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Silver Moon ##1

Silver Moon

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For seventeen-year-old Candra Lowell, senior year is supposed to be the time of her life. It’s not supposed to include being shipped off to her aunt and uncle’s house for 'her own good'. Whatever that means. There’s only bad news from this experience—when she learns she’ll go from human to werewolf in a few months. Complete with an inherited unique power.

At her aunt and uncle's house, Candra is plagued with nightmares of a whispering forest and glowing eyes, and a shadowy figure, who issues a warning—she needs to leave town. Candra tries to dismiss the haunting images, but when the shadowy figure appears outside of her home, Candra realizes she should've obeyed.

Candra learns the meaning of the stalker’s warnings when she discovers she’s the new favorite target of a rival pack. She isn't just a werewolf—she's a werewolf in the middle of a feud that makes the Montagues and Capulets look like best friends. She’s also made a mess of things by falling for her sworn enemy. Worse, the rival pack wants the power Candra will receive on her eighteenth birthday. To protect her family and friends, Candra can’t run or hide; she must face her foes, even if it means death.

308 pages, Paperback

First published June 13, 2011

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About the author

Rebecca A. Rogers

79 books739 followers
Rebecca expressed her creative side at an early age and hasn't stopped since. She won't hesitate to tell you that she lives inside her imagination, and it's better than reality.

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2 reviews2 followers
May 28, 2011
I usually don't write reviews...but I was so annoyed by this I had to. I don't think any of this is really spoiler-ish, forgive me if it is. It's more of a rant now that I've finished the book.

Good idea. Horrible execution. The wording and vocabulary seemed very poor, I don't know what reading level this book is supposed to be targeting, but I can't help but feel that I would think the same even if I was a fourth grader. There was an overall lack of description, build up of tension, and overall sense of being anti-climatic. Sentences were short and uninteresting, example:
'He lunges at me and I somehow leap out of the way.' ...Somehow? I can think of at least half a dozen better, far more appealing ways this could have been stated. Another, 'The injured werewolf staggers off into the woods somewhere.' She couldn't just say he staggered off into the woods and out of sight? Had to be 'somewhere'? >.>

The main character comes off a quite the rude, bitchy teen...I generally found her quite unlikable. There were many instances of things that should have been obvious to her that just went over her head seemingly only because the author didn't want her to catch on till later, which just gave the impression that Candra was, to put bluntly, on the idiot side of things.

The general feel of this was a very poorly done Twilight meets Romeo & Juliet with werewolves.
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865 reviews100 followers
September 21, 2014
***This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

Oh my God I loved this book. I hate to gush, but I really did. This book gave me the same feeling I got while I was reading Twilight, and I loved Twilight. To clarify—the plot of this book does not remind me of Twilight. Just the feelings I got while reading it.

The story starts out with Candra being shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle because her parents think she is out of control. As soon as she lands in Hartford, Connecticut, nightmares begin to plague her. Everyone in town seems to be in on some big secret she's not aware of, and there are people who claim to be her enemy even though it's her first time meeting them.

One of them happens to be Benjamin, and though they try to stay away from each other, the pull they feel is too intense to resist. It seems as though everyone is warning her to stay away from Benjamin; even her family forbids her from seeing him. She can't bring herself to stop, but what will it cost her to keep seeing him?

When Candra gets news that changes her life forever, she has no idea how much is at stake or what lengths people will go to to make sure an ancient curse she has the power to alter remains intact.

This book drew me in immediately; I could not put it down. I loved the idea of how the curse developed, and the chemistry between Ben and Candra was sizzling!

I will definitely be reading the next two books in this series!
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2,689 reviews459 followers
April 18, 2011
I really enjoyed this whole book it is like Romeo & Juliet with werewolfs added in and with Magic aswell. I was pulled right in to the story world that Rebecca A.Rogers has created. I was up all night reading I went to bed at 5am and had to get up for work at 8am but Silver Moon was totally worth the sleepless night. I really can't wait to see what happens with the war between the two familes and to read more about Ben I hope the wait for book 2 isn't too long. :)
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635 reviews82 followers
June 18, 2011
Main story: Candra is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Connecticut as a punishment for her being such a troublemaker teen. Little did she know, a great old family feud awaits her in a town so secretive. Everybody has secrets. The new girl is lost. so alone..

