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Geoffrey Wentworth, the Earl of Stratford, is a war hero focused on affairs of king and country rather than affairs of the heart. Nevertheless, his mother is playing matchmaker and has invited potential brides to visit the family estate. Geoffrey resigns himself to playing host to a gaggle of husband-hunters more interested in his title than in him—until he unexpectedly meets one notable and intriguing exception.

Miss Liliana Claremont has no interest in being an earl’s wife, least of all Wentworth’s—the son of the man she believes murdered her father. Liliana is determined to find evidence of the crime, but her behavior rouses the earl’s suspicions as well as her own undeniable attraction to a man she thought was her enemy. As Geoffrey and Liliana explore their growing passion for one another, the truth behind their fathers’ enmity threatens to destroy their newfound love…

359 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published February 1, 2012

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Heather Snow

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Heather Snow is an award winning historical romance author with a degree in Chemistry who found she much preferred creating chemistry on the page, rather than in the lab. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two rambunctious boys and one very put upon cat. She loves to hear from readers, and can be reached at Heather@HeatherSnowBooks.com.

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482 reviews130 followers
February 24, 2012
The short and quite incoherent sum of my first impressions:

Wow wow wow. I lack the words as I'm still under the story's spell to tell you eloquently what an amazing novel this is. The writing is exquisite, the characters well fleshed out, three-dimensional and interesting, the love story is fresh and beautiful.

A stellar debut for Heather Snow, I'm already counting back the days until I can read her next novel!

And my detailed review:

I still remember every small detail about that time I read Sweet Enemy. I remember I started perusing the first few pages wanting to get a first taste and then getting hooked on Heather Snow’s exciting premise, fully fleshed out characterization that I just couldn’t stop reading after the first few chapters and devoured the whole book with practically no break at all. And after I have gobbled up Sweet Enemy my excitement and enthusiasm for the story, the characters and Heather Snow’s writing kept buzzing in my head in such incessant whirl that I was unable to form coherent thought. I just knew Heather Snow managed to weave a wonderfully intricate, fresh and captivating story which kept me under its spell long after I read its last page.

First of all I have to mention and praise the characters: Liliana and Geoffrey are both unique and extraordinary characters compared to other historical romance heroes/heroines. Liliana is a lady scientist, a chemist to be precise: she has an intelligent and inquisitive mind, always wondering about experiments and possible solutions. Reading about her passion and interest for the world explored through science was both marvelous and eye-opening. (I especially enjoyed how Heather Snow gave us real chemical tidbits and tricks peppered in the story.) She is a modern heroine in the best sense of the word: she is not afraid to use her mind and think, and to take charge of her own life.

And Geoffrey… It was refreshing and almost unprecedented to read about such a modern and enlightened hero: he really saw and appreciated Liliana for being the intelligent, independent and innovative, strong willed young woman that she was. He considered her a true partner, valuing her opinion and listening to her advice and suggestions. His acceptance and acknowledgement of her, a woman as an equal at such a time was wonderful. He didn’t want to change her, he loved her just the way she was.

The chemistry between these two was wonderful: their initial attraction packed enough spark to intrigue them, but what developed between them was much more than physical attraction. I guess what made me fall in love with Sweet Enemy was that the hero and heroine got to know each other, and their love grew from the deep understanding and appreciation of the other’s character. Their love was sweet and deep. And wonderful to read about!

And to conclude I’ll just say that reading Sweet Enemy you would never know it was Heather Snow’s debut novel and not her 20th best seller. Her writing is exquisite, her lyrical prose enchants the reader all the while keeping them captivated by the story, the mystery, the development of the relationships.

Verdict: Sweet Enemy had everything and even more you could want from a great historical romance: a memorable hero and heroine who stand out from the crowd, beautiful evocative writing peppered with bits of wit and humour, and of course an overwhelming love story! Sweet Enemy is an even more unique story as it masterfully blends mystery and historical romance giving you a uniquely flavoured mix with just the perfect amount of sweetness and excitement.

A stellar debut for Heather Snow, I’m already counting back the days until I can read her next novel!

Plot: 8/10
Characters: 10/10
Writing: 10/10
Ending: 9/10
Cover: 8/10 - quite generic and not too relevant to the story but beautiful nonetheless
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924 reviews314 followers
June 2, 2013
I love house party Regencies, and the majority of this book takes place during a house party organized by the hero's mother in an effort to force him to take a bride. That, however, is where the cliche ends. This amazing first-time author proceeds to take several Regency tropes, twist them around, and produce an entertaining romantic suspense story.

Highly recommended.

2 June 2013
Un-oh, boys and girls. I still love this book, but my inner Inigo Montoya noticed the following howlers:
*And when he’d called his mother’s games frivolous, Liliana didn’t prettily demure.
*His voice lowered and his eyes turned soft in that way that Liliana had come to recognize precluded, at the very least, a kiss guaranteed to curl her toes.
*He lathed her neck and shoulders with his tongue and teeth. (Ouch!)
*A terrible ache formed in her heart and she shook her head to disabuse the notion.

You keep using that word photo thatword.jpeg
Memo to writers and editors: get a dictionary!
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584 reviews137 followers
January 13, 2018
A fun 3.5 stars.
This was a lovely read with interesting characters and a murder mystery thrown in. I especially liked the science blue-stocking Liliana and all the chemistry/botany references. The hero, Geoffrey (sorry, but such an UNromantic name! Reminds me of the headmistress in the St Trinian's movie when she is talking to Colin Firth's character, also called Geoffrey. The headmistress is Rupert Everett in drag!) is a good man and it really is very much a romance of equals, a lovely change from the rake schtick that is fast getting old for me. He adores her intelligence and unconventionality instead of being repulsed by it.
Geoffrey is stuck at a house-party where his mum is determined to line up a wife for him. He has no intention of marrying anyone his mother chooses (she is horrible, btw) and meets Liliana, who has no intention of marrying ever. Well, of course, he changes his mind when he falls for her, and it's a nice turnabout that he is now frustrated that she will NOT marry him.
Unfortunately, she has a hidden agenda and when Geoffrey finds out about it he is furious at his feeling of betrayal and finds it impossible to forgive her. There is an exciting climax, with lots of adventure before that.
I will definitely be looking to read more by this author.
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1,677 reviews304 followers
September 30, 2017
Vaatlerle dolu bir tanıtım yazısı okuduktan sonra beklentileriniz sıfıra düşürmeden bir kitaba başlamak akıl kârı değilmiş, onu fark ettim.

