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The Price of Falling
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The Price of Falling

3.72  ·  Rating details ·  594 Ratings  ·  91 Reviews
Mike Miller thought he was an average high school student. Your all-American, football playing, middle class kid. He didn't mind being normal and fitting in, until new student Jason Reilly showed up. What was it about Jason that was so magnetic? Surely he shouldn't be feeling things for another guy?

As Mike slowly starts to ignore everything else in his world, he finds not
Kindle Edition, 300 pages
Published March 31st 2011
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Jade Archer
Apr 14, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Wow! I loved this story! Truly a five star read for me because I know I'll read it again!

A BRIEF OVERVEIW : The story of a small town guy, Mike, as he slowly wakes up from his safe, niave little dream to discovers himself, his sexuality and the often harsh realities of the real world.

I adored this book. Written in the first person it really is Mike's story in a lot of ways; although Jason (his love interest) obviously plays a pivotal role in his journey of discovery. Be warned, this one definite
June Helmsley
Behold my first review with gifs! Because OMG DIS BOOK.

So YEAH, I was perusing through reviews to get an idea of what to read next and The Price of Falling jumped out at me. I bought the e-book and read it all in one afternoon! As in I locked myself in my room and read it all LIKE A BOSS.

The story starts off all Penthouse Letters-y, with jock Mike (yum!) realizing that he's lusting after bad boy Jason (double yum!). Get this! Jason is kind of a whore. Sad, yes, but Mike realizes that the dude wi
T.A. Webb
Feb 05, 2012 rated it it was amazing
To anyone looking, Mike Miller was an average high school kid. A jock, not too bright but not a dumb kid either. He dated, hung out with his buds drank and partied. Average for any kid in 1988. He was in his senior year, within a few months of graduation. Then he caught sight of Jason Reilly.

Red headed, pale skinned stoner Jason Reilly. The kid who cut classes, hung out with the strange kids and listened to weird music. Left in cars with strange men. That Jason Reilly.

And Mike became intrigued,
Oct 12, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Objectively I probably shouldn’t love this book so much. The writing is average, the proofreading subpar, fact check is needed, there are a lot of things left unexplained, money is too easy to come by and matters so much to the story, the main character is essentially a masochist doormat for most of the book, and the love story is unhealthier than it is not. Truly not incentives to love a book; but I do. In fact, I haven’t been this (emotionally) satisfied by a book in what feels like a long tim ...more
Lisa Henry
I wanted to like this book a lot more than I actually did. The idea is fantastic -- a high school jock finds out that a boy in his class is prostituting himself for cash. And he has cash... Sexy good times, moral ambiguity and a shitload of angst ahead!

Except I just couldn't connect to the MC Mike. I didn't hate him, I just didn't care very much about him. I actually liked Jason a lot better, teenage angry mood swings and general assholery included. Because I got Jason. I understood a bit of wh
Sep 30, 2016 rated it really liked it
This rating comes a surprise for me, if I consider my impressions of the book when I first started, some of them, I even mantained until the end.

This is a cute, albeit somewhat implausible, story. However, cute and lovely and sweet and the like is not all there is (and, if I'm being completely honest, those elements are there in a rather minimal measure, this story is rather angsty, although in a very original, refreshing way). Still, I stand by my first statement. People who follow my reviews
Nov 14, 2013 rated it did not like it

1.5 Stars

I feel so conscious for giving this book a single star rating despite its stellar reviews. After just a few chapters I found myself skimming it (which was a first for me) and was surprised that upon reaching the last few chapters, I was still able to get a good grasp of the story. If a reader can sum up everything about the plot by just going through the first and last few chapters, I don't think it puts the book in a good light.

The plot strongly reminds me of The Far Away Years (view s
A.B. Gayle
Aug 25, 2011 rated it really liked it
It's difficult writing books with "difficult" characters. Characters that are not the type of people you would ever imagine anyone wanting to hook up with. Therefore, I appreciate it when an author steps outside the boundary of "easy" and takes on the unloveable ones. The misfits. The ones that are like the snarling dog in the animal shelter. The one that everyone else avoids, not seeing what lies underneath or trying to take the time to understand why they are like they are.

To make the story wo
Feb 09, 2015 rated it really liked it
Shelves: read-in-2015, lgbtqia, m-m
"So either you want to try and blackmail me or you're hitting on me. Which is it?

