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Scary School #1

Scary School

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You think your school's scary? Get a load of these Ms. Fang , an 850-year-old vampire
Dr. Dragonbreath , who just might eat you before recess
Mr. Snakeskin —science class is so much more fun when it's taught by someone who's half zombie
Mrs. T —break the rules and spend your detention with a hungry Tyrannosaurus rex ! Plus Gargoyles, goblins, and Frankenstein's monster on the loose
The world's most frighteningly delicious school lunch And The narrator's an eleven-year-old ghost! Join Charles "New Kid" Nukid as he makes some very Scary friends—including Petunia, Johnny, and Peter the Wolf—and figures out that Scary School can be just as funny as it is spooky!

233 pages, Hardcover

First published June 21, 2011

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About the author

Derek The Ghost

8 books69 followers
Derek is an eleven-year-old ghost who haunts the classrooms and hallways of Scary School, writing down all the spine-tingling often hilarious things that go on there. Despite his ghostly state, Derek still enjoys reading comic books and hopes to one day become a master ninja. If that doesn’t work out, he will continue to share the fun of this very special, very secret school, so all kids can experience the scariest school on earth. Derek the Ghost communicates through the first-time ghost whisperer Derek Taylor Kent, who is a writer and performer in Los Angeles, California.

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878 reviews4,019 followers
September 4, 2016
This rating isn't really mine, per se (though I also thought it was entertaining). Both my fifth and sixth grade students loved this book and for their age, it's the most hilarious thing ever. The humor is exactly right for them. I had to lock up the book so students wouldn't try to take it and read ahead of our class read aloud. I mean, what a great thing to have to lock up though. I think that speaks volumes.
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450 reviews955 followers
December 22, 2011
My Opinion:
I simply loved this book. What was even better is my girls did. I have an 11 year old that I have to push hard to read. Some kids really love reading and some don’t. I started reading this book out load to both my kids and let me tell you they didn’t want me to stop. Between the pictures and the funny descriptions of the characters, we were laughing all the way. What was best about it was that my daughter wanted to re-read it!!! I don’t think there was ever a book that she wanted to do that. Even my 7 year old was laughing at Ms. Fang and Nurse Hairymoles. This book is so great!! I can’t recommend this enough for middle school grade kids especially the hard to get to read ones. It was a very imaginative and fun story. Not only did the kids enjoy it, I did also. There is only one downfall….I have to wait till June for the next in the series.
I give Scary School by Derek the Ghost (Derek Kent) 5 of 5 stars!
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204 reviews39 followers
November 16, 2011
One of my favorite books as a young kid was Sideway Stories from Wayside School and Scary School reminded me a lot of that book!! It was similar in layout and style but completely different in content! In Scary School by Derek the Ghost you have chapters pretty much dedicated to getting to know the characters!! Each one is about someone Derek is talking about but then they flow easily in to the next chapter!! I had a really great time reading this book!! The characters are all fun, unique and bit scary in the 8-10yr old way.

I loved the story on Ms. Fang!! She is a vampire and when she gets mad at the kids in her class she’ll suck their blood out and die. Sounds gruesome but it isn’t really; because nobody really dies permanently so it’s not too tragic. I also found the whole 3 Rachel thing hilarious!! There is Rachel, Raychel and Frank (pronounced as Rachel).

I agreed to review this book because I thought it might be something my 8 year old girl would enjoy because she is actually reading Sideway Stories at Wayside School right now. She saw me reading this book and then asked if she could. No sooner did I put it down, did she pick it up!! She was cracking up the whole time too!!

I was a little worried that it had the potential to be too scary for my 8 yr old but it wasn’t. She found the scary stories funny and entertaining and loved the added sketches throughout the book!!

If you are looking for a great, silly, scary story book for your 8-10 yr old, I think this is an amazing option!! Sure to be entertaining!!

Thank you to the author for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and opinion. I was not obligated to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.
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Author 8 books69 followers
July 7, 2011

Scary School, by Derek the Ghost.
Kent, Derek Taylor (author).
Illustrated by Scott M. Fischer.

July 2011. 256p. Harper, hardcover, $15.99 (9780061960925). Grades 3-6.
First published June 1, 2011 (Booklist).

Imagine if the teachers from Mike Thaler’s Black Lagoon series lived up to their students’ fears, and you will understand life at Scary School, a place where monsters and humans learn side by side. The book is narrated by snarky 11-year-old Derek the Ghost, who perished at Scary School long before the story starts. Linking his vignettes and character profiles is a loose narrative describing the school’s preparation for the annual Ghoul Games. Derek makes frequent allusions to events in later chapters and even to unwritten books, and this teasing storytelling style enhances the humor, as Kent initially tosses aside odd events and then resolves them when least expected. The artwork, a mix of full-page drawings and spot sketches, has a comic flair and helps bring to life the strange, and occasionally human, characters. Sometimes gross and never frightening, this is a laugh-out-loud offering that should find a broad and appreciative audience among boys and girls alike.

