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Mackenzie Wellesley has spent her life avoiding the spotlight. At Smith High, she's the awkward junior people only notice when they need help with homework. Until she sends a burly football player flying with her massive backpack and makes a disastrous - not to mention unwelcome - attempt at CPR. Before the day is out, the whole fiasco explodes on YouTube. And then the strangest thing happens. Suddenly, Mackenzie is an Internet sensation, with four million hits and counting. Sucked into a whirlwind of rock stars, paparazzi, and free designer clothes, she even catches the eye of the most popular guy at school. And that's when life gets really interesting...

239 pages, Paperback

First published December 27, 2011

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About the author

Marni Bates

10 books390 followers
Marni Bates' autobiography MARNI (part of HCI's Louder Than Words series) was on the New York Public Library Stuff for the Teen Age 2010 List. She then signed a five book deal with KTeen. Her first YA novel, AWKWARD, has been optioned by the Disney Channel as a made-for-TV movie and translated into several languages. Her latest YA novel DIAL EM FOR MURDER is with Merit Press.

In her free time she can be found reading romance novels, hiking, singing really loudly (and off-key) in public and watching copious amounts of television--strictly for artistic inspiration, of course.

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469 reviews379 followers
October 12, 2019
Yo estaba extremadamente sorprendido por UDPMI. Sonaba lindo, pero admitiré que la portada me hizo un poco desconfiada de leerlo. Parecía que esta historia estaría dirigida a adolescentes más jóvenes, más hacia la edad de grado medio, y temía que no me gustara por esta razón. Por suerte para mí, ese no es el caso.

Disfruté la historia. No pensé demasiado las cosas como normalmente lo hago, y fue un montón de diversión. Lo leí en una sola sesión, sin tener nada de qué quejarme.

UDPMI tenía ese lento romance de construcción, el tipo con miradas robadas y coqueteo sutil. Viendo que no soy un fanático del instalove, me encantó eso de UDPMI. También me gustó que había más en la historia que solo el romance. (Lo que, debo agregar, es de la primera variedad de amor, no de la variedad OMG nosotros somos almas gemelas. Una ventaja.) Hay una trama que impulsa la historia, y la relación de Mackenzie con Logan es solo una ventaja adicional. Las amistades se manejaron bien, y me encantó la lealtad que tenían entre sí.

Los personajes son relatables. Existe la jerarquía típica de la escuela secundaria, pero creo que UDPMI hace un buen trabajo al usar esto para luchar contra los tipos de estereotipo. Mackenzie es inteligente y encantadora, y tiene sus prioridades claras. Pero en general, ella es invisible, y creo que muchos de nosotros podemos relacionarnos con eso. A menos que fueras parte de la multitud popular, pero seamos sinceros, ese es un porcentaje mucho más pequeño que aquellos de nosotros que no llamamos la atención. Pero Mackenzie es diferente. A ella realmente le gusta la invisibilidad. Ella no quiere ser notada, y eso es definitivamente algo con lo que podría relacionarme.

En general, UDPMI fue una lectura tan divertida, probablemente es algo que volvería a leer cuando quisiera relajarme y leer algo que sé que me hará sonreír. Definitivamente lo recomendaría a aquellos que aman las novelas contemporáneas inspiradoras "aww".
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1,399 reviews184 followers
January 10, 2012
I LOVED this book! I loved it so much that I want to squeeze the life out of it! Not only did I smile the whole way through the books but I fell in love with the writing and creation of the story. Was this a good book? Heck yes! I want to read it over and over again just to feel happy again!!

So why did I fall in love? Well unlike most books out there, this story of a girl is what I thought. I thought she would let everything get to her and do something stupid. But no. The author took me by surprise by keeping her down to earth. That made me happy. I loved that Mack didn't change friends, ignore old ones and change her clothes. She knew who she was from the very beginning and didn't let fame overcome her. Instead, she embrace it with great maturity in everything that she did.

The plot line of this book is so cute! It is so easy to fall under the writing spell of Ms. Bates. She creates a down to earth girl who knows where she is going into a girl who is just like any other teenager famous by a Youtube video. Let me say, that I adore the character Mackenzie. She is like every teenage senior out there. Works hard, studies hard, and is doing everything she can to get into the college of her dreams. Yes she is a teen and makes mistakes. I like that the author didn't go overboard with teenage mistakes. She made everything fit with Mackenzie.

The love interest of this book is sooo good! I adored how the pieces all came together in the end. I admit that I didn't like Logan in the beginning, but with Ms. Bates giving a great point of view, I learn to like Logan. Their love isn't one created overnight, but one created on front of the readers eyes growing so much.

Have you every felt invisible? I know I have.Do me a favor and read this book. You will see that you are not alone in what you feel. That there is hope and love. I especially loved the dedication in the book. It is so true. And I only wish that I had this book to read when I was in high school. It would of made things a lot easier to understand.

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617 reviews86 followers
February 8, 2016
It's not the first Marni Bates book I've read, but it's definitely the best one. It's just jgkgisbajheuke!
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358 reviews7 followers
May 18, 2012
This one falls into the Fun Read category.

Mackenzie introduces herself as an Invisible. She’s awkward and geeky and thankfully, invisible is right where she wants to be. Of course, it’s de rigueur that she has a fantasyland crush on a Notable, and Patrick happens to be marginally responsible for her infamy. She’s caught in a weird power play conversation with Logan, a Notable whose parents pay her very well to tutor, and his Mean Girl ex when Patrick enters her line of sight. At first, she commits a minor social faux pas. Possibly embarrassing but not huge. She fully displays her insanity when she overreacts—not about her social standing or who might be watching, but because she panics about the wellbeing of the other guy and loses her sh*t. This scene, and her unabashed terror, is laugh out loud gold. It all gets captured and uploaded to YouTube by the next morning. Pretty soon, she’s David After the Dentist.

