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Butterfly #2

And for Your Information…

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My friends, Alex and Rachel are minted. My money runs out. All the time.

After Alex's mum died, Rachel knew how to help. It made them closer. They don't mean to leave me out. And I try not to mind.

I have a sort-of boyfriend. We don't talk about the stuff that matters. But it's better than nothing, right?

I'm not even going to talk about my family.

Shoplifting wasn't exactly on my list of things to do before I die but it makes me feel amazing. In control. Until I'm caught. And my life, weirdly, begins.

416 pages, Paperback

First published August 25, 2011

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About the author

Denise Deegan

15 books123 followers
Award-winning and best-selling author, Denise Deegan lives in Dublin with her family where she regularly dreams of sunshine, a life without cooking and her novels being made into movies.

Denise has been a nurse, a china restorer, a pharmaceutical sales rep, a public relations officer, an entrepreneur and a college lecturer. Her most difficult job was being a checkout girl, although ultimately this experience did inspire a short story…

Denise writes for both adults and teenagers. Her novels have been published by Penguin, Random House, Hachette and Lake Union Publishing. Writing under the pen name Aimee Alexander, Denise's contemporary family dramas have become international best-sellers on Kindle.

Under her own name, Denise has written a much-loved contemporary Young Adult trilogy, the Butterfly Novels, the second of which was nominated for an Irish Book Award.

Denise's most recent novel, Through the Barricades, won the international SCBWI Spark Award.

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736 reviews517 followers
August 29, 2018
Mi corazón 💔😭 Que hermoso y que cruel son esos libros que te destruyen.

Y qué les digo. Nunca había escuchado nada de Denise Deegan, la encontré por casualidad aquí en GR mientras buscaba historias feel-good que me permitieran mantener el sentimiento de ternura que me trasmitió To All the Boys I loved Before (la película, porque el libro meh). Entre muchos conocidos que nunca terminaron de convencerme, choqué con And For Your Information . Un young adult irlandés, poco conocido pero muy amado, según las reseñas. Así que me animé. Y lo que en un comienzo parecía otra historia juvenil más, se fue tornando en un torbellino de emociones. Luego del 20% no pude parar de leer, porque aunque la trama puede considerarse predecible, me enamoré tanto de los personajes que me fue imposible no reírme y sí, también llorar con ellos - del tipo ugly crying donde te cuesta hasta respirar. ¿Así que feel-good? Siii, porque aunque lloras te sientes bien mientras lo haces (?)

Me partió el corazón, lo volvió a armar en pedacitos, y me encantó.

Es una trilogía y aunque pueden leerse como standalone, no me resisto así que ahora a por el siguiente.
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1,020 reviews103 followers
December 27, 2011
After reading And by the Way, the first in Butterfly series, I couldn't wait to see what was up next for Rachel, Alex, and Sarah, and just my luck, I had a copy of And for Your Information, the second one in the series, already in my possession. So I quickly dove right in, and oh my gosh, I was BLOWN away to say the least! I thought And by the Way was good but this one was just its own kind of brand of good- amazing more like it! It was bittersweet, heartwarming, romantic, emotional...the list of adjectives goes on and on.

And for Your Information tells the story of Sarah, best friend to Alex (And by the Way's narrator) and Rachel (the narrator of the upcoming third book). In the first book, I wasn't the biggest fan of Sarah. She seemed a bit immature as well as goofy and not the greatest friend out there. However, in this one, I truly got to see what kind of person she is deep down, and I was pleasantly surprised. She's not half as flaky and silly as she appears. She's actually really sweet and funny, and throughout the book she really grew up to be someone great. I especially loved seeing her begin to develop a Shane, a boy dealing with several problems of his own. Shane was a lot like Sarah in some ways, because how he was at first didn't indicate at all what he turned out to be, and I really liked that about him. Plus I loved the way he was with Sarah. He played a big part in her growing up, and to be honest, it was just sweet seeing them fall in love.

