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Towards Yesterday
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Towards Yesterday

3.69  ·  Rating details ·  1,029 Ratings  ·  113 Reviews
Word count: 77,000

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself twenty-five years in the past? For the nine-billion people of the year 2042 it's no longer a question ... it is a reality

When a seemingly simple experiment goes disastrously wrong, James Baston finds himself stranded alongside the rest of mankind, twenty-five years in the past. A past where the old are once
Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 242 pages
Published May 3rd 2011 by Paul Jones
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Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead
This is a good book. The beginning was excellent and the characters were fascinating. The beginning starts with James Baston kind of reflecting on his life. He is a bestselling author and he's writing his autobiography. You know there is more to the man than meets the eye and you soon find out. The other characters include Father Jacob (or is it Joseph..hehe), and a crazy-ass serial killer. Then there are the scientists. Oh boy scientists sure can cause problems (as well as create incredible sol ...more
Oct 08, 2011 rated it really liked it
Towards Yesterday is a PA book with a twist – time travel.
Imagine your life now, your relationships, your job, your life. Now, imagine you are suddenly thrown back 25 years, retaining all your knowledge and memories, but you’re 25 years younger. People that have died in the last 25 years are alive again, people born in the last 25 years no longer exist.
James Bastion is writing his memoirs on New Year’s Eve, when he is suddenly thrust 25 years into the past. The world is understandably thrown int
Imagine if everyone on earth time traveled without warning 25 years into their own past. Where would you find yourself? In a classroom or job long-forgotten? In a body more agile? Who in your life would not yet exist and who long-dead would suddenly be alive again? Would it be a blessing or a curse? This is the premise that Jones explores in Towards Yesterday.

I found this book to be extremely intriguing and found it to fill the niche left behind by the cancellation of the Flashforward televisio
Jun 20, 2011 rated it really liked it
This was a interesting book, and a lot of fun to read. The concept of everyone on the planet slipping back into time 25 years (even if they had died in the original timeline) is a fascinating idea, with the potential for many entertaining details and sub-plots.

This book could have been longer, and I rather wish that it had been. There were various things I kept wondering about as I was reading, that fell outside of the scope of the main characters and their direct crisis. Nonetheless I would hav
Aug 21, 2012 rated it it was ok
The trial of an experimental military communications device causes a time slip with disastrous consequences for millions of humans who are taken back twenty-five years in time.

I did not enjoy this book for three main reasons.

Firstly, poor mechanics: The story was overwritten, especially during the action scenes where the pacing slows to a crawl because of the mass of details and adjectives. The point of view switched around anytime more than one character was present, Large chunks of back story
Pat Whitaker
May 28, 2011 rated it really liked it
In a world sinking into a morass of indifferent Fantasy, leavened only by the occasional Space Opera, it is a huge relief to read some 'proper' science fiction. You, know, fiction based on science.

Paul Jones' Towards Yesterday is unashamedly old school. The plot is well-paced and compelling, the science convincing, and the questions posed - both social and personal - leave the reader with plenty to ponder. I did take issue with the idea that Dirac's radio avoids the causal loop, based on the pre
Felicia A
Jul 05, 2011 rated it really liked it
I would actually rate this book 4.5 stars. Very well written and engaging novel of time travel of a sort. Not time travel in a science fictiony kind of way, but through a scientific experiment that goes horribly wrong.

Can you imagine being sent back in time to a much earlier phase of your life, but still retain all of the life experiences and knowledge that you have gained throughout all your years of living? It's a hard concept to wrap your brain around. HUGE. People that were in the present ti
David P Forsyth
Apr 18, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Just when I thought that all forms of time travel and apocalyptic fiction had been at least partially explored, I discovered Towards Yesterday. This original and engaging approach to alternate history is groundbreaking in its perspective by transporting the mind of the characters and readers through a creative time warp that bypasses the traditional paradox of time travel by exploiting the vast potential of the newly proposed realms of quantum physics. Paul Jones clearly has a mind ahead of his ...more
William Vitka
Jun 10, 2011 rated it it was amazing
'Towards Yesterday' is a wonderful throw back to -- as another reviewer put it -- the days when Science Fiction was actually based to some degree on Science.