— Kara Dean
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329 reviews
December 21, 2011
Scary School by Derek The Ghost, author Derek Taylor Kent and Illustrated by Scott M. Fisher, is the story of a year in a truly unusual school. I know of no other school that has a moat and a drawbridge. It is a place where a T. rex who wears a blue dress is both the librarian and detention room monitor. Another staff member, Mr Turtlesnaps claims to have been a friend of Darwin as well as being the recipient of his books.
The book is narrated by Derek. an eleven year old ghost who is unable to leave the school. He is an aspiring writer who becomes just that-a ghost writer. He chronicles the events of the school year which comes to close with a very bizarre competition called Ghoul Games. Losing at any of the games can lead to dire consequences. There is more to the book than all the weird happenings. The story clearly shows the value of friendship, loyalty and honesty. The characters are perfectly developed. The illustrations are excellent.
I highly recommend this book for children from age 8 to 12 and for adults, as well. Reading this book is a pleasure and enjoyable.
I received this book at no charge from Goodreads.
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1,035 reviews55 followers
February 22, 2012
Lately I’ve been wanting to read humorous books and I was lucky enough to have a copy of Scary School to read through. Not only was this highly entertaining but I got quite a few laughs from it too.
I really loved the illustrations in Scary School. It added in that extra layer of awesomeness but at the same time it was really funny. I particularly enjoyed the first picture of Charles Nukid. There were of course many other brilliant images throughout the book.
Most of the book was introducing the characters and telling little stories about them which I really enjoyed. I really liked so many of the characters that I don’t really have a favourite, although I did like Derek the Ghost who is in the story as he is the one telling the story.
I found Scary School to be slightly reminiscent of Harry Potter, The Munsters and the Addams Family. It was really awesome. There were so many funny bits and it was really well written. Overall, I really enjoyed Scary School and highly recommend it!
Author 5 books28 followers
November 12, 2011
Amazing book that I am sure elementary and middle aged kids will love and even some of us that are still children at heart. Fun and entertaining this book will have you laughing from the first chapter. The characters are very fun and unique and had me smiling at their humorous antics at every turn of the page. My favorite character has to be Penny Possum and Charles Nukid their little adventure together was very cute and of course filled with lots of chuckles.

Give your kids a great book that will keep them laughing and entertained for hours by getting “Scary School” by Derek The Ghost.

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227 reviews22 followers
December 31, 2017
There's so much good material in this school that the author created! I would say that I didn't so much care about the plot of the school competition so much as I enjoyed hearing about all the different stories and their histories. Very silly and spooky. Definitely a fun one to read aloud to my 7-year-old!
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143 reviews48 followers
June 15, 2012
Publisher: Harper Collins
Age: Elementary/ Middle Grade
Rating: 5/5
Species: Werewolf/ Vampire/ Zombie/Dragon/ Magically Delicious/ Witch/ Human/ T-Rex
Interest: Requested Review/ Supernatural Beings/ Good Cover
Source: Received for review from Derek Kent

Disclaimer: My Summer Girl Books hasn't read middle grade books or elementary chapter books since, well since she was in those grades. She may not be up to date on the most adventurous, grossest, scariest, funniest or best books for that age group, but she is confident in her book recommending skills. She now requests that every kid, big or little, normal or scary, fearless or not, to read this book series.

I think I forgot that books can be funny. More accurately, that books can be hilarious in a non-sarcastic, self depreciating or obscene way. Scary School was just plain insane fun. Nothing was forced into making sense. It was just one crazy story after another, which was wonderful. There wasn't any intense drama or cruelty or too intricate plots. One of the reasons I enjoyed Scary School so much was that I could just turn my brain off and have fun while reading it. That almost never happens to me anymore. Any chance to get outside of my constantly over-analyzing head is beyond welcome. (I want to read the second book, Monsters on the March so badly right now!)

Drawings! I am such a huge fan of art. Anyone who's read this blog for a while knows this. Illustrations just take me to a very happy place in my heart, especially good ones. When I agreed to review it, I didn't realize that Scary School was pretty much bursting with illustrations of characters and their odd predicaments. As soon as I found out, I fell half in love with this book series. Being able to see a character on a page somehow enhances everything I read about them and makes it a more enjoyable experience. While I loved reading about all of the characters, I think watching them would be much better. Scary School should be made into an animated TV show! I would totally watch it.

Another reason I think this would be perfect for TV, is the short and sweet vignettes. The book didn't focus on one specific character, but rather branched out to include a large number of Scary School inhabitants. I confess to having my favorites. (Charles Nukid and Penny Possum dream team forever! I wouldn't mind learning from Mr. Drangonsbreath or Ms. Fang at all! Petunia and Frank [pronounced Rachel] are besties!) However none of the characters were truly rude or unlikeable, except for that nasty business with the villain. (He gets his just desserts though, so it's alright.)

Section of the review for Parents only: Scary School does have some good morals in it, like selflessness, discipline, respect, not judging people, etc. Although the title says the school is scary, there aren't too many frightening moments for children, I can only think of one or two. All the deaths are funny, not traumatizing and usually results in the dead being brought back to life. It's a fun and easy read. Plus, there are allusions in there just for the parents, like Mrs. T, Frank N. Stein and other cute little puns or comments directed at an older audience.

Section of the review for kids only: It's a totally awesome book! There are vampires, zombies, witches and a principal that could crush your head with her hands! Some gross things happen too like eating bugs, but that's over really quickly. My advice is to watch out for Mr. Dragonsbreath's rules, never look at number 5!