The plot in this was a big steep up from And by the Way, because while And by the Way took a little while to get off the ground, this one was an action packed ride from beginning to end. I really enjoyed learning as well as seeing more about Sarah's life, especially when her older brother Louis was involved, and as mentioned before, I loved seeing her relationship with Shane bloom. In most ways, it wasn't at all like the typical YA romance, and that's one of the things I enjoyed most about it. It was innocent as well as surprising and bittersweet. I don't want to give too much away about it (because it's part of what makes the book so good), but I will say I didn't have one dry eye at the end. Moving on, I really enjoyed seeing more of Alex and Rachel, because while they may think there stories would be on a standstill a lot happened in this one that changed everything, especially in Alex's life. While the changes were at times very surprising, I ended up really loving the direction Denise took the book in, and I'm excited to see where everything is going to end up in the third book.

Lastly, Denise Deegan's writing truly improved in this one. She truly brought the characters and their emotions off the page and to life. She also never sugarcoated anything in this, especially towards the end, and I really respected that about her.

Heartbreaking, bittersweet, and simply spectacular, And For Your Information by Denise Deegan is a great addition to the Butterfly novels! I simply can't wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Grade: A+
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1,583 reviews294 followers
September 23, 2011
Earlier this year (just a couple of months back, in fact) I read Denise Deegan’s first novel in her new “Butterfly” series And By The Way… It was an OK read, nothing entirely special with too many American “likes” thrown into random sentences and I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d be getting book two, And For You Information… Until a blogger friend read it. And cried over it. And said it was awesome. Well, I’m a sucker for a book that’s described like the Nicholas Sparks novel/movie A Walk To Remember (the movie made me cry like a baby, I haven’t read the book though) so I bought myself And For You Information… and after a long wait, it finally arrived so I read it straight away. I mean, it looks like a nice, light read. I’ve never been so wrong in my life. Though the Nicholas Sparks comparison was probably a clue…

And For You Information… is heart-wrenching. I’m getting that out of the way first because if you’re a cry-baby then well, it’s best to be warned, isn’t it? I mean, I’m not a cry-baby. Well, I am. But I don’t cry at books as much as some people do. However And For Your Information… made me cry. Like a baby. It’s been ages since a book has done that and whenever other people say “Oh, yeah, it made me cry” I’m all “Seriously?” and I never believe that the book is really, genuinely sad, but And For Your Information… is. It is THAT sad. And it is THAT emotional. And it is THAT GOOD. It is like A Walk To Remember, too, for the record, so please use that as some kind of warning. Go rent A Walk To Remember and then read this book and come tell me how similar they are. This is all Nicholas Sparks’s fault.

I don’t want to talk too much about the plot of the novel because it was surprising when I read it and when we really get to the cry-baby stuff. As much as it’s like A Walk To Remember, it’s also not (for those thinking I’ve already given the plot away by comparing it to that movie). The first “Butterfly” novel focused on Alex, and this time around it’s Sarah’s turn. I wasn’t a big Sarah fan in the first novel – she was very clingy, very needy, very desperate, but she’s miles easier to like, miles easier to get to know once we hear things from her point of view. In fact, I liked her better than I liked Alex despite the fact she steals things, at least for a time. Until she’s caught and sent to a therapist and to an old people’s home for her community service, where she meets Shane, who’s grumpy and annoying, but shows glimpses of being totally caliente.

I presume book three in the “Butterfly” series will be about Rachel (I can’t wait to see what she gets up to, she seems to strait-laced… then again, so did Sarah, ’till she started stealing). What’s nice about the series is that although the books do just focus on the one girl – Alex first, now Sarah, then presumably Rachel – we’re still focused on all of them. And For Your Information… was Sarah’s story, but Alex had her own troubles, too, as did Rachel, and it’s not as if since we’ve already had Alex’s story in And By The Way… that all of her sudden her life is rosy. Because it’s not. Far from it, in fact. So it’ll be interesting how it continues in the next book. How things that happened in And For Your Information… will carry on and affect the characters in book three.

