells him it's 'virtually' impossible. Not completely impossible, just highly unlikely. It's just too irresponsible for words. And when, of course, Dakota ends up pregnant, because Finn must have 'really strong swimmers' he's actually upset with her. First, he's a responsible adult, at least that's what we're told since he raised his two younger brothers, then why was he so irresponsible with birth control. He didn't know Dakota! Second, let's look at the fact that two whole serious fertility issues were thrown out the window because of the magic of his sperm. Sure, there are miracles, but seriously, to take such a personal issue as infertility and casually sweep it under the rug like, 'Oh, well, the man's magic sperm can cure this' was just plain insulting. That's not how it happens in real life, and again, a disclaimer would have been nice. Infertility is a deeply emotional and personal issue, 5 years ago this book would have made me so upset in a different way, I would have been balling my eyes out at the unfair way a character in a book can get pregnant with the odds stacked against her, but I can't, even with medical interventions. Now, it just pisses me off for being irresponsible with the facts and emotions that go with infertility. But since Finn has magic sperm, he and Dakota will live on HEA with 'lots' of babies, because it's all fixed now. I should be okay with that, right? If the author had not used the secret baby plot, and taken this in a different, more complex direction, say, Finn didn't want to have commitments, and Dakota adopting Hannah was too much, or maybe Finn does want a family and fears being with Dakota would leave him without his own children would have been better. But no, Dakota gets pregnant and it's what ties them together, not the love. Never mind that Finn seemed completely incapable of a rational thought or thinking of others feelings, or having a normal discussion with anyone who didn't share his ideals, because that's a whole separate issue. If you have no problems reading about fake fertility issues, Finn's asshatness should be enough to deter you, because dude is a complete jerk. If you like light and fluffy, cliches and a general 'everyone together, be happy' sort of kumbiya (sp?) effect, you'll probably really like this. If you're like me and want some angst, some heat, some passion to your characters and more believable plots, skip it and just go have a drink with some girlfriends for some chick-lit love.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 14, 2011
Finn Anderssen came to Fool's Gold to stop his brothers from appearing in a reality show. They are adults, but why would someone leave colledge when they have only one semester left. One of the first people he meets is Dakota Hendrix.

Dakota's current job is keeping an eye on the producers of the said show. The town doesn't really want them to film it, but this way at least they can try to contain any potential damage. She's attracted to handsome Alaskan pilot, and luckliy he will eventually go home, so that makes him a perfect affair material.

Finn had to grow up fast. After his parents died in an accident he was the one to raise his brothers. He didn't have the luxury to do what he wanted, the responsiblity fell on his shoulders. As a result he keeps a thigh leash on Sasha and Stephen, which makes them act out.

Dakota grew up in a happy home with 5 siblings. Even with her father's death her life had been pretty idylic. But nothing is easy now. Because of a medical condition she can't have children, and that fact nearly destroyed her. She's not ready for a serious relationship, but a purely physical one would be great.

Dakota and Finn are good characters, even though Finn had a few moments when he was far from perfect, all in all they were nice, and good for each other.

I like the other two Hendrix triplets Montana and Nevada, as well as their mother and the other people from Fool's Gold.

I liked Stephen and the secondary story about him and Aurelia. Aurelia is a woman ten years older than the twins, but far less experienced. She has big issues with confidence and lacks the guts to stand up to her dictatorial mother. But as her relationship with Stephen develops she blossoms. Stephen is incredibly mature for someone his age, he knows what he wants and during the book, we can see him gathering the courage to go for it.

On the other hand, Sasha, Stephen's twin, wasn't as likable. His story didn't hold my attention, and I frankly don't give a damn what happens to him. It's possible that he wills show up as a hero in a later book. (it already happen to Raol, who we first met in one of the Bakery Sisters books).

There were some thing that bothered me. One concerns Dakota. And the other is about Finn .

My conclusion is: I liked the book, although I did read better from Susan Mallery.


4 stars

*ARC received from NetGalley*
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July 17, 2011
Only Mine by Susan Mallery is a wonderful story about finding identity and a place to call home in the one you were meant to be with. As readers we get to see more Fool’s Gold characters shine through in this series and become more invested in their lives as this story focuses on Dakota Hendrix (one of the triplets) and how she finds her path in life. We also get to meet a newcomer in town named Finn and let me just say he is very much one of those fictional guy characters every girl wishes she could marry in real life. As has become customary I will tell you all the things I loved about this book so I don’t give anything away.