Kitap, bir süredir listemde olduğundan okuma vakti gelmiş diye düşünüp başladım. Türün içinde değerlendirdiğinizde belki ortalama bulabilirsiniz ama ben bir tık daha aşağısında buldum.
Yazar anlatmak istediğini anlatamamış gibi. Olaylar hızlı gelişmesinin yanı sıra cümleler bu hıza uyamamış, yaşananlar ile anlatılan arasında boşluk kalmıştı.

Seriye devam edeceğimi düşünmüyorum.
January 16, 2012

Liliana Claremont is a rather unusual lady for her day and age. Unmarried at twenty four, with no intention of marrying, she lives alone in her own home following the death of her father and she continues his work as a chemist. Liliana believes her father was murdered and she means to find who did it.When she discovers letters from a anonymous person with a noble seal on the envelope, the Wentworth seal, Liliana must figure out how to investigate.

Geoffrey Wentworth, the Earl of Stratford shares Liliana's feelings on marriage. The handsome war hero has taken up his deceased brother's mantle as Earl of Statford and between his political aspirations and his need to return the Wentworth fortune his brother apparently mismanaged.

When Geoffrey's mother, Genevieve, Lady Stratford tricks her son into having a two week long soiree to basically interview perspective brides, he is livid. He has no intention of picking a bride from the long list of ladies of the ton. Meeting Liliana Claremont puts a kink in his demeanor since she is a complete conundrum to the Earl. Liliana has no interest in becoming the handsome Geoffrey's wife. She is in fact there to find clues to who murdered her father, but everywhere she turns, Geoffrey's imposing figure is as well and she finds herself attracted to him.

As much as Geoffrey resists, he discovers he has an strong attraction to the uncommon woman.Will the passions that arise between the Earl and the chemist result in an unusual love match or will they be their downfall as Liliana comes closer to finding out the mystery of her father's death? Find out when Sweet Enemy hits bookshelves on February 7, 2012.

I have a new go to girl for my historicals. Heather Snow brings a fresh take on nobility, adding her quick wit to he writing. The added intrigue of the search for the truth in Liliana's father's murder was an important part, but not the only attraction. Watching the handsome but wary Geoffrey try to work through his issues of never wanting to love as well as Liliana putting her trust in a man other than her dearly departed father is a journey that is well done in Sweet Enemy. I am looking forward to more from Heather Snow. I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will too.
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879 reviews132 followers
April 4, 2017
Dnf at 22%, so no rating. Totally my fault, not the book's!

There's really nothing wrong with this book (aside from that cover). There were meddling relatives, a mystery to be solved (which I personally didn't care for one bit), deep dark secrets, insta-lust, a house party with silly games... Basically everything I hate so clearly this is not the book for me ^^ Maybe I'll pick this back up when I'm more in the mood for some adorable silliness
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130 reviews21 followers
February 24, 2012
This rating is really a 3.5, and I debated for some time if it should be a little higher because the story was definitely interesting. Regency romance has become increasingly homogeneous in recent years, and it has become difficult to find stories that feel original. This is what attracted me to this novel: The mystery at the heart of the novel is based in true events and is solved in a way that makes sense for 1817.

Liliana Claremont has just discovered that her father's murder a decade prior wasn't a random act at the hands of thugs, but she doesn't know why someone would have wanted to kill her chemist father. After her house is broken into she finds a stack of letters that connects her father to the Earl of Stratford, but the content is in code, and without the other half of the conversation there is no way she can get the answers she desperately needs.

Geoffrey Wentworth is the current Earl Of Stratford, a second son that was off serving with Wellington when his father died a decade prior, and has recently come into the title on his brother's death. His mother has decided that it is well past the time he marries and produces his heir and spare, and she maneuvers him into coming home for a house party she has planned in his name as a way to parade a dozen eligible young women before him. Unwilling to be made to look the fool, he reluctantly plays along in order to further his political aspirations. Liliana discovers the house party and arranges to attend with her cousin; she doesn't know if the current earl was involved with her father's murder, and she only has a vague sense of a plan, but she's determined to search until she gets some answers.

As I read the book I found myself thinking that I've been ruined by reading Austen a few too many times...Liliana traipses all over the countryside in boy's clothing, which is convenient for solving mysteries, but completely out of character for the period, even for this forward-thinking chemistry-loving woman. Geoffrey never bats a lash at her conduct, except to lust over how her rear end looks in trousers, and it just felt a little too modern in sensibility (Austen reference intended).

And speaking of other things that possibly stretch credulity, Geoffrey is a shining Disney knight of a good guy: His twelve years in the war have left him with a profound respect for the common man, and he wants to champion the poor as his life's work. Although he is resigned to marrying for political advantage, the more he gets to know Liliana the more he thinks everything she does is magic. He wants to support her in being forward-thinking and progressive, which he thinks is way cool (pardon the slang, but it fits). Then, of course, he discovers that she's been keeping secrets, which plunges his poor, shattered heart to the depths of despair even though he understands why she has to keep so much to herself. Although this drama works in the story, this plot twist feels a little contrived and at odds with itself: Either Geoffrey respects her intelligence and desire/ability to problem solve, or he doesn't. His reaction feels a little extreme, and I wanted to yell at him to snap out of it!