And For Your Information… was excellent. The writing was better, the story flowed better (even if perhaps some people will question a couple of things that happen) and it was just all-round better than its predecessor. Nothing about the novel seemed forced, it all flowed naturally and I was racing to the end whilst simultaneously wanting to stop and hide the book under my bed, like the grown-up that I am. But finish it I did (I am such a trooper) and I’m glad I did. Sure, it made me cry, but that’s the mark of a book that’s really gotten to me, the mark of a book that I really, really loved and that I wished would have a different outcome. The way the novel ended was brave by Denise Deegan. It’d have been soooo easy to do things differently, because at the end of the day, people don’t want to read books that make them cry(!). I loved every page of And For Your Information… and I can’t wait for the third “Butterfly” novel. I really can’t wait.
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7 reviews2 followers
December 3, 2012
This book nearly made me cry. In the first book we see Sarah as such a ditzy person and we don't really get to know her. We just saw the actions she did but never how she felt about things. In the first book, i got slightly annoyed with her for trying to flirt with David and sticking her foot into things so deep, it was impossible for her to get it out again. But in this book, i grew to love her. The blurb is quite vague and you would not expect Sarah to meet Shane. there's no mention of him at all on the blurb and for that I'm actually really grateful(if there had been a load of melodramatic crap about his illness on the back I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the book as much as i did, that may sound a bit weird but I liked the surprise of him changing Sarah's life). He adds such an unexpected twist on the story and changes Sarah from someone who cares a lot about her image to a more developed person.

Wait! hear me out...I mean in the sense that she loves someone truly and not for image, she gains a fiery sense of independence (which was hidden before) and we get to see her feelings a lot more clearly.

I love Denise Deegan, I think she's an inspirational writer and the way she's written this book makes her geniussness (I swear that not a word...oops) shine. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it had me hooked and the ending was sensational!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, Happy Reading xxx
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306 reviews30 followers
April 29, 2015
4.5 Stars

This is just one of those books that really got under my skin. I just can't stop thinking about it.

This is the second book in the Butterfly series - following on from And By The Way - and this time we get Sarah's story. I was surprised by how much I loved Sarah - she was the weaker of the three characters for me in the first book but here she really grows - becomes absolutely adorable and I could help but completely loved her.

I must say the synopsis is just a tad misleading - I went into this not realising just how much of an emotional roller coaster it would be. I'm not sure I've sobbed my way through a book quite like this for a while.

When Sarah is caught shoplifting she is forced to see a therapist and complete community service at a home. It is here she meets Shane - someone who opens her eyes to the kind of person she want to be. I ADORED Shane. Honestly, I fell completely in love with him and I think anyone who reads this will too. He's just so selfless and caring - always thinking about other people - I'm not sure many people in his situation would be the same. I think Sarah's has a lot to do with this - I think meeting her helps him to overcome his anger to a certain extent but I also think it just gets him back to the person he was before. And I admired Sarah for her decision - how brave she is to invest in the relationship and give that much for someone - I think that Shane gives her the courage to be who she wants to be and that gives her the courage to change the relationships around her. Plus they are just so incredibly sweet and caring with each other.

One of the things I really love about these books is that it's not just about the person narrating the story. We still get to find out what is happening in Rachel and Alex's life. Life changes in a major way for Alex, Rachel and Mark seem to have some troubles, we get to see Louis in a completely different light - and I have to say I think I am starting to love him.

I can't wait to read the third book and am really looking forward to Rachel's story. Plus I want to catch up with Alex and Sarah to see how they are doing. I love these characters - it's a strange thing to admit but I really miss them now I've finished reading.

I really loved this one - even if it did nearly destroy me!
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1,380 reviews189 followers
August 10, 2014
I was somewhat apprehensive about the second Butterfly Novel because Sarah really doesn’t make a great impression in the first book. She comes across as flakey and annoying but after the first chapter of And for Your Information Sarah made sense. Not only that but I sympathized with her so much that I spend most of this book blubbing.

Sarah is caught shoplifting; her punishment is community service and therapy arranged by her father who left her mother for another woman not that long ago. Sarah keeps this a secret from her friends convinced that they’d drop her the moment they find out.