Things I Love About Only Mine by Susan Mallery:

Getting to see Dakota not as a triplet, but an individual

Finn and Dakota’s first meeting

Finn’s passion for being responsible to his family

The twins and how different they are

The Hendrix family dynamic

Fool’s Gold

Denise going on a date then talking about it with her daughters

Hannah (so adorable)

Dakota’s miracle

Finn’s stubbornness

Dakota and Finn’s sense of humor

Finn being cornered at the market

Dakota finally putting herself in the game and fighting

And of course the ending because that was just heart stopping

As most of you know, I am a huge Susan Mallery fan and I just adore her Fool’s Gold Series. I gave Only Mine by Susan Mallery 5 stars because I was invested in the outcome for all the characters. Only Mine draws readers in with true emotion and tons of heart that it is hard not to be affected by this story. In my opinion it is a must read and a must own.
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August 6, 2011
This was a good read,liked Dakota-Finn very much,absolutely understand how a tragedy changed his life he was grown overnight and had to take responsibilities of his brothers which he did and he raised his brothers really well but what really irritated me was his lack of trust in his brothers and his upbringing,he never listens what they want and keeps his expectations on them never listems what they want and their interest which makes them runaway and then he is also angry on them,they both are 21 years old i completely understand his emotion to protect them but they are adults and now its time he let them fly make their own decisions and mistakes and learn,Finn did come around and accepted what they wanted

Dakota a sweet character,liked the way she always supported Finn and tried to made him understand,really liked the bonding between her mother and sisters,and when she got Hannah i was so so happy for her and then she was blessed with another baby also

I liked the fact she never tried to dump her feelings on Finn,she completely understands his suffocation and his passion to gain his freedom which she gives him and Finn even gets his freedom but again a near death experience brings his senses back and she realise his love for Dakota-Hannah

the reality show theme did'nt liked it much and Dakota taking so so much time to figure out she is pregnant i would have liked if she would have learned sooner,liked Stephen-Aurelia's back story both are quiet responsible mature and took right decisions,Sasha-Lani both were very similar personalities, their desire to gain fame and both were little immature

Good read
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November 8, 2015
This novel was giggle inducing from the first sentence. Mallery returns to Fool’s Gold with her readers in a wildly original and completely comical tale that melds the intricate quirks of Fool’s Gold with the heartache of a difficult relationship. I loved the intricate way that she brings her tale to life. Not only does she paint the scenery for her readers, she envelops them in the fantastic plot that she created.

I love how the close knit feel of this town shines through in many parts of this novel. Mallery goes beyond the stereotypical small town feel to create a truly heartfelt extended family of individuals who invited me into their lives. At the same time, the main characters definitely shone. Dakota’s personal feelings vie with her job for centre stage as she gets to know Finn on so many levels. I loved both of their strengths, and the fact that they also allowed their weaknesses to shine through.

Once again Mallery has created the perfect romance that wasn’t too easy. I read this in a single morning over a few cups of coffee and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.
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December 24, 2014
Miniseries: Fool's Gold

"This is book 1 of the Fool's Gold Romance trilogy that covers the love story of the three Hendrix sisters...triplets. Loved the story, Susan Mallery writes books that have characters you can relate to, both primary and secondary and it was a fast-paced book with various sub-plots – there's Finn and Dakota's story; the twins story; the reality show story; as well as Dakota's mom (Denise) re-entering the dating world...." From a review post by an Harlequin.com member, to read more go here.
August 6, 2011
Originally posted at: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...

Overseeing a romance reality competition in Fool's Gold, CA poses big problems for Dakota Hendrix, but having two of the most eligible bachelors yanked off the contest by an angry elder brother—a very sexy elder brother—poses an even bigger problem. Especially when she finds herself drawn to the hunky Alaskan.

All the beautiful psychologist wants to do is the job for which she's paid—not screen eligible bachelors. But everyone in the town, from the mayor on down, convinces her she needs to give back to the community, so instead of designing math workshops, she herding hopeful contestants anxious to win the monetary prize.

Finn Anderssen storms into Fool's Gold in search of his younger twin brothers Sasha and Stephen who've abandoned their college studies one semester short of graduation to enter the competition. Finn is determined to drag his brothers back to South Salmon where he is partner in an air cargo transport business and knock some sense into them. Dakota warns him that tactic could end badly and convinces him to allow the twins to stay in the competition. Against his better judgment, he acquiesces, and agrees to pilot the contestants to various venues where they'll be filming. This gives him a chance to oversee their actions. Finn has cared for his brothers ever since their parents were killed on a flying mission, and he takes his duty seriously—to the point of smothering the young men with concern for their education and careers.

