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Marathon: You Can Do It!

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Jeff Galloway developed unique training programs ten years ago showing runners how to train for, and finish a marathon. Galloway‘s success using walk breaks throughout race training has led tens of thousands of average people to experience the unique lifetime accomplishment of running a marathon. In this updated and revised edition, you'll discover how to set up a personal training program, how to stay motivated, train with a group, avoid injuries, and burn fat. Jeff Galloway is an Olympic athlete and a running teacher. His first book, Galloway's Book on Running, is an international best-seller, with over 600,000 copies sold in North America. This is the state-of-the-art marathon book by the person who lives and breathes running. BONUS: This eBook version has a fully linked index and cross-references, and is loaded with external links to marathon websites and runners' resources.

414 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 9, 2001

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Jeff Galloway

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307 reviews82 followers
June 19, 2017
To me (and probably to many other people as well), the marathon ranks up there as the Mt. Everest of running. I read this book because I've decided that I want to tackle this challenge, but had no idea how to get in condition to deal with it, (being about to turn 50 in two months), and knowing that, unlike other races I've done, there's going to have to be much more preparation for it than for any other physical challenge I've faced in the past. Fortunately, Jeff Galloway gives people like me a plan and a strategy on how to get there. This book is comprehensive, covering all the aspects to get ready for a marathon: various training plans, nutrition, handling injuries, dealing with different climate conditions, finding motivation, developing a mental plan for completing the training, and, during the race, finding that extra stamina. In addition, much appreciated by this older runner, he addresses adaptations that guys like me need to make during our marathon training. All in all, having read this book, I feel much more confident and hopeful, that, come this December, by then being age 50, I will achieve my goal of finishing my first marathon. When that happens, I will be even more grateful still to Jeff Galloway for showing me the way!
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2,038 reviews462 followers
January 5, 2014
One of three favorites for marathon training for me. The other one's I loved that I found very inspiring are Marathoning for Mortals: A Regular Person's Guide to the Joy of Running or Walking a Half-Marathon or Marathon and The Official Rock 'n' Roll Guide to Marathon & Half-Marathon Training: Tips, Tools, and Training to Get You from Sign-Up to Finish Line. I also recommend Hal Higdon's website and training plans online (have not yet read his book).

The reason this book comes out on top is I found it motivating and complete. I enjoyed reading it, there was a great amount of inspiration in it for me, and it answered many questions. I've already re read it twice. I'm in the third week of the training and (though I run longer during the week then he recommends) the run/walk method makes a world of difference to me. I cannot overstate it. Quite simply it is the difference from me being able to run no more than about 5 miles and being able to run further. I have some old injuries that have plagued me since 1985 and this way of endurance/LD running leaves me without any injury and able to do nearly double that which I can do by strictly running. As I'm no longer a 22 year old and my goal is to finish a marathon and have fun while doing it this is the method that I feel works best for me!
Profile Image for Marissa.
215 reviews7 followers
October 11, 2012
Really enjoyed reading this book. I began reading it because a few of my running friends have talked about walk breaks and interval training but I was having a hard time grasping the concept of improving my running with walk breaks. I definitely have a better understanding now; by alternating the muscles used and slowing down pace in the begining of a run a runner can perform better and longer without injury. I appreciated the technical aspects of this book a lot. Galloway has charts for not only training plans but also for predicting performance, pace charts, and chapter upon chapters of training tips. He also addresses general running questions, such as how to pick shoes, what to eat, best times to eat, breathing control, and what to wear in different temperatures. The two reasons that I docked this book a star was because some chapters had repeatitive information and because I really found his chapter on motivation cheesey- not to say it can't work for someone else, just not for me.

I highly recommend this book to any runner, marathon inspirations or not, it includes really useful information. I have been using the walk/run techniques over the past few weeks, and will stick with an interval on my upcoming half- hopefully I PR! :)
Profile Image for Austin.
59 reviews
October 26, 2019
It was OK. He’s into running way more than I am so some of it was not interesting or not understandable for me. There were some good tips I put to use though and did finish my first marathon!
Profile Image for Christina.
363 reviews12 followers
May 10, 2011
I signed up for the lottery for my first marathon and picked up this book a few days later. The day after I signed up, I thought maybe I'd better just pull out before it was too late, but after reading this book, I felt excited and hoped I really did get in.

Jeff Galloway is a premier running coach and guru and I'd read a bit of his stuff online before this book, but this book really brought home his system of building endurance through frequent, short, and early walk breaks. I'd always before thought it was a sign of weakness to walk, but now I'm rethinking that -- he says frequent and regular walk breaks, especially early on, rest your running muscles and allow them to work longer without injuries. He claims our muscles are not really meant to be used hour after hour and that short breaks allow the muscles enough recovery to be stronger. He claims that many people have improved their marathon times by following his methods and that most people using it never hit "the wall" at all.