There was only one thing about Scary School that bugged me. The book is written by Derek The Ghost of course, and he loves telling stories. However, he would keep getting ahead of himself and have to repeat "but more about that in the next book" or "you'll hear about that later" or even constantly correcting the pronunciation of Frank to Rachel every single time she was mentioned. This isn't a bad thing for a book, but it's very distracting to wonder what will happen later or what will be in the next Scary School book when you're trying to read the story currently being told.

Overall, Scary School was a hilarious, wonderful, funny and slightly scary book that I loved! I encourage parents or teachers to buy this book for their kids to read. I would especially recommend it for kids who were like me, at that age, totally in love with the strange and supernatural, wanting to be scared, but not really terrified. I promise your kids (and you!) will absolutely love this book! So rush out and buy it the first chance you get, and devour it like Mr. Dragonsbreath will devour you!

Don't forget to check out the Scary School website, scaryschool.com to meet the staff and students, play games, unlock bonus stories, view book tour information and quizzes!

Teaser Lines: "I pity the fool who betrays this school," Mrs. T replied licking her chops.

Look out for the next Scary School book, Monsters on the March, out on June 26th 2012 from Harper Collins!

Happy Reading,
My Summer Girl Books
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16 reviews1 follower
November 30, 2017
There was a T-rex with a blue dress. It's about a bunch of scary teachers and scary kids that are trying to make the school scarier by winning a competition. I liked that it was funny and scary. (age 7)
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1,136 reviews2 followers
August 3, 2019
So whenever my son reads a book by himself I have him rate it and try to get him to do a review. So here you go...

“It was fun and it wasn’t too scary and I liked it a lot!”

Well... there you go, words from a 9 year old!
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832 reviews101 followers
December 1, 2011

I dove right into Scary School as soon as it arrived in the mail! I mean, I couldn’t resist that fun cover and that wicked cool trailer and song!

As you can tell, I LOVED this book! It’s pretty much made of awesome. Written and narrated by Derek the Ghost, an 11 year old former attendee at Scary School who died a year ago in a science lab accident…but don’t worry, he’s kinda cool with it. Derek the Ghost recounts the many adventures and happenings of Scary School. And just what is Scary School? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like, duh! Scary School is an elementary school, open to both humans and scary children, run by scary teachers. With a principle named Principle Headcrusher, teachers like Ms. Fang and Dr. Dragonbreath, and a T.Rex as a librarian and detention monitor, well you never know what’s going to happen. In this first installment of a new series, we follow Charles “New Kid” Nukid, as he makes his way through his first terrifying year at Scary School. A year that is made even more exciting with the Ghoul Games.

Author Derek Kent, aka Derek the Ghost, offers up a delightfully funny, entertaining and positively spellbinding new series. This is the type of book that I would have gone crazy for as a kid! It’s whimsical, laugh out loud funny, smart, and full of fun surprises. The narration is a perfect blend of childlike silliness and deadpan sarcasm. This book is reminiscent of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series, both of which I adore.

There is a wonderful cast of characters, human and scary alike. In this book, Derek introduces us to many of Scary School’s more interesting students, such as Peter the Wolf, Jason the hockey mask, chainsaw wielding hockey player, Petunia the purple skinned flower girl, Ramon the zombie, Penny Possum who’s boss at playing dead, and Frank which is pronounced “Rachel”. Each character is engaging, likable, and perfectly childlike. I truly loved every single character, but I think my favorite so far is Penny Possum.

This is a book that kids will just get. The silly, sometimes gross, out there humor is pitch perfect for the MG and younger crowd. But, this book will surely entertain adults as well. It definitely captivated this grown up! This would make an excellent read aloud book for kids and adults to share.

But, just because this book is a hoot a page doesn’t mean it has nothing meaningful and important to offer. There are many valuable lessons to be learned in this book as well, such as: Never judge a person by their appearance
· Friends can come in all sorts of packages
· Always be yourself
· Don’t anger a vampire
· Always follow a dragon’s rules
· Lunchtime is NOT a good time to visit a T.Rex
· When in doubt, use Monster Math: the bigger the number, the better.
For example: 2+2=…if you said 4 then you’d be wrong. If you said 18,478 or 2,674,198 or Infinity, then you’d probably be right…who knew, according to Monster Math, that I was a mathematical genius all along?!

I have to mention the illustrations done by Scott M. Fischer because they are awesome! His simple, yet wonderfully vivid pictures really capture the scenes and bring the book to life.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Ten year old me is sad that this book wasn’t around when she was in elementary school, but grown up me is so glad to have found this book in the present. Scary School is a superb first installment in what is sure to be a beloved and adored new series. Readers of all ages will be delighted and captivated by its humor, magic, and awesomeness. You absolutely MUST read this book!
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Author 2 books25 followers
May 17, 2012
Scary School achieves a new level of awesome!!

Ghost-kid Derek is looking for peace in halls filled with goons, ghouls, and monsters of every kind. This school is Topsy-turvy, where the uniform is not wearing the uniform and you're taught by vampires and zombies, nearly eaten by a giant squid on your first day, and detained in detention by an old-lady T-Rex that you certainly don't want to be dining with.

How could you not want to attend?