It’s bad enough that the kids at school are taunting her in the halls, but all the talk shows know who Mackenzie Wellesley is. Local media catches her off guard and do more to fan the flames. All that brouhaha circles back and suddenly the Notables want her around. She’s suspicious at first but then pleasantly surprised when it turns out that Logan is a nice guy and not evil by association. Some of these new people in her life are pretty genuine and even her Invisible best friends Jane and Corey can’t find fault in them. She expects catty but gets friendly instead. Her infamy is fast and furious and Mackenzie barely has time to react.

Sure, it seems both trope-y and wildly improbable. But this story shows Mackenzie that everyone’s not always as they seem (even herself) and stopped that trope business in its tracks. I love actual characters vs caricatures and I loved when Mackenzie ate a little crow and stopped seeing only caricatures. I genuinely liked these people. It stills seems wildly improbable, but what do I know of notoriety? Cute, fun, and sincere, it was a great ride. I’m a fan.
Profile Image for Amanda (Good Choice Reading).
295 reviews33 followers
January 30, 2012
I was extremely surprised by Awkward. It sounded cute, but I will admit the cover made me a bit wary to read it. It looked like this story would be geared toward younger teens, more toward the middle grade age, and I was afraid I wouldn’t end up liking it for this reason. Lucky for me, that isn’t the case.

Awkward is the first book I’ve read in quite some time where I completely let go, and just enjoyed the story. I didn’t over-think things like I normally do, and it was heaps of fun. I read it in one sitting, having nothing to complain about.

Awkward had that slow building romance, the kind with stolen glances and subtle flirting. Seeing as how I am not a fan of insta-love, I loved that about Awkward. I also liked that there was more to the story than just the romance. (Which, might I add, is of the first love variety, not the OMG WE’RE SOULMATES variety. A plus.) There is a plot that drives the story, and Mackenzie’s relationship with Logan is just an added bonuses. The friendships were handled well, and I loved the loyalty they had to each other.

The characters are relatable. There is the typical high school hierarchy, but I think Awkward does a good job of using this to battle stereo-types. Mackenzie is intelligent and charming, and has her priorities straight. But all in all, she is invisible, and I think many of us can relate to that. Unless you were part of the popular crowds, but let’s face it, that is a much smaller percentage than those of us who didn’t draw a lot of attention. But Mackenzie is different. She actually likes the invisibility. She doesn’t want to be noticed, and that is definitely something I could relate to.

Overall, Awkward was such a fun read, it is probably something I would reread when I want to relax and read something that I know will make me smile. I’d definitely recommend it to those who love the “aww” inspiring contemporary novels.
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5,931 reviews216 followers
November 7, 2020
Dove into Awkward kind of randomly and now I'm in the second book already. In this, you will meet Mackenzie. She's a pretty normal girl who is really good at school. The only thing she isn't good at... walking. Basically she's a klutz and kind of reminded me or me. Curbs are something I should never walk on because I would most likely break my ankle.

That being said, that's the only thing that I would relate to her. I guess I can be awkward sometimes.. but that would most likely be on purpose. Plus she liked to tutor people and I don't even like people enough to want to do that. Also I would probably call them a dumbass repeatedly or something.

Anyway, she tutored the hockey star Logan and sparks sort of flew between them. Sort of. At the beginning, they were okay and had cute moments. I just wasn't completely invested in any of them or the romance really. Don't get me wrong, the ending was cute but that's about it.
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91 reviews
June 6, 2012

AWKWARD it is.
4.5 stars. Why? Because:

1. It's very different. The story alters from different perspectives.

2.It's unpredictable and a little predictable at the same time. There were times that I thought a certain something would happen-but didn't. And the thing about Logan, I had a hint that he would be the one ending up with Mackenzie and had been sure about it when the whole stroll-at-the-mall-to-hide-from-paparazzi thing happened.

3.It has a different edge(to me) when first person is used. I mean, I really get to ponder on the main character's thoughts and connect to them more.

4.I like the whole Corey-Jane-Mackenzie gang. I could use a little bit of them in real life.

5.The same reason why I didn't gave Anna and the French kiss5 stars. I want to know what will happen next. Will Mack's fame continue? Will the paparazzi continue chasing her? How can she handle school, especially the notables after she narrated some of their stories on National Television? Some of those stuffs.

- But overall, I really really loved it. It kinda reminded me of Reality Check. Yea, you heard me right.

READ! Definitely.
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157 reviews
July 27, 2017
"Alex Thompson was invested in the appearance of manliness—an appearance that was greatly diminished when a gawky girl of five feet seven and a half inches knocked him down."

Ahhh!!!!!! Is it over?? I can't look! Can I breathe now? Whew. This. Was. Amazing. I. LOVED. It. Wow. No words can describe my emotions right now. Are you kidding me? I'm just amazed and thrilled and can so totally relate to Mackenzie! I cringed at all of her awkwardness, to close to home for comfort! I spent most of this book curled up laughing! So, yeah. HIGHLY recommend. It was really fun!
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343 reviews
September 7, 2013
My first book of Marni Bates was Decked with Holly and I absolutely loved it! God only knows why I didn't read this one sooner (so that I'll have a book left for winter white reading challenge!:p). I absolutely loved it! I adored Mackenzie, because, well, she felt real. I could definitely see myself in her (except the studious part, I never studied that much in my entire life!). I laughed out loud countless times!

Mackenzie was great in the average-teenager way. Logan was also good, but maybe we could have had some more pseudo dating scenes? (not that it wasn't perfect just the way it was). I would have loved to learn some inner-dating perks of Corey! seriously! Too bad he's gay!

I recommend this to people looking for light and humorous read!You won't be disappointed.

P.S: no one says "no shit, Sherlock!" better than Mackenzie! :D
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416 reviews224 followers
February 29, 2012
Review first posted at A Backwards Story. Cover design analysis available exclusively on my blog as well as a Character Word Association Game with Logan coming March 21st!

