Time for Whisky, Haggis, and Poems: It's Burns Night

Posted by Cybil on January 25, 2017

It's time for Burns Night! You may ask: What is that exactly? Burns Night is an annual event that honors Scotland's most famous poet, Robert Burns, on his birthday.

It's a tradition that occurs every January 25 and is marked by feasts featuring haggis and, of course, Scottish whisky, that started shortly after Burns's death in 1796. If you'd really like to get into the spirit of Rabbie Burns, feel free to make whisky-fueled speeches about his poems, recite a few of his lyrics, and wear a kilt.

Remembering Blatty

Get to Know Scotland's Most Famous Poet:
Poems and Songs
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Burns: Poems
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Collected Poems of Robert Burns
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message 1: by Janice (last edited Mar 01, 2017 09:20AM) (new)

Janice I have both Highland, and Lowland Scottish and Border/Lowland Scottish ancestry.

message 2: by Amber (last edited Jan 26, 2017 12:22PM) (new)

Amber Martingale Was always under the impression the Burns Night and Hogmanay were less than a week apart... .

Dana Al-Basha |  دانة الباشا I own a book of all his work that isn't even in Goodreads but it's such a lovely copy with golden rims paper.

message 4: by Reagan (new)

Reagan Mckenzie We had the honour of visiting the Burns Cottage, Robbie Burns birthplace, in Ayrshire Scotland this past autumn !! Such an amazing little place, the museum was fantastic and we even walked across the “Brigg o’ Doon” the very start be bride Robbie and his father walked each day to work on the sheep farm. What I wouldn’t give one day to spend Robbie Burns day in Bonny Scotland one time!!

message 5: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Freedom and Whisky

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