This book is totally my little brothers' humor, and I thought of them often while reading it. It's nostalgic in the way that it captures everything people love about being a creepy kid: dinosaurs, monsters, and acting a little weird and incredibly silly. It's clever, it's unique, it's great for any kid (even the really big ones), and it's laugh-out-loud funny! If you're afraid you may might die of laughter, don't worry - Scary School surely has a place for you afterward.

It manages to make light of what could be a traumatic situation (like, well, croaking in the science lab and left with the depressing task of haunting your school), while still managing to pull through with a few important morals and great themes about growing up (and not). Brimming with likable, amusing characters you'd be crazy not to be fond of (like Derek the Ghost or rule-obsessed Charles "New Kid" Nukid), it's a perfect example that reading can absolutely be fun for any age, and an important reminder that being different can be a wonderful thing.

This quick, middle-grade book is adorable in the creepy way. It's a totally fun must-read grown ups will like, too! Fantastic graphics and drawings are woven throughout the pages, with flocks of bats, ghoulish characters, and ghost-pad notebook lines all reiterating the fun feel of the piece. The story is so real it's actually attributed to a character. How can one get more awesome than that? If I had come across it (expecially) in elementary school, I would've been all over this series! Of course even now I completely relate to our ghostly storyteller (there were a few times I would've liked to die in science class, too), and reading it felt like talking to a quirky childhood friend. And hey! If they open the grades, I'll consider enrolling - it would make high school so much less mundane. Scary School considered a great place for academic challenges and curious, revolutionary rules. Plus the staff is quite up-front, peculiar and interesting: you can actually pronounce all of their names (those being true-to-character... and species), and, I've always had a suspicion that most teachers want to eat you - at least at Scary School they're honest about it!

It's an entertaining cross between Scooby Doo, Monster High, and Growing Up Creepy, made for the age group a few levels before The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. I recommend it for fans of all of the above, plus any kid (or parent) looking for something new! :)
6 reviews
October 12, 2011
Do you remember your first day at a new school? It was a scary experience, wasn’t it? You didn’t know anybody, you didn’t know where anything is at, and just your luck you had the really mean teacher with the hairy wart on her nose. Well, welcome to Scary School where a hairy wart is the least of your worries. That’s because at Scary School regular boys and girls attend class with scary kids, and those classes are taught by scary teachers.

Yeah, you heard me…head crushing, blood sucking, fire breathing, curse casting scary people. And, that is just a drop in the moat of scariness found at Scary School.

At Scary School it is common for a student to be eaten by teacher or be turned into a scary kid yourself. In fact, you’re considered lucky if you survive the first day of school. If that’s not scary enough the school is hosting this year’s Ghoul Games, and a new rule makes your chances of surviving the school year even harder. So, join your host (and former student) Derek the Ghost as he shares with you the wonderful and delightfully scary world of Scary School.


Derek Kent wrote Scary School from the perspective of his penname Derek the Ghost. DtG unfortunately perished when one of his teacher’s experiments went terribly wrong. Now he wonders the halls of the school as a ghost pursuing a hobby he’s always loved…writing. As you read Scary School you’ll notice that it is not written in a structured timeline. Early in the book characters and stories are presented randomly with only the loosest connection to previous chapters, if any at all. In fact, it reads more like an anthology or like you’re flipping through the author’s notes rather than a seamlessly connected novel. Eventually, a central (or main) conflict emerges, and some of these random stories begin coming together.

BUT, don’t let this deter you from reading this book. I still found it to be very entertaining. The humor in Scary School is very simple, which makes sense being that the target audience is 3-5 graders. Yet, I still found myself chuckling with every turn of the page (like the way DtG nonchalantly tells how a teacher eats one of their students like it’s a normal thing.) All the characters are entertaining and imaginative. Their hilarious stories will keep your kids laughing and you smiling in amusement. The artwork by Scott M. Fischer is great and definitely bumps up the entertainment value. Older kids will love reading it, and younger kids will love it while you remain entertained by read it to them. If you enjoy this book then you should read his first book Rudy and the Beast: My Homework Ate My Dog! (I personally think it is his best book)
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Author 4 books146 followers
January 14, 2012
In the last several months, I’ve been on an exhaustive search for age-appropriate books to read to my seven-year-old son. I love to read aloud to him, but so many of the books that are age-appropriate bore me to tears and don’t really keep his attention as well as they should. As a result, I’ve done an exhaustive search of Google, the library and the big book stores to find something that would capture his imagination...and maybe a little of my own imagination, too.

Scary School by Derek the Ghost looked promising. It received a full 5-star review from Amazon readers, 4.5 stars from Barnes and Noble readers, and the overwhelming consensus of adult readers was that it was laugh-out-loud funny to both kids and adults. If the reviews weren’t exaggerated, this was exactly the book I needed!

Written as a series of short stories and anecdotes surrounding the daily happenings at a school run by monsters, Scary School is better than laugh-out-loud funny. It’s creative and witty, and downright bizarre at times.

What could be more fun than a book narrated by the ghost of a kid who met his demise during a school science experiment gone wrong? Well, you might start with the new kid at school named Charles Nukid. When his classmates greet him as “Hey New Kid!” on his first day of school, he’s thrilled that they already know his name.

Not funny enough for you? How about a T-Rex in a blue dress who is responsible for detention? Every day at lunch time she lets out a loud “roar” and if you don’t run to your own lunch quickly enough, she might just choose you for her next meal!

