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Pollyanna's eternal optimism has made her one of the most beloved characters in American literature. First published in 1913, her story spawned the formation of "Glad" clubs all over the country, devoted to playing Pollyanna's famous game. Pollyanna has since sold over one million copies, been translated into several languages, and has become both a Broadway play and a Disney motion picture.

304 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1913

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About the author

Eleanor H. Porter

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Eleanor Emily Hodgman Porter (December 19, 1868 – May 21, 1920) was an American novelist. She was born as Eleanor Emily Hodgman in Littleton, New Hampshire on December 19, 1868, the daughter of Llewella French (née Woolson) and Francis Fletcher Hodgman. She was trained as a singer, attending New England Conservatory for several years. In 1892, she married John Lyman Porter and relocated to Massachusetts, after which she began writing and publishing her short stories and later novels. She died in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 21, 1920 and was buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

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870 reviews2,681 followers
October 7, 2019
Pollyanna is an interesting book. It was published only four years after Anne of Green Gables, and both stories have a similar storyline: a plucky, young girl of eleven or so is orphaned and has nowhere to go. Both Pollyanna and Anne struggle with their appearance and both are received in a lackluster way, by new caregivers who aren't sure they really want them.

Both girls also work their magic by having a sort of unflagging optimism that turns the stingy hearts of others around them.

But, after about three chapters in, my 11-year-old turned to me and said, “Mom, did this author copy Anne of Green Gables?” And, I must admit, I was wondering the same thing.

There are some differences in the storylines. . . Pollyanna is more known for her “optimistic thinking” and her “Just Be Glad” game, where you quickly try to improve negative thinking by using the mindset that you should “just be glad that. . . "

Anne is better known for her poetic proclamations of natural beauty and her imagination.

The middle of the story finally won us over, and we stopped making comparisons to Anne, but then the tidy ending irked me and we settled on a 3.5/4.

My daughter summed up this middle grades read rather nicely, by saying in her new, prepubescent tone, “Mom, I'm glad we read it, but Anne of Green Gables is way better than this one.”
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February 12, 2019
Book Reviewed by Stacey on www.whisperingstories.com

Eleven-year-old Pollyanna has been through such heartache. Her mother died a few years ago and now her Minister father has tragically died too. The only family she has left is her Aunt Polly who lives in Vermont in a big house on a hill.

Polly Harrington is a forty-year-old wealthy woman who lives alone in a large white house with green shutters. In her prime, she was a lovely young woman but over the years she has become stern and arrogant and likes to be alone. She knows it is her duty to take in her niece, though she really doesn’t want to.

Miss Polly has lots of hired help at her home, including general helper Nancy, Gardener Tom, Driver Timothy, and Miss Durgin the Washer Woman. The staff are all looking forward to having a young girl in the house, even if Miss Polly isn’t. They hope that over time she will bring joy and laughter back to what was once a house full of love and happy families.

Pollyanna was written in 1913 by Eleanor H. Porter and her name has over the years has come to mean, ‘an excessively cheerful or optimistic person’ – Look it up in a dictionary!. This is because little Pollyanna (named after her two aunts Polly and Anna) is always happy and sees the best in people.

Even though Pollyanna has been through so much hardship and heartache she is always upbeat and brings joy to the townsfolk who come to adore her. That is until a tragic moment and then it’s up to the people of the town to remind Pollyanna what an inspirational young girl she is.

The book is all about how a little girl who can see the good in every situation even when others can’t and that maybe if you look hard enough you can too.

I never read this book as a child, though I had known of it and had seen it about. Most likely because I tended to stay away from the classics as a child and unfortunately, I have a feeling even today that children prefer newer books than classics like this, which is a shame as they are really missing out.

As classics go this was surprisingly easy to read. The language is clear and mainly written using words we use today, except for sometimes when Pollyanna spoke. That girl also spoke ten to the dozen and at times it felt like she went on and on 🙂

As with nearly all Alma classic books, this has extra reading material at the back, as well as a quiz and a glossary of terms used back in 1913. This is a beautiful book that I really enjoyed. The words just flowed and the plot was so vivid and I felt like I had travelled back in time.
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September 11, 2017
Pollyanna is the story of a young, optimistic girl who is tragically orphaned, sent to live with her grumpy Aunt, and ends up changing a town’s point of view through her sunny disposition. It's supposed to be inspiring. In fact, it’s probably the idea bud for books like The Power of Positive Thinking.

Pollyanna, the eternal optimist, plays the ‘glad game’ where she always tries to find something to be glad about, no matter how challenging. Also, everyone who comes into contact with Pollyanna is happily inspired by her wonderful, positive outlook and becomes a more enlightened person because of it.

