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When Britisher Lady Sydney Hathwell's father dies, the American who planned to wed her suddenly reneges. Stranded in America and penniless, Sydney contacts a relative in Texas who, mistaking her male-sounding name, invites his "nephew" to join him on his ranch.

"Big Tim" Creighton, however, is appalled when this mincing fop arrives at Forsaken. He determines he'll turn Fancy Pants Hathwell into a man before the boss returns home. From the get-go, he has "the kid" mucking stalls, clearing and plowing a field, and assisting with a difficult calving. But when Sydney's true identity is uncovered, Tim resents being deceived. Yet in time, he also finds that he doesn't like all the attention Sydney garners now that she's wearing pretty gowns...

Together Sydney and Tim will discover the importance of family and what it means to be a man--and a woman--of God.

384 pages, Paperback

First published September 1, 2007

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About the author

Cathy Marie Hake

91 books586 followers
As a child, Cathy Marie Hake had an imaginary playmate. Now "grown up," she indulges in a host of imaginary friends as she writes. She teasingly says she decided if those voices in her head were talking, she might as well write down what they said and make a living by doing it. She met her sweetheart in the High School department at church and married him after finishing nursing school. They live in Southern California and have two children and two dogs (one of them even moos - one of the dogs that is, not the kids). Faith in God, a loving family, and a wacky sense of the ridiculous keep her going.

Known for surfing across the kitchen on a dropped dill pickle slice, waterskiing on sea anemone spit, and using Right Guard® as hair spray; she considers herself living proof that God does, indeed, possess a healthy sense of humor.

Cathy loves classical music, romantic getways with her husband, and Diet Pepsi Free®. "I need chocolate to survive, love my friends, and enjoy a deep personal relationship with the Lord. Although an extrovert, I'm very conservative on a personal level."

In her writing, Cathy attempts to capture a unique glimpse of life and how a man and woman can overcome obstacles when motivated by love. In her inspirational pieces she enjoys the freedom of showing how Christ can enrich a loving couple's relationship.

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433 reviews
January 24, 2009
This book was my first foray into 'inspirational' literature. I picked a book that didn't look too preachy and was happy that the proselytizing was minimal especially in the first half of the book. It was a standard romance, a young woman is orphaned and left with a cold man who doesn't love her as a fiancee. She runs away from him designed as a boy to her uncles Texas Ranch. Antics ensue between herself and her Uncles dashing young partner. It was interesting to read a new genre type. There is much less romantic tension built on physical attraction than in bodice rippers. However, the 'realization of love' or 'conquest of emotional hang up that is preventing a real relationship' that you get in a romance book is replaced by the young woman's struggle to 'accept Jesus'. The book upholds antiquated notions of labor divisions between genders and has several weak points in the plot. It also fails to build suspense in the situations where it is appropriate. It could have used stronger editing in some sections that are repetitive.

This book was not a waste of my time because I learned about a new genre and I did get all the way through it so that speaks to something in the book(or the fact that I like people running around disguised as a different gender...lets not over analyze that one ok?).
It is what it is and if you want to read that kind of book this one isn't horrid, just not good, and not my personal 'cup of tea',
Profile Image for Loraine.
2,957 reviews
November 16, 2020
This is a delightful historical fiction that romps through Texas cow country with an English "Lady" dressed as a teenage boy trying to escape her arranged marriage to a hoity toity New Yorker. The storyline is fantastic and the characters are great.

Sidney - mistaken as a boy by her Texas rancher uncle is a smart, forward speaking young English "Lady'.
Tim - the partner of her Uncle Fuller who is bound to make this young boy into a man who is also a strong Christian.
Velma- the housekeeper and cook for Fuller and Tim who sees through Sidney's male disguise right from the beginning but helps keep the secret and is a strong Christian woman.

With laughs a plenty, this is a great, "can't put it down", enjoyable read.
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292 reviews
August 10, 2021
Plot - 4
Writing style - 4
Characters - 3.5
Romance - 1

In which a rich seventeen-year-old girl disguised herself as a boy in order to escape an unwanted marriage.

Plot - the plot sure was fun because I rarely read novels in which the girl disguised herself as a boy for half the book. Usually, it piss me off when the "revelation" takes too long but in this case, I really don't mind.

Though I have to say, after the "revelation", the book became dull to the point I don't care if the uncle or half of the town ended up hating her.