Still not enough? How about a one-fanged vampire-teacher named Ms. Fang? Or a school principal with the last name of Headcrusher? Perhaps the hallway monitor, Mr. Spider-Eyes, will spark your attention? Maybe being sent to the school health office to see Nurse Hairymoles will capture your imagination? If none of that grabs you, then wait until you meet the student body!

Scary School is quite simply a great read. The bizarre antics of the characters will elicit belly laughs from young readers and bring more than a few giggles to adult readers as well. Most surprisingly to me, it captured the interest of my almost-16-year old daughter who once asked if she could sit in on a reading. Yes, it’s that entertaining!
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538 reviews8 followers
October 4, 2012
My 9yo son, David, agreed to review this book through Q&A so this is his review.

What would your rate this book? (1-don't bother; 2-satisfactory; 3-overall good; 4-highly recommend; 5-a must read)
5, a must read!

What do you like and not like about the book?
I liked that the author used very descriptive words so I can really see the pictures in my head.  The thing I didn't like about it was absolutely nothing!

What's your favorite part?
When Frank N. Stein showed up, that was very surprising.  I was thinking Frankenstein would come.

Who was your favorite character and why?
I liked Jason because he had a crush on Ms. Fang, that was funny!

Describe the feelings you felt while reading the book.
I felt like I was really in Scary School.

Would you read another book from this author?
Yes, because I really liked this book so why wouldn't I like another book?

What's your overall impression of the book?
I loved the book and I would love to read Scary School 2.

If you could change something about the book, what would it be?
Hmmm, well actually nothing at all!

What would you like the author to know?
I love the book and thank you for such an awesome book!

Side note:  This was a spur of the moment adventure.  I asked questions from the top of my head and David was very excited to answer them.  He truly enjoyed this opportunity to voice his thoughts about this book.  He wanted to stay up to see this post (blog) go live but of course I had much to do to set this up and it would be well pass his bedtime by the time I finish it (because I'm slow like that!).

Oh, I did read this book as well and wasn't as enthusiastic about the read as David but I'm long past childhood so my sense of fascination isn't in tune with a young reader's mind.  I personally would rate this book a 3.5.  That said, since this book is geared to young readers, David's review is more apropos.

Jinky is Reading
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107 reviews
October 3, 2012
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a vampire or a dragon for a teacher? Or a hungry T. Rex for a detention monitor? Or maybe a principal who held the Ghoul Games and had the students get eaten by monster if they didn't win? OR your fellow classmates were werewolves and ghouls?
Well, Charles Nukid is about to find out.
Derek the Ghost's Scary School is a hilarious scholastic twist. It's a fun light read for all ages that will definitely make you smile throughout the day. The book is a stack of separate stories from different characters all told by the same narrator, Derek the Ghost. He's probably the most amusing narrator I've ever encountered. His tone is indifferent, but not in an entirely callous way. Derek has a very unique voice where he can talk about death and gore in an easy manner. By the way he talks about it, you wouldn't even notice how scary the school really is.
The stories themselves were easy to get through and superbly funny. I couldn't help but smile as I read on.
And it's a perfect fit for all ages!
I had my brother, who's in fourth grade, give it a try. Here's how things went:
Me: Hey bro! Want to give Scary School a try? It's really good.
Bro: Nope.
Me: Oh come on, you love monsters!
Bro: But I hate books.
Me: *In a sing-song voice* It's got awesome pictures in it!
Bro: *Looks doubtful for a moment*
I show him the cool illustrations in it.
Bro: Okay. But I'm only reading the first chapter.
An hour later...
Me: Bro! It's dinner time!
Bro: *Groans* Oh come on! I just got to the best part!
I peek into his room and find him absorbed into the book. He absolutely loved it! The next day, he was begging the librarians to get him the second one.
Scary School is an adorably priceless read that made even my brother, who's got a thing against reading, read. It's easy, but highly entertaining and truly worth it.
Now I'm taking it on a test run with my little sister. I'm absolutely positive that she'll love it just as much. It's a boy's dream book, but girls can fall in love with it just as well.
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709 reviews6 followers
February 19, 2012
Scary School by Derek The Ghost is a wonderfully spooktacular book about middle grade students who attend an unusual school run by the things that go bump in the night. Not all the students are human themselves, some are very extraordinary. The school is run by Principal Headcrusher whose dream is to unite regular students with scary students. Derek The Ghost is the tour guide or narrator for this novel. He gives an up close and personal tour of not only the grounds at scary school but also the student body and faculty. Through this tour Derek gives the inside scoop and behind the scenes information that you'll need to know to survive Scary School.
Scary School is an attention grabber right from the beginning. The author mixes humor, wit and a lot of imagination to make this book a great read. This book has every kind of supernatural creature you can think of and even some you can't. Scott Fischer's illustrations really help bring the characters to life. Scary School will appeal to both girls and boys alike as well as kids of all ages. This book is highly entertaining. Another think that impressed me is the interactive website that goes along with this book. It has quizzes, take a tour of Scary School, games and even the theme song to Scary School.
I asked my children to read this book with me because it's a book geared towards ages 8-12 and my children fall right into that age group. My kids have different interests so I was so thrilled that it appealed to both of them. They had a lot of fun reading this book. They really liked the teachers as well as the students. My son really liked Dr. Dragonbreath and his rules. My daughter likes Petunia and Lindsey. They both thought it was a funny book and had a great time reading it. I asked if they would like to continue reading the series and they both enthusiastically responded with a yes. The second book, Scary School #2: Monsters on the March is scheduled to come out in June 2012.
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249 reviews10 followers
June 14, 2012
Scary School is a variety of tales all told from the perspective Derek the Ghost. There is a cast of main characters including Charles Nukid, who just happens to be the "New Kid." Scary School is a special school where both human children and monster children go to school together. The teachers themselves are scary monsters, like Mr. Dragonbreath who is a dragon, and Ms. Fang the Vampire.