Denise Deegan has written a beautiful story with a most amazingly endearing and flawed character, if I could have I would have crawled into the book to hug Sarah. Not only is Sarah’s own story a tearjerker but what happened in Butterfly #1 is continued and boy I did not see that development coming.

The writing remains awesome, it takes a couple of sentences before you’re completely in the story. I was hoping And for Your Information would as good as book one but instead it surpassed everything. Truly wonderful, read it.
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Author 25 books141 followers
October 31, 2011
The second Butterfly novel, this one from Sarah’s point of view. And oh dear lord, I thought it was going to be about shoplifting. And be a little fluffier than Alex’s story. Angsty, maybe, but not, you know. Not heart-breaking. Not tense and dramatic and something which would shake up everything you thought you knew about these characters – not just Sarah but the others too. Not achey and grown-up. (I was somewhat mistaken, if that’s not abundantly clear.) This is a completely compelling read. But do have tissues at the ready.
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91 reviews8 followers
April 20, 2018
3,5 Sterne: Ok, ich habe doch nicht geweint 😁 Ich habe in diesem Genre einfach bessere Bücher gelesen.
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395 reviews8 followers
October 31, 2014
Ich hab, bis ich das Buch Zuhause in den Händen hielt, nicht gewusst, dass es der 2. Band einer Reihe ist. Aber ich hab es trotzdem einfach gelesen und kann sagen, dass es überhaupt nichts ausmacht. Ich habe trotzdem alles verstanden, was es zu verstehen galt. :)

Sarah findet ihr Leben ganz schön kompliziert. Sie hat reiche Freunde, die fast jeden Tag shoppen gehen, wobei sie sich nie was kaufen kann. Dabei scheinen sich ihre Freundinnen untereinander mehr zu erzählen als Sarah. Und ihre Mutter ist total weggetreten, da Sarahs Vater sie verlassen hat und das lässt sie nun an ihrer Tochter aus. Ein bisschen Teenie-Kram und ein bisschen Schicksal vereinen sich in diesem Buch. Das ganze resultiert in einem Diebstahl, wodurch sie zum Therapeuten und soziale Stunden ableisten muss. Im Behindertenheim lernt sie Shane kennen und damit ändert sich für Sarah alles..

Man kann Sarah Probleme und ihre Ängste im ersten Teil des Buches sehr gut spüren. Mit der sozialen Arbeit ändert sich vieles rasch. Dass nun auch noch ihre Mutter ihr Leben gebacken kriegt, war fast zu schön um wahr zu sein, denn so scheint schon nach der Hälfte des Buches alles wieder heil zu sein. Umso erstaunlicher ist es, dass man dann nicht weiß, was in der anderen Hälfte passiert.

Das wirklich schöne sind die vielen Themen, die angetastet werden. Es geht um Schule, Zukunft, Vertrauen, Freunde, Liebe, Familie. Alles, was ein Jugendlicher am Ende der Schulzeit mit sich herumschleppt und bewegt. Und dabei hat man nicht das Gefühl, dass Themen auf der Strecke bleiben. Alles wird mit viel Geduld und Gefühl zur Hand genommen. Das hat mir gut gefallen und mich mit Sarah fühlen lassen. Ebenfalls durfte ich die Gefühle von Sarah alle selbst miterleben und mitfühlen, weshalb ich gegen Ende fast weinen musste, da Frau Deegan noch einmal die volle Ladung zu lesen gibt.

Dabei repräsentiert Sarah einfach nur ein normales Schulmädchen, dass sich verliebt und sich manchmal missverstanden fühlt. Gerade wegen dieser Normalität lässt man alles sehr nah an sich heran und überlegt, wie es wäre, wenn es einem selbst einmal so ergehen würde. Das hat mich sehr berührt.