If you're looking for a fun, refreshing contemporary YA, look no farther than AWKWARD. Readers will find themselves rooting for socially awkward high school student Mackenzie as she finds her most embarrassing moment broadcast on YouTube for the world to see, which puts her every klutzy moment from there on out in the spotlight. You'll wince, you'll laugh, you'll sympathize. Mari Bates creates a character with so much depth that you want to see her succeed.

The novel begins when high school Notable Chelsea beckons to Mackenzie, one of the Invisibles, in order to get some homework help. Mackenzie trips and falls on top of another Notable and knocks him out, then unsuccessfully attempts to revive him with CPR...and it's all caught on camera. Suddenly, celebrities are tweeting about the girl in the "hilarious video" and the country's biggest music sensation, ReadySet, has integrated the footage into the music video for their latest single. Paparazzi are hanging out at school waiting to badger MacKenzie and designers are sending her packages overflowing with clothing. Mackenzie is even invited to a Notable party and given backstage passes for a ReadySet concert. Yet she still struggles to remain an ordinary girl that blends in and doesn't stand out. She continues to tutor Logan, another Notable, who somehow manages to become her friend and helps her through her most embarrassing flubs. She's not really sure why a Notable would help her unless it's a trick, or why new, nice classmates will sit with her at lunch. She doesn't get why her crush of four-years suddenly seems interested. Is it because of her newfound notoriety? Could it be that people actually like her personality despite her tendency to babble in public? Mackenzie doesn't know, but throughout her journey, she's going to learn a lot about people--and about herself.

I love the character development in AWKWARD. Mackenzie feels so real. As a fellow klutz with some painful moments left behind, I completely sympathize with her. Additionally, I love that she has supportive friends and that her family cares so much about her. It's nice to see the way such a major event bonds Mackenzie and her brother in a way they never had before. Mackenzie grows so much as a person and her character really solidifies by the end of the book. I also loved Logan, the guy she tutored, and love how he went from being one-dimensional to having so much depth. I was really excited when I turned the last page and found that Bates is going to return to the world she's created in 2013 with the release of INVISIBLE, which centers around Mackenzie's best friend Jane. I feel like this companion novel will be in the manner that Stephanie Perkins uses in ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR, and the upcoming ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, where characters return in later books so you can see how they end up, but the book is centered around someone else. Bates is also releasing FAUXMANCE (Which might have been changed to DECKED WITH HOLLY) this October. This one seems to be in its own self-contained world, but from the sample at the back of the book, also features an awkward moment that leads to a bigger story. If you're looking for a new contemporary author, definitely check out Marni Bates, who's set to have many more books for us to love soon!

Other books mentioned in this review that have previously been reviewed at A Backwards Story are ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS and LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR, both by Stephanie Perkins. Below, Julia Kagawa recommends this book to fans of Meg Cabot.
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2,119 reviews1,327 followers
January 27, 2012
Read more of my reviews at Nick's Book Blog

After having read the summary for Awkward, I didn't really have huge expectations. I'll admit that the cover is what drew me to read this book. Doesn't it look totally cool ?
You know what ? This book was so perfect, I wanted to give it a big hug ! I loved it.
It wasn't deep or highly philosophical or anything. Instead, it was a cute book with a few themes that are common in YA.

Awkward follows the story of Mackenzie. She is what you can call the invisible girl in her high school. On top of that, she's awkward. After her failed attempt at CPR on a guy at school is filmed and posted on Youtube , Mackenzie becomes an internet sensation and rockets to popularity. That girl is so likable and adorable. She was relate-able. I think Mackenzie is the kind of character that most people can connect with. I know I did. She is funny, caring and tries to stand up for herself even though she is awkward. Moreover, she doesn't let the popularity get to her too much and it's very interesting to see her wade through her moment of fame. At the end of the book, you realize how much Mackenzie has grown. I especially loved her interactions with her friends. Overall, Mackenzie was a great protagonist.

Logan is the guy Mackenzie tutors. He is also the most popular guy at school. He was down to earth, caring and sweet. Plus, he had issues that made him not so perfect as you would have thought. I think that Logan pretty much proves that not all popular guys are how they are usually depicted in teen movies.

Awkward has a solid set of secondary characters. They are all equally likable. I especially liked the interaction between Mackenzie and the band. I also like the fact that her brother and mother play an important part in this book.

The romance in this book progresses slightly. Although it was quite predictable, I found it cute. The relationship between Mackenzie and Logan starts from tutors then goes to friendship and then into dating.
Also, the book doesn't focus a too much on the romance. Logan and Mackenzie are like a different version of Etienne and Anna ! If you like romances where the characters fall in love really fast, then you probably won't like it.

Marni Bates is a great YA contemporary writer. Her writing style is smooth and fluid. It makes you want to read more and more. Also, she has a very funny voice. I think her writing style is really amazing since this is her first book and all. Plus, she's really young.
I know I'll be picking up her other books when they come out.

Overall, Awkward is a delightful and funny read. If you're looking for a book that is light, fluffy and quick read, then I recommend this book to you.
I haven't enjoyed a YA contemporary book this much ever since Lola and the Boy Next Door.
In fact, all YA book lovers SHOULD read this wonderful piece of work !
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230 reviews4 followers
January 30, 2015
Yup. I am in the minority (if not sitting in a room all by myself) in disliking this book. In fact, I seem to be having one of those "Did we all read the same book?" experiences. Oh, well.

Ugh. Where to start with my problems with this book..... ***There may be spoilers. I don't know if I can control myself. Sorry.

1) Author, Know Thy Setting. As a lifelong Portland-area resident, I was totally excited to see the book set in Forest Grove, Oregon. It's always fun to see how authors infuse their books with local flavor, and I hoped for some fun familiarity. Yeah - not. While the author does apparently live here, I can only hope she is a transplant, as she has managed to mangle the Portland area and people completely. Case in point: One simply cannot leave Forest Grove on a whim on a weekday afternoon, trot down to the Lloyd Center (a 45-minute drive WITHOUT the heinous westside traffic), mosey around the mall for a couple of hours, then drive back in one afternoon. That little jaunt would have taken HOURS. Incorrect and weird Portland references were sprinkled throughout the book, constantly slapping me out of the action and making me say, "What the...?". I cannot appropriately convey JUST HOW MUCH this all bothered me.

