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Port Fare #1


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Port Fare, New York, has fallen into the clutches of true evil. The Dreser brothers have arrived with a scheme to increase drug sales in the area by whatever means possible. Seth Prescott is part of MET (Mobile Enforcement Teams) a branch of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). He's been assigned to work undercover at Port Fare High, and things aren't going very well, until senior Maggie Brown enters the equation. He's harbored a secret crush on her from day one, and now that she is in the center of the case, he's trying to stay clear and objective while walking the line between business and unrequited love.

Maggie is truly the poster child for Heroin Chic, complete with jutting bones and dark-ringed eyes, but is she an addict, or is there another reason for her appearance? She struggles with her feelings for Seth, fearing he is just another person who will eventually let her down, as everyone in her life has done thus far.

Maggie has spent her life caring for her alcoholic mother. A task that has left her heavily burdened and alone. Before long, her mother's health takes a turn for the worst, sending Maggie's life into a tale-spin.

While Seth works relentlessly to inject fear into the dealers and flush them out into the open, Maggie fights to stay alive as the hunt turns deadly.

Seth and Maggie's romantic journey is one of humor, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

520 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 19, 2011

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About the author

Sherry Gammon

21 books674 followers
Unlovable is under contract to be made into a movie!!

Unlovable was Sherry's debut novel and quickly rose to many top seller lists on Amazon. She is pleased to announce that Unlovable is currently being made into a movie. She has added two more novels to her body of work. Souls in Peril, the poignant story of Max Sanchez who is on a journey to help the struggling JD Miller survive high school, and Pete & Tink, a fun, light-hearted novella of a manga-loving geek and and five-and-a-half inch fairy.
Sherry and her husband, along with their children and a couple of crazy dogs, call Upstate New York home. It is where she spends her nights writing instead of sleeping.{:
Her Blog is:WordpaintingsUnlimited.com
Unlovable Video book trailer:
Souls in Peril book trailer:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sherrygammon...

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1,779 reviews12.8k followers
December 8, 2011
The premise of this book is a good one, but, sadly, it was not well executed. Setting aside the fact that it would really benefit from a heavy session with an editor (seriously, grammatical errors galore), it simply wasn't very well written. One dimensional and sloppy, every character suffered from a serious case of predictability. Our female protagonist, Maggie, is a study in contradictions. On one page she's presented as the sort of unofficial mascot of the school (she's so sweet, everyone loves her), and the next, she's invisible and/or reviled because she's poor and her mom's an alcoholic. I fought a losing battle in trying to like Maggie. I found her to be self-pitying, bitter, judgmental, and silly. She often knows she's being unfair and ridiculous, but that doesn't seem to stop her from continuing to behave like a spoiled five-year-old. She's not real bright, as evidenced by the fact that she continually does stupid things. Seth tells her to stay in the car, she doesn't listen and manages to be taken hostage. Booker and Seth tell her not to deactivate the alarms and leave the house because it will lead to disaster, but does she listen? Of course not. She deactivates the code and leaves the house. Not just once, but twice.

Our male protagonist, Seth, is mind-numbingly boring. He's a super hot secret agent man with a perfect house, plenty of money, a philanthropic spirit, perfect manners, pristine morals Zzzzzzzz. He would have benefited greatly from a little dose of imperfection....something to make him seem, oh, I don't know, HUMAN. The only thing he actually does "wrong" in the book is keep his undercover status a secret from Maggie which, let's face it, isn't wrong when you consider his career and life are dependent on secrecy.

The cast of supporting characters range from the irritatingly pious (Seth's friend and commander, Booker) to the insanely melodramatic and ridiculous (Zack and Hillary who seem to be competing for the title of World's Most Ridiculous Stereotype).

The moral lessons being preached in the book are frequent and glaring. While I don't condone drug and alcohol abuse, the ills of using are dramatically overstated. Drug users are turned into rabid, snarling psychopaths who are capable of anything. Maggie's mother is a mean drunk and we're reminded of this on every.frickin.page.

Police procedure is obviously not a concern of Ms. Gammon's, either, as in one scene, several bags of heroine are found and three sets of fingerprints are documented and identified before Seth and Booker even make it back to the station to interrogate a suspect. I'm sorry, the last time I checked, law-enforcement officials don't carry around some kind of portable fingerprint identifier machine. This is only one example of the several ludicrous scenes in this book.

Seth's friend and commanding officer, Booker, is extremely off-putting with his obnoxious and condescending nature, but towards the end of the book, the relationship between him and Maggie reached astoundingly awkward levels. I actually found myself wondering, on more than one occasion, if Ms. Gammon weren't trying to set up some sort of Ménage à trois between Maggie, Booker, and Seth. Honestly, it would have made the book more interesting. But alas, it was not to be since Seth was raised by a chaplain and is a strictly "no sex before marriage" kind of guy.

Perhaps Ms. Gammon believes that this kind of story is beneficial for young girls, but I couldn't disagree more. In several scenes in the book, Maggie is harassed (and at one point physically assaulted) by her ex-boyfriend, yet she does absolutely nothing about it. I know this is supposed to underscore the fact that Maggie doesn't believe she's worth the trouble, but Ms. Gammon is walking a dangerous line here and doing a disservice to her young readers by portraying a girl who can't even stand up for herself against the most glaring of social injustices. The fact that the ex-boyfriend is killed toward the end of the book only serves to highlight a bizarrely apathetic outlook on Ms. Gammon's part. Maggie was going to "talk to a teacher" about what Zack did. A tip, Ms. Gammon; generally, when a girl is assaulted by a man two-to-three times her size, calling the police and pressing charges is a smart, self-empowered move.

I also have a problem with the way sex and men are portrayed in this book. Seth is perfect for Maggie because he doesn't pressure her physically. I agree that no man should pressure a girl into having sex when she isn't ready, but I'm bothered by the fact that it would appear the only reason Seth isn't pressuring Maggie is because he doesn't believe in having sex before marriage. The impression one gets is that men who don't believe in waiting until marriage to have sex will pressure girls to have sex with them. Highly unfair and highly inaccurate. Would it have been too much to ask that Seth not pressure Maggie to have sex merely because he's a decent human being? Or am I missing the point and this is supposed to underscore that idea that the only "decent human beings" are those who would wait until they're married to have sex? I don't like the implications.

To sum it up; sex is bad, drugs are bad, alcohol is bad. Boys who have sex won't respect you and are more likely to take drugs and turn into psychotic rapists. Parents who drink don't love their children. Alcoholics are mean.

Black and white, there is no gray area. I'm sorry, human beings (and especially teenaged human beings) don't generally work that way. There are always gray areas, Ms. Gammon, and you do your readers and mankind in general a disservice by attempting to claim otherwise.