Plus, the ending was just so ridiculous. I get it, they all have happily ever after even for the antagonist but still, it was utterly ridiculous. The "climax" only take like less than a chapter to happen. I swear, I cannot help myself from wincing.

Writing style - I have to say, the writing style is to be smiled upon. Fast-paced despite the numerous dull moments. I like that it has instead of only one or two pov, we get to have three because we want to know what's the antagonist is thinking, right?

Characters - now, as usual when I Read christian romance, I grew fond of the girl but for the male? He's okay. I get it, he's not only a good Christian but also a fine man but I just can't connect with him.

For the antagonist, well, I expected better than him. His role as the bad guy really wasn't good.

Romance - dude, this is one of the worst romance novels I've ever read. It was indeed cringe-worthy.

It has a lot of potential to it but it failed to meet it. As usual, they all go loving each other once again for no deeper reasons.

To be honest, I felt like their bond was more like a friendship than any romantic relationship.

Also, isn't the guy too old for the young girl? Gee, the girl was only 17 and the boy was what? Around 30 or less? He's a widow and has lost his baby boy in cholera seven years ago, okay?

I get it, back in the day, age totally doesn't matter because look, Edgar Allan Poe married his what? 12 or 13-year-old cousin in his mid-twenties.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the novel. I just hope for a better romance and last few chapters.
Profile Image for Stephany.
873 reviews43 followers
December 3, 2010
When I first picked this book up, I didn't know it was historical fiction. (The front cover illustration is very misleading!) It took me a few chapters to get into it, but once I did, I was hooked! There were so many great facets to this story, not the least being the main character.

The story was about a girl named Lady Sydney Hathwell whose father sets her up with a wealthy businessman that she quickly realizes she does not want to marry. For one, he would use their honeymoon to secure business partners and also keep a mistress. She sends a inquiry to an uncle she knew of in Texas. Mistaking her for a boy (based on her name), he sends her one back saying he would love to have "him" and had no use for girls. So she ends up in Texas...masquerading as a boy. After a few weeks of this, her identity is revealed and the manager on duty, Tim Creighton, is not pleased.

The story was pretty long but I think it had to be. I didn't feel like it dragged at all, although it did get a little cheesy towards the end when Sydney and Tim started their relationship. Still, it was a great read and I can't wait to read more from this author!
Profile Image for Cathy.
1,105 reviews56 followers
December 17, 2020
What a fun and delightful book!! Tim got a little pig headed at the end but he came around. That part annoyed me but the rest was so fun!
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Author 27 books525 followers
January 5, 2019
Though a girl masquerading as a boy isn’t my favorite topic, Sydney’s reasons were believable. She wasn’t trying to be masculine or prove herself to be just as good as a man, so while I didn’t quite like it based on principle, the author did a great job with portraying a believable “case.”

That being said, because all of the cowhands thought Sydney was a boy, it made for some really awkward scenes that made me cringe, as well as brought up a few discussions that were crass (but once again, it *was* believable, because it was supposed to be a “men-only” environment).

There were a few scenes that I really didn’t like—such as when [spoiler] some of the cowhands convinced Sydney into a bar and in addition, prodded her to spend time with a prostitute, which of course turned out in Sydney’s favor as she was a girl. But still, the situation was highly disagreeable. At this point, though, Sydney was not a Christian. [End of spoiler]

The spiritual message was pretty good—there was a very, very strong and clear salvation message. Because this story primarily revolved around an unbeliever, the Christian message was more toward the end than woven throughout the book.

Romance also didn’t come into a key role until the very end of the story, then it was quite slammed with it.

Overall, I did enjoy this book—I really like Hake’s writing style—but there are a few things that keep me from totally recommending it to any reader.
Profile Image for Jerry.
4,641 reviews56 followers
April 11, 2019
Sydney is among the most admirable literary heroines I've come across in a while. This was a sweet story that read like a Hallmark telefilm.
Profile Image for Kimberly.
226 reviews8 followers
July 17, 2008
Not really worth reading. The characters were strange, the styling of the book was abrupt, I didn't feel that the book was very well written. At the beginning of the novel, one character is presented as being totally unlikable, a complete antagonist, but then by the end of the book, the reader comes to find a few redeeming qualities in him, even though the reader is still supposed to be be viewing this character as the "bad guy." The main character in the book has a wacky plan to dress like a boy in order to stay on her uncle's ranch, but the styling of this character wasn't good enough to be serious or screwball, so the reader is left in limbo on his feelings for the character. The character "Big Tim" was just stupid. He's supposedly some gruff man's man, but he says the weirdest things to Syd, about how to become a man, etc. Big Tim and Syd's interactions were completely unreal and I didn't believe a word of what I was reading. Guys don't talk in such a manner and they don't interact with one another like Big Tim interacted with Syd.