2) Author, Know Thy Character and Keep It Consistent. The foundation of this story rests on the "awkward", "nerdy", "geeky" main character. An image forms of a certain kind of character from these descriptors; however, aside from her being smart and studious, and one very weird incident, I did not feel she came even close to any of those words. And so I find that offensive to all people who truly are "nerdy", "geeky" or "awkward". This girl is apparently attractive, witty and interesting to other people, quickly making friends wherever she goes and admired by strangers and peers alike. All the awkwardness feels forced into the scenes by the author, because MC is "supposed" to be weird, not because she actually is. And all that falls away or is added back on as the scenes dictate.

3) Get Thee a Better Editor. There was SO MUCH going on in this book. We have the usual high schooler angst, family drama, sexual orientation issues, learning disabilities, fame and paparazzi, rock stars, hockey and... well, I know there was more. The author made the classic mistake of having so much she wanted to "say" and not having an editor rein her in. The book felt very disjointed due to the many subplots floating around. (it would have been much cleaner and just as complete without the whole SUPER IMPLAUSIBLE meet-and-become-instant-besties-with-rockstars/magically-record-a-song-and-become-MORE-famous-but-don't-follow-up-on-it tangent.)

There were good points to the book. I appreciated the growth the MC went through, the friends were a good foil to her often self-centered ways, the crush was a very nice character and one of the most "real" people in the book. Otherwise, this was a total bust for me.
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231 reviews202 followers
March 18, 2012
REVIEW ORIGINALLY POSTED http://hobbitsies.net/wordpress/2012/...

Awkward by Marni Bates is one of those books that you read and think, “WHY didn’t I read this sooner?” See the girl on the cover? That was me throughout all of Awkward – I was a giggly, squealing mess because I was having so much fun. I was giggling in parts of Awkward that weren’t even particularly funny.

And Marni Bates knows teens. I just wanted to hug Mackenzie and be like I KNOW YOU. Awkward is so unbelievably relatable and embarrassing and I swear I was turning red with embarrassment for Mackenzie.

Oh my gosh, and LOGAN. I loved Logan. Logan is going to be one of those male fictional characters that sticks with me for a long time. He was just so interesting and normal and nice but still guy-like and just, so swoon worthy in certain moments.

Yes, the storyline in Awkward is RIDICULOUS but awesome. I mean, oh my god, just thinking about what got Mackenzie youtube famous hurts my heart with embarrassment and I know, or I hope, rather, that this won’t ever happen to anyone but it doesn’t matter because it is such a fun ride.

Guys, if you’re in need of the perfect hilarious and sweet and cute contemporary, go pick up Awkward by Marni Bates. It made my night infinitely better and I’m sure Awkward would do the same for you!
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542 reviews77 followers
August 27, 2019
Mackenzie had a normal life. She tutored a hockey star, helped anyone with homework, oh, and she’s a klutz.

An unfortunate incident happened and it just so been Mackenzie’s luck that it got filmed and put on Youtube.

Now pushed into internet stardom Mackenzie is trying to navigate how to be famous and not lose herself completely in the fame.

Mackenzie was hard for me to like in any way. She had a quirk and she tended to babble. After halfway through the babble started to get annoying. Some of the things that happened it the book didn’t overall feel like the story was connecting.

I didn’t quite feel the connection between Logan and Mackenzie. Or Mackenzie with anyone really.

I liked the plot. Just wish it was more detail in certain areas.
Profile Image for Sarah {Literary Meanderings}.
680 reviews283 followers
May 15, 2012

♥ Find my reviews on Blogger ~ Reviews by Bookish Sarah

- - -

Mackenzie Wellesley has always tried to avoid attention. Being socially awkward and a bit clumsy, the spotlight is a no-no. So, being an “Invisible” at her high school is what she prefers. Her only direct contact with the “Notables” (popular kids) is her tutoring job with Logan - she is paid to tutor him in history. Aside from that, she watches from afar with her two besties, Jane and Corey, and works hard to get into the college she wants.

Of course, that's until her clumsiness changes everything...

One day, while making study plans with Logan, Mackenzie accidentally plows into a football player with her massive backpack full of textbooks. The guy topples over, falls down a set of stairs, and lands sprawled on the floor. Mackenzie thinks she's killed the guy and proceeds to straddle him and perform CPR. Only, she has no idea if she's even doing it right and acts accordingly: she has a spaz attack. Panics, yells, doesn't even notice the guy is fine and attempting to remove her from atop him.

When the whole debacle shows up on YouTube, Mackenzie gains all that attention she never wanted, becomes famous, and ends up hurting someone in the aftermath of it all. So much for being invisible, right?

- - -

***Small spoilers ahead!***

This book is pure fun! It's H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

The only thing I wasn't happy about was the fact that the realism seemed to fade away with the whole hanging-out-with-and-singing-with-a-band thing. I also hoped we'd find out who taped the whole thing and made Mackenzie famous. Alas, we do not find out.

Mackenzie is the most endearing character I think I've ever encountered. Slightly naïve, incredibly smart, hilarious, sweet, adorable. I just love her! While adjusting to the spotlight, she comes out of the shell she's built for herself ever since her dad cheated on her mom and left them. She grows as a person and learns a whole lot about herself and the people around her. Her journey is an inspiring, albeit comical, one. I think just about anyone would fall in love with this protagonist.

The plot moves along at a really fast pace. There are no lulls and no dull moments. I read through this book super fast. It's just one of those stories where you can't get enough! It's creative and filled with surprises. There's drama, romance, comedy - and with action to boot.