I was only eight years old when I read this book. Consequently, I bought this message hook, line and sinker. I made it my mission in life to be happy and positive all the time, and tried to have that perfect ‘Pollyanna disposition.’ It’s now so ingrained into my psyche, I probably couldn’t get rid of it if I tried. People still give me ghastly looks sometimes and say, “Oh my God, you’re always so happy? How do you do it?”

Let’s face it though, the ‘Pollyanna disposition’ is a bunch of crap. Nothing is more patronizing then to have somebody tell you (after your job has been downgraded and your pay cut in half) “You should be glad you still have a job.” That maybe true, but that doesn’t take away the outrage of having been screwed by your employer.

Being positive all the time is like crushing a piece inside of you. Sometimes you just want to bitch, grump, and spew a bunch of obscenities. Sometimes you’re just sad and don’t have the energy to try to find the gladness.

I’ll be honest, I loved this book as a child, but I could not read it again. It’d just piss me off.
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May 9, 2015
I picked this book up because I needed "a book over 100 years old" for my reading challenge this year, and being written in 1913 (making it currently 102 years old) it just fit the bill.

I didn't really go into this book with any expectations. I've never seen the movie, I knew nothing of the plot, but I was intrigued to read a book written for young readers so long ago.

I am happy to report that this book was delightful. I was smiling the whole time I read it, and was surprised and impressed how many of the themes Pollyanna speaks to (being happy for what you've got, sending money away to people far away rather than helping those right in front of you for the sake of that number being in the reports, etc) were still relevant today.

I was heartbroken and completely surprised about the twist near the end, but was still so thrilled with the positive message that stayed throughout the book. Pollyanna unwaveringly assumed the best of people, which is something very few do. It was so powerful, seeing how the grownups in this book reacted to Pollyanna falsely assuming their intentions were usually better than they were.

What a great little book. Even if Pollyanna seemed larger than life sometimes.. I don't think it was a bad thing. I know I'll be playing the glad game long after putting this book down. :)
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February 6, 2023

" يتنفس المرء وهو نائم لكنه لا يحيا. وأنا أعني بالحياة أن أفعل الأشياء التي أحب فعلها، أما التنفس وحده ليس بحياة ! "

☼︎پوليانا...تلك الكعكة المغطاة بالسكر التي كان لزاما على خالتها پولي هارنغتن أن تتذوقها...وليس هي فقط بل حتى جون پندلتن...السيدة سنو...جيمي بين...فلفي وبفي...الطبيب تشلتن...السيدة كرو...جايمي...وجميع أهل بلدة بلدنغزڤل!

"حين تفعلين شيئا مرات كثيرة فأنت تعتادينه، أعني البحث عن شيء يسعدك. وفي معظم الأحيان ثمة شيء في كل شيء يمكن أن يسعدك، إن واصلت البحث للعثور عليه"

☼︎اللعبة المباركة...تلك اللعبة التي لقنها الكاهن لابنته پوليانا يوم تملكها الحزن وتلبستها الخيبة إثر حصولها على عكازين بدل دمية في صندوق التبرعات حالها كحال أي فتاة فقيرة في مثل عمرها تتمنى أمنيات صغيرة تصبح بسبب لعنة الفاقة أمنيات كبيرة !


"غير أن المرء لا يكون مستعدا للتغيير، بل يميل إلى التشبث بهيكله العظمي"

☼︎قد تحتاج القضمة الصغيرة من تلك الكعكة المغطاة بالسكر إلى جرأة عظيمة وشجاعة متينة كي يتمكن المرء من إتخاذ قرار الخوض فيها وتجربتها بنفسه وتقبل نتاج ما سيحصده من مذاق وما سيشاهده من تأسن في الفكر!
وهكذا عصفت پوليانا في وجه كل من عرفته وعرفها بزوبعة محلاة فمخضت وجلجلت واقتلعت المرء من جذوره حتى كاد لا يعرف من بعدها ذاته ولا مكانه !


"إن تأثير الطباع الجميلة المتفائلة المتعاونة معد ويحرض بلدة كاملة"

☼︎تعرضت پوليانا المسكينة لحادث مفزع أقعدها الفراش بلا حول ولا قوة لها...مشلولة...كئيبة...فاقدة للأمل لا يمكنها سوى الشعور بالخوف مما ستحرم منه ومما ستفتقده في حياتها...وعند تلك النقطة المروعة بالذات، أدركت پوليانا أن مصيبتها كانت أكبر بكثير من إرادتها في لعب اللعبة المباركة...وفهمت أن السعادة التي كانت تمنحها لنفسها ولغيرها قد آن الأوان كي تتلقاها هي الأخرى من القلوب التي غمرت يوما بحبها.


