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Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight #1)
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Darkness Falling (Forever Twilight #1)

3.02  ·  Rating details ·  132 Ratings  ·  51 Reviews
First, the flash. A glare of light, just before dawn, followed by utter darkness. A vast blanketing nothingness that covered the whole Earth.
Then, the disappearances. Friends and strangers alike, swallowed by the darkness... and then returned, altered, changed.
For the people of Jesman's Bend, it feels like the end of the world. But this is only the very start.
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Paperback, 455 pages
Published October 2011 by Angry Robot (first published September 1st 2002)
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Kwesi 章英狮
Peter Crowther currently looking in the window and everything outside are all things bright and beautiful. Well, everything seems fine, people are walking, cars are beeping and animals are buzzing like any ordinary days. Then, a beam of light appears. In a second everybody gone even animals that are busy doing their jobs, and the world is in chaos. Perfectly destroyed and only few are given the chance to survive.

Books lately are too prophetical, it seems that authors are trying to write somethin
Ben Babcock
Darkness Falling chronicles the struggle of several survivors as they realize they probably should have paid attention to that last zombie movie. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and genre savviness is nowhere to be found.

I checked out about halfway through the first act. I love reading on my tablet, but it’s so easy to get into the rhythm of tapping to turn the page, skimming through each page as you slowly realize that no, it doesn’t get better. I hoped, in vain, that something would m
Silver Thistle {adores JAFF & TEOTWAWKI.  Oh, and accronyms :P}
Hoo boy! This is a good one! Haven't read anything similar in years! I'm not talking about subject matter though, I'm talking about writing style. LOVED it. I've never read anything by Peter Crowther before and if I'm honest I've never even heard of him before this book caught my attention but right from the very first page of the prologue I felt like I was meeting an old friend after a long absence.

Why? How? Because it's like this guy is channeling my coming of age book hero, Stephen 'The Man'
Jason Pettus
(Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography []. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted here illegally.)

Regular readers know that in the last year, I've ended up becoming a pretty big fan of PS Publishing, a British small press headed up by Peter Crowther and specializing in challenging New Weird literature. And so that's why I was so excited to recently receive the first two volumes of Crowther's own
Review reprinted from

Darkness Fallen, the first in the Forever Twilight series, by Peter Crowther is the first in a new series. But it felt like it should have been the first few chapters in one book, not the first book in a series.

I made the mistake of reading a review by someone else of this book. Now I can’t find anything original to say. But I guess that’s fitting since the book too wasn’t very original. At least not to someone who has read Steven Kin
Stephen Theaker
"At a little after 3.15, the whole world had turned white, just for an instant, and then everything had gone back to normal." But of course it didn't. Everyone has gone, zapped out of existence in the middle of the night, and the four people left at KMRT are all that's left. Till the light flashes again, the next night, and then things get really strange.

A review by me of this book is a bit redundant, given the glittering literary stars lined up on its first few pages to praise it! Ramsey Campbe
Katie Michaels
DNF. Life is too short to force yourself to keep reading.

I requested Darkness Falling from NetGalley because I liked the premise: Four people inside a radio station find they may be the only normal people left alive after a strange bright light turns the rest of the town in pod-people zombies. I like zombies. But well-over 100 pages in, imagine my surprise when I have yet to see the walking undead. What I did see was nothing like the blurb... except the white light.

The story actually follows ab

I didn't want to stop reading it in the sense that I didn't want another horror novel to fail but I really just couldn't take it anymore. That blurb? It's misleading. Up to the point where I stopped reading, somewhere between a quarter and a third of the way through, not only was it from the POV of the radio people, but there was also some guy on a plane, a crazy old lady that talked to voices in her head and a serial killer. And they were all interpreting the same thing for far too long.

I w
Sep 19, 2011 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: read-2011
First of all, I gotta say I got this book free from goodreads and was really really stoked about it. I waited and waited day after day for the mailman to deliver this puppy into my paws so I could sink my teeth into a post-apocolyptic book with zombies in it. What better way to spend hours and hours of usually droll time. Then I actually started to read...

First of all, the writing is horrible. The first few chapters make you scratch your head and re-read the same sentence four or five times just
Trish Lockhart
Oct 04, 2012 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Okay first I will tell you I listened to this story, unabridged, during a road trip, so that may have clouded this story for me.

