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Gansett Island #2

Fool for Love

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Sometimes you have to rock the boat . . .

Joe Cantrell, owner of the Gansett Island Ferry Company, has been in love with Janey McCarthy for as long as he can remember. And for just as long, Janey has had a boyfriend--now fiance--doctor-in-training, David Lawrence. But when things go terribly wrong and the engagement is broken, Janey decides that a few days on the mainland with Joe--who she calls her "fifth brother"--is just what she needs before she goes home to the island to face her family with the bad news . . .

Loving Janey from afar was tough enough on Joe, but having her in his house is pure torture. Will he keep himself in the friend zone? Or will he take advantage of this opportunity to show Janey what they could have together? And what will his best friend--Janey's protective older brother, Mac--have to say about it? Now Joe will finally have to decide if it's time to leave safe waters and set his own course . . .

Gansett Island Reading Order
Maid for Love (Mac & Maddie)
Fool for Love (Joe & Janey)
Ready for Love (Luke & Sydney)
Falling for Love (Grant & Stephanie)
Hoping for Love (Evan & Grace)
Season for Love (Owen & Laura)
Longing for Love (Blaine & Tiffany)
Waiting for Love (Adam & Abby)
Time for Love (Daisy & David)
Meant for Love (Jenny & Alex)
Chance for Love, A Gansett Island Novella (Jared & Lizzie)
Gansett After Dark (Owen & Laura)
Kisses After Dark (Shane & Katie)
Love After Dark (Paul & Hope)
Celebration After Dark (Big Mac & Linda)
Desire After Dark (Slim & Erin)
Light After Dark (Mallory & Quinn)
Victoria & Shannon (Episode 1)
Kevin & Chelsea (Episode 2)
A Gansett Island Christmas Novella
Mine After Dark (Riley & Nikki)
Yours After Dark (Finn & Chloe)
Trouble After Dark (Deacon & Julia)
Rescue After Dark (Mason & Jordan)

222 pages, ebook

First published May 26, 2011

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About the author

Marie Force

204 books7,857 followers
Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and erotic romance. Her series include Gansett Island, Fatal, Treading Water, Butler Vermont and Quantum.

Her books have sold more than 12 million copies worldwide, have been translated into more than a dozen languages and have appeared on the New York Times bestseller more than 30 times. She is also a USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, as well as a Speigel bestseller in Germany.

Her goals in life are simple—to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.

Join Marie’s mailing list on her website at marieforce.com for news about new books and upcoming appearances in your area. Follow her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/MarieForceAuthor and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/marieforceauthor/. Contact Marie at marie@marieforce.com.

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1,499 reviews136 followers
May 6, 2022
I want to start out by clarifying the safety aspect of this book and basically the whole series. First we have the four McCarthy Brothers and their Sister Janey. All the boys had definitely been sexually active...probably since their teens. They did the typcal serial dating type thing only being intimate with one woman at a time until they broke up...except Evan who was an up and coming country western/pop singer who like his weekend flings...hook ups after concerts and that type of thing. All but Evan had been in long term relationships but weren't in love with their partner or they thought they had been in love but found out they were not...

In this story we have Joe Cantrell who is the ferry boat captain and owns the company. He is Mac's best friend. Joe has been in love, deeply in love, with Janey (the youngest in the McCarthy family) who is Mac's sister for many, many years. But, Janey has been with David, her high school/college/med school love of her life until she went for a surprise visit and found the surprise was on her when she found him in bed with another other woman. They had been together thirteen years and were engaged to be married. At the time of this book Janey is around 28 years old. When her car breaks down on her way back home after catching David, without him knowing it, she calls her good friend Joe. She does not realize he is in love with her. Joe got around quite a lot as well. He says he isn't a man-whore but in the next sentence he says he has probably had more one-night-stands than any guy alive. For this reader that screams man-whore but Joe doesn't think so because he never cared for any of the women he was with while Janey was with David. In the true sense it is not cheating but I know there are some who won't consider it safe. It is hard to be celibate when the woman you love is madly in love with her man that never did deserve her. They had never been together and Janie didn't know he loved her. The night she is first intimate with Joe neither of them is ever with anyone else. I can see what Joe did because he didn't think he had a chance with Janey at all. He tried to accept his fate but it was terribly difficult being so in love with Janey while he has had to watch her with David for thirteen years who is the love of her life...or so she thinks. She's been with him since their sophomore year of high school. She also had nothing to compare her relationship with David to. He was her one and only boyfriend and all their firsts were with each other.

I read this several years ago and this was my favorite book out of 'The McCarthys of Gansett Island' series. It was time for a revisit to Joe, Janey and the demise of the thirteen year relationship that Janie had shared with David, the cheater a$$hat. What a great love story between Joe and Janey.

This has been one of my favorite books since my first read through and I think this love story between Joe and Janey is wonderful. You will be hard pressed to not fall in love with these two characters. I've wondered how it would feel to be loved by a man like Joe. Fabulous, I would think! The man adores his woman and began to fall in love with her when they were children (although he didn't realize at the time what he was feeling.) He had loved her through the years in silence while watching her date then become engaged to a whiny, wimpy, creepy but handsome young man, David, that she was always too good for. All those years he has loved her so much and she really was not aware of it...until she broke it off with the scumbag.