Despite Candra’s difficult situation, she still managed to make me laugh. Her mind is full of witty and sarcastic remarks. What she says sometimes contradicts with what she thinks, but sorry for her she’s so easy to read and her actions speaks so loud people (even if they just met her) would know something’s up. Her character practically made an 180 degree turn: from having a tough and rebellious (?) attitude, oh yeah she’s still tough and stubborn (which leads her to trouble) but later on, she learns how to control her anger and think logically.
At first I thought the story was the usual “new girl in new town (which is a mysterious LITTLE town) meets mysterious guy, differences stray them apart, yet circumstances won’t part them because they love each other so much” charade, but NO, it wasn’t entirely that. This is what made “Silver moon” unique from other books.
So what’s different? On the love story part: obviously Candra and Ben (the guy) can manage to live without each other (they haven’t reached the point of love yet). EVen if the guy saved her couple of times, but in the end he still stuck up for his family. They both decided they can’t be together. The action part: not much action really, except that Candra was injured THREE TIMES! in less than two weeks or so. a real record breaker (worse than Bella? haha).
What just didn’t make sense to me was that why was Candra so important? (that everyone’s trying to kill her). I mean, it was explained, but it wasn’t enough of a reason..So, that’s the question that left me thinking..UNFORTUnately, the answer will be on the next book. The ending was a cliff-hanger. So much still hasn’t transpired. hmm..

overall, it was a good read. Thanks to the author Rebecca Rogers for the revised version! :)

*SPOILER! SPOILER!* Because I laughed out loud more than half the time with this book, i’d like to show my reactions!
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1,046 reviews558 followers
September 5, 2011
“Listen, I —” he begins, but I lean over and place my index finger on his lips. “One day, Benjamin Conway, we can be friends. But, with the way things are right now, I don’t think that’ll happen in this lifetime” His lips graze my finger with a kiss before I pull it away. “Then I’ll wait for you in the next,” he says, and the way those words leave his body and hang in the air, breaks my heart.

4.5 - As soon as I heard about Silver Moon, I knew it was going to be an awesome book…..and I’m so glad I was right.

Seventeen year old Candra Lowell is a senior in high school. For her, being a senior is supposed to the best time of her life. Well, that is until she’s sent to live with her aunt and uncle for her own good. Left to believe her behaviour is the reason she’s now living in Connecticut, Candra is more than disturb when she finds out the real reason she’s there. Her and her family are werewolves and Candra will receive her powers on her eighteen birthday. And not only that but her family is involved in a century long feud between another rival pack and now, Candra has become their next target. Candra knows that she must do whatever is takes to protect her family and friends, even if that means getting close to the Benjamin Conway, who is her sworn enemy. But what she’s doesn’t expect is to fall in love with him.

Romeo & Juliet is always going to be a win but who would off thought of adding the supernatural aspect into it? Well, let me say Rebecca did a fantastic job and she definitely knows how to keep us readers in suspense. You’re instantly pulled into the world that has been created and it is full of enjoyable twists and turns. In the story, we’re introduced to both magic and werewolves and I found it was a fantastic addition, one that kept me interested through-out.

Our characters are loveable and their relationship is even more loveable. It’s hard for them because they are sworn enemies and boy, did you feel for them. Even though they try to take it a day at a time, things are the way they are and both of them know it can only end in pain. My heart went out to both characters and I seriously need to see what happens next with them.

Overall, Silver Moon was intense, dangerous and mysterious, full of dangerous scenes and a forbidden romance that will make your heart break. An awesome read and I’ll look forward to the next book released.

Thank you to Rebecca Rogers for giving me the opportunity to review this book.
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851 reviews28 followers
July 3, 2011
Thanks to Rebecca A. Rogers for giving me a copy of "Silver Moon" to read. I am happy to review this book but not every review can be a candy coated rainbow of super sonic squees. Plus, I am the pickiest werewolf critic that you will ever meet. Plus, isn't an honest review better than a GOOD JOB kind of review?