Overall, though, this was an impressive debut from Heather Snow, and has earned her a place on my 'romance novelists to look for' list. The story she has written doesn't feel like a retread and, taking into consideration that there are some anachronisms, the narrative moves at a natural pace that has these characters falling in love over weeks in the somewhat formal setting of a house party rather than jumping into bed on their first date. I appreciate the deliberate pace of the book, and I am left feeling as though this couple has legitimately worked things out with each other. I am already looking forward to the next story in this new series, Sweet Deception, out August 2012.
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183 reviews72 followers
February 21, 2012
It pays to know the enemy - not least because at some time you may have the opportunity to turn him into a friend.- Margaret Thatcher

Regency romance is my favorite genre but it is also the most crowded. As readers scream for diverse characters in exotic locales, debut author Heather Snow embraces the “bread and butter” – a house party. SWEET EMENY delivers a house party like no other with its obvious marriage mart, informal political alignments, and even a medieval revival! But it is the things that go bump in the night that lead to intrigue and passion between the protagonists who resist each other each step of the way.

The hero, Geoffrey Wentworth, the Earl of Stratford, reluctantly attends the house party that his mother has initiated – he sees the opportunity to solicit support for his Poor Employment Bill from the attending aristocrats. The heroine, Liliana Clarement, begs her aunt to secure an invitation, misleading her to think that she is interested in marrying. Instead, Liliana seeks to search the estate for evidence that someone in the Wentworth family lead her father to his death. Snow writes characters who are noble but flawed. I found myself emotional invested in their welfare, especially during Medieval Fair that Geoffrey’s mother hosts to sow the seeds of romance. Little does the Dowager Countess realize that the seeds take root between Geoffrey and Liliana.

The seeds blossom in to a full courtship with witty dialogue. Liliana makes every effort to deflect Geoffrey’s attention so she can continue her search. Yet she finds herself falling in love with an earl who cares for former soldiers, who listens to her scientific knowledge, and who ignites her own fire. Geoffrey and Liliana must contend with the thorns that come with beautiful flowers – the emotional baggage that each has carried since childhood and the simple fact that neither helps the other in accomplishing their goal. Yet Snow has fortified her characters with backbones to work through the conflict, particularly trust. In the end, the perceived enemy becomes a friend (and a perceived friend becomes the enemy).

This is an exceptional book from a debut author with one minor flaw – I would like to have read more action earlier in the story regarding the mystery. Then again, I would have missed the entertaining scenes from the Medieval Fair and the tender moments during their morning rides. When the mystery is finally resolved, I found myself congratulating Snow on delivering a unique twist to a Regency cliché (I remain vague to prevent any spoilers). Recommended read for fans of historical romance; fans who have become disenchanted with historical romance; and readers who have not sampled historical romance.

The author provided a print copy for this review.
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123 reviews
December 28, 2020
Tatlı Düşman

Kitap buram buram The Selection kokuyordu. O kitanın resmen tek kitaplık versiyonu gibiydi. Hangisi daha önce çıktı bilmiyorum ama bunun o seriden daha iyi olduğu kesin. Hiç değilse iki ana karaktere aynı anda sinir olmaktansa sadece son anlarda erkek karaktere sinir oldum. Ona da zaten kitabın son yüz sayfasında sinir oldum😪

Özellikle kadının uğraştığı cinayetler kaçaçılıkken adamın derdi kedine eş seçmesiydi biraz komik geldi bu. Herkes ayrı telden çalıyordu kitapta. Bir de yazar bazı şeyleri çok uzatmış gibi geldi. The Selection'a göre kısa ama tek kitaba göre de uzundu.

Bir de iki baş karakterin daha ilk görüşte birbirilerinden başka insanı düşünmeyişleri güzel bir detaydı. The Selection'da olan üçlü ilişkileri kaldıramazdım. Kıza bazen sinir de olsam ama kız davasında haklıydı. Ve ben yazardan bir ters köşe yapmasını bekledim açıkçası. Amcası, babası falan çıkacak her şey açıklancaktı. Adamın hem kontesin kocasına benzemesi hem de kontesin kontrolünde neden girdiğini falan. Demek ki kontes çokta kötü bir kadın değilmiş. Günahını aldım kontes, affet😂

Bir de yeleğin en son kadında kalması kafamı biraz karıştırdı. Hemen almaları gerekmiyor muydu? Sonuçta bir tarihi eserdi. Oraya tekrar bir göz atmayı düşünüyorum. Ama kitap yine bildiğimiz tarihi kurgulara göre bir miktar daha farklıydı. Özellikle Geoffrey'in evlilik hakkında düşünceleri vardı ve orasına bayıldım. O kadar güzel özetlemişti ki evlilikleri...

Kitap güzeldi ama olayları bu kadar yaydırıp sona bu kadar olay koymaları kötü olmuştu. Her şeyin ortaya çıkıp ikilinin beraber göğüslenmesi çok sona kalmıştı ve açıkçası bana yetmedi. Olaylar bir miktar daha erken gelişseydi puanım kesin dört olurdu ama malesef ki üç buçuktan üç veriyorum kitaba.

"Ancak tüm evlilikler böyle değildir Liliana,"dedi, Liliana'nın diğer elini tutmak üzere uzanırken. "Bazıları saygı üzerine kurulur. Bazıları ise tam anlamıyla bir birlikteliktir. Bu tip beraberliklerde karıyla kocanın amaçları ve hırsları ortaktır. Beraber oldukça tek başlarına başarabilceklerinden daha fazlasını başarabileceklerinden, birbirlerine destek olur ve birbirlerini yükseltirler. Bazıları ise..." Aşktır. Her ne kadar ona aşık olmak üzere olduğunu bilse de ona bunu söyleyemezdi.
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2,641 reviews999 followers
September 23, 2018
I've given this a C- for narration and a C+ for content at AudioGals

Heather Snow’s début novel, Sweet Enemy, was originally published in 2012 and is the first in her Veiled Seduction trilogy of historical romances featuring smart, scientifically minded heroines. I remember reading and very much enjoying the third book, Sweet Madness, but I haven’t managed to get around to reading the other two books, so I was delighted when Sweet Enemy popped up at Audible and immediately requested a review copy.