In Scary School, the principal is a human with giant hands, and just happens to be called Principal Headcrusher, and she likes to crush heads. She applied to have Scary School host the Ghoul Games this year. The students of the hosting school get to choose the activities that they will compete against the other monster schools. If they lose, the winning team eats them. While this may sound like a terrible book for a child to read, it is actually funny and not scary at all.

Scary School is not the typical book I usually read, because it is for a middle grade audience. I am glad I was asked to review this book, because I truly enjoyed it. I have to say I thought the book was splendidly hilarious. I really enjoyed it, and I know that I would enjoy reading this book with my children when they are a bit older. I think it would also be a great book to get kids interested in reading. The story changed often, which made it seem like a faster read, and I think it would help hold a child's attention.

I have to say it was a great book to get me out of my routine, and I could not help but laugh aloud while reading Scary School. Derek the Ghost is the perfect narrator, not just for his sense of humor. As a former student, who haunts Scary School, he knows all the secrets. I would recommend this book to children who are starting to show an interest in Middle Grade reading material, or parents who want to share a good laugh with their children.

**Unabridged Bookshelf received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review**
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April 4, 2012
Now you might be thinking that a book for Middle Grade isn't for you. That you're too old to enjoy a book entitled Scary School. That, my friends, is where you'd be wrong. I have no qualms at all with telling you straight out that I adored this book! Yes, I'm in my late twenties. You know what though? Derek the Ghost is one heck of a narrator, and the stories in this book are pure awesome. Fan girl ramblings shall now ensue. You've been warned.

From page one Scary School is pure madness in the best way possible! If you've ever been to Wayside School, you'll know that sometimes the sheer ridiculousness of the stories is what really the draw. I found myself giggling through chapter after chapter of hilarious happenings. The teachers here won't just discipline you, they might actually eat you! Never fear though, you'll probably come back as a zombie, or a vampire, or you know, something else. Your best friend might be named Frank (pronounced Rachel) and you might even get in trouble for reading something you shouldn't have. In a word, being a student at Scary School is, well, scary!

The characters here are all vivid and so much fun. Scott M. Fischer's illustrations really bring them to life, and I found myself laughing out loud over the pictures more than once. After all, who doesn't love a T-rex in a dress? Lest you think that this is all just silliness though, I can assure you that there are actually very important lessons hidden in all the fun. Charles and his friends teach readers to be kind, to listen carefully, to be good friends, and even not to judge people for what they look like. Lessons and laughs? How can you go wrong?

If you have a reluctant reader at home, this is a book to put into their hands. The stories will make them laugh, the illustrations will delight them, and I'll guarantee that you won't be able to get them to stop talking about how funny it all is. I will happily admit that I'm a fan. Derek, you have me on board. I'm ready for more!
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July 6, 2011
I knew this would be an "easy" read, being written for kids in the 3rd to 6th grade range, but I didn't expect it to be completely delightful! I started reading it and couldn't put it down. I read most of it at work. I work in a middle school and I plan on spreading the news about this clever, funny, and charming book about kids, monsters and humans attending school together. They learn valuable life lessons and learn most importantly, not to judge a book by it's cover. Don't judge a person by the color of their skin, wether it be dark, light, pruple, harry, or dead and falling off! : ) I think one of my favorite charachters is Jason. A human kid that loves being a hockey goalie so much that his face is terribly scared, so he always wears his hockey mask. Plus, his father is a logger, so he always has a chainsaw with him. The result, he looks like a cute mass murderer type, (Jason Vorhees, he he he I love it!) But he is the sweetest kid ever! I won't tell you what he does for his favorite teacher. Ms. Fang, it's so sweet, I almost cryed. You're going to have to read it to find out! Petuna's story is absoultely adorable, with a scary twist. I love her! And the teachers, well, every kid thinks their teachers are monsters, these really are, with names like, Mr. Spider-Eyes, Principal Headcrusher, Dr. Dragonbreath or Ms. Stingbottom. The school Chef is a hoot! Plus the book has a websight that goes along with the book. If you can pass Ms. Fang's quiz, it will unlock a secret chapter. I think I'll give this book to my 3rd grade neice, plus buy one for a few classes at school. I can't wait for the next book! This a must have book for any child that loves to read about the supernatural, or read period!
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November 18, 2011
Originally posted at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

The Good: What a great book for Middle Graders!! If I had a kid in Middle School, this would surely be a book I would buy for them. It’s fun, creative and written at the perfect level for those kids who span several different levels of reading. I thought the illustrations were super cute and added so much to the book. I love that the author maintained the whole “Derek the Ghost” mentality throughout the book and I thought the creativeness of the crazy teachers and students was awesome! I thought the tongue-in-cheek humor is great in the way that some of the kid’s movies today are “made” for kids but there is some humor that the adults pick up on. It’s funny for the kids but kind of funnier for the adults because we pick up on the things the kids don’t.