By far, the best thing about this story is the comedic element. I can't say it enough - this book is so so so funny. Laugh-out-loud funny, really. It has a few serious moments, but it's mostly fluffy and cute. Don't underestimate the storytelling, though. It's well done and impressive.

Awkward is a book I'd recommend to ALL people. It's packed tight with humor, action, and wonderful characters. It's funny without trying too hard. It's got a hint of romance that, although not the main focus of the book, is a great story in itself. It's realistic in how it portrays high school life and the possibility of insta-internet-fame. Not that I know anything about that, but if I had to imagine what it'd be like, I'd say this seems about right! This book is totally fun, totally cute, and a complete joy to read. AND it was satisfying. Everything comes together in a really great ending that left me with a smile on my face. :)

Note: It's also clean aside from a little underage drinking - no sex, no cussing, no violence.

- - -

Book source: Personal collection
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
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109 reviews9 followers
September 20, 2014
Después de tener un poco saturada la cabeza por tanta lectura (algunas muy pesadas) decidí darme un ligero respiro y alejarme por unos días de la lectura, pero llegó este libro a mis manos y no me pude resistir, la portada es linda y la sinopsis me llamó la atención; era el tipo de libro que necesitaba: juvenil, fresco y con cero fantasías.

La historia trata sobre una chica cualquiera, Mackenzie, una chica de 17 años, estudiante de la preparatoria Smith, una chica muy estudiosa, e invisible. Pero un día, en el momento equivocado, decide subir corriendo las escaleras del instituto topándose con un jugador de futbol americano haciéndolo volar con su mochila, y como Mackenzie pensó que había muerto le aplicó un desastroso primeros auxilios. No sé dio cuenta de que la estaban grabando y, bueno, se dio cuenta muy tarde justo cuando vio su video en youtube.

No me lo tomen a mal pero se me hace muy, muy ilógico que con un video así como el de nuestra protagonista se vuelva tan famoso. Puede que se haga viral y lo transmitan en la TV, etc., pero que a la chica le dediquen canciones y la acose la prensa lo dudo mucho, es un poco “imposible” (no me digan que con Justin Bieber fue así, él se hizo famoso con música y Mackenzie con un intento de primeros auxilios, no es lo mismo).

La historia a pesar de ser un poco ilógica resultó divertida y entretenida, los problemas de Mackenzie eran atípicos y resultaba entretenido ver la manera en cómo salía de determinado lío. Igual resultaba encantador ver como trataba de solucionar los problemas amorosos (sí, aparte de ese problema con la fama también hay cosas románticas *suspiro*), sólo diré que Mackenzie es un poco ciega en ese aspecto.

Bueno, Mackenzie, aparte de ser una ciega respecto al amor, es una chica con un sentido del humor un tanto irónico, me gusta cómo se expresa de las cosas y de las situaciones, es un poco irónica y sarcástica, también es culta y no le gusta meterse en problemas (por cierto, la historia viene narrada por Mack). Corey, amigo de Mack, se me hizo un chico bastante alegre y me encantó que no le apenara mostrarse tal cual es, también me gustó que fuera un chico con bastante sentido común; Jane, la otra amiga de Mack, bueno, no tengo mucho qué decir, la autora no profundizó mucho en ella pero por lo que leí es una chica también alegre y que piensa muy bien las cosas (sin sonar aburrida ni nada de eso); y sobre Logan, a pesar de que es un chico popular, es tipo muy agradable que no “discrimina” a los “invisibles”, con una actitud muy relajada. En fin, son bastantes personajes (bueno, no tantos) pero no me quiero explayar tanto con los detalles.

Disfruté bastante leyendo este libro, es divertido (bastante) y fresco, lo leí en un dos por tres, fue perfecto para quitar esa saturación en mi cerebro por lecturas pesadas. Disfruté cada página del libro, de principio a fin, había escenas realmente alegres y divertidas, y algunas un poco tontas. Un desafortunado pero maravilloso incidente (vaya nombre tan más largo..) es el libro perfecto para desconectarse un poco de la realidad y para descansar de las lecturas pesadas y cargadas de drama; no es la mejor historia pero es muy entretenida.
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December 18, 2011

This novel really shows you the power of Youtube and all those other technological programs and devices we all seem to love so much. In fact, it will remind you of all those news programs that talk about how the government watches our every move each and every day.

Mackenzie Wellesley was one of those quiet, brilliant nerds who liked to stay far away from the spotlight. In fact, she has named her ‘side’ the Invisibles, and spends a great deal of time avoiding the ‘Notables,’ so she doesn’t have to deal with the teasing or the snooty girls who are a real pain-in-the-butt. The only contact she even has with a ‘Notable’ is when she works with Logan Beckett. He is one of the extremely hot guys in the super-cool crowd who she tutors in history so that he can keep his grades up. Mackenzie not only does this so that she’s more or less off-limits by the ‘Notables’ teasing, but she is also saving up for a Macbook that she really wants.
Besides, Logan isn’t the guy she dotes on or dreams about - that honor is saved for Patrick Bradford who, in Mackenzie’s eyes, is simply dreamy.

One day, however, her calm, quiet life is thrown into a tailspin. Hitting one of the football players with her seriously heavy backpack by mistake, the player hits the cement. Without thinking, Mackenzie begins to go into hysterics, screaming about CPR and whether or not the boy is dead. Unfortunately, this extremely comic episode is filmed by someone’s cell, and by the next morning Mackenzie’s moment of sheer embarrassment has more hits on Youtube than Justin Bieber’s latest concert.

Mackenzie soon misses the invisible part of her life, as reporters take up residence on her lawn. Her younger brother is extremely angry at her for being the family embarrassment. The only ones standing up for Mackenzie are her best friends Jane and Corey, who want her to learn to dress better so that when the Late Night shows put up a video of her, at least she’ll look good.