Liliana Claremont has lived alone since the death of her father and has devoted herself to scientific pursuits, mostly her overriding interest in chemistry and how it can be applied to healing. She’s dedicated, intelligent and continually frustrated at not being taken seriously by the scientific institutions of the day which are, of course, only open to men. Returning to her home following yet another rejection, she discovers it has been ransacked – and worse than that, the intruder is still there. She manages to escape unharmed and is gradually setting things back to rights when she finds a secret compartment she’s never seen before, and inside it, a large bundle of letters. When she finds one dated two days before her father’s death, something within it kick-starts her memories of that day and of his final words to her – and she realises that his death had been no accident.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals .
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514 reviews38 followers
February 6, 2012
SWEET ENEMY by Heather Snow
02/12 - Penguin Group - Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages

What does one do when the objective they set in life is changed?

Liliana Claremont has a clear and concise way of handling problems and living her life. After her father’s death she choose to live frugally allowing her to pursue his interests in chemistry without a husband. Geoffrey Wentworth, the Earl of Stratford is of the same mindset and the last thing he wants is to be married.

Geoffrey’s mother and Liliana’s aunt disagree with this idea and force a house party meeting upon them. With total indifference on his part, Geoffrey agrees only as it will push his political goals since the house guests include the political parties he needs to win his point. Liliana on the other hand uses this tryst to investigate what she believes was the murder of her father at the hands of someone living at Somerton Park, Geoffrey’s estate. Though she wants to Liliana cannot in fact, even rule out Geoffrey himself, as she has not cleared his name quite yet. The problem starts once Liliana and Geoffrey turn the tables from indifference to desire. Neither of them understand what is going on since they know they do not want a relationship, but the attraction between them is explosive and something neither can deny nor hide from.

The secret rendezvous become more frequent and the trust Geoffrey shows Liliana weighs heavy on her heart. Liliana does not want to use him to gain access to the information she seeks, but must. She worries what will happen when he finds out her true mission and wonders if losing his love is too a high a price to pay for solving this mystery. Liliana has always moved toward her life’s mission of using her knowledge to help others, now though she realizes she needs help. Can she turn to the man of her future, or will she always be haunted by the ghosts of her past?

This book is the equivalent of a first time at bat and hitting a grand slam, it is that good. There is not a sentence that is not captivating and a chapter that does not make you want to read more. I adored these flawed yet perfect characters and with every encounter, I knew they were going to be a glorious romantic hit. Heather Snow has a future so bright she definitely will need sunglasses to block the lights of fame.
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123 reviews
December 28, 2020
Tatlı Düşman

Kitap buram buram The Selection kokuyordu. O kitanın resmen tek kitaplık versiyonu gibiydi. Hangisi daha önce çıktı bilmiyorum ama bunun o seriden daha iyi olduğu kesin. Hiç değilse iki ana karaktere aynı anda sinir olmaktansa sadece son anlarda erkek karaktere sinir oldum. Ona da zaten kitabın son yüz sayfasında sinir oldum😪

Özellikle kadının uğraştığı cinayetler, kaçaçılıkken, adamın derdi kedine eş seçmesiydi biraz komik geldi bu. Herkes ayrı telden çalıyordu kitapta. Bir de yazar bazı şeyleri çok uzatmış gibi geldi. The Selection'a göre kısa ama tek kitaba göre de uzundu.

Bir de iki baş karakterin daha ilk görüşte birbirilerinden başka insanı düşünmeyişleri güzel bir detaydı. The Selection'da olan üçlü ilişkileri kaldıramazdım. Kıza bazen sinir de olsam ama kız davasında haklıydı. Ve ben yazardan bir ters köşe yapmasını bekledim açıkçası. Amcası, babası falan çıkacak her şey açıklancaktı. Adamın hem kontesin kocasına benzemesi hem de kontesin kontrolünde neden girdiğini falan. Demek ki kontes çokta kötü bir kadın değilmiş. Günahını aldım kontes, affet😂

Bir de yeleğin en son kadında kalması kafamı biraz karıştırdı. Hemen almaları gerekmiyor muydu? Sonuçta bir tarihi eserdi. Oraya tekrar bir göz atmayı düşünüyorum. Ama kitap yine bildiğimiz tarihi kurgulara göre bir miktar daha farklıydı. Özellikle Geoffrey'in evlilik hakkında düşünceleri vardı ve orasına bayıldım. O kadar güzel özetlemişti ki evlilikleri...

Kitap güzeldi ama olayları bu kadar yaydırıp sona bu kadar olay koymaları kötü olmuştu. Her şeyin ortaya çıkıp ikilinin beraber göğüslenmesi çok sona kalmıştı ve açıkçası bana yetmedi. Olaylar bir miktar daha erken gelişseydi puanım kesin dört olurdu ama malesef ki üç buçuktan üç veriyorum kitaba.

"Ancak tüm evlilikler böyle değildir Liliana,"dedi, Liliana'nın diğer elini tutmak üzere uzanırken. "Bazıları saygı üzerine kurulur. Bazıları ise tam anlamıyla bir birlikteliktir. Bu tip beraberliklerde karıyla kocanın amaçları ve hırsları ortaktır. Beraber oldukça tek başlarına başarabilceklerinden daha fazlasını başarabileceklerinden, birbirlerine destek olur ve birbirlerini yükseltirler. Bazıları ise..." Aşktır. Her ne kadar ona aşık olmak üzere olduğunu bilse de ona bunu söyleyemezdi.
November 22, 2014
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this HR - except it is so very typically HR. It ticks all the boxes but for me was not special and did not stand out.

Le sign. Sometimes it feels like I have read all the great HRs - and am left wading in the mediocore; which is why I often find myself re-reading my favourites.

Nevertheless - this is a sweet love story with an okay mystery. Geoffrey was actually a very nice hero - not a rake, not a jerk, haunted by bad experiences but not really tortured - and he is actually very commendable for what he wants to do. Liliana, likewise, is a very likable heroine; sometime she edges close to TSTL but looking back - I can understand why she acted the way she did. One thing I do want to note is that I agree with how the relationship fell apart - trust is a foundation stone for any relationship and I think it is very realistic how both of them would have to work at it in the future.

If I read this when I was just discovered HR I am pretty sure it would have been close to a 5 star - but having read some truly amazing stories since then - a 3 star would have to suffice.
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230 reviews10 followers
August 5, 2017
First read by this author

Pretty good read but not something I will read again. It held my interest, and I will prob read next book in series.
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613 reviews38 followers
March 9, 2012
Again with the kaleidoscope eyes!