"إن المسرات تكون أكبر حيث لا تظنها موجودة
فما من ورقة شجر تسقط على الأرض
إلا وتحمل بعض الفرح، في صمتها أو في صخبها"

☼︎پوليانا تلك الغيمة البيضاء التي تساقطت جواهرها البراقة على رؤوس أهل بلدنغزڤل، فمسحت عنها مرارة المآسي والحنق على الحياة وغرست بدلها قيمة وخلق السعادة...لمن لم يعرف بعد أن السعادة خلق !


🌿رواية كلاسيكية عذبة خفيفة من الأدب الأمريكي سردت بأسلوب بسيط هادىء، تناولت أهمية ثيمة السعادة وحملت وصفة خطيرة لكيفية الحصول عليها، وصفة غفل عنها الكثيرون فكانت پوليانا تلك الشرارة اللامعة التي قامت بإيقاظها ونشرها بلا كلل ولا ملل منقذة بها الكثير والكثير من الأرواح البائسة...رواية تدعوك للتأمل والتفكر في كل درة من درر حياتك التي ربما لم تعجبك يوما ولم تكن راض عنها بشكل مثالي !
وبالإضافة إلى تلك الثيمة القيمة عرضت الرواية التفاوت الطبقي الذي تميزت به تلك الحقبة الزمنية واصفة انعكاساته على معيشة ونفسية الفرد...فمثلما كان للفقر آثام كان للبورجوازية آثام أيضا.

انقسمت الرواية إلى جزئين الجزء الأول تتبع حياة پوليانا الصغيرة داخل اللعبة المباركة بينما تتبع الجزء الثاني حياة پوليانا الشابة بكل تغيراتها الجسدية والعاطفية خاصة، وليس هذا فقط بل كشف فيه سر مثير سبق وفتحت أبوابه في الجزء الأول...سر أوقعني بنفسي في مصيدته !

پوليانا العزيزة هي التوأم الحقيقي لآن شيرلي بلا منازع لمن يعرفها...فلا يمكنك وأنت تقرأ الرواية إلا وأن تستحضر براءتها وشقاوتها وتفاؤلها مع كل كلمة وسطر بل وأن تراها تقفز وترفرف أمام عينيك ببهجة لا مثيل لها.

إحتوت الرواية على بعض الأخطاء الإملائية التي لم تنتقص من جماليتها، كما تضمن الجزء الثاني في بعض من الأحيان خللا في التراكيب التعبيرية التي تصيبك بعسر قرائي...لكنها سرعان ما تزول كأي عارض من عوارض مرض ما.

✔︎للرواية الكلاسيكية نغمة وترية خاصة ونكهة عبقية ساحرة...ويكفيه المرء أثناء قراءته لها أن يعلم أن تلك الأحداث الفاتنة وتلك الكلمات قد صيغت من عقل عايش زمنا قديما جميلا...زمن العربات والخيول ليكون لها وزن ثقيل وقيمة روائية ذهبية.
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3,803 reviews31.2k followers
December 9, 2019
A delightful read.

Pollyanna likes to play the glad game. This was written in 1912 and one of the interesting things is that very concept is a healing concept. It's about shifting our perspective from seeing the wrong, to finding something to be glad about. Gratitude is quite a powerful tool and being positive can bring our lives ease. We had several classes discussing helping people shift their perspective like this to help them heal. From this idea comes the word being a Pollyanna, a goody-goody or an overly optimistic person. Still, there are many studies that have shown that people with an optimistic outlook on life live longer, healthier lives.

One of my absolute favorite books is Heidi. I adore that story. I love that bright sunny child. I love the troupe or Archetype of the sunny child that changes the lives of everyone around them. Pollyanna did touch me reading this. I really enjoyed it. When I am in my good place and I'm not listening to the inside negative wounds, I can very much have this sunny positive outlook and people tell me that I radiate this and it boosts their mood. I'm afraid since school got so rough that I don't feel like I have had that in quite some time. So, I do love reading this story. She brightened my heart. I need to find my way back here, because it makes me feel balanced in this place.

While I read this, my brother got Disney plus and so I watched the movie of Pollyanna. The two have similarities, of course, and they are also very different. I have to say that I think each one, the book and the movie, have the strengthens and weaknesses and both do some things better than the other. The movie did a better job of showing how Pollyanna affected the town than the book and the book did a better job with the Aunt Polly and their relationship and how Pollyanna melted her heart. I love the accident better in the movie than the book. It is glossed over, which is ok.