While this book should be near and dear to my heart because I am such a big werewolf lover, the straw that broke the camel's back was that this is a GIRL werewolf book. Kids... as you all know I'm always on the search for the perfect GIRL WEREWOLF book. Claire De Lune made me want to gouge my eyes out, Raised by Wolves made my ears bleed, and well.... Silver Lining didn't do much for me either.

I mean, I get that it's basically ROMEO meets Juliet meets Hatfield and McCoys in a bow wow yippy yo kinda way but I totally didn't dig it and it's been done ten zillion times before with vampires, dragons, neighbors, Sesame Street Characters. I mean if it's not a werewolf hunter that the girl falls for then it's the forbidden werewolf mystery boy that makes her loins quiver. Kinda obvious. I know its in fashion but can't we do something different?

Love Triangle?

Oh gawd no!!

THe story was a good idea. You could tell it was thought out. But the writing did NOT speak to me. I had a hard time believing some of the things that came out of everyone's mouth. I also got annoyed when things like TEARS are referred to as SALTY WATER or when coffee is referred to as BLACK LIQUID. That always annoys me and its loaded in this book with those kinds of terms.

I wish I could tell you that I loved or even liked this story but I kept looking to see how many more pages I had until this story was over. It was like watching a movie and continuously looking at the clock. You know it has to end sooner or later.

In my opinion this story needs a little more OOMP until its perfect. Something's missing.

It was a decent try but I just can't sugar coat it... This book was not my favorite.

Read it and try it out for yourself but this werewolf lover isn't going out of her way to howl for more.
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Author 23 books961 followers
April 23, 2011
This was a great debut novel by Rebecca Rogers. Really loved the MC's voice on this one - sarcastic and sassy and kept my attention. Really enjoyed watching the forbidden romance bloom between Candra and Ben from the enemy pack and I'm anxious to see if these two can get together in the future without following the tragic footsteps of Romeo and Juliet. And in my mind I'm trying to figure out what Candra's secret power will be when she turns eighteen, and what it will have to do with the clocks standing still in her presence! Can't wait for Black Moon!!!
Profile Image for WereVamps.
175 reviews17 followers
May 31, 2011
Great Book for Debut! Character were awesome, I love the sassy Candra. The world setting is much like our own. Plot and storyline was great, as well as, the pace. The only thing I did have a problem with was the writing style. It was a little jumpy. An easy fix in the next book. Other then that I think this book will turn into a great series! Great potential!

Check out the Author Interview & Book Review:
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1,304 reviews1 follower
March 22, 2012
This idea of the plot fascinates me! It's a fantastic idea and has excellent plot building! I've read several reviews with the sentence "twilight meets Romeo and Juliet" which has a slight point, EXCEPT I don't see the twilight part... R&J I see, but no Edward or Bella, so ya know. And to the lovely people who slammed the author for this one, I think that there is always room to build for an author, an that's the point, you get better as you learn and everyone has that same trouble.

Candra is a split for me. Sometimes, I wanted to slap her for being childish, BUT as a teenager that's exactly what they do. Always think they know it all and then it bites them in the face- literally! She's so clueless about being shipped off the her aunt and uncle's that She has no idea what's gunna hit her. And when it does, she almost loses it... And then she makes some MORE stupid decisions, typical tennager, that almost costs her her life!

And then there's Ben... He's also got me split. I really want to love him, but I seriously don't trust him! He does something really nice and follows up by something totally jerk-ish! We'll have to see how it goes...

I can cheat and say that since I read book 2 immediately after, this book was a little less for me than book two, but it sure got better, MUCH better, :) 3 PAWS for me :)
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267 reviews10 followers
September 13, 2012
This book had me from the get go. That is saying something! I really do love the way Rebecca built the story right at the beginning. By dropping Candra off at relatives and her family just leaving wouldn't have gone over to well in the excitement category for me. But add the fact of how Rebecca creates a regret feeling from her parents with a hint of mysterious looks and the "letter" Candra's mom leaves her. Well, that was a good beginning that intrigued me so I kept reading. And I was not let down. The good looking mysterious guy who "claims" her is described in a way that would make even an older woman, like myself :), feel intrigued to know more. Of course the suspense builds then the book ends to be continued. OF COURSE! LOL I can NOT wait for the next book!

