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Alice On The Shelf

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Where's Alice?

Down the Rabbit Hole.When Brad awakens with this question on his lips but his friend Miranda on his mind, a sense of unease fills him. When he finds she isn't home, and a strange visitor is outside her house looking for a missing pocket watch, Brad knows something is amiss. The world is familiar but different

First published March 6, 2011

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About the author

Bill Gauthier

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Bill Gauthier lives in Southeastern Massachusetts. His collection Catalysts was published in 2007 by Dark Discoveries Publications and his novellas Alice on the Shelf (Bad Moon Books) and Shadowed (Delirium Books) were published in 2011.

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69 reviews1 follower
September 13, 2018
First of all, I'm not saying i didn't like this book. I did but it never really went anywhere or told much of a story... just a running dialogue in what felt like a pseudo-fantasy reality book. Because it included aspects of many stories, mostly Alice in Wonderland, i found it entertaining and the twists on the original were fun but not very elaborated upon.

I couldn't help but be reminded of hammering out stories like this after a long night of drinking cheap alcohol when i was younger...

I'd say it's great for a 3 hour flight or a warm summer afternoon as long as you aren't expecting anything more than to be entertained for a few hours. About the only thought required went along the lines of turning back a page and saying to myself "did i read that right? that can't be right!" only to find that "yes, yes i did read it correctly"

So 3 stars because it was fun and light... but not more because it left a lot to be desired and frankly, i didn't like the end... not to mention, i never got to know the characters enough to care one way or the other what happened.
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340 reviews24 followers
April 11, 2011
Brad wakes up in the middle of the night, worried that something has happened to his close friend, Alice. Wait. Her name’s Amanda, isn’t it? He drives to her house to check on her, and instead he finds is a giant white rabbit lurking in the bushes. Brad follows the rabbit, and falls into a familiar literary fantasy world that has gone horribly wrong.

As Brad searches for Amanda, he meets characters from Lewis Carroll’s stories, and a few assorted fairy tale denizens. While negotiating the difficult trip through Wonderland, Brad is constantly taunted and admonished by the critical voice in his head; it seems to be trying to tell him how ridiculous the whole thing is. Just when the reader is inclined to agree, the story twists into nightmarish scenes where characters become demonic, and some, including most of the main characters, are brutally slain.
Brad’s quest to find his friend evolves into a journey of self examination and eventually leads to several revelations and a final battle with his own alter-ego, the Brad Hatter. Gauthier makes interesting statements on the mind of a writer, as well as the insecure pathos of a young divorced man.

The parody of Alice is an effective foil for Gauthier’s sardonic humor, and provides ready-made characters to manipulate in truly bizarre ways. However, the story is not overly dependent on Lewis Carroll’s work; instead, Alice on the Shelf functions as a tribute, and a ghastly interpretation of the original. Recommended.

Contains: sexual content, drug references, mutilation, child-murder.

Reviewed by: Sheila Shedd
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47 reviews
August 14, 2021
Alice On The Shelf. I look at the cover and I'm thinking, the title seems to be of a fantasy, the artwork seems pretty gruesome. I'm going to love this! I am happy to say that yes, folks, yes I did. Intertwining characters of different fables and tales and adding in horror, mystery, and a penchant for not wanting to stop reading. The only thing I wish is that it was longer. I loved how Bill threw in his favorite things as a child and as an adult and used them for his story. With it being a novella, it hits fast and it hits hard. Nothing left undone, and nothing being stretched too far. I had a couple of different themes going on in my head throughout this story and one was "love" and the depths we go to find it, hold on to it, and never let it go. The other was "hope". We need it and endlessly seem to seek it. I believe they like to go hand in hand and Bill Gauthier does a wonderful job melding the two together. We may not always find what we are looking for at the end of the tunnel, but there is always hope that there is another chance to. Be careful what you wish for...
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919 reviews
June 15, 2016
I discovered this book on monster librarian.com years ago and had to buy a copy. It has been sitting on my shelf since so about time I read it. This is a really twisted, dark story that takes place in Wonderland with several characters from other stories. It was enjoyable but the ending was unpredictable and not my favorite part. I do think many people would probably enjoy it better then I did.
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