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El gran diseño
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El gran diseño

4.03  ·  Rating details ·  55,168 ratings  ·  2,355 reviews
Aun antes de aparecer, este libro ha venido precedido, en todos los medios de comunicación, de una extraordinaria polémica sobre sus conclusiones: que tanto nuestro universo como los otros muchos universos posibles surgieron de la nada, porque su creación no requiere de la intervención de ningún Dios o ser sobrenatural, sino que todos los universos proceden naturalmente de ...more
Paperback, 240 pages
Published 2010 by Crítica
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Ben McDonald in a word, yes. one of the main ideas in the book is 'M-theory.' A theory of everything, a single equation that maps out and explains the whole of…morein a word, yes. one of the main ideas in the book is 'M-theory.' A theory of everything, a single equation that maps out and explains the whole of existance. it's logical to accept such a thing exists. but the religious contrevercy occurs when you apply this logic: if M-theory is reolised then there will be no need for a god to map out and explain the whole of existance. (less)

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4.03  · 
Rating details
 ·  55,168 ratings  ·  2,355 reviews

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Jul 30, 2010 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
It's a funny thing being a cosmologist in the greater Los Angeles area. Back when I was a partying single graduate student, I'd frequently hit the town for some fun. Inevitably I'd meet someone, strike up a conversation, and they might ask me what I did for a living.

"Oh, I'm a cosmologist."
"Cosmetologist? Cool, do you do make-up for movies?"
"Um...not unless rouge is a component of dark matter." (ba-da-bum)
"I make detectors and use them to study the origins and geometry of our universe."
When this book was released, I was reading a story about it on-line, and the headline said something like: “Stephen Hawking Says There Is No God”. Then I made the critical mistake of looking at the user comments under the story. It was the usual collection of badly spelled notes from ignorant asshats who tried to say that stupid science didn’t know nuthin’ or that it was all Obama’s fault.

But one in particular caught my eye. It was by someone who undoubtedly dabbles in both neurosurgery and roc
Look John look!
See the pop science bestseller.
See the glossy paper.
See the large font.
See the wide margins.
See the world-famous physicist.
See the ghostwriter.

See the double slit experiment!
Maybe you have seen it before.
But you can never see the double slit experiment too many times.
See the theory of everything.
It is free of infinities.
Anyway, never mind that.

See the quantum multiverse!
See the strong anthropic principle.
See them explain the mystery of being.
They are science.
They make pre
Ahmad Sharabiani
The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking
The Grand Design is a popular-science book written by physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow and published by Bantam Books in 2010. The book examines the history of scientific knowledge about the universe and explains 11 dimension M-theory. The authors of the book point out that a Unified Field Theory (a theory, based on an early model of the universe, proposed by Albert Einstein and other physicists) may not exist.
تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز چهارم ماه مارس
Jan 28, 2011 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: non-fiction
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stephen Hawking is smarter than I am. That's no big feat because two of my cats are smarter than I am. The other cat is a certifiable idiot. But Hawking is way smarter than I am. The Grand Design is Hawking's explanation, more or less, about why the universe is the way it is. The answer comes down to M-theory which is more of a combining of explanations than one single unifying theory. Many reviewers seem to think Hawking is saying there is no God but he really seems to be stating that God is i
Jul 18, 2013 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Note: I'm a physicist, so my experience reading this was colored by my training.