Pollyanna is compared to a prism in this story and it's wonderful. She takes the sunlight and makes it sparkle into all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. I think it's a beautiful metaphor. She also is the sunshine that shines into other people and reminds them of all the many colors in life that get forgotten.

I think the simplicity of the glad game is the best way to play. It has to be the simplicity of a child. I did wonder if I could write my version of Heidi/Pollyanna for a modern setting. Maybe?

Pollyanna has some very hard knocks in life. Both her parents die and she must move in with a bitter old Aunt who shoves her away in the stuffy attic. The entire town is mostly filled with sourpusses and she comes in and flips the script on the whole town. It's a beautiful story. (I also like the reverse script of this where there is a town full of happy good folks and one humbug has to change their heart [Christmas Carol/Grinch]).

I also appreciate how Pollyanna can be around these horribly grumpy people and not let them get her down or put her off. Again and again the adults try and scare her off and she keeps shining her light. That is something I have a hard time doing. When someone is out of sorts, I usually try and disappear, I don't keep shining light. I have a lot to learn from Pollyanna.

I cried in both the movie and the book. It brought me to tears. I was touched by the outpouring of love from the townspeople to Pollyanna.

I can't believe I haven't read this yet and I'm so glad I did read it. For me and who I am, this is a must read and I need it for my library.

I am getting an newer phone than I have and I am wanting to start a little booktube channel, nothing fancy, just talking books and I'm sure this will have to make an appearance. Maybe the niece and nephew will come on. The niece wants to make a barbie video, so who knows. I might procrastinate and it will never happen, or it might happen. I can't say. I will have to get over my camera shyness.
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1,330 reviews169 followers
September 16, 2016
Written April 2, 2015

4.2 Stars - Enchanting sweet, loved every single minute

A classics girl-novel by Eleanor H. Porter (1868-1920) from 1913.

I've been listening to this fantastic $1 audiobook (5:40 hrs - very well) narrated by Rebecca Burns these two last day. Oddly enough, I think I might like this young-girl book even more now as an grownup than as a girl long ago. These characters and especially this sweet sunshine girl Pollyanna made me just smiling in nearly six hours. Absolutely charming and lovely.

I wish I, myself, could remember and live after Pollyanna's "Glad Game" strategy every 'cloudy' day. If we followed her idea would probably life and everyday life become so much more fun for everyone.

.  photo image.jpg1_zpspnmqoez8.jpg

Pollyanna Whittier is a young orphan who goes to live in Beldingsville, Vermont, with her spinster Aunt Polly.

Unfortunately doesn't Miss Polly want to take in young Pollyanna, but feels it is her duty to her late sister. It doesn't start that well... But Pollyanna is a brave little girl and her philosophy of life is what she calls The Glad Game , she just has to find something to be glad about in every situation.

“Oh, yes; the game was to just find something about everything to be glad about—no matter what 'twas”

 photo 5edb3823738d8d2b5dbbd19b59efc444_zpsf4f68180.jpg

“... there is something about everything that you can be glad about, if you keep hunting long enough to find it.”


I LIKE - fantastic audiobooks for just a single $
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290 reviews1,295 followers
August 1, 2017
Eu estava TAO FELIZ de encontrar e leer isso! (Nao, na verdade, eu estava.)
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1,712 reviews2,239 followers
October 8, 2019
”…there is something about everything that you can be glad about, if you keep hunting long enough to find it.”

I never read this as a child, although I’m pretty sure that if I had known it was a book, I would have begged for a copy of my very own. When this first came out as a movie, my father took me to see it, just the two of us – a rare event.

I loved the simplicity of her view of life, in general, and particularly in finding joy in the smallest things, echoing the teachings of her recently passed father, who was a minister. He’d shared some of his beliefs with her during his life, chief among them was “the rejoicing texts”--’Be glad in the Lord,’ or ‘Rejoice greatly,’ or ‘Shout for joy,’ and all that, you know—such a lot of ‘em.”

And in her sweetly inspirational in the “and a child shall lead them” kind of way, she mentions that he told her:

”…if God took the trouble to tell us eight hundred times to be glad and rejoice, He must want us to do it—SOME.”