The Bad: This is not particulary bad about the book, author or writing but mostly about the genre itself. While I enjoyed this novel, I found it hard to enjoy it in the way that I really enjoy YA or other types of fictions. I think it’s a superficial kind of enjoyment in the same way that I could sit down and watch Blue’s Clues with a child and enjoy it on the surface but I’m not TRULY getting any personal fulfillment or enjoyment from it. I think that’s the problem with someone my age reading a lower middle grade type of book. But that is really not the fault of the author or book.

Overall, I think for the younger crowd, this book is awesome and should be the hit of any middle grade classroom. B+

*I was provided a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.
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January 5, 2012
Scary School sure is a crazy place! Poor "New Kid" Charles has no idea what's coming to him on the morning he first steps in front of Scary School, only to be greeted by the crazy giant squid living in the moat surrounding the building. Author Derek Kent (also known as Derek the Ghost) creates a fully imaginative world where the most mundane details become twisted and spooky, luring readers in to see just what will happen next at Scary School.

This debut novel introduces us to all that Scary School is, with each chapter focusing on a specific character or scenerio within the Scary School walls. You'll meet characters like Sue, the amazing Octo-Chef, and find out what crazy consequences there are when one student mentions to Ms. Fangs that she only has one fang, and therefore should only be Ms. Fang.

Even as a 20 something who doesn't usually read about paranormal situations, this book kept me thoroughly entertained throughout. I was not expecting Scary School to be such a funny place. It certainly makes my own school experience sound boring!!

I think this book is perfect for boys and girls alike who love to let their imaginations take them to new places. The chapters are the perfect length, and the 3rd grade reading level makes this book easy to navigate whether a child is reading alone or with a parent. What really drew me to Scary School the most was the combination between 11 year old Derek the Ghost's narration and the cool illustrations by Scott M. Fischer, which can be found on nearly every page. Their work together on this novel really brings Scary School to life!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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February 15, 2012
My review as appeared on my blog, http://www.boystobooks.com

From the moment you walk into Scary School, you know it may be the scariest year of your life. That is, if you make it through the first day without being eaten by your teacher, Mr. Dragonbreath, for not obeying all of his nearly impossible class rules. Even if you don't make it through alive, there's always the chance you might come back as a zombie or even a ghost. Being a ghost does have it's advantages, like being able to float around and write about all of the horrible things that go on in the school. For the first time, Derek the Ghost reveals just exactly what happens inside Scary School.

Brace yourself. You're about to meet the zaniest, I mean scariest administration and teachers ever. From Principal Headcrusher to Ms. Fang, a vampire teacher and then to detention supervisor, Mrs. T. a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a blue dress, each has a crazy fun spooky story. The mix of regular kids with monsters, makes Scary School a place so unique even the scary creatures who come from other schools for the first ever school Ghoul Games are stricken.

In Scary School, Derek the Ghost, with the help of Derek Taylor Kent, creates a hilarious and imaginative first installment in what promises to be a wildly popular series, especially appealing to boys. The vivid illustrations by Scott M. Fischer add to the zany fun. You don't need to be a boy to love this book, but you do have to have a macabre sense of humor. Highly Recommended ages 8 and up for a screaming good laugh. Watch for the second installment, due out in late spring.
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March 11, 2012
It's probably impossible to describe how awesome this book is? So what if it's for kids and has illustrations in? That makes it even better!! It totally made my day :)

Sample Illustrations by Scott Fischer

Scary School is a book written by Derek the Ghost. After he died, he decided to write a book about Scary School. The School which he died into and tell us what happens after his death. We get to learn about the interesting-scary teachers, the students (humans & scary monsters ), and the Ghoul Games!!

Sample Illustrations by Scott Fischer

I can only describe the book as something incredibly clever,original and funny. From the whole Scary School concept, to each person and situation described, everything is awesome! The school rules!! Every kid would wish to go there, and meet all those people and be friends with them. The writing is light and funny, and the illustrations accompanied each chapter make it even more entertaining. I believe, that every kid ( or adult like me ) get this book at its hand, they won't put it down at all.

A middle grade book, which you will not get bored, you will laugh like a maniac and totally make you wish, you could go back to school. As for the children, hey! I would have bought it for my kid immediately (i actually i'm gonna buy a printed copy for myself for sure). No seconds thoughts! (And no it's not really scary xD).

P.S: There is a dragon for teacher *yay*
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April 2, 2012
Review done by Book Monster's Mom, Joanne. :-)

Scary School, by Derek the Ghost, is one of the funniest, craziest books I have ever read. My grandson and I read every day as part of his homework and since my grandson is not an avid reader, I try to find books that will catch his attention. Well, catch his attention it did! We laughed through every page and he actually remembered everything that happened from one end of the book to the other! This is a testament in itself in how entertaining this story is!

Scary School is run by Principal Headcrusher and the school is the only elementary school having both human and monster students. It is Principal Headcrusher’s dream that all schools become mixed with students of all kinds and she tries very hard to get the kids to get along. The teachers are all monsters and quite a mix of zany characters such as Ms. Fang, Mr. Spider Eyes, Mrs. T., Mr. Snakeskin, Mr. Acidbath. Every day kids come to school and hope they make it through the day without being eaten so Sue, the Amazing Octo Chef, cooks fantastic lunches for the kids every day, just in case!