"Wer denkt heute schon an morgen?" ist ein Buch über ein ganz normales Mädchen, das sich Herz über Kopf verliebt. Themen wie die Familie, Freunde, Schule oder die berufliche Zukunft werden dem Leser dabei mit viel Fingerspitzengefühl näher gebracht und behandelt. Ein wirklich schönes, berührendes Buch. :) 5/5 Punkte.
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587 reviews80 followers
August 23, 2016
I already knew that this book was going to be good. It is the sequel after all, and who reads the sequel before the first book? And By The Way… was such an awesome book I was practically standing outside the book shop at 6 am on the day this book was released (although in reality I was sleeping in my bed at that time).

Everyone thinks they know who I am - ditzy Sarah, who cares more about appearances than anything real. And yeah, I do care what people think.

This book is from Sarah’s POV, the protagonist Alex’s best friend. In the first book I found her very needy, desperate, and annoying. I mean, Alex was grieving over her mom! Who cares about a party?? But after reading the first few chapters of this book, my initial view of Sarah was out the window. This girl was deep! She was still struggling with her parents’ divorce, feeling left out as she was the only one of her friends that wasn’t rich, and having a mother that always seemed to treat her like crap. No wonder she was stealing. All that negative energy had to go somewhere, like when you snap at someone when you’re having a particularly bad day.

So when Sarah gets caught stealing a dress she couldn’t afford, the police make her go see a therapist and help out at an old peoples’ home. And that’s where she meets Shane, a boy with a disease that is slowly killing him. Shane opens Sarah’s eyes to the kind of person she wants to be. He was such an awesome character. He starts out as a very angry person because he can’t control anything that’s happening to him, which is totally understandable. But by meeting Sarah he starts to loosen out and go back to the person he was before. And Sarah goes from a girl who thought the most important thing was having the coolest party to a completely selfless, completely loveable girl. She gave so much in her relationship for Shane, and they each help each other grow. It’s so beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time. And when you want to have the typical happy ending – a magical cure for Shane’s illness – life happens instead. Deegan doesn’t take the light approach and it had me bawling my eyes out at the end.

We saw Sarah grow; she was a totally relatable character. With Alex, I loved her, but I couldn’t relate to her. I also loved that in this book, even though it was Sarah’s POV, we still see what happens to Alex and Rachel. We see Alex go through a major life change, and Rachel having some problems with Mark. I’m literally dying to read And Actually… to see what happens with Rachel, Sarah and Alex.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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403 reviews72 followers
January 1, 2013
4.5 Stars

When I saw the second in Deegan's Butterfly series was going to be about Sarah I wasn't the most excited to read it because I had her pegged out to be air headed and annoying so when I found myself loving her character in And For Your Information I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting such a heart rendering novel but Deegan is an amazing writer so shame on me for pre-judging this novel.

I wasn't expecting a novel that would practically bring tears to my eyes, I mean in no way would you think this was anything like a Nicholas Sparks novel by the cover or the blurb but it is and that is saying something. Shane was unexpected, the blurb has no mention of him so he was a total surprise. He really helps Sarah grow as a person and plays such a powerful role in her life I can definitely say he is an unforgettable character.

If you have read the first book you know it was about Alex, and even though the book is mainly centered around Sarah we still get to find out how things are turning out with Alex via Sarah's point of view and I am just going to say things are not what I imagined it would be for Alex, it seems she still has to find her happily ever after.

I thought Alex was my favorite but after getting inside Sarah's head and seeing who she really is she has become my favorite so far...since I know for a fact Rachel's story is next and she is still a bit of mystery to me so I can't wait to dive into the next book in the series and then I guess I can make up my mind officially on who is my favorite out of the three friends.

Overall I can't express how much I loved this book and if you haven't started the series I highly recommend you do so.
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480 reviews23 followers
November 3, 2016
Talk about taking a happy ending and throwing it out the window! Deegan pulls no punches here, not your typical YA sequel which is actually quite refreshing. I was really surprised at the turn Alex's story took, but it was incredibly compelling despite the 'Maury' element to it, can't help but feel devastated for Alex.

I think a real strength of these novels is that the main characters are flawed yet still interesting and sympathetic, they are not perfect, but you still root for them. The friendship between the girls seems to have evolved into something more meaningful here which was nice to see, but they still have some ridiculous teenage logic at times that makes me wish there was at least one mature adult around who had a clue.

