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Energetics: The First Order

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" The First Order," the first book of the series "The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom," is a risky dance between the innocence of invention and corruption of saboteurs as clean and limitless electrical energy is made available to the world.

Hijacked from a path leading to the enrichment of advanced levels of enlightenment, we now find ourselves on a time-line where our inherent rights and freedoms have been systematically thwarted. Not only is the future of humankind grim, it is also spiraling toward destruction.

Through sheer genius and perseverance, an ad hoc group of MIT professors uncover a new form of math. Rooted in equations by James C. Maxwell, in the 1860's, four higher Orders of electrodynamics are the first being Energetics. In the face of adversity, this group creates the first of many life-changing technologies that revolutionize the current geo-political paradigm.

This new information avails humankind the opportunity to reclaim their intended path and heal their future.

Find out more www.thefourorders.com

358 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 6, 2011

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Daniel Ward

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Author 2 books13 followers
March 20, 2011
"In my youth, I wanted to get involved in some obscure think tank, discover something completely novel, invent something really useful to mankind ... or maybe investigate the fringes of science," Dr. Jordy Hanford tells his colleague and friend, Dr. Tom Pierce.

In Daniel Ward and Terre Britton's book, "Energetics: The First Order", this paradigm is put to the test.

Jordy and Tom are two professors at MIT. And, over a couple of drinks at their favorite watering hole, "The Miracle of Science Bar and Grille", Jordy confides in Tom about his waning enthusiasm for teaching. The conversation then takes a turn when Tom revealed that he has a student that reminded him of them-in their younger days. Tom commented that the student, Lenny Langthorne, is a brilliant and tenacious researcher, and asks questions that he could not answer. This intrigued Jordy. And that was the spark that would launch the two professors and their protégé on a journey they could never have imagined.

The story is well crafted with all the twists and turns, and clever moments, of the best sci-fi thrillers. It's charged with suspense, humor and passion-with a spark of unpredictability. It is sure to keep the reader interested and eager to read on.

What I found most intriguing about this fictional story is that it contains technology based on fundamental theories of science while also exploring alternative theories-in this case, electromagnetic energy.

It's a story of, 'what if'. What would happen if there was an alternative that would allow us to transition from our use of fossil fuel energy to a reliance on a clean, safe and free energy source? If such energy existed, would the world's governments and big corporations support it? Would it plunge the world's economies into chaos? Would there be some who'd want to stop it? For answers to those questions, I recommend you read this book.

It wouldn't be fair for me to tell you that all your questions would be answered in this book. If anything, you'd probably be left with more questions. But don't fret. This is the first book of four, in the series "The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom". And I, for one, cannot wait to read on!
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21 reviews49 followers
March 24, 2011
Co-Authored with Terre Britton

Like thrillers? Like speculative fiction with a strong scientific base? Like crossing them with national and international intrigue? Do you want your fiction populated with people you feel like you could sit down and have a beer with?

If you answered ‘yes,’ to any or all of these, grab a copy of Energetics :The First Order. This is the first book in the series The Four Orders of Inherent freedom. You’ll want to read the next one as soon as you turn the last page.

Britton and Ward will take you on an adventure with three scientists who discover new insights in a world of complex math. They draw on the historical inventions and proposals of Nikola Tesla whose electronic creations are present in our everyday lives.

Combining the concepts of a groundbreaking invention, which could alter the world economy with international and domestic espionage, makes for a heady brew.
Author 6 books59 followers
August 5, 2011
I enjoyed the book greatly. It's an easy, entertaining, and provocative read. I'd categorize the book as plot-driven science fiction (although I could be wrong, of course).

First, the strong points:

1. Although I'm not normally into the technical thrillers, "Energetics" kept my interest throughout by balancing the technical base (that felt reasonably solid) with humorous entertainment. At times, the narrative reminded me of the boisterous texts by Jules Verne with its bold imagination, larger than life characters, and the underlying nobility of intent.

2. The book touches upon the issues I've been pondering myself. The balance of power, energy, and tough dilemmas facing the governments of the world... I believe the text is timely. It made me wonder if the original formulae that had led to invention of electricity were, indeed, interpreted correctly. I *wish* this would become one of the books predicting the near future (a bit like one of the "24" episodes predicted an American president of African heritage).

3. There's a strong feeling of hope in humanity that permeates the book. This is the sort of fiction I personally enjoy. Although I'm not American, I didn't mind the patriotic crescendo of some chapters. I took this as a general expression of hope and optimism - as it was intended, I believe.

The key improvement opportunity I'd like to suggest to the next volumes is:

- I'd love to learn more about the characters in the next installments of the series (which I'll definitely read). While I enjoyed the fast pace, I almost wanted the story to slow down a little and explore the lives, fears and motivations of the people a little deeper.

This also applies to dialogue. I'd love the dialogue to "relax" a little and use a few less one-liners. I did enjoy the humor, of course, but I believe the humanity of the protagonists would come across that much stronger if they're allowed to speak more and develop at a more natural pace.

Net, I loved the book and will buy the next "Orders" in the series. Well done! :)
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Author 5 books67 followers
June 17, 2011
Energetics: The First Order – Review by Guest Reviewer Matthew Morrison

Three MIT scientists risk their careers, reputations and their lives bringing a new form of energy to life in ‘Energetics: The First Order’ by Daniel Ward and Terre Britton. Who wouldn’t want America to have a self-sustained energy source? Only the U.S. government and the “Big Energy” companies. Now, add the concerns of the entire international community as well as extraterrestrial abduction of one of the scientists, and you are ready to begin the journey.

This book has the rambling adventure of a Clive Cussler yarn, shrouded in the political intrigue of a David Baldacci thriller, wrapped in the mysterious, other worldly, enigma of a Whitley Strieber diary. Throw in the esoteric, technical ramblings of Nikola Telsa, a personal laboratory notebook of James C. Maxwell, a cross-country jaunt and a few bloody noses and you too will believe that Energetics is just the First Order. Be brave, follow along, and see if these inventor’s can reject their null hypotheses, break free of convention, save the world, and reduce the carbon footprint of our modern society down to zero. I can’t wait!

Sirius Press
225 pages
ISBN# 978-0-9841952-0-6

: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004I8WPDK

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