All in all, I'd say if one were considering reading this book...skip it.
Profile Image for Leona.
1,724 reviews18 followers
December 3, 2011
This is the first book I have read by this author and I am anxious to read more. The story starts out where Sydney has come to America as a titled heiress who just lost her family. She is coming to meet a man to see if they should marry. Sydney decides "they do not suit" and heads off to Texas to a long lost uncle that would rather she be a boy than a girl. She dresses and convinces most of the people around her that she is a frumpy, skinny boy. The first half of the book was fabulous, funny, with plenty of chemistry and tension between the hero and heroine and a great supporting cast. I would love to have a "Velma" of my own! What stopped me from giving this a five star rating is that the last 100 pages of the book were just too cheesy with ends tied up too neatly and quickly. I was disappointed that the author brushed over the relationship between uncle and niece. The villain fiance, arrives and is dealt with too easily and Sydney and Tim just one day wake up to have feelings for one another and move on towards marriage. After such a great ride for the most of the book, I felt cheated out of a really powerful ending.
Profile Image for Marla Toews.
20 reviews
October 29, 2021
a fun book. unrealistic but quite entertaining. no deep mind function needed to follow the story and characters. amazing that I read to 330 am on a 3 star book. ok. I've been thinking more about this book and really it is so ridiculous. The main "guy" fluctuates between being a tyrant, a tender lover, a bitter grieving father and husband, and a flirtatious cowboy. As if these roles aren't confusing enough, he also plays the part of a Christian who, in the end, converts the main girl. Who, in the end, becomes his wife. I know. Absurd. the main character... a girl... is running away from a pre-arranged loveless marriage engagement. She has to pretend to be a boy and work like a man, because she runs away to her uncle's place. Her name is Sydney so he believes her to be a boy. She knows he has no use for girls on the ranch, so she feels she has no option but to continue the deception and present herself as a man. Her uncle ends up conveniently being gone for the first 2 months or so that she is there, so the Christian cowboy, who happens to be foreman of her uncle's ranch, is conveniently in charge of her. He is determined to whip her into shape, into some sort of a useful man. She ends up doing very hard work, which only endears her more to the Christian cowboy when he finds out the truth. The book is quite fluffy, so the brothels and prostitutes casually thrown in feels very out of character for the tone of the book. I should probably change it to 2 stars, maybe I gave it 3 because the utter craziness of the book was entertaining.
Profile Image for Kristina.
173 reviews10 followers
May 7, 2016
This book was about a young English lady, "Lady Sydney Hathwell", who disguised herself as a boy to escape an unwanted marriage to businessman Rexall Hume. After losing her father, she had agreed to meet the American but quickly realized he only wished to marry her for her wealth and they had nothing in common. Her mother's brother (her uncle Fuller who didn't know Sydney existed) was willing to be her guardian. He had assumed Sydney was a boy and made it clear in his letter to her that he did not want a girl on his ranch. Dressed as a boy, she arrived in Texas thinking she could pull off the ruse until her 18th birthday. Then she would reveal herself and be free to make her own choices.

Once she arrived at the ranch, her uncle was away on health leave so she was reluctantly taken under the wing of his partner, Timothy Creighton (Big Tim). Tim worked and lived on her uncle's ranch together with several other cowboys and ranch hands. When he saw Sydney's scraggly and effeminate appearance, he knew his work was cut out for him: "There were times when life just handed you nothing better than a boil on the backside when you had to ride all day, and this was one such time". Some of Sydney's encounters with these men were hilarious and some of the one-liners were very amusing.

This was a clean and sweet Christian story. The first part of this book was filled with many "laugh out loud" moments. I liked how Sydney and Tim developed a friendship when he thought she was a boy and I kept reading eagerly, looking forward to Tim's reaction once he realized Sydney was actually a woman. He was a bit of a tough grouch from the beginning, so I figured he would be mad at her, but I felt he held it against her for too long. The chemistry between the two main characters was there, but I wish there was a little more romance between the two. The romantic relationship between Sydney and Tim felt a little rushed in the end.