David, the scumbag, is a lying, cheating jerk who hasn't a clue about love or how to treat a precious woman. I despised him in this book although he is only a side character and I continued to greatly dislike him throughout the rest of the series. In my eyes this man was NEVER REDEEMED...EVER!! For those who don't like to read about cheating let me clarify. The infidelity happened between book one and two so it was done before this book began or in the first couple pages and David is not a main character and not in the story very much except when he comes to try and get Janie back. In fact the cheating is the catalyst to Janie turning to Joe and the beginning of a grand new relationship. An incredible love story!

The characters were well-developed and had depth, even the ones we don't initially care for. Marie Force has a way of telling a story that draws you in and you will find it difficult to put this read down until you have completed every last word. There were lots of funny moments and I found myself chuckling and even outright laughing.

The Beginning: Janey walks in on a devastating situation that you will learn about in the first chapter and sneaks away without anyone knowing she was there. Her vehicle breaks down on her way back home and she calls one of her best friends, Joe, to come to the rescue. Joe is her oldest brother, Mac's, best friend. But Mac knows that his best friend has been in love with Janey for most of his life. She doesn't want to go home to her nosy family and asks Joe if she can stay with him for a few days while she gets her head on straight. Sparks ignite immediately. After Janie is intimate with Joe she is shocked at the intensity they share and had no idea that making love could be so wonderful and powerful. Apparently there were some intimate aspects of love making that David didn't want to do for her...because it was icky! Yes, I said Icky! (A good word to describe this selfish jerk!) I have a feeling that it was very vanilla with David and I wouldn't have been doing 'icky' things to him if he didn't return the favor either. She has nothing to compare it to since they were each others firsts. It goes both ways. She gave and he took with her getting next to nothing in return.

Can she feel for Joe what he feels, and has always felt for her or is this just an escape for the pain and suffering she has endured and is still enduring at the hands of David?

I highly recommend this book. It's a great feel good book with a HEA. I definitely recommend this book but to get the full effect you should read book one first.
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2,204 reviews919 followers
December 6, 2016
Joe Cantrell has loved Janey McCarthy since they were young kids. She sees him as one of her brothers and has been in love with med student and now fiancé David Lawrence for almost 13 years. That is until one fateful night and everything changed. She calls Joe for help and things escalate from there.

How refreshing to have the man suffering from unrequited love for a change:) What I really enjoyed about this story is how both characters never avoided expressing their true feelings to each other, no matter how painful it was to hear or acknowledge. Their journey was thoughtful and mature, with Janey being appropriately introspective and retrospective in examining both relationships.

I very much liked these two characters and their stories. Joe is pretty special and I rooted for him to the end. There was a bit of David drama that made it more fun, just not too outrageous. This was an interesting story that I found myself hooked into again.
Profile Image for Geo Marcovici.
1,239 reviews297 followers
December 11, 2020
Se cunosc de o viață. El este cel mai bun prieten al fratelui ei Mac. El este îndrăgostit de ea, iar ea este logodită cu altul. O dragoste fără speranță, nu?
Dar soarta are alte planuri!
Janey îl sună plângând să o ajute, iar Joe este un adevărat cavaler pe cal alb.
Aflăm că tânăra și-a surprins logodnicul înșelând-o, asta în prag de nuntă. Astfel, se refugiază în brațele lui Joe, ba chiar îl provoacă să petreacă o noapte de pasiune intensă. Și, spre surprinderea ei, realizează că este atrasă de acesta mai mult decât ar fi normal ținând cont că tocmai a aflat că logodnicul o înșeală.
“Nebun de iubire” este o carte ușoară și dulce, emoționantă, plină de iubire și pasiune fierbinte. O lectură încântătoare, ce te face să realizezi că visele pot deveni realitate, iar dragostea adevărată va găsi întotdeauna o cale de a uni două suflete pereche.
Autoarea Marie Force a reușit și de data aceasta să ne ofere o clipă magică pe insula Gansett, de data aceasta oferindu-ne povestea de dragoste a lui Janey și Joe, o poveste care are de depășit anumite obstacole, dar care reușește să ne emoționeze.
O lectură perfectă pentru ultima lună din an!
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594 reviews372 followers
June 9, 2011
Very satisfying read that follows the same formula of many of Marie Force's previous books I have read--her style has always been a hit for me. Engaging, sweet characters, some kind of love triangle, no major villains, charming, believable storyline, and some very sexy scenes.

1. Very likable characters- Force's heroes always seem perfect to me and I absolutely loved Joe. Joe is Janey's older brother's best friend and he has been in love with Janey since she was 13 or maybe earlier. He has genuine love for her because she has had a boyfriend/fiancee for 13 years and Joe still loved her from afar and always supported her without letting her know how deep his feelings for her had run. 2. Love triangle- Janey surprises her finacee for their anniversary and catches him in a compromising position and who does she call when when she is devastated... sweet reliable Joe. The ex stays in the picture for a little while. This leads to some scorching love scenes with lots of chemistry between Joe and Janey.(and they don't waste anytime getting it on) The ex-fiancee, which I guess is a bad guy, I didn't end up hating and everybody got along in the end. I can't say the plot was a major page turner or had some big climax, but I so loved the characters that I read it in one sitting. Definitely a very good read!

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2,392 reviews447 followers
March 3, 2019
So far Marie Force is two for two with insanely sweet and besotted heroes who will do whatever it takes for their women.