Soon the video becomes part of a rock band’s song and life goes from just odd to utter nonsense. Logan is talking to her more and more, trying his best to help her through this situation. All of a sudden Mackenzie is on the ‘A’ list at school, even being invited to parties. But going from a nobody to a somebody overnight has just as many risks as it does rewards, and watching Mackenzie try to figure out her new life is absolutely hysterical.

Readers, you’re gonna’ love this one!

Until Next Time,

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473 reviews27 followers
March 2, 2016
Title: Awkward
Author: Marni Bates
Series: Awkward #1

Main character: 3/5
Mackenzie was charmingly cute, but sometimes her "awkwardness" was a little over the top. I get it, the book is entitled "Awkward" but sometimes it was a little too much. I loved that she was flawed. It was a little stereotypical, but the fame did change her and she had to realize that.

Secondary characters: 3/5
Mackenzie's friends were so good about making her realize her flaws too. I loved Corey, Melanie and Mackenzie's brother Dylan, although I realize that Jane was a little MIA by the end of the book. As for Logan, at first I thought he was just after Mackenzie for the fame (especially during the Lloyd Center scene where he didn't want people to see them with books) but after his secret came out, everything made sense.

Writing style: 2/5
The writing style was easy to read and I could hear Mackenzie's voice coming through loud and clear. As is usual for chick-flick YA books, there was nothing particularly moving or exceptional about the writing style, but it was entertaining. There were a couple grammatical errors which I realize is picky, but hey, I'm an English major.

Plot: 3/5
Yeah, it has been done a million times, but I like the fact that Mackenzie's fame came from her awkwardness and not because she was instantly discovered. A lot of the moments reminded me of The Princess Diaries. One thing I have to rave about: the Oregon setting! I loved all of the references to my state including Forest Grove, Portland, the Rose Garden, Medford/Ashland, Lloyd Center and many more. So cool.

Ending: 4/5
I loved the whole . I thought it cleared up a lot about where Mackenzie's life was going to go through a cool plot device. I also enjoyed her realizations about what she had done wrong and what she had done right.

Cover: It fits well with the theme but not instantly my favorite cover style.

Rating: 6.0 / 10
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127 reviews
March 31, 2012

This is the most adorable book I’ve read in a while! It is a quick and fun and hilarious read that deals with coming out of your own shell and learning how to trust again. Mackenzie, having been famous for her video on YouTube where she knocked out a jock and attempted to do CPR, suddenly faces a life of a Hollywood celebrity over the weekend. She’s been chased by paparazzi and getting the perks of being famous like free designer clothes and backstage passes to her most favorite band’s concert. Not only that, but her long-time crush and the hottest guy in the school—whom she’s tutoring—appear to be interested in her.

What I love most about AWKWARD is how realistic the characters are. Mackenzie is the type of heroine who I can most relate myself to, being awkward and shy and all. But in reality, she’s an amazing person with a great sense of humor. She sort of reminds me a little of Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory when she casually drops trivia because it’s interesting to say (which makes me love her more). Another reason why it worked for me is her unwavering personality. If she turned out to be different because of the effects of popularity, I would’ve stopped reading it. The secondary characters were also hard not to admire especially Logan, the Notable of all Notables (read: hottest guy) and Mackenzie’s best friends, Jane and Corey.

Marni Bates wrote an incredibly cute debut novel for teenagers and young-adult readers. AWKWARD is light and sweet and I definitely recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a relaxing and enjoyable read. Fans of Meg Cabot and Stephanie Perkins will surely be entertained with this one. I can’t wait for the companion book with Jane’s story!
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41 reviews19 followers
July 30, 2012
Awkward by Marni Bates was a fun and light read. I sometimes find myself having to alternate between more intense and series books with lighter reads otherwise I'd be a nervous wreck. I worry about my characters too much sometimes. Mackenzie is used to flying under the radar and spending her time studying for her multiple AP classes. Usually, she rambles when she's nervous and finds herself in awkward situations. During one of her most embarrassing moments in public, some mystery person decided to record it and put it on YouTube. The video goes viral and she is suddenly thrown into the spotlight. Mackenzie has to find a way to deal with this new found attention from the media as well as her classmates.

- Mackenzie stays true to her friends. They stick by her throughout everything and she reciprocates.
- Her rambles were awkward and believable. I actually cringed a few times because of the weird things she would say to people. This made me feel like her character was more believable.
- There was some drama but it wasn't the typical 90s teen movie drama that I was expecting.

- I felt like the secondary characters could have been fleshed out a little more.
- The use of the terms "Notable" for the popular kids and the "Invisibles" for the unpopular kids. I think that was pretty juvenile and I really don't find it believable. Teenagers don't talk like that.. from what I can remember and from what my younger sister tells me anyways.

This book was super short and easy to read. I finished it in a few hours. I needed something that was light and not so serious and this was perfect for that. I give it a solid 3 stars because I liked it but I wouldn't read it again.
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February 3, 2012
Love love love this book!

The title really suits the book. Mackenzie is one hell of an awkward girl. But that won't be a hindrance dear. Because judging by what happened to her life, you might want to be an awkward too. Seriously, I won't mind. ;)

We all know that there are many YouTube sensations on the rise all over the world. And I liked how this book showed that in a way. Same, but not quite the same. That's why I loved this one. :)

I loved how it was able to make me laugh from the simple "reminiscing" that Jane said to Mack. That "spitting" and "farting" thing. That was totally hilarious.

Then from serious matters. They were not too heavy but that's fine with me. This book has just something that pulls me. It's addictive. Even some of those serious events seem to amuse me. That's how great the characters are. And ofcourse the writer. Bates did a great job.

I was also entertained with how Mackenzie thinks of the best and truthful reply but would end up saying the other thing. For some reason, that didn't bother me. She's just so smart, full of humor, good person, and though she's not really aware, she's kinda hot. And can sing! :D

Who would have forget the almighty Logan? So gentleman, eventhough he's popular. Dream guy. I would not mind having him for myself. :D

SO this book contains that NOTABLE(popular people)and INVISIBLE (unpopular) issue which really happens in school and the modernity of this 21st century. It contains the trends, and that's so cool. Twilight and Robert Pattinson were even mentioned. I'm a huge fan of theirs.