The Shane/Sarah story line was set up so well and had some awesome moments, loved their banter and the sweetness of their relationship. I could not help thinking that there is a bit too much melodrama here though. Between Sarah's home life, Shane's illness, the Louis/Alex stuff, it is overwhelming and feels over the top at times, but I guess that is part of the fun. I think there are a lot of interesting issues here, but there are too many to get into with any depth. In the first book, where there were fewer things going on, the issue of how Alex dealt with her grief is explored in what I found to be a really authentic and interesting way.

Not sure about how realistic the story is either. I think I would have bought the getting married thing more if they were older, but at 16, her parents would have to be nuts to agree to that. Overall though, the strengths of this book make it a fun read.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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36 reviews
May 2, 2013
This book was really good because it was written by Sarah the third friend of Alex and Rachel who go to Strandbrook College they think they know everything about her who cares more about appearances than anything real.And yeah she does care about what people think.
Her friends Rachel and Alex, there supposed to be her best friends but they tell each other things they never tell Sarah.Then there's Simon,her sort-of-boyfriend. They hardly see each other and when they do it's like they don't even know each other then her parents are just after divorcing.So she turns to shoplifting. It was'nt exactly on her lidt of things to do before she dies,bug it makes her feel good. In control.
She's sixteen and still waiting for her life to begin then it comes...the day she gets caught...She ends up going to community service and a shrink to avoid getting a criminal record which turns out to be the best thing ever because she meets Shane falls in love with him marries him while he then dies of an incurrable desease.Not only that but her best friend Alex is pregnant with her brother's baby .Things start to get better though as her mam and her get closer and her friends open up to each other then it's not so bad at all and for your information this book was amazing!
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4 reviews
September 26, 2012
And for Your Information tells the story of Sarah, best friend to Alex (And by the Way's narrator) and Rachel (the narrator of the upcoming third book). In the first book, I wasn't the biggest fan of Sarah. She seemed a bit immature as well as goofy and not the greatest friend out there. However, in this one, I truly got to see what kind of person she is deep down, and I was pleasantly surprised. She's not half as flaky and silly as she appears. She's actually really sweet and funny, and throughout the book she really grew up to be someone great. I especially loved seeing her begin to develop a Shane, a boy dealing with several problems of his own. Shane was a lot like Sarah in some ways, because how he was at first didn't indicate at all what he turned out to be, and I really liked that about him. Plus I loved the way he was with Sarah. He played a big part in her growing up, and to be honest, it was just sweet seeing them fall in love.
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15 reviews
March 29, 2016
When I first bought the book, I admit I didn't have any expectation. I have never read a Denise Deegan's book before nor have I heard her name. But oh boy, imagine my surprise, delightfully so at the unexpectedly engaging story. Despite the cover, the plot was utterly amazing, the characters were very well written and the ending, I tell you, I cried buckets! I have never been so into a teen's novel before not even when I was in my teen.

And I have been searching for book 1 and book 3 of the series, but unfortunately those two seems very determine to elude me! I just can't find them anywhere, and it drives me insane!!

Anyhow, I really, REALLY, recommend this book for those of you who are a sucker for a Nicholas Spark's kind of book. And don't forget to prepare a box of tissue when reading this gem, because both cover and synopsis are very misleading! In a good way.
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7 reviews
July 7, 2015
This was an absolutely fantastic book that brought tears to my eyes. It is my favourite of the three Butterfly Novels and i have to say i am emotionally atattched to this book. No matter how many times i read it (and it has to be dozens at this stage) i still always cry at the sad bits and laugh at the funny bits. I must know it off by heart at this stage. I would definitley recommend all three of The Butterfly Novels, as Denises work is brilliant. I had the lovely opportunity to meet Denise a few years ago when she visited my school to talk to the first and second year students and it was great to hear all about how she came up with the characters and wrote their stories. So, if your looking for a book to read, these should definitley be your choice. They will move you. }|{
5 reviews52 followers
October 24, 2012
The second book in the butterfly series is an amazing read. This book follows the life of Sarah rather than Alex, like the first book did. Sarah is one of Alex's best friends. We get to see Sarah's point of view of Alex, which is interesting and also gives us a better image of Alex. We also get to see what Sarah thinks about everything that happens in the first book. At the start of the book we see Sarah make a few bad decisions and follow the story as she pays for her mistakes. The story as she meets a boy named Shane, who helps her through a difficult time in her life. This is a book you will never regret picking up. It will leave you in tears and wanting more.
Profile Image for crizangel.
195 reviews
June 27, 2018
I honestly had doubts when I started reading this book. I wasn’t exactly a big fan of the first book in the series, nor was I a fan of Sarah, but I still decided to read it. And boy was I glad I did. This book connected to me more than the first book did. I appreciated Sarah and understood her. My heart broke for her many many times.