Joe has been in lu-hove with Janey forever despite the fact that she's been with her yucky fiancee for way too many years. Janey catches said yuck in bed with another woman, and THAT IS IT. She doesn't pass Go or collect her $200, but jumps into an affair with the H. It's a little quick, but okay. Hurray for a heroine who doesn't wallow in What did I do wrong and take back a cheater. He's not even very apologetic because he had...dun dun dunnn...reasons.

When her fiancee shows up on the island, HE is miffed because she hasn't been answering her phone. Oh, buddy!

The heroine's mother, the nightmare from Fool for Love, is still around and is more of a 7 on a scale of horribleness this time. Probably because the ex-cheating-SOB-fiancee's mother has taken up some slack by trying to manipulate the heroine into taking back her baby boy. From what I've seen in this very prolific series, the writer reforms the cheating jackass. That should be entertaining.

All in all a good time and very sweet romance.
Profile Image for Serap.
691 reviews73 followers
August 3, 2019
Boş beleş çıtır çerez dalında çok iyiydi(20lerde başlayan son satıra kadar süren ful erotik sahneler var belirteyim)ütopik çok güzel bir aşkı anlatıyor...Lord hükümdar adına!Bu yıldızlamada uzuuuun sissoylu maratonunun etkisi var,yormayan sıkmayan tek solukta okunan akıcı kitap yani🤣çok doğru bir zamanda okudum.hemen devamını da sipariş ettim...
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604 reviews60 followers
June 11, 2011
Janey McCarthy and her long time fiancée have been in a long distance relationship, while he’s in school to become a doctor. Janey decides to surprise him on their thirteenth anniversary when she shows up to find him in bed with another woman. On her way back home her car breaks down in the middle of the highway so she calls her brothers best friend Joe Cantrell to come and help her.

Joe has been in love with Janey for as long as he can remember but not ever acting on his feeling since she has always been in a relationship. So when he picks up the phone to a sobbing Janey needing help he goes and picks her up, bringing her back to his place he tells Janey she can stay there to think things over before returning home on the island to deal with all the questioning on why she came back too soon.
Janey feeling depressed that all her dreams of being a wife and mother have gone up in smoke. She quickly turns to Joe in the moment of need. Joe not wanting to take advantage of Janey tells her he can’t, but eventually gives in and just can’t tell her no.

The two decide to keep their affair a secret until after Mac’s wedding, but of course the secret gets out soon. Janey gets accepted into veterinarian school miles away, she can’t deal with another long distance relationship, and thinking it wouldn’t be fair to ask Joe to move away from his successful business and life he’s worked hard at achieving she ends up breaking things off with Joe.

While this isn’t my favorite from Marie Force I liked it a whole lot better than the first book in this series Maid for Love. The characters were likable and the writing is easy to read.

3½ stars
Profile Image for ♥Rachel♥.
1,852 reviews846 followers
January 14, 2014
3.5 stars

I just finished this story on the way home from work. Love a story of unrequited love, and this didn't disappoint!. Don't forget about the steamy scenes that will singe your eyebrows. The narrator was quiet and lent a sensual, as well as melancholy feel to the story. That sounds a little confusing, so how about this: The narrator was wonderful!
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94 reviews5 followers
January 24, 2021
Çerezlik bir aşk hikayesiydi. David le ilgili verdiği kararı çok hoşuma gitti âşık. Aşkını sonsuza kadar bekleyen Joe 😊😊
Profile Image for  ⊱ Sonja ⊰ ❤️.
2,282 reviews407 followers
February 17, 2018
Janey McCarthy lebt seit 13 Jahren in einer Beziehung mit David, als sie ihn mit einer anderen Frau beim Sex erwischt. Ohne von ihm bemerkt zu werden, flüchtet sie aus der Wohnung und will zurück nach Gansett Island, als sie unterwegs eine Autopanne hat. Sie ruft Joe an, einen alten Freund aus Kindertagen und bittet ihn, sie abzuholen. Joe, der schon seit Jahren heimlich in Janey verliebt ist, macht sich natürlich sofort auf den Weg. Er nimmt Janey mit zu sich nach Hause, wo die beiden sich nahe kommen....

Mein Leseeindruck:

Es fällt mir nicht leicht, zu diesem Buch einen Leseeindruck zu verfassen und Sterne zu vergeben. Ich habe lange zwischen zwei und drei Sternen geschwankt. Eigentlich ist mit meiner Inhaltsangabe schon alles gesagt, denn das ist es hauptsächlich, worum es in diesem Buch geht. Schon in der allerersten Nacht, nachdem Janey ihren Verlobten mit der anderen Frau beim Sex erwischt hat, schläft sie mit Joe. Und natürlich ist der Sex mit ihm umwerfend und stellt alles in den Schatten, was sie in all den Jahren mit David hatte. Da fängt mein Problem mit dieser Geschichte schon an, denn ich finde das sehr unglaubwürdig. Ich kann mich da überhaupt nicht in Janey hineinversetzen. Wenn ich gerade so verletzt worden bin, dann schlafe ich doch nicht mit dem nächstbesten Mann, der mir über den Weg läuft, auch wenn oder gerade wenn das mein bester Freund ist?!

Danach hat sie David dann auch so gut wie vergessen und alles dreht sich um Joe und den umwerfenden Sex mit ihm.