Mike is an average high school boy, who comes from a privileged home, likes sports and does things that normal teenage boys do. Everything changes when a new students arrives at his school who is everything but average and turns Matt's whole world on its head.

I must say I did quite enjoy the book. Matt was a surprisingly enjoyable character, who didn't necessary fall in to the typical characterisation of a jock. Wh
Aug 21, 2011 rated it it was amazing
OMG, what an emotional roller coaster ride this was!

If you like a coming of age story that isn't sugary sweet then this is the story for you. I loved everything about this book. I loved the fact that I would be yelling at the MC to speak up for himself and grow a pair and then the next minute I'm crying like a big ole baby. After reading this book I couldn't stop thinking about it, that doesn't happen to me very often.

If you read one coming of age story this year, this should be the one!
Feb 06, 2012 rated it liked it
Shelves: m-m-romance, angsty
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
“Do you want to put some music on?”
“Will you come pick me up?”
“I’ll do whatever you want.”
“You like this right?”
“Stay if you want. Doesn’t bother me.”
“What do you want?”
“Is this what you wanted?”
“Will you say my name... when we you know...”
“I would never hurt you.”
“Please don’t hate me.”
“I wouldn’t hate you, you know?”
“You can stay with me.”
"I missed you."

Mike Oaks
Apr 30, 2017 rated it really liked it
This is not an easy book to get your hands on, but if you are lucky enough to find a copy you will be rewarded with a beautiful read.

It wasn't until Mike was nearly finished with High School that he realized he had a thing for the new student Jason. Jason didn't make it easy for Mike. He put up road blocks and made every encounter some type of business transaction.

The story takes off after Mike and Jason are discovered together by Mike's dad. Mike is sent away - never knowing if Jason likes him
Dec 20, 2011 rated it liked it
Shelves: m-m
I read the reviews and looked at the rating and took a chance on this author that I hadn't heard of and now I'm left with a book that I can not rate (never mind, I'm going to rate it based on the first half and hope that some of you take the time to read the reviews). I won’t rate because this doesn’t have a clear cut rating. It felt more like two different stories which deserve their own ratings. I also don’t want to rate this lowly based on the first half and keep those that I believe will enj ...more
Jul 15, 2011 rated it really liked it
I liked the book but not enough to give it more than 3.5 stars.

I spent more than half the book feeling sorry for Mike and wishing things would go his way. I can't decide if the turn of events was meant to prove that one should trust destiny's choices and make the most of it as it will eventually lead to something good or that one can succeed anything if they set their mind to it.

(view spoiler)
Edina Rose
Jul 31, 2011 rated it liked it
Tough story (not sweet at all, part from the end) about two teenagers who fall in love in spite of HUGE obstacles, and it lasts in spite of SUPER-HUGE obstacles.

During his last year in high school, very average jock Mike (average student, average football player, average intelligence...) discovers his real sexual preference by falling in lust with the new guy in school, Jason. Jason is a kind of punk, joint-smoking teen who sells his body to have some money. While Mike is very sheltered and come
Madison Parker
So many emotions. This was my favorite type of story (angsty hurt/comfort) with my favorite type of characters. Mike is a shy and sensitive jock who finds himself undeniably attracted to bad boy Jason. Mike, who has difficulty expressing his feelings and avoids confrontation whenever possible is easily taken advantage of by the object of his affection.

Jason, on the other hand, is mouthy with a prickly attitude, and knows just how to get what he wants from Mike without giving anything of himself
Oct 22, 2011 rated it it was ok
Shelves: romance
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jun 08, 2012 rated it it was amazing
I couldn't stop reading this book, so I ended up being up all night until I finished it at 6 am. The constant feeling that it's all going to end horribly wrong for the characters never left me and it drove me crazy! Throw in a bunch of believable characters with well-built personalities and I'm hooked.
I loved this book despite it being written in 1st person (which I dislike) and having this overwhelming melancholic mood that I tend to be annoyed with. Not in this case. There were also some incon
Mar 18, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: favorites
2nd read: December 2017
I still love this story SO MUCH!