Many thanks to my goodreads friend Kimber, whose review prompted me to add this one!
12 reviews1 follower
May 26, 2008
Wow! What have I been missing all these years! As a child I grew up on the Disney movie of "Pollyanna" and thought it was just wonderful. I was never introduced to the "classics" or even realized that Pollyanna was a book turned into a movie. When I sat down with my chidlren to read this story I THOUGHT I knew what I was reading to them, but boy was I wrong!! It soon became apparent that this was another true o the test of time classics that takes you through all the emotions of a true clssic! My children fell in love with sweet litle Polyanna and we all cried and laughed along with her and for her! My children each had such a touching emotional growth of faith, compassion and empathy through this reading that I wish all children had a mommy to read this story to them! Read this one to your chidren no matter their age and share the beauty of real life!
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23 reviews1 follower
March 18, 2012
Pollyanna, read when I was in elementary school, is one of the books that helped to form my character. The concept of looking for the good in everything, even in events or people that showed no obvious goodness appeared, to my young mind, both a good idea and a challenge. First in imitation and later as habit I began to "look for the good."

Recently I received a copy of a college application essay a young friend had written about me, an influential person in her life. The characteristic in me that she chose to describe was my propensity to find the shining moment(s) in each day and to hold onto them. "Pollyanna" is still influencing young people through me forty years after I read the book.

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4,166 reviews2,237 followers
November 16, 2022
She happens to be too “glad” of course. But somehow it becomes too much here and there. And adults, as we are the sad adults, do not seem to be ready to be “glad” 24x7 as expected. But yes, we all need a “I am so glad” reminder now and then.
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261 reviews43 followers
May 14, 2018
The Pollyanna Drinking Game: Drink one shot whenever Pollyanna says "glad." Drink two whenever another character says it. You are dead by alcohol poisoning after Chapter 2.

I feel like I should like this book more than I do. And I quite did in the beginning, but then annoyance kept creeping up on me and then it only got worse.

Comparisons to the four years earlier book, "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery, seem inevitable. Both star a quirky little, red-haired orphan girl who comes to live with reluctant guardians, is quirky and extraordinary and slowly changes the lives of people around her.

The question is where did "Pollyanna" fail for me while "Anne" is one of my favorite books.

First of there is the world-building and characters. Pollyanna offers an illustrious cast of people alongside its heroine, yet they never quite capture or interest me much, minus one or two exception. Anne‘s Avonlea meanwhile springs right from the page and comes to life, with all its characters in it. The second, more poignant, problem however comes from Pollyanna herself. She is so precious and perfect that is quickly becomes dull and annoying. Anne Shirley might be a special snowflake as well, but she is flawed and her flawed are acknowledged within the story. What sets Anne and Pollyanna apart is that one grows as a character and goes through an arc, while the other one is just so sweet and endearing she might as well let the sun shine and puke rainbows.

The characters around Pollyanna all suffer from deep conflicts and she helps them, until it’s their time to help her right back. This could be working beautifully but it doesn’t.

The book has a very profound message about appreciating the little things in life and looking for a silver lining no matter how bleak the situation, which on paper is something important to teach children. The execution is what kind of ruins it for me.

Pollyanna plays and teaches the people around her a game her dead father invented, called The Glad Game. People who play it should list things they are glad about that are better than whatever troubles they have. Find the good within the bad or think about how the situation could be even worse. Again, not a bad thing per se, but the book overuses it to a nauseating point. Every second word to come out of Pollyanna‘s precious little mouth is "glad" soon followed by every other character doing the same. It’s just too much. I wanted to yell at these characters to just shut up about it for a second. There is using something to send a message and then there is overdoing it. The message gets lost in the effort.

The story goes on slowly, with more or less short episodes about Pollyanna getting to know people, being noisy and changing their lives, until it hits a twist where Pollyanna is hit by a car and temporarily disabled.

The situation happens too late into the story. While it is great to experience how people Pollyanna helped are now there to help her and try to get her out of a fairly depressive state, it falls a little bit flat. I appreciate the message to teach children that they can still live a happy life even with a disability, but the conclusion kind of ruins it. Now, I do like a happy end, but this is just too cookie cutter clean (again Anne does a better job here). In only three short chapters a solution is found and loose ends are neatly tied up. It takes away from the momentum.

Maybe life has turned me into a bit of a cynic, but wouldn’t the message have been more powerful with Pollyanna learning to live and enjoy life with her new reality instead of being last minute cured? Or even, does the Glad game actually work? There might be situations in life where we should consider what he have instead of what we have lost, but that doesn’t work all the time and sometimes (a lot of times) it takes more to heal than a positive attitude.

Overall it is a nice book for children and will engage and entertain them. For me however it is not. The overuse of the word "glad", the lead characters lack of depth and development and the rushed ending were just not my cup of coffee.
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453 reviews16 followers
April 1, 2020
I know I read this as a kid, but the only thing I could remember was the dang calf's foot jelly.... ewwwww

Anyway, everyone knows what Pollyanna is about. It's ok for what it is.