So there, this book will not be a waste of time. You'll be entertained. You'll never wanna put it down!
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108 reviews
March 5, 2016
I am sure this book will never win a Novel. It is not a piece of literature that schools will make you read at literature class and no one is going to write an essay on this book.


Maybe it was the typical 'geek-gal-falls-for-athlete' cliché. BUT Mackenzie is an amazing character and she is not only concerned about grades. She also tries to help her mom out, takes care of annoying little brother and supports endlessly her two best friends.
She is a great person and personally I think that was the whole point of the book: Mackenzie learning to appreciate herself like she deserves too.
I think this is very important. Everyone goes through this 'I am not even worth the air Im breathing phase'.
I loved the part when mackenzie does a list of what she needs to improve on.
The fact that she wrote: "I have always thought of my self as an infortunate person except that I got the best family and friends"
Sorry if i am wrong but... THAT WAS FREAKING GREAT. We always think about how misfortuned we are because we will never afford designer clothes or how we'd love to travel around the world or something. But it is rare that we have someone that knows how lucky they are because they were given someone to rely on.


The story was about self discovery and feeling good with yourself and it was wrapped in a funny, cute, easy ( and of course awkward) way, it was perfect.
No regrets
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301 reviews27 followers
January 9, 2012
One word: hilarious! I loved how insanely awkward Mackenzie is. I loved how Jane, Corey and Mack's brother Dylan were so protective and loyal to her. And I love Logan, as in "can I have him for myself?" love him. Awkward is chock-full of pop-culture references and for the most part, it works. Of course, the downside to this is it makes the story feel dated. A good example would be that of a celebrity mentioning his wife, when everyone knows (well, everyone who has read Hollywood breaking news in 2011) that the two have gone kaput. And oh, I'm pretty sure @aplusk was "tweeting" and not "twittering" about Mack. I nitpick, I know. Nevertheless, this book is funny, refreshing, and a quick read.


Opening line:

You probably think you know me ... and I understand why. You’ve probably read about me on AOL or heard Conan O’Brien or Jon Stewart reference me for the punch line of some joke.

Fave lines:

“Funny. So I was in the library finishing my AP Calc homework when Josh asked if I’d seen Battlestar Galactica.” She sighed. I kid you not, sighed. “That means he’s into me, right?”
--- Note: reading into a crush's littlest actions: reviewer is also guilty as charged.

I killed him, I thought numbly. I killed him with my awkwardness!

3.5 Stars

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832 reviews100 followers
December 26, 2011
Read the complete and original review at Word Spelunking

Marni Bates’ Awkward was a pleasant surprise that had me laughing out loud and left me with the biggest smile on my face. Bates has taken a familiar storyline and breathed new life into it with endearing characters, a story that is outlandish enough to be fun and exciting but realistic enough to be relatable, and a wonderfully quirky spark.

Seventeen year old Mackenzie Wellesley has always gone out of her way to be invisible. In a high school divided into the Notables (the rich and popular) and the Invisibles, Mackenzie knows her place. But that all changes after her most embarrassing moment ever is captured on film and posted on YouTube. Suddenly, awkward, geeky Mackenzie is famous. Reporters are hounding her for interviews, talk shows are inviting her to appear on their shows, designer clothes are appearing on her doorstop, and the It band of the moment, ReadySet uses her video in their latest music video. Invisibility is no longer an option for Mackenzie. And things get even more complicated when cute, infuriating boys enter the picture.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary from this book; the synopsis after all isn’t anything we haven’t seen in YA before. But, Awkward turned out to be such a refreshing, charming, and enjoyable read.

Yes, the basic plot is familiar- awkward, outcast girl rises above the social hierarchy of high school, outwitting the mean girls and bullies, and gets the hot guy in the end-but Bates has managed to take this basic plot and create something quite special and meaningful.

I really loved how funny this book was. Bates writes with a smart and honest wit. There were scenes and dialogue that literally had me giggle-snorting! Awkward manages to explore the world of high school realistically, but I wouldn’t call it edgy. Yet, I wouldn’t simply call it light hearted fluff either. There’s talk of sex and underage drinking, but overall it’s a rather “clean” read.

Bates offers readers a really empowering message throughout this book. A message about self-acceptance and being true to who you are. Bates also gives readers an insightful and honest glimpse into the varying family dynamics and relationships that exist. This book isn’t just about Mackenzie’s struggle at school, it’s also very much about her broken, little family’s struggle to stay strong and endure.

Awkward paces nicely and never drags; I actually found it quite a quick read. The dialogue is fresh and hip. Modern pop culture plays a significant role throughout this book, which can be a tricky and dangerous move for an author to take. On the one hand, this makes the book fun, relatable, and very much in the moment, yet, on the other hand all the modern pop culture references may alienate some readers who are not familiar with them. I think for the most part though, most teenagers today will find the pop culture focus in Awkward to be fun and entertaining.

I found myself really liking and connecting with the characters in this book. On the surface these characters are a bit stereotypical and familiar, but Bates does a wonderful job of making them engaging and relatable.

Mackenzie *sighs*. Oh how I can relate to this awkward, quirky girl! I really loved this character and not just because as a teenager, I kinda was her (okay, even as an adult I’m still the awkward, slightly geeky girl who rambles off useless facts when nervous). She really is endearing and likable. Her dorky awkwardness is never too much; it really does come across as natural. Even the most popular, self confidant reader will be able to relate to this character. What I really loved about Mackenzie is how invested in her story and journey I became. By the end of the book, she felt less like a character and more like a friend.