It was like two hours of being preached at by a lethally pious after-school special. Totally draining.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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990 reviews6,364 followers
January 20, 2012
You know how you read a book and you follow by saying it was a "great, emotional read". But when it comes down to it, it's often superficial (oh it's so sad she has to choose one guy over the other) heartbreak that in the grand scheme of thing, are unimportant. Now this… this was the real deal; Real, raw, undeniable emotions run through the pages of this amazing book. Really, I can't praise it enough. It's an eye opener and while writing this review, with a heart doubled in size, I'm experiencing a world wind of emotions just by reminiscing what I've read. If you aren't touched by this novel at all, you are definitely a rock.

We have a remarkable cast of characters in this book. First we meet Maggie. Maggie - I can't say enough about this wonderful, outstanding girl. Having been told she is a stupid brat that should never have been born, by her alcoholic mother, she has incredible strength with a resolve that is simply admirable. She will undoubtedly dig herself into everyone's hearts and you will love her as if she was your own daughter in need of so much more than she's getting. Don't expect her to be perfect, full of self confidence or even have great judgement; what she goes through throughout this novel is heartbreaking in every sense of the word, which is bound to have an impact on someones way of thinking. I'm not one to cry while reading, but if I would have let myself, I could have easily bawled my eyes out with this one. But I didn't, only because I simply HAD to keep reading. I had to know that she would just be ok. This sh*t happens. Every day kids go hungry because they are unfortunate to have been born to alcoholic, drug abused parents. This is what makes this novel so incredibly heartbreaking. Not because she has to choose between hot guy #1, or hotter guy #2; but because Maggie's problems are rooted; genuine.

Then we meet a fantastic team of side characters who are all equally as important as Maggie. Seth, Cole and Booker are the sweetest, most incredible group of guys that love unconditionally and become the rock in Maggie's life - the much needed rock. I loved how they were all portrayed. They felt like older brothers we all want to have. They are simply honest to goodness, good-hearted people. Seth, being the love interest, is the one we delve into the most. This was a true romance. Nothing fluffy, nothing instant. It was hard, it was heartbreaking, it was one of the best romance in YA I've read in a LONG time. However, don't expect it to be the center of it all. It plays a pretty big part, but this is, first and foremost, the story of Maggie's tragic life.

Unlovable has a lot of everything a contemporary can offer. Over the raw emotions and romantic aspect, we also have a murder mystery that is always in the back of your mind. When will the killer make his appearance again? There's always this small fear nagging at you anytime Maggie goes out on her own. I really enjoyed that twist in the otherwise deeply heartfelt story. It was surprisingly a great mix. Really, I want to give a virtual standing ovation to Sherry Gammon for this novel that I can not express into words how much I loved. I want everyone to read this. I then want you to give it to your mom, your grandmother, your whole family, even read it to your dog, because this story… it needs to be shared.

For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads
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307 reviews697 followers
June 23, 2011
The few times I'd Run into her in the hallway, my tongue had swollen to the size of a small whale, essentially blocking off oxygen supply to my brain -Seth

Unlovable was a story that I don’t even know where to start with, it is incredible, amazing, perfect, super, and completely LOVABLE.

Maggie Brown has convinced herself she truly is unlovable, and why shouldn't she believe that, her always drunk mother reminds her of it every day. Of course there is Seth..Seth Mr.Popular at Port Fare High..but he couldn't possibly love Maggie..could he?

Seth Prescott is an undercover cop, his current job? Attend Port Fare High, and get close to Maggie and find out if her mom knows anything about the current drug rates going up in Port Fare, while trying to stop the murders also going on in Port Fare...Seth has had secret feelings for Maggie for a long time...and this job is finally gonna be the thing that forces him to talk to her.

This book was..WOW just amazing. It is so beautiful, I could not believe how good this story was, I went into it thinking it was just gonna be OK! It blew my mind! I started reading this one night and couldn’t stop..I had to stay up until I finished the whole thing..and once it ended all I wanted was for it to continue! I wanted no NEEDED more of Maggie and Seth! There Romance is one of the best I have read ever !

Maggie as a character was great, she is so caring and so strong. Her mom emotionally abuses her almost every day and yet she still loves her and tries to care for her mother. You couldn’t help, but love Maggie. You also couldn’t help feeling sorry for the poor girl..the things her mother says..are some of the most hurtful things a mother could ever say to their child. Yet still Maggie stayed strong. She truly was an amazing chick! She has become one of my favorite Lit-Chicks for her awesomeness (:

NOW onto Seth..

Seth is perfect. He is handsome, mature, sweet, caring, and just well perfect He wants nothing more than for Maggie to open up to him and let him love her and take care of her, and throughout the whole book that is his main concern, caring for Maggie, protecting Maggie, and most importantly trying to convince Maggie he loves her.

Unlovable was truly an amazing story, it had everything romance, action, mystery, thrill, everything. If you are looking for a strong story with beautiful romance then Unlovable is for you!

--Unlovable is mainly from Maggie's point of view, but every few chapters is from Seth's point of view (:

Unlovable is the first of a trilogy!

I also thought I would share some of my favorite quotes:

"The few times I'd Run into her in the hallway, my tongue had swollen to the size of a small whale, essentially blocking off oxygen supply to my brain"-Seth

"She makes you nervous, huh? Must be love. Puppy love anyway." "Shut up, Booker"-Seth and Booker

Scooping up the mail off the wobbly kitchen table, I thumbled through it while standing next to our trash bin. One was addressed to me: Maggie Brown, You may already be a $ 1,000,000 winner! "Goodie, my troubles are over" -Maggie

"Crying? What the heck was wrong with me? It must be PMS! I stayed a few steps behind him secretly drying my face and running through a calendar in my mind"-Maggie

"You know, I'm surprised the three of us can fit in your car"..."Three? I do believe there are only two of us."..."Me, you, and your over-sized ego. I believe that makes three." -Maggie and Seth

I whacked him on the arm. "hmm, did a butterfly just land on me?" He glanced around pretending to look for some nonexistant bu.- Maggie and Seth

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308 reviews2,156 followers
August 11, 2011
It's next to impossible to find the words to express what a phenomenal book this was. Its taken me several weeks to write the review because I wanted to make sure I got it just right.

First off, I can't believe this was a debut novel. It was so beautifully written. The plot was so unique and refreshingly paranormal-less ;-) Once I started, I couldn't put it down. Seth is an undercover cop that falls in love with Maggie. Beautiful, unloved, co-dependent Maggie. What I love most about Maggie is even though she had every right to, she never plays the victim. She and Seth begin a powerfull journey together that's so pure and full of romance. Even without sex (Yes ladies, he's saving himself for marriage), their relationship is overflowing with passion.
Seth's friends Cole and Booker completely stole my heart. The way they all look after each other and rally around Maggie had my heart completely bursting. They became her family.