I tried his method on my 9 mile run last week and despite being a much tougher run (significant uphill for the first six miles) than my all-downhill 8 mile the week before, I felt fresh and loved the running experience. I'm sold on his methods. Especially since I'm new to running, I can't afford to be sidelined by an injury. I just want to finish, and after reading his tips and tricks (including some interesting motivational stuff), I feel much more confident that I can do this, and not only that, but ENJOY it too.
Profile Image for Carman.
12 reviews2 followers
May 12, 2008
Great book if you want to run your first marathon and complete it feeling awesome! (I never dreamed I would actually run a marathon!) I trained for about 3 1/2 months for my first marathon and felt awesome finishing the Country Music Marathon in Nashville last April (2007) with no injuries. Great tips, advice and motivation to be found by Jeff in his books. He is such a neat, knowledgeable and caring guy!
9 reviews
July 13, 2009
hopefully this technique will save my knee for years to come. I like that Galloway says anyone can run a marathon, and while reading this I believe he is correct.
Profile Image for Chuck Shorter.
74 reviews4 followers
June 19, 2018
This is not a history book of ancient Greek wars, it is actually about running. I’ve been working through this book off and on for a few months. The author, Jeff Galloway, is a former Olympic runner (1972), and is currently the training consultant for RunDisney. His running program consists of running & walking (ie: run 6 minutes, walk 1 minute) which I have tried on my last two long runs. What I found interesting is that my overall pace did not decrease even though I was walking 1/7th of the time. I’m going to try this out for awhile as I continue to increase my distances and see how it is going by the end of the summer.

The book is filled with great running advice and encouragement. Even if you scrape his run/walk philosophy there is a bunch of information to help any runner. I am not a fan of his writing style though. He introduces most chapters with a fictitious story and dialog between several characters. Just give me the fact and keep the fiction.
Profile Image for Algenis Romero.
11 reviews
March 29, 2020
Must read running book