Schade. Ich hatte auf eine romantische Story gehofft, aber die habe ich nicht bekommen. Dabei kann Marie Force durchaus schreiben. Ihren Schreibstil mag ich. Ich habe jetzt drei Bücher von ihr gelesen, aber ich glaube, jetzt brauche ich erst einmal eine Pause oder streiche sie ganz von meiner Leseliste.

Ich glaube, würde die Autorin auf mehr Gefühl und weniger Sex setzen, dann könnte sie richtig gute Liebesromane schreiben. Würde man dieses Buch jedoch verfilmen, dann hätte man eher einen Porno statt eines Liebesfilms.

Wer Erotik und viel Sex in Büchern mag, wird vermutlich Freude an diesem Buch haben. Ich hätte mir einen schöneren Ausbau der Geschichte gewünscht mit weit weniger Matratzensport.
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1,176 reviews188 followers
December 10, 2016
For thirteen long years, Joe Cantrell has watched as the woman he secretly loves planned a life and family with another man. Unrequited love in check, he played his role of friend and "fifth brother" to Janey McCarthy, only wishing for her happiness. Then one fateful night, Joe gets a frantic phone call and just like that - the playing field is forever changed. Is this Joe's chance? Janey is planning a wedding, secure in a future she has planned for thirteen years. But what happens when those plans and future are shattered? Who will help her pick up the pieces?

Knowing Joe has carried a torch for Janey since childhood raises the stakes in Fool For Love. I really liked Joe - strong, protective, supportive, always putting others before himself. Oh, and did I mention how deliciously sexy he is? Janey was also a great character, dealing with her new reality and exploring new possibilities. A good blend of heartache, love, laughter, and tears, Fool For Love is the perfect recipe for a satisfying romance. A Must Read!
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493 reviews28 followers
July 6, 2021
Questo secondo capitolo della serie mi è piaciuto di più. Già nel libro precedente mi era piaciuto il personaggio di Joe e del suo amore non corrisposto per la sorellina dell'amico. Proseguirò la serie visto che l'autrice ha stuzzicato la mia curiosità su Luke e Sydney.
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1,348 reviews188 followers
April 2, 2013
Joe has loved Janey forever. Unfortunately Janey has been engaged to someone else for just as long. When Janey catches her fiancé in bed with another woman she turns to Joe and things quickly heat up.

There are just as many clichés in Fool for Love as there are books called Fool for Love in the Goodreads Database. I imagine I could find the same basic plot line in more than one of them but it doesn't matter all that much.

It's derivative but it's still entertaining.


Profile Image for Minx Malone.
Author 14 books576 followers
May 29, 2011
I thought it couldn't get any better than Mac and Maddie's story. The way Joe loves Janey makes you want to yank him off the page and kiss him. No one writes to-die-for heroes like Marie Force.
Profile Image for Seyma.
619 reviews
August 14, 2019
Joe'ya olan saygım ve sevgim artarken Janey'ye karşı hiçbir şey hissetmiyorum. Bencil gadın 😑
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6,450 reviews182 followers
October 23, 2019
Cassandra Gold - per RFS
Janey e David, si conoscono da una vita e da sempre sono fidanzati. Janey ha già deciso cosa vuole fare della sua vita: vuole diventare la moglie di David e avere con lui quattro splendidi bambini. A poco meno di un anno dal loro matrimonio, scopre però che lui la tradisce, e ne viene a conoscenza nel modo peggiore, cogliendolo in flagrante nel loro letto con un’altra donna. Janey non ha altra scelta che fuggire chiedendo l’aiuto dell’unico amico che abbia mai avuto, Joe, che per tutta la vita è stato come un fratello per lei. Cresciuto insieme ai fratelli McCarthy, per tutto il corso della sua vita, Joe ha amato la piccola Janey con tutto il cuore e l’anima. Non volendo fare un torto né ai suoi amici, che per lui erano tutta la sua famiglia, né al loro padre, Big Mc, suo mentore e guida, Joe aveva mantenuto il riserbo sui suoi sentimenti, senza farsi mai avanti. Quel pomeriggio però, davanti alla fanciulla in lacrime, Joe non poté continuare a fare finta di nulla, anche perché fu lei che, spinta dal dolore, gettandosi tra le sue braccia, decise di passare un confine sino allora proibito. Da quel momento in poi i due, scopriranno di non poter fare più a meno l’uno dell’altra e neanche il sogno di Janey, di diventare veterinaria, cui sino allora aveva dovuto rinunciare per colpa di David, non impedirà loro di essere finalmente felici.

Tenero, coinvolgente, eccitante e commovente, il romance in questione mi ha regalato delle piacevolissime ore, portandomi a immergermi del tutto nel mondo dipinto da Marie Force. Sicuramente non è un capolavoro o un’opera omnia, ma di per sé lo considero un prodotto molto valido. Quello di cui ho sentito la mancanza, è una maggiore ricchezza di particolari nel descrivere le scene e i paesaggi, data l’ambientazione costituita da meravigliose spiagge, luoghi romantici e particolari, cosa che sarebbe sicuramente servita a esaltare ancora di più una storia sicuramente ben scritta.