The story is told mainly from Seth and Maggie's POV. Usually I don't like it when an author bounces back and forth, but Sherry Gammon pulls it off beautifully. It drew me closer to the characters and allowed perspective that only enhanced the story. The author was able to realistically portray a story of abuse, love, co-dependency, romance, and triumph in a way that is far beyond most books I've read.

The sequel is bitter/sweet for me. I am so in love with Cole and Booker that the idea of a story surrounding them makes me jump up and down. However, I became so attached to Maggie and Seth; I would love the story to progress around their developing relationship. But eventhough they may not be the center characters in future books, I have a feeling they will remain part of the story. Can't wait to find out!!!

392 reviews331 followers
September 15, 2011
Favourite Quote: With my poor heart pounding wildly, his kiss spilled through my soul, and I was lost. His lips never left mine, yet he was all over my mouth. Never before had I felt anything this wonderful. I knew I'd pay dearly for my surrender, but I'd gladly pay it. I hoped this kiss would never end.

Wow! Unlovable was fantastic. It is such a sweet and tender tale that will appeal to any romantics at heart.

Unlovable is definitely an effortless and addictive read. I had other review books that I was meant to read before this but I thought I would have a little look just to see what it was like and ended up getting caught up in the plot (or should I say the romance) and finished it one sitting. Gammon is a debut author but you would never tell from her wonderful writing. Although it does feel like a guilty pleasure type of read.

While I found it easy to read the plot felt a little too perfect at times though. Did it stop me personally from enjoying it? No but it may bother some readers so be warned. (I could list though a bunch of my Goodreads friends who this would drive crazy).

Both Maggie and Seth are well rounded characters. Maggie has a rough life but shows a lot of strength for a a character that has had such a tough time. She is a sweetheart that always seems to put others first. Then you have Seth. A lovable guy with a big heart that would do anything to keep Maggie happy and safe. It would be impossible for anybody not to like these two.

There is also some interesting secondary characters like Cole and Booker. You just get the sense you are beginning to know them so it will be great to get their stories in Unbelievable and Unbearable.

Now on to the romance. For me it is the strongest part of the plot and my favourite aspect of the story. It definitely will make the the heart of any romantic melt. Seth and Maggie have plenty of dreamy romance moments that will make you go awwwwww (warning: some of Bookers friend may find it too sweet for their taste). But there relationship is not perfect as they have a few obstacles to over come but they never waiver about the way they feel for each other.

Overall, Unlovable is a passionate and engaging read that is perfect for fans of romance. Can't wait more of the Port Fare world in Unbelievable.
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1,045 reviews559 followers
June 26, 2011
Wow! I think I’m going to follow the lead of my friend Haley (whose review is here: http://haleyeliseread.blogspot.com/20...) and give you a few quote’s from the book because I honestly don’t know where to start with this review….so here goes;

He peered into my eyes and it felt as if he was burrowing into the dark recesses of my soul. His fingers ran softly across my cheek, brushing away the tear. There was an undeniable tenderness about him and it made my heart flutter. – Maggie

I thought about Maggie standing in my door just over three hours ago. It took all I had not to pull her into my arms and kiss her. There she stood with her wet, snow-packed clothes plastered to her malnourished frame and those hapless blue eyes driving tears down her waxy hollowed cheeks, begging me to kiss her. Everything inside me screamed, “Hurry, before she changes her mind!” Nevertheless, I didn’t! “Yup, I deserved a medal” – Seth

Unlovable is truly an amazing story!

The story follows the lives of Maggie and Seth. Maggie being a 17 year old girl, who is half starving because her mother would rather drink alcohol than put food on their table. Maggie has spent all her life living with her mother and suffering years of emotional abuse. Her mother constantly telling her she’s an unlovable nothing and soon Maggie starts believing her.

Seth is a high school student or so he appears to be. He’s really an uncover cop trying to stop drug crime in Port Fare. He’s always has a slight crush on Maggie but when an assignment comes up involving Maggie, he has no choice but to get to know her better.

As their lives quickly intertwine they are thrown into a wonderful self-discovering and loving relationship but they also put into a dangerous situation when there is a dangerous killer on the loose…..one that could cost them their lives.

Again, I’m going to say Unlovable is a truly an amazing story. This story had me captivated from page one and even though I finished it a few hours ago, I’m still thinking about it now. When Sherry Gammon asked me to review her work, I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of her work before but wow! I totally wish I had because I would have made sure I had read this book a long time ago. Sherry has created a heart breaking story that will leave us readers with hope that everyone can be loved and will get a happy ending they deserve. Not only has she wrote a captivating story but she’s managed to write about a very hard subject which is completely raw, passionate and truly breath-taking.

Our two main characters are well developed and easy lovable. Maggie and Seth are two completely different people but two people willing to see the better in everybody else. Maggie has so many hard times with her mother but even through it, she is still as loyal as ever to her. She’s one strong person and felt completely real to me. Now Seth is just an amazing character all round. He sees the person Maggie really is even if her appearance isn’t what it should be. He’s kind, generous, selfless and he’s definitely stole the show for me in this book.

The story itself is an emotional rollercoaster. I managed to feel so many different emotions while reading it and I felt I really connected with the characters. I loved that we got to see a part of the killer’s journey too, is only a few chapters but it’s enough to keep you going through the whole book knowing that something dangerous is going to happen. I also loved the secondary characters like Booker and Cole and I’m really interested to see their journey’s next in the next of the series.

Overall, I think any fans of Simone Elkeles or Jennifer Echols will absolutely fall in love with Sherry’s work like I have. Read it guys! It’s truly not a story you want to miss out on.

P.S Its only 69p on Kindle! BUY IT and show this author your support!

Thank you to Sherry for giving me the opportunity to review her work.
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1,059 reviews74.8k followers
August 28, 2012
3.5 stars

“When I said I loved you, I didn’t mean for a week, or maybe a year, I meant always, in the good times and the bad, through thick and thin. I’m playing for keeps here, Mags.“

Overall, I thought the story was good, and its under contract to be made into a movie now which I think is fabulous, but I wasn’t totally blown away by the book itself.

Seth is an undercover cops posing as a student at Port Fare High School in an effort to bring down a ring of heroine drug dealers that have been on the rise in the last few months and have been recently reaching out to dealing to kids with devastatingly results. Maggie is a student and visually, with her near-skeletal frame and dark circles under her eyes, could be the poster child for Heroin Chic. No one realizes that she comes from a dirt-poor home and barely has enough money to keep food on the table because her alcoholic, verbally abusive mother drinks away any money that they have. And yet despite this miserable home environment, Maggie maintains stellar performance at school, and is a wonderfully sweet girl that everyone likes.