Tim was a devout Christian, and even though Sydney was not a heathen, he kept pushing her to confess her sins to the Lord and accept Jesus as her Saviour, before he could truly accept her in his life. He was too pushy. I like inspirational stories and moral, faithful characters, but at times the Christian teachings felt a little forced in this book.

Rexall Hume's search for his fiancée was described in detail throughout the book (which at times I felt slowed down the story line), then his determination to marry her ended rather abruptly. I thought there'd be more of a showdown between Tim and Rexall after the expense and time he spent trying to locate Sydney.

This book was entertaining, especially the first part. Apart from the mention of loose women and brothels, it was a clean read which teenagers could also enjoy. The humour in the book alone makes it worth reading.
Profile Image for Beth.
779 reviews317 followers
August 10, 2013
This was a really cute read. The story line wasn't my favorite to begin with, but once I just suspended my belief for a bit, it was good. There were a lot of hilarious moments, and the romance ended up being really sweet.

The Texas ranch setting was very well done. I really liked reading about the details of ranch life.

I was intrigued by the discussions of women's role versus men's roles. Since Sydney "proves" herself as a man, Tim can't say that she is relegated strictly to "women's work," and I liked the struggle they had in this regard. It was the most realistic part, and the feminist in me was really happy that this issue was discussed and not merely glossed over by Sydney returning meekly to her "correct" role.

I didn't buy that none of the men would have recognized that she was a girl, especially since she was 17, not say, 13 or 14. I enjoyed the story a lot more once the secret was out, and I thought it took too long to get there. The suspense element fell a little flat too, and some of the plot felt like devices rather than a natural flow to the story.

The spiritual aspect was a bit forced as well. I didn't care for the way that Tim handled Sydney's questions. To me, he sometimes came across as condescending, or more like a father-figure. Sydney's questions were worded oddly sometimes, thought that could have just been my perception of the dialogue in general.

I've read a couple of other books by Hake, and perhaps this is just an author that I don't always "mesh" with, and that's okay. I know she has a lot of fans here on Goodreads and elsewhere. I did like this one, and recommend it if you're looking for something light and fluffy in a historical setting.
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Author 170 books668 followers
April 19, 2009
I love books that show a woman dressed up as a man and trying to fit in with the other men. I loved the first half and couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed the tension between Tim and Sydney when they first meet (and she's dressed as a man). Given the circumstances, I can understand why she did it. She's threatened to marry a man who has a mistress on the side and doesn't care for her at all. So if I were her, I'd do the exact same thing: run.

Tim and Sydney develop a frienship but then he learns she's a woman (which is funny because she's in a bathtub--though he doesn't see anything but her face). The reason I didn't give this book five stars is because Tim held a grudge against her for most of the second half of the book for lying to him. I can understand why he'd be miffed but he made it hard for her to receive his forgiveness. However, he does rescue her from a life of being treated ill by other men and gets jealous when men come by to see her, so that was neat to read. I would recommend this book. Cathy Marie Hake is a great author with lots of talent who has mastered the art of humor which is sorely needed in Christian romances since so many of them tend to be serious.
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38 reviews2 followers
August 12, 2016
I enjoyed a few aspects of this book and disliked several others. The humor the book attempted was often well done. Slap-stick type humor was done fairly well, and the dialogue had moments where it really was extremely witty. There were times, however, where the humor felt forced and over the top, primarily in overly witty dialogue that felt unnatural.

The romance, while very cute at parts, came across as uneven to me. Cute and plausible moments followed by rushes of feeling that didn't seem to follow the pace for growth that was previously set. Secondary characters also weren't fleshed out very well, and the salvation acceptance near the end seemed rushed and unnaturally timed/forced. And the resolution with Syd's proposed fiance completely lacks any sense of plausible resolution. All tension leading up to that point is doused when, it turns out, there was nothing really to fear and a simple solution was readily accepted.