Jones' writing style is clean and clear and enjoyable. His characters are strong. And the plot is always moving forward.

This is one of the few books I've read recently where I found myself totally immersed (so immersed, in fact, that I regularly missed my stop on the subway while reading).
Shawn Davis
Feb 25, 2012 rated it really liked it
A scientific experiment gone wrong, and everyone has gone back in time. Those who died have been brought back, those who have aged are young again. But the apocalypse might happen more than once...

Toward Yesterday was a fun read, and a very well done story. The concept, and Jones' execution of the story is unique and the cast of characters he chooses were not hackneyed cliches.

I was particularly attracted to the character Rebecca, although she is not the main character. Through her story, Jones
Mari Stroud
Mar 12, 2012 rated it really liked it
Jones writes one of the most original apocalypses that I've ever read. The kind of devastation that would be wrought by everyone slamming back into their past bodies (and everyone who had been born between those two points just disappearing) would be immense. Nearly unimaginable, frankly, but Jones does a great job of painting a world on the verge of completely unraveling. So good a job that I wanted him to spend a little more time taking the world apart rather than putting it back together, but ...more
Steven Konkoly
Jun 10, 2011 rated it it was amazing
This is a hidden gem that would be a pure shame to miss. Toward Yesterday is an apocalyptic, science fiction thriller, that kept me sneaking away to read my Kindle for the entire Memorial Day weekend. Engrossing, thought-provoking, filled with lasting, vivid imagery...the story gripped me early, and didn't let go. Based around a future scientific/military experiment gone terribly awry (apocalyptic level destruction and death toll), the story ties together several strangers, as their post "event" ...more
Aaron Moss
Mid-life crisis wish fulfillment.

Man goes back in time and dates a woman young enough to be his daughter, other ramifications of the time-travel plot device not explored in great detail. Hackneyed science vs. religion subplot with no realistic motivation for the religious side.
Nov 03, 2017 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: kindle, audio
A science experiment gone wrong catapults the world's population 25 years back in time, from 2042 to 2017. Everyone physically looks 25 years younger than they were, but still retain all knowledge, memory and experiences gained. Those who died during that period have returned to life and are reunited with loved ones. The main character, a renowned physicist, joins the team originally responsible for the cataclysmic event, to find a solution and return everyone back to their rightful time.

This bo
Tyler Hill
Jun 08, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
3.5 stars, rounded up.

This was a pretty good book, I loved the premise and the writing was pretty good. I wish it would have explored a few more of the social implications of the Slip back into the past, but my disappointment in that regard might just be my selfish love for really deep world-building.

Very short read for me, but I enjoyed it.
Let's talk about 2 other books before I get into this review:
1) My favorite book of all time is Ken Grimwood's Replay. In Replay, a middle-aged man has a heart attack and instead of dying, wakes up earlier in his life, as a college student, complete with all the memories of the next 20+ years. He dies and re-awakens many times, and I don't want to spoil that book here, so I'll stop. But Toward Yesterday is exactly the premise of Replay, but extended to the entire population of the earth. Ok, so
Sift Book Reviews
May 31, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: kevin
Towards Yesterday is by far the best time travel story I've ever read. Well now that I think about it, it might actually be the only one that I've *read*, so let me try this again. Towards Yesterday is the best time travel story that I can remember coming across in any medium -- book, movie, tv show, or video game. I think the secret sauce to the premise in this story is that everyone goes back in time, not just one person or a few. Because of this, there is none of the cliché "oh no, we've chan ...more
Caron Rider
Mar 24, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Towards Yesterday gives an original spin on the old saying “If I only knew then, what I know now.” I genuinely liked the concept of the story, slipping back in time physically but not mentally…people who had died, reappearing, adults becoming children again, etc. Jones gives us some excellent imagery that had this reader cringing a time or two. The science element was VERY intriguing to me and engrossing but not so over the top that lay people can’t easily understand the concepts. And what conce ...more
Jun 10, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Classic Science Fiction

I "met" Paul Jones through twitter. When I heard that he had just published a Sci-Fi novel through Kindle, I decided to download it.