If you want to run a marathon then this is your go to guide. The book is well organized with everything you need to accomplish your marathon goal. You will find training programs, nutrition and healthy lifestyle style to help you not just with your marathon but also with your life in general. I recommended this book if you want to get starting with running. The book is means for every type of race at any age. You also find a lot of resources to help you keep track and find more people to stay motivated. Hope you considered take the step and follow the guidelines in this book. I am getting ready to run my first marathon and this book is my no. 1 reference to keep me going. Thanks for the amazing book and I will update my review as soon as I finish my marathon.
Profile Image for Tammy Elliott.
Author 6 books18 followers
September 16, 2017
Extremely helpful with very informative data. It not only has me on track for my first marathon (at the age of 56) but provided a ton of guidance in multiple areas, including training, nutrition, timing and breathing. Worth every page.
13 reviews
January 3, 2019
I didn't give it 5 stars because it's a particularly entertaining read, but adopting his run-walk-run strategy helped me push into longer runs and recover much more quickly. It's changed the way I run, without a doubt, so 5 stars for having an identifiable positive effect on my life.
Profile Image for Darryl Garner.
2 reviews
February 20, 2021
Like most books of this genre, there is a lot of filler material. That being said, it had what I was looking for; a variety of training plans using the run-walk method, and good explanations for how to implement the techniques mentioned.
Profile Image for Jeanne.
473 reviews42 followers
August 11, 2021
This book helped me run my first marathon. I was a beginning runner, and I completed a challenging (hilly) marathon in my first year of running with the aid of this book (and some online training programs).
I am still running shorter distances but I will always be a Galloway walk-runner.
Profile Image for Adam Crane.
60 reviews1 follower
September 26, 2017
It could be my ignorance . . . but I learned a lot.
Jolly anecdotes and amusing disclosures keep you reading.
Profile Image for Jill .
388 reviews13 followers
March 10, 2019
This book is more intended for true running newbies, but I was able to glean some useful tips. Most important, it really was encouraging in making me believe that I can run a marathon!
127 reviews18 followers
May 31, 2019
Lots of info and advice that is easily applied to other distances as well. Well worth a read.
10 reviews
November 15, 2019
Excellent resource for new and experienced marathoners. I found his advice very helpful and it reminded me of what I needed to do before, during and after the marathon.
8 reviews
February 13, 2020
Very complete starter for running. Followed Galloway method and been able to comple my first half and full marathon in a year without injuries
Profile Image for Andrew.
18 reviews1 follower
May 14, 2020
Very helpful in preparing me for my first marathon.
July 12, 2020
I really enjoyed reading this book. The walk break methodology has been a game changer to improve the quality of my runs , increase mileages and build endurance.
Profile Image for Roddy Pimentel.
136 reviews
May 4, 2021
A different take on running the marathon. I will try to put an update, when I actually try doing it this in my next one!
Profile Image for Chad E Spilman.
235 reviews1 follower
June 27, 2021
This was a book I loved to read a couple times as I got into marathon running. He does walk, run, walk
Profile Image for Alicia.
629 reviews
January 14, 2017
I prefer Hal Higdon's marathon book, but I did want to read this one to see how they compare.
Profile Image for Corinne.
10 reviews
June 5, 2011
I first picked up this book last winter, when I was thinking about doing my first marathon. I had spoken once with a friend in Knoxville about the "Jeff Galloway" method of running a marathon -that is, a method by which walk breaks are inserted into a marathon run at regular intervals. There are many reasons Galloway stands firmly behind this method of long-distance running, including reducing the pounding effects of running on your joints, allowing time to drink ample water, speeding up recovery, and increased running speed. Still, before picking up the book, I was of the mindset that a "real" marathoner runs the marathon, and walking taints the validity of your finish. Even as I began reading the book I was not buying into the whole idea for I wanted to really "run" a marathon. Well, my first marathon is already a year in the past and I know you're dying to know how I ran it - with or without walk breaks???? I genuinely started reading Galloway's book way too late in my training to incorporate his methods, but in the marathon..... I did take regularly intervalled walk breaks. And I had a very respectable finish for my first marathon. So why am I blogging about this book now? Because I have signed up for the VA Beach 1/2 marathon in September and the Richmond, VA Marathon in November. I have brought the book to the top of my reading pile with plenty of time to revisit what I liked about it and really incorporate Galloway's ideas into my training. It is actually a very inspiring book and I love the "testimonies" he has sprinkled throughout the pages from runners of all backgrounds who have jumped on the Galloway bandwagon. I recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of doing their first marathon or who maybe needs fresh inspiration for marathon number 2, 3, 7, 9 ....?? The title of the book says what Galloway believes and what I now know is true -- "Marathon: You Can Do It!"
Profile Image for Dan.
39 reviews7 followers
October 27, 2009
I read Galloway's Marathon as part of my haphazard and slightly short-of-the-mark training for the Amsterdam marathon, my first attempt at that distance. I made it round, and in a respectable enough time (3hr45m), though how much of that was due to the book is difficult to say.

It's a useful read certainly, and one full of useful information. My difficulty with it was one of a kind of bloody-mindedness on my part that probably did my marathon performance no good at all. Galloway strongly advocates taking 'walk breaks' throughout training and even the eventual big event, and this just didn't sit well with me. I think I'm a combination of too eager to go full pelt and too afraid of looking like I can't do it 'properly'.

I came around relatively easily to taking occasional walk breaks in training, and found them to be a real help in extending the distance I was running. The trouble was that I couldn't reconcile myself to the idea that on race day I would take a minute's walk break every 10 minutes. Since the walk break theme recurs throughout the entire book, it tarnished my experience of reading it a little. Of course this isn't to say that the walk break idea is bad; Galloway clearly knows his subject far better than I do. It was just that I, probably through some weakness of will and excess of pride, couldn't bring myself to do as he advised.

Walk breaks aside, there is good stuff about what to eat, avoiding injury, working on speed and all the other stuff you would expect. I found sections on motivation and so-called dirty tricks to get you through the big day a bit too close to the 'I am strong and capable and will succeed' (repeat x5) school of motivational writing for my taste, but maybe I'm just a cynic.
53 reviews
July 22, 2007
The marathon training program I started this summer provided us with copies of this book because the program is based on the guy's ideas. I've never been very active, and I've never been a runner, so I really haven't spent much time reading about running until now.

The book is pretty decent as an introduction to a lot of the basic issues one deals with when undertaking a running training program. He covers running strategies, eating plans, training plans, etc. My one major complaint is that the book is very repetitive and covers a lot of the same material about things like blood sugar level and the importance of taking walk breaks over and over.

It's very user-friendly in terms of practical suggestions.
Profile Image for Monica.
504 reviews6 followers
August 20, 2009
More like, "Marathon: Slow and Steady Wins The Race!" If I didn't already have a set training schedule and a small (rather big, actually) ego about running the entire thing (or setting out to, at least), I would definitely employ Jeff Galloway's run/walk technique. Even so, for motivation purposes, I much preferred Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance. But to each their own.
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