While there were individual scenes that interested me, I would not pick up the book in order to re-read.
Profile Image for Margaret Hardie.
125 reviews
April 10, 2014
Well, I certainly liked it for about 2/3 of it. It was a fun story. I laughed, liked the characters and was excited for a wonderful potential romance. Then it just lost me and got all wound up in a preachy mess. I felt I was reading two different stories. I love wholesome God infused themes, but this was just over the top for me. I didn't feel the characters 'conversion' to Christianity was anything but author contrived - just 'stuck' in there because it is supposed to be a Christian book. I didn't think the character was so 'un-Christian' before, just sad and needed time to heal. I felt the autor did kind of the opposite of when movie people stick in an inappropriate love scene just to get the ratings, yet it just was not necessary. The story made me FEEL touched and uplifted. I didn't feel it at all. It didn't end up being a great historical novel It didn't end up being a comforting spiritual feast, nor did it end up being a great love story. It just died.
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41 reviews9 followers
October 28, 2014
This book had a fun story line. A girl posing as a boy trying to work on a ranch with a bunch of tough cowboys. but the writing felt a little scattered. the POV shifted between the Sydney and tim then BAM the jilted fiancé. the first half didn't really have any religion the BAM the second half it talked about it on every other page. and worse of all Sydney and tim didn't seem to have feelings for each other then the next thing you know they are professing their love for one another. I was truly disappointed in this story.
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Author 128 books2,722 followers
February 28, 2022
A fun, lighthearted read. I enjoyed the friendship that blossomed between Sydney and Tim before they got to the place of falling in love. Tim’s determination to turn that fancy pants into a real man was fun to watch.

Robin’s Ratings
5🌟 = Out of this world. Amazing. Unforgettable. A personal favorite.
4🌟 = Excellent read. Couldn’t put it down. Will recommend to others.
3🌟 = Glad I read it. Engaging/entertaining.
2🌟 = The book was okay, but I’ve enjoyed other books so much more.
1🌟 = For whatever reason, I didn’t like it and can’t recommend it.

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934 reviews20 followers
July 23, 2013
Lady Sydney Hathwell landed on American soil engaged to a man she'd never met, who turned out to be a womanizing social climber. Recognizing these traits, Lady Sydney seeks a way to escape from her impending marriage, and sets out for a distant uncle's ranch in Texas. He responds to her telegram having mistaken her for a male based on her name, and Sydney decides to change her appearance and roll with it.

Tim Creighton has worked at the Forsaken ranch since his life fell apart a few years earlier. He's none too happy at the thought of the boss's nephew coming in to shake up the order of things, especially after Lord Sydney arrives and shows how little he understands about western life. Figuring he can teach the scrawny kid some things about being a real man, Tim works Sydney hard and begins to see some improvement in the kid's character.

Sydney is determined to work just as hard as the ranch hands. After a few days of blisters and soreness, her willingness has earned her some grudging respect from the cowhands. If only she can keep this up for a few months, she'll reach the age of majority and be able to receive her inheritance separate from any marriage stipulations.

But the fiancé she left in the east is still intent on marrying a woman of title. Specifically the woman of title he's already boasted about to his business acquaintances. Hiring a private investigator to help him find where Sydney has run off to, it's only a matter of time before her family connection in Texas comes to light.

Speaking of coming to light, Sydney's ruse can't last forever. Discovering she's female brings out a lot of different reactions at the ranch and in the community. Will she find the safety she needs from the oncoming confrontation, or will Forsaken's males-only policy leave her stranded and alone?

Everyone needs to read a fun western now and again. Cathy Marie Hake has spun a laugh-out-loud story that is great summer entertainment. Suspension of belief might have been pushed a few times, but there's pure enjoyment in stories that remind me of all the westerns I read in my childhood. I'd recommend this for anyone who enjoys the genre.

This review originated at http://reviewsbyerin.livejournal.com
25 reviews
June 6, 2013
This fun historical novel/romance is about a refined British woman named Sydney Hathwell who comes to America to meet the man her father wanted her to marry before he died. This man is rude and unfeeling, and the only escape she can find is her uncle's farm. But she must do one thing in order to stay there- be a boy. Dressed as a scrawny male, the head man of the farm, Tim Creighton, is determined to make her a real man, worthy of working on the farm. He works her cruelly hard, and eventually the enemies gain respect for one another. When her identity is found out, Sydney discovers that she can no longer return to the pampered life she once lived, and now despises.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's clever, humorous, and intriguing. It's fun to see the transformation in Sydney as she undergoes challenges and overcomes obstacles, not only physically, but mentally. She learns to live a different life, and comes to love it. The romance in this novel is a bit unrealistic in my opinion, but I liked how it turned out. Very enjoyable, I'd recommend this book to those who like historical and romantic novels without too much violence or sexuality- it's very clean.
Profile Image for bean.
52 reviews2 followers
August 6, 2016
Fun Fact: British accents are actually the ones that have changed over the years, not American ones. Thus, the American accent you hear today is actually closer to how people spoke in England 500 years ago than a current British accent!