Ho amato il personaggio di Joe, il classico cavaliere senza macchia e senza paura, capace di essere sia un buon amico che un amante fenomenale; ma anche quello di Mac, il più grande tra tutti i fratelli e suo grande amico. Il sapore è quello delle storie sulle grandi dinastie del luogo, amate e rispettate da tutte le persone dell’isola, dove volenti o nolenti la fanno da padroni. Insomma, una storia con un buon potenziale, ma che avrei sfruttato sicuramente in modo un po’ differente. Avrei approfondito volentieri l’eviscerare del tempo che i due protagonisti avevano passato lontano, il tipo di rapporto che univa David a Janey, la storia della famiglia della protagonista, inoltre avrei dedicato più spazio anche alla storia della famiglia di David. Detto questo, vale la pena di essere letto.

Se volete passare delle ore spensierate, è sicuramente l’ideale. Lettura non consigliata a ragazze troppo giovani.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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503 reviews21 followers
August 30, 2019
"Ricominciare a Gansett Island" esce il 3 Settembre per Quixote Edizioni.

Mi è saltato all'occhio, prima di iniziare la lettura, che questo secondo volume ha una valutazione su Goodreads addirittura più alta rispetto al primo che a me era già piaciuto moltissimo quindi sono stata super curiosa di iniziarlo appena è comparso nel mio kindle.

Janey era stata tredici anni con David, pronta a fargli una sorpresa a Boston si è ritrovata con un cuore spezzato e la macchina rotta e una sola persona con cui voler parlare: Joe. L'amico di una vita, il quinto fratello disposto a tutto per renderla felice e proteggerla.
Joe, non aspettava nient'altro dalla vita. Tredici anni a sperare che si lasciassero. tredici anni di sentimenti nascosti. Tredici anni di amicizia invece che di amore. Tredici anni in cui aveva nutrito un'attrazione bruciante, ma in quel momento non può dimenticare che Janey ha il cuore spezzato ed ha bisogno di lui.
Ed è proprio qui, quando Joe è felice di accoglierla a casa sua al riparo dalla famiglia e da David che Janey si rende conto di Joe. Il vero Joe, l'uomo e non il migliore amico di suo fratello e un amico fraterno per lei.

Durante le pagine ci si lascia cullare dalla dolcezza e sconvolgere dai sentimenti.
Una lettura sweet e passionale. Marie Force ha questo modo di scrivere seducente, ipnotico, ma anche semplice. Arriva dritta nel cuore, capace di farmi piacere ogni suo personaggio.

È stato piacevole tornare a Gansett Island, rincontrare Mac e Maddie e gli altri personaggi con lo stile dell'autrice accogliente e colmo di leggerezza verso l'amore. L'ho letto in poche ore, è scivolato via prima ancora di poter desiderare il prossimo!

È una lettura leggera, quelle di cui ogni tanto ho bisogno, con quel vecchio stile di raccontarti l'amore e la passione.

Come con il primo volume della serie mi sono innamorata dei personaggi, di questa magica isola, della tenerezza e la passione che hanno attraversato le pagine e, infine, anche dei prossimi protagonisti. Ebbene sì, già mi piacciono e promettono un amore spezzato, tormentato e assolutamente da occhi a cuore.
Profile Image for Vicky Sp.
1,194 reviews86 followers
September 5, 2019
La vita sull'isola non è monotona come si possa pensare, affatto, ne succede sempre una. Questa volta si parla di Janey e del fallimento del suo rapporto con David, fidanzato storico, per il quale ha fatto tante rinunce e annullato in parte se stessa, accantonando il sogno di studiare all'università e diventare veterinaria. Joe invece è un uomo meraviglioso, fedele al suo amore anche se non è ricambiato, dona tutto se stesso alla donna che ama, venerandola. In questo secondo volume assistiamo al matrimonio tra Maddy e Mac, avvenuto con non poche difficoltà, a causa di un segreto tenuto nascosto e della diffidenza della mamma di Maddy. Adorabile Big Joe.
Profile Image for Jules2016.
173 reviews40 followers
October 18, 2016
Seriously now ... how many times can this heroine suck her dude's dick??!! While I like love scenes as much as the next gal, the amount of 'carnal knowledge' going on in this book was just plain ridiculous. And 9 times out of 10 it started with the heroine giving head.

That said, this book, which is the second in the series, was way better than the first, but was still a below average read. The story centers on the heroine, who is engaged to be married to her childhood sweetheart. He is away at medical school while she works as a vet tech back home on the island.

She pays him a surprise visit on their anniversary, they have been together for 13 years, only to find him in bed with another woman. She returns home brokenhearted and breaks off engagement.

The very same day that she finds him sleeping with another woman she hooks up with our hero, who has loved her since they were kids -- unbeknownst to her.

This book was so silly, ridiculous and implausible it personifies escapism at it's finest. While I did like the hero he was a little bit too pathetic for my taste. Professing his undying love and devotion to the heroine the first time they have sex, Which as I mentioned before was the day she found her fiancé in bed with another woman.

And he's constantly asking her when she's going to fall in love with him. Here's a quote from the hero a few days after they get together:

“Is it at all possible that down the road, at some point, you might maybe love me love me?”

On another note, Some of the book was focused on the marriage of the main characters from the first book, who happened to be the heroine's older brother and the woman formally known as the town tramp.