When Maggie’s name comes up as one of the people who could potentially lead them to the drug lord (based on her outward appearance), Seth is assigned to “get close” to her. But his personal feelings are getting in the way. Aside from his job, he already has feelings for her and he struggles with the balance of doing his job and going for what his heart wants.

Maggie feels unlovable. Her mother constantly berates, abuses and rejects her, so wrapped up in her alcoholic world that she has no time, patience, or love left to give her child.

“Get out of my house! I regret ever giving birth to you, you unlovable nothing!” She picked up a glass from off the coffee table… I turned and left as it hit my shoulder.”

But still, Maggie cares deeply for her mother, wanting desperately to feel worthy of her love, and having seen, first hand, the destruction caused by alcohol, Maggie want nothing to do with it (or drugs).

With her lack of self-worth, Maggie can’t fathom what Seth sees in her. How could someone unloved by their own mother be worthy of any love at all? And so it takes her loooong time to come around to actually believing that Seth is truly interested in her. Their relationship is slow building as Maggie slowly learns to trust him.

“It felt nice to be in his arms, as if someone actually cared about me. He listened, never judging, nor criticizing, just listening as I told him what had happened with my mom.”

But Seth understands how wary and un-trusting she is and is willing to be patient with her. He goes far out of his way to make her feel safe with him, to protect her, to find subtle ways of caring for her when there are basic things that she can’t even afford, and to find a way to convince her of the depth of his feelings for her.

“Please don’t hurt me. When you’re tired of me, just let me know. I promise not to be a clinging vine”…
I was sick and tired of being alone. I was also very much in love with him. It frightened me beyond words.
“Maggie,” he said, stroking my hair. I’m not going to get tired of you, and I certainly don’t plan on hurting you, not on purpose, anyway. But I don’t just want to be here,” He kisses me softly on the lips. “I want to be in here too.” He brushed by head with his lips. “And in your heart. I’ve never loved anyone like this before.”

And while they are figuring out their feelings for each other, the drug dealers are stepping up their game, murdering people, students, hurting them, desperate to make a name for themselves and to get back at the cops for bringing down one of their brothers in a prior assignment.

The story is told from alternating POVs (including the drug dealers) so we get to understand all sides of what is going on.

But I did have a few issues with the story. I thought the plot was a little unbelievable at times (like for example how quickly they went from cautious flirting to absolute head-over-heels love literally overnight with very little build-up to that level of intensity), I found the dialogue a little stilted at times and it didn’t always flow very well (for example, from the guy’s POV, him saying “My face warped into a tortured expression…” hmmmmm, just doesn’t sound like something a guy would say. Or, her doctor asking her “How long were you unconscious?” … *squints skeptically* REALLY?????? O_o ), and there were definite moments of stupid decision making and childish reactions on the heroine’s part – just a lot of things that made me sigh to myself or roll my eyes.

I also wasn’t fully satisfied with the ending – yes, its a happy ending, and, yes, they end up “together” as a couple, and I guess we’ll see more of their relationship development in the sequel (although, it isn’t directly focused on them) but I didn’t like the decision they made at the end – it just didn’t make sense to me.

The steam factor was very, very low – definitely a tame YA read. The hero doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, and for a goodly chunk of the book, she’s 17 and he is 21 (and a cop) so they pretty much only kiss throughout the whole book.

It was still a good book, I just felt a little ‘meh’ about some aspects of it. It did keep me interested from start to finish though, but it didn’t make me laugh, didn’t make me cry and didn’t make my heart race. But it is under contract to be a movie and I can definitely see how it would make a much better movie than it did a book. Its one of those kinds of stories that you can totally visualize as a movie in your head with very few changes made to it.

The sequel, Unbelievable, will be released in December 2012 and follow the story of another of the main characters from this book.
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1,851 reviews846 followers
July 11, 2017
This was such a sweet and lovely romantic story! I was truly touched by this book.

Seth Prescott is a Mobile Enforcement Team, or MET agent working undercover, posing as a senior at Port Fare High to investigate the growing drug problem in Port Fare. Maggie Brown is a senior in Port Fare High. She lives in a trailer home with her mother who is a passed-out, mean drunk. Maggie gets good grades and keeps to herself. She has found out that expressing any emotion to her mother just encourages a slew of hateful remarks or worse. Maggie has caught the eye of Seth, he finds himself growing sweet on her. Every time he gets around her though, he gets tongue-tied. Maggie of course thinks Seth is hot but couldn’t imagine him being interested in her. He’s always hanging out with the cool crowd. Topping that list is popular cheer captain, Hillary. Hillary is a vile, mean-spirited, jealous creature! Ughh!!

The drug problem is getting worse in Port Fare and their new lead on a heroin ring brings them to Felix Hoffman, seen talking to two suspected drug pushers. Felix lives in the same trailer park as Maggie. The police think that Hoffman and Maggie’s mom could be involved. Armed with this new information, Seth’s assignment is to get close to Maggie and find out if her mother is connected somehow.

I’m astounded that Maggie is such an amazing girl in spite of the creep of a mother she has. This mother is beyond horrible! It was truly heartbreaking the way she treated Maggie. But with Seth getting close to her, and caring for her, you see the walls she’s put up for protection slowly coming down. You just have to love Seth, being so patient and protective with Maggie, showing her love she’s never known. These two had some very swoon-worthy, knee-weakening scenes, one of my favorites:

His lips were soft and warm on mine, though somewhat hesitant…..I started to pull away when his hands began winding their way through my hair. He held my face gently as his mouth moved carefully against mine. It felt wonderful. My head began swimming as I drew myself tighter against him……After several moments, he pulled away. I didn’t open my eyes, instead drawing my bottom lip into my mouth to get one last taste of him. Suddenly realizing how long my eyes had been shut, I popped them open to see him smiling down at me! I was mortified!....his mouth dropped back onto mine, and this time there was an undeniable eagerness to his kiss. I struggled to stay calm, if only he hadn’t tasted so good and felt so incredibly warm. Maggie: “the river Phlegethon will have to freeze over before I kiss you again.” Seth: “Methinks the lady doth protest too much. I watched you taste my kiss back at the park, Maggie. You enjoyed it as much as I did. You know it and I know it. Sooner or later our lips will meet again. Personally, I’m voting for sooner.”

I edited a little just to fit the scene, but you get the picture!! Hot!!

I loved this story, and now I’m a true Sherry Gammon fan. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series that continues on with a secondary character, Cole. I do hope that we get to see some of Seth and Maggie in that one too! As a side note, I love the cover of this book!! It is so beautiful, and anyone who knows me, knows that this is a big draw!
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January 20, 2012
I... did... not... like... this... book.