Now here's Petty Betty - one of the character's speech patterns annoyed the heck out of me. The maid, Nancy, had a habit of repeating her last sentence. "I think you must have gone through the roof, I do, I do!" "I ain't going to tell that child, I ain't, I ain't!" It was weird. It was, it was.
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315 reviews848 followers
December 1, 2014
My teen daughter and I read this on the way to a soccer tournament and it was a great conversation starter on so many topics - one's approach to life and "bad" events or circumstances, communication styles, charitable endeavors, gender roles, and on and on. I'm sorry I didn't pick up Pollyanna until now, but enjoyed it immensely and was glad to have read it and finished it right before Thanksgiving! (pun intended)
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187 reviews56 followers
April 9, 2012
I have clearly lived under a rock (not that this is news). I have heard my mom reference Pollyanna about a million times but until a couple of weeks ago didn't realize she was a book character. I'm not sure where I thought my mom (and others) got that name, but I'm not too swift on the uptake.

I really wanted to hate this book, and frankly there are things to hate. But its impossible to hate it as a whole. It's overly simplistic, ridiculously sweet and still touching. I think you'd have to be dead inside not to appreciate the positive message. I might have a cold black heart, but even I know that being a little more glad isn't a bad thing.

That being said, its a little TOO much for me. The writing style and the gimmicks Porter gives to the language used aren't my cup of tea. I let it go because of the age of the book; early 1900s books have a much different style. Although, I still would have given my (abused) liver to not have to have Nancy repeat the last thing she says every time she talks "I do, I do" ! And I found myself mentally willing Pollyanna to take a damn breath. I know people like that and I just want to shake them and make them speak coherently.

But the real issue I have with the book is how much it simplifies attitude and outlook. I'm not an optimist and never have been, so "the glad game" is totally foreign to me. But some of the things to be glad about in the book are a stretch. Sometimes situations suck and that's all there is to it. You can learn to accept it and figure out how to move on, but to be glad about something terrible seems, well, the height of stupidity to me.

That being said, thinking about the good things in life and being grateful for what you do have are good lessons to learn. Just don't do it so much that you are twisting yourself in a pretzel to not see what is right in front of you. More Pollyanna, but without the blinders.
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June 8, 2019
Prisipažinsiu iš karto. Mane pirmiausia papirko viršelis. Aišku, mačiau, kad knyga skirta vaikams arba paaugliams, bet aš juk turiu mažą vaiką, kuris kažkada skaitys. Taip šiek tiek pateisindama save knygą įsigijau. Na ir ką pasakysiu? Pirksiu vaikų/paauglių knygas vėl! Kiek jose gėrio!

“Poliana” - tai pasakojimas apie skaudaus likimo našlaitę, kuri netekusi abiejų tėvų, atsiduria šaltos ir griežtos tetos globoje. Mergaitė apgyvendinama niūrioje palėpėje, o teta jos nemyli ir viską daro vedina pareigos. Teta Polė pareigos žmogus. Širdies į savo dukterėčią neįdeda. Šis paprastas vaikas papuola į painų suaugusių pasaulį, kupiną nutylėjimų, paslapčių ir neišsakytų vilčių. Būtų gana sunku, jei ne tai, kad Poliana nuo mažų dienų išmokyta žaisti džiaugsmo žaidimą. To ji pradeda mokinti ir kitus miestelio bei pačius artimiausius sau žmones.

Tai be galo įkvepianti knyga. Padeda nupūsti dulkes nuo vaikystės ir tai, kaip matėme gyvenimą, kol dar netapome rimtais suaugusiais ir neapsisinkinome savęs gausybe “taip turi būti”. Ši istorija išmokys jus šiek tiek atsipalaiduoti, o kartu žaisti - juk kiekvienoje situacijoje yra bent krislelis džiaugsmo. Nusišypsokite ir pagalvokite, kiek daug gražių dalykų jus supa ir kokie esate laimingi. Gero skaitymo!

Susitikime Instagram: https://bit.ly/2HLiWA3
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June 5, 2008
Yeah, I wanted to slap Pollyanna myself but she would have come back with something so optimistically treacly I'd be putting ice picks into my own ears to make it stop.
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August 7, 2021
I read this when I was 10 and loved it. I want to reread it soon, but I fear I won’t like it as much as I did the first time. Perhaps I’ll read the audiobook instead.
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March 16, 2021
Forse ero una delle poche che non conoscesse, prima di una chiacchierata illuminante con un'amica, chi fosse Pollyana. Ebbene, le curiosità vanno soddisfatte e ho fatto la conoscenza con questo tornado di ragazzina che porta una ventata di freschezza, vitalità e buonumore non solo in casa della zia Polly, dove ce n'era un gran bisogno, ma in tutto il paesino dove piomba come una meteora un bel giorno d'estate.
Avremmo anche noi bisogno di una Pollyana e del suo gioco della felicità, in questo periodo tanto difficile, dove tutto ci sembra così faticoso!