This story actually pissed me off, not from stuff that happened in the book but by how utterly stupid things were.

Firstly, the author is obsessed with bodily functions. At least half of the characters either shit on themselves or pee their pants, not exaggerating. Sometimes it happens more than once. No one dies with dignity, except maybe Jim, there is always the stenc
Jackie Miller
Darkness Falling is the first book in the Forever Twilight series. It starts off as just an average day, and then there is a blinding, white light. Afterwards, there are only a few people left. Everyone else is just gone. As the survivors are trying to figure out what happened and come to terms with the fact that the people around them have disappeared, there is another flash of light. This time all those people are back, but they aren’t what they appear to be.

I knew that I would probably like t
Amanda Makepeace
If you're looking for a horror novel, something to scary you in the wee hours of the night, this isn't the book. I'm not saying I disliked it, but it definitely was not as fulfilling as I would have liked. Darkness Falling reads much like a Stephen King novel, maybe too much but without the impact you get from a King story. It was enjoyable enough that I finished it, but it had zero "Wow" factor.

Also, the zombies of Darkness Falling are a little difficult to take seriously. Albeit, they aren't y
Jul 25, 2011 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
It was a typical all-American backwater – until the night the monsters came.

When four employees of KMRT Radio investigate an unearthly light that cuts off communication with the outside world, they discover that something has taken the place of their friends and fellow townfolk, and imbued them with malign intentions. Little do they know, the phenomenon is not unique to the town of Jesman’s Bend…

Last year when I visited FantasyCon 2010 in Nottingham, I picked up a short story collection called Z
One of my favorite sci-fi movies from the mid-20th century is Invasion of the Body Snatchers, so when I checked the back cover of this book I realized I had an immediate want to read it. Whether aliens, zombies, or whatever the monster is, the concept of losing your identity and becoming part of a collective is frightening.

Darkness Falling starts off with a flash of light, piercing bright to a painful degree, and in its wake all but a few people disappear. Gone. Like a Rapture. Ronnie in particu
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
J.C. Hart
I wanted to love this novel. I really did. The cover made me giggle (in a good way – zombie type things with gloves and aviator glasses? HA!) and the blurb sounded interesting. Sadly, it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, the writing was okay, the characters a true-blue motley crew, but the bulk of this book was about bringing the different groups of main characters together into one place and the real plot only starts when we get to the end of the novel. This is a pet pe
Sharon Tyler
Darkness Falling by Peter Crowther is a science fiction novel due to be released on September 27th. It is the first book in the Forever Twilight Series and is comprised of two novellas that were previously published and edited and rewritten into a single book with two more to follow in the series. When I requested the book from NetGalley I was very excited to read the book, the story had great promise, though not an extremely original premise. A white flash of light blankets the world, and every ...more
usagi ☆ミ
Okay, I really tried to like this one. Honestly, I did. The blurb made it sound really interesting, a collision of genres, and a lot of popular authors said they liked it. I don't know. It felt very dry to me, had a number of cliches thrown into the mix, and generally put me off. To be put off in this genre for me, I think, is a first - I usually love both the alien and zombie genres, and I thought that this would go over well with me. It didn't, needless to say.

The only thing it really had goin
One dark night a bright light suddenly blinds you and when you can see again, everyone has disappeared. Everyone in the house, everyone in the town, everyone on the plane. That is the starting point for this creepy and rather chilling story. Only a few people are left...and not all of them are particularly sane... And then twenty-four hours later, the light comes again and this time it brings the missing people back.