For those of you who don't know me, when I read a book I take notes, which is all well and good. However, if I'm reading a paper book, I tend to take notes on what ever happens to be close by - post-it notes, an envelope, a bill, a Kleenex, napkin, anything handy. Well, sometimes these little notes get lost, which is what happened with this book. (An advantage with the Nook, one does not loose the notes.) Anyway, I found myself jotting down the variety of eye and hair colors that both our hero and heroine had. However, I lost the notes, so from memory: violet, amethyst, purple, and lavender eyes for her, cobalt blue for him (I think), amber, red, copper hair for her. I don't remember his hair changing colors. Now, this didn't make the book bad by any means, but every time I read a different description I smiled. I'm not sure it's really necessary to use the color wheel when describing our characters.

On to the book. Sweet Enemy, by Heather Snow, is Ms. Snow's debut effort and overall, it was a pretty good book with just a few minor hiccups. And, they are my hiccups - not every reader out there has the same hiccup-ery capacity. We have a couple of interesting main characters in this book. Liliana, a smart heroine - and, I do mean smart, not a fake smart heroine as oftentimes crop up among the pages. This one is quite intelligent; in fact, sometimes I felt as if I were back in school. She is proficient in chemistry, which would be a mighty big stumbling block for a woman in the time period she was situated in. However, I enjoyed her intelligence. I also found her to be pretty humorous and able to take care of herself. I loved how she irritated the hero, Geoffrey, and at the same time made him a better man. And, I found another use for sugar.

Then we have our hero, the Alan Alda of his day, Geoffrey. He was almost too good to be true, with saving the world and such, and I nearly raised my eyebrows, but didn't. I also enjoyed Geoffrey's acceptance of Liliana's intelligence and abilities. When these two get together, they bicker, they try to outdo each other, they challenge each other. Then that protagonist/antagonist relationship slowly blossoms into friendship. Ms. Snow did a great job showing people liking, then falling in love.

There is also a nice mystery to be solved and a villain to be found. Now, because I've read a bazillion romance books, I was able to spot the villain right away, so there was no surprise there. However, the mystery caused the Trust monster to rear its ugly head and that is where I had a minor problem.

Spoilers. Now, we learn that Liliana believes Geoffrey to have somehow been involved with her father's death. Or, someone in his family was involved. Which is the reason she's at his house party, to discover who the murderer is/was...so, it is understandable that she would not tell him the reason for her being there. Of course, as time passes and these two become closer, we the readers know there is going to be a problem when Geoffrey finds out the "real" reason she's there. And, do you know why it will be a problem? Because of his horrible, deceitful, lying, two-timing, not to be trusted mother. So, when Geoffrey finds out about Liliana's secret, he reacts. And, he reacts in a way that a lot of romance heroes do...he cannot - will not trust Liliana.

I thought about this issue after I finished this book. So, thank you Ms. Snow for that. Now, I liked Geoffrey a lot. He was mature, caring and intelligent. He liked Liliana. He talked to Liliana. He got to know her and when she was finally honest with him, because he was a more mature hero, I was expecting him to be maybe a little hurt but I was hoping he'd be more accepting of what she had done. And, because he was the Alan Alda of his time, he should have been able to forgive and not gone off on a "cannot trust you" tangent. His reaction didn't seem in character to me.

But in the end, even with the trust hiccup, this was a fun read and a great beginning for author Heather Snow. I will be looking forward to the next book that Ms. Snow publishes. Job well done!
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This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 26, 2012
Excellent debut novel. Loved both of the main characters, especially the heroine, and the plot was highly original and well-executed. Even the final crisis (there's always one in these books) was believable and fit with the story. I don't usually appreciate mysteries and suspense in the romance books I read, but this one worked well and kept my attention completely.

I also really liked the depiction of the heroine as intelligent, strong-minded and dedicated to her "life's work", as she put it. The scene where the hero asks one of the debutantes at the house party what her life's work is (after having been informed by the heroine that she is dedicated to her life's work of science and healing), is quite funny - I could just imagine the completely blank look on the girl's face and her mind scrambling to figure out what to say to the hero.

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June 19, 2014
Depuis que j'ai enfin appris à abandonner un livre, je ne me pose plus trop de questions…
Et voilà un nouveau A&P que j'ai donc arrêté.
Ca avait pourtant bien commencé, histoire originale, héroïne intello, etc… et puis à 50% c'est devenu lent, lent, lent, lent.
Trop lent. Il ne se passe rien pendant tellement longtemps qu'aussi prometteurs les héros soient-ils, je n'ai pas pu me forcer à continuer.

Il parait que les derniers chapitres sont vraiment sympas, reprennent en intensité, mais si j'avais du attendre encore 30% pour qu'il se passe qqc, je crois que j'aurais même pas mis deux étoiles :-)

Bref, j'ai peut-être manqué de patience, c'est une romance qui commençait bien et qui plaira sûrement… moi j'ai fini par trop m'ennuyer…

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Author 44 books5,455 followers
May 30, 2012
Great historical romance with plenty of romance, intrigue and chemistry...all kinds of chemistry!!! I love it when a hero or heroine is ready to sacrifice everything they've worked for in the story all for the name of love. So sweet. Great characters, great one-liners, great mystery to solve.