Trust me I wanted to. I read a lot of reviews that made it seem like a real winner but I just couldn't find the reason why.

I despised the dialogue, nothing seemed genuine to me.
The nicknames/insults were... well let's just say they got old fast. I mean after I read scum for the forth time in a paragraph I was over it. Oh and girlie... really that just rubbed me the wrong way.

I also didn't buy the characters, although I've never been a real big fan of instant head over heels, I'd give my life for yours, love. Perhaps because I've never experienced or know anyone who HAS experienced it!

There were so many times where I threw my head back and put the book down. I even said, OH GAG ME a couple of times.

The last book I read was about werewolves and if I were to tell you which one I considered more realistic I would have to say... keep your eyes peeled for people who turn into wolves when the weather turns cold!

I'm sure I could think of more to say but frankly I don't feel like spending another second on this book. Now quick help me find a wall so I can bash my head against it!
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259 reviews46 followers
July 11, 2011
My thoughts on this book...well...

Ok here is the deal. The story is good.

Like first draft good.

Like omg-this is going to be amazing good. And with the help of some beta work this book could be great! Unfortunately there are things that need fixing. Like your general typo, wrong word placement, page duplication (which caused me to have de ja vu, and start wondering how it all sounded so familiar. Like am I clairvoyant? lolz Just fixing that stuff alone I would give this book 4 stars.

There were also parts I felt could be fleshed out some, and others I thought should be cut. And in the hands of the right editor I am sure they would have. But this is the writer in me saying these things.

Lets give the naive Reader in my a chance to speak shall we?! Lolz

This story is twisted heartbreak wrapped in a newspaper because we can't afford wrapping paper present. I loved it. I didn't want to put it down. Yes there were times when phases or wording would make me cringe. Like here for example..

""I cried so much during the service the skin around my eyes cracked and bled. " This just doesn't make sense to me...is this even medically possible?

Then there is the fact that they kept referring to the guy wearing a "DISK in his ear. Ok bare with me here...but I'm a lover of all things pierced and it is NOT called a DISK. They can be called either GAUGES (not really the proper name but I'd be cool with it), or PLUGS. Don't ask why this bothered me so much but it just did;)

Back to the good though...Mags character is broken, abused, brilliance! I couldn't help but tear up at how this poor girl lives. I mean people spread rumors that she is anorexic because of how skinny she is when the truth is far worse...that her mother spends all their money an booze so the poor girl is starving to death. LITERALLY!! I love her and wanted to tuck her under my arm, tell it was going to be okay, move her in with me, and feed her all the cheeseburgers she could eat. Then there is Seth and how he is by far the sweetest man I think I've ever met.

And folks.....guess what?

This YA novel didn't follow the standard "Love at first sight" rule!! Nope nope the love here was very much worked for and earned which makes it that much better!!

Overall I would say...Read It.
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868 reviews100 followers
March 31, 2012
Wow! It has been quite some time since I've come across such an enjoyable and engrossing romance story. Unlovable is simply amazing and downright unputdownable. The characters are strong, solid and very relatable.

The pace of the story and progression of relationship between Maggie and Seth were awesome. I'm mighty glad it isn't the cliche plot of falling deeply in love at first sight. Booker, Cole and Dwayne were great characters.

The romance is really awwwhhhh cupcakes sweet. Gammon resolved the problems and conflicts faced by the characters really well. It gives readers some insight on what to do if faced with similar situations. This is a really awesome and recommended read.
I'm glad I purchased it. I got mine at Smashwords at only $1.99 and i'm sure it wouldn't hurt those who're thinking of reading it to support the author by purchasing this.

I'm really looking forward to the next two sequels, Unbelievable and Unbearable.
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742 reviews8 followers
March 1, 2011
This is the story of a young woman who hasn't been dealt a fair hand in life. It is a story of the journey of the relationship with her alcoholic mother, as well as everything she has to deal with as a high school senior: including a new boy in school who may just be what she has been waiting for. But despite all of the hard knocks in her life, she has to come to terms with the fact that she can be loved.
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2 reviews19 followers
June 12, 2011
Wow, can I just say it was an incredible story? No? Too late, already did! Sherry Gammon certainly doesn't do things half-ass when writing! The way she's woven the lives of the characters in Unlovable is nothing short of amazing. I was a weary at first because it was in such a low cost--granted I bought it via e-ink but still, though maybe I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. So glad I did, thank you Sherry Gammon!!!

We basically have your hot undercover cop cliche down packed (in a good way), troubled co-dependent teen as a heroin (no pun intended!), and a town with a heroine epidemic in the mist of it all. It is told in Seth's (undercover hottie), Maggie (co-dependent), and little snips of Bill and Alan (heroine suppliers) point of views.

Naturally, Seth and Maggie are the main characters, though you really develop strong feelings for Cole and Booker (Seth's bffs) through Seth's narrative on who they came to be so close, that's just how great of a writer Gammon is, truly! You really hate the the women who gave birth to Maggie all throughout the book in the mist of a major snot-fest as you read of the heinous acts she does to Maggie. Given that, you develop if not compassion than certainly understanding (again, way to go Gammon! I don't think anyone else could have orchestrated that as beatifically as you did). With that said, I was never won over by her, less so at the end.

Maggie comes off as an emotionally scarred girl hell bent on the approval from a women who gave birth to her--I chose not to call her a mother! She is fragile and delicate both physically and emotionally. though a tough cookie all together. I really loved her so much I still cry every time I think of the things she underwent. It seemed close to blasphemous for a girl such as her to go through all that, though I felt better she had Seth throughout the hard stuff. Seth... Wow, where to begin? He is really something all his own. I don't want to say much because I want you to fall head over heels without my help. It did seem that he fell for Magpie all too fast in my book though, but it had to happen. I also got miffed about the no love scenes, though maybe I'm used to reading juicy things like that in my young adult novels (take Forget You by Jennifer Echols for example, just the right amount of action) though I really hope with the next two books coming out--Unbelievable and Unbearable--Gammon will allow that, considering that the main characters--Cole & Booker!--are old enough, unlike Seth(21) and Maggie(17), though really if we're being realistic, Ms. Gammon, in real life they would have already been well into it. but I digress given that Seth's father was a Chaplin and inevitably instilled high morals into his son. Though she is part of our GoodReads' Clean Romantic Novel's club...sigh.

Speaking of Magpie, I truly can't wait for Unbearable, I'm going to have such a field day reading it due to the fact that the main character will feature Booker, the 28 year-old hot MET Captain, turned hot lawyer in this book!! (If you're reading this Ms. Sherry Gammon, please fill me in on the release dates for both please!!!!!!!)