When the contestants are paired, Sasha's girl is a lovely young woman with a keen desire to be a television or film star—the same goal as Sasha's. Stephen, however, finds himself paired with Aurelia, a plain accountant nine years his senior. Aurelia has been goaded by her mother to try out for the competition, and even though she's reluctant, she longs for a chance to get out from under the thumb of her domineering mother and be able to buy a house. Stephen's goal has been simply to get away from his over-protective brother Finn.

While staying in town, Finn becomes attracted to Dakota. A dinner invitation to her house results in a night of superb sex for both of them. Finn has been too busy looking after his brothers for eight years to allow himself any relationships and Dakota feels men either aren't interested in her or the right man she could be interested in hasn't come along. Until Finn. The fact that he's only there temporarily allow her to have a no commitments relationship. She doesn't count on falling in love.

I loved this story. The premise was cute, but after I got to know the characters, I found myself rooting for each of them with no thought to the outcome of the competition. I loved the interaction between Dakota, her mother and her sisters as much as I did the town, which in itself was a character. (Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all live in such a caring place?)

The developing relationship between Aurelia and Stephen was particularly touching and negated Finn's obtuseness about the role he should play in his brother's lives. Although he was a good and caring man, he went completely overboard in his role as guardian of two young men who were twenty-one. His learning to accept that his goals were not their goals was a touching thing to see and I cheered his character growth on this point and impatiently waited to see if he could get past his personal stumbling block to a satisfying relationship with Dakota.

This book grabbed me within the first three chapters and hung on right to the end. Pick up a copy for yourself and see if you don't agree that it's a satisfying and rewarding read.

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September 4, 2011
After reading the summary on the back of the book, I wasn't sure that I would like this newest installment to the "Fool's Gold" series, but I actually ended up really liking it and reading it in only a few sittings.

Series Note:
4th full length book in the "Fool's Gold" series, and 1st book in the 2nd trilogy. I wouldn't say you have to read the first trilogy beforehand, but I think it gives you more background if you do.

A TV producer has decided to set a TV reality dating show in Fool's Gold, California and the town is not quite happy about it. Dakota Hendrix has been tapped to be a consultant to the show to make sure her town isn't exploited to badly. Things aren't going to bad when Finn Andersson shows up in town, intent on getting his younger twin brothers off the show. He wants them back in college, ASAP.

After a rough start, Dakota and Finn hit it off. Dakota tries to help Finn let go of his brothers all the while unable to stay away from the man. Both know there is no future for them - Finn has a life back in Alaska to get back to and Dakota wants a home and family, which Finn does not. It doesn't stop them from falling in love. But when Finn must confront his fear of responsibility, these two might not be able to work it out.

I was a bit wary of a storyline revolving around a reality dating show. I'm not much of a fan of that kind of show so I wasn't sure I'd like a book surrounding that issue. But it actually wasn't that bad and it worked for the story.

I just thought there was something very endearing and readable about this book. I thoroughly enjoyed Dakota. She's a strong character, easily likable, and she's persevered some rough stuff going on in her life. She goes through a lot of changes in the book and you just wanted to be happy for her. She was a great character to read about.

Finn was a bit less so. There are definitely times he comes across as a clueless jerk in this book, but it's also understandable how he acts. He's got a lot to work through.

The two together, though, are a fun couple. I liked them. There's sweetness, some sexiness, and two people who just really click. I really was engaged by them and wanted to keep reading to see what would happen between them next.

There were some romances and non-romances revolving around secondary characters. Finn's twin brothers are part of the story. I can't say I liked Sasha. The kid came off as a selfish, phony jerk and I could have done with less scenes of him. As for Stephen...hmm, well...through the reality TV show, Stephen gets hooked up with professional doormat Aurelia, who is 9 years older than him and they end up falling in love and Aurelia grows a spine. I couldn't quite get past the 30 yr-old dating a 21 yr-old. It was kinda yucky...even if somewhat sweet.

Then there's also the community of Fool's Gold that's a significant aspect of the book. I love reading about town's like this, where there's a closeness and a sense of community and support. It's the way town's should be. And you get updates on past characters of the series, which is always a great thing.

Most of the book centers on the characters and there relationship and personal issues. There's not much going on elsewise when it comes to plot. But that's okay. The characters, relationships and drama were definitely strong enough to carry the story. I pretty much enjoyed everything about the book. Very readable with great characters, a nice romance, great drama. Just a very readable story.
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July 14, 2011
(this review was originally posted on Book Lovers Inc)
Only Mine is the 1st book I read by this authors, and even though I hadn't finished it yet that I was already ordering other books in this series. I'm very happy I got to read this book for review, it's exactly what I needed right now.