From the first page, I was hooked on the story. I especially liked the serial killer. There's not a lot of serial killers in Sci-fi.

This is a time travel story somewhat reminiscent of a TV series "The Event" but unlike that series, this story hangs on to its story and doesn't have plot twists just for the sake of it.

In my humble opinion, Paul
A time travel story with a unique premise. Most time travel novels send one or two people into the future or the past. This novel shows what might happen if the whole world were reset back 25 years into the past. It was interesting to read about and started some discussions about what you might change if you could go back in time, with the acquired wisdom and experiences still in tact. What a great deal - younger body, less aches and pains, but all the things you've struggled through behind you! ...more
Jun 09, 2016 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
The plot is very linear. The characters are fairly well developed but their relationships are not essential to furthering the storyline. Jones uses many words that I had to lookup - not sure how I feel about that. Much of the detail of the book is missing including most importantly the ending. The author is my opinion should have spent more time investigating the new interactions with being 25 years younger and having knowledge of the future.
For me, this book epitomises unfulfilled potential. The book starts well, and the immediate events after 'the Slip' (the event that causes everyone to jump back into themselves 25 years ago) are well described, feasible (relatively speaking), and exciting. The problem is that, for me at least, the author just doesn't know how to make best use of what is a very good premise. From about half way through the book I felt that serious problem began to emerge in terms of the plot and character develop ...more
Will Pollard
Sep 15, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Awesome concept.

This story has a really interesting take on time travel and the way the story progresses is mostly paced just right and doesn't linger anywhere you don't want it to.

I'm not a big fan of the characters though. They're a little bit two dimensional and don't always behave in the most realistic of ways. The protagonists ex-wife being the worst offender.

Also, the finale felt like it was building up to an epic set piece, a set piece which never arrived and as such although I enjoyed th
Blair Hodgkinson
I have enjoyed the author's Extinction Point series and thought I'd give this one a try. It is well-written in a style I find compelling and intriguing, but the ending doesn't fully deliver on the premise. This is an interesting, somewhat unique time-travel thriller, but it seems to me that it could have done more, addressing for instance just how much society would have changed if millions of people had foreknowledge of the future as the plot suggests. A worthwhile read, but not the best of the ...more
Cuevas Tribe
Dec 01, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Be patient and finish reading

I'm the most impatient reader ever. If you don't grab me in the first chapter, it will be hard for me to want to continue reading.

But something about the way Paul wrote the characters, and the science, caught my attention. This made me curious to see where the story went for these "time travelers". Not to give too much away, it's a twist I've never heard of! This made me want to continue. Really recommend this, to those that love brain twisted story lines.
I wanted to love this book because the idea was so darn cool. Unfortunately, the story devolves into scientists in a bunker mumbling a lot of mumbo jumbo with a shoehorned romance that made no sense in anything outside of male fantasy. The religious stuff was nonsense and the entire book felt rushed while simultaneously dragging. Good idea, poor execution.
May 14, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2017
A few minor plot holes/annoyances, but otherwise a great and unique story with a nice prose style that was fast reading. It was like sweet popcorn, but not corny kiddish prose. I think I'll be checking out more of Paul Anthony Jones' books.
Nov 21, 2017 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I liked the concept a lot. I wish the author spent more time on the impact of the time shift on the individual and overall society instead of going down the thriller/movie explosion route. And the ending... just unnecessary. Good, not great.
Daniel McFarlane
A bit hard to get into and can be confusing at times. Would probably have been better if it was longer.
Katie Sullivan
Jun 19, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Excellent read. The author did an outstanding job with creativity and the story as a whole. I am impressed at his approach to time travel.
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A native of Cardiff, Wales, Paul Antony Jones now resides near Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and commercial copywriter, but his passion is penning fiction. A self-described science geek, he’s a voracious reader of scientific periodicals, as well as a fan of things mysterious, unknown, and on the fringe. Paul is the author of six books, including the bestse ...more
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