Hawking and Mlodinow begin by declaring, on the very first page, that "philosophy is dead," and that modern science alone must carry our search for knowledge into the future. Several pages later, they launch into a purely philosophical discussion on the nature of reality and discovery. Dead, indeed. In my opinion, this accurately colors the entire book, and if you can't stomach this kind of hard-and-fast science for
Kamal Sabry Shaker
الكتاب شرح مبسط وتسلسل للأفكار أكثر من رائع وتقييمى للكتاب ثلاثة نجوم الاولى لحسن الترجمة وجودة الطباعة من دار التنوير والثانية لبساطة الكاتبان هوكينج وملدينوو فى عرض أفكار واستنتاجات عميقة وشديدة التخصصية لكاتب من الوارد أنه لم ينل قسطاً كافياً من دراستهاوالثالثة للمعلومات وفكرة الكتاب وأهميته من الناحية العلمية
وقد يكون إنحيازى لفكرة تدبير الله لجميع شئون الكون وأن الكون تحكمه قواعد وقوانين إلهية وليست العشوائية هى من تحكم هذا الكون وأن يد الله وعنايته تحمينا مما يسميه الكاتبان عشوائية وطبيعة و
Ahmed Ibrahim
في هذا الكتاب يحاول هوكينج البحث عن النظرية الموحدة للكون التي سعى إليها الكثيرين من قبله، نظرية كل شيء.
لكنه هذه المرة لا يريد سوى تتبع الكون علميًا فقط دون إرجاع علته لمحرك أول أو خالق كما فعل سابقيه، فيكمل ما بدأه في كتابه تاريخ موجز للزمان ليتوغل هذه المرة أعمق في تفسير الكون وقوانينه، في تاريخ موجز للزمان نجد أن النسبية العامة كانت هي العامل المفسر لأغلب ما يتناوله لتركيزه على الأشياء الكبيرة في الكون كالثقوب السوداء، أما هنا فميكانيكا الكم هي محور التعليل لتعامله مع الجسيمات والكوركات والم
Manuel Antão
Oct 19, 2018 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2010
If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

Epidemic of Vanity: "The Grand Design" by Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow

(Original Review, 2010)

At university, after spending thousands on tuition, I then had to spend a lot, over 3 years, on books for my courses. More than half were written by the very professors that were teaching me. Quite frankly, it's a giant scam. Those professors have already been paid for the first material through their salaries. Why should we have to pay th
Mohamed al-Jamri
أثير الكثير من الكلام حول هذا الكتاب قبل وبعد صدوره خاصة وأن أحد الكاتبين هو العالم البريطاني الشهير ستيفن هوكنج وأيضًا بسبب التساؤلات الوجودية التي يطرحها

يبدأ الكتاب بسرد تاريخ العلم، فيقول أن البشر في البداية استعانوا بالأساطير والقوى الخارقة لتفسير الظواهر الطبيعية ومن ثم في القرن السادس قبل الميلاد ظهر لنا مجموعة من المفكرين الإغريق من مدرسة إيونية قاموا بمحاولة الخروج بتفسيرات مادية للظواهر الطبيعية من دون الرجوع للآلهة كعامل مفسر. على رأس هؤلاء كان طاليس الذي قيل أنه تنبأ بكسوف للشمس وجاء
Riku Sayuj
Sep 19, 2011 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: pop-science, r-r-rs
In the first chapter Hawking says that his aim is to provide an answer to "Life, Universe and Everything" and goes on to assure us that his answer will not merely be "42". After just completing the last chapter, I think I still prefer "42".
Jul 13, 2011 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I have a feeling that the publishing industry is milking Stephen Hawking. There was a time when we had a dashing physicist named Richard Feynman who used LSD and played banjo in a strip club. The naked pole dancers didn’t distract him from formulating quantum electrodynamics. He was quite a genius, and he was all over the place with his talks and popular books. But he’s dead. Now Stephen Hawking seems to be the coolest physicist around. He’s paralyzed and wheelchair-bound, and he speaks through ...more
Aug 05, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Love to talk or read about very smart people, they always teach me and make me look at things differently. Never miss any programs on TV about our home and universe, or fill my library with books in this subject. Some theories and scientific explanations was over my head, but help to make me understand was just phone call away.
اون چیزایی رو که حقیقتاً توضیح داده بود رو خوب توضیح داده بود.
+ که البته تکراری بودن.

هاوکینگ، میشه دیگه کتاب ننویسی؟
+ ترجمه و ویراست فاجعه بود.