And I was ready to read Aveline's story from his first line. Thank goodness he's the hero of book two in the series.
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September 29, 2013
Sevdim yazarın tarzını değişik bir konu işlemiş,çok ahım şahım bir hikaye değil belki ama hani okutuyor kendini dediklerimizden.En azından sıkıntıya sokan bir hikaye değildi.Yazarı kesinlikle takip edeceğim,bir çok yeni yazara göre gayet iyiydi.
işin özü tadımlık,eksileriyle,artılarıyla okundu bitti...
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May 22, 2012
I am a big fan of historical romances, and have heard great things about Heather Snow and her debut, so I was excited about receiving a copy as a gift from a friend. The premise was quite interesting, so I dove right in.
I really enjoyed the book, particularly the chemistry between Geoffrey and Lilliana. Battle of the sexes stories are some of my favorites and this book had it in spades. The scenes when the two of them spar and bicker was great fun, and reminded me of Kate and Anthony in JQ’s The Viscount Who Loved Me. The first quarter of the book was almost like a sparring/chess match between them, the two of them circling each other, trying to get in each other’s heads and out strategize each other
After the death of her father, Lilliana Claremont has focused on chemistry experiments to try to discover and isolate the medicinal property of certain plants. It is her passion, and a way for her to remain connected to the memory of her parents. However, her focus on chemistry leaves her little time and interest to find an eligible husband and marry, much to her Aunt Eliza’s chagrin. She chafes at the societal restrictions that tells her to give up her pursuits to be a wife and mother, and won’t allow her to be a full participating member of the Royal Society, even though she has the requisite knowledge and experience. But when she gets accosted by a burglar at her cottage, it leads to the discovery that her father had not been killed by a random street thug has they had assumed, but had been betrayed and lured to his death. It appears the Earl of Stratford and/or his father may have been responsible, and she is determined to find and gather whatever evidence is necessary to bring her father’s killer to justice. Lilliana is predisposed to dislike anyone connected to the family, so she is confused and disconcerted when she feels an immediate attraction to Geoffrey, despite her initial suspicions about him. As she gets to know and understand Geoffrey, sees how honorable and kind-hearted and generous he is, she falls for him. But as their love deepens, her guilt at keeping the truth from him grows, which only heightens as he opens up and confides in her and gives her his hard earned trust. Despite her conflicting feelings, her desire for justice propels her forward. Throughout the course of her novel, she discovers not only the truth, but that since her father’s death, she’s led a shell of an existence because she has been too afraid to trust and be vulnerable for fear of getting hurt again. She eventually learns that her love for Geoffrey is worth the risk and lets down those barriers. I ended up liking Lilliana quite a bit, though I didn’t always agree with her actions, even if I understood her motives. I like heroines who are smart and intelligent like her, and I think it was interesting to have her be an accomplished chemist in an era where women in the sciences were unheard of. I think Heather does a great job of letting the reader inside her head, and I liked that Lilliana took responsibility for her actions and accepted Geoffrey’s anger has her due, instead of playing victim and saying “woe is me, if he really loved me, he would have understood why I had to do what I did.”

Geoffrey Wentworth is a war hero who is determined to use his new elevated status to help fellow veterans who have been abandoned once they came home. He is determined to wrangle the votes and support for the Poor Employment Act by any means necessary. His mother is equally determined to see him married to an eligible heiress and produce an heir. She traps him into hosting a house party by inviting influential members of Parliament. At the beginning, he is weary of Lilliana, thinking she is just another empty headed scheming debutante determined to land a lord after an unfortunate first meeting in the library when he catches Lilliana alone in the library. She’s trying to find evidence; he thinks she’s trying to spring a trap. But he is drawn to her, despite himself, coming to see and admire her scientific acumen, intelligence, and bravery. As the story develops, and his feelings for Lilliana grow, he is faced with a dilemma. Should he be with Lilliana, the woman his every instinct tells him is the one, who ignites his passions, understands him like no one else, or marry a more suitable woman who will bring the necessary money, connections, and social graces to be a political hostess and help his career and goal of helping war veterans? This struggle is not an easy one, because he takes the cause of helping veterans seriously, but he also can’t deny his heart. Eventually he comes to see that despite the example of his parents' unhappy marriage (mostly due to the actions of his manipulative shallow self-centered status conscious mother), a marraige based on mutual love, passion, trust, and respect is possible, and he wants it with Lilliana.When he discovers the truth, it is a horrible betrayal, though part of him understands why Lilliana did what she did, especially when they discover that the death of both their fathers was related. Geoffrey was a great hero, one readers will instantly fall in love with.

I felt the mystery surrounding the death of Lilliana and Geoffrey’s fathers was woven in well, and didn’t detract from the love story. I was guessing the whole time as to who the bad guy was, and what the possible connection was between their fathers.The solution, and the way Heatherexplains and ties everything together was quite clever. The conflict that arises between Geoffrey and Lilliana because of it was realistic, andshedoes a good job of ratcheting up the tension and stakes. In particular, Lilliana’s deceit was a constant dark cloud that threatened to ruin things between them at any moment. While you sympathized with Lilliana’s motives, Heather also sets up a great question of whether the ends justified the means. Was it worth it to find out what happened to her father, if it could cost Lilliana her life, reputation, and Geoffrey’s love? But I loved the subtle ways that Heather showed how much better and stronger both of them were when they worked together, and gave each other trust, love, and understanding (as in their collaboration to find out who killed their fathers) instead of giving in to mistrust and misunderstandings.
Heather's debut is very well written, with well-crafted characters that draw you in immediately. I would definitely recommend this book and am looking forward to what comes next from her.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 15, 2021
Liliana's father was murdered when she was 10. She is a scientist and his father was as well. Her mother was a healer and died when she was little. Liliana's father encouraged her in her studies. Geoffrey is the 2nd son of an Earl and inherited the title after his brother's death. He served in the war, was injured, and has goals to improve the lives of the vets.
Geoffrey's mother decides to hold a house party. He has decided he needs to marry and sire a heir. He goes along with it based on men that have been invited and he needs their support for the bills he wants to pass. Liliana comes across some letters, one of which has the seal of the Earl of Stratford. She is able to go with her cousin (Penelope- her story is book 3), who was invited to the house party. Liliana plans on searching for clues to solve murder of her father.
I loved both characters. Geoffrey and Liliana are both likeable characters and I enjoyed reading their story. I liked the Liliana was forthright and Geoffrey accepted and eventually realized that was who she was and his title didn't matter to her. Liliana was intelligent and Geoffrey loved her for just as she was. Liked the mystery aspect.
Aveline's story is next (he is Geoffrey's next door neighbor and spent some time with Liliana to support her).
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February 16, 2012
For full review including excerpt and dialogue highlight, please visit Reader's Edyn:

As you all may have noticed, I have been on a historical romance kick lately. I love HR! Started with HR, will always go back to HR. It is my favorite of all genres. But what I have noticed most about the recent HR reads I have been rabidly reading through is that I have very much enjoyed them all. I mean, seriously. When reading multiple books, you would expect to find something that you don’t exactly swoon over. Most especially because many of the authors I have read lately are new-to-me. But I have absolutely loved them. And what is more? Many of these authors are showcasing their debut novels. Yup. You read that right. DEBUT! Well, I am here to say, the fabulous debut author Heather Snow has got what it takes!