Not something I would reread, but not complaining too much since it was free after all.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,477 reviews157 followers
May 22, 2015
Read the first one quite a while ago and was a little disappointed so put me off the series, but as it is MF I knew I was always gonna go back to it sometime......This was so much better than the first!
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December 23, 2015
Buddy read with Aly :)

Really liked Joe and Janey's story!
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September 9, 2019

Bentrovati readers,
finalmente torno operativa dopo qualche settimana di stop. Il romanzo di cui ho il piacere di parlarvi oggi in anteprima è Ricominciare a Gansett Island, secondo capitolo della Gansett Island series di Marie Force, serie ambientata nella cittadina di Block Island, località situata a dodici miglia dalla costa di Rhode Island. Un piccolo lembo di terra lontano anni luce dal caos delle metropoli; il posto ideale in cui trovare rifugio, pace e tranquillità. La Force è particolarmente legata a questo posto, alle sue spiagge, ai suoi tramonti che lasciano senza fiato; ogni ricordo d'infanzia è legato a quest'isola, ed è per questa ragione che molto spesso le sue storie prendono vita in questo luogo magico.
Protagonisti di questa serie sono i membri della famiglia McCharty; dopo aver letto la storia tra Mac, maggiore dei cinque fratelli, e Maddie, giovane ragazza madre che non nutriva simpatia per la sua famiglia (QUI RECENSIONE) è arrivato il momento di conoscere la storia di Janey, la piccolina di famiglia, e Joe, migliore amico di Mac, da sempre segretamente innamorato di lei.
Ma veniamo alla storia: Janey McCharty ha ventotto anni e lavora come assistente veterinaria nello studio dell'isola; nonostante la giovane età, ha già programmato la sua vita nei minimi dettagli ed è in procinto di compiere il grande passo. Sposare David, l'amore della sua vita da ben tredici anni, è tutto ciò che ha sempre desiderato. Un fidanzamento, apparentemente perfetto il loro; non c'è nulla che Janey non farebbe per rendere felice la sua metà, anche rinunciare al sogno di una vita: diventare un veterinario. Non avrebbe mai immaginato che quello stesso uomo, per il quale ha accantonato tutti i suoi sogni, le avrebbe spezzato il cuore in un milione di pezzi.
Emotivamente distrutta, chiede aiuto all'unica persona, oltre ai suoi fratelli, che le è sempre stato accanto, Joe, migliore amico di suo fratello Mac.
Joe Cantrell ha trentacinque anni; è il proprietario della compagnia di traghetti che opera sull'isola ed è considerato da tutti il classico bravo ragazzo, che si è sempre tenuto fuori dai guai. È single da che ne ha memoria, ma non per questo disdegna la compagnia femminile. Non ha mai voluto impegnarsi sul serio in un rapporto, perché il suo cuore appartiene e così sarà per sempre, all'unica ragazza che non potrà mai avere, a colei che si è insidiata nel suo DNA, Janey McCharty, la sorellina di Mac, che sta per sposare un altro uomo. Ma una telefonata, una richiesta di aiuto sussurrata tra i singhiozzi, cambierà per sempre le dinamiche del loro rapporto.
Per tredici lunghi anni Joe si è limitato ad amarla da lontano; per tredici anni ha sperato che lei si accorgesse di lui, che finalmente capisse i sentimenti celati in ogni suo sguardo. Adesso, l'occasione che aspettava da tutta la vita sembra essergli stata servita su un piatto d'argento. La sua Janey si trova esattamente dove lui ha sempre desiderato che si trovasse: tra le sue braccia, nel suo letto. Ma è veramente ciò che desidera, o si tratta solo di un metodo per esorcizzare il dolore, e fuggire alla delusione? E se Janey scoprisse di aver amato l'uomo sbagliato per tutti quegli anni? Sarà pronta a dare una possibilità al loro rapporto? Ma soprattutto, riuscirà Joe a salvaguardare il suo cuore, o finirà ancora una volta con il cuore a pezzi?
Non sono impazzita credetemi, ma questo romanzo è arrivato in un momento particolare della mia vita da lettrice. Provo a spiegarvi il perché. Durante questi ultimi mesi, nonostante io adori il genere romance, ho veramente fatto fatica ad appassionarmi ad un romanzo. Ne ho letti tanti, forse troppi, ma veramente pochi mi hanno lasciato qualcosa. Troppo spesso mi sono trovata a leggere storie poco originali, prevalentemente incentrate sul sesso, senza un minimo di spessore e totalmente prive di introspezione. Lo abbiamo capito che il sesso vende, ma il troppo stroppia. O no? Potrà sembrarvi strano, forse anche assurdo, ma il più delle volte mi sono sentita presa in giro, e se non fosse stato che avrei dovuto recensirli, avrei abbandonato la lettura dopo poche pagine. Se dovessi quantificare quelle che sono riuscite a scuotermi nel profondo, probabilmente non arriverei a contare le dita di una mano. Quando ho saputo dell'uscita di questo secondo volume, inizialmente ero un po' scettica, perché il primo capitolo non mi aveva convinta al 100%, ma ho voluto tentare ugualmente. Sarò sincera, Ricominciare a Gansett Island, non è certo IL ROMANZO, ma senza dubbio si discosta dal genere sopracitato. È un romanzo dolce, passionale e romantico, dal sapore old style; è un romanzo che sa di tradizione e semplicità, proprio quello di cui avevo bisogno. Nonostante io non sia un'amante della narrazione in terza persona, questa volta l'ho preferita; mi sono lasciata trasportare dai personaggi, dalla loro genuinità e semplicità, e me ne sono innamorata. L'autrice è riuscita a creare un perfetto equilibrio fra le parti narrate, introspettive e i dialoghi. I personaggi, sia principali che secondari, risultano ben caratterizzati e ben contestualizzati; sono certa che adorerete Joe, un uomo semplice, altruista e rispettoso; un uomo che è sempre pronto a mettere in secondo piano i suoi bisogni e sentimenti per il bene degli altri; l'ha fatto quando ha rinunciato alla sua passione per la pittura per portare avanti l'attività di famiglia, subito dopo la morte del nonno, e l'ha fatto una seconda volta con Janey, decidendo di soffrire in silenzio, di amarla da lontano, piuttosto che mettere a rischio la loro amicizia.
Janey non è molto diversa da lui, anche lei ha accantonato i suoi sogni in nome dell'amore, un amore però che l'ha quasi annullata.
Non ho sempre condiviso le sue scelte, probabilmente io avrei agito in modo diverso in più di una occasione, ma capisco che molte sue scelte siano state dettate dall'insicurezza.
Ritroverete i protagonisti del primo volume, che finalmente coroneranno il loro sogno d'amore, e avrete un'anticipazione sui prossimi protagonisti.
Ricominciare a Gansett Island è il romanzo perfetto per tutte le amanti del romance, quello vero. È stata la ventata d'aria fresca di cui avevo un bisogno disperato, la mia copertina di Linus.

