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Posted by Otis Chandler on May 26, 2008
Decided to have some fun with widgets today. Inspired from one of the top Facebook apps, I made a new 'book montage' widget. It's a javascript widget, so it will only work on blogs that allow javascript widgets. Like our flash widget, its full configurable in terms of which books you show, and how many. The other cool part is its variable width, so it will fit anywhere!

Check it out in action below — or get started configuring your own!

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message 1: by Carrie (new)

Carrie this is cool!!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Dude, that is so cool. :)

message 3: by E.J. (new)

E.J. Excellent stuff. Thanks!

message 4: by CLM (new)

CLM Very pretty! I wish I could make greeting cards or quilts that looked like that.

message 5: by Jode (new)

Jode Fab!Thanks.

message 6: by Suvi (last edited May 27, 2008 06:05AM) (new)

Suvi That looks great! I'll put it in my mind if I decide to use it in the future.

message 7: by *KAYLA-MARIE* (new)

*KAYLA-MARIE* Wow.That is so cool.

message 8: by Bree (new)

Bree It's cool, but a bit wide for most blog sidebars...if I could change how wide it was, I'd probably use it, though! :)

message 9: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Bree, you can :)

message 10: by Gratcia (new)

Gratcia Siahaya Wow! is sooooo COOL!

message 11: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Hey! That's pretty nifty!

message 12: by Tina. (new)

Tina. Pretty! Thanks.

message 13: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia Love it!

message 14: by Karen (new)

Karen wow that looks so cool

message 15: by Cindi (new)

Cindi Looks awesome. Can you put it in myspace?

message 16: by Otis (new)

Otis Chandler No, MySpace won't accept a javascript widget. But we do have an app on MySpace, and we are gonna add it there soon!

message 17: by Jeff (last edited May 27, 2008 10:49PM) (new)

Jeff I don't see it dynamically updating, it's displaying the static list each time. (If in fact it's supposed to be dynamically updating, from reading the comments in the js that seems to be the case)

UPDATE ah now it has changed... as if the random order delivered by the server changes every hour or so?

message 18: by Leli (new)

Leli tq. visual indulgence widget.

message 19: by Janie (new)

Janie Pendleton I will pass on the word in my new group! THANKS!

message 20: by Chris (new)

Chris awesome

message 21: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Sweet!

message 22: by Tony (new)

Tony Almeida :-(

I only get "File Not Found"

message 23: by edifanob (new)

edifanob impressive

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