If there’s anything, I wish she would’ve ended up with someone she deserves. I know Shane was good for her but she was broken when he had died and thought that Sarah deserved more than that though. She was young and had her whole life ahead of her. A glimpse into her future would’ve been lovely, if anything.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2 reviews
February 17, 2012
When I heard that the sequel book was going to be written in Sarah's point of view, I had to say I was disappointed.
But once I began reading I actually enjoyed her character more than Alex's. I thought Shane and Sarah's relationship was adorable but was sort of expecting a cookie-cutter ending. I was proved wrong.
Denise Deegan paces to novel well considering all that was going on. I also found Sarah's character interesting and extremely relatable.
It was an absolutely brilliant read and am looking forward to the last in the triology.
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2,958 reviews426 followers
July 24, 2013
Graded By: Meghan
Cover Story: Brown. Bag. IT.
BFF Charm: Dammit! Yes, Ok?
Swoonworthy Scale: 7 With a Double-Shot of SHAME
Talky Talk: Like, A One-Two Punch?
Bonus Factors: Dublin, Private School
Relationship Status: Secret Boyfriend

Read the full book report here.
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34 reviews
December 22, 2013
I read this book first before the others as i only realised after i read it that it was part of a series... After it i read Rachel's book, but never really got around to the Alex's. One thing that i actually really enjoyed from this book was that it was set in Ireland which made it much more realistic seeing as i always read books about an american high school girls! Anyways I really did enjoy this book, I remember balling my eyes out at the end even though i read this a long long time ago...
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94 reviews9 followers
July 24, 2017
i am never really into YA genre. and this story demonstrates the perfect reasons why. I found it difficult to read about 16, 17 years old's romantic stories. To me, even at 17 years old, they are still kids. they should be learning in school, and just being kids.. instead, we have teen-pregnancy, agonising teenage relationship.. sighss..

HOWEVER, if you like YA and agonising teenager relationships, this is definitely NOT a bad series.
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August 17, 2012
I really liked the first book in the Butterfly novel series but this one was so much better. I was so completely wrapped up in it. I laughed and cried with the characters as though I knew them, I think my husband got jealous of the book. It's the best YA novel I have ever read and that includes the Twilight Series.
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June 7, 2014
I've read the first 3 butterfly novels and this is by far my favourite, I haven't read it in a while but it is so memorable for me because it was so good! Really nice the way it's an Irish series, as usually all the y/a books I read are British or American and it can be hard understanding them. Made me cry, would highly recommend as a single read, no need to read first novel.
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August 1, 2012
I was so exicted when we were sent in the sequel of "And By The Way..". i love the the first book as did my wife and my sister. It lives up to the hype we had for it here at RTÉ and a definite must-get .
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November 24, 2012
My review mysteriously got deleted somehow:(

But I'll say somethings anyway:)I cried and cried and cried and cried!

I absolutely loved this book! Shane and Sarah are the best and it was a shame what happened to Shane at the end:( 5/5 one million times!!! I reccomend this to everyone!!!
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January 28, 2012
Even better than the first book and by the way. Anyone that liked the first book has to read this one!!! Like if u agree!
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April 10, 2013
These books are amazing! Once you start reading them you can't leave them down. This one actually made me cry
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