Okay, enough dilly-gagging and buy the book already! This is my first true rating for any book--I think I did good--and I wouldn't have done it for any other book that instilled such profound emotions in me otherwise. Get going, buy buy BUY!!!
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140 reviews15 followers
October 5, 2012
I thought this was a great book. I couldn't put it down. There was just so much going on. A great little romance going on, but that was just part of the story. There was the story of the the drug/murder investigations and the heart wrenching story of Maggie's relationship with her alcoholic mum.

Sherry has written some great characters and the story envokes lots of emotions. It is heart breaking reading about Maggie and her mum. Having a relationship with any loved one who is an addict is hard. They are still a person and you still love them even if outsiders can't understand why. You then have Maggie dealing with emotional abuse at school.But its not all doom and gloom. You have the love story and the relationships Maggie builds with other characters and to add to that you have the mystery and of the Alan/Bill drugs story and is Maggie's mum involved? There were moments that made me want to cry, but moments where I had a smile plastered on my face and moments where I chuckled.

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April 15, 2012
Honestly there wasn't a single thing about this book that I didn't love!

Basically this book is about a girl named Maggie and an undercover cop named Seth. Port Fare has been marked by the recent and frequent deaths caused a well-known and very well-hidden heroin ring. Seth and others have been sent into high school undercover in order to find out where the students are getting it, and unfortunately Maggie is dragged into the mess because of her mother. Maggie's mother is (in nice terms) the worst mother ever. She's an alcoholic who is almost never conscious and has never once told her own daughter that she loves her. In fact she always brings up the fact that she wishes she had gotten an abortion. To say the least she is not a like able character. Maggie is a pretty, young girl who has begun to deteriorate because of her lack of food (she only weighs 90 pounds) and her own appearance begins to attract attention from the police. When Seth and Maggie finally meet there's romance, action, heartbreak, death, and so much more that you just have to read for yourselves to truly enjoy.

Maggie suffered through verbal abuse as well as complete and total neglect from her useless mother, and in turn has grown up looking at herself as unlovable. As expected her unusual upbringing leaves her with a little more than a few emotional scars and some pretty well-built walls that keep her from getting too close to anyone. Even despite all this though, she still has a kind heart and even though she doesn't realize it, there are a lot of people who care for her. Throughout the book, Maggie faces many challenges and has to push through them. I've never experienced a lot of what she goes through, but the way she reacts seems so real to me that I couldn't help but empathize with the poor girl. Her only downfall was that she kept everything to herself, especially bad things, but with the help of her loved ones she starts to break out of that habit too. She was strong yet vulnerable and I just really enjoyed her as a character and really enjoyed watching her grow throughout the book.

Now let's talk about Seth. He was such a sweetheart! He honestly loved Maggie and you could see it through every action and thought that he had. And he was caring (I mean he helped little kids and delivered food to the elderly) and really quite funny. The relationship between him and Maggie was very sweet. I mean of course there were those rough parts, but he stuck with her no matter what happened and I think that's just awesome.

Honestly though I think that my favorite character would have to be Booker. Not only was he good looking and super dedicated to his job, he was such a smart ass (which is right on with my sense of humor). Whenever Maggie and he got together I couldn't help but laugh! But he was also just a really nice guy. He was insanely loyal to his family and his friends, and was always keeping an eye out for Maggie. He was just such the big-brother-character and I loved it!

All of the characters in this book were developed really well, but I don't think I wanna go into detail about all of them.

While reading the book, I don't think I found anything that I can complain about... expect maybe Hillary, but that's not a complaint against the book I just really don't like girls like her.

This book is full of lots of well-written action scenes, plenty of suspense, a good dose of romance, heaps of emotion, and basically just everything that makes for an amazing story. I will definitely be reading the second one!
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Author 23 books1,141 followers
June 28, 2011
I found Maggie's story very enjoyably readable. This poor girl lives in horrible circumstances, trying to maintain some normalcy, while being contantly told how unlovable she is. Then she meets Seth, who to her seems too good to be true - and he is to a degree, but not in the he's-so-perfect-he-can't-be-real kind of way. He just isn't what he professes to be. He's not a high school senior at all, but rather an undercover DEA agent. He's assigned to Maggie, and finds himself falling for her rather than maintaining a professional distance.

I've read some of the reviews, and some people complained of Seth being too perfect. I didn't get that impression at all. During Maggie's narration, we have to remember we are seeing him through her eyes, and of course she's going to think he's perfect. During his narration, I think Gammon does a great job of showing his humanity, how he struggles with his job vs his personal feelings. There were also some mentions of predictability, and though that's true in certain areas - though not annoyingly predictable, I have to say - there are also many places where Gammon completely throws the reader for a loop. I won't give details, but the story with Maggie and her mother definitely do not go according to happily-ever-after. There was also talk of Maggie making foolish choices. Um, hello, the girl is 17. Who of us did not make foolish choices when we were that age? Teens believe they are invincible, which is a huge part of their charm, and Maggie is just behaving as a typical girl her age might.

As to the love scenes - or lack thereof - I'm grateful to Gammon for keeping it clean. I think the whole world is well aware of the raging hormones of teens, but I don't think it's necessary to write books where they have no self-control. I happen to think there are a great many teens who do have control over their actions, and understand the consequences of giving in to urges. So while Seth holds back because of his upbringing, I applaud Gammon for showing that a young couple can have a hot, loving, sweet relationship without being physical. I did not find the story lacking at all in that area. I applaud ALL authors who write YA books that are appropriate for teens, rather than writing an adult book disguised as YA, but full of adult matter/content. Gammon is absolutely on the right track in that area.

I definitely recommend this book for ages 14-90. There is some violence, and some of the death scenes are fairly graphic, so it might not be appropriate for a younger crowd. Overall, you're going to enjoy this book, as I did.

Oh, and excellent cover! Perfectly catches Maggie's struggle.
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409 reviews
May 10, 2012
Awe what a completely amazing story. I remember Donna having read this last year, and telling me how incredible it was. I finally got around to reading it last month and I completely enjoyed it.

I loved every minute of this book. The characters were easily likeable (except Maggie's mother) and I enjoyed seeing all the characters develop as the story went on. The relationship between Seth and Maggie was wonderful. It kept me on the edge and made me want so much for them to have a happy ending. They were full of passion and anger, and both delved into the unknown when it came to growing closer together. Maggie is extremely strong but quite timid and closed off in the beginning which is to be expected considering all the crap that she goes through in this book with regards to her mother. I loved seeing her develop into a much more confident person once Seth entered her life on a full time basis. Seth is wonderful too. He's the older guy, and he's been in love with Maggie for a long time, and I admired him so much in the book when he was willing to take on everything just for a chance to spend time with Maggie, at first as a friend and then as a lover.