If you are looking for a little suspense, mystery, magic and little werewolf, you will LOVE this series.
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482 reviews13 followers
June 6, 2011
I'll just start off by saying I won this book in a contest and I never win anything!!! So huge thanks to Rebecca for sending me this (and signing it), and for the swag pack that came with it! With that said, I also want to say that in no way did that affect how much I enjoyed this book! I've been waiting patiently for this book for over a week and it finally came today! I won't spoil the book for those of you who haven't read it, (what are you waiting for?!) by telling you what the book is about, but let's just say, it's a little like Romeo and Juliet meets Twilight, meets Shiver.

I can't wait for the sequel to this, and fingers crossed, I may be able to read a second version of this!! :)

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151 reviews64 followers
April 15, 2011
Gah!! The Love interest in this novel is so freakin' awesome!!!! :D LOVED this one!
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Author 4 books163 followers
July 1, 2011
Got the newest version of this book straight from the author. Kudos :)
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362 reviews44 followers
September 3, 2013
Original review here: http://offbeatvagabond.blogspot.com/2013/08/silver-moon-blog-tour-review-10-amazon.html

Silver Moon follows a young woman named Candra. Candra is always getting into a lot of trouble. Her parents don't know what else to do except to send her to live with her aunt and uncle, Randy and Beth. Candra feels hurt and abandoned, but her mom assures her it is for her own good. Little does she know that there is more to her unexpected visit then she thought. Her life in a new town is not a typical thing for the average teen. She has been having these strange dreams and gets manhandled by two boys at her school. Candra now knows she is at the center of a centuries-old war and her appearance in town has escalated problems. Candra will do whatever it takes to end this feud or she may lose all she loves.

I love Young Adult reads and this one really hit it on the head. I loved how this story flowed. It slowly reels you in page by page. Rogers definitely knows how to build some mystery, let me tell you. The plot was incredible. I found myself engulfed in the story. From the get go Candra is experiencing some strange things. There are yellow eyes staring at her in the forest behind her aunt and uncle's house. Her nightmares seem to be warning her about something, but she doesn't know what. I love Rogers' writing style. She keeps you in a constant state of suspense. You have pretty good ideas here and there, but you find there is much more to the story then you would think. You really don't know where the story will go.

The characters were a lot of fun. Candra felt like a real teenager. You have met girls like her sometime in your life. I loved her spunky ways and I loved that she just marched to the best of her own drum, no matter if it got her in trouble or not. Her stubbornness may be he end of her, but she will try to do what others have not done. She has a connection of some kind to a guy named Benjamin (Ben). Problem is his family can't stand her family. Candra finds out she is a werewolf and her powers won't kick in until she is eighteen. Ben's family is power hungry and they want her power. Ben, however, doesn't seem like his family. He seems to be on her side even though everyone is telling her it is all an act. So you don't know whether he is trustworthy or not. I love the whole Romeo and Juliet feel here. There isn't any big romance in this book, but it is brewing, that is for sure.

I also enjoyed Jana and Blake. They are basically the only friends Candra makes at the new school. They know a lot of secrets in their town and try to keep a low profile. Ben's family have a big problem with people who side with Candra's family especially if they are human. I also enjoyed Randy and Beth. It is nice seeing actual parent/guardians in a YA book. I don't know what it is, but in most of the ones I have read, parents are almost nonexistent. I loved that they were understanding towards Candra. There were times I thought they would flip on Candra while on one of her "journeys", but they loved her curiosity. Not to mention it was hard for them to talk about things given the weight on the family's shoulders. they don't know what will happen when Candra turns eighteen, but they know the road ahead won't be easy.