Geoffrey is in a pickle. A returned war hero, he has witnessed the harsh realities of life after war. The soldiers frequently return to nothing and consequently end up begging on the street just to survive after putting their lives on the line for the country that has failed to acknowledge their bravery. Sure, people call them heroes, but hero status does not put food on the table of the underprivileged. Geoffrey aims to change that and with his position in Parliament, he is fast approaching the clout to push his dreams into reality. Except his mother has other plans and has every intention of seeing him settle down and get down to fulfilling his responsibility of providing an heir. Now he is trapped at his own house party he did NOT plan with a bunch of scheming potential wives and their meddling mothers. What is worse, he is completely exasperated by the fair Liliana, which quickly blossoms into a healthy dose of lust. And Geoffrey is trying desperately not to succumb to his baser instincts.

Liliana has ulterior motives - quite a few of them actually – for finagling her aunt into securing her acceptance to the Earl’s house party. The primary reason, to discover the possible individual guilty of murdering her father. She knows someone within the Earl’s home is responsible and she has to start with the Earl himself. But Liliana is playing a dangerous game. First, she has lied to her Aunt, acting as if she would like to try and snag the Earl for her own when all she really wants to do is continue her life’s work as a scientist. Then there is the matter of Geoffrey. Liliana is in no way seeking a husband. After all, they tend to dictate to their wives, and don’t generally support those who opt to participate in professions that refuse to accept women. She is not going to give up her passion for the sake of something undesirable like marriage and family. Except the Earl is fast becoming more and more desirable. And Liliana is finding it near impossible to ignore the longing he evokes within her. As their relationship grows, Liliana becomes the one in the pickle. Does she give up the search for her father’s killer and attempt a future with Geoffrey, or does she confess all and pray he does not cast her aside?

I. Loved. This. Book. Ms. Snow shoots outside of the box in creating her characters and achieves magical results. Geoffrey is not what one expects of the higher class. He is determined to help those less fortunate, especially his fellow soldiers, and will use whatever influence he can to see his dream fulfilled. Liliana is no less unconventional. In her bid to become a recognized member within the scientific realm – a dominion that staunchly refuses to allow women a place within, despite her brilliance, she becomes more of an outcast than anything. She is obviously all wrong for an Earl with political ties, but that, oftentimes, makes her absolutely perfect as his match. And of course, both are opposed to being forced into conforming like the rest of their peers, so both have to overcome the protective walls resurrected before a chance at happiness is given the slightest flicker of a possibility. I love that Liliana is strong and capable, while obviously unaware of an obvious need for love an acceptance she tried hard to oppress.

Adding to the splendor of this story is intelligence and wit mixed with just the right amount of sarcasm. And the intellect demonstrated by both Liliana and Geoffrey is not overdone. The scientific facts, for example are kept to a level that allows enhancement of the story while maintaining the readers attention. The wit and sarcasm is utterly charming. One of my favorite paragraphs is Geoffrey speaking to his horse while thinking other thoughts to himself about Liliana, who is devastating his senses in every way possible by this time.
He found a spot to rest the horses away from the crab apple trees. Grin nudged him in protest. “Much too much temptation over there,” Geoffrey mumbled, as much to himself as to the horse. “You, my friend, have an appalling lack of self-control.” As does your master. “And I have no desire” – to find myself married to a woman completely wrong for me – “to nurse a sick horse all the way home,” he said, patting Grin on the rump.

Throw in the bits of mystery and danger and you have the formula for this fresh, delightful novel. And … did I mention that the cover of this book has a quote from Julie Garwood? Julie. Garwood. People. I mean seriously. What more of an endorsement do you need? I can say for sure that I will be keeping an eye on Ms. Snow as I am confident she is an author to watch. Sweet Enemy is also part of a series: Veiled Seduction. Happily, I have discovered that an intriguing secondary character from the book, Aveline, will get his story in book 2, Sweet Deception, due out in August of this year. The reader is offered a glimpse into Aveline, but not near enough. My curiosity strings have been well and truly plucked. You can bet I will be reading that book for sure. Historical romance lovers are sure to enjoy Ms. Snow and her charming debut.

(ARC Paperback received from author for review.)
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September 24, 2019
“She turned her head to him then. Her face was as cool as the sea off Cornwall, yet her eyes blazed purple fire. "No, thank you, my Lord", she said bitingly. "I find I no longer care for your library, or anything in it.”

I love this book. I think I really like this book is because of the female lead Liliana's. Her independence, intelligence and bravery drawn to me. In such settings, to get a powerful female lead is amazing.

I love the romance of the book, it is sweet and fluttering. I like how we don't just get to see the romance but the history and settings of the era from the party, clothes and people.
It shows amazing character development of Liliana on how she progresses herself in this men's world.

The story was well done.

“A hand clamped over Liliana’s mouth and she was jerked back against a solid chest. A sinewy arm snaked just below her clavicle, pinning her upper arms against her body, and her against the intruder.”
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January 29, 2013
This book is the debut novel from Heather Snow and I am very impressed. This novel has all of the usual things we associate with, and love about, historical romance – society rules, nobility and titles, balls, dresses, romance and fluttering hearts. But what makes it stand out is the crossover element, adding a touch of mystery and danger that keeps the plot moving forward quickly and making the book a real page-turner.

Added to that is the fabulous heroine, Liliana, who is not the usual lady of the Regency period. She is strong and independent, and extremely intelligent; the kind of woman you root for as she outsmarts her way through the book, going against the wishes of her aunt and single-handedly taking on the world:

Her entire life she had been told to keep out of men’s pursuits. As if men alone had a brain worth educating. As if only men were capable of understanding complex scientific theory or making any worthy contribution to the world besides making babies.