Mackenzie’s two best friends, Corey and Jane, complete our main and lovable trio. Corey is a funny, impossible to not like character. As a gay, fashion obsessed male teenager, his character is rather cliché, but that never got in my way of simply enjoying him as a character. We don’t get to know Jane all that much in Awkward which is a shame because there seems to be so much more to her than just the quiet, studious girl she comes across as in this book…however, we do get to explore Jane’s story in the upcoming Invisible by Marni Bates which makes me super excited!

There are various other characters-peers, ReadySet band members, and Mackenzie’s family members-that round out the cast, and they are all nicely developed and fun to meet.

We get two very different love interests for our girl Mackenzie- Patrick and Logan. Patrick is the guy Mackenzie has been crushing on for forever and Logan is the popular Notable that she tutors…and I’ll leave it at that…ok, just kidding.

I don’t want to give too much away because the romantic aspect of this book plays such a significant (but not dominating or overwhelming) part. I will say that I really loved Mackenzie’s flirty, fun, full of sparks interaction with one of the boys and you will too! She totally ends up with the right guy in the end and I don’t think readers will be disappointed by the romance.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Awkward has charmed me completely! Marni Bates has created a laugh out loud funny and relatable story that will delight and entertain readers! A super fun read!
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66 reviews3 followers
April 1, 2017
Lucu. Suka. Suka Mack yang setia dgn teman geeky-nya meski "popular" dan nggak tergiur ajakan Chelsea. Dia nggak ragu ngaku kalau dia suka baju branded-nya.
Sudah agak wanti2 aja awalnya, dikira bakal spt Mean Girl. Tapi ternyata nggak. Ide penulisnya nggak se"pasaran" itu. Perubahan dia positif.

Cuma satu hal yang nggak aku suka dari buku ini. "Wanti-wanti" si penulis di beberapa akhir chapter. Seperti kita disiapkan untuk hal buruk yang akan terjadi. Bukannya penasaran, itu malah bikin aku sebel dan malas ngelanjutin. Nggak heran aku agak lama baca buku ini.
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Author 44 books460 followers
December 20, 2011
Mackenzie Wellesley has spent her life avoiding the spotlight. At Smith High, she's the awkward junior people only notice when they need help with homework. Until she sends a burly football player flying with her massive backpack and makes a disastrous - not to mention unwelcome - attempt at CPR. Before the day is out, the whole fiasco explodes on YouTube. And then the strangest thing happens. Suddenly, Mackenzie is an Internet sensation, with four million hits and counting. Sucked into a whirlwind of rock stars, paparazzi, and free designer clothes, she even catches the eye of the most popular guy at school. And that's when life gets really interesting...

I loved this book so much! I have to say aside from the celebrity portion and the hot guy I could totally relate to Mack (she hates that name by the way.) I really have to be honest, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this book, and not because its from 1st P.O.V it was more like, this is just whacked! But I was wrong, completely and utterly wrong, as they say you can’t judge a book by its cover or in my case the blurb.

The plot was very well put together and I enjoyed how Bates puts the notes at the end of the story. It’s not your basic nerd meets hottest guy in school and the two hook up. No its not quite that simple.

Mackenzie tutor’s that hottest and most popular guy at school, Logan, but she only has ever had eyes for Patrick. There isn’t much of a triangle going on but there are some dynamics to the relationships.

Mack babbles, she spouts factoids, and she’s clumsy as all get out. But that’s really all it takes is one clumsy, stupid accident that gets her millions of hits on Youtube and then to top it all off, once that starts the ball doesn’t stop rolling, because one of her favorite bands makes a song about that incident, which in turns gets her the “Devil Wears Prada” designer clothes and launches her out into the universe with out so much as a net.

The friendships that Mackenzie has are long lasting and I was glad it wasn’t one of those, loose your old friends for the “new new” friends. Mack for the most part kept her head, and her tutoring job on her shoulders. Small but very definable things start to happen for her, and its funny to watch her stumble through life’s surprises one clumsy step at a time.

There wasn’t a moment in this book that I wasn’t laughing. I have to say my favorite part of the book was a line you will see used through out the book. “Am I killing him right now” It’s a hillarious moment and the entire time I was reading that scene I was not only feeling embarrassed for Mackenzie but for myself. Why? Because I was mortified, and could equally see myself in the same situation. It was outlandish, crazy and bloody brilliant! Bates racked me in emotionally and mentally!

I finished this book in less than 6 hours I started reading at 9:30pm and finished a little before 1:00 am! I couldn’t put the book down! I tried to look away and get distracted but I was drawn back in.

The dynamics of Mack's, Jane, and Corey’s relationship made the book that much more enjoyable and believable. I was instantly transformed back to high school, in yes my GEEK days! I was scared when Mack was scared and nervous when she was. Although I have to admit I totally saw the signs with Logan and had Patrick figured out from jump!I wanted to smack her upside the head when she couldn’t see Logan liked her and I equally wanted to smack Logan for being such a guy.

There is the mean girl also called Notables and then there was Mack’s group the Invisibles. It all made sense and yes I wanted to snatch the bad girl up by her luxurious hair and yank her around for good measure but that’s what made the book so much more enjoyable! The evil character and her troupe, the guy you crushed on for years and find out he’s not so hot after all, the guy you would never have given second thought to, because you thought he was so out of your league, finally makes you swoon!

The comedy in the book was enjoyable and laugh out loud almost all of the time for me! I can’t wait for Jane’s book!

Now the rock star moment in the book was well played and the fact that the band was awesome and made Mackenzie feel normal made me have a swoon moment! I have to admit I totally saw the Tim and Corey thing um how could you not!

There was teenage rebellion and there was sibling rivalry! I loved how Dylan was against her and then all for her way to pull the family together and her mom was so understanding. Mack didn’t live in a whole home, her parents were divorced by a debacle that she caused at a recital at a young age, and her mother never blamed her for. The family dynamics were amazing! There was struggle and purpose and Mack had her mind set on a goal, (tutoring Logan for money) so that she could get her Macbook!

In the end she walks away with not only the Macbook, but the guy too.
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