This story is incredibly emotional, you will end up feeling pretty drained afterwards, but it's so worth the read. With multiple points of view throughout the book we get to see different reactions to the happenings around Port Fare itself. We even get inside the minds of both the Dreser brothers who are the baddies. Although it's a little creepy and the story would have worked just as well without it, it was good to read about their thoughts. All the secondary characters like Booker and Cole were fantastic, they brought a nice dynamic to the story and I look forward to reading more on them.

Overall this was a wonderful story, and I felt so many different emotions whilst reading this. Love, passion, anger, sadness. Every kind of emotion just shines through in here. And Sherry Gammon is quite the story teller. I look forward to books two and three that involve Cole and Booker from their POV's, And I especially look forward to the movie that was announced a while a go!

Absolutely fantastic, and any fans who enjoy a gritty story where love conquers all then this is definitely a book you need to check out; and soon!
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191 reviews134 followers
January 1, 2013
This book by far exceeded my biggest expectations, I absolutely LOVED! It had me hooked from page one and never let me go. Even now I am so blown away with how much I loved it. I have read several books that I thought were good, but I wouldn't sit and think about all the characters and the plot. With this book that's all I could do. These characters were so believable I couldn't stop myself from thinking about them. They were all so living, brave, and strong, with their own sense of humors. I love books that I hate to put down and this was one of them, it was so hard to stop, it just kept me so drawn I didn't notice the time flying by. I loved the whole plot line it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was such a nice change from all the stories about Vampires, werewolves, witches, etc... that out there. This book teaches/shows us what kind of things that are really going on around us, it really brings to light what others may be going through at this moment, and I think Sherry Gammon did a great job at showing readers what it would be like to have a the life that Maggie has, but also showing that no matter how bad life gets there are always people out there that love you, whether you know it or not. I cannot wait until the next book comes out!!!
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1,073 reviews96 followers
February 23, 2012
I'll cut to the chase: I loved this book. It reminded me of a Nora Roberts trilogy, except sweet and clean instead of steamy and borderline erotic. It is the first in a trilogy with each book focusing one person from a tight group of awesome friends. In this case, it's a group of sweet and hot guys.

Maggie's life is heartbreaking. Her mother is an alcoholic who is just plain mean, and Maggie is slowly starving to death while trying to keep everything together and hidden. It's hard to read, especially since Maggie is such a good person.

One of my favourite parts comes closer to the end of the book: the wordplay between Maggie and Booker. It is so funny and light-hearted. It's such a great contrast to everything else that happens. I love the zingers they send each other.

Overall, this is a great book and a great start to a series. I can't wait to read the other two books. I would definitely recommend this book to readers of all kinds of genres: YA, romance, drama, and contemporary. There is something here for everyone.
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30 reviews1 follower
August 13, 2012
Great book, exciting with out being too stressed out. Can't wait for the next 2 in this series.
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311 reviews60 followers
November 6, 2011
My Thoughts:

Wow, wow, Wow, this book is the whole package of greatness! The cover of the book is simply amazing, and the book itself was even better. I so fell in love with this book! Unlovable went above and beyond my expectations for this book. A few months ago I added this book to my TBR pile on Goodreads and a couple days later hear from the author Sherry Gammon asking me to read her book. I will saw I said yes to her asking me mostly what the cover looked like but little did I know I would find a pure treasure! This book will touch your heart. The story of a unlovable girl and a boy who came along to change that.

Maggie believes she is a unlovable nothing, and why not her Mother reminds her of this everyday. Maggie was a accident, she was never supposed to be born. Although her Mother Barbara kept the baby she treats her daughter, Maggie like dirt. Maggie grew up feeling unloved and she has always taken care of her Mother never the less. Maggie's mother is always drunk and never shows any kindness to her. Maggie still tries to have a life, go to school, make friends... one day the hottest guy in her school begins to take a interest in her and Maggie does not understand why.

Seth who is a undercover cop working with MET (Mobile Enforcement Teams) a branch of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is now given the assignment to get to know Maggie better. Befriend her, and somehow see if her Mother is involved somehow. Seth and his partner Booker need to find a family of drug dealers in Port Fare. Maggie does not understand why Seth has taken a new interest in her. Who could like or love someone like her? Maggie soon will find out through out the course of the story someone does.

As Seth and Maggie get to know each other better they begin to have intense feeling for each other, but little do they know everything is about to change...

I found this book to just tear at my heart string. There is such wonderful passion and love within this story. Seth and Maggie's love story is so pure and beautiful. The book has such a great story. I love it when I can come across a book that just makes me feel good while reading it. Unlovable is simply one of those books. When I was done reading it, I wanted to pick it up and read it again. The author, Sherry Gammon has written a timeless love story. Her writing style is exquisite and graceful. I love each and every page of her book and would strongly recommend Unlovable to anyone who adores a epic love story. You will not be disappointed.
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471 reviews107 followers
January 12, 2012
Unlovable by Sherry Gammon was a book that started off slowly. But, I soon found myself captivated by the story because although the plot is kind of a little too perfect, Unlovable has characters that are easy to care about and is well-written.

The main character, Maggie, has grown up in relative poverty with an alcoholic and verbally abusive mother. Despite this, Maggie remains a generous and caring person. She even continues to care for her mother in the hopes that her mother will reward her with some attention and affection! Still, Mrs. Brown’s horrible words do have an effect on Maggie, making her believe that she is unworthy of being loved when she catches the interest of Seth.

There are also some occasional chapters from the perspective of Seth and the villains in the story. Bill was bad, but he was nothing compared to his brother whose behaviour suggests that he has antisocial personality disorder. Normally, I don’t find villains very terrifying but Alan scared me because there are actually people like him out and about in the world. Hopefully, we never have to encounter them!

My favourite part of Unlovable was the romance. I thought it was realistically portrayed and found it sweet how Seth got Maggie to open up and let him into her life. Unlike Maggie, you know that Seth is an undercover cop and so as you’re waiting for things to blow up in his face, you can only hope that Maggie’s trust in Seth and their love is strong enough to withstand the doubts and obstacles.

The first in a trilogy, I was pleasantly surprised by how good Gammon’s Unlovable was. What’s nice for older YA readers is that Seth is twenty-one so it doesn’t feel as inappropriate to crush on him (not that age would stop me anyway) :) Even better, the next two books in the series are told from Seth’s friends’ POVs; and I know Cole and Booker are older than him. The two were well-developed secondary characters in Unlovable so I’m looking forward to reading their stories in Unbelievable and Unbearable.
60 reviews
October 11, 2012
What a great story!! From the first page to the last, this book was romance and action packed! It had a great plot and lots of amazing characters!