I really wish the book'd continued, didn't want it to finish after all those problems. The story is so full of youth and craziness, and at the same time so maddeningly angsty, it was definitely a page-turner for me. What happened to the MCs mainly Jason was so heartbreaking and sad I was hoping to read more about their happy life as a couple; I want more of Mike and Jason.
Stella ╰☆╮╰☆╮
Jan 01, 2015 rated it really liked it
Recommended to Stella ╰☆╮╰☆╮ by: Saba
Shelves: rent-boy
Mike + Jason
Set: Ellan, Pennsylvania/ New York

A lovely surprise. Sweet and romantic. I had a hard time at the start cause I found Mike really too stupid. It wasn't my usual romance but I liked it a lot. Sweet Jason broke my heart!
May 26, 2017 rated it really liked it
Shelves: m-m, hearbreaking
I stumbled on this one, although there is a quite a bit in the writing, and in the beginning no one could be that clueless- with all that I really enjoyed this one. Don't know what it was it just found its way in and I was in it.
Chris, the Dalek King
Sep 13, 2013 rated it really liked it
Shelves: cheaters
Mike fell hard for Jason the first time he saw him. He doesn't know why he is feeling this crazy thing whenever he sees the boy, but he's got a plan to get to the bottom of it. When he finds out that Jason is willing to take money in exchange for sexual favors, Mike throws himself, his college savings, and his heart at the boy, in hopes that Jason will see him, and fall for him as well.

But everything falls apart after being caught in a very compromising position by his father. He is sent away, w
Maggie Simms
Warning: Might be spoilerish!!!

This was a very engaging, angsty read. As a matter of fact, it was ANGST galore. It made me feel entertained, frustrated and elated multiple times. Mike was frustrating at times because he was basically Jason's carpet for the first part of the book. The downward spiral that Mike and Jason were traveling got to a point where I put the Kindle down and started wondering HOW this story could possibly have a happy ending. They seemed more destined towards self-destructi
Carlo Adrian
Mar 08, 2012 rated it liked it
This book is quite hard to rate. On one hand, it is written well--clear point of views, there is emotion, there is character depth, and character development. But then on the other hand, it isn't easy to get on board with the dynamic of Mike and Jason's relationship. In fact, you'll probably end up wondering why Mike fell for Jason, in the first place (That's love for you, I guess).

But aside from that, their story is solid enough to keep the reader asking 'Will they really end up together in the
Blue Bayou .
Aug 07, 2011 rated it it was ok
Ok the story line wasn't bad. However, the inconsistencies and wording were annoying. First off is Melanie Tushmore British? The use of some word or their placement seemed off especially for a story set in Texas and New York. Secondly, even being set in the late 80's early 90's, putting a 18 year old in-charge of a management team with out any experience seems just past fantasy. Third, was Mike a complete moron? I don't understand how he could get shipped away and the first if not the second he ...more
Sep 30, 2012 rated it really liked it
Shelves: romance
Not what I was expecting, but nevertheless, a very good book.

I thought the homophobia was a little bit exaggerated beyond realism, but it was interesting.

Jason's lifestyle and the depressive character of the book reminded me slightly of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It did have a happy ending, but it was a long time coming.

I'm not educated about heroin addiction, but it seemed a little too easy to get over it.

Jason was rarely a sympathetic figure and it was hard to understand, sometimes, why
Dec 31, 2012 rated it it was ok
Shelves: m-m, read-in-2013
The story was interesting, but it was clearly written by a Brit trying to do an American story. The language was all wrong. I had a hard time at first figuring out where the story was set, because it was such a weird mix of American and British references. I was floored when I realized, about half way through the book, that it was set in Texas. At best the setting was generic American. Nothing but a couple of city names said "Texas" at all.

Beyond that, I had trouble connecting with Mike. He came
Oct 09, 2011 rated it really liked it
Shelves: mc-is-a-tool, kindle, ya, m-m
I really liked this book aside from a few niggles. One of the main things that stood out to me is that the MC's never seemed their age. I kept thinking these guys were in their late 20's or early 30's so that always seemed off. And, yes, this book takes every extreme and throws it in there, but somehow I didn't care and it worked for me. I can overlook plot points often if the characters draw me in. I wish we had gotten more backstory with Jason, but having him a mystery worked for the reader in ...more
Dec 06, 2012 rated it liked it
This was a really good book. It's hard to review because I don't know exactly how it made me feel. Hard to explain. I read it all in one go - couldn't put it down - it was incredibly engaging. Even though the story was told from Mike's perspective - I never felt like I really knew him or got why/how he fell so intensely for Jason in the beginning. I never felt like I got to know Jason at all - and I wished we had because he's exactly the type of messed up, sexy, hot mess that's right up my alley ...more
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“Either you want to try and blackmail me or you're hitting on me. Which is it?” 2 likes
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