+ ویرایش بعد از یک سال و اندی : عصبانی بودم اون موقع خب. زیاد به دل نگیرین.
محمد  النعمه
في هذا الكتاب الذي يكتب الفيزيائي والعالم الكبير ستفين هوكينج .. يقدم لنا أخر ما توصل له العلم للإجابة على " أسئلة الكون الكبرى "

كتاب ممتع وجميل .. معقد قليل ومصطلحاته الفيزيائية صعبه لغير المتخصصين .. أنصح بقراءته .. قيمته بأربع نجوم على السته الأولى .. فهي جميلة وعلمية ومفيدة .. والكتاب مقسم للفصول التالية //

في الفصل الأول يتحدث " لغز الوجود " .. يطرح المؤلف فكرة الكتاب وكيف سيجيب على الاسئلة الكبرى ( لماذا يوجد الشيء بدلاً من اللا شيء؟ .. لماذا نوجد نحن ؟ .. لماذا توجد هذه المجموعة المحددة

01.11.2016: Stephen Hawking warns that the Higgs Boson field could collapse, resulting in a chain reaction that would take in the whole universe with it. The nihilists have been right all along...

M-theory: Doubts linger over godless multiverse
STEPHEN HAWKING'S new book The Grand Design sparked a furore over whether physics can be used to disprove the existence of God. But few have noted that the idea at the core of the book, M-theory, is the subject of an ongoing scientific debate – specifical
Sep 03, 2010 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition

Wake me up when you actually define M-Theory.
(Which has yet to be defined)

This was a short read that cost WAY TOO MUCH money.

Any book I can read in a day should cost less than 9 dollars.
David Boyce
As a cosmologist and a Stephen Hawking fan, I have a real issue with this book. His statement, that the Universe unpacks itself and therefore does not need a creator is based on some really flawed logic called 'model dependent realism'. MDR is a way of comparing reality to a model, if the model produces the same observable characteristics as observed in reality then the model is said to be as true as any other model.

Imagine this, if there was equal amounts of incriminating evidence that two peop
Jan 30, 2016 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
بِسْم الله المصمم الأعظم أبدأ مراجعتي للتصميم العظيم لستيفن هوكينج
حتي لا تكون هذة المراجعة موضوع إنشائي سألجأ للتركيز و التكثيف ما إستطعت
تقديم :- من المفترض أن الفيزيائي الشهيرة مستر هوكينج كتب هذا الكتاب من أجل إيضاح التصميم العظيم و كيفية بداية الكون من العدم ، و هو كغيره من العلماء ينكر فكرة وجود كائن فوقي أو مهندس مصمم للكون و يعتبر ذلك أسطورة !!
و الرجل حاول لمرات عديدة أن يحل معضلات نشأة الكون من العدم و لكنه فشل و لو أمعنت في دراسة هذا الكتاب الفريد و أنت ملحد سوف تلحد بإلحادك فور نهاية صف
Oct 06, 2010 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
After reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything and Brian Greene's The Fabric of the Cosmos, I felt that I might finally be ready for my first Hawking book. There were a couple of sections that I re-read, in an attempt to make concrete some of the more abstract aspects of m-theory. Despite my rudimentary understanding of quantum physics, I still gleaned a great deal from this book and would recommend it to anyone who is even mildly curious. Those who have a more advanced educati ...more
Jul 08, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Once again, I am awed and blown away by the f'ing awesomeness of the universe, and it struck me how presumptuous many of us are considering our insignificance in the grand scope of things.

I have two science based degrees, but Physics was never my strong suit, and I'd be lying if I said everything in his book made perfect sense. On the flip side, I had several light bulb moments, which is always nice.