I really enjoyed this read. I did have a couple of issues here and there. The character of Ali (who was seemingly Ben's girlfriend) sort of evaporated out of the story. I don't like cattiness or anything, but I would have liked to have seen some kind of conflict there. Ali definitely had some kind of issue with Candra, but is it about Ben or something else? We don't know. I hope we get to learn what was or is going on there. Also the end was a bit odd. Not bad or anything, but it just sort of ends. There isn't a lot of action in the book, so I thought that was where things were going to start getting explosive a bit. But no, that was just the end of this book. But to be fair, this is just book 1. It looks like it will run right into book 2 which will be great to see.

If you are looking for an awesome Young Adult read, I would recommend this to you. It has great characters that I can't wait to see more of. The story is very intriguing. It will be very easy to get lost in this book. I am always up for werewolves and shapeshifters and this book gave me a great taste of that. I can't wait to see where this goes. I am very anxious to say the least because I think we have only scratched the surface, Definitely worth checking out.
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228 reviews63 followers
July 17, 2011
Silver Moon is full of mystery. Candra Lawton is moved to East Hartford to live with Aunt Beth and Uncle Randy. Candra is a rebel of a student and has a perchance for trouble. This actually makes me like her all the more. It is departure from the candy coated heroines that are so good and always do the right thing. Candra is gritty and questions everything from what everyone is hiding to whether her love interest is sincere. What was nice was that Candra didn't take the secrets sitting down and bemoan her fate, she investigates which quite often gets her in trouble.

When she first moves in, Chandra starts to attend High School and is the new student that is ostracized for no reason. He only friends are a couple by the name of Jana and Blake. She also meets the Conways a family who dabbles in dark magic and are a clan with a grudge so deep that the Lawtons are mortal enemies. Cameron and Ethan are the hench men of the family and are continually threatening and stalking her because of the bad blood. But Ben Conway is something more, he seems to like her and Candra is drawn to him. He begins to pick her up to drive her to and from school. No one in the town likes the fact that they are hanging out. Ben is continually in trouble with his brothers for even talking to her and she gets shunned by her supposed friends who are looking out for her. Chandra is not duped but wants to use Ben to end the fued. Ben suggests they talk with his mother and wants to help also. But then everything goes wrong. Chandra ends up in the hosptial. Ben and Chandra decide that they can't be together even though they want to. I have a feeling this will not be the end of them by any means.

The only issues I had with Silver Moon is that everything felt over dramatc for me. I don't know if it was because I didn't quite understand what the big deal is with Candra. It still seems like there is something special about her that we do not yet know. But the book doesn't necessarily hint that there is more to it. Also, Ben and Chandra could have been explored a little more and although I in no way believe it is over between them. I would have liked to see more romance. But it was also refreshing that Chandra didn't lose herself and insist on true love with Ben. I found Chandra a very strong self sufficient girl. She doesn't fall all the way for Ben because part of her still doesn't trust him. She isn't like Twilight's Bella who falls deep in love and is only motivated about being with her boyfriend. I am not even sure you would call Ben a boyfriend.

Some of the dream visions were confusing and black magic didn't seem to adequately explain it. It is almost like there are so many beginnings of stories in this book and not enough tying together for me. I am looking forward to reading the next book hoping that it will become clear.

Chandra is a werewolf who will turn for the first time on her 18th birthday and inherit a power that has yet to reveal itself. The Conways want to take her power to combine with theirs to make them more powerful. The book ends with Chandra just trying to stay safe until she is 18.
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194 reviews78 followers
March 23, 2012
originally appeared on:Bookshelf Confessions

Silver Moon is a YA Paranormal Romance, with werewolves as the main theme, plus magic, rival clans, ancients and forbidden romance.

The plot is interesting and engaging, I loved all of the characters, even though I still had to know more of them in the sequel, the ‘forbidden romance’, is a thing I always look forward to too :D.

This book has a lot of mystery, and plus the author’s writing style, it kept me reading until the end. This is full of suspense and thrill, and sometimes I wondered what would happen next. The characters’ relationships are unpredictable too.