Moving on.

I really liked this book right up until the main character, Syndney, is revealed to be a woman. The plot until then was rich and funny and cute and full of great little moments. However, after said revelation, the book seemed to drag on and on and on and on and on. (<- Much like that sentence.) It was filled with too many unnecessary subplots that, while I'm sure will be expanded upon in the sequels, made the story too complicated and detached. Also, insta-love. Bleh. Can we just be a little more realistic? I highly doubt a man thinking for a month that Sydney is a man will instantly begin to admire how beautiful she is and be way overprotective the second he discovers Sydney is actually a woman. I repeat: bleh.
March 6, 2013
Fancy Pantys , by Cathy Marie Hake. This was read over audible. It has become my most favored book. It's absolutely hilarious and filled with goodreads. I recommend this book to those of us who love romance but have gotten sick of smut. There is no sex but spades of romance and good clean humor. She dresses as a boy to escape an unwanted suitor , running to an uncle who she has met and assumes by her name, Sydney, that she is a boy. When she arrives her Uncle is going to be absent for an extended period and she must maintain her discize with her Uncle's handsome partner. It reminds me of a good Shakespere comedy . I have come to love this Author and recommend any of her works.
Profile Image for Tiffany.
142 reviews
April 3, 2014
This was a cute story. I felt that the Christian element wasn't very cohesive. The book to me seemed like most of the plot/problem happened then there was this Christian part where she needed to come to know God then the resolution of the book happened. I enjoyed the story and writing style but to me I'd you're going to make the Christian part in the middle a major thing it needs to be brought out more throughout the book rather than just bits and pieces, then hit it hard, then end the book. Also I wasn't a fan of the ending with the supposed other fiance.
Profile Image for Hannah.
290 reviews
November 27, 2009
Definately a good read! My first foray into the Christian/romance/chick-lit style. I actually didn't like the second half nearly as much as the first, but all in all, it was worth it to read. =) I enjoyed the storyline... it was so cool to think that a girl could do what Sydney does! :D I think Cathy Hake is definately a great author!! She blended the history in with the love story so that neither are overbearing, which I enjoyed.
Profile Image for Eva-Joy.
511 reviews37 followers
March 1, 2018
Actual rating: 3.5

What a fun book! Recommended to me by a friend who evidently understands my reading tastes quite well. Because westerns + great characters + an interesting plot = just my cup of tea.
Profile Image for Rachel.
792 reviews
December 27, 2019
This book was really funny, a case of mistaken identity. Sydney sends a note to her uncle in Texas and he invites her thinking she is a male, saying he has no use for females. For Sydney this means he will send her away if he finds out she is a girl. She dons some britches and goes not expecting what will come. She arrives while her uncle is out of town for a medical treatment. The man who is there to receive her,Big Tim part owner and hard worker is determined to turn Sydney into a real man. Sydney works harder than she ever has in her life, trying to prove herself and not be recognized as a woman then sent away.
The situations that happen are hilarious. Of course eventually it is discovered she is a woman; then she has to figure out how to redefine her role. She has been a man on the ranch, but can no longer do the chores she was doing or interact with the men. She needs to rediscover who she is in this new place and who she is meant to be. Will she find her home here? (I mean it's a Christian Romance, I think we can all figure that out before reading).
Very cute. I did feel like there was a bit of something missing towards the end. I still enjoyed it a bunch.
Profile Image for Tiffany.
321 reviews
May 9, 2017
Fancy Pants!?! I admit, I read this purely for the title. The first half was silly, but tolerably amusing. The second half was, well, let's just say I'm all for inspirational Christian fiction, but I like it on a much more subtle level. And if you have any hangups about traditional gender roles, then this book will definitely give you apoplexy.
1,336 reviews9 followers
March 11, 2018
Aw!!! I wish I could give a book more than 5 stars! What a strange turn of events that led them to such a great ending. Sometimes God allows us to go through things we thought we never would have wanted. That was awesome!
Profile Image for Lin.Ette.
45 reviews1 follower
April 18, 2022
Dit boek is onvoorstelbaar mooi.
Ze is 19 als ze trouwt dat is wel bijzonder dat snap je
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