Among other things, Hawking makes a few great points particularly about the essence of "reality."
Moath Hamam
اشتريت الكتاب لأني بحب أقرأ مقالات متنوعة منها العلمية واللي بتتعلق بالكون ، وكمان بشاهد أفلام وثائقية تتعلق بنفس الموضوع .
بس أنك تقرأ كتاب وتغوص في نظريات الفيزياء والرياضيات وعلم الأكوان، راح تكون قرأتك بطيئة وصعبة شوي . الكتاب بيحكي عن عدة نظريات تتعلق بنشوء الكون والنسبية، ويذكر الكتاب بعض الخرافات القديمة من الشعوب البدائية في الأرض.
الكتاب جيد بناءً على استيعابي أنا وكذلك التقيم
Aug 28, 2017 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
التصميم العظيم ستيفن هوكينغ لا ارغب بحرق الكتاب و لا ارغب بأن اتخذ مسار ديني ومتعارف بأنه الخالق هو الله ، وآيات كثيرة بالقرآن وصفت أبداع الخالق في الكون ، وما الفيزياء إلا وصف لعظمة الخالق ، لا انكر احببت وصفه لبدايات نشوء الكون، لكن في نفس الوقت أحسست بأنه متناقض ، لا أريد الإسهاب أكثر ،لكي لا أضيع على القراء فرصة متعة قراءة الكتاب ، القارىء سيدرك ما كتبته أثناء القراءة . مجملا بعيداً عن هدف الكاتب من كاتبة الكتاب (بأن الكون نشأ لوحده بسبب عوامل فيزيائية) كان الكتاب جميل. 3 نجوم. 
Andrew Langridge
Jun 25, 2012 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: non-fiction
There are only a couple of positives that I can think to say about this book. Firstly, Hawking has some Feynman-like qualities in being able to lucidly express important ideas in physics such as time dilation in special relativity and the double slit experiment. Secondly, his philosophy of science that he calls model-based realism has many things going for it, although why it is called realism is never fully explained. I did not find this book particularly easy to read, probably because I did no ...more
Erik Graff
Jan 17, 2012 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Hawking fans
Recommended to Erik by: A.M.
Shelves: sciences
I was given this book as a reward for helping a friend pick up and deliver newly purchased furniture. As is the case with most such gifts, I began to read it immediately.

I was almost immediately turned off by the text owing to an extraordinary display of ignorance on the part of the authors and the editors, a mistake appearing in the first few pages in their lead-up to what is supposed to be a survey of the history of physics as germinated in Ionian philosophy. Here they note in passing that wri
Abdullah Khalid
Jan 02, 2018 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: non-fiction
The Authors try to explain the origin and purpose of the universe from scientific point of view. At first we are told about the concept of formation of universe in the earlier times. From ancient Greeks to Galileo, Newton to Feynman , basic classical theories to the formulation of M-theory , this books tries to explain the fundamental questions related to Universe. It's a very good book if you are striving to comprehend the Universe scientifically . And the explanation is simple enough for a nor ...more
Jul 11, 2018 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Kat Kennedy
I think the start of this book far exceeds the latter half. Which, for me, was an enormous slog to get through.
Oleksandr Golovatyi
An interesting book is just about complex scientific phenomena and terms. Easy and interesting to read.
Цікава книга, просто про складні наукові явища та терміни. Легко та цікаво читається.
Abdulla Awachi
Sep 11, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
*مراجعة كتاب التصميم العظيم*

لـ ستيفن هوكينج

*لماذا اخترت هذا الكتاب؟*

اهتماماتي في العادة هي حقول الفلسفة و اللسانيات ، و ما دفعني لاختيار هذا الكتاب هو أنني بعد أن تصفحته لأول وهلة - و تستمر الصدف في أن تقودني لاكتشافات عظيمة من الكتب و المصنفات- وجدت فيه إثارة لأسئلة الكون الكبرى التي عادةً ما تتطرق لها الفلسفة كسؤال لماذا وُجد الوجود و لماذا حل الوجود بدلاً من العدم ، و لكن في هذه المرة وقع اختياري على هذا الكتاب العلمي ، و السبب في ذلك أن الفلسفة و العلم تتلاقيان في مساءل بحثية مشتركة كمبحث ال
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  • Why Evolution Is True
Stephen William Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England. His parents' house was in north London, but during the second world war Oxford was considered a safer place to have babies. When he was eight, his family moved to St Albans, a town about 20 miles north of London. At eleven Stephen went to St Albans School, and then on to University College, Oxford, his father's old college. Ste ...more
“The idea of 10 dimensions might sound exciting, but they would cause real problems if you forget where you parked your car.” 88 likes
“The human capacity for guilt is such that people can always find ways to blame themselves” 78 likes
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