This book has a lot of potential. Ms. Rogers writing style would keep you in focus til the end of the book. From the beginning til the end, I have questions running in my head, and the more I read, the more curious I become.

Some things that bothered me are: first, I thought Ben has a girlfriend, but then other than Ali (Ben’s girlfriend) saying, “you could say that”, and Ben denying it, there’s no further discussion with this topic. Next, I love Candra’s dreams, but I still don’t know why her dreams exist. Other than the fact that it’s a warning, I want to know who caused them.

The ending meanwhile, is a little bit unclear, or maybe I was just so into the story that I expected more to happen lol.. I just wish this book had ended with a little bit more action, or I suggest the author should write an epilogue, or anything that would keep the reader hanging in a good way.

Also, there’s no real action in the book. I mean, the theme was about werewolves, but little encounter was seen in the book. It’s more focus on Candra learning about magic and her clan’s history.

The good thing in this is, I think there’s a lot of surprises in the next book. I think the “things that bothered me” above, will be cleared and explained in the sequel. This book serves as a good introduction to a good storyline.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading Silver Moon, I love the plot and the characters. And would love more how Candra’s adventure will develop in the upcoming books, this all explains why I give this 4 stars, if there’s 4.5, I would give it to this book. I would recommend this to anyone who would love a Romeo and Juliet story in a paranormal theme…:D
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519 reviews35 followers
August 29, 2013
Candra is a young girl who likes to get herself in trouble, She seems to be eluding her parents wishes so they ship her off to to live with her Aunt & Uncle all the way in Connecticut.

Under the impression that her parents have abandoned her due to her behaviour Candra isn’t settling in well.

She feels unloved, left out, and most of all betrayed by her parents.

Little does Candra know they didn’t ship her off because she was an unruly teenager, they did it out of love, and for her own protection.

Your thinking “Protection” what could they possibly need to protect their teenager daughter from.?

Well this is the part where the book starts getting interesting.

Candra learns a few things from her Aunt & Uncle, things she possibly couldn’t comprehend, let alone be the real deal……She’s a werewolf.

No when you think of a werewolf now a days there’s sooo many interpretations of a werewolf, well in Candra’s case, its the less pretty version.

Long sharp teeth
Haggard/Messy fur
Yellow Bulging Eyes
Not so easy on the eyes
Horrible looking
I’m pretty sure this description is making your mind go 10 to the dozen conjuring an image, nonetheless she’s a werewolf and her family are involved in some heavy feud between another rival wolf pack living close to her Aunt’s.

The time has come and we meet the adorable Ben.

Ben befriends Candra when she starts the school in Connecticut.

We learn the Ben unfortunately belongs to the “Conway” family, who in fact are the family they have a feud with.

At this point they both Ben & Candra realize who the other person is, and that they aren’t supposed to be talking to one another.

Ben is continually getting himself in trouble with his brothers for even talking to her and she gets shunned by her supposed friends who are only trying to look out for her.

Seems like neither of these two loved birds can win.

There are a few typos, but these are very minor and you forget them when you divulge more into the story.

I thought the story line is very well written. I love the straight forwardness of Candra!

In parts of this book you find that you’ve just figured out some important fact then WHAM…..Rebecca throws in another twist which then in turn totally throws your thoughts out in to the open water.

Soooo this book is definitely worth the read, and I would recommend to you ALL to read ASAP.
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88 reviews15 followers
August 2, 2012
The setting for Silver Moon is in Connecticut in our time period. Candra Lowell is being taken by her parents from Charleston to move in with her Aunt and Uncle. She’s not happy about the move and but doesn’t fight them on the issue. After starting High School in Connecticut Candra quickly learns that there is a feud going on in this new town and her family is very involved. At school she meets a mysterious handsome guy and immediately feels a deeper connection. Her life is turned upside down when she finds out that she’ll become a werewolf on her 18th birthday and her crush is on the opposite side of the werewolf feud.

Candra is a character with many levels. She is the typical confused teenage at times…uncertain but, very stubborn when she wants to be. In the beginning of the book she acts like she has the world’s biggest chip on her should but, it eventually goes away when she gains more confidence.