Each chapter is dedicated to a specific person, either a teacher or a student and tells a story about the person’s character and how he responds to others in the school. Each chapter teaches a lesson and what better way to learn a lesson than to laugh your way through it! The Ghoul Games, which is a recurring topic through the book teaches the greatest lesson of all AND makes Principal Headcrusher’s dream come true!!

This is truly a 5 star wonder and yes, we have already pre-ordered Book 2 from Amazon which comes out the end of June! Hurray!!
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June 16, 2012

Scary School would be the perfect book to read aloud to the class at the beginning of the new school year. As a teacher I’m always looking for that book that will hook my reluctant readers. This is that book. Imagine a school where monsters and humans go to school together. Imagine that all of your teachers are monsters. Hey, the students already think teachers are monsters for giving homework so this isn’t a far stretch of the imagination. Imagine you are on a tour of the school with your tour guide Derick the Ghost. He had died the previous year in a terrible accident at the school. The new kid, Charles Nukid thinks everyone is real friendly when they holler, “Hey new kid”.

The teachers and other members of the school are wonderful to read about. I laughed and laughed when I read about Nurse Hairymoles. She can cure whatever ails you.
However, she makes sure you get something that is even worse.
The Ghoul Games were cool. We are always talking about starting our school year by building community with our students so they learn up front to get along. This book is a subtle way to teach students life lessons such as; no one is better than anyone else just because they are different.

Will I recommend this book to my student? You bet I will. Currently I have an electronic version. However, I will be purchasing a copy for my shelves along with a copy of the sequel “Monsters on the March”. The illustrations by Scott M. Fischer are absolutely wonderful.

Check out the book and then purchase the second one, to be released March 26. This is a definite must read. It is a book both young and old will enjoy.
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February 20, 2012
Overall Thoughts:
This book was extremely funny!

Scary School is a middle grade read, told by an 11 year old ghost named Derek the Ghost, who used to go to Scary school until he died... but in a kid-friendly way. He talks about what goes on in Scary School, in a silly, comical way.

The school is named Scary School for a reason, it's scary! It's filled with werewolves, vampires, zombies, giants, and even humans. There's: Ms. Fang (the vampire with one fang), Principal Headcrusher (lady with super strong, big hands), Mr. Wolfbark (the crazy werewolf man), Charles Nukid (the awkward-looking fellow on the cover), and a whole bunch others. My favorite was Penny Possum though. She was a scared mute kid, who played dead whenever she was in the spotlight, and she finally found her voice by the end of the book.

What I liked about this book:
The characters were so crazy! In a good way! There were so many of them, and each chapter described a different person's personal stories in a witty way. I also loved the doodles drawn on random pages of the book, sometimes of the characters themselves and sometimes of the setting. That made me feel like I was actually inside of the book, living it!

What I didn't like about this book:
Scary School doesn't exist :( Well, even if it did, I don't know if I'd want to attend, its a bit extreme there. When kids die in Scary School, it's not a big deal. People go on like its nothing... how extreme!

I definitely recommend this book to anyone- not just middle graders -looking for a good, genuine chuckle!
February 17, 2012
Beneath the Moon and Stars Review
This was seriously the most hilarious book ever. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. At first I wasn't sure how I was gonna feel about this. It's middle grade. I rarely read middle grade. But I'm very glad I got a chance to read this. The storyline was fast paced and very unique . The characters were super cute and the pictures were great. When I first saw that there were pictures I thought that this book wasn't' for me. In the end I wanted to go find a ton of kids and read it together. The whole time I was reading I was giggling like an idiot. This story is told by Derek the ghost. Derek takes us on a wild adventure through everyday life at scary school. Right off the bat we meet crazy students and even crazier teachers My favorite students have to be Charles Nukid or Petunia. As for my favorite teacher it's between Ms Fang or Mr Turtlesnap. This is one of those books you don't judge by its cover. It's perfect for middle grade and elementary. But I think anyone could enjoy it. Overall I really enjoyed this and I recommend it to anyone looking for a cute and hilarious book :). 5/5 Stars
Jasmine :)

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February 19, 2012
Every once in a while I like to go back to being a twelve-year-old again, when books like How to Eat Fried Worms and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing were at the top of my reading list. It’s fun to just let go of the seriousness and bury yourself in a little nonsense. Scary School is exactly the type of book my twelve-year-old self would have devoured over and over.

In this fun romp, eleven-year-old Derek the Ghost introduces us to Scary School, focusing on the new kid, aptly named Charles Nukid, as he navigates his way through his first year at the super secret school. We meet a host of crazy and inventive characters, many of which are the faculty of Scary School. The writing never drags, and the book is broken up into small chapters, many of which introduce the reader to the various characters at school. Cute and inventive drawings pepper the pages and help to illustrate the characters and situations very well.

While the book is titled Scary School, it’s more funny than scary and the title shouldn’t worry parents. If you are looking for a book your younger readers will enjoy, I would definitely recommend this one. It will have your kids (and maybe even you) laughing out loud and eagerly awaiting the next installment.
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