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June 17, 2016
When veterinary assistant Janey walks in on her fiancé in bed with another woman, she’s devastated. She rushes out before he sees her, and then her car breaks down on the way home, so she calls Joe.

Joe is a ferry captain, and owns the boat service that takes everyone out to the island where the novel is set. So he’s what I think of as grounded affluent – there’s money there, but not so much that he’s buy-a-girl-a-designer-wardrobe fancy. He’s a family friend and has been in love with Janey forever. He gives her cuddles and takes her home with him to have a good cry. And then, they have some mutually satisfying sexy times.

This type of book isn’t my sub-genre. This is sweet, small town romance where just about every person in town will eventually get a romance book of their own. I don't dislike it, but it's not really my thing. However, it's more my thing than what I thought Marie Force wrote, which was military romance. I first saw her mentioned on a romance blog, and she was raved about. Because her name is Force, I got the wrong idea about what she wrote. It’s kind of like if there was an author called Susan Cutlass, and it wouldn’t matter how many times I saw her mentioned and praised for writing romance political thrillers, I would still firmly believe she wrote pirate books. Even now, I can’t quite get that Marie Force is not writing about SEALs all the time.

The sexy times were a surprise, because my idea of a sweet small town romance is that maybe the characters finally get around to holding hands at the 60% point, but any kissing won’t start until almost the end, and implied coitus is saved for the epilogue. Although now that I think about it: small town, as well as being gossipy and moral is also about being earthy, so perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised about the sex after all.

I liked this book. Janey went through a devastating experience, realised that she’d made a huge number of mistakes with what she was doing in her life and then got on with being a mature adult. Joe was just lovely. His most annoying habit was that he kept going on about how cute Janey was, but it feels a little mean to be critical of just how into the heroine the hero is, especially when he’s doing his best to be respectful of her boundaries.

Not a lot happens in this book. It’s not a huge problem – the characters are really likeable, and flawed enough that I could at least worry a little bit that they were going to make some bad choices and mistakes. The couple from the previous book get a fair amount of face time, and there’s set up for the next in the series. This is a long series. I had no problem reading this as a standalone. I thought the first couple sounded like they’d be worth reading about, but there’s enough personality from them on the page that I didn’t feel confused, or as though I was missing plot that I really needed to know. I did have the feeling that any friend or relative named or referenced was probably going to get a romance at some stage … unless they were already married, super old, or slightly evil.

There was enough to convince me that Janey leaving her fiancé was difficult for her. I wanted this, because it had to balance a fairly quick transfer of affections from the fiancé to Joe. Even with the infidelity, I wouldn’t have believed she could get over the time and emotional investment in the first relationship so rapidly. That was the main strength for me – I thought there was a good amount of depth and complexity to Janey and Joe. I liked the way they went about solving problems, but didn’t feel at any stage that they weren’t without flaws.
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September 2, 2011
This the second book in "The McCarthy's of Gansett Island".
Janey McCarthy is the youngest and the only girl in a family of 5 children. She is traumatized when she plans a surprise visit to her fiancee in Boston where He is doing His MD Internship (a man she has been with for over 13 years)only to discover Him in bed with another women. He doesn't see her (and after standing there watching them for what seems like forever) she runs out of their apartment in total shock to get back to her home on the Island. While on route her car breaks down. She calls the first person she can think of, and that happens to be a very close friend of the family by the name of Joe Cantrell. Joe drops everything to go find Janey and help her. He is glad that Janey has called Him, but not for the circumstances...because Joe has been madly in love with Janey his whole life....this is where the story gets really good!
I loved the story and the writing, and I particularly liked the fact that Ms. Force continued with Mac and Maddy's story as a secondary story-line.
This is probably one of the more sexually descriptive books I've read by Ms. Force....it's was freaking HAWT!
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January 24, 2018
Aşka Düşünce de ilk kitap kadar güzeldi. Her ne kadar Janey'e salaklık yaptığı ve gözünün önündeki adamı görmediği için kızmış olsam da sonunda doğru adamı kaçırmamış olması sevindiriciydi. Joe ise o kadar güzel seven bir adam ki.. Yani böyle adamaların kıymetini bilmek gerek..