This book is a bit confusing at times because Candra goes through, what seems like, sudden personality shifts. She goes from the sullen teenager personality to just totally fine with everything. What worried me during the book was how she was unconcerned about the fact that she was passing out all the time. Beyond those minor complaints, I enjoyed the story of the first book in the series. I thought it was an interesting spin on the shifter genre and the romance was very appropriate for young adult fiction. I’m looking forward to reading the 2nd book in the series soon.
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807 reviews90 followers
April 29, 2013
1.5 stars

Sigh... How the hell do I start reviewing this book? It's pretty messed up if you ask me. It's kinda shocking that I could muster some courage to go through this book after stupid Candra decided to throw common sense out of her window and become that silly girl. Since I can't seem to write more without spoilers let me just make some things clear about this book.

1. It's a common story of a shapeshifter. (We all have read about a troublesome teenager who finds out s/he is a shapeshifter only months before they change or under some circumstances)

2. Ofcourse the girl falls for the enemy. How would the book be complete without entering forbidden love?

3. Main character's stupidity. *eye roll* Why O why can't there be a smart main character who uses his/her brain and analyse things for themselves?

4. The plot almost always leads to the upcoming end of the war via the main character. I'm not against the end of the war but why does it have to be the main character? Why can't the main character be just a helping part of it and describe how someone else made the war end?

I guess that'll have to do for now. I'm so not looking forward to reading the next installment of the series. I may pick it up sometime later if I find myself able to gather the courage to do so.
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166 reviews3 followers
March 3, 2012
Silver Moon by Rebecca A. Rogers is about Candra, a seventeen year old senior who gets shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle because of her "bad behavior" Little does she know that she was sent to learn more about what she is about to become...a werewolf.

Silver Moon is a very enjoyable read that held my interest throughout the entire book. I enjoyed the well written characters, loved reading the start of a "forbidden" romance, and the mysterious plot. I rate Silver Moon 4.5 stars, the missing .5 is that the book didn't end well for me. My biggest pet peeve with books is books that don't really have an ending. Silver Moon kind of leaves you hanging. However, I will definitely be reading the sequel, I can't wait to see what else is in store for Candra.

I enjoyed Rebecca's writing style and can't wait to read more!

I received a e-book copy from Rebecca A. Rogers, in exchange for an honest review, Thank you very much Rebecca!

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April 1, 2023
The blurb states ".....she discovers she’s the new favorite target of a rival pack. She isn't just a werewolf—she's a werewolf in the middle of a feud that makes the Montagues and Capulets look like best friends. She’s also made a mess of things by falling for her sworn enemy. Worse, the rival pack wants the power Candra will receive on her eighteenth birthday."

Okay, I was intrigued with the Romeo/Juliet tag and the story idea sounded good. I wasn't disappointed (mostly). I will say that Candra reminds me of the girl on the commerical that goes to hide behind the chain saws than escaping in the running car! But, she is quite funny and I enjoyed the banter she had with herself.