Only Mine is 4th book in the Fool's Gold series, it's the 1st book about the Hendrix triplet. The story takes place in the small town Fool's Gold. This town has made the national media news because of its chronic shortage of men. Dakota has been assigned by the town to keep an eye on the new reality show being filmed in the city. Some producer decided it would be a good idea to have a reality show where men from everywhere could try and find love in this city full of women.

Finn tracked down his young twin brothers from Alaska to California. He's decided to do anything to bring them back to finish college. I really loved Finn as a character. He's responsible and he loves his brothers. He's been taking care of them for years and he doesn't want to fail them. He's strong-minded and sometimes a bit quick to anger. When Dakota and Finn meet, I just couldn't stop laughing. Dakota always has the good come back. She's very funny and down-to-earth.
Their relationship starts as a friendship and it naturally moves on to a friends-with-benefits status. I think what I liked the most, is that it was 'uncomplicated'. I don't mean there weren't complications, but it felt like there were no strings attached, no regrets, no expectations. Love was completely unexpected for them. They both knew they wanted very different things in life.

This is a very cute story, I felt good while reading it. It has a spark, something that makes your heart beat a little faster, something that makes you want to read a bit faster. It is cute but it's also pretty hot too. *g* Finn pushes all my buttons, I can't tell you how without spoiling things so let's just say, I'd really love to have a man like Finn. Add a good dose of humor and you have the perfect mix. I loved the secondary characters' story. I was rooting for them from the start.

I won't lie, the story was a bit predictable at some points but even so it was a pleasure to read it. I loved that it felt like I was in Fool's Gold too for a few hundred pages. I'm already impatiently awaiting the next book. (and I'll be slowly reading all the previous books too *g*)

Only Mine is a sweet summer romance about growing up, finding one self and finally letting go. You'll probably want to move to Fool's Gold after reading it. If you love hot and cute romance then this is definitely for you.

I give Only Mine 4 Bookies
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May 5, 2017
I know I mention this in all my reviews, but I really love Susan Mallery. Like, seriously. I've been wanting to read about the Hendrix triplets ever since they were introduced and I learned more about them in Almost Perfect. So, it was with great excitement that I found this book in the store almost a week before it was due to be out for the masses. I squealed. If I hadn't been in public, I probably would have jumped for joy. As it is, I saw it from pretty far away and sprinted over to the book section to snatch it off the shelf. I was too excited to be embarrassed. But, my extreme behavior aside, I just can't get over how much I loved this book. It was so great!

As I mentioned above, I've always been interested in the triplets. Even though I could barely keep them and their names straight. But I absolutely adore them now. It was so interesting to finally see how they interact from one of their points of view instead of an outsider's. Dakota is the first of the triplets to find love and family with this book, and I'm glad I got to know her. Despite being frustrated with her a bit, I loved her character. At this point, I think Nevada might be my favorite, but all three of the sisters are great.

I loved Finn from the first page when he tried to threaten or bribe Dakota not to put his twin brothers on the reality television show taking over the town of Fool's Gold. And my love of him grew with every page, despite the fact that he could be quite the stubborn jerk sometimes, especially regarding his brothers Sasha and Stephen. Then, when he helped Dakota with baby Hannah and was so sweet with the little girl? Oh, he stole my heart. (Or, well, tried to. With regards to this series, Ethan still has it. That ridiculous, sexy man!) I wanted to hit him upside the head for leaving, but it was only to be expected in a romance novel. However, the situation worked out perfectly and I still adore him.

This is the first book of the Fool's Gold series to have a secondary romance to it. And I loved it! Stephen and Aurelia were so adorable together. They are a perfect match, which was completely evident by the fact that they helped each other grow and finally stand up for themselves to their respective families. Like I said, adorable. I love those two!

I'm kind of mad at myself that I read this book in one day. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I torture myself this way? Because now I have to wait at least a month--if not two--for Only Yours about Montana, and even longer for Only His about Nevada! If only they were all published at the same time, that would make my life so much easier!
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August 2, 2011
Reviewed for my blog: http://acozyreaderscorner.blogspot.com

Only Mine is a charming, sexy and entertaining read! I love, Fool’s Gold, the town Susan has created for this series. The Fool’s Gold books keep getting better and better. Susan processes the ability to keep her series entertaining and original while leaving the reader both satisfied and wanting more. The idea of a reality TV show in Fool’s Gold, CA was brilliant. The issue of a man shortage was comical. After all, even if men are available, what woman hasn’t felt s shortage in men at one point in her life?

The characters are wonderful. I love how Mallery creates a sexy and desirable “hero” in the story. She met my expectations while throwing in a few surprises along the way. I loved the quirky yet humorous personalities of the characters. They work well together, it felt natural. The characters are realistic. I loved this aspect. It helped me to feel as if I was a part of the town rather than reading a story.