The premise of this novel is so intriguing – people disappearing and leaving an
Aug 14, 2011 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Darkness Falling is the first part of a new series by Peter Crowther and could probably be best described as Zombies go Science Fiction.
The idea itself isn't so new, but promising nonetheless. A bright light makes most people suddenly disappear. Those left behind are trying to understand what has happened when not a day later the light and the missing return. And they've changed.
Admittedly the premise had me hooked immediately and so did the first pages of the book. Every single one of the cha
Geeky Book Snob (Annette)
I kept with the book because I wanted to see where it went but in the end I am not going to be forking out the money to buy the rest in the series. The story is scattered - there were times I read a paragraph wondering if I read the same page twice only to realize by flipping back that the characters were just repeating themselves. There were other times where scenes just seemed to jump, like a record that skips (or it could be I just didn't care at this point anymore so wasn't really paying att ...more
Lindis Russell
Sep 19, 2011 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I really enjoyed this book. In the spirit of "The Stand" by Steven King, the reader is introduced to several different charachters, far apart from each other (but within the Denver area) with different lives, and in different times of their lives. The charachters range from a sweet innocent little girl named Angel with the ability to see "visions" of the past present and future, to a relatively young man named Virgil, who is a twisted serial killer. This style of writing cannot be easy. But, Mr. ...more
Tyrannosaurus regina
When I'm having to force myself to the end of a book, I know something's not working for me. And this should have worked for me, it has all the ingredients of a book I'll like. Instead it read like a cut-rate Stephen King (and I like King) with the flow of its internal dialogue, and random shit and fart jokes that go on a little too long.

I spent the first two thirds of the book feeling like it was all set-up, and the last third wondering what the hell was going on as the Heroes Assembled, and th
Aug 05, 2015 rated it it was ok
Shelves: sci-fi, zombies, horror
I think I bought this book on a kind of whim because I liked the sound of the premise. But in reality, this book was a little bit of a let down. By the time I had reached halfway, nothing had really happened. I kept waiting for the action to get started, but this book just took so damn long to get started that by the time anything actually happened I was already bored of reading the book.

This book also wasn't written in my preferred set up. I prefer books that have one singular, linear story lin
Sep 23, 2011 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Martha and her husband, Ronnie have boarded a plane to head back to Atlanta. Things are going alright until all of a sudden a bright light flashes and Martha is gone. It seems that Martha is not the only one missing. Most of the passengers on the plane have disappeared. The few people who are left are in for a big surprise, when the others return. Though not the same way that they left.

I wanted this book to be so much better than it actually turned out to be. As I was reading it, images of the
This was entertaining in parts despite being unashamedly derivative, borrowing from Stephen King as well as every zombie, vampire and alien invasion film or book you can think of. After a slow start, with interminable expository character background, the plot takes off and an unsettling sense of menace makes for a gripping read. Much of the fear factor relied on the characters having 'a bad feeling' or the requisite Mystical Child getting a premonition, but it just about works. It's very obvious ...more
Jul 04, 2011 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
I really wanted to like this book, and I really did try to get past the cover. However, this is one of those books where you really do need to like the cover to like the book because...well, it pretty much explains everything about the "zombielike" villains.

The dialogue in this book was horrible. Especially what was spoken in each character's head. The idea of what was going on really interested me at first--okay, a bright light, everyone's gone and...wait a minute, now they're back again. That
Jul 13, 2011 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: netgalley-arcs
I wanted to like this book and the idea of it is interesting but this book really bothered me on so many different levels.

For one, I did not really care for the writing style. It just isn't something that I normally go for. Anytime a action scene pops up where a lot of different noises are happening around the characters, the writing changes to literally add the noise to the paragraph. I did not care for that.

I'm also not sure what some of the story lines within the over all plot are doing there
Annmarie Ager
Jul 28, 2011 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: arc-reviewed
Darkness Falling: The Forever Twilight Series
By Peter Crowther

In a blink of an eye and a bright flash of light most the human population is gone. When the second flash comes everyone is back but there not the people they used to be. What well the few remaining people do to stay alive.
I found it a bit hard to get into at first but I stuck with the book and soon found that it was interesting and very different. There was a lot going on in the book and it changed from one group of character to the
Thank you NetGalley and Angry Robot for the opportunity to read.

This will perhaps be one of my shortest reviews I've probably written. There's not really much to say about this one other than I just didn't connect with Darkness Falling as much as I had hoped I would. I usually enjoy a zombie tale, but there was just too much going on here at times that my head spun. While it wasn't bad, for once, I should say in my honest opinion I thought that this felt more... scripted... than anything. In ot
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Peter Crowther, born in 1949, is a journalist, anthologist, and the author of many short stories and novels. He is the co-founder of PS Publishing and the editor of Postscripts.
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