This book is about Candra finally finding out who/what she is and coming to terms with that. Sadly, the story ends before you find out why the rival pack hates her so much or what her power will be. I did enjoy the book and will continue with the series.
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August 19, 2012
I feel in love with this book from the start. I mean the feud between the families is tense...like really tense. Conways vs Lowells. Just wow. And then add in the fact that Candra is falling in love with Ben, mortal enemies which just happen to like each other. I was in LOVE with Ben from the beginning. He protects Candra from his family from the very beginning. He then even marks her. WOW....... Candra uncovers some very important secrets about the town she was shipped off to by her parents. She discovers there are werewolves and that some seek to destroy her and steal her power which will arrive on her eighteenth birthday. Her only two friends in town are Watchers (who over he at all times) and are also werewolves...I mean wow!!!!! Many many twist in this book.....I read it twice in one day I loved it soooo much!!!!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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December 15, 2012
This is a must-read!!! This is the first book in the series following Candra as she comes to terms with being a werewolf. Doesn't help that help parents have supposedly gave up on her and left her at her aunts. Here she meets the mysterious Ben and his two bully brothers. Life is hard for Candra but at least she has her two new friends and a group of unknown werewolves looking out for her. But what can they do against the powerful enemy of a family?? What can they do when this family wants nothing more than Candra's unknown power when she turns 16?? Read this fast paced book to find out but expect to be kept on the edge of your seat. It leaves no time for guessing on what is going to happen next. Unexpected twists are thrwon at you and Candra when she least wants them too. :)
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October 4, 2013
Silver Moon was not that great of a book. I hate not finishing a series so I will read the other two books but I don't expect great things from them. There are way too many gaps in the story. It was like Rebecca Rogers published the first rough draft and didn't have an outside source edit it and critique her work before publishing it.
I really wish she would have done some research on how a wolf pack functions. Obviously there is always an Alpha in wolf packs. Then there is the Alpha's second. I saw no resemelence of a functioning wolf pack. There was no set Alpha, no chain of command. Just a bunch of wierd magic.
Silver Moon is a fast and easy read. There is nothing special about the book either. I can probably finish the other two books both in one day.
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April 19, 2011
Cute Book! It's a story about a girl who's parents ship her off to live with some relatives, after getting into some trouble with the law back home. While trying to settle in she begins to have really weird dreams, is practically shunned at school, and meets a boy. She soon realizes that she was sent here for more than just getting into trouble. A battle between clans, werewolves, and magic are just some of the things that she encounters. Although I liked the book it did seem a little rushed and was hard to follow at times. However, I do look forward to reading the next book to see how this centuries old battle will turn out......
November 28, 2011
well, lets start off by saying that i really did want to like this book, but
one thing is that i hated the characters. they were boring, flat, and not very well thought out. i mean the guy is battling staying away from her even though he likes her and he 'has; to show it. i found the heroine totaly boring and completly annoying.
'i hate me life. i will whine about it until my parents are fed up, and blah blah blah'.
the idea was really good and which is what i was drawn to.
but scenes were cut to short, not enough discription and a little sappy.
there was NO tension. none. it was like 'what the heck?' i expected action, and pace. what i got? NOTHING
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August 30, 2011
Well, I'm really not sure what to think of this book. I like the thought/idea of it... I don't think that there was enough chemistry between Candra & Benjamin... half of the time I was reading more and more just to see if my curiosity would be pleased... With that being said, YES, I am looking forward to the next book in the series to see if again, my curiosity will be pleased... I'm a sucker for romance/love-paranormal literature. So I'll give it a chance... It's the least I can do for authors that take their time to write...
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December 17, 2012
Silver Moon was such a fun book to read. It was full of werewolves, magic and forbidden love. I found the feud between the two rival packs to be exciting and refreshing. I loved that Candra and Ben have feelings for each other even though their families are rivals. I thought Rebecca A. Rogers wrote this beautifully and her story kept me glued to the pages waiting to see what would happen next. I am looking forward to continuing her series! I recommend you get this book right away and prepare to be immersed in BEN! He is definitely swoon worthy!!
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September 17, 2012
A definite twist on werewolves. Rebecca kept it old school. They change alright but not into a beautiful wolf - they grow hair, have glowing yellow eyes, extended sharp claws and of course fangs. Candra is sent away to live with her aunt and uncle and learn about her heritage...she's a werewolf. She gets tossed in the middle of a family war with the Conways and is forced to fight for her life. It doesn't help much that she falls for the enemy, Ben Conway. We follow her as she struggles to learn her place among the chaos. Great book and I've already placed Black Moon on my tbr list.
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January 4, 2013
WOW! I love this series. 2nd book is way better than Alpha Moon. sucks you in. Candra has been ship off to stay with her aunt and uncle and reasons for her being in the new town are kept secret from her. She thinks is due to he getting in trouble and her parents can't handle her but in truth she was Will be a werewolf in a few months. She is suppose to hat Ben the on person she is drawn to at her new school. Jana an Blake her new friends keep secrets will she forgive them can the keep her alive till her birthday. Couldn't put it down!
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