Well, not today. Liliana took a bold step forward. “I’d wager, my lord,” she scoffed, “that this woman can not only make that weapon fire faster, but increase its accuracy measurably.”
Heather Snow’s characterisation in this book is wonderful. Liliana is a chemist and so the book is littered with scientific references which add authenticity:

She’d always had it–this compulsion to break things down to their elements. To discover the why and the how. It was what drove her to continue to pursue science, even though she’d been harshly rejected by the male establishment. And in a sense, it was what drove her now. She would discover the truth.

Could you see guilt in someone’s eyes? And if so, how did you quantify it?

She hadn’t been a bit surprised by the curiosity that had gripped her when she’d given in to his kisses – after all, she was nothing if not inquisitive. Any good scientist worth her sodium chloride was.

In this story, Liliana has gone undercover. She is trying to discover the identity of her father’s murderer. It is not her intention to fall in love with Geoffrey, the earl of Stratford, but there is something very alluring about him and she cannot help but be attracted to him.

Geoffrey is also a very interesting character and not at all what you (or Liliana) expect him to be. He is not bogged down in the rules of society; he listens to Liliana’s theories and advice and he treats her as an equal, not just an adornment he can parade while he gets on with his work in political circles. He too does not want to marry, but understands that he has duties as a earl to keep the family name going. The chemistry between Geoffrey and Liliana is explosive and passionate, but also wonderfully tender. It was such a pleasure to read about how their love for each other grew and how they solved the mystery surrounding Liliana’s father’s untimely death.

The book is written from both Liliana and Geoffrey’s point of view, allowing you as a reader to fully understand the intense feelings and conflict that each is feeling. Heather Snow’s description is wonderful. You can really believe the actions and reactions caused by analytical mind of Liliana in a society which is not yet quite ready to accept this academic dedication and ability in a woman. The descriptive detail of the unusual setting and situations that the characters find themselves in is superbly handled, with just enough to allow the pictures to blossom and captivate you. The addition of the mystery to the story allowed the characters to fall in love over weeks rather than days, without affecting the pace of the book. I loved the often humorous and sometimes sarcastic dialogue between the characters, and the twists and turns that formed this mixture of romance, mystery, suspense and intrigue.

I really enjoyed this novel and I am pleased to see that already another book in the series has been published. I look forward to reading it.
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January 31, 2015
Geoffrey, the Earl of Stratford, is a military man, and ever since the war ended, has been looking for a way to get a bill passed, that would allow those brave soldiers to find jobs and have a safe place to live other than the streets. When he learns that his mother has planned a country house party, under his name, to find him a bride…he is furious. He refuses to marry yet, there is so much he needs to do and the last thing he needs is a woman he could never love or trust. Liliana Claremont, despite the pretenses, is not looking for a husband. Her father was murdered, and she believes the answers to his death will be found at Stratford. When she meets Geoffrey, and they become friends, her heart begins to soften toward him, but will the truth behind their father’s death destroy the love they have or fortify it?

I was very impressed with Sweet Enemy, so much so that I couldn’t put this down and read it all this morning. Heather Snow is a new author for me, and I have really given her much thought until now. I have seen some rating and reviews here or there, but when I saw it available at my library, I jumped at the chance to try this author out, and I am so glad that I did. If her other books weren’t at my library, I would buy them, I loved this book that much. Heather Snow has risen to the top of my author list, especially when it comes to Regency Romance. Of late, I have become a bit bored with that genre, since it tends to be over done at times. But Snow wrote a story that utterly captivated me from the first page.
The story begins with Liliana searching for any clues to her father’s death. Liliana (and what a pretty name), is smart, she is a scientist and a healer, and like her parents, wants to make a difference in the world, to honor them and their memory. She never expects marriage out of her life, because she only wants true love and trust, and most men shy away from her brains. Geoffrey, is a war hero, suffering from a back injury, a man driven to help those that fought for their country and came back to be sent to the streets. We have a love story that begins with friendship, and working together, to a passionate love affair, where desire drives them, and love is at the center.

This story was so well done, and cheers for Heather Snow and her research. She cultivates this story with such wit and intelligence, with depth and she molds a love story that will endear you forever. I am sure I will remember this couple for quite a long time. I found the characters enchanting, and their love story was poignant, sensual and stimulating. A breathtaking new storyteller that is guaranteed to hold your heart!! A TRUE TREASURE OF A ROMANCE!!
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March 16, 2012
This debut from Heather Snow was exceptionally written and I just fell in love with the characters from the beginning. Both had lost the fathers at young ages and had closed off their hearts after their losses. They both have the same view on marriage and both vowing to never open their hearts to love.

Liliana and Geoffrey are both wonderful characters.

Liliana is a wonderfully smart and talented lady scientist, a chemist to be exact. She is intelligent and always wondering about experiments and possible solutions. She is not afraid to use her mind and think, and to take charge of her own life and voice her own opinions, regardless of whos toes she steps on. That was the best part, that she stood her ground for what she believed in.

And Geoffrey… He saw deep into Liliana from their first meeting and she captured his eye right off the bat. He appreciated Liliana for being the intelligent, independent and innovative, strong willed young woman that she was. He valued her opinion and was open to her advice and suggestions. He accepted her as she was and he didn’t want to change her, he loved her just the way she was.

The chemistry between these Geoffery and Liliana spark from the very beginning, both both denied their true feelings for each other. The first attraction between them sparked somehting that intrigued them both. Although what developed between them was far more than any physical attraction either was willing to admit. Geoffrey and Liliana got to know each other from the very beginning, although both for very different reasons. He did it to spit his mother and she did it to uncover information about her fathers death. Their love grew from the deep understanding and appreciation of the other’s character. Their love was sweet and deep.

Once I started reading this book, it was very difficult to put it down. It captures you from the very beginning to the very end and leaves you wanting to see more from these characters. Heather Snow is definitely a great writer and I am absolutely looking forward to her next release.

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