«Ma sì . Il gioco consiste proprio nel trovare in qualsiasi situazione qualcosa di cui potersi rallegrare; non importa che cosa» soggiunse candidamente Pollyanna.[...]Vedi quando ti capita qualcosa che ti fa dispiacere, come trovarti un paio di stampelle al posto di una bambola, pensi subito a cosa servono le stampelle, e allora ti ricordi che hai due gambe sane e robuste che ti permettere di correre e saltare sugli alberi: così dimentichi il resto.»

Pollyanna ha poco di cui rallegrarsi: è povera, orfana, senza punti fermi, ma riesce sempre a essere serena grazie a questo gioco che faceva con il suo papà. Questi le aveva insegnato che in ogni evento, anche il più drammatico, c'è sempre un qualcosa di positivo da contrapporvi.
Le vicissitudini della vita mi portano a pensare che Pollyanna non abbia tutti i torti, col suo gioco della felicità. L'ho trovata una lettura molto delicata e formativa, adatta a tutti, non solo ai bambini per il quale è stato scritto.
Da leggere almeno una volta nella vita.
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February 12, 2019
Aš taip džiaugiuosi, jog perskaičiau šią knygą! Nes ji man priminė kaip žaisti labai svarbų žaidimą gyvenime. Net kai atrodo nebėra nieko nieko, dėl ko galėtumei džiaugtis - tu turi tai surasti ir gali tai surasti.

Skaitydama vaikišką literatūrą, žinau, kad greičiausiai nepraleisiu laiko vėjais, kaip galbūt skaitydama kokį romaniūkštį. Juk literatūra vaikams dažniausiai pamokanti, tačiau ne diktuojanti. Pamoką - turi suprasti pats. Ir tokia pamoka, kaip "Poliana", dažnai daug vertingesnė, nei saviugdos vadovėlis. Na ne, vaikiška knygutė galbūt ir neišspręs Jūsų problemų, nepadės, jei jaučiatės labai blogai, bet jei Jums nuotaika bjursta dėl prasto oro, erzina kolegos darbe, pabodo žiema - ūpui pasikelti tikrai drąsiai rekomenduoju šią geltoną vitamino dozę.
Tik nesugalvokite imti ir vertinti istorijos taip stačiai ir tiesiai, tuomet gali viskas atrodyti per daug hiperbolizuota ir paika, atsipalaiduokite ir tas kelias geras valandas pagyvenkite su šviesia, jautria, nuoširdžia istorija, ir pamatysite - bent per centimetrą pasidarysite didesniu optimistu, nei buvote iki šiol.
"Kai vien kvėpuoji, tai dar negyveni!" - sakė Poliana, todėl ir linkiu - kuo dažniau gyventi ir džiaugtis, džiaugtis viskuo, kuo galime džiaugtis!
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November 25, 2022
Un classico che con la sua semplicità, fa restare a bocca aperta e fa innamorare grandi e piccini.
Una storia quotidiana e toccante che mira al coraggio, alla forza di volontà, alla dolcezza.
Una storia senza età, adatta per grandi e piccini, perché si sogna a tutte le età.
Un classico ricco di insegnamenti che mi ha lasciato tanto: bisogna sempre sorridere perché il sorriso salva ogni momento brutto e occorre saper essere sempre positivi.
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July 11, 2022
This is another book I picked up because my teenage friend was frankly horrified to learn that I hadn’t ever read it. I’m so very glad I did. I’m not sure how I missed this one when I was younger. It absolutely would have been one of my favorites as a child, and I completely get why my friend told me I needed to read it. Very seldom have I related to a character quite as strongly as I did Pollyanna, though thankfully my life hasn’t been plagued by nearly as many hardships.

I love Pollyanna’s aggressive optimism, and I relate to it profoundly. I might not have been aware of The Game, but I’ve always tried to see the best in every single situation. In that regard, I feel as though Pollyanna could have been a bosom friend, quite like Anne Shirley. People sometimes view this type of optimism as naive or even ignorant, but that’s not a view I’ve ever shared. I think that being optimistic even in the worst of circumstances can be incredibly brave. It’s hard to find a silver lining in a storm cloud, but it’s also immensely rewarding. I think that this is the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is circumstantial. Joy is a decision and, if you’re a Christian, both a spiritual gift and a discipline. This joy is something I’ve always tried my best to exhibit, even when life is hard and it takes some profound effort. I loved seeing this same decision in Pollyanna, and I think remembering her will help me keep my chin up then next time I’m struggling to find my own optimism.