İlk kitaptaki Mac ve Maddie çiftini tekrar görmek de ayrı bir sevindiriciydi benim için.. Bu seri gittikçe güzelleşen serilerden bana göre.. Yazarın kalemini sevdiğimi söylemiştim ve yineliyorum. Yazarın akıcı bir kalemi var. Olaylar her ne kadar hızlı gelişmiş olsa da kitap bir çırpıda bitti.. Ve bu serinin bu yönünü seviyorum. (=

Uzun süre kitap okuyamama durumunda olanlar için Marie Force birebir.. (=
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Author 13 books326 followers
June 21, 2016
Another five star read. I've been rooting for Joe since I met him in the first book. I am so glad the hunky captain won over Mac's little sister. They make a perfect couple!! Now I desperately need to read Luke's story.
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513 reviews
July 23, 2019
Joe.. Joe.. Joeeee... nasıl bir adammışsın sen ya. Kesinlikle bayıldım sana da. Bir insanın karşılıksız bu kadar uzun süre birine bağlı kalabilmesi. Bilemiyorum bu nasıl aşk? diyesim geliyor.

Ama favorim hala Mac😍
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June 16, 2011
Oh, Now this one was more my speed. This one had the depth that I think was lacking in the first book of the series, Maid for Love.

One thing I liked about it was that it was told a lot from the perspective of the hero. Joe Cantrell has been in love with Janey McCarthy forever. But she has been with her high school sweetheart, David forever. The two of them have been together for 13 years and planning a huge wedding for the following year.

Joe knows that he has no chance with Janey and his love is his own, he only wants her to be happy. We get a lot of Joe's inner dialogue. And rather than being tedious it is well done. He leaves the reader in no doubt, he's wearing his heart on his sleeve, he is in love. yet he's not overbearing about it either. He doesn't do the Alpha hero thing and swears she'll be his. He simply lives with his feelings.

Janey for her part subconsciously knows that Joe may feel something for her but it is something she shies away from to looking too closely, preferring to think of him as her unofficial fifth brother.

I thought this was a great set up for the H/h. It is a believable internal conflict that offers all types of possibilities from a narrative stand-point.

Janey discovers her fiance in bed with another woman when she surprises him one weekend and runs back to the family fold incredibly hurt. The first person she thinks of calling is Joe when her car breaks down.

At first I thought this was a little quick. Janey turns to Joe and seduces him into taking away her pain (through sex, naturally) almost immediately. Joe for his part can't resist anything from her even though he knows it is much too soon. But he can't help but get his hopes up.

This is where I thought the author showed a very deft touch. Janey knows Joe feels that little something extra for her but her feelings are simply not the same way for him. Joe knows she's vulnerable and probably will regret what she's asking of him, yet can't help himself -- this is his dream coming true. Janey could be seen as a little manipulative here, but the character is shown to be too decent and genuinely hurt to be that deliberate about her actions.

Over the course of the story Janey has to deal with her fiance's infidelity and her burgeoning feelings for Joe. Can she trust what she is feeling? Has she jumped from one relationship to another too soon? If she isn't as involved as Joe she runs the risk of really hurting him and ruining a life-long relationship.

Joe also has his own issues to deal with and here is where I think the book succeeds the most. He is on a knife's edge. On the one hand he has within his grasp the very thing he's wanted all his life and yet, it may not be as real as he thinks it is. He could just be her rebound guy for all he knows. He is the one that is most vulnerable in this relationship because his status with Janey is always in doubt in his mind. He can't know which way she's going to jump once she's dealt with the tatters of her other broken relationship. This uncertainty plays out very well and give the story a lot of it's dramatic heft.

I also liked that the author didn't run into romance cliche land and let Janey become a noble heroine when her erstwhile fiance drops a major bombshell on her in the middle of the book. Janey's reaction was perfect and well within the character.

The growing romance was lovely and Janey's feelings for both Joe and her ex-fiancee run what I felt was a natural trajectory. I thought Joe was a great hero. And it was nice to see the continuance of the family dynamic from the first book. Where I think the first book was light on reality this one hit all the notes just right.

Janey did one TSTL thing toward the end and I wanted to kick her because up to that point the story was going so well. But the author didn't let it drag out and resolved it pretty quickly, so I was relieved.

Good book, very much recommended.
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July 16, 2011
I think I should have waited a bit more before starting this book. I started Fool for love right after finishing book 1 and I think that's the reason for why I couldn't enjoyed this book more. For this very same reason I'll wait a bit before reading book 3.

I enjoyed the characters in book 1 better. I know, it seems I'm the only one who thinks this way according to the rating but I'm sure about that and it has nothing to do to have read them together. The main characters in book one had more charisma and charm. While the hero knew form start he would love her they had to fight and try hard to make the relationship work. In this book it felt like the hero was so sure he loved her that she could have done anything and he would forgive her right away. I don't know, I just never felt the connection the way I did in book 1.

Still it was a great read and I really got to care about this series and the characters in it. I hope next book is better.
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