It seems easy to make everything seem perfect in a story that promises a happy ending yet Mallery focuses on keeping her books believable. While I knew the happy ending would come about, I had my moments of doubt. Only mine had its share of turmoil, complications, disappointments and real life drama that kept me glued to the pages. I wondered how the happy ending would find its way to the loveable characters and found myself cheering them on. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book. I don’t like to be handed a happy ending on a silver platter in an unrealistic manner. Only Mine didn’t do that. I look forward to Only Yours and Only His. I have already pre-ordered my copies. It was incredibly hard to find Only Mine in the stores since its debut. Reader’s everywhere have been scoffing them up! I can understand why……
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June 6, 2011
I really enjoyed returning to Fool's Gold. This is the story of Dakota Hendrix, one of Ethan's triplet sisters.

The story flowed well. Both Dakota and Finn were both fun characters. They really butted heads early on, but I never felt like they really had any animosity for each other. Mostly Finn was just frustrated by the situation with his brothers and taking it out on Dakota, which she understand. As the story progressed, so did their relationship. I like that they were friends first, then lovers. The friendship seemed to hold together as they moved to a different level.

The secondary storylines featuring Finn's brothers were also well done. The town and its inhabitants were just as charming this time around. Kind of made me want to move.

*****SPOILER*****Having said that, I did have a major problem with the main story arc. There was so much potential here. Finn doesn't want kids or a family because he gave up his life to raise his brothers. Which is totally understandable. But Dakota just adopted a child. Why couldn't that have been used to bring about their final conflict? Instead Dakota got pregnant. Even though the chances of her getting pregnant were 1 in a million. She wasn't supposed to be able to have children ever, which is why she adopted. I'm beyond annoyed that an unexpected miracle baby was used as a plot device.*****SPOILER*****

Setting that issue aside, I really enjoyed the story. The romance was well done and I enjoyed the way Finn and Dakota got to know each other. I even enjoyed the way Finn was with Dakota's daughter. But that last issue is a big one and definitely detracts from my overall enjoyment.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 29, 2013
Susan Mallery’s “Only Mine” was a rather predictable read. I tried to enjoy but, honestly, to me, I thought it was repetitive, generic and unrealistic. It lacked depth and originality.
In a nutshell there's Finn, who has taken care of his younger twin brothers since their parents death. He travels from Alaska to Fool’s Gold in order to bring back the twenty-one year old boys home. Indeed, the boys left college in their last semester to participate to a “dating” reality show that is filmed in Fool’s Gold. Finn wants his brothers to finish college and it's the only thing on his mind. Honestly, the entire process of filming the candidates of the reality show felt very phony and fake to me. That producer didn't know what he was doing. No wonder it flopped. As for Finn, it seems that he can only think of one thing the entire book: bring his brothers back and be free after that. That theme came back and back, and back all the time. Tedious. Finn felt very one-dimensional and short-sided.
Dakota had a little bit more personality, still she didn't convince me. I didn't believe in her character: on one side she was totally okay to engage in a physical relationship with Finn, but then she didn't have any problems with him leaving for the longest, longest time? Come on! Once her adoptive baby arrives, I liked the story a tiny bit better.
The two star rating is all for little Hannah.

Overall this type of romance, this plot and type of leading characters were just too cookie-cutter for me. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy a light read, but then it needs something more : credibility, originality or humour. Something.
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494 reviews
July 26, 2011
What can I say? I LOVED it! But, I'm a huge fan of Susan Mallery and I devour every book she's ever written. I always feel good when I'm done and wish I could read slower. Luckily, she has three books coming out in quick succession with this trilogy of Only Mine, Only His and Only Yours. Only Mine is the story of Dakota and Finn. Dakota is ready to start a family, but Finn is most definitely not. We've all known people like this in our own lives. Susan breathes magic into the story as we learn more about these two and what has happened to make them feel this way. We just know if circumstances were different, they would fall madly in love and live happily ever after. But great stories don't work that way. Instead we take a wonderful journey with them, laughing, crying and hoping that they can work things out. But not instantly or abruptly, because that's no fun either. And it's not real. Susan doesn't just tell you everything is going to be fine, she shows you how Dakota and Finn work through their problems. I love that Dakota is not a whiny female. And I love the dialogue in this book--whether it's the brother's snarking at each other, the sisters teasing each other, or Dakota and Finn. As an added bonus, we get another love story woven into this one!! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. And now for the countdown to the next one!! ;)
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May 18, 2011
Another great addition to the Fools Gold series! While I was skeptical about the reality show idea, this was a great quick read.
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