Seth is an undercover cop at Maggie’s high school and has had a crush on her right from the start. Maggie lives in an abusive home, where she hardly eats a meal a day, causing her to have all the appearances of a druggie. Things start to get complicated when Seth gets assigned to get close to Maggie to find out if her mother is involved with big time drug dealers.

While reading this book, my heart just broke for Maggie! Her life at home was just so pitiful and sad. She always took care of her pathetic mother and never asked for anything but her love in return but still her mother told her, countless times, that she was an “unlovable nothing.” Then the oh-so-wonderful Seth comes into Maggie’s life and shows her that she is perfectly lovable just the way she is! The romance between the two of them is fast paced and beautiful. Seth is so caring, loving, protective, and all around perfect!

I also loved Booker and Cole! Booker was so fun-loving, caring, and protective of both Seth and Maggie. He also brought quite a lot of humor to this book, which I loved. If Booker was the cool, BA older brother, then Cole was the fun nerdy one! His character was just sweet and dorky and fun!

Another little thing about this book is it was “clean.” There was no swearing and although the romance was part of the main plot it also was very clean. There were a few violent scenes that were a little graphic but other than that, this book is definitely a great read for any young adult!

If you like lots of action, suspense, and romance, with a hint of mystery, then this book is for you!
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Author 8 books204 followers
September 5, 2011
The other day I began reading “Unlovable” and I was impressed not only with the strong voice of the author, but with the entire plot. At first the cover grabbed my attention, then the more I read, the more I got sucked in until I finished the book.
As any YA novel, I looked for the message it sends to our teenagers and quite frankly I liked it, not only because it teaches young adults to stand up for themselves, but it shows if someone wants something bad enough, it’s within ourselves to find the strength to fight for it and persist until we have it.
Maggie is a senior in high school, with a heart of a lion, but behind her brave façade it’s a lonely, starved young woman. Not even her broken shoes or secondhand clothing keeps her from dreaming one day to make something out of herself and to be loved. Her alcoholic and abusive mother had deprived Maggie of love, attention and basic care no child should grow up without. Aside from studying and skipping lunch, the only highlight of Maggie’s day is seeing Seth Prescott, a senior in the same high school. Looking through Maggie’s eyes, Seth is perfect and I often found myself smiling—sure thing I saw some guys exactly the same way at that age. What Maggie doesn’t know is that Seth is an undercover MET agent. And here is where things get complicated…
I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone, but for all parents out there in search for a clean YA novel, “Unlovable” is the right book for your teenagers. What I liked most about this book is the author’s ability to create a clean story about teenagers for teenagers without masking an adult novel under a YA genre.
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1,728 reviews134 followers
June 19, 2011
Unlovable is a remarkable love story. Captivated within the first pages, this was a thrilling and quick read. I have found myself to be a sucker for the undercover ops men, but this was much more than the mysterious undercover gorgeous man. It was a story about Maggie, and her alcoholic mother. It was about this young woman's courage to overcome everything that she should be and could be; to become something exceptional. More importantly it was about this young man's ability to see the superficial layers, and fall in love this poor abused girl that is too stubborn and hard headed to accept charity from anyone. Readers will envy the relationship of these two love birds. Individually they are giving and wonderful people, but together they are awe inspiring and exceptional. Both with difficult pasts Maggie and Seth are mature beyond their years. The level of commitment in the store with stop readers dead in their tracks. I loved every heartfelt minute of this story, and I am distraught to see it all come to a close. Although, the highlight of my day was finding their will be two more books in the series. Book 2 will be the story of Cole, and book 3 will be the story of Booker. Though I must say that I believe I might stay a little partial to Seth and Maggie; I hope the next books will somewhat include them as well. I would recommend this read to anyone that liked books such as: Perfect Chemistry, The Girl I Used to Be, anything by Jennifer Echols, or Leaving Paradise. This was a truly breath taking love story that you don't want to miss.
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302 reviews16 followers
August 31, 2011
OMG what a good book I at first hated Maggies pity party making her seem completely weak but it all makes sense with what she has lived with, with her mom being an alcoholic. But its also very deceiving because she is not weak at all she is so strong when she took on her Ex Frank and I especially love that she was willing to make a deal to save Sam just for Booker. My favorite character was Booker he was just so funny the entire time and his and maggies little "spats" just kept making me laugh. Maggies and Seth are just cute together I love how Seth faught for what he wanted and gave her space when she needed it after his whole I'm an undercover cop thing blew up in his face. I wanted to cry when first Sam dies then a few days later Maggies mom dies when all Maggies ever wanted her mom to say "I love you" but instead her last words were "I love Vodka". I don't think there was dull moment in this entire book I was laughing, smiling, and white knuckled almost the entire book its a major rollercoaster of emotions and I for one can't wait for the next book!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
351 reviews13 followers
September 27, 2012

The definite crowd pleaser of this book, were the unbelievable LOVABLE characters in this book.
One of the main protagonists, Maggie, is a strong, passionate, kind character whose only wish in life was for her mother to love her and show her an inch of that love. Her inner thoughts were a mixture of funny to heartbreaking, and everything was completely believable.
Seth, the undercover MET agent, was an honestly fantastic drool worthy lead man, and i loved how devoted he was to Maggie.. I think when he revealed he didnt care what she looked like but only loved who she was in the inside was my deal breaker and made me fall instantly. I loved his protectiveness, disregard for the absolute bitches around him and his need to show that Maggie she is lovable. I knew there would be a major fallout when his secret was revealed, but gosh the reunion made it all worth it.
Booker.. what can I say about him, LOVE HIS CHARACTER (hahah cats), can't wait for his book... same as Cole's.. coming out soon wooo so excited.

Definite must read.. i give it 4.5/5!
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Author 3 books66 followers
October 10, 2012
Oh my gosh, I have just stepped off the craziest roller coaster! This book was amazing! Just down right, amazing! I loved how this book had so much raw emotion with it. For once it was like a breath of fresh air, something different. Maggie & Seth have stolen my heart. This book will keep you crying, laughing, your heart pounding loudly in your ears, it will keep you guessing, I mean EVERYTHING! I loved how this book flowed. You got to see Inside Maggie's head, Seth's, and even the bad guys, I loved that!
Very good book and highly recommended.

"When I said I loved you, I didn't mean for a week, or maybe a year, I meant always, in the good times and the bad, through thick and thin. I'm playing for keeps here, Mags. I hoped, given some time, you'd feel the same way and take me back." -Seth.

I'd take him back ins heartbeat, no questions asked!!! He can have me any day, any time as long as he wears his cop uniform (:
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