The story itself was so heartwarming and uplifting. Pollyanna’s growth as a character, and the ways in which she impacted her entire community in ways that bonded them and had them coming alongside and supporting Pollyanna herself during her darkest hours, was all simply beautiful. The impact one little life can have on so many is profound. It’s a reminder that encouraged me and gave me pause, as you never know how closely you’re being watched and how deeply your actions and attitudes could effect those around you. I teared up towards the end, as the community came together around Pollyanna and lifted her up, as she had lifted all of them as one time or another..

The use of dialect in the dialogue was the only drawback for me, making the book a 4.5 instead of a full 5 star read. I know this was a commonly used writing method in the past to delineate between the upper classes and the lower, less educated common folk, but it always throws me out of the story, because I always feel a touch offended on behalf of the people being so represented. But that is a tiny drawback in the scheme of things. I truly loved this book, and am happily shelving it alongside Anne of Green Gables, Heidi, The Secret Garden, and A Little Princess. Pollyanna is a book I will absolutely be rereading, and I’m so thankful that my friend pressed it into my hands.
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July 23, 2022
Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter - Puffin classics

This book healed my soul when I was in a very dark place emotionally. I've never read it before, but I heard it was about kindness, joy, and gratitude under even the direst circumstances. That's why I sought it out - and it delivered on the promise.

Pollyanna is somewhat similar to the more popular Anne of Green Gables and The Secret Garden, which I also love. I wonder why books about pre-teen orphan girls adjusting to new families were so numerous at the time? Anyway, it was a book I needed to read, and I'm glad I picked it up.

Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter - Puffin classics
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February 8, 2018
It's terrible to admit, but this may be the first time I've ever read Pollyanna straight through (although I've definitely read it in bits and pieces). I feel like people sometimes associate Pollyanna with syrupy sweet, too-good-for-this-world cheerfulness, but she's so much better than that! She's such a real little girl--talking too fast and too much, mixing her thoughts up delightfully, and sometimes being painfully blunt and observant, although of course she never intends to cause pain. Even though she's blissfully oblivious to a lot of the rudeness in the world, she has to work to play her glad game, and we even see her in tears a few times. But her pluck and determination comes to the rescue--"the harder 'tis, the more fun 'tis to get 'em out" as she tells Nancy!
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February 9, 2021
3.5/4 ⭐
"Sembra che non trovate molto difficile essere contenta di tutto" replicò Nancy.
Pollyanna accennò un sorriso.
"Beh, comunque questo è il gioco, sapete."
"Sì; il gioco dell'essere semplicemente felici" 🌼👧🏼💛
Classico della letteratura per bambini, "Pollyanna" fu pubblicato nel 1913 dalla scrittrice americana Eleanor H. Porter. Ambientato nel Vermont, narra la storia di una piccola orfanella dalle trecce bionde, abito di percalle a quadretti rossi e il visino lentigginoso, che va a vivere dalla seriosa zia Polly. Ben presto l'allegra Pollyanna conquisterà il cuore di tutto il villaggio coinvolgendo ogni abitante nel suo "gioco".

L'esuberanza e la dolcezza di Pollyanna arrivano al lettore dalle primissime pagine, i piccoli guai che combina e le situazioni esilaranti che vengono a crearsi grazie alla sua ingenuità mi hanno strappato tante risate e sorrisi. L'aspetto più significativo del romanzo è sicuramente quello legato al famoso gioco di Pollyanna, insegnantole da suo padre, che consiste nel trovare sempre, anche nelle situazioni più difficili e sconfortanti, qualcosa per cui essere contenti. Come Pollyanna insegna e come molto spesso dimentichiamo, vedere il buono e la luce in un contesto a volte è proprio quello che può fare la differenza. Questo, ovviamente, nei limiti di un contesto realistico e non romanzato. Interessantissimo ed emozionante anche tutto quello che si nasconde dietro la psicologia di questa adorabile bambina.

Si tratta di una storia leggerissima che, nonostante la lunghezza, si divora nel giro di pochissime ore. Lo stile è e l'autrice gestisce sapientemente tutti i trope, le situazioni tipiche di questo genere di storie e la loro evoluzione narrativa, in maniera sapiente e avvincente. 💛
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November 10, 2018
Vamos brincar amigos "do jogo do contente", onde fica combinado que veremos beleza e coisas boas em tudo, mesmo que sejam coisas que não nos pareça boas, mas que irá nos ensinar a dar valor nas coisas que temos!!!
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